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The Incredibles vs. Big Hero 6. Which animated superhero team will be reduced to zero members?


Wiz: The Incredibles; Mr Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack.

Boomstick: Big Hero 6: Hiro, Baymax, Gogo, Lemon Honey, Wasabi and Fred.

Wiz: A good superhero teams needs a strong bond in order to be effective but between friends and family, which one will have that stronger bond?

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

The Incredibles[]

Wiz: When the Golden Age of Supers came to an end, thanks to lawsuits and property damage too costly to maintain a foothold against, any and all superheroes were relocated into civilian lives under the promise that they would not longer make their powers known.

Boomstick: But ironically, it was because of that act a new team of supers ended up forming. And they weren't just a team; they were family. That's not a metaphor by the way, they were an actual blood-related family.

Wiz: The Parrs. Better known, unofficially, as the Incredibles.

Boomstick: At the head of the family, but by no means the only one to wear the pants in a relationship, is Bob Parr. AKA, Mr Incredible.

  • Mr Incredible
    • Civilian Identity: Bob Parr
    • Formerly worked for an insurance company
    • Powers: Mega Strength, Nigh-Invulnerability, Danger Sense
    • Feats: Stopped the Omni-Droid from crushing him, dodged lightning from another Super
    • Knows that math is math

Wiz: Mr. Incredible truly lived up his title during the Golden Age of Supers and beyond, serving as one of the most powerful and influential heroes of them all.

Boomstick: Too bad it inspired a rapid fanboy against him, but oh well. That's a fanbase for you.

Wiz: The NSA, which keeps tabs on all Supers, has officially gone on record to say that the terms super-strength and super-durability are in fact insufficient to describe Bob's potential. So much so that the monikers for his powers are Mega-Strength and Nigh-Invulerability.

Boomstick: This makes Bob an absolute powerhouse, and easily the strongest man on the planet. He can bench press locomotives and survive explosions powerful enough to launch a giant metal safe like it was a ballistic missile.

Wiz: Bob also appears to possess a sort of Danger-Sense, a bit like Spider-Man's Spider Sense, which enables him to detect wrong-doings that are happening in a street whilst he is inside a building. And in spite of strength being his forte and his noticible gut gained due to retirement, he is shockingly agile, capable of sommersaulting through the air and even dodging lightning.

Boomstick: In spite of being out of the game for quite a while, Mr Incredible is strong enough to fight against the crushing force of the Omnidroid, which would generate almost 2 tons of TNT (Zamasu chan). If he's capable of that after recovering from a dad-bod, I wonder what he was like at his prime.

Wiz: Well, you could probably ask someone who was right there when he was showing it off; fellow professional super, Elastigirl. Or as she's now known as, Mrs. Helen Parr.

  • Elastigirl
    • Civilian Identity: Helen Parr
    • Former pilot
    • Powers: Elasticity, Shape-Shifting
    • Feats: Parcially withstood a missile's explosions, knocked out a man with one punch
    • Also known as "DHARLING!"

Boomstick: Yep, it was a Superhero Marriage. And hers and Bob's lasted a lot longer than Green Arrow's and Black Canary's. I think, comics are hard to keep track of.

Wiz: If her superhero name wasn't enough of a giveaway, Helen is pretty much human silly-putty. She can mold her form to whatever shape she wants, be it lengthening limbs, turning herself completely flat or stretching out her entire body.

Boomstick: Too bad there's one body part she doesn't think to flatten, ai? Anyway, Helen can change her shape to a whole lot of things, like a boat or a parachute. Thank goodness her super-suit is tailor made to stretch with her.

Wiz: According to Syndrone's research, the maximum length that Elasigirl can reach is 300 feet. And the suit itself is tough enough to withstand explosive missiles. Even ones strong enough to tear apart an airplane, although they did knock her out.

Boomstick: And in their married lives, Bob and Helen certainly got busy. So busy in fact, that their kids came along in no time at all. First came Violet.

  • Violet
    • Eldest Parr child
    • Has a crush on Tony
    • Powers: Invisibility, Force Fields
    • Feats: Cut through rubble with force fields, blocked the Omnidroid's attacks
    • Might be having adolesence

Wiz: Shy is the first word that may come to mind when you see Violet Parr. After all, anyone who hides their pretty face behind a curtain of hair certainly has anxiety issues.

Boomstick: Pretty? Wiz, she's-!

Wiz: I know how old she is! I'm just complamenting the girl. Although she does end up getting confidence boosters in short time.

Boomstick: They were so effective that her crush ended up noticing her for a change. Even after his memory of her superhero activites was erased. Activites that involved her using her unique powers. Seriously, she's essentially a teenager Invisible Woman. An Invisible Girl! really don't keep up with comics don't you? Just like Susan Storm, Violet has the dual abilities of invisibility and force field creation.

Boomstick: She can turn completely unseeable to the naked eye and with her shields she has a whole variety of things she can do.

Wiz: Not only can she project dome-like shields around herself, but she can also cast them from a distance, creating effective barriers in a split-second. And whilst both these powers of her seem tailored to being defensive and elusive, Violet can actually send out blade-like force fields that can shred through concrete rubble.

Boomstick: The only time her force fields have been breached was when the Omnidroid slammed its full 2 ton-TNT-generating booty into it. But the real power of her force fields is to turn them into a giant hamster ball that can steamroll through any danger. But she couldn't harness it without her young brother Dash helping her out.

  • Dash
    • Full Name: Dashiell Parr
    • Second oldest Parr child
    • Powers: Super Speed
    • Feats: Outsped a camera's feed, ran on water
    • He moved. Coincidence? I think not!

Wiz: You know, Dashiell is actually a real name. But considering how both it and its shortened version are perfect descriptions of Dash's super power, then I have to wonder if Dash was hyperactive the moment he was born.

Boomstick: He certainly was during his childhood, since he was always acting out and getting into trouble, since he couldn't let himself vent with sports because his super speed would out him as a super.

Wiz: Dash's super speed may be simple but it's still useful. He's fast enough to outpace bullets, run over water and of course, move so fast a camera recording couldn't pick him up.

Boomstick: There was only the tinest flicker from him at his seat, which his teacher pointed out like those MCU fans honed in on the Lizard getting smacked in the No Way Home trailer. And remember, his father was able to dodge lightning. Being the speedster of the family, it's easy to imagine that he's much faster, at least to react.

Wiz: Last, and certainly not least, there's the baby of the bunch, Jack-Jack.

  • Jack-Jack
    • Youngest of the Parr Family
    • Originally thought to not have powers
    • Powers: Molecular Self-Manipulation
    • Feats: Terrorized Syndrone during his kidnapping attempt, smashed through multiple steel wars
    • Only a cookie can calm his monster self down

Boomstick: What the hell kind of name is Jack-Jack? What's wrong with just Jack?

Wiz: Maybe the second Jack is meant to be a middle name. Anyhow, for the longest time, Jack-Jack was considered to be powerless. Not because he was a baby but because he did not have any actual powers. In fact he was considered the only normal member of the family and he wasn't even toilet trained.

Boomstick: Lucky.

Wiz: Wuh...oh, ha-ha. Just like from the movie.

Boomstick: Like what from the movie? You mean his powers, because plot twist, he had them alright. The babysitter and Syndrone found that out the hard way.

Wiz: Jack-Jack's ability is simply astounding. And yes, I do mean that in the singular because technically, his only ability is Molecular Self-Manipulation. Essentially, he is a polymorph, able to manipulate his molecules and atoms to truly shape-shift. This means there are dozens of abilities available for him to tap into.

Boomstick: Deep breath, because he has a lot; he can set himself on fire, turn into a lump of metal, float, teleport, go through walls, fire laser beams from his eyes, grow to a massive size, crawl on walls, produce clones of himself and emit arcs of electricity.

Wiz: And who can forget the fact he becomes a vicious little imp that will bite and maul anyone who makes him angry. Oh, and whoever doesn't give him a cookie.

Boomstick: Whilst that's scary, what's really creepy is how he can make his face look like someone else's. As if one Eda wasn't enough.

Wiz: Jack-Jack's laser beams have been demonstrated as moving in a straight light, burning on contact and being deflectable with a reflective surface, so it's very likely they can be comparable to light speed.

Boomstick: And as an actual big baby, Jack-Jack is able to break through steel walls which should need 86 thousand PSI to pull off. And he's using all those powers whilst still a baby, so imagine what he will be able to do once he has a higher IQ!

Wiz: Each member of the Parr family is tough on their own, but as unit they're nearly unstoppable. They've bested the schemes of numerous super villains, were the frontrunners for the re-establishment of supers and work together seamlessly in battle.

Boomstick: What else can be said about them at this point that we haven't already? How about...incredible!

Big Hero 6[]

Wiz: In the fictional city of San Fransokyo, a clear fusion of Tokyo and Francisco, there's the presitigious university, the San Franskoyo Institute of Technology, host to a wide collection of scientific geniuses. So it was only natural it was where a modern superhero team was formed.

Boomstick: Big Hero 6. And if they ever did a sequel, they would need to add 56 more members to their ranks.

Wiz: The first unofficial member of this team, or at the very least the instigator of its forming, was teen robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada.

Boomstick: The semantics on that name are way to obvious to be subtle.

  • Hiro Hamada
    • Younger brother of Tadashi Hamada
    • Technological prodigy
    • Equipment: Magnetic Gloves, Baymax himself
    • Feats: Constructed the micro bots, rebuilt Baymax
    • AKA Captain Cutie

Wiz: At just 14, Hiro was smart enough to be given a place at SFIT, after his brother had gotten him off the thrill of Battle Bots. In order to get in, he created tiny little machines that would be capable of revolutionizing the construction market, for a school fair project.

Boomstick: He couldn't have done it without his big bro's advice of tackling a problem from a different angle. Good old Tadashi, always looking out to help others. Too bad that same attitude got him killed.

Wiz: By a villain who wished to take Hiro's robotics for himself. But what he lost in his invention and a brother, he gained in a new friend. Tadashi's own creation, and the ultimate reflection of his wish to help others, Baymax.

  • Baymax
    • Created by Tadashi Hamada
    • Healthcare Robot
    • Equipment: Flight Armour, Rocket Fist, Overdrive Mode
    • Feats: Smashed through a giant chunk of rubble, generated a sonic boom whilst flying
    • "Balalalala"

Boomstick: Who is a big marshmellow of a robot. A deliberate design considering he's meant to be a source of comfort to those who had recently survived a distaster. In fact Baymax was also meant to be their rescuer.

Wiz: He has a database on any and all medical knowledge, his hands function as defibrillators and is strong enough to lift one thousand pounds.

Boomstick: And he can survive a fall from a two storey building. Baymax is surprisingly powerful for his plush and cuddly design but he became more so when Hiro upgraded him with sleek red armour. Still looks more friendly than his comic book armour though.

Wiz: With his armour, Baymax gains an increase in strength and durability and is now capable of flight so fast, he leaves sonic booms in his wake.

Boomstick: Don't forget his Rocket Fist! That thing can punch through stone statues and massive slabs of rubble. The biggest one he busted up was done with a force worth a billion joules of energy. Good thing he can also recall it to himself at any time.

Wiz: To make Baymax more effective in combat, Hiro installed in him a second chip loaded with martial arts moves. And in the animated series, he can even enter an Overdrive Mode, which makes him stronger, faster and gives him a sword made from his wings, although at the cost of draining his battery.

Boomstick: Baymax is seriously one the best robots I've ever seen.

DUMMI: Hey, what about me?

Boomstick: Well, Baymax can fistbump. Can you?

DUMMI: I will not dignify that with an answer.

Wiz: Hiro often sticks close to Baymax - literally in fact since he has magnetic gauntlets to stay on his back - but that means he's also fairly dependent on his big robot buddy to see him through fights. Fortunately, the rest of Big Hero 6 are there for the both of them. First, we have Wasabi.

Boomstick: Who dropped wasabi down his first exactly one time.

  • Wasabi
    • Applied physics student
    • A bit of a perfectionist
    • Equipment: Plasma Blades
    • Feats: Intercepted microbot attacks, held his own against Momakase
    • Stops for red lights in a car chase

Wiz: An applied physics student at SFIT, Wasabi was well known for being a bit neurotic and complusive, not to mention very by-the-books. But that hasn't stopped him from developing focused plasma that can cut through, so far, nearly anything.

Boomstick: Those kind of things would make very good weapons, and Hiro noticed it too. So he built Wasabi an armour with which he could project plasma blades from the gauntlets.

Wiz: Which are just as deadly as the original source that Wasabi made. In fact real life plasma, which is the forth state of matter...

Boomstick: The forth hidden state!

Wiz: Is so hot it can actually burn underwater and is hotter than the surface of the sun. And for someone so...bookish, Wasabi is pretty good at slashing those things around, not to mention being in pretty good shape.

Boomstick: He's block attacks from microbots one after the other rapid fire and moves so fast he's practically a blur. In fact, he's stated in supplamentary material to be a practioner of tai chi. And his neatnik personality makes him a good follow for teammate, Go Go.

  • Go Go
    • Full Name: Go Go Tomago
    • Industrial design and mechanical engineering student
    • Equipment: Maglev suit, discuses
    • Feats: Circled around an area at a rapid pace, cut out of a microbot dome
    • "Woman Up!"

Wiz: A thrill seeker at heart, Go Go's desire for exitement is matched by both her steely personality and intelligence, especially in regards to magnetic levitation technology, which is how she designed an incredibly fast bike.

Boomstick: Which was later converted into another armour by Hiro. Damn, that kid's as much of a designer as Spider-Man.

Wiz: With magnetic wheels on her heels, Go Go is capable of darting around at incredible speeds, making her the fastest member of Big Hero 6. In fact, she was able to spin around a small area fast enough to clock in at Mach 2.6 (Arrogant Schmuck).

Boomstick: And those wheels on her wrists aren't there for her to become a four wheeled vehicle, although I wouldn't complain about the, they're discuses she can toss at her opponents to slice them up. Plus, like Baymax's rocket fist, they will come back to her in time thanks to magnatism. And deep inside her tough outer self is a kind and caring person willing to support her friends.

Wiz: Who does wear their heart on their sleeve whoever is Honey Lemon, the chemist of the group if you will.

  • Honey Lemon
    • Chemical engineering student
    • Likes fashion
    • Equipment: Chem-Purse, Chem-Ball
    • Feats: Created a massive explosion, recalls any chemical formula perfectly
    • Has a fear of hippos

Boomstick: Even among a team of geniuses, she really stands out, what with her facination with chemical reactions.

Wiz: Which she is able to perfectly recall by the way. A good thing too, since her gadget requires her to directly imput with controls to produce Chem-Balls of all sorts of effects.

Boomstick: Right out of her Chem-Purse. A ball is literally filtered through and injected with every desired ingrediant. With so many to use, this makes Honey Lemon the most versatile member of the team.

Wiz: With her Chem-Balls, she can create spongey subtances, sticky substances, stretchy substances, hard substances for shields, freezing effects, explosive balls, and easily much more.

Boomstick: Her ice making Chem-Balls alone pack a freezing energy of 900 megajoules (Arrogant Schmuck) but when she wants to make a truly big bang, she sacrifices her entire Chem-Purse and hits it with an explosive Chem-Ball. All part of a chemical reaction worth 27 tons of TNT (Arrogant Schmuck). So not only is she the most versatile member of the group but the one with the most powerful attack.

Wiz: This brings us to the last member of the team, Fred.

Boomstick: The only one who's not a nerd. Good for him!

  • Fred
    • School mascot by day and night
    • Major comic book fan
    • Equipment: Monster Suit
    • Feats: Made a piece of metal remaining spinning in the air, defeated Streamer's spider-tank
    • Son of a Stan Lee cameo

Wiz: You think being the school mascot is better than being a nerd?

Boomstick: Well, when you're secretly wealthy, anything's better than being a nerd. Including having money.

Wiz: Oh, but Fred is a nerd. A nerd for comic books, kaiju and superheroes. What else can you expect from someone who's father is a superhero? It's genetic.

Boomstick: Hmm, can't argue with that logic. Guess that's why he wanted to become a kaiju superhero! Fredzilla.

Wiz: Whilst Fred didn't have any pre-existing project for hero to improve for him, he was still able to create an armour for Fred to supplament him with superhuman abilities.

Boomstick: He can jump super-high into the air, has super strength and can breath fire. And with his manic energy, he's always the first to charge into battle and throw his whole weight into his opponents.

Wiz: Surpisingly, Fred's expertise in sign spinning as a mascot also makes a pretty good means of fighting. He can fling one into the air so hard it will remain spinning in the time it takes for him to get his arm back into its suit's sleeve.

Boomstick: Impressive! Just like every member of the team.

Wiz: Under Hiro's leadership and with their unique equipments, Big Hero 6 has taken down the thief of the microbots, prevented a massive wave from destroy San Fransokyo and saved the city from various super villain, robot and mutant attacks.

Boomstick: Guess it goes to show that when you assemble some big brains under one roof, you're going to end up with a team of technology users so effective and heroic, you can only descibe them as Big.


Wiz: Alright the combatants are set, time to end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

The Battle[]

Setting: City street at night

The Incredibles and Big Hero 6 were poised at either end of a lamplit street, all of them in fighting poses.

Fred: Super Hero Team Civil War!

Mr Incredible: Showtime!


The two teams charged towards each other, each one automatically vearing towards a target; Mr. Incredible went towards Wabasi, Fred at Elastigirl, Violet towards Gogo, Baymax, who had Hiro on his back, zoomed towards Dash and Go Go was left darting towards Jack-Jack.

As the more combat minded Incredibles battled five of the rival heroes, Go Go was left to come to a halt in front of the baby, looking at him with a downcast expression.

Go Go: Great, I got stuck with the baby! Well, at least I won't have to actually-what the-?!

Jack-Jack's eyes suddenly glowed green and twin lasers shot at her. Go Go only had time to bring up one of her dicuses to protect her face from the attack before she started to run around Jack-Jack, escaping his sight and thus his lasers. However, as he gurgled happily, he swung his whole self around, his laser chasing Go Go as she skated.

Go Go: Okay, you asked for it!

She flung out a discus, which sailed right towards Jack-Jack, only for it to miss as he suddenly teleported. A blip of light above Go Go told her he had appeared above her but she wasn't expecting a multitude of Jack-Jacks to rain upon her, grabbing, yanking and scratching at her armoured body. She growled in annoyance and spun herself around at intense speeds to send them all flying away. They rolled across the ground, giggling as they went and reforming into one Jack-Jack. And not just any Jack-Jack, but an absolutely massive one. Go Go beheld it with surprise before charging forwards with intent to drive both her discus into his belly, only to bounce backwards off his spongy stomach.

Meanwhile, Wasabi was dodging backwards from Mr. Incredible's haymakers, yelping slightly at he did. After avoiding a rapid fire series of punches, Wasabi took a chance and jabbed out with an attack of his own. Although Mr. Incredible dodged back from it, it was able to slightly graze his arm and leave a lightly steaming cut, making his grunt in pain. Wasabi noticed his success and grinned, proud of himself, and went on the offensive; Mr. Incredible sidestepped his downwards slash and ducked beneath his forwards stab. Upon dodging the second attack, Mr. Incredible got it into a hold and flipped Wasabi over his shoulder, smashing him into the ground. Wasabi shook away the diziness in time to roll from Mr. Incredible's downwards punch, which cracked the ground. With a desperate yell, he got back to his feet and unleashed a flurry of slashes at Mr. Incredible, which he repeatedly avoided, even leaping high into the air to avoid an outwards X attack and come down with a downwards swing of both fists, which Wasabi also dodged.

At the same time, Lemon Honey was tossing explosive Chem-Balls at Violet whilst darting forwards. The Incredible child naturally conjured up her force fields to protect herself, before projecting one in front of Lemon Honey just as she moved forwards to throw another Chem-Ball. As she was knocked backwards, the Chem-Ball went flying to land at Violet's left, producing a flash bang that temporarily blinded her. To circumvent her blindness, Violet turned invisible, which Honey Lemon noticed as she got back up. She pulled out another Chem-Ball and tossed it in the general direction of Violet, and when it exploded paint-like liquid splashed out. Some it splashed on Violet and with her exposed, Honey Lemon flicked another Chem-Ball at her, trapping her in a restraining substance. Violet didn't remain trapped for long however since she projected a force field out from around herself at close proximity to her body, pushing away the goop. She expanded it into a bubble and ran in it towards Honey Lemon, intending to crush her. The chemist countered by throwing a Chem-Ball in front of herself, creating a dome of blue hard substance that Violet's shield battering ram cracked through easily, although Honey Lemon was still protected from harm.

As for Fred and Elastigril, the latter was weaving her way all around him with her elasticity, even going between his legs and getting behind him. All the while, Fred made unsuccessful swipes at her with his claws. At several points, Elastigirl lashed out with kicks and punches that battered Fred inside of his suit, prompting a disjointed sentence from him.

Fred: O-kay-that's-e-nough!

He was finally able to grab a hold of Elastigirl, lining her up with the mouth of his suit and unleashed a blast of fire at her face. Elastigirl avoided it by craning her neck all the way backwards, in the process stretching out her hand to punch through the fire, her suit protecting her, and through the mouth so she could strike Fred in the face before grabbing his nose and slamming it into the side of his own suit. Fred yelled in annoyance before tossing Elastigirl into the sky, before jumping after her with his claws ready. The Incredible was able to avoid his attack by making her body take on the consistency of a parachute, letting a breeze move her out of her way of his jump. She then latched onto him with lengthened arms to grab his suit, pulling herself towards him with murderous intent in her eyes.

Fred: Aw nuts.

As the two of them grappled as they fell back to Earth, Dash was running away from an airborne Baymax, who fired his rocket fist at him with enough force to crater the ground behind the speedster. Although he stumbled, Dash didn't fall and he kept on running until he turned around to face Baymax. The robot swung a fist down as he landed, attempting to crush Dash flat. The youngest Incredible darted back from the strike at it penetrated the ground, before he ran straight up the arm. Just before Hiro could react, Dash was in front of him, his fists up in an amateur-boxer's stance. Hiro blinked in surprise before Dash suddenly puched him in the face. In reponse, Hiro detached one of his magnetic gauntlets from Baymax's to try and punch back, only for Dash to easily avoid it and deliver a rapid-fire barrage of punches into Hiro's face, which he didn't let up on even as Hiro called out;

Hiro: Baymax!

Baymax: Coming.

He calmly reached over his shoulder and picked up Dash in a crushing grip.

Dash: Hey! Bad touch!

Baymax: Please calm down, or I will need to add more pressure.

Hiro: Baymax! Rocket Fist!

Baymax: Okay.

With Dash in the gauntlet's clutches, it was launched off Baymax's arm, sending the speedster yelling in protest as he flew straight towards a building's wall. The fist smashed straight through before it automatically returned to Baymax's arm, at which point he opened his hand to see the state of Dash, having been slammed straight through a building.

Instead, the boy wasn't there and as Hiro and Baymax blinked in surprise, Dash charged towards them from the side, jumped into the air and drove both his feet into Baymax's side, sending him stumbling backwards. Dash repeated this method of attack numerous times from different, keeping Baymax confused and off-balance.

Hiro; Honey Lemon, little help!

After covering Violet's dome shield, which she was also currently within, in a stick subtance, Honey Lemon switched to a blue Chem-Ball and hurled it at Dash; when it broke against the ground, ice spread out and the speedster slid across it out of control. Seeing her son in distress, Elastigirl temporarily incapaciated Fred by plucking a manhole covering from its placement and smacking him in the face with it before stretching out an arm to grab Dash by the collar. With a grunt, she pulled him back across the ice until he got his foothold at which point he released him so that he could barrel towards where Wasabi and Mr. Incredible where fighting. Before the Hero could notice, Dash collided with his stomach, knocking him away from his father.

Wasabi slammed into a wall just as the rest of the Incredibles pulled back from their fights and took stances alongside Bob and Dash. Even Jack-Jack, who floated out of reach of Go Go's cartwheel kick to land among his family.

Hiro: We need a different approach. Honey Lemon, Fred, give us some cover.

The two teammates recreated their joint effort of creating a smoke screen - Fred using his fire breath on smoke Chem-Balls - which flooded towards the rival team. Acting quickly, Dash spun around his family, creating a circle of air that kept the smoke from enveloping them. Knowing their enemies where using the smoke as cover, the Incredibles remained alert. But whilst Elastigirl was able to skim Go Go's helmet with a well timed kick and Mr. Incredible knocked Fred back into the smoke, that was the best they were able to manage before the offensive by Big Hero 6 forced them into the smoke cloud.

From that point, with Dash continously generating the open space, the warring teams jumped into and out of the smoke as they fought; Violet used a shield to block Fred's fire breath, Mr. Incredible grabbed Go Go by her head before she kicked him in the chest to escape, Wasabi grabbed his own arm to stop Elastigirl from pulling his own plasma blade into his face and Honey Lemon threw a barrier of sticky subtance in front of herself, only for Jack-Jack to turn into fire in order to burn through it.

Eventually Dash stopped spinning, wincing and puffing as he felt at his legs even as the smoke finally came over him. And from behind him, Baymax stalked up, lifting his fist up. Dash only noticed out of the corner of his eye and he groaned.

Dash: Dad! This guy's picking on me!

Mr. Incredible's sigh echoed through the cloud.

Mr. Incredible: Coming!

And sure enough, he burst through the smoke and slammed into Baymax, carrying him and Hiro out of the cloud and in a direction for a private fight. At the same time the rest of the smoke screen fell away, leaving both teams to fight against a new opponent by themselves; Violet against Wasabi, Dash against Go Go, Helen against Honey Lemon and Jack-Jack against Fred.

Honey Lemon got the high ground over Elastigirl, by jumping off a bouncy substance she generated with a well thrown Chem-Ball and landing on a roof's building, before destroying the chemical bouncing pad with a fire producing Chem-Ball. From her vantage point, she started tossing explosive Chem-Balls three at a time down at her opponent and whilst Elasigirl dodged most of them, she was nevertheless battered by the blasts.

Dash and Go Go charged at and by each other numerous times, striking each other with shoulder jabs each time. Dash then ducked beneath Go Go's jumping downwards-punch, continuing to run from her but the Hero countered by tossing out one of her discus, which strikes him in the back of his head and causes him to stumble and crack. Seeing a strategy that worked, Go Go started hurling her discus at Dash repeatedly, keeping him on his toes and boxed in.

Violet maintained a shield to protect herself from Wasabi's rapid slashes, up until the point he spun around, battering the barrier with more powerful slashes that forced Violet to remove it. She made up for this failing by turning invisible, Wasabi losing her instantly. He went on high alert, and noticed a stuff behind him out of the corner of his eye. Thus, he whipped around with a slash, which didn't quite reach Violet thanks to her projecting a slashing-force field, the two "blades" sparking together.

Fred scooped up Jack-Jack with total ease, laughing at what he thought would be an easy win. He was proven wrong when the baby turned into metal, causing him to stumble with the new weight, before Jack-Jack then turned in fire, causing Fred to yelp and drop him. Having had enough, Fred used his foot to flick a sign-shaped piece of metal debris up into his hand, made by the destruction wrought by the battle, and jumped into the air towards Jack-Jack. As the shadow fell over the baby, he snarled and transformed into his monster form, his claws ready.

Mr. Incredible was skirting around Baymax, avoiding the robot's attacks.

Baymax: Roundhouse Kick. Knife Hand. Elbow Drop.

The experienced Mr. Incredible dodged each of the attacks and responded with an upwards punch into Baymax's face when the Elbow Drop lined him up for, sending Baymax and Hiro spinning into the air. Baymax performed a diving attack, his fist held out in front of him, but even though he directly collided with Mr. Incredible in the chest, Bob held his ground without barely flinching. In fact, he simply grabbed Baymax by the wrist and brought his elbow down on the robot's armoured arm, breaking the gauntlet off at the magnetic locks. Baymax immediately fell back as Mr. Incredible cracked his knuckles and advanced forwards.

Hiro: Baymax! Overdrive Mode!

Baymax instantly entered the empowering mode, his wings becoming a sword for him to wield. He swung it down at Mr. Incredible, who caught it in a clap. The blade inches from his face, Mr. Incredible found it slowly getting closer as Baymax put in more strength.

The deadlock the two teams maintained suddenly became undone, and it started with Honey Lemon and Elastigirl. The former tossed out six explosive Chem-Balls, yet instead of exploding around Helen she stretched out her arm in the shape of curve to catch each one of the projectiles and send them flying towards Honey Lemon. Before she could react, they exploded right in front of her face, sending her flying into the air. With pinpoint accuracy, Elastigirl shot up her arm through the opening into Honey Lemon's Chem-Bag and pulled out a Chem-Ball, hurling it at its own maker as soon as she had drawn her arm back down.

The Chem-Ball struck Honey Lemon's Chem-Bag, engulfing her in a fatal explosion.

Meanwhile, Wasabi finally broke through the slicing-force field he was struggling against before drawing back both his hands for a double attack. But when he swung them out, a force field appeared behind him, catching his plasma blades and trapping him. As he struggled in panic, Violet jumped backwards and sent out two slashing force fields with a yell. The two constructs sliced through Wasabi - one through his left hip to right shoulder and the second through his waist - cutting him to pieces that collapsed within the force field that trapped him. Now free of her opponent, Violet turned to see Dash getting pressured by Go Go, who was grinding her discus across the ground in persuit of him. Dash was able to kick her in the face to keep himself away from her blades but as he was now launched onto his back by his own action and Go Go was pushed back to her feet, the latter tossed a discus at the exposed former. With a quick force field, Violet deflected the discus back towards Go Go, embedding it into the top of her skull, killing her instantly and throwing her backwards.

Dash: Hey, I had that!

Violet: Well, anyone with eyes would disagree.

Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible snapped Baymax's sword in half and kicked him in the chest, cratering his chest armour and causing Hiro to yell in surprise. After skidding back a few feet, Baymax regained his footing and thrusted out his fist-less arm.

His Danger-Sense going off, Mr. Incredible looked behind himself and saw Baymax's fist rocketing towards him. He turned, grabbed the fist before it could hit him, turned around, yelled, and hurled the fist towards Baymax.

Baymax: Oh no.

The fist smashed Baymax in half and Hiro was sent flying into the air, flailing desperatedly. As he fell, Mr. Incredible swung his fist up, hitting Hiro in his head and blowing it to smithereens. Shaking his fist free of blood, Mr. Incredible was joined by Elastigirl, Dash and Violet.

Mr. Incredible: Well, now all that's done, how about we...?

Fred: Not so fast!

The Incredibles turned to see a beaten and scarred Fred pointing at them.

Fred: My teammates may have fallen, but I haven't! I will avenge them as a dark and brooding crusader! From this moment forth, none of you are sa-!


His own sign-like metal piece was stabbed through his back and out his front, making him plant forwards onto the ground as the monstrous Jack-Jack crawled off his body and went to rejoin his family, turning back to normal in the process.



Boomstick: Well, now they can have an US style family debate on who has the highest kill count.

Wiz: Big Hero 6 was certainly no group of push-overs, otherwise they wouldn't be as effective as they are, but the fact of the matter was that there wasn't really anything any of them could do against Mr. Incredible's raw power. Stopping the Omnidroid and blowing up a massive slab of rubble paints Bob as having 7 times the amount of strength as Baymax.

Boomstick: To be fair though, Mr. Incredible wasn't exactly invincible during the fight. Honey Lemon's chemical constructs could have restrained him the way those growing security balls did and Wasabi's plasma beams could likely cut him to ribbons, considering a metal claw was able to leave a wound on the Parr patriarch.

Wiz: True, but first they would need to deal with the rest of the Incredibles, all of whom had unique abilities that could let them hold their own rather easily. For example Violet could keep herself safe with force fields that could be compared to her father in strength, and Jack-Jack was pretty much a swiss-army baby, especially with his intangibility and shape-changing.

Boomstick: And considering that Bob alone was able to dodge an electric attack, which should move similar to lightning, then each Incredible was clocking in at similar speeds. Especially Dash, getting himself the edge over Big Hero 6's fastest member Go Go, who only clocked in at Mach 2. And yes, whilst Big Hero 6 had one member more than the Incredibles, and Math is Math, Hiro basically relies on Baymax to stay in a fight.

Wiz: Speaking of Hiro, whilst he has proven to be capable of expertly directing his teammates, the Incredibles can act as a coercive unit without even talking to each other, like how they wordlessly strategized and beat Symdrone's henchmen before he had to step in himself.

Boomstick: But we know what you're thinking, "What about Honey Lemon blowing up her Chem-Bag? Doesn't it make an explosion bigger than Mr. Incredible's best feat with 27 tons of TNT?" Well the thing was it sure did but it was a method of attack that pretty much stunted anything else she could do. Not to mention there wasn't much of a guarantee that she could get every Incredible in its blast, considering their speed. Not to mention Mr. Incredible has experience with Bomb-Voyage, a bomb-user, and Elastigirl is also a seasoned hero so the Incredibles also get the experience advantage. Even with each member of Big Hero 6, barring mascot Fred, being super geniuses, this meant they had seen more actual combat, and would at the very least stalemate Baymax's downloaded martial art moves.

Wiz: Back on the subject of Honey Lemon's explosion real quick, there's also a good chance it wouldn't have been that effective. After all, Mr. Incredible has a higher NSA ranking than a superhero who could generate 8.0 Earthquakes. Not to mention succeeding against a later Omnidroid model that Hypershock fell against the prototype version of. Whether it was due to raw power or general effectiveness that granted him his rank, Bob just had another factor to clinch his family's victory.

Boomstick: Big Hero 6 certainly were larger than life but against the Incredibles, they just didn't have enough of what they did have to take the win. I suppose that they Could Have Been Immortals if they had Parr-taken in a different fight.

Wiz: The winner is the Incredibles.

Next Time[]

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Winter vs. Kurome


  • The connection between the Incredibles and Big Hero 6 is that they are both superhero teams from animated movies who are based off close bonds; the former group are family whilst the latter are close friends. Several of their members also line up theme/history/ability-wise; Mr Incredible and Baymax are red-coloured powerhouses, Jack-Jack can become a monster similar to Fred's suit and can manipulate his atomic makeup like Lemon Honey's chemistry, Dash and GoGo are speedsters whilst Go-Go and Elastigirl have both used highly advanced bikes and have vehicular expertise (bikes and airplanes respectively), Elastigril and Wasabi are both more cautious about their hero activities, and Hiro and Violet are both dark-haired anti-socials. Coincidentally, both teams have parallels to Marvel superhero teams; the Incredibles, with their power set and family dynamic, are often compared to the Fantastic 4 whilst Big Hero 6 are based off a Marvel team of the same name, although both groups feature varying changes in their powers compared to these.
  • This battle would have been in 3D
  • The original music for this battle would have been called 'Big and Incredible', referencing both teams' names