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A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

This is set to become an actual episode of Death Battle. Check out the Death Battle Wiki's page for it here.


 Marvel vs Dragon Ball Super! In a ferocious battle of rage and anger, will the Hulk be able brute force his way through Broly, or will Broly prove that he is completely unstoppable. This is Gogeta46power's episode 2 in his season 1.


Gogeta: Y'know, there is nothing more badass than just two bulky buff dudes just pummeling the everlasting shit out of each other, throw a dish of being pissed off in there and we got it!

Bruce: Like me, Bruce Banner the Hulk.

Begin Hulk.gif

Broly: A..and me. B...Broly.

Begin Broly.gif

Gogeta: I am Gogeta and it is my job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win in a Death Battle!

The Hulk

Gogeta: Abusive fathers are not fun, like nothing about them are fun and if you think so, well you should probably check up with a doctor, just ask Bruce over here.

Bruce: It hasn't even been 1 second, and you ALREADY pulled that card, honestly a bit longer than I thought it was going to be, I'm proud of you.

Gogeta: Aw thanks, well anyway yeah. Bruce over here was so intelligent that his father literally resented him and thought he was a monster, and gave him a nice bitchslap..okay that's kinda funny.

Bruce: R..right yeah. Well it's true growing up with an alcoholic is not the most fun in the world, so to help cope with my dad...killing my mother was to make a friend, an imaginary one of course. Though in hindsight...maybe it wasn't the best idea.

Background Hulk.png

Gogeta: Oh come on, imaginary friends are the best, just ask the voices in my head!

Bruce: Voices in your head?

Gogeta: Yeah, they are there and forever present.

Voices: Kill them all Gogeta! End them!! Make the rivers flow with their blood!

Gogeta: Good one voices.

Bruce: Uh..yeah well later on in my life I got hired by the military to help create gamma bombs. hindsight maybe this line of work was not good for me, however I pressed through. 

Gogeta: When it came to test these bombs some dumbass kid decided to play his harmonica on the test sight...wait aren't most test sights supposed to be closed off to the public-whatever I don't care. Bruce asked his assisstant to stop the test but of course he was a Russian spy.

Bruce: And I happen to get hit directly with one of those bombs, thought somehow I didn't die. Instead I lived and actually merged with the gamma radiation, my imaginary friend coming to life in what we call The Hulk.

Gogeta: The Hulk is essentially what happens when Bruce stubs his toe, he gets so angry he turns into a giant green goliath. While not as intelligent as Bru- oh what the fuck am I talking about you KNOW that the Hulk is a monster.

Bruce: Unfortunately yeah you're correct, the Hulk is one of the biggest monsters in my universe. Nearly uncontrollable and is nothing but a raging monster. It's a wonder how I persuaded him to help the Avengers against the threats of the world.

Gogeta: The Hulk is strong, like really fucking strong. You could say that he's the invincible strongest of the strong, if you get it you get it. Seriously if you get in this guy's way're kinda fucked.

Arsenal Hulk.png

Bruce: Essentially, I mean right when I transform I can tear apart tanks, jump into orbit, mountain to mountain. I can just do many things that normal people and even a lot of super heroes can't do.

Gogeta: You can even keep up with Mach 5 fighter jets with ease, dodge point blank bullets, and even dodge missiles. It is quite obvious the Hulk is a complete powerhouse.

Bruce: Exactly, my hulking form is nothing to be trifled with. It can keep up with many of the harder hitters of the Marvel universe. Such as the Red Hulk, Silver Surfer, and when I am pissed off enough I can go even higher.

Gogeta: Speaking of being pissed off, the more well...pissed off he gets the stronger he gets. There is basically no defined limit when it comes to that too, so essentially Hulk's power is well...limitless.

Bruce: Well "limitless" is just a little bit stretching it. It is true that I have not shown a defined strength limit, as all the fights with me have ended before I could show it, however in case I fight like..Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, yeah I'm not getting THAT strong.

Gogeta: You still have the strength to literally hold against a blackhole, like literally be kicked into it and hold the sides of it so you don't die. I mean that's some real dedication to live and..oh yeah strength.

Bruce: I guess yeah, and when I get angry enough I CAN go toe-to-toe with Thor and even the Sentry to yeah, the Hulk is definitely not a pushover. However getting angry enough I could eventually lose control, and well... let the Hulk take full control.

Gogeta: That control by the way is what the cool kids like to call the Worldbreaker form, where like good ol' Bruce over here said, is the Hulk taking all control over his body. While he becomes nothing but a screaming monster...a dumber one...his power gets SO MUCH higher. 

Bruce: Yeah, a simple clash between two Worldbreaker hulks could easily obliterate a planet, note I took that shock just as well.

Gogeta: Not really as good as that black hole feat, however Worldbreaker is much ahead of the feat, hell he can fight the Sentry to a near standstill, well until the Sentry overtaxxed your healing factor, OH YEAH your healing factor.

Faults Hulk.png

Bruce: That is true I have a healing factor, just think of it as Wolverine's where I pretty much cannot die unless you get rid of my healing factor by just hitting me hard enough.

Gogeta: WHICH would be easy..if you were as powerful as say...Sentry or Odin. However if one does overtax Hulk's healing factor, then his seemingly limitless strength would also go away, since his brain literally cannot keep him angry enough to sustain the Hulk, thus turning him into the much more pathetic Bruce.

Bruce: Gee thanks.

Gogeta: No problem, tho even with that one glaring weakness, you DO NOT FUCK with the Incredible Hulk!


Gogeta: Frieza! Who doesn't love this tyrannical despot, he may just be the most popular, and the biggest tyrant in all of fiction. Even if you believe that isn't true you can't disregard his affect on the dragon ball series, hell his actions directly created 3 of the strongest heroes, well 1 of them is a little bit in the air, and that 1 is Broly! How do you do?

Broly: O..Oh I am good, it's nice that you ask that.

Gogeta: Don't worry you can drop the formalities, all you need to do is explain your past, thought I guess that's not the best thing for you to do because..well it wasn't the best. I mean when you were a literal infant King Vegeta was frightened by your own power, and sent you to planet Vampa in order to kill you.

BG Broly.png

Broly: Uh..yeah. My father came to see me on the planet, and to make sure I didn't die. Which obviously I didn't. However he didn't really like for me to befriend monsters such as Bah, I wonder how he is.

Gogeta: Even though he's missing an ear, I assume he's fine. I mean he is a giant dog monster thing, that wound must not be the most painful and is probably more of a knick than anything else.

Broly: Yeah, hopefully. Life on Vampa wasn't easy, but me and my father made it work. All seemed normal until two members of Frieza's army crashed down on the planet, they go by the names of Cheelai and Lemo.

Gogeta: At first you were not a fan of the whole, talking to other people thing, however you three soon became nearly unseperable buds. All really seemed up, until your father literally listed you to be in Frieza's army to fight Goku and Vegeta...something doesn't sound right there.

Broly: In the middle of battle my father got killed by a stray energy bullet.

Gogeta: Yeah keep believing that.

Broly: What?

Gogeta: Nothing, nothing. 

Broly: I did do pretty well against the two Saiyans, or at least I'd like to think I did. Maybe I didn't, the whole fight is kind of a blur in my head, I kinda remember this crazy-eyed blue hair man punching me over and over again.

Gogeta: Well, that is basically true, in combat you are a true beast. While sure, you may have been a raging monster, you held your own with Vegeta and Goku very well, even though at first you did actually get trounce, as Vegeta said, you learned as you fought.

Broly: Did I?

Gogeta: Y..Yeah >.>..uh is there anyone else I can talk to that can help, maybe of the green skinned variety?

Broly: Are you talking about Cheelai?

Gogeta: That's the girl! Let her in here!

Broly: What about Lemo?

Gogeta: What about Lemo?

Cheelai: You needed me?

Gogeta: You were present during the fight on Earth with Goku and Vegeta right? You may explain Broly's powers better than himself, couldn't you?

Arsenal Broly.png

Cheelai: Actually yes, I have. From what I researched Broly's power stems from a power called KI, even if he doesn't know it, he controls it to do many different things, the most basic of which is shoot concussive blasts out his hands to harm his opponents.

Gogeta: Shared by almost every KI users, the blasts are the most simply of abilities that they have, however they can concentrate it to beams and even energy barriers to help repel attacks coming at them. 

Cheelai: Honestly that's just the normal stuff, even the simplest of fighters can perform those, and offense he is pretty simply. You can tell it by the way he fights, he almost never uses his mind to fight, he mostly just tries to brute force his enemies with punches and grapples.

Gogeta: Hey it's not like Broly doesn't have some of his own moves, he seems to like to fire energy straight out of his mouth to cause major damage or even retaining some of his DBZ moves, such as the Eraser Cannon and the Omega Blaster.

Cheelai: However this was just in Broly's base state, in his fight with Vegeta, the prince noted that Broly was "Learning as he fights" in the fight he was getting stronger and stronger, and this was enough to push Vegeta to turn into a Super Saiyan God to finally put down Broly.

Gogeta: Well put down is a little bit generous, because Broly kind of just got fucking pissed and then transformed into his next transformation, his wrathful state. In this from Broly loses all thought and becomes a rampaging beast, however that's more than fine when you can just no-sell a punch from a Super Saiyan God Vegeta like it's nothing.

Broly: Wait what did I do?

Gogeta: Don't mind that, all you need to know is this form makes you insanely powerful. Hell he's so powerful that Super Saiyan God Goku and Vegeta were essentially his bitch, and fuck he even took on Super Saiyan Blue Goku and was even winning!

Cheelai: Also because Broly was very good at adapting at the middle of a fight, he even was able to use Goku's God Bind, he more than likely uses primal instinct in order to gain this power I assume.

Gogeta: Maybe, although Broly seems to be an unstoppable powerhouse, he does have his breaking point, and that seems to be when he was fighting two Super Saiyan Blues at once, however even so Broly through sheer anger was able to unlock the legendary Super Saiyan form.

Cheelai: In this form Broly's power increases dramatically, hell he was enough for Goku and Vegeta to fuse into Gogeta when their backs were against the wall. To prove his strength, he was ragdolling my former boss Frieza in his golden state for one hour straight without getting tired at all, reminder Golden Frieza is comparable to a Super Saiyan Blue in power.

Faults Broly.png

Gogeta: Yes. Even when Broly was getting demolished by Gogeta, a fused variant of Goku and Vegeta, Broly unlocked what is called Full Power Super Saiyan, which IS Broly's definitive current full power...and it still was not enough to beat the fused Saiyan, but did help him contend with him.

Cheelai: A friendly reminder that Broly cannot really actively think or act to his own volition in the wrathful and Super Saiyan states, honestly thank goodness we saved and Lemo's asses would be toast when Frieza finds us... thanks to Broly the emperor is scared.

Gogeta: It's also good to note Broly's stamina is not limitless, he was getting fatigued in his fight with Gogeta, but remember he was fighting for much over an hour straight so it's not like he has a small amount of stamina, no siree. Any other things to say Broly?

Broly: Uh..y..yeah this is very good water...

Gogeta: Damn right it is!


(The scene begins in space with a ship flying towards planet Vampa)

Lemo: Alright that..should do it!

Cheelai: Hm? What were you doing?

Lemo: I was fixing up our ship..y'know, if somehow Frieza gets through Broly.

Cheelai: Seems a little pointless to me, but it's good to be prepared I guess.

(The ship slams down as a guy walks out looking around, covering the face of him, it was Bruce Banner)

Cheelai: The hell was that?!

Lemo: That can't be good.

(Bruce walks over and looks around, scanning the area and such)

Cheelai: Hey!

Bruce: Oh! I honestly didn't know this planet was inhabited, I don't mean you any harm.

Cheelai: Yeah right, who sent you, Frieza?

Bruce: Who? I came here because this is a planet me and my team didn't know existed.

Lemo: Team? What team?

Bruce: You know, the Avengers?

Lemo: Avengers, what's that?

Cheelai: A bunch of bull, that's what.

Lemo: Cheelai give him a chance.

Bruce: Yeah what he said.

Cheelai: Well what the hell are you doing here?

Bruce: I said, to scout out.

(A Vampa beetle walks up and jumps on Bruce)

Bruce: Gah! What the hell is this!?

Lemo: Stand down, Ill get it!

(Lemo blasts the beetle with a blaster, a noticeable hole is in Bruce's suit)

Bruce: Sh..shit! SHit!

Lemo: What!?

Bruce: D...Da...G..Grah!

(Bruce turns into the Hulk and stomps on the beetle)

Cheelai: Uh....hi?

(The Hulk roars and jumps at Cheelai and Lemo)

Lemo: This is bad!!

Cheelai: BROLY!!

(Broly looks up from where he is and instantly flies toward the Hulk, punting him back)

(The Hulk flips on the ground and slams the ground. He gets up and roars as Broly flies at him and decks him with a nice punch sending him flying back. The Saiyan flies toward his adversary and nails him with a few nice punches and kicks. Broly ends this combo with grabbing The Hulk by the arm and swinging him around, however the green Avenger grabs him and slams him to the ground. Hulk roars once more and smashes Broly down into the ground multiple times causing a bigger and bigger crater with each blow. Broly screams out and a beam gets fired out of his mouth nailing him in the head, the Hulk going high into the sky. The son of Paragus flies up and grabs the Avenger by the face, flying down at Hypersonic speeds, slamming him into the ground, causing the crater that The Hulk created to get even bigger. Broly charges up a green beam and blasts the ground with all his might, causing a big enough mass of energy to completely move the clouds around Broly. Thinking he has one Broly settles down a little and flies, walking toward Cheelai and Lemo)

Cheelai: Hell yeah Broly!

Lemo: Don't celebrate yet...that monster is still alive!

(Right as Lemo says this The Hulk jumps out of the crater with all of wounds seemingly healed up. He clenches his fists and punches the ground, causing a shockwave that make Cheelai and Lemo lose their balance as Broly flies back toward the Avenger going for a punch, however this time The Hulk counters it with his own punch, causing the two anger-filled fighters to fly back into mountains, them crumbling down onto them. Broly is the first one to get his second wind as he roars and the rubbles gets destroyed around him. When he did that The Hulk claps his hands together doing the Thunder Clap to send all the debris right into space. Both of the fighters roar as they collide for multiple punches, both of them ending off nailing each other in the face with a mighty blow. Both of them look at each other with anger as they roar once more, however a beam once again comes out of Broly's mouth, this time The Hulk dodging it with it cutting his face, the wound that was made gets healed up quickly shocking the Saiyan enough for The Hulk to get an advantage in this fight. He lifts Broly in the air and slams him down, then grabbing his leg and sliding him against the ground as he's running)

The Hulk: GROOARR!!!!

Broly: Gr..Ga..Gr!!GRRRRR!!!!

(Broly breaks out of the Hulk's hold and blasts him backward, the Avenger being trailed into the sky by the blast. Broly follows up with it by clenches his hands into an axe handle, slamming him back to the ground. The Saiyan flies to the side and then flies back to slam hard into The Hulk, hitting him with a giant shoulder smash. Broly grabs the Hulk by the sides of his head and begins to apply pressure, more and more pressure gets applies as the Hulk roars and headbutts himself out of it and then ThunderClaps right in front of Broly, causing him to cover his ears from the sheer intensity of it. Hulk roars out and punches Broly, nearly sending him to outer space, however he stops himself and flies back down, the battle just beating dashes of green for Cheelai and Lemo. They look on and decide that it is a good idea to literally just not be there at that very moment and they run away. Broly and The Hulk proceed in a grapple causing the ground beneath them to give way)

Broly: G..Gr.GRAAAH....Gr....Gra!


(Broly's eyes begin to dilate and he screams out. The Saiyan breaks out of the grapple and he punches The Hulk, causing a shockwave big enough to crumble mountains around them. The Hulk, seemingly getting much stronger is able get back up and get Broly with a giant punch, making the mountains further shatter and break under the shockwaves of this titanic battle. Broly punches The Hulk in the gut and blasts a hole through his body, sending him back, he stands right back up and his healing factor kicks in, healing it all back with almost nothing indicating that he was injured. Broly screams out and holds his head, he snaps out of it and stomps the ground. Broly roars out and causes a Super Explosive Wave, an explosion big enough to be seen from outerspace, thank goodness Cheelai and Lemo managed to get out before they were in range of the blast, however they still felt it and the ship they're in does crash. Hulk walks through the back and decks Broly nice and cleanly, Broly stands up and begins to hold his head again, his face becoming strained and his eyes dilating even more)


(The Hulk walks forward to finish Broly off and tries to get a punch, however the punch simply just bounces off the Saiyan as he looks pissed. Broly has finished turning into his Wrathful State, his power skyrocketing into the air, with the last of his sanity left Broly grabs the Hulk and flies into space in order to spare Cheelai and Lemo with the battle and after a short flight trip the two behemoths manage to get to some random rock in space. Hulk tries to get Broly with punches but none of them seem to do literally anything as Broly simply grabs The Hulk by the hair and swings him around, even throwing him through the entire rock. The Saiyan follows by going around the planet and reaching the destination before The Hulk even gets through the planet and Broly stops right before The Hulk gets there. He holds his hands out and energy starts to form, when Hulk gets there Broly blasts him with a lot of power, sending him to another rock in space with the Saiyan following quickly)


(Hulk gets even angrier and slams the ground of the rock, causing it already to shake and shatter under his power. Broly gets there and roars out, The Hulk lets out his own roar and then charges in. Both of the fighters clash in blows as Broly still has the clear advantage as he overwhelms the green Avenger with his punches and grapples. He grabs the Hulk in a bear hug and begins to tighten his old, he screams out in pain as he clenches his fists into an axe handle and slams Broly's head, sending him flying causing a giant crater. A giant green aura comes from the crater he was in as he puts his arms overhead, creating a giant ball of energy, ready to kill The Hulk once and for all, he throws it and The Hulk grabs it and struggles with it. He tries his hardest to hold the giant energy ball back, and through his forever increasing strength he finally manages to break the hold of it and throws it to some random planet in the sky, instantly destroying it without a second thought, killing whoever was on it at that time)

Broly: GRAH! RAAAAH!!!!!


(Hulk roars out to the sky, the mere roar is enough to shake the rocks that are closeby in space. He stomps and charges at Broly, causing the rock to literally just break under the force of the stomp. Both of the ferocious fighters clash, causing a shockwave that is more than enough to shake the galaxy they are in at this point, catching the attention to basically anything that can sense the energy output. Both Broly and the Hulk punch each other in the face, causing them both to fly into debris inside of space, both struggle to get up at first but both gain their composure, looking at their rampaging opponent. Broly becomes angrier and charges some KI, firing multiple KI Blasts at Hulk, cutting up the Avenger nicely, until The Hulk jumps at Broly, getting up to him and getting a mighty blow into his face)

Broly: Gr..Gr..GRRR!!

(Broly recovers from the punch and grabs Hulk by the face, throwing him into an uncharted planet, with nothing but wild animals wandering around. When Hulk lands he gets jumped by a bunch of wolf like creatures, the Avenger easily being able to kill all of them, and when he does Broly lands on the planet. A giant rock monster screams at the two warriors and goes at Broly with a punch, he lands it but Broly doesn't flinch as he goes to The Hulk, both of them landing mighty blows at each other. The rock monster tries his best to be noticed but the two fighters don't care enough to, the monster frowns to himself and slowly walks off as the instrumental to Gary Come Home plays, paying too much time to this monster's sadness. Broly fires a blast at Hulk with him dodging it, the blast hitting the rock monster not killing him, but having him land on yet another planet in this galaxy, he is confused as he doesn't know where he is)


(The Hulk roars to the sky as both of the warriors clash once more, however this time it seems like The Hulk is getting the upperhand as he nails Broly with a strong headbutt. Hulk stomps slowly over to the Saiyan as Broly begins to breathe heavily from the. A cracking noise is heard as he barely gets up, Hulk heals all the damage that happened to him as he decks Broly away. Broly stands up and holds his head again, slight colors of gold going around him as he begins to charge his power. Hulk jumps towards Broly as the sheer energy of Broly is too much and he flies backward, Broly screams into the sky as a bunch of energy blasts go everwhere, them all missing the Avenger for some reason. After this is all said and done, Broly charges up fully, and he turns into his Super Saiyan state, his power increasing ten-fold)


(The Hulk lets out a mighty roar and charges at the new Super Saiyan Broly, his attack just bouncing off the Saiyan a Broly simply smashes him away. Broly lets up with it and keeps on the offensive, making sure that Hulk gets no time to breathe before his blows, The Hulk's regeneration at this point was seemingly to be less efficient than before, as it was not repairing him at the insane rate it was before. Broly ends this attack with grabbing Hulk by the neck, and flying him to another planet that was indeed inhabited, and the onlookers look on in confusion as Broly blasts The Hulk when he landed, causing a giant explosion that blew away a lot of the people on the planet instantly killing them. Broly stands up and roars, thinking he has killed Hulk and turns his attention to some of the people on the planet, he charges but before he reaches them the Avenger tackles the Saiyan and continuously punches them while he is on the ground, ending off with doing a Thunder Clap right to Broly's face, nearly making him go deaf as Broly shoots a blast out of his mouth to get The Hulk off of him)

Random Kid: Hey! That green one looks like the Incredible Hulk! He's my hero!

His Mother: Get inside Jimmy!

Random Kid: But moooooooooommmm!

His Mother: NOW!

Random Kid: Kayyyyy

(Broly gets up holding his ears and smashes Hulk away, flying right over him and stomps up and down on him over and over, The Hulk starting to glow green. Right before Broly stomps on him once more The Hulk dodges and punches the powerful Saiyan away, the Avenger pants a little and gets back to his composure and roars to the sky. The roar is enough to surprise Broly, however he does not faulter and end the roar by punching Hulk as hard as he can, harming him greatly, at this point The Hulk's regeneration was practically non existent, but it was still enough for him to ooze Gamma Radiation. Broly flies with him and sends him through multiple buildings, ending it fully with throwing him up a cliff, Broly turns into his Full Power Super Saiyan state as he charges up a giant green blast in his hand. The Hulk clenches his fist and Bruce relinquishes full control of the body to Hulk)

Hulk: You hurt Hulk good...but Hulk.....HURT YOU MOOOOOOREE!!!!

(Broly reaches the Hulk with the blast, however Hulk finally turns into his Worldbreaker state and both of them clash, pretty much wiping all the life of the planet they were on away, this clash was more than enough to shake the entire universe, crumbling planets, both fighters angrily stare at each other until they clench their hands together just roaring into one another's faces. Hulk gets a good gut punch whole Broly gets a good face punch. Hulk reaches over and breaks Broly's arm, the Saiyan retaliates by breaking Hulk's arm. Both scream out in pain as Broly gets back first and breaks Hulk's other arm and smashing him to the ground. Broly reaches above himself with the one arm that is fine creating a giant ball of energy, when it's done he throws it down, making The Hulk evaporate along with the planet, putting an end to the Avenger, Broly tires out and goes back to his base form and faints)

Lemo: HEY! There he is!

Cheelai: He's alive! And the other monster seems to be dead! Great!

(Cheelai and Lemo inside of a ship rescue Broly and go back to planet Vampa and tend to his wounds with a Senzu Bean that Goku gave them)

Hulk vs Broly K.O..png


Gogeta: I guess there is a new strongest there is huh? Huh?

Bruce: Yeah, lets go with that.

Gogeta: Now this is a hard fight to analyze, it really is due to the nature of how The Hulk works, he doesn't really have a consistent power level at all, sometimes he is a street leveler and sometimes he's a multiversal God, there is really nothing I can do to that, it's just how it is.

Bruce: Yeah unfortunately when you fight someone who is already powerful like Broly, and is consistent within universe it really is hard to pin down who is the stronger of the two.

Gogeta: Precisely! Being as consistent as possible, The Hulk in this fight is already playing the catch up game he cannot win, due to Broly's power raising just as fast if not faster than the Hulk's power grow, yeah Broly has a defined limit and Hulk doesn't, but that really doesn't matter when Broly starts out far more powerful than his opponent.

Cheelai: Yeah! Broly in his base form can keep up with base form Vegeta, while that doesn't sound good, remember base form Saiyans at this point should be universal in power, due to absorbing the God KI there is no reason they shouldn't be.

Gogeta: Meanwhile when you look at Hulk, right when he transforms he can sometimes have difficulty even dealing with Wolverine, a person that well...isn't even remotely close to being that universal level. 

Bruce: Not helping my case is that people like Odin and the Sentry are strong enough to get rid of my healing factor, pretty much negating my infinitely rising strength, whom Broly should more than definitely compare to due to being universal in power in just his base form.

Gogeta: Speaking of his forms, both Broly's wrathful state and Super Saiyan forms were easier to use and were way more accessible to Hulk's Worldbreaker state, and give a similar power buff, making it even harder for Hulk to catch up.

Cheelai: And in terms of speed..this is a hard one as well, as Hulk kind of hits many different marks due to how he works and his infinitely rising power, however I am willing to believe Broly is faster at the start of the fight due to people like Spiderman and Wolverine being able to catch out the Hulk, proving his speed increases just like his strength!

Gogeta: Skill was not really a factor here due to both of our fighters being screaming brutes, however it is good to note that base form Broly should be a better fighter than Hulk solely because he can think of his own accord, however Bruce Banner is more than definitely smarter than Hulk.

Bruce: This was simply a fight where I was playing the catch-up game, and never really had a chance to be equal to Broly, due to his greater power, speed, and rate of growth due to his Super Saiyan multipliers.

Gogeta: Good to note as well with his flight and KI blasts, Broly really did control the pace of the battle, and wouldn't let Hulk to breathe for even a second, the way we look at it, it seems that the Saiyan was green with anger.

Broly: I..I won? That's..good..

Gogeta: The winner is Broly!

Advantages/Disadvantages & Next Time

Hulk vs Broly A D.png
Real Next Time.png

Hulk vs Broly (SoMa).png

Hulk vs Broly is an episode of SoMaShadow's Death Battles. It features Hulk from Marvel Comics, and Broly from the anime/manga series, Dragon Ball.


Marvel vs Dragon Ball! It is said that when there is anger, there is always pain underneath. For these two men of unimaginable might, their pain has led them to unparalleled strength, and with uncontrollable rage, who will prove themselves to be the strongest and angriest there is in this clash of titans?


Boomstick: Everyone has limits when it comes to patience; even those with the temperament of a saint will reach a breaking point when push comes to shove, and all the rage, anger, and frustration that had been boiling inside them gets unleashed in one explosive fit.

Wiz: While most of us show that rage through the occasional expression of verbal displeasure, and others take their aggression out by breaking a few things, our next two combatants, two titans of Herculean strength with the guttural voices to prove it, have had their rage translate to breaking every limit there is to power, enough that their mere footsteps are enough to threaten the universe itself.

Boomstick: Like Hulk, the Gamma-powered Green Goliath of the Marvel Universe.

Wiz: And Broly, the wrathful Legendary Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills, to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: One quick glance at mild-mannered theoretical physicist Bruce Banner would be enough to tell you that he would not seem like a being capable of tearing the world asunder with his bare hands, but that would ignore the circumstances that allow him to show you the other side of himself capable of doing just that.

Boomstick: Yeah, you see, Bruce had one of the shittiest childhoods ever. His dad regularly and violently abused him, he murdered his mom, and mentally scarred young Bruce for the rest of his life. Ain’t that fun for a toddler? Surprise, surprise, it isn’t. The pain of this trauma manifested itself in the form of a second personality, an angry, sad being who just wanted to be happy and lashed out at almost everything. Little Bruce lived with this inside his head for years, but he worked his way up in the field of science, with a focus in the field of Gamma radiation.

Wiz: Astounded and impressed at his work, Bruce was contracted by the Department of Defence to help develop the Gamma Bomb, a nuclear weapon loaded with high concentrations of Gamma radiation. It was set to undergo its first test without incident until Bruce had noticed a rather brash teenager loitering in the test site for a dare, and moved to bring him out before the weapon detonated. Unbeknownst to Bruce, his Soviet spy of a partner attempted to foil the project entirely by detonating it early, while Bruce himself was still in the blast zone.

Boomstick: The explosion and subsequent fallout would have been enough to kill any mortal man, but he proved to be an exception; due to quirks within his own genetic code, Bruce not only survived but found an unusual side effect to his exposure. In times of intense anger, he transforms into a green-skinned giant that embodies all of his inner demons and unleashes them in a rampage that often leaves anything in his wake broken and shattered. For those foolish enough to make him angry, they found themselves no longer dealing with Bruce Banner, but someone else entirely: the Incredible Hulk.

Popup: Over the years, Hulk has joined many superhero teams, and has been part of the Avengers, the Defenders, S.M.A.S.H., S.H.I.E.L.D., and many more. At one point, he even created his own team known as the “Bannervengers”.

Wiz: For years after this incident, Bruce and the Hulk have attempted to find ways to coexist with each other’s personality and control over their shared body, with mixed results. On most days, he spends life as a fugitive on the run due to the Hulk’s destructive tendencies, while on others, his absurdly genius-level intellect and the Hulk’s unmatched power have made him a valuable ally to the superhero community by becoming the biggest muscle needed to challenge foes none of his allies could stand up to.

Boomstick: Yeah, there’s no wonder you’re one of the Avenger’s most valued team members when you’re among the smartest people in a universe of super-geniuses, and are strong enough to lift a 150 Billion ton mountain, hold together the planet’s tectonic plates, destroy an asteroid twice the size of Earth, leaped into orbit from the ground, beat down powerhouses like Hyperion, and punch through time! Yeah, Hulk’s so strong that he can punch through time. And we haven’t even scratched the surface!

Wiz: The Hulk’s immense power is directly tied to his rage, and so the angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes, almost like a weaponization of the anger Hulk has felt for years due to the mistreatment he has received. His rising anger has allowed him to literally beat his own power being used against him, and even Gods like the Beyonder state that Hulk’s strength is infinite, and has no upper limit.

Boomstick: Yeah, and although too much pressure may force him to revert back into Banner, nothing short of literal Gods are able to accomplish it, and even against Gods, it’s been said that Hulk could fight for years on end without tiring! Plus, even when he does take damage, his body heals almost instantly, and this healing factor is also boosted by his rage, so the angrier he is, he’ll heal faster, and more easily. Hell, it’s so good that his immune system literally rejected an injected chemical that specifically counteracted this ability.

Popup: Hulk has been classified as an “Omega-Class” threat. Situations given an Omega-Class ranking are of apocalyptic levels of danger, and threaten the entire planet. Hulk bringing war to Earth during the World War Hulk storyline was one of these events, and during this event, Hulk defeated the Illuminati, consisting of Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Doctor Strange.

Wiz: Hulk has literally had his matter repelled off of him, and regenerated just fine. At one point, he was sliced up into several pieces for experiments, including his own bisected, yet still beating, heart. Every last piece of him was placed in a jar. However, as his individual body parts could still move, he broke the glass with a snap to free his divided body, and reformed himself near instantaneously, absorbing the man responsible for his predicament. Hulk can also absorb beings caught in the middle of his regenerative process into his body, breaking down their being into an unrecognizable state.

Boomstick: Hulk can also adapt to any environment, be it holding in energy, surviving Earth’s core, or the depths of space itself. That’s not all, though. Hulk has the ability to smell liars, and even Thor says so. More than just that, however, Hulk can also see astral projections, spirits, and ghosts. Bruce originally developed this power due to a fear of his father coming back as a ghost in order to hurt him. He even has a high resistance to mental attacks, and was completely immune to the mind control of this guy, Xemnu, who can effortlessly control Red Hulk. But if that wasn’t bonkers enough, Hulk can just will his muscles to let him achieve a pseudo level of flight via jumping.

Wiz: He also frequently fights with his fellow Avenger, Thor, who has thousands of years of combat training and experience, and can move from Earth to Asgard in mere moments, a feat which would require Thor to be moving at around nearly 15.8 Quintillion times faster than light. Hulk can also fight off the Silver Surfer, and was capable of blitzing Sentry, Hyperion, and Gladiator all at the same time. Additionally, Hulk was capable of catching up to Hypnos and snapping his neck, which is impressive considering the speeds at which Hypnos could move.

Boomstick: Yeah, you see Hypnos was able to intercept the Olympian God, Hermes, with his hypnosis and kill him, and Hermes is the fastest of all the Olympians. He can fly from Mount Olympus to Earth in a short time, and is faster than Venus, who could travel from Earth to Mount Olympus, and then back to Earth without her boss noticing. Considering that Mount Olympus is in a different Universe, and that it’s countless millions of lightyears away, she’d have to be moving at over 15 Sextillion times light speed, which is absolutely insane!

Popup: Thanos has stated that he actively avoids conflict with Hulk. Considering that Hulk could take on foes like Onslaught, who stomped even the unstoppable Juggernaut, can match Umar, Dormammu’s sister, and is stronger than Hercules, who could physically lift Atlas’ universe of infinite mass, Thanos’ fear regarding the Hulk is very much justified.

Wiz: But while Hulk’s speed may be incredible, his strength is even more so. He’s thunderclapped an infinite universe, fought the demon, Nightmare in his realm, and tore it asunder to such a degree that Nightmare ceased to be, and could beat down Hyperion. Hyperion was able to survive the collision of two universes unscathed, and considering that the Marvel universe has been stated to be infinite in size on multiple occasions, but at minimum has a diameter of 1 Trillion lightyears, this would mean that the Marvel Universe is at least 1,224 times larger than our own. Meaning that Hulk can strike at a force stronger than 2,448 universes.

Boomstick: But that’s not all Hulk can do, and strap yourselves in, because it’s about to get wild. Alright, so, you know how Bruce’s child-like rage manifested itself in the Hulk? Well, he’s got a bunch of other personalities in his mind, too. The one we’re most familiar with is called Savage Hulk, but he’s also got the street-smart bouncer, Joe Fixit, the super genius, Doc Green, and the personality he created to serve as a substitute father, Devil Hulk. And then there’s also Kluh, who’s just really sad…

Wiz: First simmering within Hulk's exile to Sakaar, his rise as their Hero-King, and subsequent return to Earth, the Green Scar is Hulk at his peak of strength, the result of Bruce giving up complete control to truly let the Hulk fight to the best of his power and ability. World Breaker Hulk is the full power of Green Scar, and was able to lay waste to legions of heroes all at once. He even stalemated Sentry, who could one-shot a Celestial, and ripped apart Ares, a foe shown to be of the same level as Thor and Hercules.

Boomstick: And if you thought that was crazy, then get a load of this. So, as it turns out, Gamma is basically Satan magic! Being directly linked to energy from Hell, it’s drawn by Marvel’s ultimate Satanic being, The One Below All. And by using his powers, the Hulk is literally channelling the Devil.

Popup: Hulk has the ability to absorb the Gamma radiation contained in other beings, simultaneously weakening them while strengthening himself. He used this ability to remove the Gamma energy from Walter Langkowski’s body, and thus remove the Sasquatch form from him as well. He can also absorb pure gamma radiation from the surrounding atmosphere and isolated sources to restore his Hulk form and power.

Wiz: All Gamma Mutates have the ability to travel between the Below-Space, which is where they go when they die, and the regular parts of reality by utilizing special Green Doors, unique to each mutate. The Green Door is a metaphysical barrier that connects the Below-Place, the bottom layer of the Multiverse, even below the deepest layer of Hell, to the real world. After death, the souls of gamma mutates cross into the Below-Place through the Green Door. They are then capable of returning to life when another Green Door manifests for them, though they possess no memory of this following their resurrection.

Boomstick: The Hulk can freely use the green door to return, with memories intact and at their peak. Using the green door to return from reality will restore the body of the user, seemingly healing all wounds and even restoring the body from bits of flesh. Should the body of the user be completely destroyed, it will take time for the body to return, as seen with The Leader, but he was able to resurrect almost instantly because of his immense rage. Rage which Hulk undoubtedly surpasses.

Wiz: That’s not to say that Hulk has no weaknesses, though. Should he get angry enough, Hulk risks reverting to a mindset of smashing everything, though this isn’t as much a cut-and-dry weakness, as this is when Hulk is usually at his strongest. Certain types of acid can also bypass Hulk’s regenerative capabilities, and Hulk is liable to having his gamma energy stolen, which leaves him weaker. Devil Hulk was also formerly weak to sunlight, and though he has overcome this weakness, there is one thing that can stop Hulk dead in his tracks – adorable little puppies.

Boomstick: But Hulk would eventually reach catharsis when he journeyed down to the Below-Space, where he would face off against The One Below All, and the ghost of his father. Fighting them both off and eventually defeating them, he finally reached a level of acceptance within himself, and Bruce finally was able to see himself as whole once more. Simply incredible.

Hulk: Ever since I was born, I’ve been fighting. Fighting for survival. For sanity. For control. For years, I fought against my own nature. I fought to be free of what I thought was a curse. But now… Now I fight to be whole.


Boomstick: Legends were told among the Saiyan race on their home planet of Vegeta about the Super Saiyan, a being of incredible power that had not been seen in over 1000 years. The tales of such a warrior destined to cause untold destruction and slaughter all in their path to emerge from the ranks of the race as battle-hungry as the Saiyans proved to be so threatening, that the galactic warlord Frieza had called for the genocide of their entire race and the annihilation of their planet to prevent any one of these Super Saiyans from overthrowing him.

Wiz: Only a handful of Saiyans were spared from this event, with one of them naturally possessing the power needed to attain this form of legend: Broly, son to the former Saiyan army leader Paragus. Even as a child, Broly’s power levels dwarfed those of King Vegeta’s own son; and fearing that he would grow up to one day cause the destruction of not just Planet Vegeta, but the entire universe, the Saiyan leader arranged for him to be exiled on the planet Vampa to prevent this from coming to pass.

Boomstick: After learning of this, Paragus stole one of King Vegeta’s ships and chased after his son, desperate to save him from his fate. Luckily, Broly had landed safely and destroyed all of the monsters around him in his Great Ape form, but Paragus ended up stranded during a less than successful landing. After finding his son, the Saiyan duo would learn to survive on this harsh planet, and under his father’s intense training, Broly would hone his power in hopes of one day returning to overthrow the king and get his revenge.

Wiz: Unfortunately for Paragus, he would never get to have his vengeance since Frieza put his genocide plan into motion, but in an ironic twist of fate, he and Broly would be saved from their decades in isolation by the Frieza Force. Drafted into Frieza’s army, Broly would come to meet other people for the first time in his life, becoming fast friends with his two rescuers. Shortly after which Frieza would force Broly into conflict with the two Saiyans on Earth, Goku, and Vegeta.

Popup: After his recruitment into Frieza’s army, Frieza gifted Broly a suit of specialized Frieza Force armor. The armor seemingly offers some light protection from blunt damage, although it is not particularly sturdy. Broly also formerly wore a shock collar meant for Paragus to control him, but he has since shattered it and broken free from its electrifying restrictions.

Boomstick: But Broly wasn’t like the other Saiyans who love to fight, he’s a gentle giant, who would rather spend time with his snake alien dog thing. However, Paragus moulded Broly to be an exceptional close-range brawler. A talented fighter since birth, and helped by his Saiyan heritage, Broly has developed one of the more unique fighting styles in the series. In stark contrast with fellow Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta, Broly rarely relies on fancy martial arts and tricky manoeuvres to get by. His approach is much more direct, relying on more brutal swings, some wicked grapples, and boxing-like techniques to overwhelm his opponent.

Wiz: Under Paragus’ tutelage, Broly learnt how to utilize and manipulate Ki, or one’s inner life force, as a deadly weapon in battles. This is a tangible energy inside every living being, and by drawing it out, a skilled individual is able to control it and use it for many different techniques or also use it to increase their strength and durability. It is worth to note that there are various types of Ki, and even though Broly has only displayed the use of normal Ki, his is potent enough that it can overpower and keep up with higher forms of Ki, like God Ki.

Boomstick: Like most characters in Dragon Ball, Broly uses his Ki for flight, energy blasts, enhancing physicality, you know the works. He’s got his Eraser Cannon, where he shoots energy from his palms, his Eraser Blow, where he rushes up to an opponent and unleashes a close-range blast in their stomach, and his Blaster Meteor, where Broly shields himself in a bubble of Ki, and then unleashes all of this pent-up energy in a widespread barrage of energy blasts in all directions.

Wiz: Broly has also learned some other useful techniques in battle, such as his God Bind, where he traps an opponent in place with his Ki, or his Powered Shell, where he covers himself in an aura of Ki that can protect his body from harm. Broly can also charge up Ki in his mouth and fire it with his Gigantic Breath, or blast an opponent up close with his Gigantic Charge. He can also use the Gigantic Full Blast, where Broly capitalizes on a brutal punch with a colossal energy wave, inflicting massive damage.

Popup: Though he has not used them in battle before, Broly was gifted two Senzu Beans to fully restore his strength and stamina in a fight. It is assumed that he would have access to them at most times, so they shall be taken into account with the rest of his arsenal.

Boomstick: When he really wants to bring out the big guns, Broly uses his Omega Blaster, which engulfs himself in a green shield, which he later expands outwards with tremendous force, serving as an energy wave that eliminates anything in its path, or he’ll use his awesomely named Planet Crusher, where Broly raises his hands in the air, creating a massive Ki-sphere which he throws, causing massive damage. Trust me when I say that it’s hype as all hell. And then he’s still got his Gigantic Omega Storm, a powerful energy wave, and Gigantic Catastrophe, a much more potent and violent version of his Gigantic Breath, on top of that. Not sure why everything has “gigantic” in the name, but when it looks as badass as that, I think we can cut him some slack.

Wiz: And despite his decades of isolation, Broly is an adaptable fighter who learns during combat. Able to take down Super Saiyans while still in his base form, Broly’s strength skyrockets the longer a fight goes on for, but this does come at a hefty price, however, as the stronger Broly becomes, the more he loses control of himself, becoming more violent and prone to instinct. It’s not entirely a drawback, though, as the angrier Broly gets, the stronger he becomes. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Boomstick: It wouldn’t be Dragon Ball without super forms, right? Members of the Saiyan race are capable of achieving new forms of power, from the mighty Oozaru, to the legendary Super Saiyan, to forms that can rival gods. Broly is one of the few Saiyans capable of reaching such forms, but he also has a few unique ones of his own. In his Ikari state, Broly is able to draw out the full potential of a Great Ape despite not having a tail...somehow. As expected this greatly enhances his power, being about on par with, or perhaps even surpassing, a Super Saiyan God, and we know Super Saiyan Gods can shake the Universe itself!

Wiz: Despite Broly being able to keep up with even Super Saiyan Gods in combat, he wasn’t strong enough to beat Goku and Vegeta’s stronger forms, and Frieza knew that if he wanted to be rid of the two Saiyans, he’d need to do something that would push Broly over the edge, and he knew just what to do. Killing Paragus, Frieza hoped that the incredible rage he would feel after seeing his father killed would unlock Broly’s own Super Saiyan form, and it worked like a charm. Despite Paragus’ less than pleasant parenting practises, he was still Broly’s father, and his rage, and power, after seeing his dead father were insurmountable.

Popup: Broly’s Super Saiyan form is specifically the Super Saiyan C-Type, which is denoted by the fact that it is much tougher to maintain, but much more powerful when compared to the traditional Super Saiyan form, also known as the A-Type.

Boomstick: As expected, his strength and energy output grows massively, being able to easily overpower Super Saiyan God Super Saiyans, as well as stomp the powerful Golden Frieza for over an hour. Hell, his fight against both Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta proves that he should be easily comparable to both of them, and we know that Goku is comparable to Lord Beerus, the most terrifying kitty cat in the world, who can cross the universe at 375 Quadrillion times the speed of light!

Wiz: We also know that Broly is superior to Goku at this stage, and the shockwaves that were created during that fight reached across all of Dragon Ball’s universe, which is nine times larger than our own. To accomplish this, the shockwaves would need to be moving at speeds of over 5.75 Quintillion times light speed. And then Goku became that powerful in his base form, so you can imagine the kind of power output that Goku and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue forms could create.

Boomstick: But if that wasn’t enough for you, Goku and Vegeta ended up fusing into Gogeta, who’s many times stronger than both Goku and Vegeta together, and even in Super Saiyan, they were still having trouble against Broly. And then Broly decided that he wanted to go even further beyond, and unlocked his full power. That of the Legendary Super Saiyan. Though he lost a shirt in the process, his power becomes maximum, and he becomes the most swole monkey man to ever be.

Wiz: During his fight with Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, their combined power was enough to literally force themselves into another dimension. He can also definitely take a beating, and has enough endurance to be able to fight for over two hours straight, most of which was spent in a continual Super Saiyan transformation with little control over his actions.

Popup: Broly’s full power manifests itself in the Super Saiyan B-Type transformation, also known as the Legendary Super Saiyan form. It increases his physical size, but poses great risk towards the Saiyan in question. This power was speculated to be greater than that of Lord Beerus, a God of Destruction.

Boomstick: Though his power is maximum, Broly lacks somewhat in terms of controlling this power when in his higher forms, which more skilled fighters can exploit to plan out and overpower him. This lack of control also results in him expending his Ki at a rapid pace, and while he does have an extremely large pool to take from, he could potentially exhaust it all in a prolonged skirmish. Plus, he’s still prone to fighting on instinct, with little thought other than beating his opponent down with brute force, and he can be forced back into a weaker form if he’s sustained enough damage during battle.

Wiz: Yet despite nearly meeting his own end at the hands of Gogeta’s fused form, Broly was spared by a timely wish from the Dragon Balls to live a life of solitude and peace, one which the ever-friendly Goku supported, not just to become comrades in the future, but to also draw out a new rival whose true potential just may be unleashed yet. But if anyone were to bring harm to those Broly holds dear, they should fear the relentless wrath of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Broly: Me and Ba got along well back home. Ba was a big animal, a giant, and more fearsome than most beasts on Vampa. I named Ba after the sound the creature would make sometimes. It was scary when it got mad, but I got over that, and I started to train by avoiding Ba’s teeth. We became like friends. We became like… good friends.


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If Hulk wins
If Broly wins