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Oh, they're going to have to glue you back together - in hell!
~ The Demoman

The Demoman is one of the nine playable classes in the online video game, Team Fortress 2.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 7
  • Draws: 0

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Born in the Scottish highlands to a poor family, the Demoman was originally a child who had a plan to blow up the Loch Ness Monster, which backfired and cost him his original set of adoptive parents. He was seeking a new job when he came across the library of Merasmus the Magician. He unknowingly opened the Bombinomicon, which would have possessed him had Merasmus not stepped in, though the Demoman's eye was lost in a magical spell in order to keep the book in check. Since then, he has continued his fascination for explosives and eventually joined the RED Team.

Death Battle Info[]

The Demoman uses bombs that lob over or bounce off of walls to deal damage at targets indirectly. This makes Demoman excellent at destroying Engineer buildings or maintaining a defense. However these grenades are heavy, slow projectiles and so are not as accurate as other weapons. Demoman also has Sticky Bombs to allow him to leap into the air or set up traps with enough power to instantly kill any class.


  • Name: Tavish Finnegan DeGroot
  • Age: N/A
  • Affiliance: RED Team
  • Defensive/Offensive player
  • Had his eye possessed by the Bombinomicon
  • Loves Scrumpy


Grenade Launcher[]

  • Magazine capacity: 4 rounds
  • Total ammo: 16 rounds
  • Grenade detonation time: About 2 seconds
  • Grenades can be bounced off of walls
  • Grenades not affected by damage falloff
  • If not bounced off of a surface, direct hits detonate on contact
  • Based off of M79 Grenade Launcher

Iron Bomber[]

  • Spherical rounds
  • Shorter fuse
  • Less bounce
  • Smaller blast radius

The Loose Cannon[]

  • Fires fuse bombs
  • Bombs do not explode on contact
  • Bombs knock back enemies on hit
  • Bomb detonation time can be controlled
  • Bombs that knock enemies and explode on them will mini-crit

Loch n' Load[]

  • Clip size reduced to 3
  • Bombs do not bounce and require direct hits
  • Extra damage dealt to buildings
  • Faster projectile speed

Stickybomb Launcher[]

  • Magazine capacity: 8 shots
  • Total ammo: 32 shots
  • Stickybombs
    • Launching Speed: 34 mph (Uncharged) / 78.2 mph (Fully charged)
    • Calculated Launching Speed(Scaling with RPG-7 rocket projectile): 1216.6 HU/S = 325 m/s
    • Spiked bombs
    • Sticks to any surface except for people or Engineer buildings
    • Armed after a short time
  • Can charge for longer distance
  • Maximum of 8 Stickybombs available at any one time
  • Detonation causes all armed bombs to explode in unison

Scottish Resistance:[]

  • Maximum of 14 Stickybombs
  • Selective detonation of a certain area of bombs is allowed
  • Bombs are armed slower

Quickiebomb Launcher:[]

  • Decreased damage output
  • Bombs arm faster
  • Decreased clip size
  • More useful in offensive situations


  • Like a Stickybomb Launcher, only it cannot deal damage
  • Sticky-jumps do not deal self-damage on detonation
  • Significant mobility advantage
  • Can only have two bombs out at a time

Charge n' Targe

  • High resistance to fire and explosives
  • Can charge into combat or use as a escape plan
  • Deals damage if a charge collides with an opponent
  • During charge, any weapon fired deals crits
  • Melee weapons deal mini-crits during charge (if a melee weapon is used at the very end of the charge, the swing is a crit)
  • Swinging a melee weapon mid-charge cancels the charge

Splendid Screen[]

  • Resistances reduced to 25%
  • Faster charge rate
  • Increased damage for charge impact
  • Charge is shortened when taking damage

Tide Turner[]

  • Least resistance of all shields
  • Full turning control enabled during charge
  • 75% of charge meter restored on melee kills

Ali Baba's Wee Booties/Bootlegger[]

  • If equipped, sacrifices grenade launcher options
  • Increased turning control mid-charge
  • 25 max health increase
  • Health gained on melee kill
  • Increased running speed

Bottle/Scottish Handshake[]

  • It's a bottle. That's it

Eyelander/Nessie's Nine Iron/Headless Horseless Horsemann's Headtaker[]

  • Has long range
  • Melee kills increase speed and max health
  • If he decapitates 4 peoples heads, he can be almost as fast as scout with slightly more health than soldier (with batallion's backup)
  • Initially begins with 25% less health
  • Haunted and has a mind of its own

Ullapool Caber[]

  • One of the deadliest melee weapons (until the nerf)
  • Hurts the Demoman (which is why grenades aren't normally used as melee weapons)
  • Two times slower to deploy than regularly
  • After the detonation; it is reduced to basically a stick unless recharged at resupply


  • Katana
  • Regain 50% base health on kill
  • When put away, 50 self-damage is dealt
  • A kill negates self-damage

Claidhaemh Mòr (pronounced "Claymore")[]

  • Claymore sword
  • Charge duration increased by 0.5 seconds
  • Melee kills refill charge by 25%
  • User takes 15% more damage

Scotsman's Skullcutter[]

  • Battleaxe
  • 25% damage increase
  • Slower running speed when active
  • Only swordlike weapon with random crits

Sticky Jumping[]

  • Used with Stickybombs
  • Allows for better jumps and air mobility at cost of health
  • Jumps can be chained for extra speed and distance
  • Gives the Demoman an aerial advantage
  • Death from above!

Critical Chance[]

  • Completely random and can occur at any time
  • Usually identified through electric sounds and team coloured glow
  • Deals triple damage with no damage falloff
  • Certain items or effects force the crit effect
  • So much destruction and pain
  • Fair and balanced


  • Able to hold his own against the members of the BLU Team
  • Created bombs when he was in an orphans grammar school
  • Wiped out a whole team with a Stickybomb trap
  • Survived his eye being possessed by the Bombinomicon
  • Became extremely proficient in melee combat
  • Chopped off the head of a statue with the Eyelander
  • Capable of dodging fragments of on-going explosions with his legs that should at least move as fast as bullets in Meet The Demoman (0:04-0:07 and 0:33-0:36)
  • When deprived of alcohol, somehow found a way to make his body produce its own alcohol
    • The robots draining him of blood then got drunk because of this


  • Only has one eye, giving him a lack of depth perception
  • Caved into an offer to kill his friend for customized weaponry
  • His plan to blow up the Loch Ness Monster failed and cost him his first adoptive parents at the age of 6
  • Alcoholism so bad, he thought he was poisoned once he was fed solid food and water



  • The Team Fortress 2 comics have confirmed his real name Tavish Degroot. This is how the name for the TF2 map 'Degroot Keep', a special map that only allows the use of Melee weapons (With the exception of a few select weapons) originated from.