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Well it ain't Barney the Purple Dinosaur!
~ Detective Ray Garton

The Bulk is the eponymous protagonist of The Amazing Bulk. Originally a government scientist named Henry "Hank" Howard, he was ordered by General Darwin to create a super solider serum, which Hank created and tested on himself. This caused him to change into a giant purple monster called the Bulk whenever he was angered, which ultimately led to him being betrayed and nuked by General Darwin. However, the Bulk survived the explosion and got into a fight with Darwin in his human form, which ended when they both fell off a balcony and died. Later on, when a drunk Detective Ray Garton (whose partner the Bulk had accidentally killed) went to his grave and urinated on it, Hank came back to life because of his serum, and, angered by Ray, turned into the Bulk and bursted out of his grave.

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Iron Hero VS the Bulk

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Death Battle Info

  • Former government scientist
  • Can revive dead things with his serum
  • Was betrayed by General Darwin
  • In love with Darwin's daughter


  • Survived a point blank nuclear explosion
  • Easily destroyed a helicopter
  • Flipped over a minivan by casually jogging into it
  • "Dodged" a bolt of lightning from Zeus, although it is unclear whether he actually dodged it or it simply missed him
  • Completely crushed a man by growing giant and stomping on him
  • Outsped a man riding a horse
  • Unaffected by bullets


  • Vulnerable in his human form, which he can revert to if he feels emotions other than anger
  • Far less intelligent as the Bulk