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Terrarian VS Steve
Terrarian VS Steve

Art by Nohane and Arcturiss

Season 1
Overall Episode 12
Season Episode 12
Air date hopefully within eight years or less lol
Written by Wither
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Terrarian VS Steve is a Death Battle by Wither. It pits the Terrarian from Terraria against Steve from Minecraft in a duel of heavily-armed survivalists, builders and warriors from blocky indie survival games.

Some notes:

  • Terrarian has no set gender or appearance. This fight uses a female Terrarian, who looks as depicted on the thumbnail and intermission image.
  • Steve is not getting Creative Mode, commands, creative-only blocks (e.g. Command Blocks), Spawn Eggs, mods, or any of the like.
  • Terrarian is not getting crossover items, like their gear from Don't Starve or Dungeon Defenders II, nor Journey Mode.
  • Neither The Terrarian, nor Steve has a personality, let alone dialogue, in their respective games. Writing a long fight like this might be exhausting, and reading it might not be particularly interesting, so (perhaps controversially) I have decided to give both Terrarian and Steve some sort of personality in this fight, as well as dialogue.


Terraria VS Minecraft! For years, these similar, yet very different block games have dominated the hearts of many gamers. But today, only one can reign supreme! Will the Terrarian cement their game's greater depth once and for all? Or will Steve prove that three dimensions are better than two?


[MUSIC] Jim Johnston — Invader

Zack: In the world of blocky sandbox games, few can truly say that they've even approximated the popularity of the two big bois: Minecraft, a survival and building-oriented game originally created by the Swede Notch in 2009 ...

Zoë: And Terraria, the 2D game with a far greater focus on combat and role-playing, created by Re-Logic in 2011.

Greg: These two games have perhaps the friendliest rivalry I've ever seen. The degree of hostility between both fanbases is minimal, and both games liberally borrow inspiration from each other. Hell, Minecraft and Terraria both promote the other game by telling you to go play it! Chads.

Melissa: And yet, here we are. Comparing Terraria to Minecraft may be comparing apples to oranges, but fans of both games may still be asking themselves the question: who would win in a fight?

Zack: And that's what we're here for: to answer just that. Introducing the Terrarian, the corruption-fighting hero(ine) from the world of Terraria ...

Terrarian VS Steve -- Terrarian intro

Zoë: And Steve, the tree-punching builder and explorer from the world of Minecraft!

Terrarian VS Steve -- Steve intro

Melissa: Name's Melissa, and these three dorks are called Zack, Zoë, and Greg.

Greg: And it's our job to analyze the combatatants' weapons, armour and skill to find out who would win ...

All of them: A DEATH BATTLE!


[MUSIC] Re-Logic — Overworld Day

Zoë: The World of Terraria. A land full of mystery and wonder, where different worlds, like the Crimson, the Corruption and the Hallow exist.

Zack: The Crimson, The Corruption and The Hallow are all sentient mechanisms with one primary purpose: to maintain the balance of life. The Crimson absorbs imperfect worlds, and those who make the mistake of enacting human sacrifices to it will let those bodies be consumed by the Crimson, whereafter it will turn them into horrifying, mindless monsters.

Greg: Those same people also feed The Corruption with their sins. The Corruption is a cancer that indiscriminately consumes whatever it finds, leaving only creatures of pure hatred who know nothing but how to cause pain towards regular lifeforms. And this thing, mind you, is empowered by our vile actions and thoughts. Remember, kids: don't swear on someone's Christian Terraria server!

Melissa: Lastly, there's The Hollow, which is created only when a world's Guardian is destroyed and the Ancient Spirits of Light and Dark are released. The Hollow will consider all threats to the world's balance as a disease and treat them as such, destroying indiscriminately. Gee, what a fun world to live in! This definitely doesn't sound dangerous.

Zoë: That's why we should give kudos to those who survive in it on a daily basis. Like the Terrarian, the player's own avatar.


  • Name: None, often referred to as The Terrarian.
    • This can be potentially confusing since there is also an item by that name, but it's better than nothing.
  • Gender: Determinant (Female in this fight)
  • Height: 1.82 m (6 ft)
  • Occupation: Explorer, Warrior, Fisher, Builder etc.

Zack: The Terrarian doesn't really have a "canonical" gender or appearance, as those are both things you decide when creating your character. But for the sake of doing something divergent and unique, we'll eschew the curly haired guy and use a rather interesting artistic interpretation of our protagonist: a young girl with dark brown hair.

Melissa: This gal wound up in the world of Terraria along with The Guide, and whatever she did was up to the player's wishes. But assuming that you'll advance through the game by gearing up and defeating bosses, she will have set out to remove the corruption from the land, slowly yet surely. Her ultimate goal? To defeat Cthulhu, AKA the Moon Lord. Long ago, Cthulhu had tried to conquer the world of Terraria, failing only due to the intervention of the Dryads. They forced Cthulhu to retreat to the dark side of the moon, from where it plots its return.

Greg: You can probably imagine that, in order to face such a monstrous entity, our Terrarian is going to need a shitton of crazy-ass weapons! And you BET she has them. But let's start from the beginning. Where better to start than with some sharp swords? These things are the bread and butter of any self-respecting block game's combat.


  • Terra Blade
  • Psycho Knife
  • Seedler
  • Star Wrath
  • Horseman's Blade
  • Volcano
  • Tizona
  • Flying Dragon
  • Starlight
  • Shadowflame Knife
  • Vampire Knives

Zoë: The cool thing about the Terrarian's swords is that quite many of them have special abilities involving projectiles or status effects. For example, the Terra Blade shoots projectiles that can pierce through two enemies tops and that don't cost mana or ammunition! With the Psycho Knife, the Terrarian can make themselves a lot harder to see, by becoming largely translucent. And then there's the Seedler! When this sword is swung, it'll lob a grenade that will shoot out smaller hards when it hits a target!

Greg: Woahhh ... where can I find one of those?

Melissa: I think I saw one just across the street. ;3

Greg: Sweet! Lemme go get it-

Melissa: wait nonono-

Greg leaps out of the window (breaking it to shards), landing right on the street next to the hosts' apartment. Cracking noises are heard.

Greg: No worries! I'm alright! Just gotta get that damn Se-

The other hosts hear a car horn, followed by more bone cracking noises.

Melissa: Fuck. Should we call a doctor?

Zoë: Nah. It's Greg. He'll be fine.

Greg: Yep! I'm ... fine! I think!

Zack: Never change, Greg...

Zoë: But to get back to the Terrarian, they also have the Star Wrath, which fires off three pink projectiles. Any of those things is enough to cause double the damage of the sword's swing!



Terrarian VS Steve -- Intermission

Terrarian art by Nohane, Steve art by LucianoRomanJr..

Death Battle[]