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Final Fantasy VI vs Dragon Ball Z!

Two green-haired passive aliens enter the ring! Kept under locks by mind-controlling crowns, these two have incredibly sporadic levels of destructive powers; but when pit against each other and left unhinged, who will come out on top?! Can the kindhearted Esper's magic be enough to overwhelm the Legendary Super Saiyan's ever-growing pool of Ki?

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Wiz: The ability to control the mind is one that should never be used upon anyone. However, when somebody's power grows to be too mysterious and too overwhelming, it may seem like the only option.

Boomstick: These two green-haired aliens in particular are legendary among their peoples, and were exploited by their superiors so that their powers and rage may be abused for selfish purposes!

Wiz: However, when they finally break free of that which kept their powers under strict limitation, who's to say what they do with their regained freedom and strength?

Boomstick: Like with Terra, the half-mortal half-Esper who was put under the control of Kefka!

Wiz: And Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan who was put under the control of his father, Paragus.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I’m Boomstick!

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills, to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Terra Branford

Wiz: Long long ago, the mythological War of the Triad commenced. With three godlike beings fearing each other's power, they engaged in intense warfare. In order to face each other, the gods enlisted mortals to fight for them; turning them into beings known as Espers by granting magical abilities unto them.

Boomstick: Eventually, however, these three beings realized that their war was causing a great amount of chaos, and agreed to seal their powers away! They decided to grant their remaining Espers free will, before turning to stone forevermore.

Wiz: After the Triad turned to stone, the Esper’s decided to keep their powers away from the regular mortals of the world, and as such created the Esper World. It is only through the Triad’s lingering power that the Esper World and the mortal’s world remain connected.

Boomstick: Years and years passed, when a mortal woman named Madeline stumbled into the Esper World by complete accident. There, she fell in love with an Esper named Maduin, and had a child named Terra!

Wiz: However, Madeline wasn’t the only person to stumble into the Esper World. The mortal legion known as the Gestahlian Empire was quick to invade the Esper World, taking Maduin, Madeline, and Terra out into the mortal world.

Boomstick: Wanting the child, Emperor Gestahl killed Madeleine in cold blood, and brought Terra into the Gestahlian Empire, where she was raised to be both an experiment and a powerful weapon to be used by Emperor Gestahl!

Wiz: It was soon after that the Empire developed Magitek, also known as Magical Technology, which uses the magic of the Esper’s in many unintended, unnatural ways. During this development, however, Terra was growing increasingly dangerous, as her magical prowess grew with her maturity.

Boomstick: Unfortunately for her, Terra soon caught the eye of a certain creepy clown named Kefka Palazzo! Seeing the opportunity to control her power, and all of her actions at that, Kefka placed a Slave Crown upon her.

Wiz: With this Slave Crown, Terra was unable to control her own actions. On Kefka’s own orders, Terra was pitted against fifty soldiers outfitted in Magitek, which she accomplished in under three minutes.

Boomstick: Because of this, Terra was sent alongside two Imperial Troopers to investigate the discovery of a frozen Esper! However, upon reaching the Esper, Terra was hit by a wave of magical energy and fell unconscious!

Wiz: Terra was soon discovered by a man named Arvis, who removed her Slave Crown. However, after having been mentally abused for so long, Terra could remember nothing but her own name. However, with Kefka desperate to reclaim her, she was soon forced to enter a much bigger fight than she anticipated.

Boomstick: Having to constantly deal with Kefka and the Gestahlian Empire from then on, Terra was lucky to be able to rely on her natural-born magical abilities! Born half-mortal and half-Esper, Terra is outfitted with powerful magic to her disposal!

Wiz: As shown in her more recent appearances, Terra wields the ability of flight, although she can only truly do so in her later transformation. Due to this, Terra is incredibly versatile. However, the bulk of her abilities would be more advanced magical techniques.

Boomstick: Terra’s main weapon, the Enhancer, is a very thin curved one-handed blade that is incredibly well-suited to her small and nimble stature! This sabre is known to enhance magical power, which naturally is a perfect sword for her to wield!

Wiz: Her most common use of magic would be fire abilities, like Fira. Normally, Fira has Terra unleash a flurry of fireballs at her opponents, although she can alternatively charge it to launch powerful fire pillars as well.

Boomstick: Blizzara is Terra’s ice magic, which allows for her to launch ice at opponents to freeze them in place! Tornado naturally allows Terra to summon powerful cyclones to throw her foes off course!

Wiz: Terra can also use Cura, which is basic healing magic. Using it, Terra can heal most basic wounds. When dealing with reviving an ally, however, Terra can use Raise. Or, if she wants to remove status effects, she can cast Ensuna.

Boomstick: Holy allows for Terra to conjure a flurry of magical blasts that home in on the opponent, along with Thundara which lets her unleash powerful bolts of lightning on any poor fool who thinks to cross her!

Wiz: Terra’s most powerful use of magic, however, comes from her ability to transform into her true Esper form. Terra becomes a powerful, glowing, ethereal pink being, which is a form she learned to access at will.

Boomstick: In her Esper Form, Terra gets an incredible boost to her attack, defence, and speed! She even gains the ability to fly as previously mentioned! While in this form, Terra can use her Desperation Attack, which is known as the Riot Blade!

Wiz: Riot Blade is an incredibly powerful ability, which has Terra launch two magical slashes in an X formation towards the enemy. This outstanding power accessed by her Esper form allowed for Terra to defeat Kefka, even in the form he achieved by inheriting the power of the Warring Triad.

Boomstick: This kind of power was enough to lift an entire continent, along with causing the apocalypse! Although she did need the help of her friends to defeat Kefka, her strength is certainly within the ballpark of his!

Wiz: Because of this, Terra wields the strength to obliterate entire planets. As an Esper, she is not only incredibly agile, but clearly unbelievably powerful. Not for nothing, even in crossover events such as in the Dissidia games which we won't be counting, Terra could fight on par with people as insane as Sephiroth.

Boomstick: Nonetheless, it would be stupid to look down on Terra! She may look fragile and naive, but she has enough power to wipe her opponents off the face of the planet! I’m sure nobody will be getting another Slave Crown on her head anytime soon.

Terra: I will lead you all with my power! I will end the battle before us!


Wiz: Age 737 was both a horrible and wonderful year for the Universe. For every birth of a Saiyan called Son Goku, the destruction of Planet Vegeta followed suit. This year marked the ending of a race, but the beginning of a hero’s journey.

Boomstick: But what went unheard of for many years was the birth of ANOTHER Saiyan warrior, destined for a powerful future. That child was Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan!

Wiz: Born the same day as Son Goku, to a low-class warrior named Paragus, Broly was seemingly an average Saiyan child. That was, until his power was put under a scan.

Boomstick: Broly’s power was incredible! A whopping power level of ten thousand, when the average Saiyan child was born under single digits. That was the sort of power only rivalled by high prestige Saiyans, like King Vegeta himself!

Wiz: Naturally, King Vegeta felt incredibly threatened by a Saiyan child sharing the same level of power as him, so he decided to take... drastic measures. Fearing that Broly would overthrow him, King Vegeta decided to kill him while he still could.

Boomstick: So, on a very dreadful night, King Vegeta took it upon himself to sneak into the delivery room and assassinate the child.

Wiz: Naturally, an assassination attempt was incredibly traumatizing for Broly to withstand. Couple that with the ear piercing cries of Son Goku, and you have yourself an event that Broly will be discussing with his therapist for years on end.

Boomstick: Unfortunately for King Vegeta, the assassination attempt didn’t actually work. Instead, Broly’s mind subconsciously attributed Goku’s cries with the horrible nature of his assassination, which caused for an incredibly unwarranted hatred for Goku himself!

Wiz: It sounds... unreasonable, to say the least, but attributing a horribly traumatic event with a sight or sound that accompanied the event does make sense. As a result, Broly held onto a hatred for Goku for the rest of his life.

Boomstick: Paragus ended up finding Broly after the failed execution, plotting his revenge against the King; although he wouldn’t get his chance to enact it! Very soon after, Frieza up and destroyed Planet Vegeta, along with all of its inhabitants.

Wiz: Except, of course, Broly and Paragus. Unknowingly tapping into his incredible power, Broly saved both himself and Paragus from the oncoming blast, and fled to a nearby planet. There, Paragus raised Broly, but learned how justified King Vegeta was in fearing him.

Boomstick: Broly’s power grew exponentially as he matured, to a point where he could barely contain himself! Coupled with thoughts of his traumatic childhood, Broly’s Ki levels and frustration were equally unstoppable!

Wiz: When the issue got to the point where Paragus was no longer able to soothe Broly, suffering a horrible wound to the eye, he decided to turn to other means of calming him down. Paragus developed a crown for Broly, which would give Paragus full control over Broly through use of an electric shock.

Boomstick: Like... a dog? That’s pretty cruel...

Wiz: It is pretty cruel, although Broly’s power level was reaching into the millions. It’s not too hard to see why Paragus felt he needed to resort to such savage forms of parenting. Although I would be lying to say Paragus didn’t have some dark motives.

Boomstick: Like using Broly to destroy the entire South Galaxy! Paragus’s hate of King Vegeta shifted onto his son, Vegeta, so he planned to lure him out as a result. Meeting with Vegeta, he promised to give him his very own planet to rule; since he was unable to rule over Planet Vegeta.

Wiz: Unbeknownst to Vegeta, the planet was doomed to be destroyed by a comet, which was the crux of Paragus’s revenge plot. Unfortunately, Goku soon showed up to investigate the situation, which naturally sparked up Broly’s traumatic memories.

Boomstick: Broly’s rage couldn’t be quelled by any crown anymore; as the transformation into the Legendary Super Saiyan came underway, the crown was completely obliterated! Everybody in the vicinity, including Paragus, would soon feel Broly’s uncontrollable wrath.

Wiz: As the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly was nigh unstoppable. With generic Dragon Ball abilities such as Ki Manipulation and Flight, the truly interesting material came in Broly’s sheer size and strength.

Boomstick: Due to his high concentration of Ki, Broly is never low on energy! He uses this raw energy to create barriers for himself, condense into explosive Ki balls to throw at opponents, and to simply enhance his regular attacks!

Wiz: Broly also abuses Ki to give him a form of healing factor. Despite being stabbed and blown up at a young age, Broly’s Ki quickly patches him up without any difficulties. Even after having his body collapse due his own Ki concentration, he was able to fully regenerate and reappear years later.

Boomstick: Not to mention his large variety of bone-crushing Ki techniques! Such as the Powered Shell, which Broly not only uses for protection, but he can also use to explode outwards and damage anyone around him!

Wiz: His most famous attack, the Eraser Cannon, has him draw Ki from the outsides of his body into his palm, before throwing it at the opponent and causing it to explode. Or the Gigantic Spike, which has Broly lift his victim in the air by the head, before slamming them into the ground below.

Boomstick: Most of Broly’s other attacks are variants of the Eraser Cannon, such as the Trap Shooter or the Omega Blaster; both of which have him annihilate his foes with large balls of Ki! But although his moveset is limited, Broly makes up for it with his sheer power!

Wiz: Power enough to wipe out the entire South Galaxy, mind you. Broly has three main forms which he showcases during his appearance. The first of which, his base form, is generally only seen during moments where Broly is calm. Needless to say, after Goku’s arrival, you never see this base form again.

Boomstick: Then he has Super Saiyan, the mystical form that was first obtained by Goku against his fight with Frieza on Namek! Normally this form is accompanied by the usual yellow hair, although the crown Broly is forced to wear limits his power, and grants him a weakened version of the form, with teal hair.

Wiz: Without the crown, Broly does have access to the regular yellow Super Saiyan hair, of course. Although, by the time Broly destroys his crown, he’s most likely already transformed into his penultimate form; the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Boomstick: Complete with whited-out eyes, green hair, and a humongous gain of muscle mass, the Legendary Super Saiyan form is by far the strongest in his arsenal! Using this form, Broly was able to completely wipe out the combined forces of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, AND Future Trunks!

Wiz: Mind you, this movie takes place very soon before the Cell Games tournament, which dictates that all the combatants present were at very high points of power. Goku himself would go on to rival Perfect Cell, who could destroy an entire Solar System if he pleased.

Boomstick: Needless to say, Broly was one of the most challenging villains to present himself to the Z Fighters at that point! Only when Goku took the Ki of his friends into his own body could he take Broly out, and even then he wasn’t fully dead!

Wiz: Broly was destined for great things, but the acts of his King done out of fear doomed his future forever. Although Broly has been heavily overused in subsequent Dragon Ball media, it isn’t hard to feel bad for Broly when you really look into it.

Boomstick: But that shouldn’t discount his incredible power either! Broly is one of Dragon Ball’s most famous villains for a reason, after all! Whoever foolishly stands in his way should know to face the absolute wrath of the Legendary Super Saiyan!

Broly: Show me your fighting spirit... If you don’t, I’ll destroy this planet!


The breeze was harsh, as it had been every morning. Although the winds atop a speeding airship were nearly enough to topple someone completely overboard, Terra Branford didn't quite mind; the winds, for her, gave her a great sense of comfort and put her heart at ease. Not long ago, she was subjugated to a deadly battle against the crazed, nihilistic Kefka Palazzo, who had brought ruin to the world for his own pleasure. Although the scars of his reign remained upon the world, Terra felt solace in knowing that it could only get better from there.

Terra had been standing atop the Falcon for what felt like hours, simply taking in the sights as the airship travelled across the scorched land. Her allies, her friends, knew Terra to be quite the reserved and gentle soul, so not even the loudmouth, Setzer, thought it wise to disturb her. Terra’s powers were seemingly gone, the Esper World lost forevermore; all things she would need to come to terms with.

Although Terra was viewed as an oddly gentle person amidst the pain that surrounded her, it was not the only case of such. Far off, in an unknown region of the world, a young man calmly watched as his father paced around their dark hiding spot.

“Father?” Broly asked, growing concerned due to his father’s agitated expression. The man who had raised him, Paragus, was a very confusing man. Although he cared deeply about Broly, Paragus had been through the worst of times, and saw it hard to treat Broly as anything more than a pet anymore.

“Nothing, Broly.” Paragus dismissed him callously. “We have everything prepared, it’s only a matter of finding the Esper, now.”

The words passed over Broly’s head as most of Paragus’s plans did. Broly did not understand his father’s intentions, nor did he truly want to. All he could do was follow Paragus along and do exactly what was requested of him; no more, no less. Oftentimes it meant Broly had to destroy something that meant nothing to him. He didn’t quite enjoy destruction.

Broly sat in silence as Paragus continued to ponder. For days on end, Broly would find his father tearing through books like a madman, reading up on subjects Broly didn’t want to understand. The word “Esper” came up a lot in his writings.

Abruptly, Paragus stopped pacing the room, and turned to his son.

“Alright, Broly. It’s time to go.” He commanded, hand firmly placed on a small golden ring. Broly shuttered upon seeing the ring, it brought him nothing but sorrow. But he could not disobey it, he had to follow the ring, or it would harm him. Immediately, Broly stood to his feet and followed Paragus. The two quickly fled their hiding place, and flew into the open air.

“Alright, Broly. Be on the lookout for the Esper!” Paragus commanded. Broly didn’t know what exactly he was to be searching for whatsoever, but Paragus could read that on his face. “The Espers are a race of magical peoples. Much like you and I, they’re quite similar to humanoids in appearance, but wield great supernatural abilities.”

“Is that what you were reading about?” Broly quietly asked, always tiptoeing around his sentences out of fear of what Paragus may do to him. Surprisingly, Paragus did not grow impatient with his son.

“Yes... A great battle happened not too long ago, involving one of those Espers. It was last seen on an airship with a group known as the Returners, so keep your eyes open.” Paragus explained, already looking around the open air.

“Do you want me to destroy the Esper?” Broly asked. Paragus grew enraged by the thought, visibly arching his eyebrows. Broly knew he had overstepped, beginning to back away as Paragus raised the golden ring in his hand; a green light beginning to emit from it...

“You gonna stand out there forever?!” Setzer shouted to the wind, finally giving in to his urge to inquire her. Terra blinked as if breaking out of a trance, turning and waving to Setzer.

“Just enjoying the view! Or, what’s left of it.” Terra responded, making Setzer chuckle. Without a word, he conceded and went back to what he was doing. Terra, too, turned back and continued facing the wind, but the breeze carried something she didn’t expect.

Broly screamed in agony as his father turned on the golden ring, which connected to a crown on Broly’s forehead and sent searing pain throughout his body. Paragus kept the wave of pain constant as a punishment, until something caught his eye. Instantly, the ring stopped glowing and Broly was given a second to breathe.

“There it is! The Falcon, fastest airship in the world...“ Paragus gawked, watching as it zoomed through the air. Without a moment’s hesitation, he turned to Broly and ordered him to follow along. “This is our chance, Broly! Not a second to waste.”

Paragus and Broly were enveloped in Ki, and blasted off towards the Falcon as fast as they could manage. Terra turned and braced herself quickly, seeing the two men approach her at blinding speeds. In an instant, Broly and Paragus landed on the top deck and faced Terra.

Terra unsheathed her sword, the Enhancer, and worriedly pointed it at the two Saiyan invaders. She was quick to realize that she no longer had access to her magical abilities, but wouldn’t back down nonetheless.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Terra asked, getting right to the point. Paragus smirked and took a step forward, which only called for her to take a step back. Broly, on the other hand, mindlessly awaited an order from his father.

“Not to be alarmed, dear girl. My name is Paragus, and this here is my son Broly.” The man explained, pointing to Broly, who still wore a face of complete disdain and uninterest. “We come from another planet, and are seeking refuge.”

Terra knew the exact kinds of people who would be in such a position; the Espers. After Kefka desecrated the Warring Triad and brought doom upon every world, the Esper World was thought to be completely lost. If these two were Espers, like her...

“I understand your situation.” Terra admitted. “You must be like me, then. After Kefka wreaked havoc upon our world...“

“You are an Esper?” Paragus asked, his smile growing wider and wider. Terra hesitantly nodded. “Why, then we are allies! Planets destroyed with no place to call home, I’m sure you and I have much in common.”

“Yes, it would seem so...“ Terra said politely, still not completely comfortable. “You flew here, though. Were you... somehow able to retain your magic through the calamity?”

“Why, yes, of course! I’m sure you still retain your power too, although you may not know it.” Paragus explained. “In fact, while we were on our journey, my son and I discovered a way back to the Esper World, although he were hesitant to go within it alone.”

Terra was completely baffled by his statement, having already come to terms with the reality that the Esper World was most likely destroyed. “Y-you, did? How?”

Paragus flashed Terra a grin before turning to Broly. “My son, Broly, was the one to find it. He’s a prodigy, you see, withholding incredible magical powers beyond that of an ordinary Esper. Isn’t that right, Broly?”

Broly didn’t care to know much, but he sure as hell knew that he wasn’t an Esper. If anything, his Saiyan heritage was the one thing beaten into his head time and time again; his so-called Legendary Super Saiyan status, that which put him atop a pedestal over every other Saiyan. So badly did he want to say this to Terra, to tell her that his father had become a compulsive liar to satisfy his goals. But Paragus was quick to show Broly the golden ring of torture in his hand.

“Y-yes... Yes. That’s right.” Broly lied, feeling like he was crumbling inwards as he lied through his teeth. Paragus quickly turned back to Terra, who was eating up every word of it, trying to suppress his wicked grin.

“As a fellow Esper, we’re sure your curiosity has peaked. May we have your name?” Paragus continued. Finally, Terra was convinced.

“Terra. My name is Terra Branford.” She introduced herself, finally sheathing her blade and giving the two warriors a slight bow. Paragus called Broly forwards, and the two slightly hovered into the air.

“Well, we’ll take you with us, then. Broly, carry the girl.” Paragus said, as he already began to fly off. Broly uncomfortably picked Terra up, embarrassingly holding her in his arms as he gently flew towards his father.

“You’re Broly, right? That was your name?” Terra asked, intrigued by how much Broly’s quiet gentle nature reminded her of herself. “You don’t seem to talk much.”

“My name is Broly.” The Saiyan stated, almost quiet enough to not be heard. “My father doesn’t want me to talk to you.”

“Why not?” Terra wondered, but she quickly dropped the topic. “Oh well. It’s nice to be able to meet more Espers, like me.”

“Yeah...“ Broly sighed, lying once again. He refused to meet her eyes, if she suspected anything his father would be furious with him. It wasn’t long before Paragus arrived at a large crumbling tower overlooking the world, shrouded in dark clouds. Terra recognized the ruined location as soon as her eyes laid upon it.

“The Sealed Gate? It was victim to Kefka’s indiscriminate attacks; what made the Esper World unreachable to us in the first place. How do you plan to...“ Terra was quickly cut short as Broly stepped in front of her, closer to Paragus. As solemnly as he always looked, Broly feintly sighed.

He recognized this place all too well. After Paragus grew obsessed with the discovery of the Espers, he found the ruins of the Sealed Gate and desperately attempted to find his way within. Only through Broly’s power did Paragus discover a way to bridge the gap between the mortal and Esper worlds, so he was forced to come to this place time and time again; not once knowing why he was doing so until now.

“Alright Broly, you know what to do!” Paragus commanded. “Terra, you might want to step back a little.”

Paragus stood in front of Terra as the two backed up several feet, watching as Broly outstretched his hands and looked to the sky. Did he want to do it? What was Paragus planning with this girl? How did it concern him in any way? All thoughts Brly wanted to explore, but his words never reached open ears.

Suddenly, the Saiyan’s body began convulsing, a deep rooted flame of energy sparking inside of him as he called upon it with a low growl. Slowly but surely, Broly’s screams grew louder, as the Ki in his body began to inflame and grow increasingly larger. Soon, the Ki exploded out of Broly’s body.

“What is he doing? Is he in pain?” Terra gawked, peeking over Paragus’s shoulder as the ground below her began to violently shake. Paragus gave her a glance as if to signify this was exactly what they had planned. As Broly’s screams grew exponentially louder, the ruins of the Sealed Gate showed small signs of change.

Slowly but surely, a small hole opened in the Sealed Gated, ripping the fabric of reality in a horribly violent manner. Soon, Broly’s screams reached their peak, and the Sealed Gate tore open. Terra’s eyes widened, as she peered through the small hole in reality and saw the Esper World peeking through.

“Alright Broly, that’s enough!” Paragus shouted, hoping that his voice could be heard over Broly’s viscous screams. As expected, nothing happened. Broly’s body continued to colvuse under his own power, clearly unable to control himself any longer, as the pressure placed upon the world from his overwhelming Ki began to tear it apart. “Broly, I said that’s enough!”

Terra watched in awe, she had never witnessed anything close to this before. She feared that Broly’s uncontrollable screams could bring ruin to the world even worse than Kefka had done during his godly rampage. However, before she could even think to step in, Paragus raised his hand; a bright gold object gleaming within it.

Just as the ring Paragus held up began the glow, so did Broly’s crown. Broly’s Ki quickly fled into his body as a shock was sent down his body. Broly’s screams of rage immediately shifted into screams of pain, Terra watching in horror as he fell to his knees and struggled to grasp his forehead.

“W-What was that...?” Terra squeaked out, although neither Paragus or Broly heard her. Instead, Paragus trudged towards Broly, knelt down, and lifted the man to his feet. Broly was breathing heavy, not necessarily exhausted, but still very scared of his own power even after so many years.

“Well, then... You see it don’t you? The Esper World very much remains, simply locked behind a door only my son managed to reopen.” Paragus explained. “Now, let us not waste any time. I’m sure there’s a lot you wish to rediscover.”

Terra was aghast; she could hardly understand what had just happened. Broly was out of control, she knew that for sure, but what calmed him down? The crown on his forehead? The crown on his... Memories flooded back to Terra. She was angry, she was confused, how could anybody do to their own son what a maniacal madman had once done to her?

Terra wanted to scream at Paragus, she was enraged with him for doing this. But by the time she had compiled this thought together, he and Broly had already walked through the Sealed Gate. Both out of curiosity for the land that lied ahead, and frustration with the events that transpired to get here, Terra ran forwards through the portal.

Much to her surprise, the land looked very similar to how she remembered it. It was a very dark, mystical world, which had been violated by Kefka before. She saw no Espers around, although it wasn’t too much different. Regardless, she knew it; this was the Esper World, Paragus was not lying to her.

“Do you feel it, Terra? Now that you’re back in the Esper World, closer to the Triad than you ever could have been in the mortal world,” Paragus turned to look at the Esper as she stepped through the portal, “do you feel your magic returning, perhaps?”

Upon hearing Paragus’s voice, Terra instantly stopped looking around the Esper World in a trance. Aggravated, Terra ignored Paragus’s question and stomped towards Broly, who absentmindedly watched as she approached him. The Esper reacher up and placed her hands on the crown Broly wore.

“How could you do this to him?” Terra asked Paragus, not once looking away from Broly. Even when Broly looked at her, it never appeared that he was really... there. “He’s your own son, how could you...“

Paragus quickly tore Terra away from Broly and stood between them. “I had to, you wouldn’t understand. Just forget about my son.”

“How can I? The same horrible thing was done to me!” Terra shouted, unleashing an aggression she had been bottling up for a long time. “Why have you even brought me here? Are you just trying to torture me by tormenting me with that horrid Slave Crown?”

“Well, perhaps I should be more... honest with you, now.” Paragus deeply sighed, watching out of the corner of his eye as the portal the Broly opened began repairing itself closed. “Broly and I aren’t Espers. We are a species known as Saiyan, who hail from a now-destroyed world called Planet Vegeta.”

Terra wanted to be surprised, but she wasn’t. Of course she shouldn’t have expected to meet fellow Espers so easily. “So you lied to me, then? And for what purpose, to bring me here and restore my powers to me?”

It was true, Terra did feel her magical prowess returning to her. Normally, she would be elated, or even just mildly content, despite her disdain towards fighting. But she couldn’t help but feel like Paragus wanted this to happen, for whatever reason that may be. He confirmed her suspicions by letting a small chuckle slip out.

“Since birth, my son was gifted with extraordinary power; power above any Saiyan ever recorded in history, ten times over. I’ve tried discovering why my son was granted this incredible power, but... nothing.” Paragus explained, slowly circling Terra. “My search for an answer stretched the entire universe, and still... nothing. Until I discovered the Espers. Long ago, entities known as the Triad granted ordinary warriors with unbelievable powers. I knew that was the secret to learning why my son was different than everyone else.”

Broly always knew that he was different in some way; that’s why people feared him, why his own father feared him, why the King of the Saiyans feared him even as an infant. Could Paragus have truly discovered the secret behind Broly’s abnormality? The secret behind what makes him the Legendary Super Saiyan? Truthfully, Broly didn’t care what he was, or why. He just wanted to be able to control himself, to be free of frightening everyone around him.

“So we headed to your world, the one you call home, where we found the passage into the Esper World destroyed.” Paragus continued. “Thankfully we were able to find our way in despite it all, but... I was unable to locate the Triad. I knew we needed to find an Esper, which leads to when we ran into you.”

“The Triad? That’s what you were hoping to find? Well, then I can’t help you.” Terra said bluntly, watching Paragus’s movements with a focused eye. “They’re gone now, hence why I had lost my power; you’ll have to go somewhere else. Although I can assure you, that horrid crown you put on his head won’t solve anything, just as it solved nothing for the man who did the same to me.”

Paragus grimaced and scoffed at the notion. “Don’t you see? The Triad can’t be gone! The Esper World remains, your magic prowess remains! They’re somewhere, so you must tell me where they are!”

“Magic may still exist in the world, but the Triad does not. A man named Kefka Palazzo saw to that. You can find your answers some other way!!”

“Maybe you’re right...“ Paragus admitted, although his menacing demeanour never once faltered. “If I can’t get answers from the Triad, then all that remains is you, the last Esper. Once I study you, maybe then I will find what I seek.”

“W-why would I let you do that? Can’t you just leave well enough alone?”

“Broly’s gotten far too strong for me to watch over comfortably anymore! I don’t have a choice!”

Broly continued to watch, although he was far less absentminded than normal. He didn’t want to side with his father, he knew what this would entail, but he wouldn’t have a choice. Either the crown would dictate his movements, or his overwhelming power would make him do things he didn’t want to do. Broly had no say in the matter, yet he had so much to say.

Terra quickly unsheathed her sword, catching Broly’s attention and stopping his train of thought completely. The situation had escalated to levels beyond what Broly was expecting, but he knew exactly what was coming next. Paragus looked to Broly, causing Terra to look to Broly as well. She looked harmless, she only wanted to defend herself, would his father truly make him...?

“Broly, attack!”

Broly’s eyes widened as he heard the words that his father has yelled countless times over. Terra looked up at Broly, her face painted with deep concern, and Enhancer blade worridley raised for protection. “Broly, hey, you don’t have to...“

“I... I don’t have to...“ Broly whispered to himself. However, much to his dismay, Paragus raised his hand.

“Broly, I command you to attack!” Paragus commanded once again. Broly gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, pushing Paragus aside and hesitantly taking a powerful stomp forwards. With a quick intimidating shout, the Legendary Super Saiyan just wished he could finish things quickly, and remove it from his consciousness.

Terra felt a deep sense of sorrow. It wasn’t Broly’s fault. But she had to protect herself, she had come so far... “I’m so sorry, Broly.”


Against his own wishes, Broly opened with a power right hook towards Terra’s head. As an Esper, Terra was naturally nimble, not to mention much smaller than Broly, and so she was able to instinctively just duck out of the way.

Letting out a quick shout, Broly shifted his body weight over and went for a left swing this time. However, Terra latched onto Broly’s fist, using the momentum gathered to flip over him. Now clinging over his shoulders, Terra firmly grabbed Broly’s crown.

“Alright, let’s just get this thing off of you!” Terra exclaimed as she began to pull the crown up and over his head; all the while the Legendary Super Saiyan flailed and shouted through clenched teeth. Although it looked like the crown could easily be slipped off, Terra was terribly struggling.

Unfortunately, before she could even think to pry it off with her sword, Paragus decided to intervene. With a quick glow of the ring in his hand, Broly’s head lit up. Both Terra and Broly were zapped with incredibly torturous electricity, forcing Terra to fall backwards off of Broly’s back, and onto her own. Just as soon as she fell, the crown stopped glowing, and Broly regained his focus.

Terra groaned as she lay on her back, sword hand completely unprepared to leave her vulnerable. Not missing a beat, the Legendary Super Saiyan quickly turned and grabbed onto the Esper’s leg. With a powerful, yet somewhat hesitant heave, Terra was sent hurtling into a pile of rocks several meters off.

No serious damage was dealt, aside from a bit of whiplash and a bloody knee. Terra lightly brushed her knee, smearing the blood and bloodying her finger. Terra looked at the blood on her finger, and quickly went back to grasping her knee with a wince. But she knew she couldn;t be worrying herself with such trivial matters as these. Terra pulled herself back to her feet and lifted the Enhancer blade, as Broly stomped towards her once more.

Holding both fights tightly interlocked with one another, Broly unleashed a destructive overhead smash; only managing to crush the rocks before him, as Terra had already predicted the strike. With a quick sidestep, Terra was able to catch Broly with a vertical slice up his arm, before circling around and slicing down his back.

Broly flinched as blood trickled down his arm and his back, losing his uncontrollably angry expression for a fraction of a second. Terra looked to Broly and couldn’t help but feel terrible, although she also couldn’t help but notice as his wounds healed nearly as fast as the blood traced lines down his body. Without second thought, Terra leaped up, planted her feet on Broly’s back, and pushed him into the rubble that he created, before spinning around.

“How dare you make us fight? I... I hate fighting!” Terra barked angrily as she glared at Paragus, slowly walking towards him. “I know Broly hates it too! You cruel man.”

“You dense, dense girl. We’re Saiyans, bred for fighting for thousands of years; and my son, the most gifted of them all. To say he doesn’t enjoy fighting, well...” Paragus explained, scoffing at the prospect. “Don’t you have a fight to get back to, Esper?”

“My fight is... right here!” Terra announced, raising her blade and running full-speed towards Paragus. She quickly swept her sword towards Paragus’s face, although he narrowly managed to dodge. As a defensive maneuver, Paragus leaped backwards and flew into the air, palm outstretched at Terra.

“Broly, get back here!” Paragus commanded, a ball of green Ki building in his palm. Terra jumped up high, following him closely in pursuit. “Dead Punisher!”

A large green Ki ball erupted from Paragus’s hands and blasted towards Terra, although she was able to narrowly push herself out of the way with a burst of magic. Paragus’s eyes widened as he watched the Dead Punisher blast detonate behind Terra, missing her completely; all the while she drew closer and closer to him with her blade in hand.

However, from the dust and rubble that was obstructed from Paragus’s Dead Punisher, Broly flew at supersonic speeds, tightly latching onto Terra’s leg, turning, and throwing her back towards the surface of the Esper World. Terra landed so hard that a small crater formed from the weight of her body, and she groaned from the impact. Terra stood and wiped the dust from her attire, noticing the cloth on her arms now tattered and bloody.

Paragus, on the other hand, lowered himself next to Broly, and chuckled. “Well done, Broly. Now, you know what to do.”

Broly nodded, revving himself up to charge at Terra. She noticed him, and had to prepare an attack of her own; sword attacks just weren’t doing it, given the Saiyan’s apparent healing ability. Instead, Terra lowered her blade, and raised her left hand towards her Saiyan adversary. The Esper felt her magic flowing through her, focusing into her hand, before it began to glow a bright orange.

As Broly raced towards the ground, Terra waved her hand upwards, and a large wave of fire blasted out from her palms. “Fira!” Terra shouted, watching as the pillar of flame collided with the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly was unable to stop himself before the heat of the Fira blast seared his skin.

“Broly!” Paragus called out to his son with a tinge of genuine worry, although his worries were quickly put to rest when Broly emerged from the Fira blast, burnt and steaming, but okay. Small patches of his skin were turning a harsh red, although they quickly returned to normal as his Ki aura returned. Broly breathed heavy, eyes trailing the steam that stemmed from his body, as it soon slowed to a stop.

Terra knew this would happen, however; Broly’s healing had already been displayed to her in its most basic form beforehand. As Broly healed from taking the blunt of an inferno, Terra ran up the side of a small hill, pushing herself off of it and towards the berserker Saiyan.

“I’m finishing this, not just my own sake, but for the peace I fought for as well!” Terra proclaimed, as the momentum from her leap pushed her into a spin, flourishing the Enhancer blade as she neared Broly. With a very quick swirling maneuver, Terra’s blade tracer a bloodied circle around Broly’s torso, before leaving a swift slice across Broly’s throat. The Esper winced from feeling her blade cut through the Saiyan’s throat, but she couldn’t stop with that alone.

Blood spewed from Broly’s mouth as he let out a strained cough, all the while Terra kicked off of Broly’s body to give herself some space and outstretch her arm. “Fira!” The Esper shouted once again, this time blasting off several large balls of fire towards Broly. Each one pelted the Saiyan as he was busy recovering from the sword wounds; launching the Saiyan far off.

Smoke and blood trailed Broly as he uncontrollably flew towards a far-off stream. Terra and Paragus both looked at each other, still very bitter with each other, but both worried about Broly for very different reasons. Both Terra and Paragus landed and ran towards the stream that Broly was knocked into, unable to see him beneath the rushing water.

“Broly? Broly, I command you to come back here and finish this fight immediately!” Paragus shouted to the rushing water ahead, looking around to see where Broly exactly was. Terra called out for Broly too, but kept her sword up for guard. Almost as soon as Paragus finished barking his command, the water began to bubble up, and the earth around it began to tremble.

A powerful green energy blast exploded from the water, erupting up in front of Terra and Paragus, and causing them to leap back a few feet. Even more than before, Terra gripped her blade and held it vertically in front of her, cursing herself on the inside for shaking even the slightest amount.

But... Nothing happened?

Terra looked to Paragus. He wasn’t nearly as worried as her, the only expression on his face displaying impatience. As always, he held the golden ring firmly in his hand; always prepared for a situation to arise in case he needed it. Based on the deep scar on Paragus’s left eye, Terra figured he'd had a lot of close encounters with Broly before.

“The only question is...“ Paragus sneered, quickly looking over to Terra before shooting his attention back towards the river. “Which one of us will Broly come for first?”

CRASH! The water of the stream parted and crashed down onto the earth around it violently, with a powerful green force rising from the centerpoint. The green shield dissipated from around Broly, allowing for the stream to continue flowing as per usual. Terra quickly raised her arm above herself as the waves crashed down around her, although Paragus seemed unphased.

Broly’s wounds were gone; every slash around his body, every gash in his throat, every scar left by flame, completely erased and replaced from his exterior by his overflowing Ki. Broly looked onwards to the two who stood before him, Terra the Esper, and his father, Paragus. Truthfully and honestly, with every fiber of his being, Broly’s consciousness told him to attack Paragus.

When did Broly’s conscious ever matter to his actions, though? He was a slave to barbaric instinct, unable to dictate his body’s brutal decisions; he would attack those who directly attacked him. Barren of further thought, Broly’s eyes were clouded by Ki exploding from his body, and he charged full force at the Esper.

Terra tried to back off quick enough, although Broly was far too fast. With a hefty yell, Broly extended his arm and grabbed Terra by the arm. He spun her around before throwing her up into the air, then raced up to meet her in the sky. A large green ball of Ki formed in Broly’s chest upon reaching Terra midair, exploding and sending Terra plummeting into the river of which he had just exited.

Terra’s landing in the water created another big crash in the water, soaking both Paragus and Broly. In a few short minutes, however, Terra emerged onto the surface, and spit out some water. Almost as soon as she was given a breather, Terra felt a pounding pain in her chest from the impact, and flinched because of it.

Broly wasn’t done, however. Just as Paragus was about to give another command to his son, Broly ran forwards and leapt into the air towards Terra, who was forced to forget about her aching body and react. Just before Broly landed with another crash, Terra used her magic to deliver a powerful push and barely get her out of the way.

Broly turned and began slowly walking towards Terra, feet just barely touching the bottom of the lake due to his incredible stature. Terra could move all she wanted, but until she could get out of the flowing river, she would be at the mercy of Broly’s brutal advances. Terra faced Broly, who had clearly gone back to being his usual stone-faced self, as he inched closer and closer to Terra. The Esper turned and pointed her sword at Broly, infusing it with her magic as it began to glow bright blue.

“Blizzara!” She shouted, as the blue magic in her Enhancer blade focused into a point, before rocketing out in a powerful wave of cold wind, snow, and ice; Broly was completely unable to escape it, and was engulfed within the blizzard. Broly, and all the water that surrounded him in a few feet’s radius, was completely frozen solid. Terra let out a sigh of relief.

Diverting her attention to the edge of the river, Terra paddled over and slowly pushed herself out of the flowing stream. After emerging, the Esper rolled over and let out an even larger sigh than before. Paragus took a few steps forwards and took a gander at his son, who was completely frozen in a block of ice.

“Wh... What did you do?” Paragus asked in awe. Never in his life did Paragust see somebody control ice in such a way, he never even wondered if it was impossible. Broly’s expression was completely unchanging, frozen in ice, although it was quite rare for his stone face to change anyways.

“He’ll get out, eventually...“ Terra explained, lying face-up in the olivetone grass of the Esper World. Her body still ached from the sudden explosion Broly unleashed on her point-blank, not to mention the bruises and cuts she had been slowly accumulating along the way. Terra had gotten used to not having magic, for the very short while that she was without it, so it took her a short second to realize all she needed was... “Cura!”

Most of Terra’s wounds healed, albeit not completely. Bruises lightened, scratches and scrapes turned to scabs and scars, blood began to dry up, and the pounding aches in her chest began to soften. Terra would have cast Cura again to speed up the process even more, although something told her that she’d need to be stingy with her magic usage. Feeling rejuvenated, Terra stood to her feet and looked on at the ice statue before her.

“Here goes nothing...“ Terra whispered to herself, holding her hand close to her chest as it began to glow bright red once more. “Fira!”

Once again, a large pillar of fire shot out of her hands and towards the frozen Saiyan, who had slowly but surely begun to move in his icy prison. Unfortunately for Broly, he wouldn’t be given much time to escape on his own; the fire pillar collided with the ice, melting it almost instantaneously, and striking at Broly himself. The stark contrast of freezing ice to searing fire was incredibly painful, launching the Super Saiyan out of the lake and onto his back.

Terra looked to Broly, who had sat up, and was tending to the deep burn on his chest through gritted teeth. Every now and again, a small feral yell would escape the Saiyan’s mouth, clearly losing his temper and control. Worried, the Esper turned to Paragus. “He can’t take it anymore! Calm him down and leave this place.”

“Can’t take it anymore, you say...” Paragus pondered aloud, stroking his beard. “It would seem to me that Broly is only getting stronger, not weaker. Can’t you feel it?”

“You have that wretched crown on him for a reason, don’t you?” Terra pleaded. “To control his power! To stop him from becoming something we can’t stop!”

As she pleaded, Broly watched with a blurred vision. There was no more to discuss, nothing more to think about, the damage accumulated and his primal instincts were beginning to take over. As the deep burn on his chest began to brighten in color, Broly stood to his feet. From the corner of her eye, Terra could see the Ki overflowing from the Saiyan’s body.

“Broly! Let’s quit fooling around. Bring me her corpse!” Paragus sternly commanded again. Broly started to scream, louder and louder, as the earth shook more and more. His Ki was building tremendously, bathing him in a beautifully destructive green wave of energy, all the while the crown on his head continued to limit his full potential from breaking free.

As the sky began to darken, the only thing illuminating the face of the entire Esper World was Broly himself. Dark black hair and eyes began fading into a luminescent blue, the crown on his head shooting electricity throughout his body as it desperately tried to keep his power from rising any further. Broly outstretched his arms, finally allowing for the Ki to explode and welcome him into his new form.

Terra and Paragus both raised their arms as the Ki pressure began causing for them to skid back where they stood. At last, Broly’s screams stopped, and one final Ki wave passed through the surface of the Esper World. Terra slowly lowered her arm, gawking at Broly’s new form. Bright blue eyes, bright blue hair, and striking green aura enveloping him.

“Is this something that Saiyans are known to do...?” Terra asked, briefly turning to look at Paragus. “If anything, it looks like the form of an...“

“Esper?” Paragus scoffed. “Don’t you see now, girl? Transforming into a being with glowing blue hair... it’s never been done in the history of the Saiyans! He’s heard all his life that he was the Legendary Super Saiyan, but what could that truly mean? That’s what you, and the Triad, will help us figure out.”

“Even if Broly is somehow an Esper, like me...“ Terra proclaimed, not looking away from Broly as the Super Saiyan was still growing accustomed to his new form. “I can’t help you find the Triad. If they’re still even out there! Not you, not anyone, but especially not you. You’ve proven to me that much.”

“If you still refuse to comply, girl... then Broly will see to it that you help us in a different way! You won’t luck your way out of this one!” Paragus boomed, raising his arms victoriously as if he had already achieved what he wanted. Almost on cue, Broly lowered himself to the ground and began walking forwards.

“I will enjoy watching you suffer.” Broly growled in a menacingly monotone voice; the words so stark in comparison to what Terra had grown to know about him that she audibly gasped and raised her blade. Broly let out an unruly laugh, before kicking off of the ground and rocketing towards Terra.

“Good, Broly! Good!” Paragus laughed as his son was finally fully complying to his desires. The Super Saiyan flew over the river, reaching Terra in an instant and standing before her. Terra looked up to meet Broly’s stare, eyes crazed and completely different from what she had seen behind them before. Broly, without second thought, smacked the blade out of Terra’s hands.

The Esper looked over to the Enhancer sword as it flew from her hands and stuck itself into the dirt. Without any time to look back to Broly, Terra felt a large hand grab her by the face. Almost as quickly as she was grabbed, Terra was lifted several meters in the air and suspended only by her face. Terra clung to Broly’s arm, trying dearly to pull herself free.

Broly held Terra next to him, before he flew head-first towards the ground; slamming Terra into the earth, which formed a crater beneath her. The Esper let out a horribly pained scream, lying in the crater and scrunching up as to hold herself. Everywhere hurt now, Broly had turned into a menace. He wasn’t ready to let up, either.

“BEGONE!” Broly yelled as he flew back up into the air, hand pointed down at Terra’s crumbled body. She looked up at him, unable to utter his name, only left to watch as a large green wave of Ki passed from around his body to the center of his palm. The Ki blast, an Eraser Cannon, grew and grew, as did Terra’s eyes.

Knowing that this could spell her doom, Terra weakly lifted her right arm and pointed her palm up at Broly, and a small sparkling white light converged. Slowly but surely, it gathered in her palm, as Terra propped herself up by her left arm and was finally strong enough to say, “Holy...!”

“HAHAHAHAHA!” Broly boomed with an uncharacteristically feral laugh, as his Eraser Cannon launched at Terra incredibly fast. Without any more time to charge her own attack, Terra unleashed Holy upwards. The green and white energy’s converged, pushing against each other, as both Terra and Broly struggled to keep them in the fight.

In a flash, Holy engulfed the Eraser Cannon, filtering the green energy ball and converging it into hundreds of smaller blasts of energy. Holy dissipated, whilst the fragments of the Eraser Cannon exploded and launched sporadically around the area. One stray energy blast caught Terra in the left shoulder, making her fall back onto her backside with a yelp.

“Cura...!” Terra whimpered again. She was losing magic fast with how much Broly kept her on her toes, but the healing light that passed through her body, along with the adrenaline coursing through her veins, allowed for her to finally stand back to her feet. While Broly was distracted by the exploding light of Holy, Terra trudged over and yanked her sword free from the dirt.

“You won’t survive my next attack.” Broly announced to Terra, lowering himself to the ground next to Paragus. For his own safety, Paragus took a few cautious steps away from his son. With a wicked smirk, Broly leapt forwards, charging a large Ki Blast in his hands and swung his arm downwards towards the ground.

Terra watched through blurred eyesight as the Ki blast sped towards her along the ground. With a small whimper, Terra raised her arms and flipped to the side, allowing for the ball of Ki to simply speed right past her. Behind the Esper, the Ki collided with a far-off boulder, and completely disintegrated it. In response, Terra raised her right arm and covered it in a frosty glaze.

“Blizzara!” Terra shouted, throwing yet another ball of ice towards Broly in hopes of slowing him down. Much to her dismay, Broly sneered and backhanded the ice attack. Although it froze his arm, Broly quickly bathed himself in Ki and shattered it without second thought.

“That won’t work on me!” Broly screamed, charging forwards with his right arm held bent towards the side. Before Terra could even react, Broly collided with her, smashing into her face with his right bicep and violently carrying her forwards several meters, before quickly stopping and ripping his arm forwards; Terra being hit into the air with a strong right hook. Broly flew upwards to where Terra was, and held his arms together.

BOOM! A huge barrier of green Ki fulminated out of Broly’s body, slamming into Terra’s horribly bruised body and sending her spiralling downwards into a cliffside. The Esper’s body came unlodged from the side of the cliff, and she tumbled to the ground like a ragdoll. Terra laid sprawled face-down on the ground, weakly coughing and convulsing.

Terra rolled over onto her back, feeling liquid poor down her face and dripping from her chin onto the ground. Using her thumb, Terra did a quick wipe from her upper lip to her nose; sure enough, her thumb was coated and dripping with dark crimson blood. Using her sleeve, Terra quickly wiped her mouth and nose free of blood, staining her dress, although the faucet that had become her nose wouldn’t stop running. Soon enough, the amount of blood that was leaking from her face blurred her vision even further; she was completely light-headed.

“Alright, Broly! That’s enough.” Paragus ordered, activating his golden ring. With a surge of energy, Broly was forced to depower, making the Ki flee back into his body, and his hair to fade from bright blue back to black. Broly’s menacing face contorted back into that of disinterest, as he gained more control over himself.

“What now, father?” Broly asked quietly, looking on to Terra as blood streaming out of her nose and various other random parts of her body. She was very much alive, but completely passed out. The Legendary Super Saiyan flinched at the sight of her body; he knew exactly what he did, and so badly did he not want to have done it.

“Grab her body, Broly. We’re going to clean it up and prepare her for our experiments back at our hiding place.” Paragus explained. “It’s inconvenient to have to leave and come back, but... well, it’ll be worth it in the end. I still need information from her directly before we can make any progress in this world.”

“Okay...“ Broly sighed, trudging over to Terra’s bloodied body and scooping her up. He saw her sword lying a few feet off, and walked over to recover it. Gently, he placed the sword in Terra’s lap, and walked back over to his father. Paragus didn’t say a word, only issuing towards the Sealed Gate.

Blood trickled down Broly’s arm, although it wasn’t his own. It had been slowly but surely dripping down Terra’s cheek and onto him. Hesitantly, the Saiyan put Terra back down to the ground and walked up to the Sealed Gate. With a quick and powerful burst of Ki, the fabric between the two worlds ripped back open. Picking Terra back up, Broly and Paragus walked on through.

“Alright, Broly. Follow back to the base. We’re going to take a lesser known path, to make sure the Esper’s team doesn’t realize what transpired here.” Paragus explained, stepping in front of Broly and looking around the sky. He saw no airship, nobody looking for Terra; they were free to go.

Or... were they really out of sight? Broly was about to take off into the sky when he heard something creek behind him. Almost like a frightened animal, both Broly and Paragus turned on a time; Paragus having his fists raised, but Broly unable to do so. From beside the Sealed Gate, a young man in his early twenties kicked off of the stone wall and began walking towards the Saiyans.

“I was wrong to be so certain that we were safe...“ Paragus muttered to himself, eyebrows furrowed as the man walked closer. The man wore a large smirk on his face, and had a large curved dagger very visibly attached to his hip. Embellished with blue cloth tied all around his body, and a distinct blue bandana around his forehead, this man worried Paragus to no end. “Who are you?”

“Who am I?” The man chuckled, hand grazing his dagger ever so lovingly. “You’re the old man who tricked and beat up a friend of mine, I feel like I’m in the position to be asking questions. Although I guess it wouldn’t hurt to say it, you can call me Locke.”

Paragus grimaced and crossed his arms. “How did you find us?”

“Again with the question, my oh my...“ Locke sneered. “Listen, old man, it wasn’t that hard to notice that Terra was suddenly missing from the deck of our ship. Thankfully, Setzer and I were quick enough to find you three heading off, so we trailed you. Ran into a wall, quite literally, when the Sealed Gate closed back up. Figured you’d be out eventually, so Setzer went back to the airship and I waited here.”

“Well, you made a mistake in coming here! We’ve gotten what we want.” Paragus explained, laughing to hide his worry. “All you’re doing is coming here to die. Run along and pretend you never saw us, and we may spare your group.”

“Oh, please,” Locke rolled his eyes, finally gripping the hilt of his dagger and pulling it free, “you want us to just forget about the girl in your arms? You’re in for quite the surprise.”

Paragus was preparing a retort, although Locke was quite quick on his feet. In one fell swoop, Locke had slashed across both Paragus and Broly’s chests. The two Saiyans both recoiled from the swift strike, two very light yet distinct slash marks appearing. Paragus’s chest armor chipped away, and Broly’s own bare chest ripped open. Before Broly could drop Terra, however, Locke was quick to catch her, laying her down gently behind him.

“Lucky shot, if anything.” Paragus sneered, swiping away the armor shrapnel created from the slash, as Broly’s own chest wound completely healed itself. Locke watched Broly’s skin repair itself, his eyebrow raising with confusion. “Don’t think you’re equipped enough to take both me and my son down though, Locke.”

“I’m sure I could do a pretty good amount, to be honest.” Locke said, quickly looking around the area. “But I won’t need to. In fact, I think they’re already here.”

Before Paragus could inquire Locke on what he meant, the Falcon airship loomed overhead. Locke looked up and his smile widened, as Paragus looked up with a growing tension in their hearts. Suddenly, two figures leapt out of the airship and landed beside Locke.

“How’re you holding up, Locke?” Setzer asked, pulling out a dagger of his own. Locke chuckled and shrugged, making Setzer chuckle as well. “Well, no matter. Celes should have Terra patched up, and then we’ll take care of these capteurs.”

The woman who came alongside Setzer, Celes, bent down next to Terra, with a few items in her hands. Propping Terra up, Celes gave her a tonic, before pulling out a small tissue and wiping the blood from the Esper’s nose. “She should be alright now.” Celes informed Setzer and Locke, “Strong girl, she is. Bruises won’t heal with anything but time, though that shouldn’t bother her much.”

“Thanks, Celes. Always watching out for her, you are.” Locke commented, quickly turning to Celes. The blonde laid Terra back to the ground, then stood and unsheathed a long curved sword with a distinct blue handle and golden crossguard. Fully ready to fight, the three warriors stood armed and ready against Broly and Paragus, who themselves were ready for a fight.

“Broly, attack!” Paragus shouted after a second of dead air. The Legendary Super Saiyan stomped towards Locke, opening with a heavy backhand that the thief was barely able to avoid. With a duck, Locke slashed at Broly’s leg, and attempted to kick him backwards. To his dismay, the kick didn’t affect Broly whatsoever.

Broly grabbed hold of Locke’s leg, fully prepared to throw Locke, until his arm was... unable to move? Broly looked down to see his arm completely encased in ice. Celes looked proud of herself, as Locke yanked his leg free and flashed Celes a quick wink. With Broly distracted, Locke rushed forwards and shoulder bashed Broly backwards.

Paragus quickly ducked a slash from Setzer, jumping a few feet into the air and outstretching his arm. “Dead Punisher!” Paragus shouted, as the green Ki blast blasted out of his arm just as quickly as it formed. Setzer quickly looked to Celes, who turned away from Broly and now ran in front of Setzer. When the Dead Punisher collided with her, she oddly absorbed the blast, and then stepped aside.

“You’re all over the place, Celes!” Setzer joked, following up her attack by leaping into the air after Paragus. Setzer tried for another slash at Paragus, although Paragus was far more nimble in the air than he had realized. With a quick move to the side, Paragus avoided the attack, and delivered a powerful attack to Setzer’s stomach; causing the gambler to land harshly on the ground. Quickly, Setzer grunted and jumped back to his feet.

Meanwhile, Broly had recovered from the bodycheck, and began walking right back up to Locke. “Alright, big guy, let’s see what you—” Locke tried cooing, although Broly had punched him square in the jaw. Locke could hardly recoil, before Broly followed up with another hook, into a kick upwards. Locke flew up, before arching back down and landing on Terra’s body.

“Oh, jeez, sorry Terra...“ Locke grumbled as he shifted off of the Esper. Terra herself groaned a tad, one eye squinting open as she winced. Locke turned to look at her, seeing that she was finally awake; if only a little. “Oh, would you lookit that. Finally come to, didja?”

Locke smirked and wiped more fresh blood from Terra’s lip, watching out of the corner of his eye as Broly approached them. With a small chuckle, Locke stood back up and brandished his dagger. Broly finally reached the thief, raising his leg and delivering a powerful stomp towards Locke’s leg. With a quick sidestep, Locke avoided the stomp, raised his hand, and dug the dagger into Broly’s shoulder. Locke then used the dagger to flip over Broly, landing on his shoulders.

Broly waved around wildly, struggling to throw Locke off of him, as the thief began pulling on the dagger and cutting down Broly’s back. With a pained roar, Broly reached behind himself and grabbed hold of Locke’s arm, before throwing him off into a far-off cliffside. Broly then yanked the dagger out of his skin, throwing it as well, and having it land embedded in the wall right next to Locke’s face.

The Legendary Super Saiyan was fully prepared to continue his barrage on Locke, when he was suddenly blasted by a powerful wave of fire. Broly was sent flying onto his back, skidding a few meters. Sitting up, Broly’s eyes widened as he saw Terra, up and raring for action.

“Look who’s up!” Celes laughed, looking away from Paragus for a second. Terra politely smiled, lowered the hand she used to cast Fira, and raised her Enhancer sword back up in a ready position. Locke snickered, pulling the dagger out from the rock wall next to him, and quickly standing up.

“This is getting out of hand...“ Paragus grumbled, kicking Setzer away. “Broly, deal with them quickly and recapture the Esper! We cannot fail here!”

“Tough talk, old man! Blizzaga!” Celes yelled, charging up bright blue energy within her hand before unleashing it on Paragus. Unable to react, Paragus was struck by the powerful blast of ice, even more powerful than the Blizzara spell that Terra had been able to conjure. Having his entire body from the neck-down completely frozen within ice, Paragus was unable to move.

“Damn... Broly, come and get me out of here! This instant!” Paragus commanded, unable to even feel the golden ring he had, which he assumed was due to the ice. Broly attempted to get to his father, although now he had four warriors on his back. Before he could even reach Paragus, Setzer ran up and kicked the Saiyan back.

“Alright, let’s just end this already!” Locke cheered, jumping towards Broly and slashing at the Legendary Super Saiyan’s arm with his dagger. Broly attempted to strike back at Locke, until he felt another strike rip at his own arm, due to Celes and her own blade. Broly growled through gritted teeth, unable to decide which of the two aggressors to attack first.

“Tornado!” Terra waved her arm forwards, with winds picking up around her and blew towards Broly. A decently large tornado was created, giving time for Locke and Celes to jump backwards. Broly was picked up by the tornado, screaming a horrible scream as it spun him around wildly. After nearly an entire minute, the tornado dissipated, and blasted Broly hundreds of meters away with a final gust of wind.

Paragus struggled within his icy prison, watching with horror as Broly was teamed-up on, and knocked far away. “Y-you think you’ve won... But my son is far more powerful than that!”

“He’s right... Broly can become far more powerful, I’ve seen it.” Terra admitted, pointing to her bruises and wounds as proof. “But I know, together, we can win. Right?”

“Of course.” Setzer smiled. “We’re in this together, as always. Besides, what battle have we entered that isn’t a gamble? Let’s just give it our all!”

“I took something from that old guy, too!” Locke admitted, reaching behind himself and feeling around with his hand, before pulling out a shiny, golden ring. “Looked important, was pretty shiny too. Figured Celes might like it, y’know?”

Celes rolled her eyes with a hint of a smirk, although Paragus himself was freaking out. Eyes widened, now struggling in the ice far more than before, clearly Locke had done something he REALLY didn’t like. “Thief! You thief. You don’t understand what you’re doing! You have to give that back, now!”

Locke gave Paragus a side-glance and snickered, fiddling the ring around in his hands. “You calling me a thief? I prefer, uh, treasure hunter.” Locke said. “What is this thing, anyways? Heirloom? Just looks like jewelry to me.”

Quickly, the quartet shot their attention over to... something in the distance. The sky began turning, from its original blue to an extremely deep green. The whole area was being bathed in Ki; of course it was. Terra turned to Locke and then to the ring in his hands.

“That ring... It’s some sort of torture device. For Broly.” Terra explained. “I don’t know how it works, I don’t want to know why. That man used it to control Broly, to hold him back.”

“Like that crown Arvis found you wearing... Right?” Setzer asked, walking up to Locke and examining the ring. Terra hesitantly nodded, hating the thought of the Slave Crown that Kefka had used on her so long ago. From the background, Paragus continued to struggle.

“Yes, you fools, I use that ring to hold back his power! If you don’t activate it quickly, Broly will—” Paragus shouted, although he was cut off by a monstrous scream. Growing louder and louder, Broly was gaining power incredibly quickly. Before the team even knew it, the ring in Locke’s hand began to spark.

“What the hell’s going on, old man!?” Locke shouted, fumbling the golden ring as it sparked. Far off, Broly’s pained screams turned to horribly vicious laughs. Thunder began rumbling in the sky, with huge lightning strikes cracking at the earth. The entire planet began to shake, and crack, much like it did for Kefka; a memory none of Terra’s party wanted to remember.

Lava erupted from the earth, as lightning continued to strike down upon it. Broly laughed, and laughed, and laughed, looking up to the sky, the crown on his forehead cracking and finally exploding. Similarly, the sides of Broly’s mouth, and even around his eyes, began cracking open like that of the planet. Shrouded in a green light, Broly finally... combusted.

Light covered the land, so explosive and blinding that Paragus was thrown out of his icy prison. The quartet of Terra, Setzer, Celes, and Locke, all covered their eyes as they were thrown several feet backwards onto their backs with a thud. Paragus scrambled to his feet, running to where Locke landed to find the remains of his golden ring, but it was far too late.

“My mission was to capture the Esper, not destroy us along with the entire planet! Broly can’t be controlled anymore, we’re all doomed!” Paragus frantically screamed, throwing the pieces of his ring in anger. Almost as a response to him throwing the pieces of the ring, the earth cracked before him, separating Paragus and Locke from the rest of the group.

“Dammit, not this shit again!” Locke cursed the planet’s fragility, running to the edge of the cliffside. Lava was the only thing separating Locke from Celes and the others, though even he wasn’t bold enough to trust himself to make a jump of that size; Locke didn’t gamble with fate, he was no Setzer.

Setzer, himself, was cursing many things. He looked around, the Falcon nowhere to be seen. At the very least, he knew that Celes, Locke, and Terra were okay. Terra was shakily lifted to her feet by Celes, the two girls looking on to where Broly had been. In place of the quiet Broly, was truly a monster.

“Did you ants think you could defeat me with such little power?” Broly maniacally laughed, stomping towards the group. Terra definitely noticed something different from him, even compared to the other monstrous form he had assumed against her. Aside from the crown on his forehead completely missing, he had grown several sizes in muscle mass; as if Terra didn’t think Broly had already dwarfed her before. Eyes were now completely white, missing pupils, with extremely distinct bright green hair. Long gone was the gentle spirit that Terra could sense was hiding in Broly’s heart, completely swamped by this monster.

“Terra, stay behind me.” Celes commanded, gently pushing her way to the forefront. She was a former general after all, and saw herself as almost a big sister to Terra. Holding her sword firmly, Terra knew that all of them would need to work together to even stand a chance.

“Bad time, but...“ Setzer spoke up to Celes, although he didn’t keep his focus off of Broly. “Does this form remind you of...“

“Kefka’s?” Celes asked. Setzer shook his head, but then waited a second and shrugged.

“Well... maybe. But I was thinking more of...“ Setzer flashed his eyes over to Terra, then quickly looked back forwards. “Y’know.”

“How can you say that?” Celes scolded Setzer. The gambler rubbed the back of his head, knowing it was a stupid thought, and quickly dismissed it. “Let’s just focus on the fight at hand, yeah?”

“You’ve done well to last this long, worms, but your time is up!” Broly boomed, finally turning his walk into a full-on sprint. The group tensed their bodies as Broly grew closer and closer. Before he could reach them, Celes waved her arm and silently conjured another Blizzaga.

The huge wave of ice neared Broly, and passed through him like a big gust of wind. Much to everyone’s dismay, it was nothing more than just that; a gust of wind. It only slowed him down. Broly wasn’t frozen whatsoever, and continued his monstrous run. Finally reaching the ground, Broly targeted Celes, and threw a powerful right cross punch. Although Celes had raised her sword to block the attack, the force of the blow was just too much to handle.

Celes soared backwards, and was sent over the crevasse in the ground that had been separating her from Locke. Celes began to fall into the crevasse, as she could feel the lava near her and get increasingly warmer and warmer. That’s when suddenly, her fall came to a stop.

Locke let out a deeply pained whimper, as he was only able to grab hold of Celes’s blade. Suspended by Celes’s own weapon, it cut deeper and deeper into Locke’s palm the longer and tighter he clung onto it. Celes looked up and warmly smiled, seeing that Locke had dove to save her.

“Ahh... Come on, ey, make this easier on me!” Locke yelled, his hand dripping crimson blood onto Celes’s clothing and forehead. As soon as she realized the situation she was in, Celes reached up with her other hand, and grabbed hold of Locke. Painfully, Locke pulled Celes onto the top of the cliff.

“Thank you, Locke.” Celes said warmly, taking out a tonic and spreading it over Locke’s palm. Broly watched the entire situation play out, and gave a roar of laughter.

“What does teamwork accomplish? Your power is still worthless to me!” Broly beckoned. Seeing his opening, Setzer unleashed his Slot ability, which landed upon Dive Bomb. Without hesitation, Broly was pummeled by explosion after explosion, although the sinister expression on his face didn’t change. After swatting the explosions away like flies, Broly trudged up to Setzer, and unleashed a backhanded smash.

Setzer howled in pain, blood streaming from his mouth as he recoiled from the smack and skidded on the ground. Terra looked over in horror, as Setzer lay defeated on the ground, rubbing his face in pain. Broly continued to laugh.

“You monster! Broly, why are you doing this?” Terra asked out of desperation, not wanting to fight any longer. All of her friends, in an instant, had been hurt horribly by Broly already. The Legendary Super Saiyan simply turned to face her.

“Monster? A monster, you say? No... I am a devil!” Broly announced, arms extending beside him as his Ki began to explode out of him once more. The platform around Broly began to decompose, scaring Terra. Knowing that the cliff they were standing on was soon to be destroyed, Terra weakly picked up Setzer’s body, and leaped to a smaller island. Sure enough, Broly’s explosive power completely destroyed the island of which they had been standing.

Paragus watched the entire scene in a total state of shock. Setzer, the man who gave even him a fair amount of trouble, was completely decimated by Broly in a single hit. Backing up a little, Paragus tried to think of some way to escape. Behind him was the Sealed Gate, which had just recently closed back up.

Running to the Sealed Gate now, Paragus tried all he could to open it back up. Even if he could open it just a little, all Paragus needed to do was slip into the dimension of the Esper World without Broly noticing, and he would be safe for a time. Using as much power as he could to be discreet, Paragus opened a small hole in the gate, but it wasn’t quite enough to—

“Where do you think you’re going, dad?” Broly sneered, catching sight of Paragus’s escape plan, and ignoring Terra’s team for a moment just to deal with this. Sweat slowly dripped down Paragus’s face, as he slowly turned to face the monster his son had become.

“B-Broly!” Paragus gasped, trying his best to sound like he wasn’t completely falling apart at the seams. “My son, I... I was preparing to go to the Esper World, for when you defeat the Esper! It was just preparation, you see!” Broly clearly didn’t see his father eye-to-eye.

“What happened to going back to the base, father?” Broly sneered as he picked Paragus up by his cloak. “Don’t tell me... YOU WERE TRYING TO ESCAPE?! AHAHAHAHA!”

Broly held his father up high, as Paragus struggled to break free of Broly’s grip. Paragus was a cruel father, but he knew the gentle eyes of his son when he saw them. Nothing was left of his son, he was killed long ago when King Vegeta sunk a dagger into his skin. How ironic it was, the Legendary Super Saiyan who saved him from the destruction of Planet Vegeta would be the one to kill him. Paragus stopped struggling and smiled, as Broly charged an energy blast in his free hand. “What a way to go, don’t you think?” Paragus said through strained breaths, while Broly charged the blast that was to kill him. “Truly, in these final moments, I am sorry.”

“Apologizing will not erase the sins... you have committed!” Broly yelled, raising his energy blast and holding it up to Paragus’s torso. The blast engulfed Paragus and the Sealed Gate behind him, reducing both to nothing more than ash. With that out of his way, the Legendary Super Saiyan turned and pointed at Terra.

“You, girl. Who’s caused me so much trouble.” Broly began walking to Terra’s location, who had looked up from treating Setzer’s wound. “You will be the next to die!”

Terra had nothing to say. All she could do is step in front of Setzer’s healing body and raise her sword. With a boost of adrenaline, Broly was flooded with Ki, and flew towards Terra at blinding speeds. Locke had prepared to intercept Broly’s assault, although he was quickly batted aside into Celes, toppling the two of them both over. “My power is rising... It’s OVERFLOWING!” Broly screamed, reaching Terra and kicking her in the chest.

The Esper skidded on the ground before flipping back to her feet, raising a hand and casting Cura; wounds closing slowly in preparation for the next attack. Broly flew forwards again, as Terra readied another magic attack. “Holy!” The Esper shouted, blasting a wave of blindingly bright white energy blasts Broly’s way.

With a snicker, Broly smacked aside most of the Holy blasts, only allowing for a few to hit his body; although, even then, the active Ki shield Broly had up at all times seemingly deflected them. Broly finally made it to Terra and threw a right hook, although she was quickly able to duck out of the way and swing her sword arm at Broly’s open defences. To her dismay, the sword simply bounced off of Broly’s overwhelmingly powerful Ki.

Terra let out a small gasp, as Broly quickly turned and elbowed Terra in the face. The Esper skidded backwards, nearing a cliff more and more before slowing to a stop. Terra leaned over the edge backwards, the dark crimson blood dripping from her cheek and falling down, down, into the lava far below. Terra tried pulling herself up to safety, but Broly had already begun walking towards her. Reaching down, Broly wrapped his hand around Terra’s waist and lifted her high.

“Now, Esper... You’ve done well to last this long, but your time is up!” Broly announced, unleashing several more uncontrolled, monstrous laughs. Terra struggled as much as she could, trying to break out of Broly’s grasp, but his hand didn’t budge. Locke, Celes, and even the weakened Setzer, looked on to the two with a mixture of terror and anger.

Celes raised her arms to cast some sort of magic, but she didn’t have the strength to do anything. Locke held her, trying his best to look away from the horror ahead. Broly screamed, raising Terra up high, before throwing her like a meteor into the crevasse. Immediately after throwing her, Broly charged a green Ki blast in his hand, and launched it down after her. Celes held Locke tighter, letting out a small whimper and ripping her eyes away from the scene.

Terra weakly looked down as she plummeted down the crevasse. Below her, a pit of lava. Above, a large lethal ball of Ki. Terra was completely trapped, completely unable to move, barely even think. Both the lava and Ki blast grew closer to her, sandwiching her between two certain deaths. Terra closed her eyes and hugged her arms tightly.

The crevasse exploded outwards with green light, rumbling the earth tremendously. Almost as soon as the green energy erupted from the crevasse, Broly turned his attention elsewhere; looking onwards to Locke and Celes. “Did you truly think you could defeat me with such little power? You will be my next victims!” Broly cackled. Locke let go of Celes, tightly gripping his dagger and walking towards the Saiyan; face painted with deep, deep hatred.

“You think you can just get away with that, huh? You vile, horrible...“ Locke growled through gritted teeth, stomping towards Broly. Soon, all that stood between the two being the chasm from which Terra was thrown. Locke held his dagger up, bent his legs, and looked up to Broly.

Locke finally kicked off the ground, jumping towards Broly, when... he was blasted backwards. Broly, too, skidded backwards, holding his hand up to his face. A pink light suddenly blasted out of the abyss, essentially creating a light wall between Locke and Broly.

Celes ran to Locke, lifting him to his feet as they gawked at the pink light before them. Setzer, too, had finally gotten back up, and smirked. From within the chasm, an ethereal, glowing pink being arose, facing the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly was clearly unaware, although even he could connect the dots. Locke, Celes, and Setzer cheered as they saw the being before them. It was Terra!

“It’s alright, everyone! Get to safety, please!” Esper Terra pleaded, looking over to the trio. Her entire body had become god-like, stripped of all her clothing, and completely compiled as a mass of pink magical energy. Her very being radiated an overwhelming pink aura, which matched even that of Broly’s own green Ki. Broly’s expression of maniacal pleasure turned to one of anger. “And you, Broly. I’m going to put an end to all the destruction that you and your father have brought, now!”

Broly couldn’t even think of unleashing an attack, before Esper Terra flipped over him, latching onto his back. Holding tightly, Terra used her magic to fly high up into the air while Broly struggled, before kicking him away from her. Locke, Celes, and Setzer looked high up into the sky, so far away now that Terra and Broly only appeared to look like pink and green dots respectively. Terra flew high into the air, knowing that she would bring danger to her friends if she hadn’t.

“You dare challenge me again, scum?” Broly grumbled, still shocked that Terra was able to recover; especially in a form like this. “You may have cheated death once, although I would’ve stayed dead if I were you! I’m going to slaughter you!”

Broly flew forwards towards Terra at incredibly high speeds, charging green balls of Ki into both of his hands. Broly threw both forwards in succession towards Esper Terra, who was able to fly around the first one. When the second blast arrived, Terra collided with it, delivering a powerful kick upon it and launching it back at Broly. The Legendary Super Saiyan dodged out of the way of the blast narrowly.

Terra put her hands together, gathering a huge collection of fire within before launching it at Broly. The Saiyan put his hands out, holding the Fira blast off from hitting him, although it seemed difficult for him to push away; much to his dismay. While Broly was holding off the blast, Esper Terra flipped behind him and kicked him in the back. Broly fell forwards into the Fira, being engulfed in the attack.

Falling downwards with his chest steaming, Broly grabbed hold of his chest and stopped his descent, beginning to fly back upwards towards Terra. The Esper raised her hands up, and a white light gathered within. “Holy!” Esper Terra called, as the white light grew bigger and bigger. Broly couldn’t reach Terra before she threw the holy light at him.

“You will lay dead at my feet!” Broly screamed, arms convulsing besides him as a green barrier exploded out of his body. The Holy attack was completely dissolved by this energy barrier, and it began to reach Terra as well. The Esper touched the barrier and was sent flying a few feet backwards.

Broly looked back towards the Esper, taking down the barrier as she flew backwards, and racing towards her. Flying next to her now, Broly punched Terra’s body several times, before grabbing her by the face and blowing it up with green energy. Terra spun backwards, but seemed to be mainly fine, as she turned and blasted another Fira.

Down, hundreds of meters below, Locke, Celes, and Setzer, had been certain the cracked surroundings for their Airship. They figured it couldn’t have gone far, and, sure enough, they were right. Clearly, the Falcon had been blown off course by the incredible power unleashed during the battle. The trio climbed into the Falcon, and were greeted by the rest of their group, who had been struggling to get the airship to where they wanted to go.

Locke entered the lower deck and was approached by their Samurai comrade, Cyan. “Sir Locke! I am fain thou art good now. But Terra, where is the lady?” Cyan asked, looking around the room to no avail. Locke sighed a tad, putting his hand on Cyan’s shoulder and walking past him.

“She’s still out there, fighting that monster.” Setzer explained, getting to the controls of the Falcon. The small sassy artist, Relm, perked up upon hearing this, and shot her fists to her side.

“So you turned tail running back here and just left her out there?!” Relm shouted, clearly very mad at the prospect of leaving Terra. “Get back out there, help her!”

Setzer turned and chuckled at Relm’s hotheaded nature, turning to look at Relm for a quick second. “Well, if you’d give me a second. That’s exactly what we’re about to do.”

The Falcon took off into the air, flying higher and higher into the air. Locke, Celes, Cyan, and Relm ran out to the top deck of the airship, watching as Terra and Broly’s fight grew closer and closer into view. “There she is! Terra’s in that Esper form!” Relm shouted, pointing at the ethereal Esper form with awe.

As the Falcon neared, Esper Terra turned, noticing as her friends were coming even closer to the fight than before. Perhaps they were trying to assist her, give her physical or emotional support; Terra didn’t know, but it worried her. The closer they were, the more danger they were put in. The Esper peered onto the top deck, where she saw Relm, Locke, Celes, and Cyan, among few others, pumping their fists and cheering her on.

“Oh, look! More bugs to squash! HAHAHA!” Broly roared with laughter again. Terra tried to warn the team to stay away, although Broly was far quicker on his feet; landing a strong cross punch across her face. Terra flipped backwards a tad, knowing she would just need to fight Broly off before concerning herself with her friends. They could handle themselves. Flying towards Broly, Terra spun around another green Ki blast, and kicked the Saiyan across the face, before sending him flying backwards with a powerful blast of Holy.

Broly came to, and put his hand on his chest. The Holy blast stung, horribly, and left residue of glowing white energy on him. Why was his Ki not healing his body from the attack? Broly couldn’t wrap his head around it whatsoever. He was invincible! Or... at least, he thought he was. Everyone feared him, even his father had feared him, so how could he lose now? The Legendary Super Saiyan; a term he felt he should be proud of. Deep in his conscious, buried down, Broly felt like a spectator in his own body. But he knew even the monster controlling his body was just as surprised that he could be losing.

“You will pay for that!” Broly screamed, Ki exploding from his body once again. Terra looked solemnly at the Legendary Super Saiyan. He looked like a cornered animal now. Broly screamed and charged towards Terra, as she conjured yet another Blizzara to slow him down. Broly felt himself freezing up, being pushed back more and more, despite how much he tried to fight it. Broly’s screams grew louder, as he reached Terra and extended out his palm. Almost immediately, Terra released Blizzara, and ducked out of the way of Broly’s Ki blast barrage.

“I didn’t want to do this, Broly!” Terra admitted, kicking the Legendary Super Saiyan backwards. “I could tell from the beginning that you were just following your father’s orders, because... maybe you thought it was right, maybe you just wanted to do right by him. But what you became, what you’re threatening to do, I cannot allow any of it to continue. I’m sorry.”

Esper Terra kicked off of Broly’s head, knocking him backwards before flipping back to face the Legendary Super Saiyan. Terra flared up with a bright blue energy, holding her right arm above her head as it glowed and sparkled with blue as well. The entire universe seemed to shake from Broly’s viewpoint, as he clenched his teeth and struggled to keep his arms in front of his face. “W-what are you...?”

“I can protect everything!” Terra exclaimed, holding her arms to her side now and spinning around at extreme speeds. The blue light pouring out of her body grew brighter and brighter, before she finally stopped spinning and faced Broly, throwing her arms in an X motion. “I WON’T BE DEFEATED! RIOT BLADE!”

Locke and the others leaned over the edge of the Falcon in awe, feeling the airship shake a little in the presence of the attack. Multiple bright blue beams fired out of Terra’s arms, all in X formations, all aimed straight for Broly’s chest. With each and every slice of the Riot Blade, Broly’s body was cut through deeper and deeper, falling towards the earth with blood spewing from his chest. As Broly plummeted, Esper Terra flew downwards, and collided with Broly’s body. The two screamed; Broly’s scream in pain, and Terra’s in determination. Broly’s body finally collided with the planet, damaged even further by Terra’s push, As soon as Broly helplessly struck the planet, an astronomically large explosion erupted out.

Esper Terra flew off of Broly’s body after the collision occurred, and looked down to him dolefully. Blood spurted from Broly’s body, as he lay unmoving in an enormous crater. Body scared, burned, bloodied, and bruised, Broly was completely defeated. Even the overwhelming Ki within his body could barely sustain his Legendary Super Saiyan form, hair flickering between green and black slowly. With one final sad glance, Terra flew back up into the sky, to the Falcon.

Landing on the deck of the Falcon, Terra’s pink ethereal form faded back into her regular state. All of her friends ran up to her, and enveloped her in a cheerful hug. “So you did it, then?” Locke asked, with a large smile on his face. “You never fail to surprise us, you know.”

“Truly, incredible.” Celes said, hugging Terra tighter as any big sister would. From the back, Setzer, who had just come up from piloting the airship, gave a proud clap. Terra blushed a tad, and even managed a smile, although she couldn’t help but feel saddened.

“Thank you, everyone.” Terra thanked quietly, humble as always. “I truly do not like to fight. But I’m glad that... everyone is safe, of course.”

“We might as well get back to the surface, then.” Setzer sighed, his smile turning to a grimace. “Like it or not, but those two warriors only managed to ruin the world on top of what Kefka had already done. We’ll need to salvage what we can, and…”

“I... I don’t want to think about that right now...“ Terra exhaled, as her friends stepped away out of the group hug. “I might go take a rest. If that is okay.”

Locke put his hand on Terra’s shoulder. “Of course. We’ll watch out here for anything. You deserve it after all that, Terra.”

The Esper warmly smiled and began walking to the deck. She didn’t get far, though. Locke’s ears perked up, and he raced to the edge of the Falcon, peering over the rail. The entire planet... it let out a horrible, horrible moan. It sounded as if the entire planet was shaking. Terra’s heart dropped even further, she just wanted it all to be done. Setzer ran to the lower deck, quickly moving the Falcon towards the earth so everyone could see what was going on. Terra peered into the crater in which she had left Broly, thinking he was finally dead...

But he wasn’t there. He wasn’t anywhere close to there. From within the cracks of the planet, green light erupted out of it. Terra quickly leaped off of the Falcon, transforming into her Esper form once again. Terra flew into one of the chasms of the planet, nearly blinded by the overwhelming green light. The closer she got to the center of the planet, the more Terra could hear agonized screams.

“Broly! Broly, please stop!” Terra commanded weakly, still having her arms cover her face for protection. Broly could no longer hear reason, he didn’t even take a look at Terra. All he could do is scream, the Ki within him refusing to stop pouring out of every crevice of his body. The Legendary Super Saiyan’s body cracked under the extreme power of his Ki, tearing the world apart from its very center.

Esper Terra tried to approach him, trying to stop him in any way that she could. But it was impossible. Every time Terra even tried getting within a few feet of Broly, a wave of Ki would push her back that much farther. “Broly! BROLY!” Terra called, knowing in her heart that it was hopeless. Covering her arms, Terra’s final thoughts were of concern for her friends. They must be so confused on the surface of the planet. Terra whimpered, and then screamed.


Ki passed through Terra’s body. It passed through the entire planet. In one, final, devastating blast, Broly’s screams reached their peak. The entire planet had finally combusted. The Falcon, and all of Terra’s friends aboard, were no longer to be seen. Large chunks of rock flew off of the planet, flying off far into space.

Continents, islands, every land of mass that Terra and her friends could once call home, all of it split apart and crumbled. Finally, Broly’s screams stopped, and he floated through space. The planet was no more. Terra was no more. Her friends were no more. He didn’t know what to think, if he was even capable of doing so.

Blood spurted out of his chest from the wounds he had suffered long before. Even now, it seemed his body did not heal him. Broly’s hair faded from green to black, and his eyes closed. One day, all the astronomical wounds he suffered would disappear. One day, he would return, as the Legendary Super Saiyan, to destroy yet another world. Today would not be that day.

Nearby planets were struck by the giant masses of land that split off from Broly’s explosion, and suffered irrecoverable damage as well. Paragus was gone, no longer able to guide Broly and order him around. Nobody could ensure that the universe would be safe, from this point forward. Truly, the breeze was harsh.


Boomstick: Whoa! Things got really heated, really fast! I was hoping for a happy end, too...

Wiz: Sad as it may be, Boomstick, this outcome was inevitable. Although Terra is an extremely formidable fighter in her own right, you simply cannot expect her to stand up against the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Boomstick: Unfortunately, I can’t argue with that! When it comes to agility, Terra is incredibly competent, given her stature and her status as an Esper! However, Broly even tops her in that! Although Terra can travel across the entire world in a very short amount of time using her Esper form, that’s nothing compared to Broly!

Wiz: That’s right. If we look at similar feats in Dragon Ball, we can see that Terra met her match as early as the Namek Saga. After healing from his wounds suffered at the hands of Captain Ginyu, Son Goku travelled around the entirety of Planet Namek in order to challenge Frieza.

Boomstick: Something he was stated to have done in mere moments, which we can loosely compare to Terra! Since Planet Namek is around the same size as Earth, we can assume Terra would thus be around as fast as Namek Saga Goku!

Wiz: But, even though that is an incredible feat to have, it pales in comparison to Broly. Note, when Son Goku performed that feat, it was before he had even unlocked Super Saiyan. Goku would go on to unlock Super Saiyan,and train with it immensely, before he even encountered Broly. And even then, after that, Broly was still able to leave Goku completely in the dust.

Boomstick: So it’s fair to say Broly is much faster than Terra, then! But how about in terms of power, you ask? Surely, if Terra can overpower Broly, then speed shouldn’t matter as much. Unfortunately, again... she doesn’t.

Wiz: Yes. Although Terra can compare to people like Kefka Palazzo, who inherited the power of the Warring Triad, this would at most mean she had the strength to take out an entire planet. This is in her Esper form, mind you, the strongest she can get.

Boomstick: Broly, on the other hand... Well, he casually wiped out an entire galaxy! And if you somehow don’t believe that, just turn to Goku again, who, during his fight with Broly, had already far surpassed Frieza; who himself casually blew up planets all the time! Terra could put up a good fight, but she would eventually give out in the end.

Wiz: Exactly, Terra could put up a could fight. In line with Broly’s character, her power would certainly amuse him. But he simply dwarfs her in any way that counts. She’s outclassed in both speed and strength, and none of her magic abilities can really make up for it.

Boomstick: The Esper put up a good fight against the Legendary Super Saiyan, but ultimately she had to meet a Terra-ble end!

Wiz: The winner is, Broly.