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Teostra is an Elder Dragon from the Monster Hunter series of video games.

Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far[]


A brutal male Elder Dragon with breath of flame and expert control over fire. Its vile temperament means anyone who approaches is subject to fire and brimstone. Known to attack towns, the Guild keeps tabs on its movements.
~ Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Hunters Notes
Brutal elder dragons clothed in flame that spit blazing fire. Teostra are of such a fierce and deadly nature that the Guild keeps track of their movements whenever possible.
~ Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Hunters Notes

Death Battle Info[]


  • Title: the emperor of fire
  • One of two elder dragons known as Fire Wyverns.
  • Considered a "True" Elder Dragon
  • Looks like a lion.


  • Breathes a huge stream of fire
  • Excels at jumping
  • Can ignite the air around it by creating a spark
  • Can induce Blastblight
  • Claws, teeth and tail


  • Weak to water, ice and dragon
  • Cannot breathe fire if head horns are broken and tail is severed