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Tails Doll
Tails Doll
Tails' Doll-476

Tails Doll, sometimes mistakenly called Puppet Tails, is a character that originally appeared in the 1997 video game, Sonic R, but is primarily known as the antagonist of a popular Creepypasta.

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Death Battle Info

(Disclaimer: Don't add feats, weaknesses, or powers from his Creepypasta counterpart.)


  • Height: 2'5
  • Weight: 23 Ibs
  • Alias: Puppet Tails

Powers and Abilities

  • Can keep up with Classic Sonic, Classic Knuckles, Classic Tails, and Classic Metal Sonic.
  • Can float and levitate
  • (Archie only) Can transform into a giant monstrous form of itself that was able to take hits from Post-Genesis Wave Sonic and was only able to be damaged after both Sonic and Tails spin-dashed into him. Can also harm Post-Genesis Wave Tails in this state.
    • Can regenerate any damage it gets by absorbing material.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • If his gem is cut off he becomes inactive; as the gem is his power source.
  • Cant hide in the dark because of its glowing gem.
  • Is made of fluff.
  • Cant really punch or kick enemies due to being fluff of course.


  • Sonic Mania introduces the 'Amy Doll', which bares a lot of similarities to Tails Doll.