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Superman vs Godzilla
Season 2, Episode 11 (Season 2 Finale)
Vital statistics
Air date February 20, 2015
Written by Maxevil
Directed by Maxevil
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Superman vs Godzilla is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


DC vs Toho! Which of these powerful characters is the deadliest? Sure to be the ultimate Death Battle episode of all time!


Wiz: Now this should be interesting for our fans.

Boomstick: I hope this will be the best battle ever!

Wiz: On a previous Death battle, we pitted Superman , the Man of Steel, against Goku the tenacious Super Saiyan against each other twice and both times Superman turned out to be victorious...

Boomstick: ...and so did Godzilla , the King of Monsters, when we pitted him against Gamera, Guardian of the Universe, though that is just once.

Wiz: But which of these 2 is the ultimate champion? To find out our answer, we bring these two champions back to be pitted against each other.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and, skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.


Wiz: Kal-El was born from the dying planet Krypton, but was then sent to Earth.

Boomstick: And he landed in the farm of some country folks, then is renamed by his earth family as Clark Kent. But then, he eventually became the famous superhero that we all know and love...Superman.

Wiz: Now we know that Superman is at his powerful when he gets his energy from the sun, so it is basically a healing factor.

Boomstick: Supes also has his super sense like his X-Ray vision, which can enable him to see everything but lead. Plus, he can super hear things from far away, and has super sites to see small objects closer or see objects from far away. Not to mention he still has his Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, 2 different super breaths, and even has laser eyes to melt and or burn shit with.

Wiz: But there is a catch, the more he uses his laser beam eyes, the more his solar energy gets used up. Also, not only is he super strong, he is also super smart, because he has a super brain, he has a perfect photographic memory and he can read and memorize DNA, and if that's not enough, he is also quite the tactician and is a technological genius.

Boomstick: Supes also has a certain number of martial arts known in his skills, such as pressure points with...The BATMAN! He also knows Hand-to-Hand with Wonder-babe as well, and even Boxing with Wildcat.

Wiz: And even though he looks invincible, his weaknesses are well known since his last time on Death Battle.

Boomstick: We all know that Superman gets damaging effects from Kryptonite.

Wiz: That glowing green stone simply drains Superman's powers, but when the Kryptonite is removed, you think he just gets his powers back, huh? Sorry, but he gets his powers mainly from the sun.

Boomstick: But it won't matter, Superman has accomplished so much, let's see if he has that chance with the King of Monsters himself?

Superman: This looks like a job for Superman.


Wiz: Godzilla was once one of the dinosaurs who laid dormant at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Boomstick: But until the year 1954, we dumb Americans tested our hydrogen bombs there, but the process was a disaster in which it both awakened and mutated him, turning him into the unpredictable giant monster we all know and love today, as...Godzilla!

Wiz: He stands at 355 ft. and weights up to 90,000 tons; but he does feed on radiation to get his powers and all, and surprisingly he is quite the master of Judo and Boxing.

Boomstick: He uses his powers to fight armies and rival giant monsters on occasion, like his two different atomic breaths, regular and spiral style; he also has the Nuclear Pulse, a short range attack made of nuclear energy emitted from his sharp dorsal plated body.

Wiz: Don't forget, he has godly strength, can breathe underwater, has uncanny durability, and despite being weak to electricity, he has magnetic powers to attract certain types of metal including Steel.

Boomstick: Speaking of Weaknesses, Big G can be attack in the gills to stun his breathing, he is also slow, and can be quite clumsy due to his size. But let's not forget his accomplishments like winning his 44 out of 60 of his monster matches; 45 out of 61 if one were to count his last match with his rival Gamera.

Wiz: He's also survived and escaped a Black Hole, Matched the Strength of Thor, spent half a day battling Rodan, Survived the Absolute Zero Cannon, lifted and threw his rival Kaizer Ghidorah, and defeated 10 Monsters in a row in the Final Wars.

Boomstick: Godzilla may have what it takes to win against the Man of Steel.

Godzilla roars.



Wiz: All right, the combatants are set, let's end the debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!


Superman flies about double checking to see if there are no crimes going on. Then, the weather gets cloudy.

Superman: Hmm, a good chance that rain can happen. I better check real quick before...

Superman is then interrupted by a strange roar he can hear with his super hearing, he uses his telescopic vision to find the source of the roar, which is revealed to be Godzilla coming out of the water and attacking many armies that try to stop him.

Superman: Looks like I might have to put this monster down big time.

He then flies over and confronts Godzilla.

Superman: Look here, big fella, either you take the easy way in which you leave the lives of innocent people alone and go back to where you came from, or we can do this the hard way.

Godzilla then roars directly in Superman's face.

Superman: So you want to do this the hard way, huh? Fine by me, but don't say I didn't warn you.


Superman tries to use his arctic breath to cool off Godzilla, but Godzilla counters it with his Nuclear Pulse.

Superman: Hmm, guess you don't like things cold, well how about this?

Superman flies about using his martial arts and a few laserbeam eye attacks, he was able to disable Godzilla's joints and tries to go for the gills, but Godzilla whacks Superman away from them, recovering fast, Godzilla picks up the Lexcorp building and throws it at Superman and got a direct hit. As the soot and ashes clear off, Superman appears to be standing straight.

Superman: That guy looks tougher than I thought.

But then Superman notices a green glow, coming from behind him, it was kryptonite.

Superman: What?! Oh, Not now! Not when I have this big reptile to take care of.

As Superman gets weaker, Godzilla approaches. Fortunately for Superman, Godzilla ate the kryptonite; Unfortunately for Superman though, Godzilla became much stronger than before.

Superman: Oh, great; I don't know whether to thank the monster or not, I better take care of him quick.

Superman then flies to Godzilla, lifting him by the tail and they reach into space, while Godzilla roars in pain.

Superman Sorry to do this to you big guy, but this is where you stop!

Superman then heads back to earth as fast as he can, and throws Godzilla into the ocean.

Superman: (gasping) Good...Riddance.

But just then Godzilla pops out of the water and roars in anger.

Superman: What?! He survived that? Oh yeah, I forgot, my power was drained since the kryptonite incident. Must fly to the sun.'

Superman tries to retreat to the sun to get its energy, but then he notices something; even though he is flying about, he is stuck because it is revealed that Godzilla is using his magnetic powers to attract Superman to the beast.

Superman: I know I was always called 'The Man of Steel", but this is ridiculous!

As he said the last word, he ran out of energy and was attracted to Godzilla's grip, and then Godzilla puts Superman in his mouth and chews on him with drips of Superman's blood coming out of Godzilla's Mouth. After Godzilla swallows Superman, he lets out a roar of victory, and resumes his destruction on the city.



Boomstick: Wow, That has got to be one of the most epic Death Battles we made! Of Course, I can understand how a Fruit Gusher can feel if Big G ate me.

Wiz: Right, Even though Superman bested Godzilla in Strength and Speed, Godzilla has best Superman on Durability and has a much faster healing factor than Superman, and the Kryptonite has surprisingly made Godzilla stronger.

Boomstick: So then it was like opposite for Big G compared to Supes.

Wiz: Right, as Kryptonite has some certain radiation power and Godzilla does feed on radiation.

Boomstick: But how did Godzilla manage to get Superman with Magnetic powers, despite Superman being a Krytonian?

Wiz: The Same reason why regular shot bullets didn't affect Superman, cause he is the Man of Steel, plus, don't forget that Godzilla is a survivor like we mentioned with the black hole and the Absolute Zero Cannon.

Boomstick: Oh, Okay, well in the end however, the King of Monsters has demoted the Man of Steel to the "Man of Snacks".

Wiz: The Winner is Godzilla.


  • This is Maxevil's eighteenth Death Battle episode.


Which powerful character will win? Godzilla or Superman?


Wiz: In fiction, there are many, many powerful characters. Dragons, Gods, Monsters, Wizards, Superheroes, Jedi & even Super saiyans. But almost none of them are as powerful as these two. Superman, the worlds greatest superhero and man of steel.

Boomstick: And Godzilla, the King of the Monsters. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: Andnits our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who'd win a Death Battle.


Wiz: On the planet Krypton, a scientist named Jor-El had suspected that their world was about to explode because of his discoveries and research. He told the planets head council but they didn't believe him and thought he was crazy. So he loaded him and his wife's child, Kal-El into a rocket and sent him into space, right when the planet exploded.

Boomstick: Ah-Ha! I knew he was right!

Wiz: Kal-El landed on Earth and was found and adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent who renamed him Clark Kent. They taught him how to be a good person and Clark slowly learned that he had powers from Earth's yellow sun. So Clark moved to Metropolis and became a reporter for the Daily Planet.

Boomstick: And he was also the superhero, Superman! Using the greatest disguise of all time--Glasses!

Wiz: Like we said, Superman gets his powers from earths Yelow sun which gives him incredible powers. Superman has absolutely INSANE Super strength being able to move planets, crush diamonds, break the source wall and lift California.

Boomstick: But that's not even his most incredible feats! Superman has held a minature black hole in his hand, defeated true form Darkseid, ripped in half Doomsday, overpower a black hole, Carried a solar system, Benchpressed the weight of the earth for 5 days straight only dropping one drop sweat (only because of being weakened by red sun radiation) and even lifting freaking Infinity!!!

Wiz: Superman has freeze breath and Heat Vision that is hotter than the surface of the sun! He also has a Healing Factor that lets him easily heal wounds.

Boomstick: Superman has enhanced senses having super hearing, X-ray vision, Telescoptic vision, Microscoptic vision, electro magnetic spectrum vision and theta

Wiz: Other than Superman's powers, Superman has a Genuis intellect having a super brain, photographic memory, expert tactician and can read and memorize DNA.

Boomstick: Superman has expert fighting skills knowing many Kryptonian martial arts. He's also been taught Pressure points by Batman, Hand-to-hand combat by Wonder Woman, physic barrier by Martian Manhunter and boxing by Wildcat.

Wiz: Though Superman is extremely powerful, he actually does have some weaknesses. Superman's arch-enemy, Lex Luthor, discovered that Superman is weak to some of the remains of Kryton known as Kryptonite. This majorly weakens Superman and depowers him. He is also weak to Magic and has been physically beaten by Doomsday before. But I mean, he wasn't really dead but...

Boomstick: But Superman's greatest power is his incredible willpower. Superman will never give up until he gets the job done and defeat evil, letting him overcome his weaknesses.

Wiz: Ya, Superman is actually SUPER hard to beat because of his other abilities. When Superman gets enough solar radiation inside of him, he can release a "Solar Flare" which can create an explosion similar to a nuke. However, this ability does drain his powers.

Boomstick: But, Superman can literally just fly back up to the Sun and refuel himself. And when he does that...boy does he get even more powerful! Superman comes out, glowing yellow with radiation and is strong enough to beat the crap out of Imperiex (DC's version of Galactus) and finish of the Anti-Monitor, who literally destroys entire universes!!!

Wiz: Superman can also pick up enough speed to deliver the Infinte mass punch which can shatter planets!!!

Boomstick: Superman, slayer of Gokus!

Wiz: Boomstick! Anyway, Superman is possibly the greatest superhero of all time and has actually sold the most Comic Books out of any Superhero! Superman stands for truth, justice and the American way. And the "S" on his chest literally means Hope so...

Superman: I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard, always taking constant care not to break something...or someone. Never allowing myself to lose control, even for a moment or someone could die. But you can take it, can't you big guy? Now I get to show you just how powerful I really am...


Wiz: Since the time of the dinosaurs, a giant prehistoric monster lay dormant at the bottom of the ocean. However, in 1954, the Americans tested their hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean and awakened the giant monster, mutating it in the process.

Boomstick: The giant creature then went to shore and invaded the city of Tokyo. After the monster left, he became known as Gojira by the Japanese people and Godzilla by the Americans.

Wiz: Godzilla would occasionally return to Japan, making it his stomping grounds. Though, nowadays, Godzilla is more of a hero and fights and defeats giant monsters, protecting humans instead of killing them. The radiation mutated Godzilla into a living, breathing nuclear-giant-dinosaur-thingy...

Boomstick: Maybe you should leave the jokes to me, wiz.

Wiz: Okay. Anyway, Godzilla now has incredible powers such as his Godly strength. Godzilla can lift hundreds to thousands of tons, easily knock over buildings and throw around other Kaiju. Godzilla's hide is also extremely thick making him mostly immune to bullets and missles. He also can tank a nuclear explosion to the face!

Boomstick: Godzilla has extremely sharp teeth and claws that can tear through metal. He also uses his massive tail to bash things and smash them.

Wiz: Godzilla's mutation also lets him have Atomic breath that is extremely hot. He also has his Red Spiral Ray that is his more powerful version of his atomic breath.

Boomstick: He also has his Ultra Atomic fire Ray which he can shoot from his dorsal spines and tail.

Wiz: Godzilla has his Phased array radar that he can fire from his dorsal spines. Also, if Godzilla powers up his atomic breath in his mouth, he can fire a nuclear pulse from his body that creates a shockwave.

Boomstick: He also has magnetic powers and can somehow fly by blowing really hard...?

Wiz: Godzilla also has a healing factor that lets him heal wounds with ease. Godzilla also has Radiation Absorbtion powers and becomes even stronger once he absorbs it. This can turn him into Burning Godzilla.

Boomstick: Burning Godzilla can fire a Thermonuclear pulse which can burn almost everything and even took down Ghidorah with it.

Wiz: He can also make a Thermonuclear Aura around himself which can burn things around him and is sort of a protective barrier. His strength is also increased, especially when he stomped through Ghidorah's chest!!!

Boomstick: Godzilla is extremely powerful though does have some weaknesses. Godzilla's gills are his weak spot which slows down his breathing if they're harmed. Also, if there is a huge wound or a hole around Godzilla's neck, his atomic breath self destructs Godzilla.

Wiz: Godzilla is also weak to electricity and is relatively slow. Though, Godzilla is still extremely powerful and has 44 wins, earning him the name, King of the monsters.

Godzilla: RAAAAAAAAR!!!!


Wiz: Alright, the Combatnants are set, let's end this debate.

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!!

Superman vs Godzilla FIGHT!


In Metropolis, it's a normal day with people having picnics in the park and people walking around, minding their own business until a giant creature comes from the water.


All the people begin running away and screaming. Clark Kent is typing in the Daily Planet when he looks over and sees Godzilla. Clark rushes to the roof, puts on his Superman suit and flies to the giant monster.

Superman: Hello there.

Godzilla narrows his eyes and snorts.

Superman: Move, or I will move you.

Godzilla roars.

Superman: So that's how where gonna do it, huh?


Superman flies at Godzilla and tries to punch him but is slapped away, sending him flying into a building. Superman is impressed but flies back at Godzilla, the monster tries to slap him away again but he dodges it and punches Godzilla in the face, knocking him back. The two trade punches for a while, appearing to be evenly matched. Godzilla spins around and hits Superman with his tail, the knocking him down the street.

Superman stands back up, brushes himself off and fires a blast of his heat vision at Godzilla. This barely affects Gojira and he fires his Atomic Breath at Superman. Superman fires his Heat vision. The two beams lock for a few seconds but Godzilla's breath overpowers Superman and sends him into a building. Superman flies back out and punches Godzilla, making him fall over, crushing a building. Godzilla stands back up and fires another blast of his Atomic Breath at Superman. Superman dodges it and kicks Godzilla. Superman tries to land another blow but Godzilla grabs Superman with his hand and tries to eat him but Superman fires his heat vision into his mouth, so Godzilla lets him go.

Godzilla tries to hit Superman with his tail again but Superman stops it with his hand and spins him around in the air, throwing him through 5 buildings. Godzilla stands back up and fires his Nuclear Breath at Superman but the man of steel simply stands there,letting the massive blast hit him. Godzilla is confused but continues to fire blasts at Superman. Superman walks towards Godzilla, tanking the blasts. And since Superman is powered by radiation, the blasts simply make Superman stronger. Superman makes a fist with his hand and flies up to Godzilla and delivers a massive punch, knocking the Kaiju into the sky. Superman follows after and continues to punch him. Godzilla turns around and blows really hard and starts flying.

Superman: Huh...

Superman uses his super breath and knocks Godzilla down to the ground. Godzilla gets up and fires up his Red Spiral Ray and fires it at Superman, sending him flying into a building. Superman stands up in the building.

Superman: Ow. Was that...Red sun radiation?

Godzilla's head appears in front of Superman. Godzilla fires another blast at Superman, sending him flying out of the building. Godzilla picks up what's left of the building and throws it on Superman. The smoke clears and Superman is gone. Godzilla assumes Superman is dead so turns around to continue destroying the city but sees Superman floating there.

Superman: Hey again.

Superman flicks Godzilla and knocks him back. Godzilla powers up his Ultra atomic fire Ray from his tail and barely hurts Superman, again just absorbing the power. Superman fires a huge blast of his heat vision which injures Godzilla a little. Godzilla fires another Red spiral Ray and knocks Superman back down. Superman struggles to stand back up but he does. Superman flies back up and starts punching Godzilla more. Godzilla has had though so unleashes a Nuclear Pulse from his body, sending Superman flying down the street.

Even though this injured Superman, it also powered him back up. Godzilla uses his magnetic powers and throws several buildings at Superman. Superman dodges all of them and lets out his Solar Flare. Godzilla is knocked back. Superman stands up and looks around.

Superman: (Whew!) That was harder than I suspected.

Superman looks up to see Burning Godzilla. Godzilla's fires a thermonuclear pulse from his body knocking Superman back. This still just powers Superman up more. Godzilla punches Superman and sends him flying back. Godzilla creates a thermonuclear aura around himself. Superman flies at Godzilla but is hit by his Red spiral Ray. Superman falls to the ground, weakened. Godzilla fires a HUGE red spiral Ray down on Superman.

Superman: AAAARGHHH!!!

Superman is screaming by now and is being majorly weakened by the red sun radiation. Superman struggles to stand up but flies away. Godzilla watches the man of steel leave then roars in victory.

Godzilla: RAAAAAAAAAR!!!!

Superman flies up into space and into the sun. Superman rests inside of the sun. Meanwhile, back on earth, Godzilla continues destroying the city.

Jimmy Olsen: Where did Superman go?!

Lois Lane: Superman would never leave us! Help!

In the sun, Superman hears Lois' cry for help and opens his eyes. They're glowing yellow. Superman flies back to earth at the speed of light. Godzilla's looks to sky and sees a yellow flash. Superman lifts his fist and prepares to punch Godzilla. The giant monster fires a blast at Superman but he's so powerful now that he barely feels it. Superman uses the Infinte mass punch and punches Godzilla, sending his head flying off. The giant beast falls to the ground. Dead.


Superman is seen kissing Lois Lan, with big G's head in the background. Superman flies into space and smiles at the camera.


Boomstick: What just happened?!

Wiz: Okay. In terms of strength, Superman was stronger, being able to lift infinity. He also great outclassed him in terms of speed. His speed somewhat came in handy with dodging attacks. Superman's size also came in handy since to Godzilla, Supes was pretty much a super strong fly who's super hard to kill. But to Superman, Godzilla was a giant 300 foot punching bag just waiting to get hit.

Boomstick: But how was he not even barely phased by his Atomic breath? That stuffs really powerful!

Wiz: Superman is powered by solar radiation so Godzilla's nuclear blasts just made the man of steel stronger. Godzilla really had no way of putting Superman down for good, except possibly one option, the Red Spiral Ray. One of Superman's few weaknesses is Red sun radiation whichever did actually depower Superman. But Superman was able to fly up to the sun to refuel his energy. In his sun powered form, Superman is almost completely indestructible being able to beat up freaking Imperiex, who has boasted he could destroy the universe!

Boomstick: And when Superman let out that Infinite mass punch, Godzilla was a goner. Sure, he might be able to take the attack from his extreme durability but most people forget that Superman has a Genuis-level intellect and would know to go for the neck, being his clear weak spot.

Wiz: Godzilla's weaknesses are his gills, which are unguarded and if he gets a whole in his neck or chest, he pretty much a ticking time bomb, since that's where he fires the blasts from. They both did have an impressive healing factor but there's absolutely no way Godzilla could heal from getting his head chopped off. Some might say, "oh well, Godzilla's Healing factor is super powerful, he could regrow his head!". Since when can Godzilla do that? Plus, his healing factor wouldn't work without his brain functioning (since he got his head chopped off).

Boomstick: Okay, you've proved your point. But since Godzilla can absorb radiation, couldn't he just absorb it out of Supes' body?

Wiz: Technically, yes. But he would have a very hard time keeping Superman still enough to do it. Plus, Superman can do that exact same thing, which would just make this battle boring if they were just taking turns absorbing radiation. Anyway, what we're trying to get at is...The winner is Superman.

Superman wins