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Uh-uh! No way! None of this "Looks-like-the-bad-guy's-toast-but-really-he's-not" stuff! Not while I'm around! You go down, you stay down.
~ Superboy

Superboy (civilian name Kon-El/Conner Kent, not to be confused with Superman's younger alias "Superboy" during the Golden Age) is a superhero from DC Comics. He went up against Gohan twice, first in an episode of One Minute Melee (S5E1) and then in an episode of DBX (S4E2).

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Having learned from previous mistakes like Bizarro, Luthor realized the best course of replicating Superman's DNA is to blend it with human-DNA. Thus, using Cadmus's resources, Luthor combined his blood sample into Superman's genetic template. The result is a fully developed child who is kept in a containment pod designed to transmit a variety of information akin to a school education, Cadmus planning to release Experiment 13 should Superman die or go rogue. When the former appeared occurred in the aftermath of Superman's battle with Doomsday, Experiment 13 broke of Cadmus and made his way to Metropolis where he pretended to be Superman until the real hero reappears. Though Superman was initially uncomfortable being around his clone, Supergirl calling him "Kon-El" out of initial disgust, he gradually accepted the Metropolis Kid as family. The clone later names himself "Conner Kent" and poses as Clark Kent's Smallville cousin while wanting to prove his worth and not be seen as just a a clone.

Death Battle Info[]

Being a partial genetic clone of Superman, Superboy has most of the physical abilities of a Kryptonian who has absorbed the solar energy of a yellow sun. But being part-human, Superboy is limited superhuman strength, senses, and durability. He is strong enough easily pick up or carry heavy objects or use his leg muscles to jump incredible distances and heights. He is also nearly indestructible like Superman, hear the faintest of sounds over long distances and high frequencies not audible to regular humans, and visually detect heat signatures in even the dark.


Originally a white wolf native to northern India, he and his pack were captured by the Brotherhood of Evil and used in the Brain's experiments. Superboy freed the animal, having doubled in size, from the Brain's control inhibitor and adopted him as a pet. From being experimented on, Wolf can fight super-powered beings with withstand attacks without permanent injury.


  • Super-Cycle: Actually called a New Genesphere, it is a living piece of technology that transform into flying advanced tricycle that travel at supersonic speeds without harm to its passengers using electrons or turn itself and its passengers intangible.
  • Shields: While posing as Superman during his absence, Superboy was given a box of patches that allow him to suppress his human DNA and use his full powers for one hour's time. However, prolonged use of the shields increases Superboy's aggression to the point of eventually going berserk. He eventually stopped using them for the good of everyone.


  • Member of Young Justice.
  • In a relationship with Miss Martian.


  • Due to his condition, Superboy can black out upon the verbal command "Red Sun". But that flaw is removed by Miss Martian.
  • Can be weakened by Kryptonite.
  • Hates monkeys.