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Note: All combatants are composite

This is a collab between Skyblazero, Spineltheoverlord and Sharaku Jr.

Description []

Which Character which is stronger than they look would win?


Skyblazero: Well, today we have these Characters it seems Inoffensive.

Anti-Sky: But don't believe only in how they Look, they are STRONGER than that!!!

Matt: Yeah, these characters are Madoka Kaname, the Magical Girl who ascended to Godhood!

Skyblazero: Sonic the Hedgehog, the Cool and Fastest Blue Hedgehog Alive!

Anti-Sky: Kirby, the Hungry Pink Puffball!

Matt: Mario, the Awesome Red Iconic Videogame Plumber!

Skyblazero: Maxwell, the Guy who is the Notebook Master!

Anti-Sky: Frisk, Undertale's Cool Fallen Kid!

Skyblazero: Ben 10, the Amazing Omnitrix's Bearer!

Matt: Bugs Bunny, The most famous, funny and smarter Cartoon Wabbit Ever!

Skyblazero: Mickey Mouse, the Cool World Famous Cartoon Mouse alive!

Anti-Sky: Ness, Gygas's Worst Nightmare and Onett's Psionic Boy!

Deadpool suddenly appears.

Deadpool: And how to forgot Deadpool aka Wade Wilson! The Canadiense who is Regenerating Degenerate, Loves Chimichangas, is the Best 4th Wall Breaking Ever, it's the Merc who really has a Mouth and... It's me!

Skyblazero: Wade, since you're in this battle i'll recommend you wait until the Fight and if you want be in your analysis.

Deadpool: Alright, also to the Public waiting us are going with their Favorite Merc when I'm gonna dance with that guys who i'm gonna fight, bye!

Deadpool then walks out from the place.

Anti-Sky: And finally SpongeBob SquarePants, the Most Radical and Popular Sea Sponge Ever which Its Ready!

Skyblazero: I'm Skyblazero, he's Anti-Sky, and he's Matt--

Deadpool reappears

Deadpool: Hey, I'm also a Host! Sorry by reappear but you forgot mention me, well I'm gonna be out again guys!

Deadpool walks out.

Skyblazero: Ugh, fine, and he's Deadpool...

Anti-Sky: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armors and skills to see who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Madoka Kaname[]


In a random middle school, student Madoka Kaname had a dream about a girl fighting a strong deity. The next day, she met that same girl from the dream. And a cat-like creature named Kyubey. He told Madoka that she could wish to become a strong, magical girl. 

On that day...her whole life would change.

Real Name: Madoka Kaname

Age: Around teens

Occupation: Student/Magician/Goddess


- Rose Branch Bow, can shoot multiple types of bows, like homing arrows that cause explosions, giant laser arrows, etc.

- Holy Bow, a stronger version of the Rose Branch Bow, same arrows and such. Can also stretch across the universe.

Madoka does not have much in terms of weaponry, but obviously, her biggest strength is MAGIC.


- Magic makes her more resilient than the other magical girls in her realm.

- Can make her even more faster, stronger, and gives her better reflexes.

Madoka was informed by Kyubey that onc BoldKeyboard shortcut Ctrl+BCe the contract was completed, a Soul Gem would be created.

A Soul Gem is the physical manifestation of a person's soul being turned into a gem.

- Soul Gems allow Madoka to heal herself and/or get another body back if she keeps it intact.

Madoka has to fight witches as a Magical Girl, but she soon turned into a witch and still holds her powers.

Her name was Kriemhild Gretchin.

- As Kriemhild, can absorb their enemy into it's body.

- Kriemhild was able to destroy the planet in 10 days.

- Kriemhild has mind control, when using a witch's kiss, she can order others to do her bidding.

At a point in the series, Madoka would become too powerful, and would actually become a goddess.


- Nigh-Omnipotence

- Can heal herself and/or others.

- Limitless stamina, should be self-explanatory.

Conceptual Manipulation, decided to erase all witches in the universe and SUCCEEDED.

- Realist Immortality, as a concept, she cannot be killed, unless the concept itself begins to no longer exist.

- Like Darkseid , can use an avatar to fight for her. Is a weaker version of Madoka, while the god version is somewhere else.

- Also like Darkseid, her avatars exist all over the multiverse.


- Defeated countless witches thanks to Homura resetting the universe over and over again.

- Defeated a lifewiping witch in one-shot.

- Arrows are calculated to be at 55 gigatons, and move at Mach 88 to 223. Mach 1 is 767.2 mph. So her arrows can go possibly way faster than the speed of sound and light.

- Was able to destroy her own witch in some kind of paradox.

- Powerful enough to rearrange universes in her goddess form.

- Able to destroy all timelines in her goddess form.


- Very naive.

- Soul Gem is a weak point, if it is destroyed then Madoka is dead, and cannot come back whatsoever.

- The Soul Gem must be within 100 metres of her body.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Done by Mike)[]

Sky: Sonic was born to a family of a loving couple Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog during the Great War in Mobotropolis, and they were supposed to put his name forever as Maurice the Hedgehog until when he discovered that he can run very fast. Uncle Chuck would soon later meet King Acorn where Sonic met Sally for the first time where they were good friends throughout the whole story.

Anti-Sky: Sonic the Hedgehog grew up to have the Freedom Fighters and stop Dr. Eggman from his evil plans to take over the planet.

Matt: Sonic with his speed can dodge lighting bolts, dodge fire shots and can even dodge raindrops with ease

Anti-Sky: Sonic once crossed the Interstate which contains multiple zones and can also create after images of himself

Sky: And if he wants to increase his speed, he can do so with his Super Peel Out move which he can phase anything what his opponents can do and has shoes such as the Air Boost Shoes, or the Wall Jump Shoes which he can increase his speed and jumping ability's and even without that, he can resist time manipulation and his speed is too fast compared to time and manage to outran Flash's Man Time Stop

Matt: With his Wisps, he can increase his powers and can even turn to a spike ball, and also has his shields which protects him from dying from fire or water because he can't even swim

Anti-Sky: Sonic has the Sword of Acorns which can drain powers and can heal....

Sky: And can also create Dimensions to avoid getting attacked and can also affect higher dimensions such as the Chaos Force

Matt: This Sword was capable of taking down Enerjak and was forged by the Source of All

Anti-Sky: Sonic also has a passive magical One Billionth Power Ring which protects him from dying such as Existence Erasure or Reality Warping such as that one time when Sonic survived Dr. Eggmans machine which could have destroy multiple zones which is like a universe

Matt: Sonic can get defeated by a higher Fate Manipulation or can get defeated by physical attacks, even then he has the Power Rings which restored his speed and his other rings especially the One Billionth Power Ring can grant him much much more energy

Sky: With his Chaos Emeralds he can turn to Super Sonic which he can fly, being invulnerable to attacks and even reset his entire universe.....

Anti-Sky: Technically the Archie Multiverse is infinite in scale meaning the Archie Super can be at a high Multiverse+ level with his well known feat called Chaos Control

Sky: Hell even he can even go more powerful with Ultra Sonic and he can control his amps to be more faster and stronger and can easily do BFR by sending to the Zone of Silence

Matt: The Zone of Silence is a zone which all sounds are gone from existence and can drain powers in less then a second

Sky: With 7 Super Emeralds, he can transform to Hyper Sonic which is way way more powerful and has all the powers of what Super Sonic can do and Super defeated Solaris which he can warp multiple timelines and run different timelines as well placing him at incalculable speed

Mike Bro: Yes that is right

Matt: Woah you are the person who made Scrooge vs Ralph and it is very cool

Mike Bro: Thanks but other then that Sonic is OP as fuck boiiiiii

Sonic: Chaos Control!!!!!!!!!!



Thousands of years ago, the star warriors have defended the universe from the infamous Nightmare. The star warriors, unfortunately, failed and have died during the fight. But one star warrior escaped and went to the planet Pop-Star....that warrior was none other than Kirby.

Real Name: Kirby

Age: 200 years, pre-maturity

Kirby has the unique ability to copy his enemies' abilities by inhaling them. Here's the abilities he can copy.


- Sword: Sword slashes, thrusts, spins, and can shoot beams.

- Cutter: Can throw scissors at enemies, can also combo with them.

- Fire: Breath fire, can dash in a ball of fire

- Ice: Can breathe cold air, can make an entire of his body freezing cold

- Spark: Can electrocute enemies and create an orb of electricity around him

- Wheel: Can turn into a wheel at will

- Plasma: Can create balls or spears of plasma via friction around the ground

- ESP: Gains psychic powers, and can hurt any opponent with a psychic-force field that he can control

- Animal: Can dig dirt and slash his opponents.

- Mirror: Can shoot magical glass shard and can duplicate himself for offensive purposes.

- Beam: Can shoot beams at his enemies, in many different directions

- Bomb: Can throw bombs at his enemies

- Stone: Turns into stone, and becomes slightly invincible but cant do anything while in stone form

- Clean: Uses a broom to brush dust opponents....surprisingly effective in-game.

- Fighter: Turns Kirby into a professional martial artist, but just gives him moves from Ryu

- Mike: Can shout so loud that attacks all enemies in the area

- Circus: Gives him circus gear to attack with, juggling, balloons, etc.

- Ball: Can turn into a ball.........that's it.

- Needle: Can shoot and attack enemies with needles, can extend them to certain lengths.

- Tornado: Can turn himself into a tornado and fly around the area and damage enemies.

- Spear: Becomes a skilled spearsman, and can fly with the spear.

- Parasol: Uses a parasol to fight opponents. Also surprisingly effective.

- Ninja: Becomes a skilled ninja, can disappear and has ninja weaponry.

- Leaf: Uses leaves to attack, can create leaf tornadoes, blades, and can even hide under bushes to avoid all attacks.

- Suplex: Becomes a skilled wrestler, can throw and wrestle his opponents

- Laser: Can shoot lasers from his visor, lasers can ricochet

- Bell: Uses bells to attack his opponents, can throw them and do combos with them

- Archer: Becomes a skilled marksman, can hide under a bush cutout.

- Jet: Can fly through the air with a jetpack strapped onto him

- Beetle + Spider: Beetle gives him a beetle horn for combat, can throw and combo his enemies with it. Spider gives him web abilities, can trap enemies with webs.

- Hammer: Gives Kirby a hammer, can also do a flaming uppercut with it

- Ghost: Turns Kirby into a ghost, can manipulate others bodies and force them to do his bidding.

- Poison: Can shoot acid and poison at his enemies, can also cover the area with it and swim with it

- Water: Can shoot water at enemies, ride waves, and spit water jets at the ground and can float while doing so.

- Hypernova: Gives Kirby the power to inhale a huge area in front of him, can even swallow entire trees

- Star Rod: When Kirby inhales the Warp Star, he gets the Star Rod, a powerful weapon that shoots stars at his opponents, was able to defeat Nightmare with only the Star Rod.

Kirby also can combine two abilities together to get unique abilities.

- Beam Sword: Acts like a lightsaber and can attack enemies with it, combo of Spark and Cutter

- Swiss Army Needle: Can make himself grow multiple sharp objects all around his body, immobilizes him. Combo of Needle and Cutter

- Curling Stone: Turns him into a curling iron, slides around the area and hurt enemies. Combo of Ice and Stone.

- Fireworks: Shoots fireworks around his body, does decent damage. Combo of Fire and Bomb.

- Tri-Missiles: Shoots with three homing missiles at opponents. Combo of Bomb and....Bomb.

- Lightning Boulder: Becomes a giant stone of electricity that damages foes. Combo of Spark and Stone.


- Can crack Pop-Star in half with a single punch.

- Threw a meteorite 9999 lightyears away, destroying 9 planets.

- Defeated mulitiple universal opponents. (Nova, Marx, Magolor, Drawcia, Queen Sectonia, Star Dream, etc.)

- Defeated Kabu, who can see into the future.

- Destroyed Dedede's castle with the Mike ability.


- Still young.

- Always hungry.

- Copy abilities go away if taken enough damage.

- Inhale is short-ranged.

- Can get exhausted after using inhale after a while.


Skyblazero: Mario, the Mascot of Videogames and the most famous Videogame Character Ever.

Super Mario Bros. Original Theme by Nintendo

Deadpool: Hey, I remember him, this is my Favorite Videogame Plumber!

Anti-Sky: Sorry Wave but you should leave.

Deadpool: Alrighty! 

Deadpool leaves

Matt: Yay, I feel me happy talking about Mario, I yet remember his epic videogames!

Skyblazero: Mario was born as a Star Child alongside its Brother Luigi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Princess Peach and Bowser.

Anti-Sky: And Always his Adventures generally are Mario kicking Bowser's Ass to save the Sexy Princess Peach!


  • Name: Mario Mario
  • Aka: Jumpman, Dr. Mario, Mr. Pipe
  • Age: 26
  • Known from Being the Most Famous Videogame Character Ever
  • Is a Plumber, Carpinter, Doctor, Umpire, Chef, Brewer, Soldier, Pilot, Submarine Captain, Animal Trainer, NBA Player, Stunt Biker, Baseball Player, Artist, Toy Maker, Theme Park Owner, Referee Rapper.
  • Let's a Go!

Skyblazero: Mario actually has a Bunch of Feats:

  • Is the one of the most recognized famous and succesfull video game icons of all time
  • Was able of the fabled "Star Children" who are prophesied to have "An extraordinary amount of power"
  • Once saved Brooklyn from being flooded by using its Plumbing expertise and saved the president in the process Togheter with Bowser 
  • 1-Shot Gloom Tail (The brother of the dragon Hooktail) with their combined might
  • Defeated Dimentio who threated to destroy the Whole Multiverse

Anti-Sky: And Mario is also PRETTY Strong!

'Matt: Yeah, strenght is superhuman in nature, can hit back the large metal cannonballs from Koopa's clown car bigger than himself right back at him with a Golf Club, once hit Bowser with a fly swatter with enough force to cartoonishly flatten him, can swing a golf club so hard underwater that he can create a powerful whirlpool, was able to catch a Thwomp with his hands and hold it up thru sheer strenght right before it could crush Yoshi, destroyed a Large Koopa Fort'ress by jumping on top of it over and over, punched Bowser's flying wooden ship so hard that the whole thing just fell apart And can also Rip Metal Pipes with its Bare Hands (And Blow into one hard enough to send Goomba flying thru a Horde of Enemies)!

Skyblazero: And Mario also has ToonForce allowing him do many Crazy Things!

Anti-Sky: Yeah, Mario is capable of pull out Cartoony Disguises!

Matt: He also can pull out Power Ups from seemingly nowhere, can be crushed into a wall and not be in any noticeable pain, and when Wart tried to eat Mario, he pull out a bomb to blow himself up so he could damage Wart in the process!

Skyblazero: Mario also has Extra Lives /Cloning and Mario also does Have the Ultra Hammer, Iron Ball Hammer DX, Soft Hammer DX, Slap Hammer, and the Blunt Hammer!

Anti-Sky: Mario also has the Super Jump and the Explosive Punch!

Matt: Mario is also quite agile and acrobatic, can even perform gymnastics, running speed is on pair with an Olympic Athlete (Probably Faster), Can Outrun CannonBalls and Speeding Bullet Bills on foot, once out ran an Avalanche down a Snowy Mountain, outran the Fururistic Vehicles from F-Zero on foot which can go over 400 mph, with the Pure Hearts is likely inmeasurable as outpaced and defeated Super Dimentio and also might have MFTL+ Reaction Speed due to being able to steer/ navigate the Starship Mario (Which is fast enough to traverse entire galaxies in a few seconds)!

Skyblazero: Mario also has Power-Ups like:

  • Super Mushroom
  • 1-Up Mushroom
  • Mini Mushroom
  • Mega Mushroom
  • Rock Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Ice Flower
  • Invisible Cap
  • Wing Cap
  • Metal Cap
  • Super Star
  • Gold Flower
  • Super Leaf
  • Cape Feather
  • Frog Suit
  • Super Bell
  • Double Cherry

Anti-Sky: And Mario also has 4th wall breaking---

Mario: It's a me, Mario!

Skyblazero: Mario we are analyzing you, you should be out?

Mario: Alright, So Long-a! (Mario jumps from a Pipe and cames out)

Matt: And Mario also has the Pure Hearts gives techniques as Healing, Empower grants Multiverse Power the Barrel Shatter is able to break powerful Barriers and Last, the Purity Heart is the fusion of the 8 Pure Hearts and can make a Powerful Damage and can make a Powerful Damage and Wish Manipulation granting Hax!

Skyblazero: Also has the Chaos Heart a Large Pure Heart-Like Object containing dark power creates an indestructible shield around the user, creates a void will destroy all dimensions over time and Dimentio once merged this with Luigi to create Super Dimentio!

Matt: As Paper Mario, has next feats:

  • Considerable Faster than Mario
  • Tanked several hits from Bowser, Paper Bowser his Elite Forces and Shiny Robo Bowser
  • Defeated Dimentio

Anti-Sky: But Mario has his weaknesses, has his incredibly gulibility, in Paper Mario since he is made of Paper, is vulnerable to Fire, isnt too much strategiest and his Power Ups can disappear when he's hit!

Matt: But we don't need mess up with Nintendo's Cool Plumber!

Mario jumps from a Pipe and appears

Mario: Well, Game Over! 

Mario jumps again and leaves.



Scribblenauts Unmasked Menu Theme

Skyblazero: Maxwell was born to the adventurers Edgar and Julie along with 39 children.

Anti-Sky: 39 children?! Boy do I feel bad for their parents! Anyway, their parents gave each one of their children a magic gift, including a magic notebook for Maxwell!

Matt: The children became spoiled, doing literally whatever they wanted to. Until one day, Maxwell and his sister Lily were pranking a poor man, and then he cursed Lily and turned her to stone!

Skyblazero: So Maxwell asked his oldest brother Edwin to help, who told him to get magical objects known as "Starites". He did eventually save his sister and found out that the poor man was their father, Edgar! Which is a little messed up...

Anti-Sky: Wait, what does he have on his head?! Does the kid think he's a chicken or something?!



  • Name: Maxwell
  • Age: 15
  • Species: Human (Apparently thinks he's a chicken...)
  • Has a Twin sister named Lily
  • Received magic notebook from parents
  • Collects Starites

Matt: Maxwell's notebook allows him to create literally anything he wants just by writing it down in the book! This can range from characters (Elvis Preley, Mickey Mouse, Bugs bunny etc.), objects (Pencil, couch, tree etc.) and Weapons (Swords, Guns, Lasers).

Skyblazero: He can even create a Nuke if he wanted to! He can also create a mirror that is capable of deflecting projectiles back at his opponet. Even Darkseid's omega beams!

Anti-Sky: He has Telekinisis over his creations being able to move them anywhere he wants. He can also place adjectives on his creations such as: Collossal, sleepy or even dead! He can also add them to himself and make himself able to fly, super strength or super speed!


The year is 20XX and that is when the monsters and humans began war after they killed asreil dremurr

and then a human fell down a Hole like why the fuck would they actually

but the human survived and that is where they began

Ben 10[]


Ben 10 Alien Force Theme Song Extended 10 minute Loop

Skyblazero: Ben Tennyson was once your average 10-year old kid. 

Anti-Sky: it was only until one summer night on a camping trip, where he accidently happened to stumble across one of the most powerful devices in the entire universe: The Omnitrix. 

Ben 10

  • Name: Ben Tennyson
  • Age: 16
  • Species: Human
  • Home World: Earth
  • Residence: Bellwood
  • Occupation: Superhero, Plumber agent, Student
  • It's hero time!

Matt: Huh, it just looks like a weird watch... 

Skyblazero: Well looks can be deceiving. This is no ordinary watch. It was created by a brilliant inventor alien named Azmuth. The watch was used as a tool of peace and allowed the wearer to transform into a wide variety of aliens. Each alien has their own unique looks and powers. 


Anti-Sky: Aliens include (Takes deep breath): 

  • Alien X
  • AmpFibian
  • Arctiguana
  • Armodrillo
  • Talpaedan
  • Astrodactyl
  • Atomix
  • Ball Weevil
  • Big Chill
  • Blitzwolfer
  • Bloxx
  • Brainstorm
  • Bullfrag
  • Buzzshock
  • Cannonbolt
  • Chamalien
  • Chromastone
  • Clockwork
  • Crashhopper
  • Decagon Vreedle
  • Diamondhead
  • Ditto
  • Eatle
  • Echo Echo
  • Eye Guy
  • Fasttrack
  • Four Arms
  • Frankenstrike
  • Ghostfreak
  • Goop
  • Gravattack
  • Grey Matter
  • Gutrot
  • Heatblast
  • Humungousaur
  • Jetray
  • Juryrigg
  • Kickin Hawk
  • Lodestar
  • Mole-Stache
  • Nanomech
  • NRG
  • Pesky Dust
  • Rath
  • Ripjaws
  • Rocks
  • Shocksquatch
  • Snare-oh 
  • Snorecupine
  • Spidermonkey
  • Spitter
  • Squidstrictor
  • Stinkfly
  • Swampfire
  • Terraspin
  • Toepick
  • The Worst
  • Upchuck
  • Upgrade
  • Ventrilosquid
  • Walkatrout
  • Water Hazard
  • Way Big
  • Whampire
  • Wildmutt
  • Wildvine
  • XLR8

Matt: HOLY MOLY! We're going to go over all of them!? 

Skyblazero: Not really. For now lets just go over some of Ben's strongest aliens.

  • Alien X: Can warp reality, time, and space with ease and at any level he wishes. He can also self-duplicate, create galaxies to suck in other beings, and grow to a gigantic size. While not being an omnipotent being, he was able to tank a universe destroying explosion and even recreate the entire universe at will. He was capable of defeating the Galactic Gladiator who is also the same species as Alien X. 
  • Clockwork: Able to manipulate time (Stopping, slowing, speeding, etc), has a fine-tuned sense of precise time, and can determine the exact time an event will take or will take place, and for low long. He can also fire time rays which can send enemies into other timelines, age an object/person to dust, and restore individuals who have been erased from time while also immobilizing them. Clockwork is the only alien that has saved the multiverse twice in a roll. First, when Eon was about to destroy reality and secondly, when the multiverse was destroyed by a Chronosapien Time Bomb, which also erased Atomic-X another alien that we will mention later. The only problem is that he isn't very durable and is slow as hell. 
  • Feedback: Has the power to absorb and redirect any type of energy like electricity. He is also pretty agile and was powerful enough to hold the entire Big Bang in his bare hands and absorb the energy from it. 
  • Gravattack: Able to manipulate the gravity of any object and person around him. He can create forcefields, fly, make enemies float, reduce the speed of his enemies, and even create uncontrollable black holes. He was once able to catch a beast made out of time, which was stated to be moving faster than light speed. His weakness is his core, which if damaged enough will make Gravattack enter a meltdown and explode. 
  • Chromastone: Can phase through any type of energy attack, absorb and channel energy into ultraviolet beams powerful enough to melt through metal, can control the intensity of his energy attacks, and has super strength and durability. At full power, Chromastone was able to revive a dead species, put a planet back together, and absorb the energy from the Diagon, who is a reality warper that easily conquered the entire planet by transforming everyone into his own minions. 
  • Way Big: Standing at 100ft, Way Big can use red spikes on his body as blades and fire cosmic rays. His cosmic rays were able to easily overpower the Incursean Conquest Ray which destroyed Pluto, and was heavily implied that his cosmic rays are also capable of destroying planets. 
  • Diamondhead: Capable of manipulating his crystalline structure and physiology at will. He can make huge clusters of crystals, create crystal shields, and make crystal weapons and projectiles. He can even reshape his crystals into certain shapes like making hands to capture enemies. Diamond Head was able to defeated Vilgax who mere moments before had defeated Jetray, Big Chill, Humungousaur, and Chromastone. He also managed to survive getting wacked all the way from Galvan Prime to its moon Galvan B.
  • Eatle: After eating a simple rock, he generated enough energy to destroy a mountain. He’s also strong enough to send an empowered Diagon Vilgax flying through three giant pillars. 
  • Atomix: Can fly and manipulate atomic or nuclear energy using his hands. He created a large atomic blast called Nuclear Winner which devastated the entire surrounding area and knocked all his enemies out. It is also an important note that Atomix is known as Ben's second strongest alien behind Alien X. However, Ben doesn't use him that much.

Anti-Sky: You also have certain aliens that Ben mostly uses, but aren't quite as powerful as the ones above. These include Upgrade who can possess any technology and enhance it into a weapon, XLR8 can run at speeds of 300 mph, Echo Echo can fire deadly sound waves and create clones, Big Chill can go intangible though his opponents and freeze them, Heatblast is Ben's first alien he transformed in, and can blast enemies with fire, and is capable of magnifying his heat to reach supernova-hot and possibly even above! Though, we've only scratched the surface as there is a whole lot more of aliens to cover! 

Matt: Ben himself is pretty good in hand-to-hand combat and is a good strategist thanks to his Plumber training. Way different than the toilet fixing job by the way. 

Skyblazero: Apart from transforming into aliens the Omnitrix can also evolve them, giving them "Ultimate" forms, which upgrades the alien's abilities and natural counters to their previous weaknesses. 


Ben 10- All Ultimate Transformations (HD)-2

Ultimate alien transformations

Anti-Sky: Don't forget it can scan new aliens and gain their powers as well.

Matt: Wait, so are you telling me he can become a Kryptonian or a Saiyan just by aiming the watch in front of them?

Skyblazero: Basically, yes! 

Matt: Hmmmmm, but what if you just cut his hand off? 

Skykblazero: Well luckily, the watch has three fail safes to prevent this. First, the Omnitrix will release a burst of energy that will knock enemies away. Second, if you actually do manage to cut off his arm, the Omnitrix teleport Ben to another location, like the null void, and then maneuver his own arm to return back to him. Third, if the Omnitrix senses that something will about to kill Ben, it will automatically transform him into whatever alien the situation calls for.


Third fail safe protecting Ben from the Big Bang

Anti-Sky: The third fail safe was also how he managed to survive from the Big Bang!

Skyblazero: Overall, you can't just use a pair of scissors to slice it off. 

Matt: You know this kid sounds pretty much unstoppable! 

Anti-Sky: Not exactly, Ben does have his weaknesses: 

  • Can be very arrogant and cocky.
  • When unlocking a new alien, Ben is at a disadvantage of not knowing all of its skills and weaknesses until usually during mid battle.
  • Has not mastered every single one of his alien forms and still hasn't figured out the whole Omnitrix.
  • Still young and inexperienced.
  • The Omnitrix symbol on his aliens' chests can also be a weak point

Skyblazero: But beware forces of evil! Because he's got superpowers he's no ordinary kid. He's Ben 10!

Ben 10: "Maybe you forgot something: I'm Ben Tennyson, wielder of the most powerful weapon in the universe. I stopped the Highbreed invasion, I defeated Vilgax in hand-to-hand combat and I've beaten the Forever Knights more times than I can count. Here's what's going to happen: you're going to release these prisoners, you're going to crawl back to whatever hole you came from and you're going to stop hunting down aliens because if you don't, I promise, you'll regret it for the rest of your very short lives."

Bugs Bunny[]

Skyblazero: Cartoons are something about our infance.

Looney tunes theme

Anti-Sky: And one of their most famous cartoons are the Looney Tunes!

Deadpool returns

Deadpool: Hey this is the rival from that Mouse who buyed my company and Looney Tunes's PRETTY Much Smart and Trickster Wabbit!

Matt: Deadpool you should leave meanwhile?

Deapdool: Alrighty!

Deadpool leaves

Anti-Sky: Bugs Bunny is Warner Bros Mascot!

Skyblazero: Bugs is also a Famous Trickster who has appeared in various cartoons, films, videogames, comics, and more.

Anti-Sky: He's the most famous cartoon character ever just behind Mickey Mouse

Bugs Bunny

  • Name: Bugs Bunny
  • Age:99
  • Species: Antrophomorfic Wabbit
  • Is a 4th Wall Breaker
  • Is known from being a Trickster
  • One of the Most Popular Cartoon Characters Ever
  • What's Up Doc?

Skyblazero: Bugs Bunny is capable of trick enemies and can also break 4th Wall--

Bugs Bunny appears eating a Carrot.

Bugs: Nyehh... What's Up Doc?

Anti-Sky: Yep, he absolutely does.

Skyblazero: You should be out of here meanwhile we are analyzing you for a DEATH BATTLE?

Bugs Bunny: Of course, doc. 

Bugs Bunny digs making a Wabbit Hole and Leaves.

Skyblazero: Bugs Bunny is also capable to Escape from the Fictional World and is capable of erasing and recreating the whole world, toying around Daffy Duck. This is known as The Animator Mode.

Bugs Bunny suddenly erases Matt's Face and draws a new face with the Animator Mode.

Matt: MY FACE!

Bugs laughs as he erases and recreates Matt's Face.

Matt: Hey, why you do that?!

Bugs: I was kidding doc. I will be out now! 

Bugs leaves again.

Skyblazero: Alright, i don't thinked on that.

Anti-Sky: Bugs Bunny also is a Master of ToonForce allows him to make Crazy Things and can saw off Florida in Seconds!

Matt: Bugs also has Crossovers with DC Comics and he fought Mr. Mxyzpltk once and also is inmune to Stop Time!

Skyblazero: Bugs also can burrow thru the world at great speeds and has resistance to Mind Control however he isn't completely inmune.

Anti-Sky: Bugs also has Hammerspace and is able to pull out weapons like:

  • Hammers
  • Shotguns
  • Bombs
  • Dynamite

Skyblazero: Also can tie people to rockets and send them to Black Holes!

Anti-Sky: Also Bugs has a Carrot Lightsaber is skilled using and has a Time Machine!

Matt: Bugs also is strong how to throw a Robot Rhino taller than him and can run over 100 miles per hour! Oh my god!

Skyblazero: Bugs is also durable enough to tank things like:

  • Tanked a Shotgun blast to the face
  • Got blown up
  • Tanked blowed up by Dynamite

Matt: Also Bugs can fly with its Ears spinning around and can travel to realities and take people here, even if never existed those dimensions!

Skyblazero: And Bugs also has a super form named Super Rabbit thanks to the Super Carrots gives him all powers from Superman including
Super rabbit image

Bugs Bunny as Super Rabbit

Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis and is fast and strong as Superman, but is more durable since tanked Kryptonite and Magic!

Anti-Sky: Bugs also can catch a Cannonball, can be scaled to Stupor Duck, Daffy Duck's Alterego, stopped a Speeding Airplane, could stomp Validus with mere brute strenght, is completely Bulletproof, blitzed Validus fly thru cities, has super hearing, and has Super Sneezes capable of putting out fire!

Matt: Bugs also has a form named Monster Bugs by drinking the Hyde Juice where is agressive and attacks with Claws, beat up a Robot twice its Size  and tank attacks from those kind of robots and can create green waves by stomp the ground, it seems The Hulk!

Skyblazero: He also can turn to normal with the Jekyll Juice but Bugs has its weaknesses.

Anti-Sky: Yeah, Bugs cannot resist eating Carrots and is implied  he can die from decapitation and can still pain!

Matt: But we don't need mess up with the Warner Bros's Smart and Famous Wabbit!

Bugs Returns.

Bugs: It seems us have done a great job. Well, That's All Folks! 

Bugs digs and leaves.

Mickey Mouse[]

Skyblazero: Mickey Mouse the Mascot of Disney--

Deadpool returns

Epic Mickey Theme

Deadpool: Aw man, I was boring! Wait... Hey, this is the Mouse who actually buyed my company!

Anti-Sky: Hmmm... Deadpool. You should be out while we are doing Mickey Mouse's Analysis...

Deadpool: Alright, I wait Mickey is going fast and Ness too, Cya public!

Deadpool walks out from the place.

Matt: Mickey Mouse is amazing! I remember his pretty epic cartoons yet!

Skyblazero: Walt Disney created Michael "Mickey" Theodore Mouse after Walt lost the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and he was originally going to have the name, Mortimer but Walt's Wife decided to name him Mickey.

Mickey Mouse suddenly appears.

Mickey: Huh-Huh, anyone here said Mickey?

Skyblazero: We are doing an analysis about you to make a DEATH BATTLE!

Mickey: But i don't want to hurt nobody.

Matt: No worry Mickey, you can wait until the fight tho.

Mickey: Hmm... Alright... 

Skyblazero: Well, you will be out of here meanwhile.

Mickey: Alrighty! 

Mickey Mouse walks away and out from the place.

Mickey Mousethumb|link=File:Mickey-Mouse_(1).png

  • Real Name: Michael Theodore Mouse
  • Age: 91
  • Specie: Antrophomorf Mouse
  • Is known by being the most famous cartoon character ever
  • Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light.

Anti-Sky: Mickey Mouse it seems be friendly and nothing deadly but He's pretty amazing. He has ToonForce allows Mickey make alot of crazy things and can also make clones of himself! damn, I wish do that...

Matt: Mickey Mouse has also resistance to mental attacks and can break 4th Wall and once escaped from fictional world to mess up with the frames!

Skyblazero: Mickey also does have Hammerspace and has Hax, He can use a Bunch of Weapons like:

  • Revolvers
  • Cannons
  • Hammers
  • Tommy Guns

Anti-Sky: Also Mickey is capable to run faster when is scared, run out a Fucking Giant Tornado, can walk into The Realm of Darkness, a place where time doesn't exists, can run fast enough to look as a Blur and is also faster than Monstro, who outpaced the Highwind Vehicle!

Skyblazero: Mickey once grabbed a Miniature Sun--

Anti-Sky: Yeah, when he do, He literally pull down the Motherfucking Sun of the sky and it cooked anyone who was able to saw it alive! 

Matt: Mickey also can react to knifes arrows and lasers and dodged lasers from the Blotworx Dragon and the Blotworkx Workers too!

Skyblazero: Mickey Mouse also can bring things from its imagination or dreams in reality! or even just a mere thought.

Anti-Sky: Mickey Mouse is also surpisingly a Fucking Jedi!

Skyblazero: Wait, what?

Matt: Yeah, he is, has a Lightsaber, and has its own Starfighter and its own Droid and can use The Force allows Mickey to enchance its stats, create Force Barriers, use Mind Trick to confuse foes, create Illusions, and Force Pull!

Anti-Sky: Mickey is also strong enough how to tie up a motherfucking Giant!

Skyblazero: Mickey is also smarter into detective situations, being able to solve cases and he also could trick a Genie into being the most powerful being into the world!

Matt: He also once switched bodies with Julius once but still managed to save Minnie Mouse!

Anti-Sky: And Mickey fought mad scientists, Phantom Blot, and more enemies! This mouse is more agressive than I thought!

Skyblazero: Mickey can manipulate his body, and reform from being crushed can be able of turning its Ears into Parachutes and has a Healing Factor allows Mickey to regenerate with he is hit and can survive with his heart or brain removed and can survive being turned into a Skeleton!

Matt: Mickey also can cut thru fire with a pair of scissors, can reverse Goofy being broken into pieces and reverse a Tornado!

Skyblazero: He's also like Saitama.

Anti-Sky: Yeah, he can knock out a Guy with a Single Punch!

Matt: Mickey also could knock out Cat Soldiers with a Hammer, could take down Mizerabel, who controlled the Castle of Illusion and tanked blows of Pete who is a Powerhouse!

Skyblazero: Mickey tanked hits from a Giant Sized Shadow Blot who could destroy an entire Wasteland, tanked Dynamite, took out a Kangaroo Beating into Boxing SMILING the whole time and tanked its own Thinner, and tanked Oswald's fire works who literally blew up the Shadow Blot and could also hold a Miniature Sun on its hands, without literally being affected by Anything!

Anti-Sky: And Mickey has also a Magic Paintbrush has 2 sustances:
MM's Paintbrush png

Mickey Mouse with the Magic Paintbrush

  • Paint (A good sustance)
  • Allows Mickey create things melted by the Thinner 
  • Thinner
  • An evil sustance is like Toon-Acid can kill Cartoon Characters melting them if hits them and it allows that Mickey's Enemies becomes into its allies

Skyblazero: Mickey Mouse also makes Magic and can conjure The Power of Yen Sid's Magic Hat and can shrink foes down, flattem them, or etc.

Anti-Sky: And with the Magic Hat, Mickey's Magical skills are increased allowing him do things like:

  • Bring objects to life And if are destroyed will duplicate and turn full sized 
  • Can summon lifing objects
  • Can threw fireballs
  • Can absorb Magic Attacks
  • Can summon living brooms that can create a cloud to strike enemies with lighting by throwing water from buckets
  • Can shoot Magic Blasts
  • Use Telekinesis
  • Can Manipulate the Weather
  • Make objects grow gigantic
  • Can create Matter out of Nowhere
  • Can suck people into a vortex

Matt: Mickey also outsmarted the Phantom Blot, has a Spin Attack and can bounce on an enemy even working on Ghosts can use Piano Keys as Bullets, created a Decoy of himself using Rocks and Sticks, can hypnotize people, knows about Chemistry, has a Flare Gun and is a Skilled Swordman and a Good Fighter even mastering Martial Arts, can fight with an Axe and defeated enemies being Blindfolded!

Skyblazero: Mickey also has many scaling like:

  • Scales to Minnie who once spun Pete around hard enough he shattered the moon
  • Scales to Goofy who destroyed the Sun twice 
  • Scales to Donald Duck who lifted 2 condensed stars off the ground in space olympics (Though he couldn't hold them up for long)
  • Can keep up with the likes of Sora, Riku, members of Organization XIII, Xehanort and Xemmas and Sora and Riku can react a surrounding array of laser blasts from all directions with no room to dodge, but constantly reflect or blocks the attack togheter 
  • Can navegate the Gummi Ship which is capable to Space Travel
  • Can easily keep place with Pluto who casually ran thru the entire Solar System in seconds
  • Can be scaled to Ventus who was capable to tendem in Stitch's Space Craft in Hyperdrive 
  • Scales to Eaga Beeva who can pilot ships that traverse the universe at massively faster than light speeds

Skyblazero: And Mickey has Ludwig Von Drake's Superhero Machine gaining a form named Super Mickey allows him to fly and lift his Clubhouse with just a hand but has a Time Limit!

Anti-Sky: And Mickey into Kingdom Hearts has the Kingdom Key D which is a Magical Key gives Magical Skills at the User and has
Kingdom Key D KH

The Kingdom Key D

attacks like!
  • Pearl allows create a magical ball of light and shoots it at an enemy and also can use Pearl in a rapid sucession for a raging storm of the light orbs)
  • Holy (Restores Mickey's Health completely or the health everybody Mickey chooises)
  • Damage Control (Is an attack that halves the damage taken by the enemies)
  • Defender (Is an attack boosts Mickey's Durability)
  • Second Chance (Helps Mickey to survive a Fatal Attack)
  • Light Charge (Mickey spins around while charging into targets and striking them into light-biased magic from the Kingdom Key D Mickey will jump and be surrounded into light before releasing 6 orbs of light that home into a target and deal damage)
  • Auto-Teleport (Allows Mickey Teleport)
  • Mini (Can shrink foes)
  • Mine Shield (Allows Shoot Magic Traps at foes which stuns them when ends up tripped)
  • Stopza (Stops Time Temporally)
  • Sign of Faith (Generates a miniature tornado sweeps up surrounding enemies before a Beam of Light fires from the center knocking all enemies to the ground leaving stunned)

Anti-Sky: Mickey into Magical Quest has next Outfits!

  • Sweeper Outfit (Allows to suck up projectiles)
  • Cowboy Outfit (Has a great fump ability)
  • Stick Horse (Can dash at great Speeds)
  • Pop Gun (Shoots Corks that can hit enemies from a distance, and can smash thru blocks, boxes and chests)
  • Knight Armor (Has a Pole weapon with a Boxing Glove, with a shield allows him to block projectiles and can bust thru barricades and a fully charged attack does alot of damage)
  • Three Climbing Gear (Allows him to ensnare enemies and spin them, and the rope can wrap around heavy objects like crates and barrels and throw them)
  • Magician Mickey (Shoots White Magic Birds which can be used as magic projectiles, which can turn weapons of enemies in flowers or other things, and the projectiles can also be redirected)

Skyblazero: Mickey is amazing but however he has his weaknesses.

Anti-Sky: He can be easily outsmarted or tricked with ease, can still pain and can be cocky or arrogant!

Matt: But however we don't need mess up with the Cool Disney's Powerful Mouse! Mickey Returns

Mickey: So... Us ended what us was doing about me, right?

Skyblazero: Yeah, but you need to wait.

Mickey: Alright, goodbye and Don't worry. There will always be a door to the light.

Ness (With help writing from Sharaku)[]

Skyblazero: Ness is a 13 Year Old Boy into a Town named Onett.

Onett Theme Winters Theme - Super Smash Bros.

Deadpool returns.

Deadpool: Oh man, I can't wait for my analysis! Wait, this is the Onett guy?

Anti-Sky: Get out of here, Wade!

Deadpool: Ugh, fine!

Deadpool is out.

Skyblazero: Well, continuing. Ness lived a normal life with his mother and his Sister Tracy until a meteorite Woke Him Up, at the beginning of EarthBound. Ness is awoken from a sound sleep by the impact of the meteorite north of his house in Onett. 

Matt: His Mother and Sister are agitated, but Ness leaves to find out what happened. After meeting up with Lier X. Agerate and Porky Minch he returns home and tries to get back to sleep. Soon thereafter, Porky arrives and demands That Ness help him look for his little brother who has gone missing during the calamity surrounding the impact. And that is where he meets Buzz-Buzz who tells Ness about the prohacy that he, two other boys and a girl will save the Universe from Total Destruction!

Anti-Sky: Alright, that's epic.

Skyblazero: On his way back to home, Ness encounters Starman Jr. whom attacks him, but Buzz-Buzz defeats Starman Jr. and after its epic battle, Buzz-Buzz suffers what could be the most anti-climatic way to die, getting slapped by a slow, dumb, and rather fat woman.

Anti-Sky: So after this, Ness decides to go off and fulfill the prophecy.

  • Name: Ness
  • Age: 13
  • Really enjoys Baseball
  • Is Giygas's Worst Nightmare
  • Okey

Skyblazero: Ness has the special ability to use PSI, or psychokinetic power. With those powers, he can use the elements to his will.

PK/PSI Abilities:

  • PK Rockin': Ness's best physical attack. Multi-colored energy wave that causes massive damage to all enemies. Never misses.
  • PK Fire: Shoots fire from fingertips and hits multiple times. Can break through psychic barriers.
  • PK Flash: Glowing green energy ball of light that can cause damage, paralysis, crying, strangeness and 40% chance of instant-kill.
  • PK Freeze: Incredibly cold wind that freezes enemies and does ice-based damage.
  • PK Thunder: Launches bolt of electricity at enemy that can be controlled to hit himself.
  • PSI Magnet: Energy barrier that can absorb incoming projectiles or enemy's energy.
  • PSI Lifeup: Heals Ness of his wounds.
  • PSI Healing: Heals Ness of his status effects, and at full power, his incapacitation.
  • PSI Shield: Forms psychic barrier around Ness. Effective when stacked.
  • PSI OffenseUp: Raises Ness's offense. Effective when stacked.
  • PSI DefenseUp: Raises Ness's defense. Effective when stacked.
  • PSI OffenseDown: Lowers enemy's offense. Effective when stacked.
  • PSI DefenseDown: Lowers enemy's defense. Effective when stacked.
  • PSI Paralysis: Paralyzes enemy by making them too numb to move.
  • PSI Teleport: Allows Ness to teleport...duh.
  • PK Starstorm: Summons large meteors down from the sky.

Matt: Holy shit, that's a lot of powers!

Anti-Sky: We aren't done yet. We have to do his arsenal.

Matt: Oh right. Well anyways, Ness has a lot of weapons too. His main weapon is his baseball bat, which he can use to slam into people.

Skyblazero: He also has a Yo-Yo. (Sees Ness use it in Smash) Wow, he's really good at it.

Matt: I know, right? Ness also has the Franklin Badge, which can reflect lightning back at whoever shot it.

Anti-Sky: But that's not everything. When Ness created Magicant (a universe in his own mind. Weird, right?), he was able to interact with the Truth of the Universe. This encounter gave him omnipresence.

Matt: Does that mean he's all powerful or something?

Anti-Sky: Well, he already is powerful, but no. This makes him exist everywhere at once throughout space and time.

Skyblazero: Holy shit, that is both creepy and awesome at the same time!

Anti-Sky: And in the same place, Ness was able to get access to the Sea of Eden which was called the "supreme intelligence", so Ness has the ability to get the knowledge of everything in the universe!

Matt: There's a few other things. Ness is protected by a super powerful being called the Truth of the Universe, a 5-Dimensional being.

Skyblazero: Yeah you heard us right, 5-Dimensional! Truth of the Universe regularly manipulates fate for Ness, an example being in the battle against Giygas. It's 5-Dimensional because it appears everywhere in EarthBound, which has five dimensions.

Skyblazero: It has two other dimensions aside from the standard three. First, there's the alternate universe that the Mother 3 timeline is in, then there's the area accessed by Ninten called the 4th-D Slip area, a completely different area.

Matt: Ness is lucky. But there's one more thing. Ness has the ability to summon the Player of EarthBound. That's right, he has the power to summon the very Player of the game you are playing.

Anti-Sky: Well, with all of Ness's insane powers, he has done some powerful things.


  • Created Magicant, an entire universe in his mind.
  • Dodged light-based attacks such as PK Flash.
  • Broke the Diamond Dog.
  • Avoided attacks from Giygas, who had become an omnipresent embodiment of evil, giving Ness immeasurable speed.
  • Came into contact with the Truth of the Universe and survived the encounter.
  • Defeated Giygas, a universal threat.
  • Became omnipresent and became EarthBound's space-time, which contains at least 5 different dimensions.
  • Gained access to the Sea of Eden, which was described to be the "supreme intelligence".

Skyblazero: But Ness has some faults as well.


  • Summoning the Player takes time.
  • He can get homesick when he misses his mom.
  • Doesn't like to fight often.
  • His recovery in Smash Bros. kinda sucks.

Matt: But all in all, Ness is one extremely powerful teenager. Like seriously, who thought giving a teen this much power was okay?!

"Giygas' goal is to destroy you. Listen carefully! Everything in the universe could be destroyed at the hands of Giygas. But he and his followers are also in trouble. The Apple of Enlightenment has foretold that Giygas' attempt will fail. It is because of the existence of a boy named Ness. ...That's me! Listen. Free your mind and KNOW what you must do! Your destiny has already been decided."



Deadpool sexy motherfucker

Skyblazero: Wade Wilson aka Deadpool was born in Canada, he was born to Thomas and Hailey Wilson. His mather died when Wade was Five Year old---

Deadpool: Hey, you can't explain Deadpool's History as that!

Skyblazero: Oh, sorry... Deadpool is Marvel's 4th Wall Breaking, Red Suited Anti-Hero and the Regenerative Merc-With-A-Mouth.


  • Real Name: Wade Wilson
  • Age: Unknown
  • Place of Birth: Canada
  • Regenerating Degenerate
  • Loves Chimichangas
  • It's the Merc who really has a Mouth
  • It's a 4th Wall Breaker
  • Surprise, universe. It's me, Deadpool, anti-hero extraordinare.

Deadpool: I also love Chimichangas. Wanna try one?

Skyblazero: No thanks.

Deadpool: I'm Amazing, I have my toys, like my Katanas, Machine Guns, Explosives, a Teleportation Belt, Magic Satchel, Carbonadium Sword, disninegration gun, holographic image inducer, Sais, Bolas, Hammers, Hulk Fists (Or Boxing Glove Arrows), Continuity Gem, Carbonadium Katana can kill characters with healing factors, universal acid, my own dismembered arm, yadda, yadda. Oh, I also have a posession resistance and I'm also an expert on Martial Arts!

Anti-Sky: Deadpool also once stoled Thanos's Infinity Gaunglet!

Deadpool with Infinity Gaunglet

Skyblazero: Deadpool too Killed the Marvel Universe.

Deadpool: Oh and my best weapons are My Mouth and my Experience with Ladies.

Matt: Deadpool is so amazing. Let me use your Machine Guns and Katanas pls!

Deadpool: Alright, take them Matt!

Matt: Thanks! (He use his Machine Guns shooting anything scaring them and use the Katanas and accidentally slashed its face)

Matt: OW, It Hurts!

Deadpool takes his weapons.

Deadpool: Better i will never give you my weapons!

Anti-Sky: Deadpool is also Unpredictable!

Deadpool: You can't predict this! (Opens Anti-Sky's Mouth pulling out a Chimichanga and makes him ate it)

Anti-Sky (Gasp): Come on!

Matt: Well, Wade also does have Shurikens!

Skyblazero: Also Wade has knifes---

Anti-Sky: And is a master of almost every weapon!

Skyblazero: Deadpool also can break 4th wall and can replace his entire organs and limbs within Minutes.

Deadpool: Oh, you forgot to mention my Motherfucking Amazing Healing Factor.

Anti-Sky: Yeah, with it Deadpool can be Blown Up, tanked a Knife to the Head, survived being impaled by many Symbiots, survived being ripped apart by Juggernaut, survived hits from Iron Fist, Headbutts From Captain America, Blade, tanked a Skyscraper colapsing over him, survived being turned into a pool--

Deadpool: Yadda, Yadda, Yadda... Yawn, this is boring me, Anyways i also dodged and catched Captain America's Shield! Cool right?

Skyblazero: He also can weave Carnage's Tendrils.

Deadpool: Oh and i once turned into a Herald from Galactus and keep up and threw a sun at Silver Surfer!

Deadpool as Herald from Galactus

Skyblazero: In this form Deadpool has next powers:

  • Cosmic-level Power
  • Enchanced Strenght
  • Light speed flight
  • Size altering
  • Matter Manipulation
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Can shoot energy waves
  • Precognition
  • Can survive in space
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Can sense Weaknesses
Anti-Sky: Also Deadpool once fought Thanos and once got possesed by the Captain Universe with the Uni-Power and he was Able to

Deadpool into his Captain Universe form

took out Thanos!

Deadpool: Yes, I do, I also can Shoot Lasers and can Fly and I'm faster than the Fucking Light!

Anti-Sky: It has a limit tho...

Skyblazero: Deadpool maybe powerful but he stills having his Weaknesses...

Anti-Sky: Yeah, Deadpool is mentally unestable, his regeneration can make Deadpool things he is invincible--

Deadpool: Hey, I'm Invincible, you know I can't die right?

Skyblazero: Well, it shows the why...

Anti-Sky: He also don't take the fight too enserious the most time and decapitation can incapacitate Deadpool too much!

Matt: But even if Deadpool does have his weaknesses, We yet don't need mess up with the Epic Merc-With-A-Mouth!

Deadpool: Alright I was starting to get bored, I will start to dance here baby!

Skyblazero: Sorry Deadpool but you should need wait until the fight Waiting SpongeBob SquarePants's Analysis, the commercials and the intermission.

Deadpool: Ugh.... Well, I wait it ends fast tho, Well public, thanks by reading my DBF Analysis, wait me until the fight guys and also I wait us are going with me guys!.

SpongeBob SquarePants[]

Skyblazero: Spongebob, the sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

SpongeBob Closing Theme Song

Anti-Sky: But when he gets down to buisness, he's gonna kick your ass!

Spongebob Squarepantsthumb|link=File:Sponge_Bobpng.png

Name: Spongebob Suarepants

Age: Early 20s

Skills: Fry cook, Black Belt in Kar-ah-te, Bubble blower, toon force and Mermaid Man Fan.

Gear: Spatula sword, Quickster Suit, Magic Pencil, Magical page, Invinsububble, Goofy Goober Guitar, pickle blaster condiment gun, and mech suit.

Feats: Dragged an anchor around, took a beating without even feeling it, , cooked faster than a patty-making machine, which was able to produce hundreds of patties at a time, survived multiple car crashes, and survived an explosion that sent him into space.

Skyblazero: Spongebob works as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab, and if you eat enough of these special burgers, you will explode! 

Anti-Sky: He was trained by Sandy Cheeks, and is a master of Kah-Rah-Te! 

Skyblazero: He also likes blowing bubbles, but these bubbles can even create life.

Anti-Sky: He can also survive extreme things with his toon force, such as when he was attacked for days on end, and didn't even feel it! 

Skyblazero: He has a spatula sword, dubbed spat, and can typically be used as a melee weapon.

Anti-Sky: He has a magic Pencil, which can bring drawings to life!

Skyblazero: He has a pickle blaster, which shoots pencils at such a high velocity, it can tear through metal.

Anti-Sky: He has a condiment gun, which can shoot both ketchup, and mustard. It's great for distracting others, but it has a certain amount of amno, which can run out. 

Skyblazero: He also has a number of superhero outfits, which give him a number of special abilities. The Quickster suit gives him the power of super-speed, the goofy goober guitar can allow him to fly, and the guitar can shoot lasers capable of penatrating metal. The Invinsububble gives him the ability to shoot invinsible bubbles, and makes him stronger and faster. However, his most powerful weapon is the magical page. With this page, he can wish for anything.

Anti-Sky: However, everyone has flaws, Spongebob is dumb, and only ever uses the page to turn into a superhero. But he is always ready!

Spongebob: I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!


Skyblazero: Grab your PopCorns and have fun seeing this DBX into your Netflix!

Anti-Sky: And the DBX is a DBX Between two rivals from Anime who are Saiyans,Goku vs Vegeta!

Pre Fight Poll[]


Anti-Sky: Alright, so the battlefield is set, our combatants are locked and loaded and ready to go, and it looks like the finish line is just ahead!

Skyblazero: It looks like it's time for a Death Battle.

Death Battle![]

The Whole Event Is Going Wild.

Death Battle Retro Rivals (From the ScrewAttack Series)-0

Many People Getting Everything On Their House To Prepare Deadpool vs SpongeBob.

Tickets cost 100 dollars for highest seat. However, the Covid make it Bad.

Now the whole population of people is watching online.

Many Celebs wanted to play the Death Battle Music.

Many People went to stores to get smart TVS.

Food Beers Drinks, etc.

Deadpool and SpongeBob SquarePants laugh at Each Other into the Ring.

On Another Universe Sonic sees an Event from Nicole and he decides that he wants to stop that Bullshit.

Sonic sees the Event and Went to the Real World.


Maxwell got Launched by a Batman Evil to a Large Crack Mountain.

Sonic rans and Angers at Deadpool.

Deadpool making 4th wall quotes.

SpongeBob and Maxwell laughs.


Madoka and Ness are in a large forest and realize that it was time to die.

The Rest are Located in a Ring in Which Ben 10 and Bugs breaks it.

Mickey Mouse says.

Mickey Mouse: Well that Rodent is Looking For Beef.

Bugs Bunny then Slaps Mickey Mouse's Face.

Mickey Mouse: Beef is over.

SpongeBob got send by Maxwell and sees Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny.

Team Nick.

Mickey remembers Sora's Message to Mickey.

Kirby sleeps until he sees more People coming to Fight. 

Mario says.

Mario: Sorry buddy we are at war. Let's a Go!

Mario jumps at Kirby who jumped away dodging the attack as both put combat positions, Bugs pull out a Carrot eating it while Mickey pull out its Brush, SpongeBob pulls out his Spatula, Maxwell took out his Notebook, Sonic was running to Deadpool who pull out his Katanas, Ness pull out his Baseball Bat, Madoka was readied to shoot her Energy Arrows, Frisk took out its Knife, and Ben 10 slaps it's Watch.

Sonic was speedblitzing everyone punching everyone as Madoka tried to shoot her Energy Arrows at Sonic who dodged with his Speed and Ness tried to smack him with his Bat but Sonic was easily dodging and Ben was turned into Diamonhead using Crystals as projectiles against Sonic who dodged them, punching the people until Wade tried to Slash him but Sonic dodged and runned exclaiming.


Deadpool then used its Teleportation Belt to teleport himself refusing Sonic and Smacking him with his Hammers knocking him.

Then SpongeBob runs at Deadpool who runs at SpongeBob and both jumps and slash Themselves until Deadpool jumps Spin Kicking SpongeBob's Face and he then Slashes him into Pieces but SpongeBob regenerates and slashes Deadpool's Chest who touched it.

Deadpool: Regeneration?, Sorry Sponge, I have it too! Let's Dance!

SpongeBob: I'm Ready!

Deadpool regenerates and pull out his Pickle Blaster shooting at Deadpool who slashes the Pencils with his Twin Katanas.

SpongeBob then use its Karate Gear jumping at Deadpool.

SpongeBob: I'M REAAAADYYY! (Karate Chops Deadpool making it's Head spins as SpongeBob refused looks Deadpool's Head)

SpongeBob: Excuse me sir, what happens with your Head?

Deadpool puts his head on its Place.

Deadpool: You mostly make my Head sucks, Take this Freak!

Deadpool then pull out a Grenade making a Explosion sends SpongeBob to fly away.

SpongeBob then use its Magic Pencil summoning a Bomb to blown up Wade but he quickly regenerates and he makes Monsters Deadpool slashed with his Katanas and he Slashes SpongeBob's Magic Pencil.

SpongeBob: Oh no!

Deadpool: Sorry Sponge but your friend can't help you now!

Deadpool pull out it's Guns shooting SpongeBob into rage but SpongeBob regenerates and use its Condiment Gun shooting Deadpool who Teleports out of the attacks.

SpongeBob turns into The Quickster blitzing Deadpool punching him many times until he hits Deadpool to a Wall.

SpongeBob then wishes with the Magic Page to turn into Invincibubble shooting Bubbles to Deadpool who Slashes them with his Katanas and jumps Slashing SpongeBob who regenerates and he then Hits Deadpool many times until he Spins its Fist and UpperCuts Deadpool right to the Air sending him To The Ground.

SpongeBob then turns himself into a Goofy Goober Rock.


He shoots Lasers at Deadpool who is dodging them and Deadpool then Snaps it's Fingers.

Deadpool: Goodbye Sponge!

Deadpool then Snapped its Fingers and SpongeBob was starting to be disinegrated screaming in fear and was then reduced to a pile of dust.

Deadpool: Oh, yeah I've won!

Kirby then suddenly see Frisk putting a Combat Position with Frisk trying to Slash him but Kirby dodged the Attacks and he then see in the fight was a Bonker so he inhaled him to turn into Hammer Kirby. Frisk then grabbed it's Knife with his Two Hands Jumping at Kirby trying to Slash him but Kirby jumps away and Frisk runs at Kirby trying to Slash him Again but Kirby blocks with his Hammer until Kirby threw a bunch of Smacks with his Hammer at Frisk until he Jumps and Smacks Frisk Away.

Then Frisk pull out two Pink Boxing Gloves and a Pink Bandana with abs on it and Frisk starts to tie it on its head. Then puts its Boxing Gloves on its Hands and close its Fists and starts Punching Kirby who blocks the fists with his Hammer and throws his Hammer at Frisk knocking him.

Frisk then gets up only to see Kirby runs at him preparing a Kick sends him away.

Then both Frisk and Kirby started making a First fight until Kirby was getting smacked away until he sees Knuckle Joe and inhales him and turns into Fighter Kirby.

Frisk then tried to Smack Kirby who put a Serious Face Blocking the Attacks UpperCutting Frisk and Kicking Him into the Face sending Frisk flying to the floor.

Frisk got up And pull out its Orange Soul's Items and instead put on a light blue tutu and dark blue ballet shoes. Frisk then jumped at Kirby who dodged easily the Attack but Frisk jumps Kicking Kirby destroying its ability and kicks him a bunch of times making Kirby was beginning to tire.

Kirby then sees Sword Knight and he then Inhales Sword Knight turning on Sword Kirby and Kirby jumps Slashing Frisk's Face a Bit.

Frisk was hurt and he removed its Ballet Shoes and Tutu and put on an Apron and Fyring Pan.

Both runs at Eachother clashing Weapons many times until Kirby got Smacked by the Fyring Pan, destroying its Ability and Frisk tries Smack him but Kirby dodges the attacks so Frisk pull out a Phone turns into a Jetpack and flies at the Puffball with the Fyring Pan, a Gun and a Cowboy Hat Yellow.

Frisk then shoots Yellow Lasers from its Gun at Kirby who was running out of them and Kirby then calls the Warp Star but Frisk shoot a Yellow Laser at Kirby he dodged but it shoots the Warp Star making a Massive Shock destroys it but Kirby inhales it becoming into Star Rod Kirby shooting 3 stars at Frisk he dodged and put on the Heart Locket and the Worn Dagger and tried to fly to Attack Kirby who shoots a Gold Beam of Energy blowing Frisk up.

Kirby then believed he won but this time Frisk dodges and Kirby dont remember what happened but Frisk did with the Power of the Determination.

Frisk then was running at Frisk who shoot stars at him he dodged and he then tries to slash Kirby who was dodging until Frisk use its Apron and Fyring Pan again to Smack Kirby destroying its Copying Ability.

Then Frisk thinked Kirby was done but Kirby's Miracle Fruit on its Stomach Activates and he turns into Hypernova Kirby, Frisk then runs at Frisk trying to Slash the Puffball the most fast that he can but it was a Bad Idea just as Kirby Inhales him sending Frisk to its Stomach Dimension.

Kirby then Makes a Victory Dance.

Diamonhead then see Maxwell who took out its Flaming Sword who turn its Hands into swords and both clashed weapons until Diamondhead turns one of his Swords into a Hand again to Hit Maxwell away.

Diamondhead then shoots Crystals at Maxwell who quickly dodges them and turns into its Green Lantern Form and flies at Diamondhead with his Sword who starts shooting more Crystals Maxwell dodged and he then tried to slash Diamondhead who turns one of his Hands into A Sword and both clash weapons until both decide start a Fist-Fight throwing blows to Eachother until Maxwell dodges one of Diamondhead blows and Punches him Away.

Maxwell then flies at Diamondhead Punching it's Face many times until kicks him to the ground. Diamondhead then slaps its Watch turning into Ben again and he then tells.

Ben 10: Alright, i Need a Strong Alien to Fight... Wait, Now I got it, Four Arms!

Ben slaps its Watch and turns into Four Arms so Maxwell then decides to write from his Notebook Superman Appears and he flies Punching Four Arms away, but Four Arms angered jumps Trying to Punch Superman who is Easily Dodging the Attacks Spinning its Fist and UpperCutting Four Arms right to the Air and he then throws Blows at Four Arms and shoots its Laser Vision at him knocking him out and Four Arms was hurt.

Four Arms slaps his Watch to turn into Ben and he then turns himself into Heatblast who unleashes a burst of flame at Superman who dodged and dodged more bursts of flames until Heatblast unleashes a Gigantic Wave of Flames around Him but Superman flies out of it but a Huge Explosion knocks Superman out.

Superman then slowly recovers as Ben 10 becomes himself into Way Big who tried to Stomp Superman who flied out of the Attack and Maxwell then took out a Nuke Bomb Making a Blast knocks Way Big to the ground.

Ben then decides turn himself into Alien X who flew up to Maxwell Punching him right to the Space and Alien X then flew up to Superman erasing Superman.

Alien X then flew up to Maxwell.

Alien X: I'm Alien X, The most powerful thing into the Galaxy. This fight will be done.

And then Alien X Punches Maxwell away and clones himself Punching him a Bunch of Times until Alien X Punched Maxwell right to the Moon.

Then Maxwell writes Mr. Mxyzpltk appears and he then flies at Alien X who flew up to Mxy and both threw blows to eachother until Mxy fires a Blast of Energy at Alien X sends him right to a Planet but Alien X does a rotating gesture with his Arm to rewind time but just into that moment Maxwell wrote Alien X ends up being turned into Ben 10 again and both ends up into the Earth.

Ben 10: What? What happened?

Maxwell then took out a Katana slashing Ben's Head off.

Maxwell: Phew.

Mickey then agressively aims Bugs with his Paintbrush but Bugs eats a Carrot while taps Mickey's Shoulder.

Bugs: Nyehh, what's up doc?

Mickey was refused when Bugs end up its Carrot but down its Paintbrush touching it with only one finger and took out one of its Gloves grabbing it with his Hands.

Bugs: Do you know this Means War. (Slaps Mickey twice with the Glove and then he digs making Mickey get angered and Bugs then appears behind Mickey tooking out a Letter says "Donkey" as Mickey puts a Finger on its Head trying to search if Bugs was into the Hole and Bugs took out a Boot kicking Mickey when he got up sending the Mouse to fly right to the ground.

Mickey got up flipping to see Bugs but Bugs now was disguised as a Woman.

Mickey: Excuse me miss, you see a Wabbit?

Bugs: I don't see a Wabbit but your so atractive, kiss me! (Grabs Mickey kissing him as Mickey put a disgusted smile and Bugs removed its disguise and Smacks Mickey with a Giant Cartoonish Mallet)

Bugs then starts laughing eating a Carrot but Mickey angered use its Magic Hat shooting A Fireball at Bugs's Feet who yelled and Bugs then took out a Water Bucket to shut down the fire on its Feet but Mickey shoots more Fireballs at Bugs who is digging out of them.

Bugs then eat a Super Carrot turning into Super Bunny.

Super Bunny flies right at Mickey spinning its Fist punching the Mouse away.

Mickey Mouse then used Ludwig Von Drake's Superhero Machine turning into Super Mickey and both flies punching eachother punching themselves many times until Super Bunny hits Super Mickey and both flies at eachother punching themselves many times until both turns to normal screaming falling to the ground.

Mickey and Bugs then took out its Lightsabers making a Lightsaber Duel until Mickey kicks him and Bugs pull out his Time Machine Mickey melts with his Paintbrush shooting Thinner.

Bugs: Yikes!

Mickey then starts shocking Bugs with the Force.

Mickey: Alright, your done Wabbit.

Mickey shocks Bugs who puts a sad face telling.

Bugs: Wait Mickey, cough, cough, dont kill me, what would think the kids seeing you are killing?

Mickey then stops.

Mickey: Oh, your right, truce?

Bugs: Truce.

Both make a Handshake but Bugs pull out a Bomb giving it to Mickey and Bugs runs and a Bomb makes Mickey had a Smoke Face and was coughing.

Bugs then came out from the Fight to the Real World drawing Anvils crashing Mickey and Deadpool was making a Chimichanga Store.

Deadpool: Here Chimichangas to see this DBF Fight!

Many people buys and eats them and Kirby inhales them but Bugs erases it and Kirby crushes Deadpool with an Anvil but Deadpool recovers.


Deadpool then its on where Bugs is.

Bugs: How do you?

Deadpool: Alright, your Friend Pencil need Stop, your ruining my Chimichangas!

Deadpool shoots Bugs with his Guns who dodges the shoots and Bugs drinks the Hyde Juice turning into Monster Bugs.

Deadpool: Come on, DC Is trying to Rip off Marvel, i mean your like The Hulk--!

Bugs creates a Green Wave stomping the ground making Wade by into the ground hurt but he slowly gets up as Bugs was scratching Deadpool with its Claws but Deadpool took out a Rocket Launcher from its Magic Satchel.

Deadpool: You have seen nothing yet!

Wade shoots Rockets at Bugs sends him to the ground and took out a Grenade sends Monster Bugs to the ground.

Deadpool then took out his Twin Katanas and he slashes Bugs's Head Off.

Deadpool: I'll finally take care of that annoying Wabbit Elmer Fudd can't catch!

Deadpool goes to the Fight seeing Mickey.

Deadpool: Sorry Mickey, but i need end up this!

Mickey pull out the Kingdom Key D and Deadpool his Katanas.

Deadpool: Let's Dance!

Both clash swords until Mickey jumps slashing Deadpool who regenerates kicking Mickey away.

Mickey use Auto Teleport to teleport but Deadpool teleports too with his Teleportation Belt and swings at Mickey with a Hammer sending him to the ground.

Mickey then magical balls of light at Deadpool with Pearl who dodged.

Mickey: STOPZA!

He stops time and Mickey decapitates Deadpool's Head Off.

Time returns to normal with Mickey tired and Deadpool then puts his Head.

Deadpool: Ouch, it was though, alright time to end this!

Deadpool jumps kicking Mickey and he then pull out its Infinity Gaunglet snapping Mickey disinegrating Mickey into dust.

Maxwell then tooked out its Time Machine but Sonic see it and Homming Attacks it, making a Explosion destroys it.

Maxwell: Yikes--

Sonic then runs at Maxwell kicking him and smiling.

Sonic then tried to Spin Dash Maxwell but Maxwell dodged and summons Anti-Monitor.

Anti-Monitor Alters It's Size trying to Hit Sonic who dodges and AM proceeds to Warp Reality but Mario used the Pure Hearts to wish reality turns to normal.

Sonic then tells.

Sonic: SUPER SONIC STYLE, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Turns into Super Sonic and flies to AM punching its Face sending him to fly away)

Super Sonic then resets the Universe and he makes a Portal sends all the Combatants to the Space.

Then Sonic steals Maxwell's Notebook as Maxwell tried to write on it and Sonic then says.


Sonic then writes on it Anti-Monitor disappears and then Deadpool took out its Disinegration Gun while Sonic was distracted and disinegrates it.

Sonic: Oh, shoot.

Maxwell then sees Mario and turns into his Green Lantern Form and Mario then used a Star turning himself invincible and use Wing Cap to fly at Maxwell and both clashes fists many times and Sonic joins and they starts clashing fists.

Deadpool then see Galactus.

Deadpool: Hey Galactus, Thank to god your here, can I be your Herald again to defeat this freaks?

Galactus: Alright Wade, your my Herald Now--

Deadpool: Thank you Galactus, i'll promise ends up being Back, cya!

Deadpool flew up at the Combatants shooting a Energy Wave sends all to a Planet.

Deadpool flies at the Combatants shooting Blasts they dodged and Maxwell flies at Deadpool with his Sword.

Maxwell: Take this, Deathstroke Rip-Off!

He cuts Deadpool who regenerates and he shoot a Blast at Maxwell sends him to fly to nearby asteroids and Deadpool then grabbed the Sun throwing it at Maxwell.

Deadpool: Nobody tell me Deathstroke freak, die!

Deadpool threw it at Maxwell burning him and the Asteroids killing him.

Deadpool: Yooho, I'll killed that freak!

Mario and Sonic was clashing blows until Mario tried to erase Sonic from the Existence but Sonic wasnt erased by using the One Billion Power Ring.

Mario: Mamma mia--

Sonic flew up at Mario punching him and Mario shoots Fireballs at Sonic who dodges and then Mario angrily turns into Mega Mario trying to stomp everyone but everyone dodged until Deadpool shoots a Energy Wave sends Mario to the ground and he turns to normal.

Then sudeenly Ness screams.

Ness: PK Fire!

Ness shoots Fire from his Fingertips hitting the Plumber multiple times who before die tell.

Mario: Game Over!

Mario got incinerated into Ashes.

Now only 4 Combatants was into the Area, they looks seriously at eachother, putting in their fighting positions.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders OST 09 Virtuous Pope-0

This is Gonna Be Good.


Deadpool tried to pull out the Continuity Gem. A blinding purple light was about to engulf the area but he was quickly stopped by Sonic. Sonic dashed into Deadpool with a Sonic Boost and began to beat on him over and over.


Deadpool let out a massive burst of light as he transformed into Captain Unipool.

Deadpool: Aw yeah. Shit's getting reaaaaal.

Everyone else looked on, but Sonic didn't hesitate to rush Deadpool. Transforming into Hyper Sonic, Sonic and Deadpool crashed into each other at full speed. Not hesitating, Ness and Madoka joined the fight. Ness launched a PK Thunder at Sonic, but he smacked it away. Deadpool traded blows with Madoka, neither giving in an inch. But Deadpool suddenly began to flicker. His transformation time ran out and he was transformed back into regular Deadpool

Deadpool: Well, damn. That was short lived.

Sonic: I feel you, man.
HS vs M vs N vs CU-P

Sonic then began to batter Deadpool over and over so many times you couldn't even see Sonic moving. Sonic finished off Deadpool by cutting off his head with a Spin Dash and shredding the insides of it, ending the Merc With A Mouth.

Sonic: Tine to finish this!

Sonic let out a flash of light and he transformed into Ultra Sonic. Madoka seeing this followed suit and transformed into her Ultimate form. Ness got ready in another fighting stance.

UM vs US vs N

Ness rushed Madoka with PSI, striking Madoka multiple times. Ness then used PSI Teleport to appear behind Ultra Sonic and kicked him backwards, knocking both of them towards each other. Sonic got up and sped around Ness incredibly fast, but Ness wasn't even fazed as he rushed in and smashed into Sonic. Ness quickly set up a PSI Shield and blocked the attack from Madoka.

Sonic: Okay, this is getting nowhere.

Sonic quickly sped into Madoka and began to beat on her over and over.

Ness: Hey, your fight is with me!

But Sonic didn't listen, as he let out a massive burst of light with Chaos Control, blinding Ness. When he looked up, Madoka was gone. She had been erased from existence.

Ness: Woah.

Sonic turned around and got ready. This was the final battle. It all comes down to this.
Ultra Sonic vs Ness

Sonic and Ness began to clash in a fierce battle. Ness and Sonic both hit each other with incredibly heavy blows, but both of them recovered well. Ness used PSI Lifeup to heal his wounds, and Sonic used Chaos Control to restore himself. Sonic again tried to use a Sonic Boost, but Ness simply disappeared and reappeared next to Sonic.

Sonic: What is that?!

Ness: Forgot about that. I'm omnipresent.

Sonic: Omnipresent? You don't say.

Sonic tried to rush Ness, but Ness avoided it and grabbed Sonic by the back and tossed him away. Ness then shoot a bunch of PK Fires at Sonic, but Sonic was able to avoid most of them. At this point, Sonic was desparate for a way to finish the fight, so he began to rev up another Chaos Control.

Ness saw this and began to shield his eyes from the light. Sonic had finished charging the Chaos Control. He let it loose as reality began to flash white around him-

Ness heard a voice somewhere in the white light.

"Listen. Free your mind and KNOW what you must do! Your destiny has already been decided."

When the light had died down, Ness was still standing, and Sonic looked at him and was in complete, utter shock.

Sonic: What?! How are you still here?! You should have been erased!

Ness offered no response as he began to glow with a blue aura. The Truth of the Universe swirled around Ness, and reality itself began to shake and alter itself. Ness's destiny was decided.

Reality around Sonic began to change as Sonic himself was altered as well. Sonic let out a scream ass he was forcibly changed back to his base from by the Truth. Ness saw this and took this as an opening. He crossed his arms and began to build PSI energy in his hands.

Ness: PK ROCKIN'!!!

Ness released a massive colorful wave of energy that completely engulfed Sonic. Slowly but surely, Sonic's body began to disintegrate from the sheer energy let off from the psychic attack. The PK Rockin' exploded, and when Ness looked around, there wasn't a single trace of Sonic left. Ness let out a sigh of relief.

Ness: How am I gonna explain this to my friends?




Anti-Sky: This was an incredibly close match between Sonic, Madoka and Ness. But Ness simply had the superior hax and AP.

Matt: But before we do that, we gotta explain everything else. Lemme bring back Deadpool and Mickey first.

(Matt brings Deadpool and Mickey back to explain the analysis)

Deadpool: Ow, my spleen. Well, i should revive that Puffball, he liked my Chimichangas!

(He then revives Kirby)

Kirby: Hi!

Deadpool: I wasnt even dead!, I just regenerated before Matt do that but anyways, thanks Matt!

Matt: Oh no problem Deadpool!

Mickey: Man, that hurt. Oh well, at least I'm back. Anyways, the first person to go was Spongebob. He had a lot of good hax with toon force and the Magic Page, but he was also the slowest one here, and would get blitzed by everyone here.

Anti-Sky: Next to go was Frisk. While he could reset, he wouldn't really be able to do any damage, and Kirby's stomach dimension was inescapable from unless someone could teleport, which Frisk couldn't do.

Deadpool: Next was...Ben, wow. Sorry Ben fans. Maxwell was Ben's worst nightmare in this fight, as well as any other reality warpers. Most of them here were not only superior to Ben in AP, they had better reality warping abilities and could simply change Ben back to his regular form.

Sky: Kirby was next, as his powers were great, but he was much slower and his powers could simply be hit out of them. Also, Ghost Kirby isn't immune to reality warping, so they could simply get rid of his soul that way.

Matt: Bugs was next, as while his animator mode was powerful, many characters simply had the better reality warping abilities as well as AP.

Anti-Sky: Mickey was next, but quite frankly, most characters after Mickey got progressively more powerful and faster, so he couldn't really last too long with them around. Mickey also has no immunity to reality warping, so he was out.

Mickey: Dang it...

Deadpool: Don't be so glum, chum. You'll get 'em next time.

Mickey: Yeah...I guess.

Sky: Mario was next to go. While he was almost on par with the others strength-wise, the other's speed simply beat out Mario's. The Pure Hearts, while powerful, are far inferior to the One Billionth Power Ring.

Mickey: Maxwell was next, as his reality warping was inferior to the likes of Sonic, Madoka and Deadpool's powers. He would also get blitzed by...well, just about everyone in the top 4.

Sky: Next was Deadpool.

Deadpool: Hey! I had all of these awesome powers! How come I lost to a rat, a tiny girl and a small boy?!

Anti-Sky: Simple. Most of Deadpool's powers had a time limit. Even the ones that didn't coulld have been easily removed. The Infinity Gauntlet can be taken off fast enough, as everyone else (Sonic with his Immesurable speeds and Madoka and Ness with Omnipresence) could yoink the IG off of Deadpool.

Deadpool: Damn...

Matt: Even if he did snap in time, Sonic, Madoka and Ness have some crazy hax to keep them from dying immediately.

Sky: This leaves us down to the final three. Madoka, Sonic and Ness. First was Madoka, as her hax, while incredibly impressive paled in comparison to the One Billionth Power Ring, which would keep Sonic from dying.

Matt: Now I know what you guys are thinking. How did Ness manage to beat out Archie Sonic? The answer? That's thanks to the little known power called the Truth of the Universe, and Ness's omnipresence.

Sky: Ness's omnipresence is not exactly what it seems. The EarthBound universe contains five different dimensions, the Mother 3 and 4th-D Slip dimensions included. This means Ness is present across five different realms of reality. Because of this, it stands to reason that Ness is 5-Dimensional. While the other fighters had Multiversal+ stats, it pales in comparison to Ness's higher dimensional stuff.

Matt: But that's not all. The Truth of the Universe also exists on all those planes of existence. The Truth can basically manipulate fate on a Low Complex Multiversal scale, much higher than the other's reality warping.

Anti-Sky: And the last piece of this powerful puzzle is Ness's ability to summon the Player. When Ness summons the Player, it isn't just something that happens randomly. Several times throughout the story of EarthBound, the Player is mentioned several times as if the Player is some sort of godlike being. This becomes true when the Player steps in at the end to help out with Giygas, wiping him out in an instant.

Sky: The Player exists in the real world, which is confirmed to be a higher plane of existence from EarthBound, since the real world contains the creators of the game. So in a nutshell, Ness has 5th dimensional power, omnipresence, and the ability to summon not one, but two beings that exist on far higher planes of existence from either of those combatants.

Matt: Ness just PK Rocked the competition.

Sky: The Winner is--

Deadpool: DEADPOOL!

Anti-Sky: Eh... not really. The Winner is: Ness.

Deadpool: Nah just ignore him.


  • This was formerly "Madoka vs Composite Sonic vs Kirby" before it was renamed due to the number of combatants.
  • This battle was first made by Ganime, but was then adopted by Fllflourine. Afterwards, PlozAlcachaz came by and just said "hey, why not?" and slapped his category on it.
  • Thanks to Mike-Bro-Legend by helping in any things of the fight
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