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Spongebob Battle Royale
Spongebob battle royale
Season 2, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 7/3/2017
Written by Tjman461
Directed by Tjman461
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Patrick Star vs Tails Ruby Rose vs Star Butterfly


SpongeBob vs Patrick vs Sandy vs Plankton vs Squidward vs Mr. Krabs, which iconic Spongebob character will prove to be the strongest?


Wiz: Spongebob Squarepants the most popular show on nickelodeon.

Boomstick: Screw that lets make them fight!

Wiz: Uh are you sure? So many childhoods could be destroyed.

Boomstick: Well we did it with the ninja turtles so why wouldn't we?

Wiz: True, True, alright we'll make them fight.

Boomstick: Anyway: Today we have Spongebob the main protagonist of the show.

Wiz: Patrick the lovable sidekick/best friend of Spongebob.

Boomstick: Squidward the asshole neighbor.

Wiz: Mr. Krabs the greedy owner of the Krusty Krab.

Boomstick: Sandy the only female main character.

Wiz: And finally Plankton the villain.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and i'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons armor and skill to see who would win a Death Battle!


Wiz: Spongebob Squarepants, the greatest fry cook in Bikini Bottom.

Boomstick: Wait he's a sponge that's super absorbent and lives in bikini bottom, so he's a tampon...

Wiz: ...

Boomstick: Ignoring that Spongebob along with being a fry cook can use his spatula pretty much as a sword, he even used it to defeat a pirate who had a sword.

Wiz: He can also absorb punches and is pretty much invincible, he one time survived an explosion from a pie and an explosion while trying to clean a plate.

Boomstick: That sounds really lame.

Wiz: Anyway he also can use bubbles unrealistically by using them as bombs or as transportation.

Boomstick: Along with that he knows karate and is a blacker belt in it, and can extend his limbs.

Wiz: And he has toon force to regenerate or do really weird things.

Boomstick: And he can turn into a superhero which enhances his bubble powers. Speaking of his bubble power he blew one that was able to carry the entire city of Bikini Bottom! It also makes him much stronger because before he could barely pick up a weight with stuffed animals on the sides.

Wiz: Then he has his magic page that is able to change reality but to make it fair we'll just have him use it for turning into the superhero.

Boomstick: And one time he was able to turn into a wizard playing the guitar for some reason.

Wiz: In that same movie he walked many miles to get a crown for King Neptune.

Boomstick: His downsides are he is childish and gullible, and he isn't that strong if it's a fist fight but he is good at karate.

Wiz: Spongebob is a surprisingly good fighter who is a force to be reckoned with.


Wiz: After... uh wait what has Patrick done again?

Boomstick: Nothing, he's done literally nothing. He got an award for doing nothing.

Wiz: Well he lives under a rock guess that's something. And he mentioned going to college with a fish named flats.

Boomstick: Well other than that he was able to help Spongebob get neptunes crown back and he defeated Burger Beard by using his ultimate power... Ice cream?

Spongebob: Maybe we should've chosen a better superpower for you Patrick.

Wiz: We don't really have much of a backstory for him because in the first episode he was already Spongebob's friend. However they were also shown to be friends since they were babies. Ever since we saw Spongebob and Patrick be friends they were inseparable.

Boomstick: Patrick is also a big idiot. He couldn't even open a fucking jar without having a ton of help.

Wiz: Well that may be true but he can hurt enemies without even knowing what's happening and injure someone as an accident which is an advantage in some cases.

Boomstick: Well despite that Patrick likes to use guns like the tartar sauce gun and a pickle gun.

Wiz: He also is insanely strong he can throw boulders and chop a steam boat in half with just his hand.

Boomstick: And he is able to rip off his hand and regenerate it. Then the hand he rips off grows into a new Patrick. And his ass is metal! He used it to literally shatter two professional wrestlers.


  • Star Spin
    • Can reflect projectiles
  • Toonforce
  • Butt made of steel
  • Huge appetite (Was able to eat 1000 Krabby Patties in one day)
  • Cartwheel
  • Ground Smash
  • Superhuman strength
  • Regeneration
  • Invulnerability
  • Grappling Tongue
  • Can take off his limbs to make a new Patrick
  • Can Karate chop things clean in half

Wiz: He is practically invincible because he can explode and get injured all he wants but regenerate perfectly.

Boomstick: Then his super hero form like said before his power is ice cream. WHY?

Wiz: He is actually a lot stronger in this form because he can use the sharp side of cones and launch them quickly towards enemies, also he is much stronger and faster in this form.

Mr. Superawesomeness[]

  • Can control ice cream and make them fly at high speeds
  • Size of an average adult
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • Unlimited stamina

Boomstick: He has weaknesses though like being afraid of spiders. HA I'm not afraid of one of those tiny bugs!

Spider walks in.


Wiz: Ugh anyway he has a weakness to perfume and can dry up and die from a heat lamp, and is very stupid but he is still the lovable starfish we know today.


  • Immensely stupid
  • Very small in his normal form
  • Should he stay outside of water for a prolonged period of time, he will die of dehydration (only if he gets over heated by whatever he won't die from this).
  • Arachnophobia
    • Fear of spiders
  • The Perfume Department

Patrick: Is mayonnaise an instrument?

Squidward: No Patrick mayonnaise is not an instrument.

*Patrick raises hand again*

Squidward: Horse radish isn't an instrument either!


Wiz: Squidward, the grumpy neighbor who lives in the middle of Spongebob and Patrick, and is a cashier at the Krusty Krab.

Boomstick: I wonder if the neighbor from Hello Neighbor is a copy of him.

  • Age: Unknown
  • Aliases: Captain Magma, Sour Note
  • Occupation: Cashier at The Krusty Krab
  • Likes: Being Fancy, His Clarinet, Art, Music
  • Dislikes: Spongebob and Patrick, His job, Bikini Bottom

Wiz: He doesn't have much of a backstory other than competing with Squilliam in High School band class and getting his job at the Krusty Krab it also appears that he has been working at the Krusty Krab a long time before Spongebob.

Boomstick: He's also kind of an asshole.

Wiz: Well I guess... He may not like Spongebob and Patrick but in the episode "Pizza Delivery" he stuck up for Spongebob against this guy.

Chocolate Guy: How can I eat this Pizza without my drink!?!?

Boomstick: Doesn't that guy have some sort of drink he could have at home?! And he didn't even order a drink! How do you expect to get a drink if you didn't order one!


  • Survived point blank nuclear explosions
  • Tank hits from jellyfish, robots, etc
  • Helped saved the bikini bottom a couple of times
  • Found Atlantis
  • Helped stop burger beard from taking the krabby patty formula
  • Easily lifted his house off it's foundation
  • Defeated three restaurant owners while wearing a krabby patty costume
  • Pulled a pirate ship that was chained to him

Wiz: Even though Squidward hates Spongebob and Patrick he has gone on many adventures with him, like when he went to Atlantis and when he went above the water in his superhero form.

Boomstick: He has also been able to tank explosions, lift his entire house off of its foundation, pulled an entire pirate ship that was chained to him, and dressed up as a Krabby Patty and beat up the other restaurant owners like a badass, I wonder if dressing up as a Krabby Patty is some sort of cosplay in Bikini Bottom.

Wiz: He also is able to tank A LOT of pain that is caused by jellyfish, and his neighbors.

Powers and Weapons[]

  • Clarinet
  • His Tentacles
  • Lava
  • Superhuman Strength and Speed
  • Durability
  • Intelligence
  • Tatar sauce gun
  • Karate moves
  • Sour Note

Boomstick: He has an enormous arsenal involving his clarinet because of how bad he plays it but it usually just makes people mad but in his sour note form he can summon a clarinet that can shatter glass and make people deaf!

Wiz: He also is pretty smart and got karate lessons from Spongebob and Sandy and like said before was able to fight off the other restaurant owners with pretty good combo moves.

Boomstick: Also as part of the mermaid man team he got another superhero alias called captain magma which gives him the power to make lava by saying:

Squidward: KRAKATOA!

Weaknesses []

  • Lazy
  • Arrogant
  • Rages Easily
  • He suffers a lot of bad luck and karma
  • Self centered

Wiz: While he sounds like an alright fighter he can get very angry and is self centered which can distract him from winning.

Boomstick: And man does he have bad luck!! If something bad can happen to him then it will no matter what!

Wiz: He is a very formidable foe and his anger can sometimes help him.

Boomstick: Just like the Hulk!

Mr. Krabs[]

Wiz: Mr. Krabs the millionaire owner of the Krusty Krab.

Boomstick: He haz big meety klawz!!!!1

Wiz: Um yes he does. It all started when he was friends with Plankton and made a burger with him for his classmates, this turns successful which made him into what he is today.

Wiz: He uses his claws to fight and pinch people with.

Boomstick: He has also been a pirate since he was a baby and has gotten treasure once which gives him fighting experience.

Wiz: Yeah and this was shown when he fought all the skeletons and zombies for a full night.

Boomstick: Damn talk about endurance he was able to stay up that long and fight all night that shows he probably never gets tired!

Wiz: And he used to be called armor abs because he literally had armor abs and could take punches really well. Being a crab, Mr. Krabs has a strong shell that made him resistant to attacks, though he can temporarily lose this due to him molting his shell as he went old. There's also limitations on how durable his shell is, because he had the tip of his claw broken.

Boomstick: And he was shown to have very good strength because he was able to carry the entire Krusty Krab building with little discomfort and he was in the Navy for a while.

Wiz: Then in the newest spongebob movie he was given a superhero form where he is now called sir pinch a lot, he can use this to launch his claws and pin them against a wall, and he used them to heavily damage a pirate ship.

Boomstick: Then he has the badass rocket boosters on his super hero form and is able to go really fast with them.

Wiz: He may be a strong fighter but he is very greedy and can SMELL money and gets very distracted by it.

Boomstick: I hope he's not too krabby with me!


Wiz: Sandy, the western, smart and karate loving squirrel.

Boomstick: Wait, how the hell did a squirrel end up underwater?

  • Age: Unknown
  • Aliases: The Rodent, Miss Appear
  • Occupation: Scientist, Inventor, Bodybuilder
  • Origin: SpongeBob Squarepants

Wiz: Well, I don't know it never really told us, anyway she at first in the show was a girl who loved Texas and was a body builder.

Boomstick: In one episode she was able to throw an anchor 500 yards! And compared to other squirrels that's an achievement!

Wiz: Then later in the series she became an inventor and a scientist.

Boomstick: So she is a cowgirl, a karate master, a scientist, AND a bodybuilder?! That is way too many hobbies I don't know how she keeps track.


  • Karate
  • Super Intelligence
  • Super Strength
  • Holding her breath

Wiz: Like we said before she is very smart and very strong being able to lift heavy weights and being able to build robots and other machinery.

Boomstick: She is also a badass in karate like when she was able to defeat the three opponents before fighting Master Udon when trying to save Spongebob. And the outfit she was wearing was a COMPLETE rip off of Kill Bill.


  • Lasso Rope
  • Karate Glove
  • Helicopter
  • Submarine
  • Molecular Separator Ray
  • Knockout Ray
  • Pop Gun
  • Jet-Pack (From the episode: Sandy's Rocket)

Wiz: She also has a wide variety of weapons including her lasso which she has been shown to use very skillfully like the time when she lassoed Patrick and beat him up after he said bad things about Texas.

Boomstick: And like said before she is very skilled in karate, usually being able to defeat tough enemies and Spongebob but that really isn't much of an accomplishment Master Udon however he was a tough opponent.

Wiz: She also has modes of transportation that she made all by herself like her submarine and her helicopter.

Boomstick: Are you sure she has the license to drive those things?

Wiz: Uh, I hope so...

Boomstick: She also uses guns! Man what is it with Spongebob characters using guns? I thought this was a kids show!

Wiz: Anyway she has the molecular separator ray which was able to separate Spongebob and Squidward from being morphed together.

Boomstick: But then Squidward, uh, messed with it and uh made... this.

Squidward: It all started, when I was born.

Boomstick: HOLY SHIT that is disturbing...

WIz: Uh yeah, in the spy buddies episode she had a knockout ray which pretty much just puts the target to sleep.

Boomstick: And the pop gun which was supposed to do something else but Spongebob thought it was used to catch aliens and basically it's purpose now is to trap people in a net.

  • Helped saved Bikini Bottom a couple of times
  • Found Atlantis
  • Survived Bikini Bottom getting destroyed multiple times
  • Literally destroyed the whole town looking for SpongeBob
  • Saved her treedome from fleas
  • Helped saved the Nickeloden Multiverse along with SpongeBob and other Nicktoon characters
  • Threw an anchor really far in the anchor toss competition.

Wiz: Like pretty much everyone else in the Spongebob show she found Atlantis, and saved Bikini Bottom and has survived Bikini Bottom being destroyed multiple times, and saved the Nicktoon multiverse from getting taken over along with Spongebob.

Boomstick: And she one time went psycho trying to find Spongebob when he went missing for a little bit.

Wiz: And finally she is has been shown to come up with strategies very quickly because she was able to think outside the box and got rid of the fleas.

Boomstick: Or I guess you could say she though outside the Dome? Because she... used the water outside the Dome? Right? I'll shut up.


  • Gets easily frustated when someone slanders Texas
  • Ticklish
  • Is a bit overconfident once in a while.

Wiz: Her only notable weaknesses are that she can get very angry when someone makes fun of Texas. She also can be overconfident. Finally, she has her two super hero aliases including: miss appear where her power is she can be invisible and her other one The Rodent where she can shoot nuts out of her mouth and she has enhanced karate.

Sandy: Back in Texas I wrangled bulls and I wrangled worms. As far as I'm concerned, doing both together just saves rope.


Wiz: Before going into the food industry Mr. Krabs and Sheldon J. Plankton were the bestest friends.

Boomstick: But then they made up a recipe for a burger but desperate for fame they fought over the recipe and tore it in half, then they opened their own restaurants and parted ways.

Wiz: But The Krusty Krab was much more popular than the Chum Bucket.

Boomstick: And now Plankton has devoted his life to getting the secret formula.

  • Full name: Sheldon J. Plankton
  • Born: November 30th, 1942
  • Species: Zooplankton
  • Residence: The Chum Bucket, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
    • Also its owner
  • Won 10 Fry Cook Games trophies
  • Rival of Eugene H. Krabs
  • Married to a Computer... Yes, this is real.
  • Can create nuclear fission with his hands (and he somehow survived being at ground-zero)

Wiz: Plankton has also won ten fry cook games trophies and is married to a computer.

Boomstick: Uhhhh what? Wait you can marry your computer! A lot of the world would be surprised by this information.

Wiz: Lets just move on.

Crab-Stomper 3000[]

  • Giant Crab-like Robot
  • Robotic Claws
  • Fireballs
  • Heat Vision
  • Dash Attack
  • Ground Shockwave
  • Escape Pod

Boomstick: Wow for being so tiny he made a giant robot! It has robotic claws, fireballs, heat vision, can dash towards enemies, cause a ground shockwave and has an escape pod! Now that is pretty awesome.

Feats []

  • Took over all of Bikini Bottom (in the first movie)
  • Being small can give him an advantage
  • Was able to survive getting stepped on a ton of times from Mr. Krabs
  • Able to outsmart Spongebob in some occasions
  • Can put himself back together if he gets injured or if one of his limbs falls off
  • Took over Atlantis for a short time

Wiz: He also one time took over all of Bikini Bottom and made the citizens his slaves. And took over Atlantis for a short time.

Boomstick: And being small helps him hide and not be seen.

Wiz: He has also been shown to resist pain like the time when he survived an atom explosion and being stepped on a billion times and putting himself back together. And he is also pretty smart because he is able to outsmart Mr. Krabs and Spongebob on multiple occasions.


  • Has very bad luck.
  • Whenever he comes close to stealing the formula something bad happens
  • His robots usually end up getting destroyed on their own and running out of power because he forgets
  • Overconfident
  • Is VERY afraid of whales

Wiz: His weaknesses include he has very bad luck when it comes to his robots and when he is trying to steal the formula mostly because he doesn't think ahead and makes dumb decisions. He can also tend to be overconfident when things go his way which also leads to his downfall.

Boomstick: He is also DEATHLY afraid of whales and one time was drove to suicide because of it.


  • Plankton's Super-villain alter ego
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Shockwave Clap
  • Super Breath
  • Weakspot: The eyeball on his tiny head

Wiz: His super-villain alter ego is Plank-Ton where he gets a MAJOR strength boost and has super breath which is able to blow things away and can cause shockwaves with his hands.

Boomstick: Wow how many steroids did it take to become that!? He does have one weakness though his eye, he even sometimes forgets to blink and in his Plank-Ton form his eye is his weak spot.

Plankton: I went to college!


French Narrator: Ah, the sea... so fascinating. So wonderful... Wait a minute something's wrong!

Camera pans over to the Spongebob characters.

French Narrator: (Gasp!) What is happening here?

They all get into fighting stances.

French Narrator: Spongebob couldn't possibly be fighting could he?


Remaining Combatants

  • Spongebob
  • Patrick
  • Squidward
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Sandy
  • Plankton

Plankton runs away and hides behind a rock to call in his crab stomper 3000. Spongebob gets out his karate gear and charges towards Sandy. As Spongebob is running towards her, she gets out her karate gear and fights back.

Spongebob: Spin Technique!

Spongebob does the Spin Technique but Sandy blocks the attack and then Sandy gets the chance to counter. Then Mr. Krabs gets out his sword and runs towards Squidward but Squidward uses his clarinet and plays terribly to catch Mr. Krabs off guard. Then Squidward punches Mr. Krabs in the face then in the stomach and finishes with an uppercut. Meanwhile Plankton finally gets his crab stomper out.

Plankton: HA HA HA HA HA HA! Try and stomp on me now Krabs! Huh? (Thinking: Hmmm Mr. Krabs is already fighting that octopus, who else is left? Ah-Ha! The starfish!)

Plankton dashes forward towards Patrick and hits him with the dash attack. Then uses heat vision on Patrick making him get set on fire!

Patrick: AHHHHHH I'M ON FIRE!!! Oh wait, if we're underwater how can there be a-

Patrick immediately gets extinguished as he said this. Plankton now angered hits Patrick with one of the claws knocking him down. Patrick gets back up and karate chops one of the crab stomper's claws!

Plankton: OH NO! You cut off one of the claws you big doofus!

Plankton hits Patrick again with the claw that's still connected and knocks him into a rock. Meanwhile Spongebob and Sandy were still going at it with the karate.

Sandy: Hi-Ya!

Sandy Karate kicks Spongebob into the air then uses her lasso and catches him with it then swings Spongebob and slams him into the ground with the rope knocking him out but NOT killing him. Squidward is still fighting Mr. Krabs and puts on his Captain Magma outfit.

Squidward: KRAKATOA!

Squidward blasts Mr. Krabs with lava and melts Mr. Krabs's shell partly and he screams in pain. Mr. Krabs slashes at Squidward but he dodges the attacks. Mr. Krabs puts his sword away and resorts to his fists and punches Squidward in the face and stomach a couple times and gives him a black eye. Squidward shoots more lava at Mr. Krabs melting his shell a bit more, but Mr. Krabs shrugs it off.

Patrick runs towards the Crab Stomper and picks it up. Then he slams it into the ground a couple times and throws it towards Squidward and Mr. Krabs. As the machine is flying towards Mr. Krabs and Squidward, Plankton ejects from the machine just in time. Squidward jumps out of the way and Mr. Krabs narrowly escapes. Then the robot explodes.

Patrick: Whew! That robot was heavy! I'm gonna take a nap. Patrick yawns and sleeps on a rock.

Plankton: BARNACLES my robot! I guess it's time for phase 2.

Plankton transforms into Plank-Ton. Then does a shockwave clap knocking everybody down.

Sandy: You varmint! I'm gonna take you down!

Plank-Ton: I'd love to see you try. He he he he he.

Sandy gets out her Miss Appear outfit and turns invisible.

Sandy: (Thinking: I'll use my lasso to get on top of Plankton and get him from there!)

Sandy sneaks around everybody and uses her lasso quickly and wraps it around Plank-Ton's head then she climbs up and punches his eye (still invisible).

Plankton: OW my eye! What's causing that!?

Sandy laughs and becomes visible again. Punching Plank-Ton's eye again.

Squidward: KRAKATOA.

Squidward shoots lava at Mr. Krabs melting even more of his shell. Mr. Krabs lays down in pain but isn't dead yet. Squidward sees Sandy shoots more lava up and hits Sandy making her fall off of Plank-Ton and the lava hits Plank-Tons head. The lava then gets in Plank-Ton's eye.

Plankton: AHHHHHHH!!!!

Sandy falls but suddenly gets out her jet-pack and lands safely. Plank-Ton falls over because of the lava in his eye and lays down in pain.

Plankton: Owww owww my eye!

Sandy uses her lasso and lassos Plank-Ton's neck and slowly chokes him. Mr. Krabs weakly gets up and sneaks up on Squidward and transforms into Sir-Pinch-A-Lot.

Squidward: Uh... oh...

Squidward shoots some lava at Sir-Pinch-A-Lot melting off one of his claws. Then Sir-Pinch-A-Lot rams into Squidward knocking him into Sandy who was just about to choke Plank-Ton to death. Sandy got hit by Squidward and Plank-Ton is free from the lasso. Plank-Ton stands up but is partially blind because of the lava in his eye. In the corner of his eye he sees Sir-Pinch-A-Lot so he obviously goes for him. Squidward gets back up off of Sandy and is angry at Sir-Pinch-A-Lot so he shoots lava at Sir-Pinch-A-Lot and melts off another claw. Sir-Pinch-A-Lot now doesn't have any claws. This gives Plank-Ton the chance to pick up Sir-Pinch-A-Lot. Plank-Ton punches Sir-Pinch-A-Lot smashing him and punches him again, and again. Then throws him on the ground and stomps on him and that ended Sir-Pinch-A-Lot.

Remaining Combatants:

  • Spongebob
  • Patrick
  • Squidward
  • Sandy
  • Plankton

Spongebob finally gets back up after being knocked out by Sandy and sees that Mr. Krabs is now dead. Patrick gets up too after resting.

Spongebob: M-Mr. Krabs?

Spongebob puts on his Quickster outfit and gets out his spatula.

Spongebob: I'm ready...

Sandy runs over to Plankton and lassos his neck again choking him slowly. Then she uses the knockout ray and puts Plank-Ton to sleep. The Quickster runs towards Squidward and whacks him with his spatula then keeps running around Squidward whacking him with his spatula some more. Squidward gets angry and shoots lava on the ground and Spongebob runs over it and starts burning.


Spongebob's Quickster outfit burns which causes his speed power to stop (the power comes from the costume.)

Spongebob: Barnacles!

Patrick suddenly runs in and kicks Sandy which stops her from choking Plank-Ton again. Sandy gets angry at Patrick and beats him up. Sandy stops and Patrick runs away. Plank-Ton wakes up and stands up. Then tries to pick up Sandy but she gets out her jet-pack again and flies around Plank-Ton. Squidward shoots more lava at Spongebob but he barely dodges it.

Spongebob: I better think of something quick!

Spongebob transforms into his Goofy Goober Wizard form. Then starts shooting lasers at Squidward but he narrowly dodges. As this is happening Plank-Ton manages to grab Sandy and throws her to the ground. Spongebob manages to hit Squidward with one of the lasers and knocks him down. Then he shoots a laser at Plank-Ton's eye which is his weak spot and that knocks him down. He gets back up and does a shockwave clap towards Spongebob which does little damage. Then he shoots another laser at Plank-Ton's eye which makes him blind.

Plank-Ton: I may be blind but you can't defeat me!

Sandy weakly gets back up and shoots Plank-Ton with the knockout ray and puts him to sleep again.

Plank-Ton: Y-you can't... defeat me... (yawn)

Then Spongebob shoots a laser at Sandy which knocks her down. Spongebob runs over to Plank-Ton and shoots a laser at his face again and again which is giving Plank-Ton's face wounds. Plank-Ton wakes up and feels a lot of pain on his face. Then he tries to get up but Spongebob shoots his face with another laser which makes him weaker. Plank-Ton barely gets up and slams Spongebob into a rock.

Plank-Ton: HAHAHAHAHAHA did you really think you could beat me Spongebob?

Plank-Ton gets up and walks towards Spongebob. Plank-Ton slams his hand down but Spongebob rolls out of the way before getting hit. Then he shoots more lasers at Plank-Ton's head making him weaker but not still not killing him. Sandy gets up and uses her jet-pack and flies past Plank-Ton to get Spongebob but Plank-Ton swats her away knocking her to the ground.

Plank-Ton: Back off squirrel i'm gonna kill Spongebob myself!

This makes Sandy angry and she flies towards Plank-Ton's head and punches him then uses her lasso at close range and then she uses her jet pack to land on Plank-Ton's back. She then pulls with all her might and chokes Plank-Ton and his face starts to turn purple and Plank-Ton can't breath. She pulls more and Plank-Ton tries to swat her away but Spongebob shoots laser at his arms stopping him from doing so. Then Spongebob runs in front of Plank-Ton as he is getting weaker from the choking, and shoots a laser at full power straight in his eye making his head explode scattering his brain everywhere, killing Plank-Ton. Plank-Ton's body falls down and lays motionless with blood pouring out where his head used to be.

Remaining Combatants:

  • Spongebob
  • Patrick
  • Squidward
  • Sandy

As Plankton lays there everybody looks at each other ready to fight again. Spongebob shoots a laser at Sandy which knocks her back. Patrick goes for Squidward and punches him. Then Patrick transforms into Mr. Superawesomeness. Squidward transforms into his super hero form too, Sour Note. (besides captain magma). Mr. Superawesomeness summons ice cream and starts to launch it at Sour Note but he quickly counters with his clarinet and blasts loud notes which shatters through the ice cream cones and makes Mr. Superawesomeness's ears bleed. Mr. Superawesomeness shoots more ice cream at Sour Note but he blasts through it and hurts Mr. Superawesomeness more. This makes Mr. Superawesomeness angry and he runs up and karate chops Sour Note's clarinet.

Sour Note: (Gasps) M-my...

Sour Note can barely let out words.


Sour Note punches Mr. Superawesomeness everywhere giving him bruises. Then Sour Note transforms back into his normal form, Squidward. Squidward puts his captain magma costume back on and shoots lava at Mr. Superawesomeness. He burns but this just makes him angry. Mr. Superawesomeness karate chops Squidward cracking his bones. Squidward limps and shoots more lava at Mr. Superawesomeness's face and burns him more. Mr. Superawesomeness then karate chops Squidward again making him bleed and limp. Squidward tries to use karate on Mr. Superawesomeness but to no avail.

Then Mr. Superawesomeness shoots a barrage of ice cream at Squidward tearing through his captain magma out fit making it useless. Then the ice cream starts to pierce Squidward giving him cuts and he starts to bleed out. Squidward tries his best to punch Mr. Superawesomeness but is too weak from the bleeding. Mr. Superawesomeness shoots a little bit more ice cream and the cones stab Squidward in the chest and the cones are stuck in his chest and he starts getting weaker from all the bleeding. Squidward walks up to Mr. Superawesomeness and lifts up his arm but Mr. Superawesomeness chops his neck snapping it killing the grumpy octopus.

Remaining Combatants:

  • Spongebob
  • Patrick
  • Sandy

As Spongebob and Sandy were fighting they saw Mr. Superawesomeness deliver the final blow and were shocked. Spongebob (still in his goofy goober form) shoots a laser at Mr. Superawesomeness but it doesn't do that much damage, so Mr. Superawesomeness shoots ice cream at Sandy and Spongebob but they dodge them and Spongebob stops some of them from hitting with his lasers. Sandy gets out her Miss Appear outfit and turns invisible.

Mr. Superawesomeness: Hey where'd Sandy go? Oh well.

Sandy uses her jetpack and flies towards Mr. Superawesomeness. Spongebob uses the magic page to transform into Invinicbubble. Mr. Superawesomeness shoots ice cream and Invincibubble shoots bubbles and the ice cream gets stuck inside the bubbles. Sandy (still invisible) sneaks up behind Mr. Superawesomeness and picks him up and throws him at Invincibubble, he dodges it and hits Mr. Superawesomeness in the stomach with his spatula. Knocking him down, Mr. Superawesomeness gets back up but Invincibubble traps him in a giant bubble.

Mr. Superawesomeness: AHHH I can't move! There's some sort of invisible force!!!

Sandy still invisible sneaks up behind Invincisbubble then transforms into The Rodent. The Rodent punches Invincibubble then Invincibubble fights back and they do karate. Meanwhile Mr. Superawesomeness is still stuck in the bubble so he summons ice cream and pops the bubble. Then he runs in and jumps and does a ground pound knocking them both back then Invincibubble shoots bubbles, Mr. Superawesomeness shoots ice cream and The Rodent shoots... nuts. The attacks collide in the middle and explodes.

Invincibubble, The Rodent and Mr. Superawesomeness all get up and meet in the middle exchanging punches and kicks. The Rodent gets out her knockout ray but Mr. Superawesomeness karate chops it in half making it useless then he starts chopping at The Rodent but she blocks the attacks shoots some nuts at Mr. Superawesomeness's face to catch him off guard and then runs towards him and punches him in the face and stomach giving him minor bruises.

The Rodent: Ha Ha this is easy!

Invincibubble gets out his spatula and runs towards The Rodent. She sees this and runs away but then runs around him and jumps up to tackle him.

The Rodent: I got ya now!

Invincibubble looks behind him and as The Rodent was still in the air he stabs his Spatula through her chest just as she was about to get him. Then he takes the spatula out and The Rodent falls down and bleeds, she covers the wound and gets up to walks towards Invincibubble to try and punch him but she is too weak and barely hits him. Invincibubble gets tears in his eyes.

Invincibubble: I can't see you like this Sandy.

Invincibubble stabs The Rodent again and kills her this time and she falls down motionless.

Remaining Combatants:

  • Spongebob
  • Patrick

Invinsibubble and Mr. Superawesomeness look at each other ready to fight. Invincibubble shoots bubbles in the shape of bombs and blows up Mr. Superawesomeness. Mr. Superawesomeness then runs up and karate chops Invincibubble in half but he just puts himself back together. Mr. Superawesomeness then shoots ice cream at Invincibubble and he blocks them with his spatula and traps some in bubbles which Invincibubble directs back at Mr. Superawesomeness. The bubble ice cream projectiles go toward him but he eats them out of the air and they do nothing.

Mr. Superawesomeness: Mmmm ice cream.

Invincibubble runs towards Mr. Superawesomeness and uses karate on him doing damage then he gets out his goofy goober guitar out (he still is invincibubble but he has the guitar) and shoots a couple lasers at Mr. Superawesomeness but he dodges some of them, some of them hit him though and give him burns on his body.

Invincibubble: You're going down tubby!

Mr. Superawesomeness: Tubby...? NOBODY CALLS ME TUBBY.

Mr. Superawesomeness punches Invincibubble a bunch of times doing little damage. Then Invincibubble shoots more lasers and bubbles at Mr. Superawesomeness and starts damaging him more but Mr. Superawesomeness is still angry and rips his hand off making another Patrick (a normal form Patrick). The Patrick clone runs towards Invincibubble but Invincibubble remembers something.

Invincibubble: (Thinking: Wait when my house got eaten by nematodes I slept at Patrick's house and he was yelling about spiders so maybe I could... Yes I know what to do!)

Invincibubble blows a bubble in the shape of a spider and scares the clone Patrick then Invincibubble traps the clone in a bubble and stabs the clone through the chest killing it. The spider bubble is still going towards Mr. Superawesomeness so he shoots ice cream at it and pops it.

Mr. Superawesomeness: Whew good thing that spider is gone.

Invincibubble runs up and gets his guitar out to shoot at Mr. Superawesomeness and hits him in the face with a laser and damages him then Invincibubble shoots more bomb bubbles at Mr. Superawesomeness making him weaker. Mr. Superawesomeness limps but is able to run at Invincibubble. Invincibubble runs at Mr. Superawesomeness and they collide and Mr. Superawesomeness swings his fist and Invincibubble swings his spatula. Mr. Superawesomeness gets a cut in his chest making him bleed but he is not out. Invincibubble is punched but he absorbs it.

Invincibubble shoots more and more lasers at Mr. Superawesomeness giving him more wounds. Then Invincibubble shoots one giant bubble missile knocking Mr. Superawesomeness down. Mr. Superawesomeness shoots some ice cream at Invincibubble but he counters them with his bubbles. Then Mr. Superawesomeness weakly gets up but Invincibubble gets out his guitar to shoots more lasers but Mr. Superawesomeness chops the guitar in half making it useless. Invincibubble then shoots more bubbles but Mr. Superawesomeness swats them away and gets angry.

Mr. Superawesomeness: THAT IS IT!

Mr. Superawesomeness runs towards Invincibubble and prepares to punch Invincibubble but Invincibubble trips Mr. Superawesomeness and then Invincibubble jumps up and points his spatula down and stabs into Mr. Superawesomeness's back. Then blows one more bomb bubble and takes cover. The bomb explodes and kills Mr. Superawesomeness.


Invincibubble transforms back into Spongebob. Then he looks around at his fallen friends and kneels down and starts crying.


Boomstick: Wow that was kind of sad... BUT EPIC!

Wiz: Sniffle Anyway lets go through why Spongebob wins. Because it all goes down to the feats, personality and weaponry of each character.

Boomstick: Yeah for example Mr. Krabs couldn't get far at all because he is majorly outclassed because all he really has to work with is a sword and some strength and then his robotic form which can easily be taken out by any of the characters.

Wiz: That is correct and Mr. Krabs's shell can be broken which completely cripples him and his robot form can easily be taken out as well. Also Mr. Krabs isn't the brightest and if he saw one penny in this battle he would've went for that and got taken out.

Boomstick: Plankton was next to go out because his arrogance back fires on him and he made everybody angry at him, he also is very overconfident and runs into situations without thinking.

Wiz: For example he one time came really close to getting the formula but he didn't know what to do next.

Plankton: Huh never thought i'd get this far.

Boomstick: Also his robots usually run out of gas or something else malfunction and he usually has terrible luck which lead to his downfall.

Wiz: Next out was Squidward because like mermaid man said:

Mermaid Man: The power comes from the costume.

Wiz: Squidward got really far with his lava power and his fighting ability but his attacks could be countered and he can get angry and he has terrible luck sometimes. All of this added together leads to him dying. Also at this point his costume can be ripped and his clarinet can be destroyed which makes him pretty much run out of arsenal which also lead to his death.

Boomstick: This one is a kicker but surprisingly Sandy goes down next.

Wiz: Yes Sandy can get overconfident and at this point she is pretty outclassed Patrick can easily destroy her inventions and Spongebob is on par with Sandy on karate and her super hero form... isn't that helpful I mean she shoots nuts... She also gets overconfident in her abilities. Her feats also aren't as impressive as Spongebob and Patricks because they made it to shell city which everybody said they couldn't do because nobody else had done it before.

Boomstick: Ahhh the universal fight of Spongebob vs Patrick.

Wiz: This is actually a really close call but Spongebob takes it due to three things.

  1. Arsenal
  2. Regeneration
  3. Smarts

Wiz: Spongebob's arsenal is haxy and is much more wide spread than Patrick's and since they've known each other for so long Spongebob is able to know how to take Patrick out while Patrick doesn't even know if Spongebob is a boy or a girl.

Boomstick: I blame you Professor Oak.

Wiz: And also Patrick is immensely idiotic, and sure he may have been shown to be stronger but Spongebob's regeneration makes him almost indestructible. Spongebob is able to put himself back together, is able to tank enormous explosions, and is able to absorb punches like they are nothing which was pretty much what Patrick does. His karate chops couldn't even work because of this and Patrick one time hit Spongebob with a giant boulder and Spongebob was completely fine and Spongebob can be cut completely in half and put himself together just fine.

Boomstick: Looks like Spongebob won fair and square!

Wiz: The winner is Spongebob Squarepants.

Spongebob - Winner

Advantages and Disadvantages[]

Spongebob: Winner

+Has the best regeneration.

+Knew most of their weaknesses.

+Much bigger arsenal.

+Is on par with Sandy in karate who is a blacker belt.

-Can be gullible and isn't the brightest.

Patrick: 2nd

+Is possibly the strongest.

+Karate chops can disarm weapons.

+Super form makes him even more powerful.

-Monumentally stupid.

-Scared of spiders which Spongebob knew about.

Sandy: 3rd

+The smartest out of everybody.

+Inventions and Miss Appear gave her an advantage.


-Generally outclassed because Spongebob is on par with karate.

-Didn't have as good of an arsenal or feats as Spongebob and Patrick (They went on the dangerous quest to shell city which people said no one had done before.)

Squidward: 4th

+Had his Captain Magma suit which got him really far.

+Got trained by Sandy and Spongebob.

-Isn't as strong as everybody else.

-Arsenal can be destroyed.

-Has AWFUL luck.

Plankton: 5th

+Had machines and other things that helped.

-His eye could be attacked easily by everybody else

-Is arrogant.

-Has bad luck.

-Usually gets defeated by everybody else anyway.

Mr. Krabs: 6th

+Has a little bit more experience from being a pirate.

-Awful arsenal.

-Can easily get distracted by money.

-His shell can get destroyed which cripples him.

-Outclassed by everybody else.