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Spinel is a character from Steven Universe. She was the main antagonist of Steven Universe The Movie.

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Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents

Abilities and Weaponry

  • Elasticity & size manipulation
    • Spinel's cartoony body makes her moves unpredictable and unique in battle
    • Gem physiology grants low to high regeneration
  • Gem Rejuvenator: An energy scythe weapon design to reset Gems to their original state. The gem will forget who they are, making them very vulnerable for a final attack.
  • Injector: A building size gem weapon design to inject a toxic fluid that’ll destroy all organic life on the planet it's on.


  • Survived a beating from Garnet
    • Her strength is comparable to Garnet, as it allowed her to outperform & overpower her.
  • Destroyed her building size Injector.
  • Nearly destroyed all life on Earth.
  • Effortlessly defeated the Crystal Gems in their first encounter
  • Stood in place for 6000 years


  • Emotionally fragile
  • Gem Rejuvenator only affects gems, so it’s pretty powerless against most other beings.
  • Gem physiology
    • Sufficient damage being dealt to her physical form results in being poofed into her gemstone.
    • A cracked gem results in having less stamina, tiring out easily and glitching from time to time.
      • Both of the flaws above make said gemstone vulnerable to being shattered if her combatant considers doing so, or is capable of.
    • Her regeneration is limited; high type applies to reforming from being poofed, while low-type applies to healing from physical damage. However, reforming takes much more time than physical harm.


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