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How you can contribute to this site

  • You can also add relevant catergories to character and fight pages to enhance them. For example you could add the catergory ‘Sword Duel’ to pages where all of the combatants involved are swordsman. Also if you happen to see any Fight pages without the standard ‘What-If Death Battles’ catergory it would be much appreciated if you added it to said pages. Any completed fights should have the ‘Completed What-If? Death Battles’ catergory added to them and any fights that are due to be featured on the show should have the ‘What-If? Death Battles that came true’ catergory added to them.
  • Feel free to add any feats, ablites or relevant images to a character’s combatant page as these do greatly support other users when they are researching said character and make said pages look more presentable, however if said character has already appeared on the show please only add this information in the Fanon Death Battle Info section of the page as the Official Death Battle Info section should only include information on the combatants that is from the official show.
  • If you think that a particular character would be a good opponent for another combatant it would be much appreciated if you could add the character to said combatants ‘Possible Opponents’ list, however it is recommended that you only add characters to said list if they have a reasonable amount of connections with the previously mentioned combatant and if one of the combatants has a decent chance of winning a fight with their opponent. If a combatant’s page dosen’t have a ‘Possible Opponents’ section feel free to add one.