An evil clone meet some an evil clone in this battle! Space Godzilla from the Godzilla franchise against Dark Bowser from Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. But which deviousness doppelgänger will win?


(Cue Godzilla vs Space Godzilla- M-1 First Half)

Wiz: Clones of an protagonist are quite a fun thing in any form of media.

Boomstick: Yeah! It's almost like the hero taking on themself… except not, in away.

Wiz: Like Godzilla fighting Space Godzilla, a clone of Godzilla who searched the cosmos to destroy him.

Boomstick: Yeah! And Dark Bowser, a clone of Bowser made from the Dark Star.

Wiz: So, I'm Wiz.

Boomstick: And I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And we will be analyzing these two copycats' powers, abilities, and feats to see who would win a Death Battle!


Space Godzilla

(Cue Godzilla vs Space Godzilla- SpaceGodzilla Theme)

Wiz: What happens when Godzilla cells are brought to space, enter a black whole, exit out of a white whole, assimilate crystalline objects, and are exposed to the explosions of stars?

Boomstick: You get Space Godzilla!

Wiz: Yep! Space Godzilla traveled several lightyears to Earth to destroy Godzilla. With Godzilla out of the way, Earth would be defenseless.

Boomstick: But of course, Space Godzilla did not get a warm welcome...

Wiz: He fought MOGUERA, a giant robot built by G-Force, in the asteroid fields before reaching Earth. He then attacks Little Godzilla to flush Godzilla out.

Boomstick: Attacking a baby? Not cool.

Wiz: Godzilla, who was trying to protect Little Godzilla, is briefly defeated, and Space Godzilla imprisons Little Godzilla in a cluster of crystals.

Boomstick: Man, that's rough.

Wiz: Later, Godzilla and MOGUERA fight Space Godzilla in Fukuoka, Japan, where Space Godzilla has set up his domain around the Fukuoka Tower. Space Godzilla is able fight the two of them for a while, until Godzilla uses his red spiral heat ray, blasting Space Godzilla multiple times before Space Godzilla is killed. Since his appearance in Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla, Space Godzilla has appeared in comics and videogames in the Godzilla Franchise. Now for stats.

  • Height: 120 meters
  • Length: 250 meters (Flying Form)
  • Mass: 80,000 metric tons (720,000 metric tons in Flying Form)

Boomstick: Damn, his Flying Form is heeeeaaaaavy!

Wiz: Indeed. Now, Space Godzilla has a rather large range of abilities. First off, he is able to change forms. In his combat form, he has a tail, crystalline spines that resemble Godzilla's, a bulky form with smallish arms, and stands bipedally. In his flying form, his tail is absent, and he has an even bulkier form, as he is surrounded by a mass of crystals on his back and over his head and tail. This flying form allows him to fly both through space at near light speed and across different locations on a Earth at Mach 3. Most notably, Space Godzilla is able to generate crystals.

Boomstick: Well, he'd be great for Jewelry making.

Wiz: Space Godzilla can launch crystal meteors to establish them in areas on a planet when flying through space, and he can also summon them from the ground. These crystals allow Space Godzilla to increase his power.

Boomstick: When you can do that, who needs energy drinks, huh.

Wiz: Space Godzilla, much like Godzilla, has a beam attack. However, instead of atomic breath, Space Godzilla has an energy beam attack dubbed the Corona Beam. Space Godzilla can even alter the beam's trajectories, and bypass defenses.

Boomstick: How can he do that?

Wiz: Well, cause he can. Well, moving on. Space Godzilla also possesses telekinesis, which allows him multiple uses for it. He can catch enemies in it through an attack called the Gravity Tornado. Though moving the object is not quick, it is powerful, since not even Godzilla could break free.

Boomstick: Well that's fricking intense.

Wiz: Yep! Back to the crystals. He can also use his telekinesis to launch crystals as projectiles if he wishes in an attack called Homing Ghost. Though the crystals move slowly, they are both large and can be lifted in quantity. They can either be rained down or launched at opponents. Another crystalline ability, which is instead used for defense, is the Photon Reactive Shield, which is a crystal barrier that Space Godzilla can form to block beam attacks, namely Godzilla's Atomic Breath.

Boomstick: Sure uses his crystals.

Wiz: Aside from crystals, Space Godzilla can produce an attack called a Photon Hurricane while in flying form, which can cause electrical objects, including MOGUERA, to shut down. Additionally, he causes electrical disturbances that can make electricity in areas he flies over go haywire or simply shut down.

Boomstick: Hmm, shocking.

Wiz: Space Godzilla can also conduct energy through his limbs to attack opponents, namely his arms and tail.

Boomstick: I probably should have used that last pun here.

(Cue Godzilla vs Space Godzilla- Godzilla Theme (Godzilla vs Space Godzilla))

Wiz: As for more standard abilities, Space Godzilla is shown to be quite strong, which was demonstrated by an attack of his dubbed the Tail Smasher. This involves Space Godzilla using his tail, which is tipped with a cluster of crystals, to impale an enemy. He was able to use this attack on MOGUERA and used his tail to throw the 160,000 metric ton robot a pretty great distance.

Boomstick: Yeet!

Wiz: Space Godzilla also has impressive physical resilience, being able to tank multiple attacks from the Big G himself and MOGUERA, along with attacks from Mechagodzilla in the IDW comics. Space Godzilla's massive figure belies an attribute of him that makes him very lethal. Space Godzilla is shown to be intelligent, as he used Little Godzilla to flush Godzilla out and also uses tactics during battle.

Boomstick: Yep, he sure has a brain.

Wiz: Yep! But for all his abilities, Space Godzilla does have a few weaknesses. His power absorption is limited when his crystals are destroyed, namely by opponents like Godzilla and MOGUERA. When his shoulder crystals are destroyed, it can weaken his power, though he still is able to fight well, as shown by his fight with MOGUERA. Additionally, his bulky form in combat form limits his speed when walking, and contrary to said large form, his small and thin arms limit his melee combat. Lastly, multiple blasts from Godzilla's Red Spiral Heat Ray were enough to kill space Godzilla.

Boomstick: Nevertheless, he has destroyed the freaking moon and destroyed Earth when in a beam clash, along with other planets. Not to mention he absorbed a supernova.

Wiz: Well, looks like we have an excellent fighter, but let's look at his opponent...

Dark Bowser

(Cue Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story- In the Final (Grand Finale))

Wiz: When the Dark Star (an evil artifact buried bellow the Mushroom Kingdom and found by Fawful) got inside Bowser, it picked up a bit of his DNA.

Boomstick: Then the Dark Star made Dark Bowser with that DNA!

Wiz: When Dark Fawful and the Dark Star enter Dark Bowser's body, Dark Bowser entered his full form, and used the Dark Star's power to unleash a dark storm throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. This darkness would cause the Mushroom Kingdom to vanish along with all those who lived there, and it caused a great many citizens to be trapped in dark bubbles and put to fall asleep....

Boomstick: Except of course Bowser! And Mario and Luigi, since they were inside Bowser.

Wiz: Bowser fought with Dark Bowser until Dark Bowser collapsed, and Dark Fawful revived Bowser. However, a blow to the gut caused Dark Bowser to cough up Dark Fawful and the Dark Star.

Boomstick: Fighting on a full stomach. That's not wise.

Wiz: Bowser then sucked Dark Fawful into his stomach. With Bowser and Dark Bowser fighting each other on the surface, and the Mario Bros fighting Fawful inside the Koopa King, Dark Bowser was destroyed, the darkness was overcome, and the Mushroom Kingdom was saved.

Boomstick: Man it would be cool to have him reappear in another game, but that seems unlikely.

Wiz: Unfortunately, yes. Well, here's his stats.

(Cue Super Mario Bros. Wii- Bowser Battle Phase 1)

  • Height: Same as Bowser (slightly taller when revived)
  • Mass: Same as Bowser (presumably)

Boomstick: So, Dark Bowser has quite a few of Bowser's abilities.

Wiz: Yep! That of course include fire breath, inhaling, forceful punches, and rolling in a ball with his shell. However, Dark Bowser's fire breath is purple in color, rather than the orangish color of Bowser's fire. Along with that, Dark Bowser has abilities granted to him by the Dark Star, such as the Dark Power that we previously mentioned that would cause all the land and entities to eventually vanish should they succumb to its power.

Boomstick: Weel, that's pretty... dark.

Wiz: Really?

Boomstick: Eh, I couldn't find another pun for that.

Wiz: Okay. Carrying on. The darkness can also produce strong gusts, which could cause even Bowser himself to be pushed back. Dark Bowser can also shown to float in his incomplete form and to an extent in his full form. But there are some even more bizarre abilities he has from the Dark Star. He can generate a bolder, which he throws into the air and explodes with a fireball, resulting in a shower of flaming rocks. Though these can be hit back at him and into his mouth, which hurt him when he tries to use his fire breath because the rocks explode.

Boomstick: Fireball! Ba- ba ba baba ba, ba ba ba!

Wiz: Another power is that he can generate a cage to trap his opponent. He can also form an energy ball. This attack is used with his cage, as he directs the energy ball towards the opponent trapped in the cage.

Boomstick: Well, that isn't double jeopardy at all.

Wiz: However, his cage can be broken by Bowser's punches. Once you get past that is where the Dark Star makes things really intense. Dark Fawful can heal any and all injury delivered to Dark Bowser, along with boost his size and power, so long as the Dark Star is intact.

Boomstick: Oof.

Wiz: When Dark Bowser is revived, he will send out a group of dark versions of Bowser's soldiers. After they have attacked, Dark Bowser can levitate and attack while rolled into a spikey ball.

Boomstick: Though Dark Bowser is quite powerful, he does have some weaknesses.

Wiz: Yep. Once he has taken too many blows, Dark Bowser will pass out. After being revived, a blow to the stomach caused him to cough up the Dark Star. Along with that, once the Dark Star is destroyed, Dark Bowser is unable to fight, and with enough blows, is destroyed.

Boomstick: But that aside, Dark Bowser is one formidable foe.

Wiz: That's right!


SpaceGodzilla and Dark Bowser.jpg

Wiz: Well looks like it's time for our Death Battle. Fighters ready.

Boomstick: Aaaand begin!


(Cue Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story- Dark Bowser!) Space Godzilla flew through the void, his gaze fixed on his destination...Earth. However, he noticed something was amiss about some events on the planet.

Atop Peach's Castle, Dark Bowser unleashes the Dark Star's power, consuming the Mushroom Kingdom in a storm of darkness.

One the storm has grown in pretty great magnitude, Dark Bowser chuckles to himself, his laugh much like Bowser's but distorted.

Suddenly, there is a loud boom!

(Cue Godzilla vs Space Godzilla- Space Godzilla Approaches)

The land around him starts to explode. They appear to be raining from the sky above.

When the explosions settle and Dark Bowser gets to properly see them, they appear to be patches of giant crystals. They expand and contract continuously, which is a rather out of the ordinary sight.

Dark Bowser: What on Earth?

Far above, Space Godzilla lets out a screeching roar as he flies down to the strange storm.

Dark Bowser was just about to resume waiting on the circular roof of Peach's Castle, when a massive shadow flies over him.

Space Godzilla lowers himself, landing in front of Dark Bowser to face Peach's Castle. He lets out a ferocious screeching roar. A collection of crystals erupt from the ground behind Space Godzilla. Sparks of energy were conducted into his crystals, and he peered down at Dark Bowser.

Dark Bowser: Does this creature wish to challenge me? Does it not fear the Dark Power? Regardless, this Kingdom will vanish, as will it.


(Cue Godzilla vs Space Godzilla- Suspense (Normal))

Dark Bowser tucks into a spikey ball, and collides into Space Godzilla. Space Godzilla roared with a piercing screech as a result.

Dark Bowser landed on the ground again. He prepared to punch Space Godzilla, but as his fist thrust forward, Space Godzilla met Dark Bowser's fist with his hand, conducting energy through it. The surge sent Dark Bowser backwards.

Dark Bowser: Grrrrgh!

Space Godzilla did not let up. He fired a Corona Beam at Dark Bowser, launching him backwards again, and he skidded across the floor of the roof.

Dark Bowser rose, having received heavy blows from Space Godzilla's blast. Dark Bowser then summons a cage around Space Godzilla, trapping him within it.

Dark Star: Now, insolent beast, witness the Dark Star's power!

Dark Bowser begins materializing a ball of energy.

Space Godzilla sees this, and, drawing energy into his shoulder crystals, releases Corona Beam blasts, directing them at the cage until the cage breaks and he is released.

Dark Bowser, having fully formed the energy sphere, directs it straight at Space Godzilla. Space Godzilla sees the energy sphere, and forms his Photon Reactive Shield, diffusing the blast.

Space Godzilla lets out a screeching roar, leering at Dark Bowser.

Dark Bowser's fury mounts at this.

Dark Bowser: Let's see how you like this!

Dark Bowser materializes a boulder. Throwing it into the air, he blasts the boulder with a fireball, sending down a rain of rocks flaming with purple fire.

These rocks collide on Space Godzilla, and Space Godzilla screeches in irritation, but is not visibly injured. Dark Bowser charges forward as the rocks rain on Space Godzilla.

Space Godzilla utilizes the Homing Ghost, sending a barrage of massive crystals towards Dark Bowser. Dark Bowser halts as the crystals careen towards him.

Dark Bowser punches one crystal, and blasts another with his fire, but Space Godzilla directs too many to carry on like this. Dark Bowser tucks in his shell, as the crystals batter the carapace.

Dark Bowser hears a cracking sound as the crystals hit and slightly damaging the shell.

Dark Bowser comes out of his shell only for Space Godzilla to discharge a Corona Beam at his head. Dark Bowser sends out a plume of purple fire, but the energy beam blows through it, blasting his head. Practically decapitated, Dark Bowser collapses.

Space Godzilla then used his Gravity Tornado, taking hold of Dark Bowser in his telekinetic grip. he raised Dark Bowser into the air, and after bringing him to enough altitude, threw him to the ground outside the castle down. Dark Bowser fell, slamming into the ground below.

As Dark Bowser struggled to rise, Space Godzilla blasted Dark Bowser with with a Corona Beam. Striking vital areas, they struck Dark Bowser, damaging his shell.

(Music stops)

Dark Bowser lie unconscious on the ground, with a massive gash in his body. Dark Fawful sees the damage done, and uses the Dark Star's power. A dark aura formed around Dark Bowser, and he rose up, all his injuries healed. Along with that, he increased in size.

Dark Bowser: Grrrrraaaaargh!

(Cue Super Mario Galaxy 2- Fated Battle (Final Bowser Fight Theme))

Dark Bowser: You thought you were finished with me? You were mistaken.

Space Godzilla let out a screeching roar, looking down at the freshly revived Dark Bowser.

Dark Bowser sends out an army of dark enemies. A barrage of bullet bills blasted at the crystals, destroying them.

Space Godzilla let out a screeching roar as a group of Thwomps attacked more crystals. Space Godzilla obliterated them with his energy beams, and sent up more crystals.

Then, Dark Bowser, tucked into a spikey ball, flew at Space Godzilla. He collided into Space Godzilla's left shoulder crystal, cracking it tremendously. Space Godzilla shrieks in pain as the crystal crumbles. He sees Dark Bowser ark in the air.

Space Godzilla enters his flying form as Dark Bowser comes back around. The two take to the air as the dark storm sweeps around them. They fly at each other, colliding. Dark Bowser, being of less size, is propelled backwards by Space Godzilla's 720,000 metric ton bulk.

As Dark Bowser continues to ark in the sky, Space Godzilla blasts him using his Corona Beam. Dark Bowser returns to the ground, and Space Godzilla returns to his crystals, transforming back into his combat form.

Dark Bowser: Now, this ends here.

Dark Bowser leaps towards Space Godzilla, his fist charged with great power. However, Space Godzilla leers, and whips his tail as Dark Bowser flies forward, catching Dark Bowser in the Tail Smasher.

Dark Bowser: Eraaaaaagh!

From within, Dark Fawful screams as he is smashed with a large crystalline object and severely wounded, the Dark Star receiving great damage as well.

Impaled on Space Godzilla's tail, he sputters blood from his mouth.

Space Godzilla conducted energy through his tail, further damaging the Dark Star and hurting Dark Bowser.

Dark Bowser: Errgugugaaaaarrrghr!

The Dark Star explodes inside Dark Bowser.

Dark Bowser looks starts glowing, writhing on Space Godzilla's tail.

Boomstick: This can-n-ot be! No! I-it can't!

Space Godzilla stares at Dark Bowser with his cruel, red eyes. He flings his tail, launching Dark Bowser into the air.

Dark Bowser: Noooooooooooooooo!

Space Godzilla blasts Dark Bowser with his Corona Beam, and it strikes Dark Bowser's collapsing form, causing an explosion of purple.


(Music stops)

Space Godzilla lets out two shrieking roars that pierce the air in a way that indicates that he took pleasure in the carnage. They dark storm fades.


(Cue Godzilla vs Space Godzilla- Space Godzilla Title Back (M-1) First Half)

Boomstick: Well, looks like the Mushroom Kingdom will still need to be saved... but not from darkness.

Wiz: While Dark Bowser had the advantage in melee combat and terrestrial speed, Space Godzilla had the upper hand in almost all the other areas.

Boomstick: That's not to say Dark Bowser had no chance. The Dark Star's power and Bowser's DNA granted him plenty of power to be able to combat Space Godzilla. But it did mean Space Godzilla could defeat him.

Wiz: Yep! For starters, Space Godzilla could effectively use his intelligence against Dark Bowser, keeping him at a distance with his attacks and limiting Dark Bowser's ability to fight him effectively. And while Dark Bowser, like Bowser, can show intelligence, it could not be used much in battle, as Dark Bowser tended towards brute force.

Boomstick: While Dark Bowser gets a big arsenal from the Dark Star and Bowser's DNA, Space Godzilla had a larger arsenal of abilities.

Wiz: Correct. Along with that, Space Godzilla's powers had more effect, as fire stones and fire breath did not match up full with the Corona Beams and Homing Ghosts.

Boomstick: Along with his size advantage, Space Godzilla had the durability advantage and experience advantage, since he was able to take beatings from Godzilla, MOUGUERA, Mechagodzilla, and a lot of others, and in a lot of cases, fighting two opponents at once. Meanwhile, while Dark Bowser was able to fight Bowser at base power, he still only fought one opponent.

Wiz: Now, if Space Godzilla's crystals are destroyed, his power is reduced, but it does not cause him to die off. And the Dark Star adds a fun feature to Dark Bowser. As long as the Dark Star is intact, Dark Bowser can be regenerated.

Boomstick: But of course in the end, Space Godzilla can get around that. But Boomstick, how would Space Godzilla know to destroy the Dark Star? Well, even if Space Godzilla didn't know, the sheer magnitude of his attacks would be enough to destroy the Dark Star. After all, you have to be super powerful if you can destroy the moon, and match power with an opponent to destroy a planet. Welp, looks like this was Dark Bowser's not so Grand Finale.


Wiz: Agreed. The winner is Space Godzilla!


  • The idea is that they are both highly powerful clones of their enemy. Along with that, they have abilities that allow them to gain power.
  • Along with that, since there has been Bowser vs Godzilla ideas before, I thought the idea of a Godzilla clone vs a Bowser clone would be a fun spin on that formula.

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