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Sonic the Hedgehog VS Mega Man is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.

Sonic the Hedgehog vs Mega Man
Sonic Mega Man Fake Thumbnail
Season 4, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date July 9, 2015
Written by Maxevil
Directed by Maxevil
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Sonic vs Mega Man! Which of these two blue colored mascots is the deadliest?


Wiz: Many iconic characters in gaming have been created ever since, with many different attitudes and colors, but both these blue characters... are as iconic as gaming gets.

Boomstick: Sonic, the Blue Blur.

Wiz: And Mega Man, the Blue Bomber.

Boomstick: He's Wiz, and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills, to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Wiz: Sonic the Hedgehog is the most iconic character that Sega has ever given us.

Boomstick: His trademark power is his superhuman speed which he uses to destroy many of Dr. Eggman's Robots.

Wiz: Now it is really unsure how fast he can run, but it was clocked in and revealed to be that of 765 miles per hour; but he can go much faster than needed thanks to his figure 8 technique, as well as his boost.

Boomstick: Now we all know Sonic, as well as his famous rival, Mario, of whom we pitted him against last time, have so many power-ups at his hand than you can shake a stick at, we are only having him use his most common power-ups... and yes, they are the same power-ups in his fight against Mario.

Wiz: Such as his Fire Shield, which can enable him to be so much resistant to many of the heat environments, and can deal burning damage to foes, but can be extinguished when given a hit from an enemy or at least when he takes a dive in the water.

Boomstick: His Magnetic Shield does no better in water either, but it helps him collect incoming rings, and it can also give the foes quite the shock.

Wiz: But he doesn't always rely on his shields, as since he collects thousands of rings in his past adventures, his body has become a total embodiment of pure chaos. Sonic is known for his Spin Dash, Homing Attack, and many other Melee attacks.

Boomstick: Speaking of rings, when he has 50 of them, and has 7 chaos emeralds, he becomes Super Sonic.

Wiz: As super Sonic, he is much faster than ever, as well as he is stronger, take flight and is invincible; all by 1000 fold. And while he has accomplished many, such as fighting off god-like monsters and destroying Eggman's many robots, including the ever so powerful Metal Sonic, He is quite cocky and arrogant.

Boomstick: And like I said before, that if you keep him waiting much longer, he will just flat out leave you.

Wiz: Nevertheless, He will always be waiting for another adventure.

Sonic: Talk about low budget flights, no food or movies? I'm outta here! I like running better.

Mega Man[]

Wiz: The year sometime in the early 21st century, there is the dawn of humanoid robots.

Boomstick: Too bad, they have to be built by the hands of us humans, huh?

Wiz: Yes, Boomstick, and Mega Man here is no exception, especially since he was built by Dr. Thomas Light, the former partner and colleague of Mega Man's nemesis, Dr. Albert W. Wily.

Boomstick: Too bad for Mega Man there, as Dr. Light made Proto Man first just possibly months before the blue bomber was built, talk about being a dick.

Wiz: Now Like Mario before him, and Sonic after him, Mega Man has tons of power ups that you can keep track of, but for this fight we will be giving Mega Man here only the classic powers ups, like we did for Sonic here.

Boomstick: Like his first power-up, being the Rolling Cutter from Cut Man, a pair of scissor-like weapons, that are thrown like a boomerang and cuts them to minced meat.

Wiz: He also uses the Super Arm from GutsMan...

Boomstick: The rip-off of the DuckTales' Launchpad.

Wiz: ...and with that Power-up, MegaMan can pick up large objects and throw them to the side.

Boomstick: He also uses the Ice Slasher from Ice Man, which can freeze his opponents at -200 degrees.

Wiz: With his Hyper Bomb move, from Bomb Man any how, he can use bombs to throw at enemies, nut at a cost of certain small but lengthy time before exploding impact.

Boomstick: Fire Storm from Fire Man can cause Mega to surround himself in a shield of fire and launche fire balls to burn enemy asses to ashes.

Wiz: And the Thunder Beam from Elec Man can cause him to shoot electricity in three various directions. Plus it is a common misconception that Mega Man strategizes, as just like Mario and Sonic, Mega Man usually rushes into a fight without a strategy, and without the power-ups, he can still use his Mega Buster that shoots many exploding dot-like shots at foes for damage, his signature Mega Upper which is his unique Uppercut, and even sliding for speed, defense and offense.

Boomstick: But like Mario and Sonic, as well with their thousands of power-ups, Mega man has his fair share of accomplishments, such as taking on the god-like robot master, Sun Man.

Wiz: With the right power-ups at hand, Mega Man is prepared for anything.

Mega Man: Dr. Light said I could learn much from fighting!



Wiz: All right, the combatants are set, let's end the debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!


Sonic is lounging in Mobius, until a portal beam shows up revealing Mega Man; assuming that Mega Man is Dr. Robotnik's robot,Sonic gets to his fighting pose, as does the latter.


Sonic starts off with a Homing Attack, but Mega Man slides to dodge it and uses his Mega Buster, but Sonic dashes past them until he gets closer to Mega Man, but Mega Man uses the Mega Upper on Sonic, but Sonic returns with a Homing Attack, and was successful to hit him this time, Mega Man then decides to bring in the ice slasher to freeze Sonic, but Sonic dodges them and gives Mega Man enough damage to make him lose it, but Mega Man decides to dons on the Super Arm, and picks up Sonic and throws him over a cliff, but Sonic grabs a branch on the edge, spins around and launches himself back to Mega Man with a successful Spin Dash; furious that the plan didn't work, Mega Man dons on the Fire Storm and tries to roast Sonic, as what looks like it went through burning Sonic, Sonic is still alive as he got his Fire Shield on, he rushes in and gives Mega Man a few melee attacks; but after Fire Storm disappears, Mega Man blocks it, uses Mega Upper again on Sonic for space and dons on the Thunder Beam, and he tries to electrocute Sonic, But Sonic uses his Magnet shield in the knick of time to prevent electrocution and deliver as much damage back to Mega Man, but Mega Man slides again out of the way after losing the Thunder Beam and uses the Rolling Cutter, which hits Sonic's Shield destroying it, but Sonic uses the seven Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and inflict heavy damage to Mega Man, Mega Man survives that only to have some fight in him despite being heavily damaged, and as Sonic was going to finish off Mega Man as Super Sonic, it wears off on him, so Sonic decides to use his figure 8 technique and rushes to Mega Man, Mega Man decides to don his last weapon, the Hyper Bomb and throws it, it bounces once, but Sonic though fast and uses his powerful homing attack on the bomb and retreats, while the bomb coming back at Mega Man at a surprising speed, hits Mega Man with a powerful explosion; then falling out to where the explosion is was the head of the lifeless Mega Man, while Sonic returns with what is left from a chili dog he was eating, picks up Mega Man's head, tosses it up some and kicks it in an ocean as he finishes his chili dog.



(Cue the instrumental version of Sonic Colors theme song)

Boomstick: Yeah, talk about having the blues.

Wiz: While some of their power-ups where equally matched, Sonic was just too unpredictable for Mega Man to keep up.

Boomstick: But Wizard, Mega Man took on Quick Man and won!

Wiz: True Mega Man may have dealt with a foe similar to Sonic, but Sonic has dealt with hundreds of thousand of foes who are similar to Mega Man; and Before you mention Sun Man, the God-like Robot Master that Mega Man took on and won, Sonic has dealt with God-like bosses too.

Boomstick: You can do comparisons all you want for all we know up our asses.

Wiz: But in the end, there is one powerful true blue hero.

Boomstick: Mega Man sure made a splash though.

Wiz: The winner is Sonic the Hedgehog.


  • This is Maxevil's fiftieth Death Battle episode.
  • This is Maxevil's fifth 'Super Smash Bros.' themed Death Battle, the first four are Meta Knight vs Lucario, Peach vs Lucina, Link vs Pit, and Ryu Hoshi vs Mewtwo; and the next one is Mario vs Fox McCloud.
  • This is the second time that Maxevil gives permission to another user for making their own version of the fight, this time with GoldenFox93; the first one is Superman vs Godzilla with Chompy-King.

Mega Man vs. Sonic the Hedgehog
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date September 7th, 2015
Written by GoldenFox93
Directed by GoldenFox93
Episode guide
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None (First episode) Magneto vs. Mewtwo


Sonic the Hedgehog versus Mega Man! These two blue-clad legends of gaming have both been around and kicking for over 20 years and teamed up at least twice, but now they finally meet on the battlefield to decide the ultimate blue mascot! Who will win? Who will die?


  • Information taken from game (Ergo, canon.) versions of characters unless otherwise stated.
  • No outside help allowed (Rush/Eddie/Beat/Tango, Sonic's friends, etc).
  • Power-ups are allowed (Mega Man's Weapons, Sonic's Chaos Emeralds and Shields), however.


Music- (Invader/Theme of Death Battle)

Wiz: There have been many heroes throughout the years in gaming history, and these two are among the most legendary of them.

Boomstick: Two blue-clad warriors who have both been around and kicking in the gaming industry for 20 years- through ups and downs and all-arounds!

Wiz: And even though they've teamed up no less than twice- tonight, we're going to finally see which one of them is the deadliest. Sonic the Hedgehog, the Fastest Thing Alive-

Boomstick: -and Rock "Mega Man" Light, the Super Fighting Robot.

Wiz: I'm Wizard, and he's Boomstick. And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills, to find out who would win...a Death Battle.

Mega Man[]


Music- (Mega Man 4 intro- First part, RushJet1 cover)

  • Weight- 105kg (231lb)
  • Height- 130cm (4ft 3 inches)
  • AI Age- Approximately 10 years old
  • Year of Creation- 20XX (Doctor Thomas Light)

Wiz: The year 20XX. With the advancement of science, humans were able to improve upon and eventually come to live and work alongside robots. Among them was Rock Light, an android designed and built by the brilliant roboticists Thomas Light and Albert Wily to be the ultimate lab assistant, as well as a son to Light. Alongside his sister Roll...

Boomstick: Rock and Roll? [Singing] "Rock N Roll, I'm the King of Rock N Roll!"

Wiz: ... he was among the first finished models of the Robot Master line, industrial humanoid robots designed to complete and oversee tasks that humans and less-advanced machines would normally be responsible for. He lived a peaceful existence-

Boomstick: ...aaaaaat least until Wily got jealous of Light's success, sabotaged most of them and tried to take over the World with them! Talk about a change in the old career path.

Wiz: Rock and Roll were left behind in the initial raid, with Doctor Wily making the critical mistake of assuming they'd be of no use to him. After realising what had happened to his brothers, and having a strong sense of justice, Rock begged Doctor Light to transform him into a fighting robot to save the planet from Wily's evil ambitions.

Boomstick: And thus Mega Man, the Blue Bomber, was born! Well, made.

Music- (Mega Man (Ruby-Spears) intro/Instrumental)

Wiz: Upgrading Rock into his Mega Man form granted him numerous special abilities and made him quite the powerhouse. He has a compact supercomputer brain with a built-in HUD that enables him to effectively keep track and aim of opponents much faster than himself, and is solar powered with a solar-pile reactor and backup energy source for emergency use.

Wiz: His legs are equipped with suspension and air pressure pumps below the feet that help anchor him to the ground, extend his jumps and cushion his landings even from great heights, and his body armour is composed of Ceratanium-

Boomstick: Oh look, another convenient fictional alloy that's somehow even lighter and stronger than Titanium! Not like there aren't a million of those already in fiction...!

Wiz: ...and is a unique flexible alloy designed by Doctor Light, designed to bend and then retain its shape under severe impacts rather than breaking or shattering. It's shown to be strong enough to resist blows from meteors, temperatures hotter than the surface of the Sun and as cold as absolute zero as well as atmospheric re-entry, so it's very tough stuff. Plus, when combined with his internal frame and torque output, he's been shown to be capable of lifting and holding up collapsing castles, surviving an enormous temple exploding and collapsing on top of him with no lasting injuries, and as shown in Mega Man V, can walk, jump and function normally in the gravity of Jupiter, which is 25G, close to three times that of Earth.

Boomstick: Normally it'd be near-impossible to even stand up under that sort of pressure. But not for little boy blue here!

Music- (Tornado Man- Mega Man 9 Rock Melody, FreddeGredde)

Wiz: But although Mega Man's physical capabilities are impressive on their own, his main strength comes from his various weapons. His standard sidearm is the Mega Buster, an ambidextrous arm cannon that fires "bullets" of compressed solar energy with both rapid and charge shot settings. And if he uses both of them at once? One combined shot from the Double Mega Buster was enough to destroy Ra Moon and cause a temple-levelling explosion- although it has the effect of draining his energy faster than he can replenish it and overheating to the point of causing severe damage to himself, so he can't use it lightly.

Boomstick: He's also equipped with the unique Variable Weapon System- when he defeats a Robot Master, or simply touches their arm in the Animated Series and Archie Comics, he can copy their weapon and use it for himself- and from there, use that weapon against other Robot Masters who are weak to it, and obtain more cool shit from there...

Wiz: But since Mega Man's collected so many weapons over the years with it, we're going to limit him down to the ones he's used in his previous fighting game appearances (Marvel VS Capcom series, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Super Smash Bros.), along with a few additional ones to make the number 24- the maximum capacity of weapons he can carry at a time according to Mega Man: The Wily Wars.


Boomstick: So a bit like Link and Cloud before him- a mix of his most powerful attacks, along with some of his more famous ones that he's shown to be most comfortable with taking into battle with him!

Boomstick: Starting off though, his close-ranged abilities. Although Mega Man does have some basic martial-art skills, including his trademark Slide Kick and a pretty sweet shoryuken-lookalike called the Mega Upper, he's also equipped with loads of different things to mix it up a bit!

Wiz: The Leaf Shield (Wood Man) produces an electromagnetic field of Ceratanium Leaf-shaped Units that can not only protect from deadly blows and projectiles, but also be thrown as a weapon over a short distance afterwards. The Knight Crusher (Knight Man) is a heavy spiked ball and chain that Mega Man can throw over short distances and break down walls with, as can the Hard Knuckle (Hard Man)-

Boomstick: [Music suddenly stops as he starts laughing] So Hard Man's weapon allows Mega Man to donkey-punch through walls and fist unsuspecting enemies from a distance? [Laughs harder] GET EQUIPPED WITH- ANAL ANNIHILATOR!

Wiz: [Beat] ...yes. The Slash Claw (Slash Man) is a portable energy beam that was originally designed to break through large asteroids in space, but converted to produce a crescent-shaped slice that can cut through most objects with ease-

Boomstick: And the Top Spin (Top Man) is a dainty pirouette that Mega Man can perform either in the air or along the ground to hit opponents multiple times. Or kill them in one shot. Or get himself damaged and lose all the energy to it immediately, it's a bit weird like that.

Wiz: The Spread Drill (Ground Man) extends from Mega Man's arm and allows him to burrow through earth, stone and anything else in the way, the Break Dash (Pluto) can be charged up to allow Mega Man to temporarily become invincible as he boosts to supersonic speed across short distances-

Boomstick: Gotta go fast!

Wiz: -that comes later. The Thunder Claw (Clown Man) can be used to grapple enemies and nearby walls and objects to either swing on or pull towards the user, the Super Arm (Guts Man) increases Mega Man's strength to even higher levels and allows him to throw heavy objects and opponents, and the Flame Sword (Sword Man) is relatively self-explanatory, producing a longsword-shaped construct of superheated plasma that Mega Man can use to slash and burn through foes and nearby flammable objects.

Boomstick: So it's pretty much the ultimate gardening tool! Man, that'd be so useful for clearing the weeds out my backyard.

Music- (MEGA MAN 9 - ARRANGED SOUNDTRACK - 6.-Magma Burning/Magma Man's theme)

Wiz: And even then, those are far from his only weapons. The Air Shooter (Air Man) allows Mega Man to fire off a series of small tornadoes that arc upwards and are great for anti-air purposes, the Metal Blades (Metal Man) are deadly razor-edged circular saw blades that Mega Man can throw in any direction-

Boomstick: -not to mention being one of the most broken weapons in gaming!

Wiz: The Triple Blade (Blade Man) allows Mega Man to fire off a spreadshot of three Katana-like Sword blades in three directions up or down depending on if he's on the ground or in mid-air respectively, the Flash Bomb (Grenade Man) is a powerful explosive that can detonate on contact with targets in a bright flash of light, and the Crash Bomber (Crash Man) fires off a drill-tipped time bomb that can latch onto surfaces and targets before detonating.

Boomstick: Like my ex-wife at an all-you-can-eat buffet!

Wiz: And he has the classic fire-ice-lightning elements covered as well. The Ice Slasher (Ice Man) produces an arrowhead-shaped blade of ice laced with liquid oxygen/nitrogen that goes through enemies and freezes them down to absolute zero (-273.15 degrees celsius), the Thunder Beam (Elec Man) allows him to fire powerful bursts of lightning in multiple directions that hit multiple times, and the Spark Shock (Spark Man) turns his hands into twin electrodes that can produce long or short-ranged electric shocks capable of temporarily paralysing or slowing down opponents.

Boomstick: But it's clearly the fact he has so much shit for burning things with that makes him a fighter who's clearly after my own heart! Besides the aforementioned Flame Sword (Sword Man), he's also got the Flame Blast (Flame Man), that allows him to slam both Busters into the ground and summon fiery column-shaped explosions around him, and the Pharaoh Shot (Pharaoh Man), which allows him to summon giant sun-shaped balls of fire above his head and chuck them in any direction for maximum burnination!

Music- (Rockman 10 - Abandoned Memory/AST)

Wiz: His deadliest weapons by far however, are the ones that involve him tapping directly into physics and the space-time continiuum. The Gravity Hold (Gravity Man) enables Mega Man to damage enemies and temporarily invert the field of gravity to 20G around him to send them hurtling upwards, the Astro Crush (Astro Man) enables him to summon a meteor storm around him to batter everything on-screen-

Boomstick: Holy shit! I'd hate to imagine how he got his hands on those.

Wiz: The Time-Stopper (Flash Man) enables him to temporarily stop time itself around him and drain energy from certain foes, but in return, he cannot attack whilst it's active. And finally, the Black Hole Bomb (Galaxy Man) enables him to fire off a small energy sphere that tears open a small rift in space-time and produces a localised Black Hole in that spot, capable of sucking in and destroying pretty much anything with the exception of himself.

Boomstick: Though quite how he doesn't end up, you know, destroying the entire World with all those things, we don't know! Physics, not even once!


  • Strong enough to lift and held up the collapsing Wily Castle 5 without use of the Super Arm (Mega Man 5), and jump/move normally in Jupiter's gravity (25G, Mega Man V).
  • Survived the Temple of the Moon exploding and collapsing on top of him with no damage (Super Adventure Rockman), as well as atmospheric re-entry (Mega Man V).
  • Capable of tanking meteor showers, and temperatures hotter than the Sun's Surface and as cold as absolute zero.
  • Defeated Ra Moon, Ra Thor, Sunstar, Terra and the Stardroids.
  • Defeated the Mega Man Killers (Enker, Punk, and Ballade) and his future self (Quint) at least twice, along with a veritable army of Robot Masters.
  • Can keep up with and defeat ridiculously-fast opponents like Quick Man (Mach 7), Duo (FTL), Turbo Man and Nitro Man, along with various Time Stoppers and Teleporters (Centaur Man, Flash Man, Bright Man).
  • Blue and Cyan, has a gun for a hand, eats his Mega Flan, likes Chopin and Rodin!


  • Weapon Copying does not work against organic beings.
  • Pacifistic, reluctant to fight if he does not see it as being necessary.
  • Magnetic Joints make him vulnerable to being pulled by strong magnetic forces.
  • Much, much slower.
  • Can only use one Special Weapon at a time.

Wiz: Although Mega Man is undoubtedly one of the deadliest robots in gaming history, he still has his fair share of weaknesses. His biggest flaw in a Death Battle lies in his AI. You see, since Doctor Light designed him to be like a son to him, he's basically a 10-year old boy in the body of a fighting machine. So he's a pacifist at heart- he doesn't like to fight, and is especially reluctant to use lethal force.

Boomstick: Like that time he considered killing Doctor Wily back in Mega Man 7, but ultimately couldn't go through with it, as well as unsuccessfully trying to talk Quick Man out of fighting back in Super Adventure Rockman- despite getting thrown and kicked around repeatedly by him! Surely you'd think he would've got the message a few minutes in.

Wiz: And on a similar note, his Weapon Copying ability is limited to only one weapon at a time, requires his standard Mega Buster to be deactivated, and is designed to work against other robots rather than living beings, so don't expect him to stack weapons or get equipped with Spin Dashes and Homing Attacks any time soon. Plus, he's vulnerable to being destroyed by the Lava/Magma and Spikes used in Doctor Wily's various fortresses- though since the former burns as hot as the Earth's core and the latter are sharpened to cut at a molecular level however, they'd pretty much destroy most things anyway.

Boomstick: Even with that in mind though, anyone who can lug that much deadly weaponry around all the time and still have enough left in the tank to save the world at least ten times is a badass in my book. But will it all be enough for the Blue Bomber to take down the Blue Blur?

"No, you're wrong! I only fight when I'm forced to protect the world from those who would pit machines against man. I believe humans and robots can live in peace!"

Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Music- (Sonic Generations- Seaside Hill (Ocean Palace) Act 2)


  • Weight- 35kg (77lb)
  • Height- 100cm (3ft 3 inches)
  • Age- 16
  • Year of Birth- Unknown (Location- Christmas Island, Australia?)

Wiz: Sonic the Hedgehog! As we've previously established, there's no denying that he's one of gaming's most iconic protagonists.

Boomstick: And if you haven't heard of him, where've you been for the past 20 years or so?! (Singing) Sonic, he can really move! Sonic, he's got an attitude! Sonic, he's the fastest thing aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!

Wiz: He regularly battles to protect the planet from the nefarious Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, and he's also a former Death Battle champion in his own right- having proved strong enough to defeat his long-time rival Mario a while ago.

Boomstick: Sorry Mario fans, we'll try not to bring that one up too much.


Wiz: We've established a lot of what he can do already, but there's still plenty more to the blue hedgehog- it goes without saying that his most notable ability is his speed. Aided by a special pair of friction-proof trainers, he can easily break the sound barrier in mere seconds- clocking in at running speeds of approximately 765mph on average.

Boomstick: So yup, pretty damn fast! Quite how he manages to maintain such speeds without ripping himself to pieces I don't know, but game physics!

Wiz: And he's capable of boosting his acceleration further with the Sonic Boost and his trademark Figure-8 Dash- also known as the Strike Dash- which gets him to top speed pretty much immediately.

Boomstick: -and momentarily boosts him so fast, he becomes intangible for a split second, allowing him to phase through objects and opponents without getting injured! Same goes with his Insta-Shield technique, which allows him to spin and vibrate his own molecules so quickly, he can deflect projectiles and increase his attack range!

Wiz: But of course, he's not just fast on his feet. His other trademark ability allows him to curl up into a spiky ball-

Boomstick: -just like expectations!

Wiz: - and use the Sonic Spin to rip through his enemies. He can do it either by spinning through the air as he jumps, or by using the powerful Spin Dash, he can boost along the ground to reach top speed near-instantly.

Boomstick: Plus, he's got the Homing Attack as well for flying into nearby enemies like a rocket and bouncing off them to hit multiple times. Seriously, how does he not give himself motion sickness?!

Wiz: He's also an expert martial artist, can run along walls/ceilings and keep his momentum going using his Parkour technique, and is strong enough to rip through stone and most metals with both his spinning attacks and the powerful mid-air Stomp, which enables him to boost straight down to catch out anyone below.

Boomstick: And one of his most powerful abilities is the Light Speed Attack- which after charging up with a Spin Dash, allows him to fire off several ridiculously-fast homing attacks all at once on either multiple or individual targets. Get caught by that, and that'll do some real damage!

Wiz: Plus, he's also fast enough to be able to generate powerful whirlwinds in mid-air with the Blue Tornado technique, enabling him to suck in enemies and either hurl them up, damage them with the resulting slipstream-

Boomstick: - and cool himself down on hot days! Saves on air-conditioning at least.

Wiz: Over the years, he's also used many different types of Shield to further enhance his abilities. As the same ones he previously used against Mario, they all protect against energy weapons and minor projectiles, along with an additional kind of hazard depending on what type it is- but they do all disintegrate after blocking one deadly physical blow.

Boomstick: The Fire Shield can absorb fire and heat-based attacks, and gives Sonic the powerful Fireball Spin Dash that he can use both on the ground and in mid-air, but it'll be extinguished upon contact with water. What, did you think fire worked underwater?

Wiz: The Thunder Shield shorts out on contact with water as well, but can effectively absorb electrical energy and attacks, and grants Sonic an additional mid-air jump for maximum aerial control.

Boomstick: And then of course there's the Water Shield, which lets him breathe underwater and control his descent with powerful basketball-like bounces. Why do we keep bringing up water, you ask? 'cause water's like kryptonite to him! He's aquaphobic, and can't swim-

Wiz: -which is ironic, considering hedgehogs actually CAN swim in real life.

Boomstick: Maybe it's the massive great clown shoes, who knows?

Music: (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)- Boss- Solaris Phase 2)

Wiz: The most powerful addition to his arsenal however, is not a Shield at all. When he's able to collect 50 Rings and the seven Chaos Emeralds, he's able to tap into their unlimited power, and become the almighty golden form of Super Sonic.

Boomstick: He's got it all! His speed and power are increased a thousand-fold, can breathe underwater and in the vacuum of Space, fly, and is more-or-less completely invulnerable. And he glows in the dark, meaning he'd be handy to have around in powercuts!

Wiz: As with most things that are obscenely powerful however, it's based on a time limit. Without additional Rings, he can only maintain the form for a short period of time- just under a minute- and even though Super Sonic can't actually be hurt, he can still be slowed down by certain weapons and colliding with objects, and being attacked repeatedly can affect how long he can stay transformed for.

Boomstick: Whiiiich doesn't usually matter when you're capable of ploughing through entire hordes of evil robots and demigods and things with just your face!

Wiz: Once Sonic changes back to normal, he gets healed to peak physical condition regardless of how injured or tired he was beforehand. However, he can still become exhausted up to the point of fainting if he tries to maintain the form for too long without Rings, as seen at the end of Sonic Unleashed, when he did just that and had to be rescued by Light Gaia/Chip afterwards.


  • Temporarily outran a Black Hole (Sonic Colours).
  • Single-handedly defeated demigod-like beings including Perfect Chaos, Alf-Layla-Wa-Layla, the Dark Queen and Dark Gaia. (Also defeated the Time Eater, Finalhazard, Nega-Mother Wisp and Solaris, but had outside help in these cases.)
  • Survived atmospheric re-entry and by extension the vacuum of Space for an extended period of time (Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Advance).
  • Strong enough willpower to resist mind control, and never give up regardless of how much the odds are stacked against him.
  • Can temporarily boost to near-light speed (Light Speed Attack, Homing Attack), and as Super Sonic, can maintain this level practically throughout his entire period of transformation.
  • Has battled and defeated very similar robotic opponents to Mega Man- like Metal Sonic, Emerl, G-Mel, and Mecha Sonic- as well as his long-time rival Mario in a previous Death Battle.
  • Ding ding ding, gets the Ring Ring Ring, he's a Sonic Electronic and he's gonna be the King! (I'm not sorry. -GF93)


  • Super Sonic is based on a time limit of approximately 50 seconds or less, without picking up more Rings or any other external energy source.
  • Much lighter, and has much worse defence.
  • Overly brash and arrogant.
  • Whilst smart enough, not much of a strategist for the most part.
  • Becomes much more vulnerable if he loses the speed advantage, particularly since he requires momentum to pull off a lot of his strength-related feats.

Music- (Sonic CD: Sonic Boom- Crush 40)

Boomstick: There's no question about it, Sonic's one of the toughest protagonists in gaming history. Speed, power, and blue hair- he's the whole package!

Wiz: Undoubtedly, but he's still got some noticeable flaws. He's very, very brash, overconfident, and addicted to action. Although he is smart enough, he's not much of a strategist for the most part- which can lead him to underestimate opponents and get himself into tricky situations.

Boomstick: And with his hyperactivity, he gets very impatient if kept waiting around for too the point where he'll straight-up leave you if you let him! ("I'm outta here!")

Wiz: Despite his rough personality though, deep down he's a 100% good guy who'll do whatever it takes to save the day. And what else is there to say that we haven't covered already? He's already proven himself worthy of winning one Death Battle, so can he make it a double against the Blue Bomber?

"What you see is what you get. Just a guy who loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!"



Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all!




(Setting- Scrap Brain Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog.)

Music- (Torvus Bog Subterranean Theme - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

The Scrap Brain Zone, one of the first haunts of the notorious Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, had long since been abandoned after his first defeat- being mostly left to rust and collapse over time. Lately however, it had sprung back to life without warning- once again producing armies of deadly robots and spewing smog and pollution into the once-clear skies of South Island.

Quickly figuring out who was behind it, Sonic the Hedgehog came to investigate the recent re-emergence of the Badniks and pollution from the area- coming shortly after being left a message from Doctor Eggman about him completing a new and deadly weapon in the Zone, with which to conquer the entire world with! With that in mind, Sonic wasted no time in battling his way to the Zone to confront it head-on and put paid to his maniacal archenemy's latest evil scheme.

Meanwhile, not a million miles away, a small humanoid robot clad in blue armour had been teleported into the other end Zone from another dimension- having been sent by his creator, Doctor Thomas Light, to investigate the recent emergence of hundreds of Badniks from portals in his own world that had been attacking the nearby cities.

The robot's name was Rock Light- better known as the Super Fighting Robot Mega Man- and in preparation for potentially confronting the source of the problem, had been equipped with a selection of the weapons he had previously attained from the Robot Masters he'd defeated. Although he had saved his own world no less than ten times by this point, he still couldn't help but feel uneasy about landing in this unknown dimension. Nevertheless, he pressed on in search of who or what ever was responsible for creating these new killer robots, determined to bring them to justice and protect his own world.

However, as Mega Man pressed on, he hadn't noticed a nearby orb-shaped floating robot- clad in a cloaking device, scanning and analysing his design with a single camera eye. At the other end of it, was Doctor Eggman himself- taking down notes on the blue robot's name and other schematics as Metal Sonic stood by.

"All according to plan." the egg-shaped roboticist pondered to the nearby Metal Sonic as he took down Mega Man's name. The metallic hedgehog looked at the screen and nodded, just before the view on the screen switched to that of another floating camera robot tracking Sonic traversing the landscape, smashing through any Badniks he saw along the way with his trademark spin attacks. "The hero from the other dimension has just arrived. And look, Sonic's coming this way as well! Once those two overgrown blue boy-scouts converge- I'll play them against each other! And then if it all goes to plan, I'll have that blue pincushion out of my moustache forever! WOOOOAAAAA HO HO HO HO HO!"

Metal Sonic's eyes flared up at the sight of Sonic on the screen, and clenched its clawed metal fist in anticipation, causing its master to suddenly stop laughing. "Not just yet, Metal", Eggman rationalised, with a wave of his hand to get the robotic hedgehog to stand down. "You'll get your chance soon enough. If either of them survive, they're all yours!" Metal Sonic stood down and silently nodded- evidently annoyed about not getting to fight Sonic for the moment, but enjoying the idea of finishing him off if he won.

"For now though, it's time to put the next stage of my plan into action!"

After a short time making their way through the Zone from different routes on opposite sides of the Zone- with Sonic boosting along the abandoned highways and Mega Man leaping and dodging through the various ruined tower blocks and factories- the two eventually both reached one of the largest former robot factories in the area, unknowingly approaching each other. Sonic entered through the wide front door of the building- the original roll-up door long-since broken away- and upon entering the huge, barren space, began searching around it for any sign of either Doctor Eggman, or his latest weapon.

Meanwhile, Mega Man arrived at the back wall of the factory. The blue robot noticed the wall was quite badly-cracked, so he switched one of his hands to the Mega Buster, charged it up, and fired a powerful burst of compressed energy through the wall, blasting a hole in it.

From where Sonic was however, he had only heard a quiet humming noise coming from the other side of the wall where he was, which made him wary- and suddenly leapt out the way just in time to avoid being blown up with the wall. The blue hedgehog rolled as he hit the ground and sprung to his feet- in time to see Mega Man walk into the abandoned factory through the hole in the wall, shrouded in the resulting dust cloud, and smoke venting from the barrel of his Mega Buster. "Hey!" Sonic yelled at Mega Man, who took a moment to notice the annoyed blue hedgehog as he retracted his Mega Buster. "You could've flattened me blowing through the wall like that!"

"My apologies." Mega Man responded politely, albeit surprised to find a hedgehog talking to him- "I didn't see you there." Sonic quickly realised something- was this the new weapon Doctor Eggman was referring to? " must be that new 'ultimate weapon' Eggman was referring to!"

Music: (E.G.G.M.A.N. (Doc. Robeatnix Mix)- Shadow the Hedgehog)

Suddenly, the lights flickered in the enormous room, illuminating it with an eerie glow, and a nearby giant monitor flashed on to reveal Doctor Eggman, sarcastically applauding the two. "Well, well! The hedgehog got it in one!" he quipped. "You found the weapon I was working on- the ultimate combat robot, Mega Man!"

"WHAT?!" Mega Man exclaimed in shock. "But how did you-"

"Seriously, Egghead? It's a bit of a step down from Metal Sonic." Sonic retorted, casting an unimpressed glance first at the shocked Mega Man, then back to Doctor Eggman.

"Egg-MAN! You know my name is Eggman! You do that on purpose...!" Doctor Eggman grumbled, taking offense to Sonic's comments- but making sure to keep up the charade for as long as he could. "But you won't be laughing once Mega Man here destroys you, Sonic! He's the most powerful creation I've ever built! Now, Mega Man- DESTROY HIM!"

Mega Man tried to protest, but Eggman quickly dismissed him and flicked the monitor off, leaving him alone with Sonic- who turned to the blue robot and cracked his knuckles in anticipation. "Didn't introduce myself, did I? I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog! If the old doc says you're his most powerful creation, this one should be good. Let's go!" Seeing that the blue hedgehog looked ready for a fight, Mega Man uneasily assumed a fighting stance, hoping he could convince Sonic to stand down. Likewise, Sonic flashed a cocky smile and started doing some warm-up stretches as he prepared to fight.


Music: (Fight For My Own Way (Boss Event)- Sonic Adventure)

"Wait!" Mega Man called out to Sonic as the blue hedgehog began charging up a Spin Dash. Not noticing Mega Man trying to speak to him, Sonic Spin-Dashed into Mega Man's chest, knocking him off-balance, before trying to hit him with several fast punches and kicks, which Mega Man tried to block as he continued to speak. "You're fighting the wrong opponent!" "What?" Sonic demanded, unsure of why his opponent wasn't fighting back.

"I didn't come here to fight you. I came here to find out where that whole pack of robots attacking my world came from!" Mega Man continued, blocking one of Sonic's punches with his hand and tossing it aside.

"Don't lie!" Sonic yelled back, throwing a roundhouse kick to Mega Man's side that knocked him over. "Eggman clearly made you! He knew your name and schematics and everything. And I'm gonna stop you!"

Mega Man rolled sideways as he landed to minimise the impact, and continued. "I don't know how he got my name! However he did it-" He was quickly cut off by Sonic dashing in and attempting to punch him. "Stop trying to trick me, I know you're going to try and destroy me when my back's turned!" he retorted as he threw the punch, which Mega Man quickly dodged around and grabbed Sonic's shoulders from behind. "Listen to me! Whoever this Eggman is, he's trying to-"

Without a word, Sonic grabbed Mega Man's arm and judo-flipped him into the ground, hard. Mega Man began to get to his knees in one last attempt to avoid a fight- "Please listen to-" And as predicted, that was cut off as well- this time by Sonic kicking Mega Man upward in the chest, sending him reeling back. "Less talk, more fight!" the blue hedgehog said impatiently, almost disappointed that Mega Man was not doing anything.

Music- (Get Weapon- Mega Man 2)

Realising his reasoning wasn't getting through to the supersonic hedgehog, Mega Man rolled back, leapt to his feet, and glared at Sonic. "Alright. I didn't want to fight you..." Mega Man said, as he began searching through his database of weapons to use- "...but I will defend myself. [Weapon select noise] VICTORY OR DEFEAT!"

GET EQUIPPED WITH- Metal Blade. With that, Mega Man's hands suddenly started to spin, and a second later, three large circular saw blades materialised in each one- two in his left, and one in his right. Before Sonic realised that he'd now goaded Mega Man into fighting seriously, the blue robot hurled one of the deadly discs straight towards him.

Music- (Dr. Wily Stage 1 & 2 (Mega Man 2)- Super Smash Bros. for Wii U)

"WHOA!" Sonic yelled, genuinely startled by Mega Man's attack as he leapt back just in time to avoid being decapitated by the Metal Blade. With that, Sonic landed on his feet, only to notice a second one heading towards him, which he dodged with ease- the saw blade continuing past him before embedding itself into a nearby wall.

"Now that's more like it!"

When the third and final blade came, Sonic was ready for it that time- deliberately moving in front of its path as it headed towards him and striking a mocking pose as he waited, before quickly grabbing hold of the Metal Blade from the flat sides with his palms, catching it just inches from his head.

"Well, seeing as you were kind enough to give me this..." Sonic quipped with a cocky smile as he glanced at the Metal Blade he'd just caught, "It'd be rude not to share it with you!" With that, he flung the saw blade straight towards Mega Man, who quickly performed a Slide underneath to dodge it- the Metal Blade kept going after Sonic had thrown it, neatly slicing through a nearby support column and causing it and part of the ceiling to collapse behind Mega Man, the blue robot narrowly avoiding being buried under debris.

"Not bad! I can see why you'd enjoy using those things so much." Sonic snarked again to Mega Man, who leapt into the air from the slide and equipped his Mega Buster, firing off several small shots towards Sonic, who dodged them accordingly. "Though personally, I wouldn't be caught dead using something like that Lemon Shooter!". Ignoring him, Mega Man quickly leapt up once more began charging up energy in mid-air, before firing a powerful charged shot- making sure to aim towards the direction where Sonic was moving rather than where he was. With an explosion of energy, the shot found its mark- not a direct hit, but enough to knock Sonic off his feet.

Seeing his chance to follow up, Mega Man equipped the Flame Sword- and with that, Mega Man's Buster flashed, and a fiery blade of plasma shaped like a longsword formed from its barrel with the sound of a roaring flame, and the Blue Bomber dropped back down towards Sonic, swinging it downward into him. From there, he performed a fast and skillful combo of burning sword strikes against Sonic, finishing up the combination with a powerful upward swing, and suddenly switching weapons to the Flame Blast.

The Flame Sword vaporised out of existence, and in their place, both of Mega Man's Mega Busters had formed, with small but powerful blue flames jetting out of the barrels. As Sonic fell to the ground, he quickly slammed the barrels of both Busters into the floor in front of him, charged up, and suddenly, several column-shaped explosions of flame erupted from the ground, scorching Sonic and sending him reeling backward several feet from the force of the blast.

Music- (Egg Fleet Zone- Sonic Heroes)

He quickly recovered in mid-air and nailed a landing in spite of the damage he'd taken however, and didn't seem too bothered by it despite getting hit- "So you like playing with fire, huh?" Sonic spoke up. "Well, lucky for you I brought one of my favourite Shields for your next little firework display!"

With that, a TV-like object appeared out of thin air, with a picture of a Flame flickering on its screen. Sonic quickly smashed through it with an elbow, and instantaneously, the floor around him seemed to burst into flames, before materialising around him much like a bubble. "Say hello to the Fire Shield!" Sonic quipped once more with renewed confidence, before suddenly leaping into the air.

Before Mega Man could react to it, he was interrupted by Sonic surging towards him in a flash of fire, which sharply connected with him and almost knocked him off his feet. Startled, he re-equipped the Flame Sword and attempted to slash him, but the Fire Shield's protection against heat-based weaponry meant that it just passed straight through it- and with that, Sonic landed another Fireball Dash that hit Mega Man squarely in the chest, scorching his armour and knocking him down.

Seeing his chance, Sonic charged up a Spin Dash and boosted into him in a flaming spinball attack, knocking Mega Man back several feet and causing the blue robot to yell in pain. Mega Man quickly got back to his feet however, and as Sonic leapt up to prepare for another Fireball Dash, he fired two small shots at the hedgehog's Fire Shield with his Mega Buster to test it- which bounced off, as expected. "So that Shield deflects Fire and Energy Weapons..." Mega Man realised. "But what about Physical Blows?"

Thinking quickly as Sonic began to surge towards him again with another Fireball Dash, Mega Man switched out weapons to the Knight Crusher, and immediately, a heavy Ball and Chain with Spikes formed on the end of the Mega Buster. With that, Mega Man reached back and threw the Knight Crusher straight into Sonic's path as he surged towards him- and sure enough, the heavy mace found its mark, smashing straight through the Fire Shield and causing it to extinguish immediately, knocking Sonic back and causing him to fall to the ground.

"Not bad, Tin-Head!" Sonic remarked, quickly leaping back to his feet and none-the-worse-for-wear from the blow. With that, he quickly dashed towards Mega Man and took advantage of the opening from the Knight Crusher retracting, somersaulting into him and hitting him with a fast combination of acrobatic punches and kicks. Although stunned by the initial blow, Mega Man attempted to block and parry Sonic's blows with one arm as he de-equipped the Knight Crusher, and switched up once more, but although he was taking some heavy hits, his ceratanium armour was holding up well.

Music- (Mega Man 10: Blade Man Remix (Haconiwa))

After several moments of tanking the blows, Mega Man leapt back to avoid one of Sonic's acrobatic kicks and summoned the Leaf Shield to him- the electromagnetically-charged units immediately beginning to spin around him. Sonic spin-dashed and leapt in again with an Axe Kick, only for his foot to make contact with the Shield and throw him off-balance. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Mega Man threw the Leaf Shield at Sonic, striking him multiple times as it passed and quickly dissolved behind him.

"Leaves can block a jump kick...of course LEAVES can somehow block a jump kick...!" Sonic grumbled to himself as he readied himself once more- only to be met this time by Mega Man colliding into him with a Break Dash-powered shoulder charge, before landing his own fast combination of punches and kicks- finishing up by hitting him multiple times with the Spread Drill, before knocking him up into the air with a powerful Mega Upper to the jaw.

Mega Man immediately followed up by leaping up after Sonic and launching a trio of small tornadoes with the Air Shooter which hit him several more times, quickly throwing a Metal Blade that slashed past him, before equipping the Thunder Claw and using it to latch onto Sonic's leg as he fell, which he quickly yanked to pull the hedgehog back down and slam him into the ground as he shocked him with electricity. To finish up the combination, Mega Man switched to the Thunder Beam as Sonic bounced up from the slam, striking him fully with a powerful burst of electrical energy and knocking him back even further.

Although Sonic was visibly injured and it took him a little longer to get up from the assault, he was able to climb back to his feet. Mega Man retracted his Mega Buster, changing it back to his own hand, and ran over to him as he did so- "I'm sorry, I didn't want to do that." he explained, hoping to get his opponent to stand down and avoid any further conflict. "Isn't there a way we can resolve this peacefully from here?"

Sonic gave a cocky smile as he dusted the ash off himself. "And simply give up on a fight as good as this? Not a chance!" Sonic quipped as he summoned another Monitor to his side, this time with a picture of a Lightning Bolt on it, and broke it open. Mega Man sighed in exasperation, and couldn't help but wonder as he did so- how could this blue hedgehog be so casual about fighting someone and continue to make quips at a time like that?

Music- (Sonic 3- Final Boss Remake- Orchestrated / Rock)

It was then he couldn't help but notice he was moving somehow, despite not doing anything- and noticed Sonic now had a new Shield around him- a bubble much like the Fire Shield, but sparking with electrical energy. And worst of all? Thanks to his magnetic joints, the Shield was acting like a magnet, drawing him towards the waiting Sonic- who cracked his knuckles and grinned. "See? Nothing the old Thunder Shield can't handle!"

In a panic, Mega Man fired off the Thunder Beam he was still equipped with, which hit Sonic's Thunder Shield- absorbing into it harmlessly. Realising what he had wasn't working, Mega Man switched back to the Mega Buster and tried to run away from the Thunder Shield's magnetic pull as he fired off more small shots, but Sonic leapt into the air, extended his flight with the Shield's double jump to position himself above him, before coming down on the slowed-down Mega Man with a two-footed stomp, slamming him into the floor.

Wasting no time, Sonic followed up with several Homing Attacks to the downed Mega Man, before kicking him up, catching him, and ballet-tossing him upward. With that, he came in with another combination of acrobatic kicks and punches to the stunned robot, before leaping up and spinning around him in mid-air to generate a Blue Tornado that hurled him into the air. As Mega Man was flung up, Sonic dropped back down to the ground and began to Spin Dash, charging up energy for a Light Speed Attack.

"Ready...GO!" Sonic yelled as he blitzed into Mega Man at breakneck speed before he fell back down , hitting him in rapid succession with a fast and brutal combination of multiple Homing Attacks and knocking his helmet off- although Mega Man did get hit by the first few, he was able to dodge one of the dashes in mid-air, and follow up with the Slash Claw, slicing through the Thunder Shield and shorting it out, knocking Sonic back.

Seeing his next chance, Mega Man quickly equipped the Hard Knuckle and took aim at the hedgehog, before launching it after him. The rocket-powered fist quickly found its mark and hit Sonic in the face, launching him back with it and punching him through a nearby wall with a hefty crunch. Quickly dropping back down, retracting his forearm and retrieving his helmet, Mega Man stood back and watched for the hedgehog's next move.

Picking himself up and leaping back into the building through the hole in the wall, Sonic glared at Mega Man- he'd certainly put up more of a fight than he'd initially expected, but he wasn't going to give up that easily. "You're pretty good." Sonic said, as he began running on the spot- faster and faster, until his legs were only visible as a red-and-blue Figure-8-shaped blur. "But let's see you keep up with SONIC SPEED!"

With that, he suddenly burst towards Mega Man at insane speed, the blue robot only just managing to leap out the way in time- even then however, with the loud noise of an explosion, he found himself hurled across the room by the resulting sonic boom from Sonic's Figure-8 Dash. Quickly recovering with a roll onto his feet, Mega Man noticed Sonic sprinting around the room and along the walls to try and confuse him. He equipped the Flash Bomb, reconfiguring the Mega Buster into a wide-barrelled Grenade Launcher, and using his HUD to keep track of the hedgehog's movement, fired the grenades ahead of him as he ran.

Noticing the first Flash Bomb heading towards him at the last moment, Sonic leapt up into the air to dodge it, leaving it to harmlessly explode behind him. Then came the others, and he was able to dodge past and around the explosions and flying grenades accordingly as well with his speed- even knocking one out of mid-air with a quick Insta-Shield spin. With that, he turned around, prepped another Figure-8 Dash, and as Mega Man seemed to be wasting time finishing equipping another weapon, he taunted him as he boosted towards that. "You're gonna have to better than-" (Music cuts off)


He was cut off however, by just what Mega Man had used. Whilst he'd been distracted with dodging the Flash Bombs, Mega Man had quickly equipped the Crash Bomber, and had set a cluster of the timed explosives between the two of them as a trap. Sonic passed over them just as they detonated, causing a huge explosion that rocked the building's very foundations, and obscured the area the two were fighting in with fire and smoke. After the huge blast, Mega Man looked out towards the raging inferno that was the area in front of him. All he saw were a wall of flames and smoke, the blackened, badly-cracked floor, and no sign of Sonic. "Is it over?" the blue robot wondered.

Suddenly, Sonic- his blue spines charred and dusty from the explosion- emerged from the smoke and charged him again- slamming into his side with a powerful Spin Dash that launched him into a nearby support pillar. With Mega Man sent reeling and the ceiling beginning to collapse above him, Sonic kicked off of him and quickly leapt away, knocking him into the path of the collapsing debris, completely burying Mega Man in the rubble.

Sonic landed and the resulting dust cloud from the collapse settled, he dusted off his hands, folded his arms, and glanced at the rubble. "Looks like I win. Give my regards to egghead once he puts you back together, bucket-bonce!" he chuckled with a cocky smile.

Music- (Mega Man Remix- Guts Man [Techno])

However, one of the larger chunks of debris began to move from the pile of rubble, slowly rising up from it- it moved back very slightly, before suddenly being hurled straight towards the blue hedgehog at high speed, slamming into Sonic and hurling him a short distance. "What..?! But how did he..." As Sonic glanced back up, he could just make out a pair of LED eyes glowing through the dust cloud and rubble, before seeing Mega Man stepping out of it none-the-worse-for-wear, with his forearms now evidently much larger than before. He'd equipped the Super Arm and used it to prevent the debris from crushing him, before throwing it at Sonic- and was now standing over the downed hedgehog.

"Please." Mega Man reiterated with evident concern, reaching out a hand to him. "I never wanted to fight you, but I had to protect myself. Stand down- you're in no condition to keep fighting like this, particularly not when it's escalated this much."

"Who said anything about giving up?" Sonic replied, leaping back from Mega Man. "Particularly coming from a walking armory like you! I've dealt with Eggman's robots before, and I've seen what you're capable of- if you get out of here, who knows what you'll do?! You'd most likely destroy half the planet in an afternoon!"

"But I'm not-"

Music- (Sonic the Hedgehog OVA - Theme of South Island / Metal Sonic Fight)

Mega Man was quickly cut off however by Sonic quickly leaping in with another Homing Attack, which knocked him off-balance. He quickly followed up with another, but Mega Man was able to recover, steadying himself and blocking it with one arm. Not giving up, Sonic quickly came in with some more Homing Attacks, all of which Mega Man blocked, before punching him out of the last one mid-air and across the room with his Super Arm. With that, Sonic recovered and prepared an even more powerful Figure-8 Dash as he landed. Mega Man held out his palm as Sonic charged into him at breakneck speed, allowing him to hold the supersonic hedgehog back by the forehead as he ran.

Even then, he had built up enough momentum to somehow continue running on the spot, trying to break the stalemate. "You might have tricks for everything I'm going to do..." Sonic growled, now visibly angry by this point. "...but that's not going to help you, since I have tricks for EVERYTHING YOU'RE GOING TO DO! STRAAANGE, ISN'T IT?!"

But even as Mega Man wondered where he'd heard that before, it was taking all the additional power he had from the Super Arm to stop Sonic from mowing him down with the Figure-8 Dash. Taking advantage of the blue robot being too focussed on holding him back, Sonic suddenly stopped and dropped down to the ground to knock Mega Man off-balance, before tripping him up with a sweep kick to the back of his legs.

Music- (Mega Man Remix- Guts Man [Techno]) (Continued)

With Mega Man down, he leapt up and followed through with a Stomp to try and smash him into the ground, but from the ground, Mega Man rolled back, punched Sonic in the stomach just as he landed, before hurling him over his shoulder with a Bryan Fury-style Fisherman's Slam, crushing him into the ground. As Sonic bounced up from it, Mega Man grabbed his leg and slammed him into the floor several more times with the Super Arm metronomically (Comically sending a few clusters of Rings flying out from seemingly nowhere) before throwing him into the air, jumping up after him and re-equipping the Mega Buster in mid-air, spiking him back down to the ground with a powerful charged shot.

However, Sonic impacted with a section of the floor damaged by the fight, which resulted in him being blown straight through it with the force of the shot, sending him plunging down into the dark depths of Scrap Brain Zone Act 3, and its sewers. He hit the purple water, and began to sink down into them. At the same time, the damaged floor collapsed underneath Mega Man as well, causing him to fall into the abyss after him as well- and before long, the two reached the bottom of a pool of vaguely toxic-looking purple water.

Music- (Bak.R - Sonic The Hedgehog 1 - Final Boss - Voice from the Hell/Orchestral)

Although it was fairly shallow, the water levels were beginning to rise, so Sonic knew he had to deal with Mega Man quickly. Without a word, he quickly summoned what would be his last monitor to his side, before kicking it open- immediately covering him in an Energy Shield that bore resemblence to a bubble. As Mega Man noticed both the water levels and the new Water Shield, took aim and shot at it several times with his Mega Buster, but again- it had no effect despite how fragile it looked.

Sonic charged in with another Spin Dash, but was slowed down considerably by the water- and because Mega Man was ready for such a move this time (Not to mention being waterproof), he leapt straight over the blue hedgehog's attack more easily. From mid-air (Water?), he equipped the Triple Blade and fired off a volley of three katana-like sword blades towards the hedgehog, attempting to pierce through his Water Shield with it.

Sonic saw the blades coming and neatly dodged around them, before focussing his attention on escaping the pit- noticing an exit via several steep steps up the sides. Likewise- Mega Man focussed his attention to climbing back up as well to escape from the rising water- the two trading several fast-paced shots and homing attacks (Some of which Mega Man dodged and deflected using the Top Spin and mid-air Break Dashes, whilst returning fire with a series of Metal Blades and rocket-propelled Hard Knuckle punches that Sonic dodged and avoided using his Bounce and the nearby statues, at one point kicking a Metal Blade out of the air before it could destroy his shield) between each other as they jumped and climbed to escape the flooding pit, ala Labyrinth Zone Act 3.

Eventually, the two reached the surface, Sonic quickly leaping out of the water onto a nearby stone ledge. Mega Man, from some distance under the water, noticed this- and seeing Sonic trying to spot him through the hazy purple water from the surface, equipped the Spread Drill once more, leapt back down to one of the lower steps, and tunnelled underneath him through the stone wall of the flooded pit.

Once Mega Man was behind Sonic (Who was still focusing on trying to catch him surfacing), he quickly leapt out of the ground behind him and fired three more Triple Blades at the blue hedgehog. Out the corner of his eye, Sonic saw and tried to dodge sideways- but too late.

(Music suddenly cuts off)


With the sound of the bursting Water Shield, steel slicing through flesh and a yell of sheer pain, the sharpened sword blades found their mark- the first impaling itself through Sonic's right foot, the second slashing across his chest, and the third rather comically embedding itself into one of the spines on his head. With that, the hedgehog quickly dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes, in a slowly-expanding pool of blood.

Music- (Sonic 2 Boss Music Orchestra Remix)

"Oh my..." Mega Man mumbled as he ran over to the downed Sonic, visibly shocked by how much he'd injured him. He retracted his Mega Buster once more, but as he went over and prepared to speak, Sonic held up a hand and interrupted him- "Save the speech, pixel-brain. You might be tougher than Eggman's other goons, I'll give you that. But what does it matter?" Before Mega Man could answer, he noticed several brilliant-cut gems appear seemingly from nowhere, orbitting around Sonic and slowly lifting him into the air.

"No matter how many of those weapons of yours you throw at me, and no matter how long it takes, I'll still fight you. And somehow I'll win! I won't give up..." With a bright flash of golden light, the gems and the injured Sonic had disappeared- in their place was a new form of Sonic, now healed of his injuries and glowing a brilliant gold colour, levitating in front of him with newfound confidence and energy. He had become Super Sonic.


Music- (The Doomsday (Doomsday Zone)- Project Chaos)

Before the shocked Mega Man could react, Super Sonic boosted straight into the blue robot, smashing him straight through a nearby stone wall with an explosion of energy, causing major damage to his chassis and armour. As he tried to get up, Super Sonic dashed behind Mega Man and laid into him with a series of fast Homing Attacks, smashing him into the stone floor and causing even more damage. Mega Man quickly equipped his Mega Buster again and desperately tried to shoot at him, but to no avail- with Mega Man panicking, Super Sonic was simply too quick. Furthermore, any of the shots that did hit him were simply absorbed into the golden aura surrounding him.

After getting in close and beating Mega Man to the floor with a super-fast combination of extra-powerful acrobatic punches and kicks, Super Sonic grabbed him and levitated into the air with the severely-damaged Mega Man, before boosting up and hurling him straight through the ceiling of the underground Zone, sending him smashing through it and up through the base where the two were fighting previously, causing him to fly through the ceiling and up towards the polluted, smog-choked sky.


To finish up the combination, Super Sonic flew up next to Mega Man as he began to fall, hitting him with several fast Homing Attacks in mid-air before spiking him downward with a powerful kick. Next, he boosted down and grabbed him with one arm- hurling him through another row of tall buildings in the Scrap Brain Zone and smashing him through all of them. Finally, Super Sonic boosted in front of Mega Man as he flew through the buildings and snatched him out of mid-air again, before hurling him into a nearby robot factory, causing a tremendous explosion from the impact and the building to collapse around them.

By this point, Mega Man was struggling to stay online from all the damage he'd accumilated. His helmet was shattered, his armour was charred, buckled and gouged open in several places , a lot of his blue paintwork had been burnt or flayed off, and he was sparking and smoking all over. Even his LED eyes were flickering somewhat from the damage he'd sustained.

"See?" Super Sonic quipped with a grin, levitating down near the heavily-damaged Mega Man, who was doubled over on one knee, struggling to move from all the damage he'd sustained from the attack. "I knew you wouldn't be so tough once your weapons couldn't hurt me." And with that, Super Sonic boosted up into lower orbit, and from there, began to charge up for one last Sonic Boost to destroy his robotic archrival. "Now to finish this...SUPER SONIC STYLE!"

From his point in the ruins of the robot factory, Mega Man could see the golden glow in the sky growing more intense by the moment, and within moments saw Super Sonic bearing down towards him with the Super Sonic Boost. Knowing that his defences had reached their limits, and with nothing left in mind to counter this last assault with, Mega Man clinched his eyes shut, gritted his teeth and braced himself for the inevitable...

(Music stops)

...except somehow, it didn't come.

After Mega Man opened his eyes and took a moment to adjust, he saw Super Sonic hovering motionless just in front of him, his fist just inches away from his face. Furthermore, the industrial noises and machinery around him in the Scrap Brain Zone had fallen silent- there was only the sound of a ticking clock, and the ground around him seemed to be...shimmering? It then it dawned on him he'd accidentally activated the Time Stopper, evidently just in time to avoid being smashed into oblivion by the now-superpowered hedgehog. Mega Man staggered to his feet, moved out the way of the immobile Super Sonic (After comically waving a hand in front of his face to check it really had worked), and took the opportunity to check his status. He was in a critical state, and due to the Time Stopper being activated at the time, he couldn't attack...not that it mattered much anyway. Mega Man began to walk further away from the immobile Super Sonic, and because he had to take him out quickly before sustaining any more damage, began formulating a plan of what to do in his supercomputer brain as he waited for the Time Stopper to run out.

"I remember Quick Man having his energy drained from the Time Stopper. Makes me wonder if this is also doing that- hold on. Quick...time...ENERGY!"

A few moments later, time restarted- and sure enough, Super Sonic ploughed straight into the ruined Robot Factory with an almighty lightspeed punch, causing an even bigger explosion of energy around him than before that decimated everything around him. Super Sonic looked around, and didn't see anything left of Mega Man, thinking he'd destroyed him with the attack...or alternatively, had gotten away somehow.

"Did I get him?" Super Sonic thought. Not seeing anything to suggest his opponent being there however, he quickly put two and two together. "Alright, Mega-Moron...come out and fight like a hedgehog!" Super Sonic's concentration was suddenly broken by a huge sun-shaped fireball blasting him in the back, hurling him into a nearby pile of rubble. Although he wasn't hurt, he was still surprised by it- and even more so when he saw Mega Man, still as damaged as he was but with a newfound determination, stood on top of a half-demolished building and equipped with the Pharaoh Shot, another miniature sun hovering above him.

Music: (Moment of Truth- Mega Man 10- Wily Capsule)

"I'm not out of tricks just yet." Mega Man simply stated- although he didn't like the idea of fighting something like Super Sonic, or even continuing to fight him in general, he couldn't help but crack a smile at Super Sonic's surprised expression. Analysing his opponent in more detail now that he had seen what he could do, Mega Man leapt up and hurled the Pharaoh Shot towards the ground as Super Sonic charged him, causing the sun-shaped orb to explode around the super-powered hedgehog with a bright flash, knocking him back but from which he quickly recovered.

Following up quickly, Mega Man switched to the Spark Shock as he landed, replacing his hands with two long electrodes- and as Super Sonic began to charge him, he began peppering the superpowered hedgehog with paralyzing bursts of electrical energy. Although they weren't actually inflicting damage to Super Sonic, they were slowing him down considerably- allowing Mega Man to slide underneath Super Sonic's charge, stick up the electrodes as he passed underneath, and press them onto him directly, shocking him with a particularly powerful wave of electricity that caused him to lose balance and crash into the ground. By this point, neither were really trading quips or other remarks at this point- simply focussed on defeating each other.

Music: (Mega Man X5- X vs. Zero (Breis Remix))

However, Super Sonic quickly got back up, and noticed that as Mega Man tried to fire off more shots with his electrodes as he jumped out of the slide, he couldn't- because he'd just used both Busters for the Spark Shock attack he had pulled off, he needed to vent off the excess heat from them first. Taking full advantage, he charged back in and as Mega Man attempted to switch to the Top Spin to dodge, he boost-kicked him hard enough to launch him backwards, sending the blue robot reeling before beginning to charge in again to follow up.

This time however, Mega Man was able to recover- switching to the Ice Slasher in mid-air and firing the -200°C shots towards Super Sonic as he somersaulted back onto his feet. Super Sonic was able to dodge some of them, but found himself being slowed considerably by the extreme cold of the liquid nitrogen-laced projectiles that were hitting him. Mega Man prepared to slide again- but Super Sonic saw it coming, this time boosting up and getting in with a Homing Attack toward the ground to stop him and bounce him up, before landing a Super Sonic-powered backhand punch that launched Mega Man backwards into a pile of debris, causing more damage to the blue robot's chassis.

Immediately following up, Super Sonic boosted up into the air again for another Super Sonic Boost attack. However, Mega Man quickly switched to the Gravity Hold just as his superpowered adversary began charging up, suddenly boosting the gravity to 20G around him, causing Super Sonic to plummet to the ground like a stone. With that, Mega Man quickly got back up. Frustrated, Super Sonic attempted to boost back up again, only to be caught and slammed back down again several times by the Gravity Hold, comically pounding a Super Sonic-shaped hole into the ground.

As Super Sonic boosted back out of the hole in the ground and began boosting back towards the Blue Robot, Mega Man boosted back with the Break Dash, switched to the Astro Crush as he jumped into the air- and with a wave of his arms, he hovered in the air for a split-second, and suddenly a storm of burning meteors began pelting down like rainfall, battering what was left of the Scrap Brain Zone.

Looking up in shock for a moment, Super Sonic then realised that the asteroids weren't actually as dangerous as he'd initially thought- at least not to him, anyway. Wasting no time, Super Sonic boosted up towards the meteors and began smashing through each of the ones that approached him, one-by-one- some with superpowered kicks and punches, and chaining fast homing attacks together to take out the more clustered ones.

Soon enough, he'd dodged most of the falling asteroids, and reduced several of the ones heading toward him to space debris before they'd even so much as touched him. With one last big meteor heading straight towards him, and noticing Mega Man focussing on controlling it straight from the ground, Super Sonic instead held out his hands, moved into its path and and braced himself- catching the meteor in mid-air and halting it to a complete stop. With that, Super Sonic tossed it up into the air and boosted up to meet it, before kicking it like a giant stone football straight towards Mega Man.

"Impossible!" Mega Man exclaimed in shock. Noticing the meteor just as Super Sonic effortlessly caught and threw it up just before he kicked, Mega Man quickly switched back to the Mega Buster, trying to shoot the Meteor down with a Charged Shot. Leaping back instinctively to avoid it as he did so, he hit it dead-centre, causing it to explode...albiet, too close to him.

(Music cuts off)

The resulting explosion caused critical damage to Mega Man and hurled him a long distance across the Zone, leaving him to land in a crumpled heap on the ground after colliding with it several times as he flew back. Seeing his chance to end the match, Super Sonic began charging up for one last Super Sonic Boost - whilst Mega Man momentarily checked his status as he searched for any of his remaining weapons. As he suspected, he was now literally down to his last bar of energy- any further damage he took at this point would certainly destroy him. He did however, find something he could use- "Let's hope it works..." Mega Man thought to himself as he waited to use it.

Music: (MEGA MAN 9 - ARRANGED SOUNDTRACK - 10.-Boss -Born Again- )

Immediately after, Super Sonic fully charged up and blasted off towards Mega Man at insane speed- determination to defeat him clearly in his eyes. With that, Mega Man readied his final weapon- the Black Hole Bomb- and fired a small orb of glowing purple energy into Super Sonic's path. Then, just as he was about to pass over it and mow down Mega Man with one final charge, the blue robot activated it- and the purple orb tore open a void in spacetime, forming a small Black Hole that immediately began sucking in the dust and debris from the destroyed well as pulling Super Sonic himself towards it.

"I won'!" Super Sonic yelled over the roar of the Black Hole Bomb sucking everything in around it. By this point as well, his Ring Energy was running dangerously low, and he began furiously boosting as fast as he could go to try and escape its gravitational pull and finish off the blue robot. Mega Man noticed this, and with no Special Weapons left that could affect the superpowered hedgehog, switched out one last time to his most powerful standard attack- the Double Mega Buster.

As he switched out both his hands, Mega Man remembered Doctor Light warning him in testing that using both his Mega Busters at the same time could not only overheat him and use up his energy faster than he could replenish it, but could also potentially destroy him with its own power. However, he knew what had to be done, and began charging up energy. Likewise, Super Sonic appeared to have nearly escaped the Gravitational Pull of the Black Hole Bomb, but at the same time was coming dangerously close to running out of energy for his super form, causing him to start forcing himself to stay in the form.

"I'm so sorry." Mega Man muttered under his breath as he charged up to beyond even his maximum levels, until even the ends of his Mega Busters were cracking and glowing red hot from the overclocking. He grimly focussed on Super Sonic, who was now visibly struggling to maintain his Super Form from the strain of escaping combined with his lack of energy, and took aim.


With that, Mega Man fired off the two enormous blasts that quickly combined into one immensely powerful burst of solar energy- knocking him backwards and shattering the armour around his Mega Busters from the sheer power of it, causing him to yell in pain as he collapsed to the floor and fell offline as a result of the severe power drain from the attack. Super Sonic saw the blasts coming towards him and tried to move away, but he couldn't- and to make matters worse, he'd just run out of energy, beginning to turn him back to normal just as it was about to impact. In a surprisingly flat Sonic Adventure-esque tone, he began to speak out.

"Oh no-"

In his regular form and with no Rings nor Super Form left, he had no chance. The blast immediately ripped into Sonic, tearing off his arms and legs with shocking ease and surging through the rest of his body, splattering blood across the ground. As the dismembered Sonic screamed in agony, he was suddenly cut off by the remainder of the blast tearing the rest of his molecules apart, quickly reducing what was left of him to a red misty mulch that was then quickly sucked into the endless void.

With that, the Black Hole Bomb closed and flickered off, much like an old CRT television being switched off. Left in its place were the seven Chaos Emeralds- which levitated for a moment, before vanishing off once more to the far corners of the World.


(No music at this point- only the sound of howling wind)

When Mega Man rebooted (Rather comically playing the Windows 95 startup sound as he did so), he stood back up with considerable effort- exhausted and very heavily damaged both internally and externally, but it was over. He had won. Once he was aware of the level of devastation caused by the fight however, he stared in horror at the destroyed Scrap Brain Zone, and then to the spot where he had killed Sonic with the Black Hole Bomb, marked with the dried splatters of the hedgehog's blood that got left behind- and fell back to his knees as the reality of what had happened set in.

He was a robot who may have defeated whole armies of evil Robot Masters over the years, but until now, he'd never actually killed or even directly harmed a living being- and the realisation of what he had done hit him like a truck, causing him to break down, holding his head in his hands.

"What have I done...?"

It was then another giant monitor flashed on- revealing the grinning, triumphant face of Dr Eggman as Metal Sonic looked on with sadistic anticipation and the moustachioed scientist's booming, maniacal laughter filled the air. "WOOOOAAAAA HO HO HO HO HO!" he laughed, as Mega Man looked up with tears in his eyes.

Music: (E.G.G.M.A.N. (Doc. Robeatnix Mix) - Shadow the Hedgehog) (Reprise)

"You did it, you actually defeated Sonic! I wasn't expecting you to do it, but you've done me a massive favour in getting rid of that hyper-annoying hedgehog. His days of foiling all my plans are finally over!"

A further horrific realisation came over Mega Man. Had he in fact been set up to kill the hero of this world?

"Sure you've trashed my old Scrap Brain Zone to do it- and you're actually still alive since I had hoped you two would take each other out- but still. I'd like to come and thank you in person, perhaps build a statue of you in Eggmanland...if you can make it without falling to pieces! DYAAAAH HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!"

Mega Man's sorrow quickly turned to indescribable rage as he quickly put two and two together, realising the egg-shaped scientist had played him and Sonic against each other. "So you're the one who sent all those robots to my own world...made him and I fight each other...then take over both our worlds after we were gone...WHAT YOU'VE DONE IS UNFORGIVEABLE!" Mega Man yelled back in fury.

After summoning Rush in his jet form to bring an E-Tank, allowing to heal the damage he'd taken in the fight, he immediately leapt onto the Rush Jet and flew off, setting out to bring Doctor Eggman to justice- not only for the badnik uprising in his own world, but also to avenge the strange blue hedgehog he'd fought to the death only a short while before.


(Music: We are ROCK-MEN! - 09 Rockman 3 Ending/Proto Man's theme)

Boomstick: Ouch. Don't worry though Sonic fans, he should have a few extra lives left...right?

Wiz: Yup. This one proved to be a surprisingly close confrontation, though. Although Sonic held the speed advantage, was the more skilled hand-to-hand combatant and had unpredictability on his side from his spinning attacks, Mega Man had the edge in pretty much all the other fields.

Boomstick: If Pikachu VS Blanka, Fulgore VS Sektor, Godzilla VS Gamera or Donkey Kong VS Knuckles taught ya anything- being much faster and more agile doesn't always guarantee you'll win, depending on the rest of your abilities.

Wiz: And Mega Man had those in spades- with more in the way of options for defensive, close and long-range combat. Being a more strategic and smarter fighter, he was able to use his various weapons and powerful robotic body to match Sonic's superhuman feats (And even exceed them in some cases, particularly with regards to his physical strength and durability), keep him at a safe distance, and where he wanted him for the most part.

And even when he could get past Mega Man's defences, regular Sonic's attacks didn't really have the same effect against Mega Man's Ceratanium armour, much higher weight and stronger frame, so Mega Man could simply resist most of Sonic's blows and strike back accordingly. So in that regard, Sonic's straightforward and aggressive, up-close-and-personal approach to combat ended up playing right into his opponent's hands.

Boomstick: Aaaaand then there's the small matter of how well flesh holds up against various weapons of robot death in comparison- strong enough against robots, but overkill against a comparitively-squishy organic being-

Wiz: -especially considering Mephiles was able to outright kill him in one hit with an impaling laser-lance thing during the events of Sonic 2006. Mostly temporary as it turned out, but it goes to show that Mega Man's weapons could still affect him to such an extent just as quickly, despite his above-average durability.

Boomstick: Even with that though, we know what you might be thinking- "Aww, but Boomstick! Sonic must have been way too fast for Mega Man and his weapons, look how slow he is in comparison!"

Wiz: One of the key things that decided the match is Mega Man's previous success in battling and defeating foes much faster than him, most notably Quick Man in Mega Man 2- whose average speed has been given as Mach 7 (5328mph), much faster than even Sonic's approximate Mach 1 (765mph) average in his regular form.

Boomstick: Holy shit! That'd get you more than just a ticket.

Wiz: And although Sonic can temporarily attain faster speeds with his Boosts and Homing/Light Speed Attacks, he cannot maintain them constantly in his regular form. Likewise, Mega Man was also able to keep up with and defeat Duo in Mega Man 8 whose top speed is shown to be FTL, Ra Thor in Super Adventure Rockman who can move at least twice as fast as Quick Man at Mach 14 (10742mph) top speed, and has likewise dealt with numerous other opponents either much faster/more agile than him, such as Quick Man, Turbo Man, Slash Man, Metal Man, Nitro Man, Jupiter and Pluto, or capable of stopping time and/or teleporting, such as Flash Man, Bright Man, Centaur Man, and Astro Man. As such, he certainly would've been able to keep track of the comparatively-slower Sonic throughout and avoid being overwhelmed.

And even though Sonic did technically outrun that Black Hole in Sonic Colours, he had help from the Wisps as he was doing it and still ended up falling in a minute or so later, so even if he hadn't been smashed to a pulp by that last Double Mega Buster shot, he still would've been sucked into the Black Hole Bomb anyway- since black holes are strong enough to easily suck in even light, which is Super Sonic's approximate top speed (So he could hang on, but not forever.), and in itself is much faster than what regular Sonic is capable of.

Boomstick: So really, he wouldn't have been surviving that regardless of what form he's in. Plus, since Mega Man's entire mode of operation is in taking the strategic approach and finding his opponents' weaknesses as he fights, he definitely would've been able to figure out that both Sonic and Super Sonic (In the latter case, doing no actual damage but still slowing him down or knocking him around due to his lack of traction.) were weak against attacks that limit his movement, like the Spark Shock and Ice Slasher, and could be knocked around by particularly powerful ones such as the Astro Crush and Pharaoh Shot.

Wiz: And then of course there's the Time Stopper. The nigh-unstoppable Super Sonic certainly could've been able to destroy Mega Man if he'd had the chance.

Boomstick: So, the question there being not so much "Could Sonic kill Mega Man?", as "Could Mega Man survive Super Sonic?"

Wiz: The answer to that? Yes. As shown in Sonic Heroes, Metal Overlord and his Chaos Control have proved that even Super Sonic is still vulnerable to the effects of weapons that distort the flow of time, leaving him vulnerable to having his energy worn down by the Time Stopper before he could line up a killshot. So really, big difference between "could" and "would" in this case.

Likewise, even without it, as established with being able to resist things such as atmospheric reentry, meteor storms (Astro Man's Astro Crush), temperatures hotter than the Sun (Heat Man's Atomic Fire) or as cold as absolute zero (Ice Man's Ice Slasher), and being able to support entire giant fortresses and temples exploding and collapsing on top of him- as well as tanking attacks from similarly powerful foes such as Ra Moon and Sunstar- Mega Man was tough and agile enough to effectively tank regular Sonic in a straight-up brawl, repel Super Sonic and survive long enough for him to turn back to normal, which then gave him the opening he needed to finish him off.

Boomstick: All in all- Sonic put up a good fight, but once the Blue Bomber had him figured out, he simply couldn't a-void defeat.


Wiz: The winner is Me-


Wiz: -Mega Man.


  • This version of the battle was the first match GF93 published.
  • It is also the second battle originally belonging to Maxevil that he allowed to be rewritten by a different user- the first being Superman vs Godzilla, remade by ChompyKing.
  • In this match, Mega Man used at least one weapon from each of his main titles from the Mega Man (Classic) series, including Mega Man & Bass and the Game Boy version of Mega Man V.
  • The personalities of the characters as depicted in this battle were based on their various incarnations from other media as well as their original game series.
    • Mega Man's personality was predominantly based off his appearances from Super Adventure Rockman and the Mega Man Archie Comics, whilst Sonic's personality was based on his established personality from the games- with elements from both his Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and Sonic the Comic (Fleetway, UK) counterparts.
  • With the release of Screwattack's Mega Man vs. Astro Boy, all four of the characters featured in this fight (Mega Man, Sonic, Doctor Eggman and Metal Sonic) have previously competed in both one actual Death Battle and One Minute Melee each.
  • This version of the battle had a planned alternate ending produced during the research period for if Sonic had won the overall analysis, but dialogue for it was never written and it was ultimately not used.
  • The "You might have tricks for everything I'm going to do..." scene towards the middle of the fight was a reference to a well-known scene from Sonic's battle against Metal Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (1996).
    • Likewise, the introduction to the fight (In which Mega Man unsuccessfully tries to convince Sonic not to fight.) was a reference to a scene from Super Adventure Rockman, in which Mega Man refuses to fight Quick Man and instead tries repeatedly to get him to stand down, despite getting kicked and punched each time he tries to reason with him.


Sonic the Hedgehog VS Mega Man. The Blue Blur meets the Blue Bomber in a fight to the death. Will Sonic Mega-Bust Mega Man or will Mega Man be too fast for sonic? Stay tuned.

Sonic the Hedgehog VS Mega Man
The Blue Blur VS The Blue Bomber
Season 2, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date October 16, 2017
Written by TheMetallicBlur
Directed by TheMetallicBlur
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( Cue ~ Invader - Jim Johnston)

Wiz: Mad scientists are the most vile of villains. They're cunning, manipulative, and like to play others right into their hands.

Boomstick: That's why there are heroes to stop them. Like these two blue dudes of destruction.

Wiz: Sonic the Hedgehog, the quick-witted hedgehog with superhuman speed.

Boomstick: And Mega Man, Dr. Light's Robot Master killer.

Wiz: I'm Wizard and he's Boomstick and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a death battle.

Sonic the Hedgehog[]

( Cue ~ Main Screen - Sonic Battle)

Wiz: In the world of Mobius lived two tailed foxes, echidnas, responsible for powerful gems, and of course, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Boomstick: Sonic was born on Christmas Island, the happiest place on Mobius. But he later left to taste that sweet adventurous dream. But before he could do that, he had to foil Dr. Robotnik's plots.

( Cue ~ Sonic Boom - Sonic CD)

Wiz: Sonic possesses an incredible array of skills. With his Spin Attack, sonic can run into an opponent and then curl up to deal damage.

Boomstick: The Spin Dash is a revved-up version of that and his Homing Attack allows him to home onto an opponent.

Wiz: In many of his adventures, Sonic has used various other attacks, including his Sonic Boost, where he surrounds himself in a blue energy that turns him into a deadly projectile, bashing anything in his path.

Boomstick: Then there's the Bound Jump, which lets him unleash a downward Spin Attack on his foe that lets him elevate himself.

Wiz: His Sonic Wind lets him summon a wind current to ensnare and harm his foe.

Boomstick: And his Humming Top lets him do some weird spin kick that can be used not only for offense, but also for crossing large gaps.

Wiz: But when all his basic skills aren't enough to keep the villains down, Sonic resorts to the use of the seven chaos emeralds, transforming himself into Super Sonic.

( Cue ~ Super Sonic Racing - Sonic R)

Boomstick: Super Sonic is a major upgrade. He becomes faster, stronger, and practically invulnerable. His Super Sonic Boost is a stronger version of the Sonic Boost that cloaks him in a fiery aura, enchances his speed, and deflects projectiles.

Wiz: Ha also has the ability of Chaos Control and can create shields to deflect projectiles.

Boomstick: But one of his best moves is Super Sonic, yes that's one his moves' names. With it, Super Sonic launches four airborne Spin Attacks, roundhouse kicks the opponent, flies up to strike his opponent with his left heel, unleash six Homing Attacks from every angle, and finish up with a powerful golden blast of chaos energy.

Wiz: But even without Super Sonic, he's porven to be one of the most potent fighters in his universe. He's beaten Ultimate Emerl in combat, shattered an Egg Fighter with his fist, survived a Hyper-Go-On black hole, and even shattered asteroids with his bare quills. He's also fast enough to literally escape a universe as well.

Boomstick: He's beaten several of Eggman's robots like the Egg-Cerberus, Egg-Genesis,and the Egg-Wyvern.

Wiz: And with his Super form, he's defeated Perfect Dark Gaia, Time Eater, and Ix's Super State.

Boomstick: But this guy isn't a perfect fighter, he has the inability to swim for some reason and is cocky and arrogant. Plus, the Super form doesn't last long.

Wiz: Well, actually, Boomstick. Super Sonic can last for days. But that doesn't remove his cockiness. If anything, it makes Sonic even more cocky. This is how he was caught in one of Doctor Eggman's traps.

Boomstick: Super or not, this is one hedgehog you don't wanna mess with. And definitely not one you wanna race. Because boy, will he smoke ya!

Sonic: If you wanna avoid an embarrassing beat-down! You better give up now!

Mega Man[]

( Cue ~ Title Theme - Mega Man 2)

Wiz: In the year 200X, the age of robotics was forming thanks to two scientists: Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily.

Boomstick: They created robots designed to do work to dangerous for humans.

Wiz: However, jealous that his colleague was getting more attention, Wily stole the Robot Masters and used them to try and take over the world. All except two: Rock and Roll.

Boomstick: That sucked.

Wiz: Desperate to see Wily pay for his crimes, Rock stepped up and asked to be transformed into the Mega Man.

( Cue ~ Napalm Man Stage - Mega Man 5)

Boomstick: Mega Man is an all-new tougher robot, made of ceratanium.

Wiz: With the new armor comes new weapons, such as his most iconic one, the Mega Buster. This arm cannon is chargeable and is deadly at full power.

Boomstick: If that wasn't cool enough for you, he can turn his other hand into a second Mega Buster. Using that much power can kill him, but hey, when you need to, you need to. He also has the Mega Upper, which lets him uppercut things.

Wiz: But when those weapons aren't enough to keep the villains down, Mega Man resorts to his Variable Weapons System. This system allows him to wield and use weapons taken from rogue Robot Masters.

( Cue ~ Final Boss - Mega Man 2.5D)

Boomstick: This includes the Dive Missile, a homing missile that works on both land and water.

Wiz: His Rain Flush allows him to summon acidic rain onto his enemies.

Boomstick: The Hard Knuckle lets him fire a fist that can bring down walls. His Mirror Buster sends projectiles back to sender.

Wiz: He also has the Thunder Wool. It may come from a pathetic robot, but with it, Mega Man can summon wool to float in the air and bring down lightning. And his Metal Blade is a buzzsaw of ceratanium that can cut through almost anything.

Boomstick: His Pharaoh Shot is a fireball so destructive, Mega Man needs to charge it. But when that thing comes your way, you better pray you're fireproof.

Wiz: He also has the Crash Bomber, a timed explosive that attaches to the enemy and explodes.

Boomstick: Then there's the Black Hole Bomb, where Mega Man makes a freaking black hole!

Wiz: Not exactly, the "black holes have a definitive life-span and can be sealed in concrete, somehow. It's not a legit black hole, but it still creates a deadly vacuum.

Boomstick: Then there's the Time Stopper, which lets him stop time, but he can't use any weapons while it's active.

Wiz: But his best asset is Rush, a robotic dog that can be used to help Mega Man. In this case, we're talking about the Super Adapter form. This is formed when Mega Man and Rush fuse together.

Boomstick: This form renders Rock incapable of accessing his special weaponry, but in exchange, he gains enhanced strength, flight, and rocket hands.

( Cue ~ Guts Man - Mega Man Powered Up)

Wiz: Even without the Super Adapter, Mega Man is fast enough to dodge meteors going around an asteroid belt, strong enough to lift up a castle, tough enough to survive asteroids, and is even able to exploit the weaknesses of Robot Masters.

Boomstick: Speaking of Robot Masters, he's beaten plenty of tough cookies including: Guts Man, Pharaoh Man, Quick Man, Bass, and Proto Man.

Wiz: However, Mega Man's weaponry system does have limited ammo.

Boomstick: but no matter the Robot Master, Rock will always rise to the challenge.

Mega Man: No, you're wrong! I only fight when I am forced to protect the world from those who would pit machines against man. I believe humans and robots can live in peace!

Pre-Death Battle[]

Wiz: Alright! The combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for all!


Death Battle[]

( Cue ~ Mini Boss Theme - Sonic Mania)

Sonic was standing on the roof of a building. He noticed some robots terrorizing the city. He ran down the building and decided to turn these robots into scrap metal. Sonic used the Homing Attack on each robot, but before he could destroy the final one, it's head blew up from a blast from the Mega Buster.

Sonic: Hey! That was mine!

Mega Man: Next time, be quicker.

Mega Man's comment pushed Sonic over the edge.

Sonic: You callin' me slow?

Mega Man: um yeah. It'll take more than running down a building to impress.

Sonic: Careful, kid. That sounds like a challenge.

Mega Man: It is one. I've heard stories about you, Sonic. I'm Mega Man. And I wanna see what you're made of.

Sonic: You'll see plenty of that!

Sonic readied his fists and Mega Man readied his Mega Buster.


( Cue ~ Yellow Devil, Wily Boss Theme - Mega Man)

Sonic ran towards Mega man and punched his head. Mega Man used the Mega Upper, but Sonic dodged it and uppercut Mega Man and then punched him in the head and knocked him back with a roundhouse kick. Mega Man shot up a capsule and unleashed Rain Flush, harming Sonic. Mega Man shot up another Rain Flush capsule, but Sonic ran and caught it and kicked it away.

Sonic started to run towards Mega Man, but Mega Man used the Black Hole Bomb to slow him down. Mega Man fired a Crash Bomber at Sonic's right foot. Sonic stepped on the Crash Bomber, causing it to blow up. Sonic then flew into the Black Hole Bomb, but it disappeared. Sonic proceeded to use an axe kick, but Mega Man knocked it up and fired the Hard Knuckle, knocking Sonic into a wall. Sonic got up and grinned.

Sonic: That all you got?

( Cue ~ Boss Battle Theme - Mega Man 3)

Realizing that Sonic was somewhat like Quick Man, Mega Man decided to use the Time Stopper, but when it wore off, Sonic was fine. Shocked, Mega Man decided to use the Black Hole Bomb, but Sonic started to run away. Mega Man took his time and charged up the Pharaoh Shot. Sonic decided to run faster, but the black hole dissipated, releasing Sonic to go even faster, catching Mega Man by surprise.

Sonic used the Boost and tackled Mega Man through multiple buildings. Mega Man brought the Dive Missile and fired it at Sonic, but Sonic dodged, only to realize the missiles were still following him. Sonic ran up the building to avoid the missiles and ran back down, only to see that the missiles were still following him. Sonic grinned. He ran towards Mega Man and jumped up and used the Spin Attack.

The missiles hit him, shooting Sonic forward. Mega Man tried to use the Mirror Buster, but was hit immediately through different buildings.

( Cue ~ Live and Learn - Sonic Adventure 2)

Sonic then punched Mega Man and uppercut him upwards and used a roundhouse kick to smash Mega Man into a wall. Sonic started charging up the Spin Dash and fired himself, but Mega Man dodged and hopped down and fired a Hard Knuckle, knocking Sonic down. Mega Man landed on him and picked him up by the neck.

Mega Man started charging his Buster, but Sonic punched Mega Man's face and grabbed his arm and threw him off.

Mega Man: Now you're gonna get it!

Sonic started to use the Sonic Boost, but Mega Man brought out the Thunder Wool and brought down lightning on him, but Sonic was able to dodge all the lightning strikes and hit Mega Man. Sonic used the Homing Attack, but Mega Man dodged and used the Crash Bomber on Sonic's stomach. Sonic started to Boost, but was interrupted by the Crash Bomber.

Mega Man took advantage of this and charged up the Pharaoh Shot and fired it at Sonic, but Sonic dodged at the last second. Mega Man fired some Metal Blades, but Sonic kept dodging them and picked some up and fired them at Mega Man, but Mega Man used the Mirror Buster, prompting Sonic to Boost through. Mega Man used the Time Stopper, got out of the way, and resumed time.

Sonic ran into a lamppost head-first, making him dizzy. Mega Man fired a Metal Blade at Sonic, but Sonic got his consciousness in time and barely dodged it. He summoned Rush and formed the Super Adapter and flew towards Sonic and grabbed him and grinded him on the side of a building and threw him down. But Sonic summoned the Chaos Emeralds and turned into Super Sonic.

( Cue ~ Solaris Phase 2 - Sonic the Hedgehog(2006))

Super Sonic: You're not the only one with a Super transformation.

Super Sonic and Super Adapter Mega Man traded punches, creating shockwaves that started to level the buildings. Super Sonic used the Super Sonic Boost, but Super Adapter Mega Man braced for impact. Super Sonic used the Super Sonic Boost again and deflected the Rocket Hands which returned to Mega Man.

Super Sonic: I'll show you! Super Sonic Style!

Super Sonic unleashed four Spin Attacks, roundhouse kicked Mega Man backwards, struck him down with his left heel onto the pavement, used Six Homing Attacks from all directions and knocked him up, and decimated Mega Man with one final golden blast of energy. Super Sonic then detransformed himself.

Sonic: That's what happens when you mess with Sonic the Hedgehog.



( Cue ~ Endless Possibilities - Sonic Unleashed)

Boomstick: Told ya he'd get smoked, or I guess in his case, beamed.

Wiz: Mega Man may have held the strength and intelligence advantage, but Sonic's speed and skill won this bout.

Boomstick: In terms of foes defeated, the only foe who comes close to being like Sonic that Mega Man has fought is Quick Man, but Sonic would definitely smoke him.

Wiz: Not only is Sonic far faster than Quick Man, but also tougher. This means Sonic could beat him much easier than Mega Man did.

Boomstick: And while Mega Man could use his weapons to create creative strategies, it's not like Sonic couldn't do the same. He's just as, if not, more adaptable than Mega Man.

Wiz: And going back to foes defeated, Sonic was able to defeat Ultimate Emerl, who had 4000 years of combat experience and energy from both the Final Egg Blaster and the Chaos Emeralds.

Boomstick: Both were even in durability, being able to take attacks that would break planets. But Mega Man's heavy projectile game could easily be countered by Sonic's innate dodging skills.

Wiz: And for those claiming that Sonic couldn't dodge Mega Man's Thunder Wool, he actually could. He's been able to dodge lasers above him before, and lasers are faster than lightning.

Boomstick: And while Mega Man is known for exploiting weaknesses, Sonic's weaknesses aren't easily exploitable. You could try and take advantage of his cockiness, but not even Sonic is that cocky.

Wiz: And even if he was, it wouldn't have helped. Since Sonic and Quick Man are similar in personality, Mega Man could exploit this and use it to his advantage, but again, Sonic's faster and isn't weak to the Time Stopper, giving Mega Man a lot more trouble.

Boomstick: But when it became Super Sonic VS Super Adapter Mega Man, that's when things got really straightforward.

Wiz: Both transformations increase stats and give the power of flight. However, Mega Man's transformation renders him incapable of accessing his special weaponry, leaving him to fight with just his fists. In contrast, not only does Super Sonic increase all stats, but it also gives Sonic new Chaos Powers to take advantage of.

Boomstick: Guess the Bomber lost to the Blur.

Wiz: The winner is Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the hedgehog

Advantages and Disadvantages[]

Sonic the Hedgehog - Winner

  • +Faster
  • +More experienced
  • +Better at close range
  • +Dealt with worse artificial black holes
  • +Faster than Quick Man
  • +Ultimate Emerl shares similarities with Mega Man
  • +Super form was overkill
  • =Equally durable
  • -Weaker
  • -Dumber
  • -Worse at long range
  • -No prior knowledge on the amount of weapons Mega Man has
  • -Dive Bomber was an irritation

Mega Man - Loser

  • +Stronger
  • +Smarter
  • +Better at long range
  • +Metal Blade is similar to Spin Dash
  • +Black Hole Bomb could suck in Chaos Emeralds
  • =Equally durable
  • -Slower
  • -Less experienced
  • -Worse at close range
  • -Weapons that could kill Sonic had downsides
  • -Sonic and Quick Man do not share weaknesses
  • -Projectile game was useless against Sonic's dodging skills
  • -Super Adapter removed every aspect of versatility

Sonic The Hedgehog VS Mega Man is a What-if? Death Battle by Sharaku Jr.. It features Mega Man from the Mega Man metaseries and Sonic the Hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog metaseries. It is Sharaku Jr.'s final Death Battle.


On the final episode of Sharaku Jr.'s Death Battles, he puts two of his greatest heroes against each other. Two blue protagonists who have been around for over 25 years, take down an evil mustachioed scientist go ahead in the battle for the ages.



Rules for the Battle[]

  • We're giving Sonic and Mega Man the bare basics. This Means only Canonical material from the Games is allowed.
  • Mega Man and Sonic are limited to only their base forms, which means No Super Sonic or Super Adaptor Mega Man.
    • This is done to ensure fairness, as both Sonic and Mega Man's base forms are close to each other in stats, whereas the Super Forms make it heavily unfair. Sticking to solely the base forms makes this a much more interesting and potentially closer match.
  • Sonic is allowed all of his Elemental Shields and the Wisps.
  • Likewise, Mega Man has access to at the very least one Special Weapon from each game. The ones chosen will be his most notable.


Mega Man[]


Sonic VS Mega Man Fight! (Sharaku)


Advantages and Disadvantages[]


Mega Man[]

Custom Album Cover[]

Blue-Born Heroes (Sharaku)

Special Thanks![]

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Sonic the Hedgehog VS Mega Man
Sonic the Hedgehog VS Mega Man - Super Smash Bros
Season ???
Season Episode ???
Air date ???
Written by SilverRangers1872
Episode guide
Sonic the Hedgehog VS Mega Man is the ??? episode in season ??? of SilverRangers1872's Death Battle series, featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, from their eponymous video game series.
Their friendly rivalry has lasted for nearly thirty years. They've spawned crossover comics bearing their titles. Now, however, this partnership is about to turn sour. Who will win, the Blue Blur or the Blue Bomber? The fastest thing alive, or the super fighting robot? Sonic the Hedgehog, or Mega Man?


Maverick: He's Silver and I'm Maverick!

Silver: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!

Sonic the Hedgehog[]

"What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!"

Mega Man[]

"No, you're wrong! I only fight when I am forced to protect the world from those who would pit machines against man. I believe humans and robots can live in peace!"

Death Battle[]

Silver: Alright, the combatants are set and we've run the data through all possibilities.

Maverick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!


Silver: The winner is...


  • The track would be called Worlds Collide, referencing the crossover story arc from Archie Comics' Sonic and Mega Man comic book series.
  • Despite this, this version of the matchup will focus entirely on their video games and supplementary material, such as IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man MegaMix.

My Version.

Starforce Mega Man: So, is this recording? Archie Sonic: Yep. starforce Mega Man: Oh hey guys! Today we have 2 combatants alive. Archie Sonic: Me! Starforce Mega Man: And Mega Man. Its our job to- Archie Sonic: Bla bla lets just get to the analysis!

Sonic the Hedgehog[]

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