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My Name is Solomon Grimm. And as it would turn out, I'm a dog.
~ Solomon's narration of Chp.3

Solomon Grimm is the main protagonist of Son of The Shuck, a written story by The Eldritch Snowcone

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Born to Scarlet and Wade Grimm in 2005, Solomon had a normal upbringing with no supernatural influence. Then, when he turned sixteen, everything hit him all at once. He found out his mother, who he had been told left them, was actually the graveyard's guard dog. Then, he found out that he had supernatural powers, and that a coven of vampires had moved into his school. That and his dad was also a famed monster killer.

He did eventually make sense of everything and stop the vampire's plan, which was to absorb the all of the townsfolk blood with a ritual.


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Solomon is an adrenaline junkie, of sorts. He greatly enjoys the thrill of fighting, and he has little time for being serious, even if the situation requires it. He's been known to be belligerent, and he has a difficult time working with others, often trying to work alone if at all possible. He has another side, one that cares deeply for his parents and friends, but he does his best not to show this side to others.

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Tier: 9-APhysically, At least High 8-C with Fire Manipulation | At least 8-C, 8-A with Fire Manipulation | 7-C | 7-B, Likely far higher with various powers | High 6-C


Inspirations and References

Solomon is heavily based off of Akihiro Dragoscale and Percy Jackson. His relationship with his parents is similar to Percy's relationship with his parents, as are his appearances in one of my other series. As for the Akihiro (and Percy, to an extent) side of things, both had very little contact with their supernatural parent, and both got a supernatural weapon from said parent or parent-like figure. Solomon's Shuck State transformation is based off of Akihiro's Dragoscale form, as well.