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Don't cry; that makes me feel "GUILTY". Leave... before I change my mind...
~ Sol Badguy to Dizzy

Sol Badguy is a character from the Guilty Gear series of video games and other media. He previously fought Ragna the Bloodedge in the 41st episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Ragna VS Sol Badguy.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 0

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Sol Badguy was a lead scientist named Frederick for the Gears Project. He became the prototype for artificial creatures known as Gears. As a Gear, Sol's aging was slowed to a near halt, allowing him more than enough time to develop his own fighting style.

Death Battle Info (Official)[]


  • Height: 6'0"/184 cm
  • Weight: 163 lbs./74 kg
  • Real Name: Frederick
  • Alias: Haitoku no Honoo [Flame of Corruption]
  • Favorite band: Queen
  • Ironically Guilty Gear's protagonist, despite the name
  • Has a degree in particle physics

Move Set[]

  • Gun Flame
    • Shoots fire projectiles from the ground
    • Commonly mistaken for "girlfriend" when called out
  • Bandit Revolver
    • A forward-moving spinning attack
  • Riot Stamp
    • Springs off the wall and flies in foot-first
  • Volcanic Viper
    • Leaps upward, slashing with his sword
  • Dragon Install
    • Temporary enhances speed and power


  • Completely incinerated a huge Gear with a fraction of his power
  • Survived witnessing his past self die
    • Actual reason given: because he's Sol Badguy
  • Outran a missile and hung onto it with just his fist
  • Endured the soul-destroying atmosphere of The Backyard
  • Once stabbed through the shoulder, then used that same arm to swing his sword seconds later

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]






  • Contains the Flame of Corruption, which can erase everything in the universe and merge it with the Backyard, a dimension that is larger than the universe and contains layers like Hell and the Dream World.
  • Superior to Jack-O, who can create moon-sized explosions with a dive kick.
  • As a Gear, he's superior to humans like Gabriel, who can create nuclear bomb-like explosions with a punch and managed to damage Bedman's frame.
  • In base form, his punches are capable of creating black holes.
  • His Tyrant Rave attack was strong enough to destroy part of a building.
  • Can destroy a mountain just by swinging Junkyard Dog.
  • Traded blows with Dizzy, Axl, Jam, Millia, Anji, Johnny, Eddie, I-No, Testament, Bridget, Ky, Order-Sol, Faust, Robo-Ky, Valentine’s Gear form, and the Universal Will.
  • While holding back, one-shot a Gear that was large enough to crush the city beneath it.
  • While holding back, easily defeated Anji, who had been going all out against him.
  • Casually defeated Johnny.
  • Casually knocked out Bridget, who can throw people to the Moon using his yo-yos.
  • Beat Potemkin to the point of seriously injuring him, with the former acknowledging his strength.
  • Clashed evenly with his past self.
  • While in base form, managed to hold his own against a serious Slayer.
  • Can slaughter thousands of Servants with little effort.
  • Clashed evenly with Raven, who he admits is more powerful than him.
  • Is able to launch Dual Horns, giant turtle-like Servants, through the air like they’re nothing.
  • Repeatedly kicked Sin until it freed him from his brainwashing.
  • Punched Sin hard enough to launch him several feet away.
  • Destroyed a building-sized version of Justice with a single strike.
  • Knocked away a large chunk of rubble that was about to crush a soldier.
  • Punched a hole through a wall to give Ramlethal a message that she needed to think of her worries as a wall she needed to destroy.
  • Supported the weight of a building-sized Justice.
  • Traded blows with Ky, who had been going all out against him.
  • Can be boosted further by absorbing energy.


  • Can run Sonic-style, being absurdly fast that he can leave a trail of fire while running
  • Caught up to a missile


  • As a Gear, Sol is tougher than the average man


  • Being a scientist himself as Frederick, Sol is extremely intelligent
  • Invented Outrage, an anti-Gear weapon too powerful for even him to use
  • A graduate in Particle Physics


  • Expert Brawler
    • Uses a self-taught fighting style involving headbutts, wide-swinging strikes, slams, fierce punches, and kicks.
    • This style focuses on strength over elegance, and each move is designed to finish his opponent with a single blow.
  • Genius Mage
    • Frequently uses his mastery of fire magic in combat to perform multiple techniques.
    • Created the Outrage, which can generate a seemingly infinite amount of magic.
  • Expert Motorcyclist
    • Can expertly drive a motorcycle.

Weapons and Equipment[]

  • Gear Cell Inhibitor Device
    • The headband Sol wears on his head.
    • Suppresses his Gear cells, limiting his power to the point where he can keep a humanoid appearance.
      • Also helps conceal the crimson Gear mark on his forehead.
  • Junkyard Dog MK I
    • A slab of concrete that Sol used as a weapon during his days in the Holy Order.
    • Lacks any magical properties, but is still able to act as a conduit for his fire magic.
    • No longer in his possession, as it was destroyed while fighting Justice.
  • Fireseal
    • Also called Fuuenken, which translates to Sealing Flame Sword.
    • Stolen from the Holy Order after he abandoned the organization.
    • Generates fire that he uses to augment both his physical and sword attacks.
    • As one of the Outrage, it boosts the power of his flame magic.
    • Can be used as a sword despite its blunt, square appearance.
  • Junkyard Dog MK II
    • A modified form of Fireseal designed to further boost his fire magic.
    • Can be reconfigured into a long-range cannon capable of firing explosive projectiles and concentrated beams of fire magic.
  • Junkyard Dog MK III
    • A combination of Fireseal and Flashing Tooth, a tool that further boosts the power of his fire magic.
    • Possesses the same properties as MK II.
    • While in its cannon form Sol can fire bullets charged with fire magic and create bursts of magic to boost himself forward.
    • In its cannon form, it’s capable of using the Magic Art known as Saint Oratorio, which is a massive beam that causes extreme amounts of damage to the target, the surrounding environment, and even the user themself.
      • Sol only uses this technique sparingly due to the latter effects.
    • Has the ability to absorb energy, which can be transferred to Sol’s body.
      • Sol can also conduct absorbed energy through Junkyard Dog, allowing him to boost its strength or amplify Saint Oratorio’s power even further.
  • Fire Wheel MK II
    • Sol’s motorcycle and main method of transportation.
    • Should be able to go at 200 mph.
    • If it’s ever destroyed, he can use magic to immediately summon another.
    • Never used in combat, though he could probably use it to run people over.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Pyrokinesis
    • Uses fire magic to conjure flames around himself or even release pillars of flame from his hands.
    • Mainly used to enhance his attacks.
    • His flames are potent enough to instantly reduce the immortal Raven, who has a healing factor comparable to his own, to a charred skeleton.
  • Flight
    • Through unknown means (presumably wind magic), Sol is capable of flying through the air.
  • Immortality
    • Seems to be biologically immortal, as he’s been alive ever since the events of the Gear Project, which occurred over a century prior.
    • Due to his body containing the Flame of Corruption, Sol is unaffected by the creation of the Absolute World, which is a mass extinction event that affects everything in the universe.
  • Regeneration
    • While rarely shown in the games, Sol, like most other Gears, possesses the ability to rapidly heal from a majority of injuries.
    • Said to be superior to Raven, who has regenerated from impalement, decapitation, immolation, and disintegration.
  • Acausality
    • Is unaffected by changes made to the timeline.
    • Continued existing even after I-No killed his past self directly in-front of him.
  • Magic Nullification
    • Can dispell magic spells through the use of his own magic.
  • Energy Absorption
    • Can absorb energy attacks into his body, either through Junkyard Dog or by taking the attack head-on.
    • Any energy he absorbs into his body will boost the strength of both himself and Junkyard Dog, in addition to fueling Saint Oratorio.
    • Can output the energy in the form of massive beams.
  • Mind Control Immunity
    • Due to his status as the first Prototype Gear, he is immune to the mental commands given by Commander-Type Gears.
  • Disease and Poison Immunity
    • Due to Gear cells being created to cure all known diseases, Sol, as a Gear himself, is immune to any disease.
      • Additionally, he’s been shown to deal with toxic-type Gears with no issue.
  • Soulsinker
    • A powerful magical ritual that summons his soul into the physical world in the form of a military base known as the masterghost.
    • Allows him to summon Servants, powerful familiars created from portions of his soul.
    • In the event that Sol dies, the masterghost will resurrect him, though this process takes up to 10 seconds.
      • It can do this multiple times.
    • Rarely uses this due to his inexperience with summoning magic and the risks involved in manifesting his soul.
  • Death Manipulation, Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Transmutation, Information Manipulation, and Existence Erasure
    • Due to his body containing the Flame of Corruption, Sol is capable of merging the universe with the Backyard to create the Absolute World, a dimension that can do the following:
      • Kill all races in the universe and erase whatever can’t survive being inside of it.
      • Create Information Flares, which flood its space with information, destroying it and warping reality.
      • Rewrite an object’s information to turn it into something else.
  • Resistance to Time Manipulation
    • Was unaffected when Axl stopped time.
  • Resistance to Mind, Matter, and Soul Manipulation
    • Survived being in the depths of the Backyard, a dimension that simultaneously overloads your mind with information and disintegrates both your body and soul through the pressure alone.
  • Resistance to Death Manipulation, Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Transmutation, Information Manipulation, and Existence Erasure
    • Because his body contains the Flame of Corruption, Sol can survive being in the Absolute World.
  • Fourth Wall Awareness
    • If selected for a tutorial, he’ll be annoyed since he already knows how the controls work.
    • Can also act as the game’s announcer.


Force Breaks[]


Instant Kills[]

Dragon Install[]

  • Not to be confused with the Overdrive of the same name.
  • Obtained after removing his headband.
  • Boosts his physicality, regeneration, fire magic, and the power of his special techniques even further.
  • Its appearance is dependent on how much Sol is holding back.
    • At its lowest level, Sol still looks human, though there are subtle differences such as fangs, blank eyes, and claws.
    • Its second level appears the same as the above, but gives him wings.
    • The third level is a shadowy, naked, clawed beast with horns and wings.
    • At 50% of his power, Sol becomes an armored dragon/human hybrid with a tail, five eyes, fiery wings, and lava-like blood.
    • Its appearance beyond 50% is unknown, as Sol's never shown his power beyond that.



  • Is extremely lazy, rarely ever using his full strength.
    • This is to the point where he doesn’t even bother doing so while fighting That Man, his arch-nemesis.
  • Suffers from a chronic smoking habit, though he smokes Junkyard Dog’s ammunition instead of cigars and cigarettes.
  • If the masterghost takes too much damage, his soul will be destroyed and he'll die.
  • His Servants work better in a group, as most are worthless by themselves.
  • If he runs out of mana, he won’t be able to summon Servants.
  • Dragon Install can only be maintained for short periods of time, and it will leave him drained of his stamina for a few seconds once it deactivates.
  • Eventually became Frederick again, having lost his Gear powers at the end of Strife.



  • Sol Badguy is the first Guilty Gear character to get into Death Battle.
    • He's also the third Arc System Works character to get in as well, the last two being Taokaka and his opponent Ragna the Bloodedge.