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Jaune VS Sokka is a What-If? episode of Death Battle by AgentRedhead, featuring Jaune Arc from the RWBY series and Sokka from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series in a battle between ordinary warriors in extraordinary worlds.



Jaune Arc[]


Death Battle[]


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(*Cues: Invader - Jim Johnston*)

Wizard: A hero can come from anywhere. From the farthest reaches of space to the smallest villages. But a hero is not defined by where they came from, but how willing they are to fight for what’s right no matter what obstacles block their path.

Boomstick: Even if those obstacles are the writers making them the everyman of a crazy magic world. Like with Sokka, the tactical genius of the Southern Water Tribe...

Sokka Nameplate

Wizard: ...and Jaune Arc, leader of Team JNPR.

Jaune Arc Nameplate

Boomstick: He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick.

Wizard: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!


Wizard: Water. Earth. Fire. Air. In the world of Avatar, there are people born with special abilities, allowing them to bend the elements to their will. But not all are so lucky. There are those without bending abilities, like Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe.

Boomstick: But it wasn’t all bad. When your the son of your time’s chief, basically a prince, you’re bound to get some street cred. And despite the fact that Sokka couldn’t bend, his pops trained him early on in hunting, fishing, and combat. More than I can say for my dad.

Wizard: As a child, Sokka and his little sister Katara lived mostly peaceful lives, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked, which resulted in the death of Sokka and Katara’s mother, and a longtime hatred for the Fire Nation to be ignited in Sokka, along with a burning desire to defend his people.

Boomstick: Did you just make two fire puns?

Wizard: Yeah. How’d I do?

Boomstick: Delivery needs a bit of work, but the puns themselves weren’t bad. Seven out of ten.

Wizard: When his father went to fight in the Hundred Year War, Sokka was tasked with the defense of his tribe and people, a role he took very seriously. But once again, his life would be changed when he and Katara found a mysterious boy sealed in an iceberg.

Aang: What’s going on here?

Sokka: You tell us! How’d you get in the ice? And why aren’t you frozen?

Wizard: This was Aang, the last airbender and the Avatar, destined master of all four elements. Though untrusting of him at first, Sokka witnessed Aang give himself to the Fire Nation to protect the Water Tribe, and went and saved him. And thus, Sokka began his journey as friend and ally of the Avatar, aiding in defeating the Fire Nation and restoring balance to the world.

Boomstick: While Sokka may not have fancy bending powers, he has bunch of weapons that serve him better than any magic dance moves ever could. First and foremost is his lucky boomerang, a gift from his dad that he can whack people at long-range with, and the best part is it always comes back!

Wizard: He also carries traditional water tribe weaponry, such as a spear, a club, a hunting dagger, and a machete. He also carries a black sword…

Boomstick: ...which he forged himself out of a freaking meteorite! This baby is custom-made for Sokka, and can cut through steel!

Wizard: He was trained in hunting and war by his father Hakoda, and learned swordsmanship from the Fire Nation sword master Piandao. However, Sokka’s most influential and remarkable traits are his intelligence and tactics. He has a knack for planning and strategy, and can develop complex maps and strategies better than any of his peers. He’s used this to outsmart and surprise several are powerful opponents, including Combustion Man and the spirit Wan Shi Tong. He planned the invasion of the Fire Nation, and orchestrated an attack that devastated a Fire Nation airfleet.

Boomstick: Speaking of air fleet, those hot air balloons that the Fire Nation used? Yeah, Sokka kind of invented those. Not bad, kid.

Wizard: Though he’s commonly underestimated due to being a non-bender, the truth is Sokka can oftentimes hold his own, thanks in large part due to his durability.

Boomstick: He’s been launched dozens of feet into the air and come back down more annoyed than hurt, and was once picked up and thrown by a tornado into a swamp, and got back up like it was nothing!

Wizard: He’s strong enough to roll a boulder, and once took out two attacking firebenders at once, while holding his friend Toph, before they could even launch their fire at him, reacting within a fraction of a second. He’s matched Zuko in swordsmanship, and was fast enough to dodge arrows being fired at him.

Boomstick: But as tough as he is, there’s really no getting around his lack of bending.

Wizard: Well, he can also be stubborn and bullheaded, as well as overly confident at times. But despite that, Sokka went on to become Aang’s lifelong friend and eventually brother-in-law. He helped the Avatar found a new republic, and left a legacy of success behind.

Sokka: Water tribe...

Jaune Arc[]

Wizard: Remnant. A world of magic, monsters, and giant transforming scythes.

Boomstick: To become the best of monster fighters, you need to be the cream of the crop, the best of the best, or… sneak your way in to warrior high school.

Wizard: Jaune Arc was the grandson of a great warrior, and felt his life was wasted being at home with his seven sisters. Hungry for his chance to prove himself, Jaune equipped himself with his grandfather’s sword and shield and faked his admission to the most prestigious Huntsman academy, Beacon.

Boomstick: Which you’d think would mean he’d get instantly kicked out, but the headmaster was all like “Nah, s’okay,” and now this kid is a leader. Oh boy.

Wizard: Jaune started off as sort of the laughing stock of the school, with no real fighting skills and having not even unlocked his Aura or Semblance yet. An Aura is like a force field, generated by beings with souls for limited defense and to heal minor wounds. A Semblance is a unique power tired to the Aura, and Jaune hadn’t even heard of either before attending Beacon.

Boomstick: Yet, somehow, he proved himself enough to lead his own team, JNPR, and everything that came with it.

Wizard: On top of his education, Jaune received training from his friend and partner Pyrrha Nikos, who unlocked his Aura and trained him in combat. However, when Beacon was attacked and Pyrrha was killed…

Boomstick: Come on, man. don’t bring that up.

Wizard: .. Jaune reserved himself to becoming a better warrior, determined to never let anyone he cared about die again.

Boomstick: Jaune’s sword and shield were upgraded with hard-light shielding, and can combine to form a more powerful sword. He also has a little throwable hard-light shield grenade that he can recall whenever he’s done with it. Fancy.

Wizard: He also later had his weapons and armor reinforced with his late friend Pyrrha’s armor metal, and later upgraded the shield more with Gravity dust, allowing him to use it to propel himself and other and even use it as a glider. As he fought and trained, he grew into a much more accomplished swordsman, though his real skill was tactics.

Wizard: Jaune can quickly formulate plans and, in an act of providence, is a natural leader and problem-solver. He can identify weak points and uses his natural strength and durability to overpower and defeat his enemies.

Boomstick: Jaune has one of the most powerful Auras in the series, which probably explains why his durability is so insane. He’s fallen hundreds of feet on several occasions, and frequently gets right back up after taking hits from much more powerful opponents, like an Ursa Grimm. Comparing an Ursa to a grizzly bear, it should strike with two to five times the amount of force as an average adult male.

Wizard: He’s also been kicked by the Nuckleavee Grimm. An average horse kicks with around two thousand pounds of force per square inch, and this horse Grimm is much, much larger, making it easily triple as strong. He’s also fast enough to take down Grimm without them having time to attack, After everything he went through, Jaune finally learned his Semblance: the ability to amplify his own and others’ Auras, allowing for faster healing and buffed Semblances.

Boomstick: Still, he’s had his fair share of failures. He’s mostly a team player, and on his own can be clumsy and unskilled. He prioritizes defense and strategy over offense.

Wizard: So the times when he lets his emotions get the better of him and go on the offensive, he’s not the most formidable fighter. While he still has a lot to learn, he’s certainly done more than anyone, including himself, ever expected him to do.

Jaune: Name’s Jaune Arc. Short sweet, rolls off the tongue. Ladies love it.


Wizard: All right, the combatants are set, and we've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!


The scene opens on a small, decrepit town with Asian-inspired architecture. The sky is full of dark clouds as Jaune Arc walks down the quiet cobblestone street, attempting to read a map. He stumbles and drops it, exclaiming in frustration as he does. The sound alerts Sokka, who is napping next to a tree in the center of the town. He wakes with a start and grabs his sword and backpack, slinging it over his shoulder and hurrying in the direction of the sound.

Jaune picks up the map and looks at it again, then sigs and shoes it in his pocket. He then sees Sokka jogging towards him. Sokka stops and puts his hands on his hips.

Sokka: This place is off-limits, man.

Jaune shrugs.

Jaune: Sorry, gotta pass through.

Sokka: Too bad.

Jaune: Hey, who put you in charge?

Sokka: The Avatar, that’s who!

Jaune stares at Sokka blankly.

Jaune: The what?

Sokka stomps his foot.

Sokka: The Avatar, man! Look...

Sokka pulls out his Space Sword.

Sokka: ...just turn around and go back before Sokka of the Water Tribe has to teach you a lesson!

Jaune pulls out Crocea Mors, opening the shield.

Jaune: You’re not getting in the way of my mission.


Sokka is the first to attack, running at Jaune with his sword readied. Jaune raises his shield, and the two clash. Both swing their swords at the other, the blades clashing and clanging. Sokka goes for a series of stabs and swings, and Jaune raises his shield and block them all. Jaune rams his shield forward, hitting Sokka and pushing him back.

Sokka (thinking): He likes to play defensive, huh? Well, let’s reach around his defenses then!

Sokka pulls out his boomerang and throws it at Jaune. Jaune sees the weapon spinning towards his head and ducks, allowing it to pass over him. He stands back straight and sends a mocking smirk at Sokka. However, the boomerang turns around and strikes Jaune hard on the back of the head, making him stagger forward, his Aura flickering slightly. The boomerang returns to Sokka’s hand.

Sokka: Oh boomerang, you always come back!

Jaune jumps back to his feet as Sokka pulls his club and machete from his backpack. He duel-wields them swinging and stabbing at Jaune and attempting to break his defenses. Jaune winces as Sokka swings low and cuts at his leg with the machete. Jaune jumps back and sees the cut in his jeans. Sokka attacks, bashing at Jaune’s shield with his club and trying to force the defense down.

Jaune cries out angrily and retaliates with a pulse of Gravity Dust through his shield, propelling himself and Sokka back. Sokka grunts as he’s thrown onto his back, dropping his weapons. Jaune regains his balance and cups forward, his sword raised, and attempts to bring it down on Sokka. Sokka rolls out of the way and lets the blade slash into the cobblestone. Sokka takes advantage of Jaune’s defenses being open and kicks him. Jaune regains his balance as Sokka pulls his Space Sword back out of its sheath and the two begin dueling again.

Jaune (thinking): He’s been looking for openings in my defenses. I need to overwhelm him so I can find a weak spot or an opening.

Jaune increases the strength of his swings, pressuring Sokka back until Sokka breaks off and runs to a nearby building. Jaune gives chase, and the two enter the building. Sokka swings his sword as he runs, cutting through support beams and thin walls. Jaune attacks as well, and Sokka blocks his twins with his sword. The two clash, and the shockwave causes the structure to just as the structure begins to crack and wobble.

Jaune (thinking): He led me into a trap! Stupid, Jaune, stupid!

Sokka grins as he breaks away from Jaune and dives out an open window. Jaune tries to follow, but part of the ceiling collapses in front of him. Knowing he won’t be able to make it out the way he came, Jaune scans and sees a small set of stairs leading to an upstairs. He charges up them as the building begins to collapse. He sees a large window and dives through the glass, shattering it. He throws his shield over his head and uses the Gravity and Hard Light Dust to glide down.

Sokka sees Jaune in the air and readies his boomerang. He throws it at Jaune, and it strikes him in the ribs. Jaune’s armor takes the brunt of the impact, but it still forces Jaune to drop. He rolls as he hits the ground, allowing him to jump right back onto his feet. Sokka catches the boomerang and sees Jaune ready his shield, then throws the boomerang again, planing for it to hit Jaune on its return like before. Jaune sees it and knows what is going on. He lets it pass him, but when it turns and begins heading back towards him, Jaune raises his sword and cleaves the boomerang in half as its pieces fall to the ground.

Sokka: Boomerang, no!

Sokka charges at Jaune and begins to rapidly strike at him. Though Jaune keeps his defenses held, he begins to be overwhelmed. He uses Hard Light Dust to expand his shield and ram Sokka back, then quickly pulls out a shield grenade and throws it to the ground, creating a barrier between him and Sokka. Sokka jumps around the shield, but Jaune has had enough time to combine his sword and shield into their more powerful two-handed mode. Sokka and Jaune begin sword fighting again, their blades clashing more and more quickly. Sokka stabs his sword into the ground and grinds it forward, flinging dirt and powder into Jaunes eyes. Jaune yells and closes his eyes, and Sokka jumps in, slashing rapidly at Jaune. Jaune’s Aura flickers with each strike, and then Sokka kicks Jaune several feet away. Jaune opens his stinging eyes and sees the bloody slashes on his body. He activates his Semblance, and the wounds begin to slowly heal. Sokka charges in again, and June retaliates with a massive slash upward, forcing Sokka’s blade to miss. The two ready back and stab at each other at the same time. Jaune cries out as the Space Sword breaks his Aura and impales his side. However, Jaune’s bigger, stronger blade has also impaled Sokka in his gut. Sokka quivers and looks down at this bloody wound. Jaune pulls back, and the Space Sword slides out of his body and drops to the ground, stained red. June clutches his bleeding wound, but then raises his sword above his head and brings it down on Sokka’s head.

Sokka’s head is split in half vertically, the split ending at his neck. Jaune retracts his sword as Sokka’s body collapses, blood pooling around his mutilated head.

Jaune takes apart his sword into its sword and shield parts again and puts them away.

Jaune: No one will stop me from helping my friends.



Boomstick: Uh oh. Looks like Sokka had to split.

Wizard: This match was surprisingly pretty even. Both Sokka and June have survived similar falls from hundreds of feet, and their durabilities have similar feats. Their speed was similar as well, with Sokka’s reaction time and Jaune’s rapid movement. And in Sokka’s case, he’s shown strength feats more frequently than Jaune has. However, in terms of which one has shown more consistency in their feats, it was Jaune.

Boomstick: Sokka and Jaune may have similar durability feats, but Jaune more frequently shows better durability, and that’s in no small part due to his Aura. Jaune’s Aura grants him an insane amount of defense, and his Semblance allows him to heal and strengthen his defenses, something Sokka could not do and really had no way to stop. Also, don’t misinterpret Sokka’s sword fighting abilities. He still lost many of the canon sword fights he partook in, such as against Piandao and Zuko. Sokka’s dealt with benders and magic-y people before, but people who can boost their defense and heal mid-fight are something he’s never really had to deal with.

Wizard: And in terms of their strategy and tactics, it’s true that Sokka could probably find a way to overpower Jaune with enough planning, as he’s been able to take out much more powerful opponents like Combustion Man before, but Jaune’s knack for strategy not only can counter Sokka’s, but Jaune often can formulate plans on the fly more often than Sokka can.

Boomstick: It helps that Jaune’s plans have a better success rate than Sokka’s as well.

Wizard: Sokka was a talented sword fighter, a great tactician, and a durable fighter, but Jaune had the edge in consistency with his durability, strategy, and skill.

Boomstick: Jaune was just the sharper of the two.

Wizard: The winner is Jaune Arc.

Jaune Wins

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