Sokka Vs Captain Hook
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Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date 4/13
Written by Rayne
Directed by Rayne
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Incompetent villain against clumsy sidekick, today we pit a pirate captain against a Southern Water Tribe warrior to see which of these two swordsmen comes out on top in death battle!


(Cue Pirate Music)

Wiz: In uncharted waters, one is likely to encounter all manner of armed vessels, some manned by pirates, others by fierce warriors..

Boomstick: But for every hardened ocean sailor, there is a hopelessly clumsy mariner just struggling to keep from falling overboard.

Wiz: Despite their reputation as helpless comic relief, combatants such as Sokka of the Water Tribe..

Boomstick: And Captain Hook of the Pirate Tribe..

Wiz: Have both proven capable on the battlefield when push comes to shove, and more than worthy to face each other in a battle to the death.

Boomstick: He's Wiz, and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win... a DEATH BATTLE!


(Cue Arena) Wiz: Growing up in the middle of a world war is hard.

Boomstick: But its even harder when you have to do it living in a frozen polar wasteland! Luckily for him, his father would instill in him survival skills that would stick with him for the rest of his life. Unfortunately as we all know, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked!

Wiz: Witnessing his village raided numerous times by the fire nation navy, and having lost his mother at the hands of firebending warriors, Sokka has grown up no stranger to warfare, and developed a strong determination to protect his village and those he cares about.

Boomstick: But despite being the son of the skilled warrior Chief Hakoda, it wasn't until Sokka met Avatar Aang and joined him on his quest around the world that Sokka truly gained the necessary experience and tactical wisdom required to be a deadly opponent on the battlefield.

Wiz: After his father and all the other men made the difficult decision to leave the village go fight in the ongoing war against the Fire Nation, Sokka was left behind as the sole defender of his tribe. Although he took this task to heart, with only young children to care for and no men of his tribe there to teach him the ways of the warrior, Sokka was woefully unprepared for the day when the Fire Nation arrived at the gates of his village.

Boomstick: After an incredibly embarrassing defeat at the hands of Zuko, Sokka realized he still had much to learn before he was ready to save anyone, and so he decided it would be best to aid the Avatar in stopping the Fire Lord instead of waiting around for his village to be invaded again.

Wiz; Along the way, Sokka encountered many warriors which expanded his knowledge of the martial arts

Boomstick: Usually after being repeatedly humbled by their superior fighting skills,

Wiz: But through it all, Sokka endured, and remained determined to become a mighty warrior, learning from his mistakes and becoming as humble as to be willing to wear a dress if it meant learning techniques that could improve his abilities in combat. He even went as far as to the master the ways of the sword after a days training with renown Sword Master Piandao, who accepted him as a student based on his unmatched humility and willingness to learn.

(Cue Sokka's Sword)

Boomstick: By the end of his journey, Sokka had become a fully bonified badass, capable of leading dozens of warriors into battle and doing so during some of the most important and pivotal military conflicts of the 100 year war.

Wiz: The fully realized Sokka possessed the ability to fight with either tribal club or sword with deadly precision, make split second strategic moves in the middle of a battle, throw his boomerang with lethal accuracy, and lead men through the thick of combat.

Boomstick: Not to mention he also grew up hunting with spears and has a machete he used to chop through the dense swamps of the Earth Kingdom. In addition he also has jaw bone dagger that he could use to detect people in the vicinity by sticking the dagger into the ground or something connected to it like a tree, and listening to the amplified vibrations. He once even succeeded in navigating a boat through life threatening ocean currents during his makeshift coming-of-age Water Tribe ritual known as ice dodging, or in Sokka's case, jagged rocks of death dodging!

Wiz: But his deadliest weapon seems to be his creativity and wit, which he often uses in unorthodox ways to overcome obstacles or improvise, using his environment to his advantage like in his fight with Master Piandao.

Boomstick: Where he demonstrated his skills in of environmental awareness, agility, and the all powerful control of the high ground!

Wiz: Even deadlier still are the moments when his mind uncovers some genius level insight, like when he discovered how to regulate the height a hot air balloon flies at, or when he dropped the same air balloons engine to trigger a chain explosion that decimated an entire Fire Nation battalion.

Boomstick: In addition to that, as a Water Tribe warrior, he possesses a rudimentary knowledge of explosive making and even used some during the Solar Eclipse invasion of the Fire Nation that were strong enough to nuetralize a Fire Nation battle tower.

Wiz: However despite all these accomplishments , Sokka still cant help but sometimes be a goof who has a tendency to shout at the top of his lungs before launching a clumsy "sneak attack", and in the past has underestimated opponents to dire consequences, losing many straight on physical fights during his journey with the avatar.

Boomstick: Even so, Sokka has since grown into a formidable opponent, and not one to be taken lightly, even if he does have a pony tail.

Sokka: This- is a Warriors Wolf Tail!

Captain Hook

(Cue Pirate Music)

Wiz: Although not much is known of Hooks backstory, one thing is certain, at some point Captain Hook seemed to have attained what could only be described as every pirates dream.

Boomstick: He possessed a badass flying pirate Ship, commanded a loyal crew, and even sported luscious locks of hair on his head with the perfect mustache to match.

Wiz: And while he never lost possession of these things in particular, he did lose something invaluable when he encountered a mischievous flying boy named Peter Pan. The resulting conflict left him with one less hand than he had before, after Peter Pan cruelly severed it and fed it to a crocodile that gained an insatiable appetite for the pirate captain, pursuing him relentlessly from then on.

Boomsticks: Geezus, how is Peter Pan NOT the villain of this story?!

Wiz: Hook was so traumatized by the horrific event, that whenever he sees the crocodile, he is visibly shaken and will enter a state of sheer panic.

Boomstick: Fortunately or unfortunately for him, at some point the crocodile managed to swallow an alarm clock that would alert Hook to the crocodiles presence with its incessant ticking, nearly driving him mad due to the crocodile ALWAYS being on his tail.

Wiz: But despite his impaired state, Hook swore to get revenge on the flying boy, and has since pursued the young boy obsessively, leading his crew on tireless expeditions all across neverland in search of Pan's hideout. While he has never been fully successful in attaining this goal, hes been incredibly close on multiple occasions, demonstrating an absolute ruthlessness that forgoes any empathy or compassion for others.

Boomstick: In other words, he is willing to kill ANYONE who gets in the way of his revenge, even children! I think I'm starting to remember why Hook is a villain.

Wiz: Hook has shown to be adept with his rapier pirate sword, a single swipe from which can cut deep into a wooden beam, and despite lacking one hand, he has acquired a versatile Hook of namesake which he nearly impaled upon Peter Pan's face until Wendy alerted the boy, giving him a chance to dodge out of the way. Hes also shown to be able to catch falling objects with this hook as when he took Peter Pans dagger mid-combat, leaving him weaponless and proving Hooks capabilities with his newfound appendage.

Boomstick: Like any respectable pirate, he also possesses a deadly pistol that hes able to shoot without even looking at his target, as he demonstrated when he killed on of his own crewmates for playing music too loudly. Harsh! In the same scene he is shown to also possess a golden dagger as well as a telescope which he uses to spot Pan flying in the distance.

Wiz: But the most lethal of his weapons is the bomb that almost succeeded in killing Peter Pan.

Boomstick: The explosion from this bad boy sent a shockwave all throughout the island and even rocked Hook's ship despite being a considerable distance away, and utterly obliterated Pan's Hideout; It's a miracle he even survived the explosion, but Hook just cant seem to EVER catch a break!

Wiz: But Hook isn't all brawns, as he has shown mastermind level tactics and planning, like when he seized upon the poor fairy Tinker Bell in a moment of jealousy by pretending to sympathize with her dislike of Wendy, tugging on her emotions with his devilish piano playing and promising not to lay a hand or Hook on Peter Pan.

Boomstick: Before betraying her the second she divulged the information! He then infiltrated the hideout and planted a bomb inside of a gift box, set to go off precisely at 6pm in order to mockingly fulfill his promise to Tinker Bell that he would not lay neither hand or Hook on Peter Pan. Wiz, this guy can kill people without even TOUCHING them!

Wiz: Despite all these boons however, Hook has still struggled to overcome the trauma of losing his hand, and can easily become shaken if things don't go according to plan or if he is becoming overpower by something he's afraid of. He has a tendency to either crack under pressure or explode with rage, attacking wildly and without consideration for his environment.

Boomstick: But while this weakness alone might be a death sentence for most combatants, Hook has one final advantage that cements his as a formidable opponent,

Wiz: Captain Hook has shown to possess a minor form of Toon Logic that grants him tremendous resilience when it comes to blunt force trauma that would normally kill an average opponent. Hook has survived a an iron canon falling on his dead, being hit in the face by a hammer, and being slammed into a cave wall by ocean currents during his frantic escape from the jaws of a crocodile.

Boomstick: As if he hasn't been through enough, Captain Hook was also able to wrestle himself out of the mouth of said crocodile, using the adrenaline that must have been pumping through him as he struggled in the belly of that reptilian beast!

Wiz: Hooks Toon logic also grants him the ability to hover in the air momentarily whenever he would fall off a ledge or cliff, saving him multiple times from plummeting to his death by allowing him to run back to land or find something to cling to before the effects of gravity kick in.

Boomstick: Though, even if you have toon logic it's still not good form to be falling off of cliffs all the time..

Hook: Good form Mr.Smee? BLAST GOOD FORM!!!!


Boomstick: From what I've seen so far, these two fighters are pretty evenly matched: both physical capabilities as well as strategic proving lethal in their own individual ways despite being outshined within their own respective universes.

Wiz: We have analyzed their weapons, armor and skills, and now its time to find out who would win... A DEATH BATTLE!

Pre-Death Battle



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