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Slenderman vs. The Animatronics
Slenderman vs. The Animatronics
Season 2, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date 3/29/15
Written by Windindi
Directed by Windindi
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Slenderman vs. The Animatronics is a What-If DEATH BATTLE coming to you by Windindi!

WARNING: The content in this fight will be very emotional. If you are a sensitive person, you are warned.


The horror! This is an army fight of the spookiest and creepiest characters in video game history, who will win in this amazing fight?! Cause the party won't stop 'till 6:00 AM!


Wiz: The world of gaming had never been safe, especially from these menacing creepypasta icons!

Boom: The Animatronics from Freddy Fazbears! Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, Balloon Boy, Puppet, Golden Freddy, and Springtrap!

Wiz: versus Slenderman and the nine mysterious moral ghouls from Slender: The Awakening!

Boom: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win... an ARMY Death Battle!!

The Animatronics from Five Night's at Freddy's

Wiz: Ever been to Chuck-E-Cheeses and wondered if Chuck-E was real?

Boom: Heck yeah!

Wiz: How about if they were a horror sensation?

Boom: Ehhhh, not really...

Wiz: Put horror and pizza together, what do you get?

Boom: Seven FRUSTRATING Nights with furries...

Wiz: Er... Five Night's at Freddy's.


Five Nights at Freddy's Main Menu Soundtrack

*cue music*

Wiz: While working, you encounter three very strange animatronics, those three being Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica.

Boom: But what about the other million of them?!

Wiz: Don't worry, we'll get to them soon!



Wiz: Freddy Fazbear is known as the main leader of the Animatronics.

Boom: *pffff* (laughs) For REAL?! This guy?! He's no...


Freddy Fazbear's Theme - Five Nights at Freddy's

Boom: .....What's goin..

*Freddy jumpscares him*

Boomstick: SON OF A...

Wiz: That's Freddy for ya, Freddy is amazingly not willing to reveal himself unless he is truly needed, in which case becomes a major threat!

Boom: What can he even DO?!

Wiz: More than you think, actually! Freddy Fazbear is extremely powerful, weighing aprox: 370 pounds and is 7'2 inches tall. Freddy Fazbear is also cabible of an amazing tecnique.

Boom: Like WHAT, hugging people to death?

Wiz: No, you see, if you loom at the bathrooms at FNaF's 1, you can see a lock on the ground. Back a long time ago, local Chuck-E-Cheeses used to have locks on the doors, putting about 2,000ibs of pressure, but from the looks of things, Freddy actually can break this!

Boom: Come on! For REAL? What ELSE? He can oh, I don't know, HAVE A SWORD?! Because well, you know, Freddy rhymes with sword.

Wiz: ...What the heck are you talking about?

Boom: Metal and Titanium, Wiz. Metal and Titanium.

Wiz: Whatever, anyway, throughout the games, Freddy is the only known character who stuffs people into suits, meaning if he can tear metal, he can for sure tear skin off. Also, Freddy is known to repair OTHER Animatronics, like Foxy and Bonnie. And speaking of Bonnie...


Bonnie and Chica


Wiz: Bonnie and Chica are Freddy's bandmates! Bonnie is very dangerous and will be known to strike first. Bonnie can teleport and also cause strange and awkward patterns, making him very unpredictable and dangerous. Also, Bonnie is VERY smart and will observe every single move his opponent does. Bonnie can also cause illusions and even stretch out his robonic arm! Bonnie is a force to be wrecken with!

Boom: And stupid as heck...

Chica: PIZZA!

Wiz: Well, not really STUPID, but more like a obvious combatant. Chica's main tactic is just get and go. Also, Chica is resistant to electrisity, she is seen chewing on electric cords. Why? I have NO clue...







Wiz: Foxy the Pirate is an lonely abandoned member of the original crew, but is one of the most fastest and deadliest out of the members. You see, it's commonly placed down that Foxy caused "The Bite of '87", but is yet to be confirmed. Anyway, we did the math, and his teeth are quite enough to cause a fatality. You see, Foxy doesn't JUST have robotic teeth, he also has human teeth too.

Boom: So.... two sets? But doesn't EVERY animatronic has two sets?

Wiz: No, they don't. Anyway, Foxy has approximately 26 robotic teeth total, and the casual 32 human teeth. With this put down, Foxy can cause about 530 pounds of pressure on one bite.


Wiz: But Foxy isn't the only bitter of the animatronics, because we have Mangle too.

Boom: Mangle is slower, but can make a more powerful strike, it also doesn't help that Mangle can CLIMB ON WALLS AND CEILINGS!!!

Wiz: Also, never fear, because we did the math on her too. You see, Mangle has 30 robotic teeth and 32 human teeth, thus resulting in 590 pounds of pressure in one bite.



Wiz: Hailing from FNaF's 2, here are the toys!

Boom: There are TOY ones too?! NO!!!!!

Wiz: Yes, there are. Anyway, the toy's are more modern and more well designed. Toy Chica is much more of a threat than the original, AND can sneak easier as well. Toy Bonnie will be the first Animatronic to go out to the field and fight off whatever is there, so it will be common to see him around. Though if Toy Bonnie isn't in the condition, he will go back and come back later. Toy Freddy is a trickster, if his opponent lets down their guard, he will strike. Just like the other two, he will retreat and come back later to attack.

Balloon Boy

Boom: And this is Balloon Boy, the most USELESS animatronic EVER....

Wiz: Pretty much, but he does try to find the opponent's weaknesses and exploit it, but he gives himself away WAY too easly.

Boom: In long term, he's dead.

Wiz: Yeeeaaaaaaah...


Wiz: The Puppet is a very dangerous hallucination by Freddy himself! Freddy can summon him by playing the main music box, and once the song fades off, the Puppet is there to kill! Sadly, not much is known about this strange animatronic.


Wiz: We have two more to look over, and it's these two!


Transparent golden freddy decal by punchox3-d84pzyg


Wiz: Golden Freddy is the most threatening of most the animatronics, one glimpse of him, and your dead. Enough said.

Boom: But he's just a hallucination that comes at the most random of moments, causing fear into his foes, BEWARE OF WINNIE THE POOH!!



Wiz: And finally...Springtrap. Springtrap is the most dangerous of all the animatronics, and will do whatever he will to kill his foe, regardless of age, strength, and exc. Springtrap is also a human, the Purple Man as a fact.

Boom: Oh yeah, spoiler alert. But who cares, becuase he CAN CONTROL SPIRITS!!

Wiz: Somewhat, you see, Springtrap actually commands the spirits of the animatronics, all but the toys and Bonnie. With these spirits, he can use them to attack his foe and finish them off, Springtrap however is very distracted easily.


*Springtrap jumpscare*

Boom: YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING SON OF A *******************************

Wiz: Ok, next guy...

Slenderman and the Proxies

Wiz: Slenderman is the Black King, the Creepypasta King, the unknown!


The Official SlenderMan Theme Song (HD)

Boom: Ranging from 6 to 15 feet tall, Slenderman is a threat to us all.

Wiz: That's correct, Slenderman has that range, also, he can change size at will.

Boom: Not only that, but he also has 8 arms, so he can play with ladies.

Wiz: Uhhhh, no.

Boom: Anyway, Slenderman is the guy who stalks you around in the woods, can FRICKN TELEPORT, and end your life as you know it.

Wiz: According to Slender: The Arrival, Slenderman can do amazing things, like controling the weather and peruse through solid earth and trees!

Boom: Slenderman also has the ability to disappear and reappear at will whenever he walks.

Wiz: Slenderman can also blend in with any given environment as well as preform mind control on his victims. He can also mimic any voice he hears, tricking foes as well.

Boom: Slenderman can also cause severe sickness, which causes his victems to bleed from anywhere, cough, and get knocked out. *shivers*

Wiz: Slenderman can also create fire, whether inside or not, he is known as Hell Slender when surrounded by the flames. These flames will contact his body at any given point and can be used to do harm.

Boom: But Slendy isn't on his own, he has the Proxy's.

Wiz: There are 10 that we know of, the first 9 are:

  • The Observer 
  • Firebrand 
  • DeadHead 
  • Cursor 
  • Swain 
  • Persolus 
  • Mr. Scars 
  • Vince
  • Kate 

But none of these are as deadly as Charlie, a slendy clone. Charlie has Slenderman's blending powers and his far reach powers.

Boom: I don't care what he has, Slenderman and the gang will slicker around to get ya!



11:56- Slenderman enters Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, he then kills the night-guard, and then hears the call, turns it off and hears a laugh, behind him, Balloon Boy. Slenderman immediately kills him, and when the clock turns 12 AM, the animatronics sense Balloon Boy's death, and go after Slenderman.


12:00 AM: Slender- 11/Animatronics- 11


Darkness Falls - Scary Battle Film Soundtrack Composition

Slenderman summons the Proxy, and the Proxy search trough the restaurant, and out came Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica, killing two of the Proxy. Slenderman then attack both Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie, Toy Bonnie was able to retreat, Toy Chica wasn't so lucky. Freddy Fazbear sees the damage done, and sends out other animatronics to attack.

1:00 AM: Slender-9/Animatronics-10

Slenderman summons Charlie Proxy to come to him and be on his back. The two dead proxy are taken by Toy Bonnie and takes them to Freddy, who tries to stuff them, but fails. Then, Slenderman teleports to the main floor where the main animatronics are, Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Toy Freddy, and Mangle attack Slenderman! Slenderman however summons all his proxy to distract them, which works. Slenderman then retreats to the other side to get Charlie again. Foxy then jumps out of Pirate Cove and bites Charlie's head clean off. Angering Slenderman, he attempts to kill Foxy. But then, Toy Freddy and Mangle comes out with blood and five dead proxy around them.

2:00 AM: Slender-4/Animatronics-10

Slenderman blends in and sends his Proxy to kill off Toy Freddy and Mangle. Meanwhile, Slenderman bumps into Chica and Bonnie, who asault him right on! Toy Bonnie returns to help Mangle and Toy Freddy and attacks the proxy! During the chaos, Slender hears the music box play... Puppet then pops out and attacks Slenderman! Slender then teleports and spreads out his tentacles and stabs Puppet, Chica, and Bonnie! Bonnie and Puppet survive and attack Slenderman once more. Now, no more proxy remain, but the only surviving animatronic is now Foxy.

3:00 AM: Slender-1/Animatronics-6

Foxy rushes right at Slenderman as well as Puppet and Bonnie. Freddy then appears to help the gang, and fights Slenderman together as a team! Slenderman extends his mighty tentacle arms to kill the animatronics, but then, Foxy comes and bites them off! Angered, Slenderman teleports over to Foxy and creates a fire and kills him with no regreats. Slenderman then spreads his fires and causes Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to cause a fire. Because of the spread of the fire, Puppet and Bonnie cannot survive the harsh heat and die a painful death.

4:00 AM: Slender-1/Animatronics-3


FNaF The Show Must Go On Instrumental Original By MandoPony

After seeing his partners dead, Freddy gets up from the fires and runs away, then, he sees Golden Freddy. He then takes Golden Freddy, tears off his own arms and replaces it with Golden Freddy's. Angered, Freddy then attacks Slender by teleporting behind him and beating him up. Causing Slender to retreat and set himself on fire. Both combatants charge at each other and strike with their might! Freddy then grabs Slenderman's arm and throws him across the room, laughing. Then, Slenderman gets up and sees a figure behind Freddy, the figure came at Freddy quickly and stabbed Freddy!! Freddy falls to the ground and curls up and cries out blood. The figure then appears and is revealed to be Springtrap.

5:00 AM: Slender-1/Animatronics-1

Slenderman then sees the phantoms, and they all start attacking him at once and then suddenly dissapear afterwards. Slenderman then sees Springtrap and then Springtrap laughs and goes after Slenderman, being cocky, Springtrap then grabs onto Slender and starts stabbing him. Springtrap then slams Slender to the ground!!


Hans Zimmer - Time

Springtrap: ...I...killed those children, those damn, small, idiotic children. They hunt me, but I'm here for the devils work... I will forever keep this... my living it shall be YOURS...

Slenderman then teleports away from Springtrap and grows 15 feet tall and grabs Springtrap!! Springtrap then tries to escape, then Springtrap uses his power to escape from Slenderman's hands and charges right for him. Slenderman then teleports out of the way and appears behind him. Amazed, Springtrap is in shock, as his last breath was spent as Slenderman's powerful tentacle perces through Springtrap's head and squeasing every blood ounce in his body left. Slenderman sees the destruction, and then appears 5 children.

(cue "Time")

appearing in the morning light, the clock turns 6, and out of the 5 children, one with cry marks appears to Slenderman, hugging him and cries a little more.

Child: Thank you, for out freedom. We will never forget you!

The child turns to leave and they all hold hands one by one, and dissapear. And then, Slenderman sees Freddy's eye lights flicker off, but with a smile.




It sure did, actually; I cried a lot to this fight, but *clears throat* this was amazingly close, so close, this calls for an alternate ending (coming soon), but yes, the Animatronics DID have the team work to put down Slender for a while, but over time, Slenderman's power became enough to kill at will. Although, Slenderman also won because of his powers and intelegence, but overall, this fight can end in 3 ways, but overall, the Animatronics were just put to slender.



Finn vs

Finn The Human vs. SpongeBob Squarepants


Sweet Victory by David Glen Eisley (The Real Version) with lyrics

A Happy Tribute to the Animatronics

Overall, the animatronics did lose the (main) fight, but they will always be respected.


"Balloons" - Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Song by MandoPony

Alternative Ending!