Goosebumps vs five nights at Freddy's two evil based toys that are haunted come to fight

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Wiz: There are an abundence of dolls in media wehter it be cute child like movies

Boomstick: Or to just creep the shit out of you

Wiz: Like slappy the living dummy 

Boomstick: And balloon boy the child animatronic from five night's at freddy's . he's wiz and i'm boomstick

Wiz: And today we'll look at their armor stats and skills to find out who would win a death battle


Wiz: Kris and Lindy were your typical sisters from the 1990's 

Boomstick: They complained about who every time one of them got something the other would also get it you know your typical kids arguing 

Wiz: Than one day both girls were wondering around a empty house and lindy ended up spotting something in 

Boomstick: It wasn't a left behind pet or money no instead it was a ventriliquist dummy and it just looked creepy

Wiz: But not to lindy and she loved him and decided to take him home....but nothing really happended to involve slappy so.....Amy was really into ventriliquist dummys and had a dummy of her own

Boomstick: Wait hold on wiz did we just go to the second part 

Wiz: It's like i said slappy hardly did anything in the first book and mostly focused on his brother Mr Wood who was owend by kris

Boomstick: Oh well ok carry on

Wiz: So like i said amy had her own dummy dennis but had one problem and that was his head would fall off every time she would preform

Boomstick: Like all plastic products

Wiz: That was until her dad got her another dummy called slappy 

Boomstick: And you know how it goes slappy goes around the house and makes amy look like she belongs in an insane asylum and get's her into deep trouble

Wiz: And thats his origins....yeah

  • Name: Slappy the dummy
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Weight: Unkown
  • Relitives: Mr. Wood, Wally, Snappy

Boomstick: But this wouldn't be the last family slappy would end up with 14 goddamn family's 

Wiz: And slappy would end up basically making every single kid in those familys look like their crazy

Boomstick: I mean how couldn't he after all Slappy has many cool abilites 

Wiz: He can teleport, posses and even absorb damage

Boomstick: He has a healing factor or more likely he can simply heal himself oh and manipulate sound

  • Sound manipulation
  • Possession
  • Teleportation
  • Damage absorbsion

Wiz: But this isn't all of his weird set of abilites not only does he have teleportation but telekinesis as well

Boomstick: If he wants to turn you into a dummy all he has to do is breathe his disgusting green breathe into you and it's pretty terrifying and gross

Wiz: Despite being a ragged old doll he's actually pretty strong

Boomstick: He's able to overpower kids can lift and dig with shovels and even survived an explosion from a propane tank 

Wiz: He's survived encounters from being eloctrocuted crushed by a garbage truck and being hit by a metal baseball bat

  • Has overpowered tons of kids
  • Can lift up shovels
  • Survived an explosion from a propane tank
  • Survived being electrocuted
  • Brought a hole meuseum to life

Boomstick: But this is about it he is cocky arrogant and has shown to be overpowered by kids 

Wiz: He also really hates being called a dummy

So, what's the plan, friend? You must have brought me out for something fun. Terrorize the locals? Destroy the town? Let's get silly!

Balloon Boy




Five nights of goosebumps

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why the name it's because bb is from fnaf and slappy is from goosebumps 

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