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Sinister Six VS Deadly Six
Season 2, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date November 13, 2017
Written by TheMetallicBlur
Directed by TheMetallicBlur
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Sonic the Hedgehog VS Spider-Man. The number six is an interesting number, and these two teams have that much amount of members. Will Doc Ock and his crew prove to be too sinister or will Zavok's crew prove to be too deadly? Find out!


( Cue ~ Invader - Jim Johnston)

Wiz: When it comes to teams, there can be as much members as you want there to be.

Boomstick: But these guys chose the number six.

Wiz: The Sinister Six, a nightmarish collaboration of Spider-Man's worst foes.

Boomstick: And the Deadly Six, the only six people Sonic truly hates.

Wiz: Since there are so many incarnations of the six, we will be sticking with the original. Meaning we're using Doctor Octopus (my inspiration), Electro, Kraven, Vulture, Mysterio, and Sandman.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Sinister Six[]

Wiz: Doctor Octopus is the most menacing, revolting villain of Spider-Man.

Boomstick: Pretty sure that's the Goblin.

Wiz: Shut up. Anyways, after he was defeated by Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus' robotic limbs were surgically removed from him so that he couldn't escape.

Boomstick: But then Ocky realized he could actually control his limbs from a distance.

Wiz: With this ability, Otto Octavian brought his limbs to the jail wher he was and used them to bust out.

Boomstick: After that experience, the good doctor decided to form a team that would be the destruction of Spider-Man.

Wiz: So he teamed up with Electro, Kraven, Vulture, Sandman, and Mysterio to form the Sinister Six.

Boomstick: Ock's plan was that each member would fight Spidey on a place they can call their home turf for the purpose of wearing him down

Wiz: The timing was great for the Six, but not so much for Spider-Man. During this time, Spider-Man felt that he was losing his abilities due to the guilt of having not stopped Uncle Ben's killer.

Boomstick: Oh, it was a long time ago! Get over it, Parker!

Wiz: And how was your life without your dad?

Boomstick: SHUT UP!

Wiz: Anyways, the Six had told the Daily Bugle to print out that they challenge Spider-Man to a battle. Reading this, Peter called other heroes if they could fight but they were all busy.

Boomstick: So Peter decided to fight them as a normal teenager. Because that's a great idea.

Wiz: In his first battle, he went up against Electro. When Electro hit him with a bolt of electricity, Spider-Man survived it and realized he wasn't actually losing his powers and defeated Electro along with the other Six.

Boomstick: But Ocky didn't give up from there. He's made dozens of Sinister Sixes over the years. But hey, we're here to talk about the original. Ock's tentacles are no ordinary piece of machinery. He can use them to throw things like a ragdoll, multitask, or even stick to walls to keep up with Spider-Man.

Wiz: His arms are so fast that he can use them outmaneuver Spidey if need be. Also, he can make Iron Man look like a joke.

Boomstick: His arms are made of adamantium, the hardest metal in the Marvel universe. There are only two things that make it look like glass: Antarctic Vibranium and the Murasama.

Wiz: With those same arms, he can defeat the likes of the Punisher and Hulk. Oh, and he managed to take on Iron Man.

Boomstick: Then there's Electro, aka Maxwell Dillons. He can shoot lightning bolts that can move at the speed of lightning and even propel himself with it. Plus, he can use his bolts as whips, tendrils and nets. He can also fire his bolts at 100 feet.

Wiz: He can drain energy from objects containing electricity and even expend electricity without losing personal reserves.

Boomstick: He also can ionize metal to hurl magnetic objects. So he's basically Magneto with electric powers.

Wiz: Then there's Sandman, aka Flint Marko. Sandy's body is composed entirely out of sand, allowing him to take hits from the Thing, Hydro-Man, and Rhino.

Boomstick: He can shapeshift his body into all sorts of weapons, but it seems his favorites are hammers. He can also create sandstorms and even increase his size.

Wiz: And then there's Mysterio, aka Quentin Beck. He possesses a helemet with a 30-minute air supply, gloves and boots with nozzles which spray hallucinogenic gas, and a gas that stops Sipder-Man's spidey sense.

Boomstick: He even created a gun that shoots Spidey's webbing. But even without his gadgets, Mysterio is a master strategist, great actor, and impressive stuntman with hand-to-hand combat skills.

Wiz: And then there's Vulture, aka Adrian Toomes. He possesses a special harness that gives him flight via Anti-Gravity and superhuman strength. It also has wings that can be used as bladed lethal weapons. He can use his Anti-Gravity and bring 80x gravity down on someone.

Boomstick: And finally is Kraven the Hunter, aka Sergei Kravinoff.

Wiz: Kraven drank a special potion that made him faster, stronger, more agile, tougher, increased his sight and senses.

Boomstick: He has knowledge in pressure points and also uses swords, axes, spears, a bantu war club, and knives dipped in his own blood.

Wiz: Each member of the Six has proven their worth time and time again.

Boomstick: Ock's arms are fast enough to outmaneuver Spider-Man, tough enough to take on and beat and survive a beating from the Hulk, and is even able to beat the Punisher.

Wiz: Electro has tagged Quicksilver with his bolts, beaten Shocker, Human Torch, Punisher, Black Cat, has broken a wooden door with electricity, and can remain concious even after getting slammed through a window and something made of wood, beaten up by Spider-Man, and then having an explosion in his face.

Boomstick: Sandman's tough enough to take hits from Rhino, who can derail trains, strong enough to contain the Thing and Human Torch, and even managed to beat Hydro-Man! You know? The guy made of water?

Wiz: And if we've learned anything from the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game, Sandman and water isn't usually a good thing.

Boomstick: Mysterio's illusions are so convincing that they can even fool Daredevil!

Wiz: Vulture has ragdolled six AIM agents by just flapping his wings, punched Daredevil with the force as what daredevil said is a wrecking ball, literally outmaneuvered Spidey, and he's even beaten Daredevil.

Boomstick: Why are most of these guys picking on the likes of Daredevil and Punisher?

Wiz: No clue.

Boomstick: Kraven is fast enough to dodge Storm's lightning and Deadpool's guns, skilled enough to numb Beast, and strong enough to take down Vermin. And that guy required the combined forces of Spider-Man and Captain America to beat.

Wiz: He's even shrugged off a blast from Cyclops and even smiled at a punch from an angered Spider-Man.

.Boomstick: But the Sinister Six are nowhere near unstoppable. Doc Ock's arms make him vulnerable to magnetism and electricity and his arms can get tangled easily.

Wiz: Electro is sensitive to short circuits with water at full charge and is usually outsmarted.

Boomstick: As living sand, Sandman is vulnerable to water, though he has a method against this, and can be turned into glass.

Wiz: Mysterio's illusions aren't very effective against people with heightened senses. Though he still affected Daredevil. He's also not much a fighter, preferring to outsmart and fool his foes.

Boomstick: Vulture's harness is useful, but can still be broken and renders him incapable of flight.

Wiz: Kraven is still only human and doesn't have effective ranged weapons as he sees guns as a cheap man's game.

Boomstick: But with every failure, the Six only rise and get stronger. They won't rest until they have relief knowing that Spider-Man is no more.

Doctor Octopus: Now then arachnid, any last words?

Black Suit Spider Man: Homina, Homina, Homina comes to mind.

Deadly Six[]

Wiz: The Deadly Six are part of a race called Zeti. They're unpredictable, monstrous, and cruelly malicious. But what caused them to have such tendencies?

Boomstick: Dr. Eggman! Of course!

Wiz: When the good doctor landed on the Lost Hex, he used a contraption called the Cacophonic Conch to inhibit their powers and control them.

Boomstick: Unlike Pokemon, they weren't comfortable with being slaves to someone lesser than them. So when Sonic kicked the Conch out of Eggman's hands, Zavok and his crew got revenge and took control of Eggman's army. But they were totally defeated by Sonic.

Wiz: As Zeti, the Deadly Six not only possess longevity, as the youngest member is 112 years old, they also have the power of magnetokinesis.

Boomstick: Magnetoki-what now? Does it let them move metal?

Wiz: Not exactly. By manipulating the magnetic fields of electronic devices, they can control them. This is how they first took control of Eggman's army when Sonic kicked the Conch.

Boomstick: First of is Zavok, the leader. He possesses superhuman strength, great jumping ability, and impressive durability and endurance.

Wiz: His durability is so great that he can take Sonic's Homing Attacks and fight like nothing even happened.

Boomstick: He's also got the ability to shoot fireballs from his hands and even has an awesome charging punch.

Wiz: He's also able to alter his size and become even bigger.

Boomstick: He totally stole that from Bowser.

Wiz: Funny mentioning Bowser as you're not too far off. In this form, Zavok can not only launch fireballs from his mouth but also shoot laser beams.

Boomstick: Neat! Next up is Zazz. He's like Butch from the Rowdyruff Boys. He's crazy, insanse, and loves destruction. Come to think of it, he reminds me of hte Joker. All he needs is some laughing gas and boom.

Wiz: As a Zeti, Zazz possesses superhuman strength, incredible durability, and fast speeds.

Boomstick: Zazz can also shoot balls of energy and even has a device called the Moon Mech which he controls with his magnetokinesis. This baby's fast enough to keep pace with Sonic and can create small tremors when hitting the ground.

Wiz: As a bonus, it can even shoot projectiles shaped like stars.

Boomstick: Zomom's the glutton of the group. Like most Zeti, he's got strength, good jumping, energy projection, and that magnet power.

Wiz: Aside from that, Zomom is also able to burrow at speeds that literally rival that of Yellow Drill. He's also known for a big appetite.

Boomstick: And despite his weight, he's pretty fast, able to make dust tornadoes with no problem.

Wiz: Master Zik is the oldest Zeti at 1,052 years old. he can shoot energy balls and possesses telekinesis.

Boomstick: He'd make a perfect rival for Silver.

Wiz: Zik is also a genius fighter as he was able to defeat Zazz with a sandwich.

Boomstick: How in the? Wha?

Wiz: Zeena is the only female Zeti, and apparently due to this, cannot shoot orbs of energy. However, she is so strong that she can literally drag two wrecking balls with one hand each. She can also create energy whips to attack or latch onto objects. She also has magnetokinesis.

Boomstick: And finally is Zor, the total emo kid. He can shatter rocks, jump great distances, fire purple orbs, and can even create shadow bats with that one red eye.

Wiz: Zor has total control over them and can even force the bats to amalgamate into shadow clones of himself that possess his exact same abilities and stats.

Boomstick: He totally stole that from Mephiles. Can he make them fuse with him into some freaky shadow monster?

Wiz: No. And it appears the Deadly Six like taking powers to show off their ruthlessness. Zavok is strong enough to shatter robotic joints, take Sonic Homing Attacks, and even keep pace with Sonic with short dashes.

Boomstick: Not only can Zazz throw and hold his Moon Mech with one hand, he can run real fast while holding it! Plus, he can balance real well on it. That sounds a lot like Lemmy Koopa!

Wiz: Kind of except this ball isn't so bouncy. Zomom is durable enugh to stand after a Homing Attack, strong enough to push down a mini-island, and even create powerful tremors with no effort. Zeena can throw around wrecking balls with one hand and Zor can shatter boulders.

Boomstick: But they're not the perfect Six. Zavok is extremely arrogant. Zazz's unpredictable nature can be used against him. Zomom is an idiot. Zik's age won't do him favors in a fight. Zeena's self-absorbed, and Zor's basically a suicidal.

Wiz: But no matter what, these earned the name Deadly.

Zomom: Who cares? Now that I'm free, I wanna squeeze Eggman till he pops!

Master Zik: And eat him, I suppose.

Zomom: Well, yeah.

Zavok: There are other ways to make him suffer.

Zomom: But more delicious?

Zavok: What if I told you we could use Eggman's machine to make ourselves unbelievably powerful?

Master Zik: Well then, I'd say I taught you well.

Zavok: Yes, you have. And it will be Eggman's own creation that causes his destruction.

Pre-Death Battle[]

Wiz: Alright! The combatants are set! Let's end this deabte once and for all!



Zavok's corpse is brought onto a metal bed. Zik activates a device and uses it to bring Zavok back to life. Zavok starts to get up.

Zavok: Huh? What? I'm alive? How?

Zik: We forced an Eggman knockoff to build a device using parts of the Extractor. He also managed to heal your wounds as well.

Zavok: I see. Let us celebrate by destroying a city.

The Deadly Six left and started to wreck New York when suddenly Zavok was hit by a tentacle.

Doc Ock: Who are you and what are you doing?

Zavok: I'm Zavok, leader of the Deadly Six. Who are you?

Doc Ock: I'm Doctor Octopos, leader of the Sinister Six. We are the superior Six!

Zavok: We'll see!


Doc swung his tentacle, but Zavok caught it and started to spin Ock around. Zazz ran to Kraven and started wildly punching him and threw him to a wall. Zik launched energy balls at Vulture, but Vulture dodged them all. Zeena ran up and punched Mysterio into a wall and reeled him in with energy tether cords. Zor created shadow bats and fused them into Zor clones and fired orbs at Electro. Zomom backhanded Sandman and obliterated his head, but it regenerated.

Zavok threw Ock into a wall, but Ock caught himself and jumped off. Ock lunged a tentacle at Zavok, but it stopped.

Ock: What? What's happening?

Zavok: Magnetokinesis. I control your limbs.

Ock's tentacles turned Ock around and jumped towards a wall, but they didn't catch Ock and he slammed into the wall. Zik waved his hand and took control of Vulture's harness.

Master Zik: Hey Zavok, my guy versus yours.

Ock's tentacle hit Vulture in the air. Vulture lunged in and tried to hit Ock with his wing, but Ock dodged. Two of Ock's tentacles wrapped around Vulture and slammed him into buildings. The tentacles then grabbed onto Electro, shocking both Vulture and Ock. They screamed in agony. Electro and Vulture were slammed into each other six times and then thrown onto the ground. Sandman punched Zomom in the face and Zomom retaliated by spinning in a dust tornado that caught Sandman and then started spinning the other way and spread Sandman all over the floor.

Mysterio sprayed Zeena with hallucenogenic gas, casuing her to see fire-breathing dragons and ghosts. Zeena was overwhelmed, but then proceeded to snag a dragon with her cords, only for it to not work.

Zeena: Wait? Is this a trick?

Zeena started to punch the dragons, only for nothing to happen. She then heard a familiar voice.

Zik: Zeena, it's an illusion. Zavok, hold on to my pawn for me.

Zik used his magnetokinesis and shut down Mysterio's contraptions. Zeena realized it was fake, shook her head, and grabbed Mysterio and started to swing him around. Zik started to control Vulture again and made him slash Ock's chest. Zavok then fired a fireball at Ock's chest, causing it to burst, killing Ock.

DS: 6 SS: 5

Zomom caught sandman in a tornado again and spread him out. Zavok took control of Ock's arms and used them to hit Vulture.

Vulture: You're still making me fight? He's already dead!

Zavok: It doesn't matter what condition he's in. All that matters are that the arms work nicely.

Zik forced Vulture to attack Electro. Zavok also forced the arms to attack Electro. Electro started to ionize the arms and hurled them, but two of the arms caught Electro by his wrists and started to pull Electro apart. Zik forced Vulture to put his wing through Electro's chest, killing him and electrocuting Vulture.

DS 6 SS: 4

Zavok noticed that Zomomm was still trapping sandman in his endless loop.

Zavok: Master, try to contain the sand creature.

Master Zik: Alright!

Zavok: Zor, keep this birdbrain busy.

Zor: Whatever.

Zor controlled Vulture's harness and caused him to crash into several buildings. Meanwhile, Zik used his telekinesis to contain Sandman into a sphere. Zavok then shot 36 fireballs before Sandman had turned into glass. Zomom then punched the glass into tiny shards.

DS: 6 SS: 3

Zazz wildly clawed at Kraven and dodged his sword. Zazz then proceeded to summon his Moon Mech and started to shoot stars out of it. Kraven dodged the stars and hopped onto the Moon Mech and hit Zazz with an exotic poison, causing Zazz to faint.

DS: 5 SS: 3

Zavok took control of the Moon Mech.

Zavok: Zor,  put the birdbrain over there.

Zor placed Vulture where Zavok told him to put him. Kraven jumped off, but was put back by Master Zik. Zavok controlled the Moon Mech and splattered Kraven onto the building on Vulture, killing both of them.

DS 5 SS: 1

The entire Six, excluding Zazz, ganged up on Mysterio.

Mysterio: Now, now. You don't really want to hurt me, do you?

All: Yes!

Zeena grabbed him with her tether cords and the others fired their long ranged blasts, obliterating Mysterio.

Zavok: We'll have to use that same device on Zazz.


  • Zazz was being brought back to life by the device.
  • Venom and Carnage observed the remains of the Six.


Boomstick: Talk about six for the price of, well, six.

Wiz: Both teams of six were Sinister in their own right, but only one was Deadly enough to prevail.

Boomstick: It didn't help that half of the Sinister Six uses technology to fight, something the Deadly Six can control.

Wiz: And as Ock's arms are vulnerable to magnetism, there's no reason to say he'd have a resistance against a related ability.

Boomstick: And while Zazz's unpredicable nature was nothing too hard for Kraven, he actually could've won if he used his Moon Mech right.

Wiz: It also doesn't help that the Deadly Six have far more combat experience as the youngest member is 112 years old.

Boomstick: And besides, be glad Zavok didn't go giant.

Wiz: So all in all, the Deadly Six's superior abilities and experience were just enough to allow at least five of them to live.

Boomstick: Ock's crew got beat sixfold.

Wiz: The winners are the Deadly Six.