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Shy Guy

Shy Guy's main weapon is a spear that controls lightning.

Shy Guy also holds a very large arsenal of weapons, including;

A bullet Bill Cannon, Bombs, A Blowtorch, Anvils, Paperclips, A Trident, A Scythe, A Mace, and Paint.

plus he can fly with balloons, his propeller, and a jetpack.

and he has a Pirate Ship, an Airship, and a weird Tank made out of building blocks.

He also wields a Hammer and a Slingshot

He has Pyrokinesis, and he can heal himself

Jeez, i think it would have been easier to list the things this guy doesn't have!

Koopa Troopa

He has a large arsenal of throwing items, including:

Green Shells, Red Shells, Bomb Shells, Spiny Shells, Fireballs, Iceballs, Hammers, Boomerangs, and the dreaded Blue Shell *Shivers*

He can fly at a decent speed and good control with Paratroopa Wings

He can fly at a very fast speed and low control with the Super Cape

He can become invincible with the Kamikaze Shell

and He can heal himself using hydrokinesis