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Shinichi Izumi vs Ken Kaneki
Death Battle Shinichi Izumi vs Ken Kaneki
Season 1, Episode 7
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Air date Unknown
Written by PitTheSwordmaster
Directed by PitTheSwordmaster
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A battle of teenagers turned monsters trying to cling desperately to their humanity. Who will win in a bout that's bound to get bloody?


(* Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

Wiz: Beneath our normal every day routine lies something far darker and more sinister. You generally don't think of this until the fateful day it hits and drastically changes how you live from then on.

Boomstick: Just don't expect the end result to be you turning into one of these badasses.

Wiz: Shinichi Izumi, the human-parasite hybrid from Parasyte the Maxim.

Boomstick: And Ken Kaneki, the one-eyed ghoul from Tokyo Ghoul. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!

Shinichi Izumi Sets his Para-Sights on Death Battle[]

(*A World Without Logos - Hellsing*)

Wiz: In the real world, parasites are defined as a lifeform that sustains itself through a living host- either symbiotically or at the expense of the host in question.

Boomstick: Though with what we’re dealing with today, I think it’s safe to say it ain’t just the host that’s losing out here.

Wiz: Right, the world of Parasyte has a rather... different interpretation. Nobody knows where they came from- only that these Parasytes blend in with human society after taking a host and when nobody is looking, devours whatever humans they can.

Boomstick: Well that sounds hardcore. What do these things look like anywa-ay-AY WHAT THE F**K IS THAT THING?!?!?!

*Shows Parasyte morphing his head to eat a woman's own head*

Wiz: Well, that’s how they blend in to begin with. Parasytes typically infect a host through an entryway into their head, which they slowly replace when maturing with their own body and take control of the host from there, while taking on their host’s likeness to avoid suspicion.

Boomstick: Uh... yeah, that’s how it’s... supposed to go. But for one Shinichi Izumi, things didn’t quite go that way.

Wiz: Thanks to him having headphones on at the time, a newly hatched Parasyte larvae couldn’t enter through his ears and instead attempted to get into Shinichi through his nose, only for him to wake up in a blind panic. The result of this was the Parasyte burrowing into his arm in a desperate attempt to get into him one way or another.

Boomstick: Come the next day and things seemed pretty normal. Shinichi thought what he went through was just a bad dream and didn’t really notice anything off... well aside from his hand seemingly acting without his command and even stopping a moving car like it was nothing.

Wiz: Shinichi would soon discover what became of the Parasyte he encountered that night. He no longer had his right hand, but a monster in its place.

*Shows Migi reveal scene*

Boomstick: Y’know Wiz, we’re not even a few minutes in and I’m already feeling uncomfortable.

Wiz: You? Huh... that’s an accomplishment.

Boomstick: The hell’s that supposed to mean?

Wiz: What? I didn’t say anything.

Boomstick: *Ahem*. Well anyways- Shinichi and this weird hand monster weren’t exactly in the mood to get along with each other at first (which to be fair, I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to befriend that thing either), but he’d soon find himself needing to rely on it if he wanted any chance of survival.

Wiz: As it turns out, Parasytes are a rather competitive bunch. Not only are they able to sense their own kind and tell them apart with just a glance, but they often fight and attempt to kill each other to survive and get more food for themselves. And while Shinichi was obviously not happy with being forced to kill or be killed, he wasn’t exactly in the space to complain and made due with Migi.

Boomstick: Mi-who?

Wiz: Oh, that’s the name he gave his new Parasyte. It’s Japanese for “right hand”.

Boomstick: Oh... well ain’t that creative.

Wiz: Well while they may not be too creative with names, they certainly made for a solid pairing against the Parasyte menace. Thanks to his Parasyte physiology, Migi is able to shapeshift into various different forms.

Boomstick: He can mimic all sorts of things, from faces, to animals, to guns, to household obje-whoa whoa whoa, what was that last one?

Wiz: But most commonly for battle, Migi takes the form of multiple tendrils with blades on the end as strong as steel. These tendrils are insanely quick- so much so even Shinichi struggles to keep track of them in a fight, and they can rend through humans or other Parasytes like a hot knife through butter.

Boomstick: Though given Migi doesn’t have the luxury of fully controlling the one body like other Parasytes, he has to protect Shinichi’s body at all costs, so much of this speed is moreso for defense while he tries to assess an opening to fire back.

Wiz: Just as well, as Migi is extremely intelligent and a natural at coming up with plans of attack against physically superior foes, and his incredible field awareness means he’s able to think up elaborate plans while engaged in such intense combat.

Boomstick: Man, I wish my shotgun leg were as smart as he was.

Wiz: I’d be more concerned if a prosthetic limb attached to your body had any free will to speak of.

Boomstick: Okay but just think Wiz- how likely would I be to get mugged if my leg could shoot people even at my drunkest?

Wiz: Knowing you, still very likely.

Boomstick: Oh yeah, like you’d fare any better.

Wiz: I mean... I don’t drink, for starters.

Boomstick: That’s your first problem.

(*Rays of Light - Nier Automata*)

Wiz: Uh, moving on. Migi is exceptionally versatile and perfect for someone like Shinichi that has to rely on outwitting most opponents to scrape by.

Boomstick: Even beyond simple tendrils, he can also turn Shinichi’s arm into a sword, detach from Shinichi to fight by himself for a short time and even implant himself in another being’s body in order to control them from the inside or fuck them up internally. Talk about a way to go.

Pop-up: Migi technically hasn't shown this ability himself, but the Parasyte Ryoko demonstrated this when fighting against three other Parasytes, where she split half of her head in half to take over a physically superior foe. Given Parasytes greatly value sharing and receiving information and they share all of the same abilities outside of body transference (where only a Parasyte that took over the head can change into one when transferring to another body), Migi should be capable of this as well.

Wiz: He can even turn Shinichi’s hand into a pair of claws, a massive arm that can pitch a stone with the force of a cannonball or just fling Shinichi around to reach mew locations like a grappling hook, all of which helped in keeping the two from... well, not getting eaten.

Boomstick: Though Migi wouldn’t be pulling all the weight for too long. After a rather... traumatic encounter involving his mother being decapitated and taken over by a Parasyte and stabbing Shinichi straight through the heart like a shish-kebab, Migi would literally morph himself into a new heart for Shinichi and spend an entire day working to revive him.

Wiz: He did succeed but not without some... interesting side effects.

Boomstick: 30% of Migi’s cells were coursing through his blood now, amping his physical abilities and granting him inhuman strength, speed and stamina that put Olympic level athletes to shame.

Wiz: He could perceive Parasyte attacks with ease now when before, they were practically invisible and even move at such speeds himself.

Boomstick: He could even deflect Parasyte attacks with his bare hands and even without Migi’s help, he could fight off Parasytes all by himself.

Wiz: Though this also had the more noticeable side effect that Shinichi started struggling with his emotions. When his hatred for the Parasytes weren’t resulting in violent bouts of anger, he was practically like a machine- unable to truly emote and reacting calmly and even rather coldly towards things that would break the heart of a normal human.

Boomstick: Like y’know... death?

Wiz: Shinichi became scared that he was slowly turning into a monster- something that started bleeding into his personal life, not helped by him not being able to tell anybody about Migi for fear they would fear him.

Boomstick: Most notably his childhood friend Satomi, who became more and more frustrated that Shinichi kept hiding everything from her when there was something so clearly up with him.

Wiz: Meanwhile with Migi, he struggled to understand the issue due to his lack of emotions. He saw nothing wrong with what Shinichi was doing since he was physically unable to grasp human values such as love or empathy.

Boomstick: Think you can relate to that Wiz?

Wiz: Oh ha ha Boomstick, very funny “I hate my co-host” joke.

Boomstick: Oh no, I was referring to the mountain of bodies that used to be people with families that you did all those experiments on... though I guess that too.

Wiz: Oh, uh... yeah, there’s that too.

Boomstick: Well anyways, things would get more interesting with the duo the more and more Parasytes they encountered.

Wiz: Namely with the Parasyte Ryoko Tamiya- who despite some initial hostility towards Shinichi, showed herself to be more than just your average monster.

Boomstick: She had been studying humans and trying to learn more about her own species’ biology and reason for being, and the discoveries she made started to show more similarities between the two than she initially thought.

Wiz: She raised a child, started developing genuine emotions, laughed, loved, even desired to protect her own infant. The more she uncovered, the more of a desire she had for human-Parasyte coexistence.

Boomstick: Not that it’d be easy given the whole “man-eating monster” thing but it genuinely got to Shinichi boi and he began to see Parasytes in a whole new light... well, after nearly being murdered by the parasitic hivemind Ryoko had bred named Gotou.

Pop-up: Ryoko had been part of a secret group of Parasytes that had been observing Shinichi and planning to elect a human that believed them to be the superior species as mayor. However, Ryoko's involvement with the human race ended up disturbing the other members to the point of trying to kill her.

(*Next To You - Parasyte: The Maxim*)

Wiz: That was the moment that for the first time since Migi transformed him... he cried. The pain and loss he felt when his mother was taken from him caught up with him and he finally began to show feelings once again.

Boomstick: And though he may have been scared shitless by Parasytes like Gotou being out for his blood, he wouldn’t back down if it meant a brighter tomorrow.

Wiz: And he’s certainly show himself to be skilled enough to do this. Even before his transformation, he was stopping cars with his bare hands and afterward, he was pulling all sorts of inhuman feats like tearing down concrete walls with ease and throwing a rock with enough force to plow through his target and the wall behind him.

Boomstick: He even defeated Gotou, who tanked a grenade launcher blast and didn’t even flinch, and dodged point-blank gunfire like it was nothing.

Wiz: Though with that said, both Shinichi and Migi have their fair share of drawbacks.

Boomstick: Despite the parasitic blood in his veins, Shinichi is still technically human. One clean shot to the heart or any other vital organ and it’s lights out.

Wiz: And due to Migi surviving off of nutrients from Shinichi, he can’t stay detached from him for too long or else he risks dying of starvation- not to mention that Shinichi is rather prone to panic attacks because of the trauma he’s had throughout his journey.

Pop-up: Due to the greater amount of energy Migi started using up after Shinichi's transformation, he was also forced to enter a deep sleep every day for four hours- a period where Shinichi would be totally vulnerable without him.

Boomstick: But no amount of trauma was gonna stop him from protecting those he holds dearest- his dad, his classmates, Satomi, all of them made him still want to live to keep them safe and happy.

Wiz: After defeating Gotou, Shinichi concluded that no life should be taken for granted. Everything has its place and Parasytes are no different in the grand scheme of things.

Boomstick: And after all that, he lived happily ever after... minus an encounter with a serial killer that came close to costing him Satomi but it still ended happily ever after after that.

Satomi: Shinichi, you're here. You did come back.

Shinichi: Yeah, I did.

Ken Kaneki Unravels in Death Battle[]

(*Omen - Persona 4*)

Wiz: French writer Antoine Galland once described ghouls in a work he translated as monstrous creatures that dwelled within cemeteries to feast on the deceased.

Boomstick: Well where we’re going, that concept goes way further than just the horrific love child of a cannibal and a grave robber.

Wiz: Ghouls in the world of Tokyo Ghoul look just like normal humans on the surface... until they reveal their blood red eyes and additional limbs literally made from blood.

Boomstick: Oh and uh, don’t forget a literal appetite for human flesh they must indulge if they don’t want to go insane.

Wiz: Ghouls are physically incapable of eating... well, anything other than flesh and... coffee for some reason, and thus don’t tend to get along too well with humans given they literally have to feed off of them to survive.

Boomstick: To humans, ghouls were basically uncaring monsters. To ghouls, humans were selfish animals that trampled on their right to live.

Wiz: But for Ken Kaneki, he would find himself stuck in the middle of this conflict one faithful day when he began dating a girl named Rize Kamishiro.

Boomstick: Despite having the social skills of a hermit crab, the two actually hit it off no problem, largely owing to their love of the same author. Well... at least until Rize revealed herself to be a ghoul, chomped into his shoulder and gouged a kidney out for good measure.

Wiz: Ken only survived after a freak bunch of debris fell onto Rize and seemingly killed her before she could feast on him. Ken next arose in a hospital bed following a kidney transplant, where he noticed something off about him. Food he normally loved started tasting vile, the sight of another person made his mouth water, and he started healing from injuries faster than he reasonably should have.

Boomstick: Plot twist: Rize’s kidney was plopped inside of him and it transformed him into a ghoul... well, sort of. Only one of his eyes turned red when he was bloodlusted, which kinda freaked both humans and ghouls out to see.

Wiz: Seemingly lost on what to do with his new physiology, Ken would find refuge when he was taken into the cafe Anteiku by its owner Yoshimura, who would aid Kaneki with the help of his employees to learn the ins and outs of the ghoul world and even hopefully bridge the gap between it and the human world.

Boomstick: As well as teach him how to kick ass with his new powers when crazy ghouls and ghoul investigators came a-knocking, namely with his brand new toy- his Kagune.

Wiz: Kagune are an additional limb all ghouls have that are made of RC cells- cellular structures in every living being that essentially act like liquid muscle, though only ghouls are able to do much with it due to their abnormally high amounts of RC cells, as well as an organ called a kakuhou that’s used to channel it into a kagune.

Boomstick: Kagune come in one of four different flavours: Ukaku- which are all about speed and agility, Koukaku- all about rock hard defense, Rinkaku- all about crushing power and healing properties, and Bikaku- which are just the jack-of-all-trades.

Pop-up: Kagune have a rock-paper-scissors system where one type does better against another. Ukakus blitz Bikakus, Bikakus overwhelm Rinkakus, Rinkakus overpower Kokakus, and Kokakus stonewall Ukakus.

Wiz: Kaneki is a Rinkaku. His kagune takes the form of four enormous tentacles that can pierce even the toughest of ghouls with ease, and offer impressive range and coverage at that. Though more impressive is his incredible healing factor.

Boomstick: The dude’s had bones broken, muscles twisted and torn, and like... basically every part of his body at this point has been impaled at least once, and he just gets up from that shit on the regular. Hell, ghouls with worse healing than him have even regenerated entire limbs back to normal.

Wiz: And thanks to his ghoul physiology, his own skin is incredibly tough. Unless you’re another ghoul or someone using a ghoul-like weapon, you would need some truly brutal amounts of force just to even pierce it.

Boomstick: Is that a challenge Wiz?

Wiz: What? No, of course not!

Boomstick: Ah come on, how hard could it be?

Wiz: Well consider the fact that Kaneki once tried to STAB HIMSELF, and ended up damaging the steak knife he did this with more than himself.

Boomstick: Hm... nah, I could totally still do it.

Wiz: You are so gonna get yourself killed one of these days.

(*Master of Shadow - Persona 3*)

Boomstick: Anyways, these new powers came in pretty handy when Kaneki was tasked with fending off dangerous ghouls, or the many ghoul investigators who’s job it was to hunt and kill them. He even got a job as a waiter at Anteiku.

Wiz: This, however, wouldn’t last forever. Eventually Anteiku would be attacked by the Aogiri Tree- a terrorist organisation of Ghouls that were interested in Kaneki’s single red eye. After a failed escape attempt from Aogiri however, Kaneki would be held prisoner by Yamori, otherwise known as Jason.

Boomstick: What? Like the Friday the 13th guy?

Wiz: That’s... actually spot on. And like his inspiration, Jason was brutal. Day in and day out, Kaneki spent his time being tortured by Jason. He would be stabbed with a syringe through the eye, have his toes cut off, have centipedes lodged in his ears, or on one occasion would even be forced to choose who between two fellow attempted escapees Jason would kill... only for him to kill both anyways.

Boomstick: Well... that sounds... horrifying.

Wiz: Kaneki would escape during an investigator raid on Aogiri Tree but not without some... severe psychological issues from the experience.

Boomstick: And a slick new white hairstyle.

Wiz: Believe it or not, this is an actual condition in real life known as Marie Antoinette Syndrome in which the hair turns completely white all of a sudden, with one of the theorised causes being intense emotional stress.

Boomstick: So... would torture count as emotional stress?

Wiz: I’m gonna have to go out on a limb and say... yes, very much so.

Boomstick: Huh... the more you know.

Wiz: Well regardless, psychological scarring wasn’t the only thing he got that day.

Boomstick: Yep. Kaneki would eventually turn on and LITERALLY EAT Jason. This is where he learned that eating ghouls comes with some super funky side effects.

Wiz: Kaneki began to develop a new form of Kagune- known as a Kakuja. Kakuja is like a Kagune armour, coating Kaneki’s body and drastically increasing his defense, while also turning his Kagune into centipede like shapes.

Pop-up: Kaneki would later develop his Kakuja into a pair of Kakuja Wings strong enough to obliterate Dragon tentacles, which are as strong as steel.

Boomstick: Pretty handy shit for some of the pretty brutal ghouls he was taking on.

Wiz: Speaking of which, following his torture at the hands of Jason, Kaneki left Anteiku to find answers, because as he soon found out, not only was Rize’s “death” not an accident... Rize wasn’t even dead.

Boomstick: Say what now?

Wiz: And the doctor that operated on Kaneki had actually been harvesting organs from her in order to turn more eligible subjects into one-eyed ghouls.

Boomstick: Okay, what in the actual fuck?

Wiz: Oh you think that’s as crazy as it gets? Oh Boomstick, my sweet summer child.

Boomstick: ...Uh oh.

Wiz: Well anyways, Kaneki continued to wander for answers and defeat some of the toughest ghouls around.

Boomstick: That is, until he encountered the ghoul investigator Kishou Arima, who impaled the poor kid straight through the skull.

Wiz: Kaneki survived, but the injury left him with amnesia. Because of this, he was actually taken in by Arima and trained at the CCG (or Commission of Counter Ghoul) where he would be trained as an investigator alongside several up-and-comers that had been implanted with a Kagune.

Boomstick: Okay, does this world just have a fetish for sticking organs in other people?

Wiz: Well regardless, Kaneki would further his training in hand-to-hand combat and the use of his Kagune through the CCG, and went under a new name: Haise Sasaki.

Boomstick: He would even get himself a Kinky-

Wiz: A Quinque!

Boomstick: Yeah, that- which is essentially a Kagune repurposed as a full-on weapon.

Wiz: Kaneki’s Quinque- the Yukimura 1/3- is an effective short ranged blade for sword combat, but his bread and butter remained his Kagune.

Boomstick: But there was a problem. Kaneki started having weird dreams and voices in his head constantly trying to tempt him to give into his ghoul side- even feeding off of the loss of his mother from overworking when he was just a child.

Wiz: As Haise, many of these voices were his original identity trying to speak to him, but ever since Jason’s torture, the most prominent voice in his head was Rize. In her eyes, Kaneki’s mother overworked herself because she was weak- unable to choose between raising Kaneki and helping her financially struggling sister and died trying to help both.

Boomstick: Yeah, if it wasn’t obvious, Kaneki kinda had a few screws loose ever since that whole torture scene, but thankfully he never gave into Rize’s temptings and wouldn’t go on an eating binge like she did. Right Wiz?

Wiz: *Awkward silence*

Boomstick: ...RIGHT WIZ?!

Wiz: Um... about that.

Boomstick: Oh no.

Wiz: Both before his amnesia and soon after he uncovered his past, Kaneki devoured many humans and ghouls, which resulted in multiple mutations in his Kagune.

Boomstick: His Kagune could soon detach and act on its own, speak like a human would, form extra limbs and even replace his old ones, create claws and blades and even mimic other types of Kagune.

Wiz: Meaning he can imitate the winged ranged offense of an Ukaku, the unwavering defense of a Kokaku and the all around excellence of a Bikaku.

Boomstick: And that’s not even close to as insane as it got. Get ready because this next one is where things get... messy.

Wiz: As it turns out, Rize belonged to a long lasting clan of Ghouls known as the Washuu clan, who (plot twist) were the ones running the CCG.

Boomstick: And as it turns out, the incident that killed Rize was their doing... so yeah, they were responsible for Kaneki becoming a ghoul.

Wiz: They intended to breed Kaneki into a walking disaster, and... very much succeeded in due time.

Boomstick: After consuming a metric f**k ton of ghouls, Kaneki’s Kagune exploded into a mutated monstrosity- the Dragon.

(*hVordt of the Boreal Valley - Dark Souls 3s*)

Wiz: The Dragon is an enormous centipede shaped abomination covered from head to tail in mouths, eyes and tentacles capable of slicing tanks with a single strike.

Boomstick: It can resist artillery fire, produce lifeless husks and even secrete bizarre Kagune golems that even the most hardened of ghouls and investigators shit their pants at the sight of.

Wiz: Kaneki would fortunately be rescued in due time from this horrific form... after some horrific damage left all across Tokyo, but his time as the Dragon saw him be taunted in his dreams by Rize once more.

Boomstick: All this time, Kaneki told himself he was fighting to protect his friends, but as Rize pointed out, what he really wanted... was just a fulfilling death.

Wiz: Befitting his favourite types of stories, Kaneki viewed his life as a tragedy. His parents’ deaths, his transformation into a ghoul, the lives he’s taken and watched be taken- all just parts of the story that is his tragic life.

Boomstick: But the more he reflected on his life, the more it sunk in that he wasn’t alone in experiencing tragedy. The world is harsh to everyone, they just fight harder to attain happiness.

Wiz: Kaneki finally came to the conclusion he needed- he would fight to justify the love of those that supported him throughout his life. He knew that was what the dead wanted, especially Arima, who as it turned out conspired to breed Kaneki into the one-eyed king that would bring hope to ghouls and humans alike, alongside the ghoul and daughter of Kaneki’s first mentor Yoshimura, Eto.

Boomstick: His friends meant the world, especially Touka and his childhood friend Hideyoshi, who even after discovering Ken’s ghoulish side, stuck with him through thick and thin. And he’s certainly got what it takes to protect them.

(*Song of the Ancients Fate - Nier: Replicant*)

Wiz: Kaneki is strong enough to pin ghouls through multiple floors of a tall building, kick them with enough force to fling them into and smash a wall and in his Dragon form, could annihilate most of Tokyo just by moving around.

Boomstick: And none of this is even getting into him dodging bullets and even lightning from Arima’s Quinque. And his extensive knowledge certainly helps make him a tough son of a bitch to take out.

Pop-up: Arima's lightning isn't the same as actual lightning- being described as RC cells merely shaped like lightning. However, it's still stated to be near impossible dodge and Kaneki avoided it no problem.

Wiz: At least when he’s not prone to bouts of pure insanity. While he’s largely managed to get a grip on things, his shattered psyche still has a tendency to rear its ugly head at a bad moment, especially when activating his kakuja.

Boomstick: Or even worse, when he gets hungry, which also comes with the side effect of weakening his Kagune should he be malnourished, though if you destroy the kakuhou itself, he won’t have a Kagune at all to worry about.

Pop-up: Kaneki has largely managed to retain his sanity by the end of his series when utilising his strongest powers, so this weakness isn't a major hindrance at his peak.

Wiz: None of these downsides however were enough to break Kaneki. Despite the constant stress and heartache he experienced in his journey, he wanted to live. Live to bring a world in which the people of both of his halves could finally live amongst themselves and enjoy a peaceful future.

Boomstick: And hey, he and Touka settled down and had a baby afterward, so safe to say he found that piece eventually... even if it took a mountain of corpses to get there.

Kaneki: Even if I were to know everything that'd happen after, I still would have gone to meet Rize that day. To me, all of it was necessary. This world... This world isn't wrong. It just is.

Ad Break[]

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, and we've run the data through all possibilities!

Boomstick: But first, how about a break from that human flesh with a side of coffee and try a more... palatable meal, with Blue Apron!

(Blue Apron ad)

Boomstick: But right now, it's time for a Death Battle!


Shinichi can be seen sprinting through an empty street faster than any athlete ever could. The fingers on his right hand are all hardened into steel claws by Migi as he attempts to track down a deadly Parasyte.

Shinichi: How much further is he?!

Migi: One hundred meters. He should be around an upcoming bend. Turn there.

We immediately cut to a cloaked figure being attacked by a Parasyte in an alleyway, leaping through a wave of slashing tentacles and eventually, stopping to bend over as the figure’s back begins to twitch and bulge until four bloodsoaked tentacles burst out and clash with Parasyte’s blades, before one stray hit slaps the Parasyte in the stomach and knocks him clean off his feet. As the cloaked figure goes to finish him off, Shinichi makes a sudden stop at the entrance of the alleyway and prepares to attack. Seeing the figure’s Kagune, he and Migi both believe him to be another Parasyte, as the one they were initially after slips away.

???: Dammit.

The figure whispers this under his breath, as Shinichi and Migi share their observations.

Shinichi: Another one?! Shit!

Migi: Be careful Shinichi. This one’s unlike any we’ve battled up to this point. I’ll play defensive. Tell me if you notice anything.

As Migi says this, Shinichi’s hand turns from a clawed appendage to a fleshy noodle, splitting into fleshy gross tendrils and hardened blades. Migi lunges straight for the figure, who counterattacks with his Kagune. Migi’s tendrils and the four bloody tentacles shoot off at lightning speeds, bouncing off of each other and parrying every attack they throw out. Shinichi ignores Migi’s fight and tries to observe the figure to scout him out.

Shinichi: Migi’s right. His attack formation is nothing like that of a normal Parasyte.

???: What is up with this guy? There’s no way he’s human, but his eyes aren’t red, and that-

The figure tries to assess what Migi is during the clash.

???: What kind of Kagune is that?

Migi breaks through the figure’s Kagune several times, cutting up the cloak and slowly revealing his identity more and more. Migi blocks an attack from all four of the Kagune’s appendages, as Migi commands Shinichi to strike.

Migi: Shinichi! Now!

Shinichi makes a mad dash for the figure. Migi retracts his tendrils and forms them into blades that made his shape like that of a giant shuriken. Shinichi flung the parasitic Beyblade at his target, detaching from his arm and since the figure's Kagune couldn't even get in front of him to block the attack in time, he put his arms up to guard against it. Migi strikes and pushes his target back. The figure attempts to push Migi away, but sees Shinichi leaping right for him as Migi returns to the stub where his right arm was and transforms into a giant blade. Shinichi delivers a downward slash that pushes the figure away, but don’t seem to leave a grievous wound despite the seemingly fatal hit. The figure stays on their feet, and grabs the torn up cloak before pulling it off of them- revealing a white-haired one-eyed ghoul, in what almost looked like a lab coat with a pitch black outfit underneath and a mask that covered one of his eyes and had the appearance of a gruesome grin. This was Ken Kaneki- throwing away the tattered cloak and grabbing out his Quinque- the Yukimura 1/3.

Kaneki: Tch. You low level ghouls have a thing for walking straight into your death just for food. The only thing you’ll be feeding off of tonight is my blade!

Kaneki leaps into the air and with a determined yell leaving his mouth, throws a downward slash straight at Shinichi.


Shinichi blocks it with his new sword arm, as Kaneki returns to the ground and begins pushing his own assault forward- putting constant pressure on Shinichi by constantly approaching with aggressive sword slashes Shinichi has to continually parry. One downward slash gets blocked by Shinichi and the two enter a power struggle. Migi slips a tendril through the struggle around the hilt of the Yukimura 1/3 and before he even has a chance to notice and react, Migi yanks it out of his hand and tosses it way up into the air.

Shinichi: Good night, monster!

Shinichi winds back and rushes straight for Kaneki to stab him with his sword, but Kaneki stays vigilant and side-steps at the last second, before spinning around and landing a direct kick to Shinichi’s back that sends him flying from his target. Shinichi stays on his feet, but as soon as he turns around, Kaneki is right there and begins landing repeated strikes with his fists and feet, with all of Shinichi’s attempts to hit back with punches of his own being blocked or grabbed and leading to him getting counterattacked. One missed punch from Shinichi leads Kaneki to grab him by the arm and sweep him off his feet, sending Shinichi straight to the ground and pinning him.

Kaneki: Now is a good time...

As Shinichi struggles to break free, Kaneki’s left eye turns a bloody red and his mouth waters like a drinking fountain.

Kaneki: For me to teach you a lesson!

Kaneki goes in to eat Shinichi, but as soon as he bites down, he finds himself chewing on a metal blade- Migi’s arm, as it turns out, and he promptly flings Kaneki off of Shinichi and into a nearby stack of rubbish bins. Shinichi gets back up, as Migi enters an attacking position and awaits Kaneki’s next move. Kaneki gets up and takes a minute to assess the situation. He finally decides what to do- he strikes a nearby pipe, causing steam to burst out from it that envelops the alleyway in a thick fog that Shinichi and Migi struggled to see through.

Migi: Keep an eye out Shinichi.

Shinichi: Yeah. Same to you.

The two remain motionless- observing and listening to their surroundings in the hope they could catch Kaneki trying to surprise attack. Migi has multiple appendages out with multiple eyes, scanning every direction, while Shinichi closes his eyes and focuses on his hearing. That’s when he hears something- a mass hurdling towards him from behind. Migi sees its silhouette and recognises it as Kaneki’s Kagune.

Migi: Shinichi! Behind you!

Shinichi immediately turns around and slashes behind him, blocking the Kagune that, as the fog settled, he realised wasn’t actually attached to Kaneki. He had been tricked, and only realises as Kaneki goes in from behind and delivers a karate chop to the back of his neck that in one fell swoop, knocks Shinichi out cold, as he hits the floor lifelessly. The detached Kagune returns to Kaneki, as the rest of his begins to sprout from his back again. He attempts to strike the stationary target with his Kagune, but what he doesn’t realise is that he knocked Shinichi out but not Migi. As soon as the Kagune shoots towards Shinichi’s body, Migi turns into an enormous fist and strikes Kaneki like a sledgehammer, pushing him back just enough for Migi to revert back to a tendril and fly straight through the window of an abandoned apartment complex, pulling Shinichi up with him. When Kaneki stops recoiling from the hit, he sees his opponent is now gone.

Kaneki: You can’t hide from me forever!

Kaneki shouts this but as expected, he doesn’t get so much as a response. He begins sniffing around, attempting to make out any kind of distinct aroma that might match Shinichi’s from when they fought. He catches the scent, represented to the viewers as a cloud of pink mist leading straight into the same window the duo went through.

Cutting to inside the apartment, Migi splashes ice cold water on Shinichi’s face and wakes him up.

Shinichi: AH-WHA-what?! Where’d he go?!

Migi: He knocked you out cold. He’ll be here any moment, so we need to think of a counterattack fast.

Shinichi is overwhelmed at first but one deep breath later, he calms down and can properly think what to do next.

Shinichi: Alright, what’s the plan?

The camera immediately cuts to Kaneki bursting through the window, glass shattering as he enters the frame. He starts looking around for Shinichi, but notices, just peaking around the corner, a hand on the floor. Kaneki, thinking it’s a civilian, slowly approaches.

Kaneki: Hey! Are you alright?

No response. He suspects the civilian the hand belongs to was already killed but he gets closer anyways to be sure of any chance that they’re safe. Right as he’s about to turn the corner, the hand starts to twitch. Before Kaneki can do anything, it starts twitching even more violently, before morphing into a needle-like shape that extends and stabs Kaneki straight through the chest- his blood staining his white investigator uniform from where he was impaled. Kaneki stands there in shock, while several more tendrils reveal themselves from the shadows to stab Kaneki more and more- one even going into the back of his head and out his right eye socket, as his right eye falls to the floor covered in blood and severed nerve endings.


Kaneki begins screaming in writhing agony, as his blood drips than the tips of the blades skewering every part of his body.


















Kaneki’s body starts violently twitching as he screams this. His back begins to bulge like a pimple waiting to explode, as his Kakuja bursts out and slices the tendrils apart, while yanking all of the blades impaling him out from his body, including the one in his eye socket. Taking a minute to breath now that he’s no longer a pin cushion, he discards his ragged uniform- revealing his trademark black bodysuit underneath, and he dawns his signature black mask, covering his gouged out eye as the iris of his left eye turns a deep, inhuman crimson and the whites turn pitch black. He starts to giggle to himself, almost excited and what’s to come next.

Kaneki: Hehehehehehehehe. Come out, come out, wherever you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare.

Sure enough, more tendrils begin appearing from the darkness to attack Kaneki. His Kakuja begins to coat his body and as a result, the tendrils fail to penetrate it and some of their blades even shatter on contact. Kaneki slashes away at the few aiming for the weak spots in his fleshy armour, with one sneaky attacker managing to impale him through the ankle, with more on the way to capitalise on this opportunity.

Kaneki: Heh. Cute.

Kaneki begins to spin in place- the bones in his ankle shattering, the muscles tearing and the skin splitting open as the rest of his body builds up momentum, ending in him slicing the tendril pinning him down with his Kagune to free his foot and then using the mangled foot as it starts to correct itself and spin back into place to kick away the attacking tendrils. His foot fully recovers soon enough, but more tendrils just start attacking, so Kaneki gets a better idea. He closes his eyes and listens to his surroundings using his heightened senses. Sure enough, he hears a heartbeat on the top floor. Without a second to spare, he evades a simultaneous stabbing and in one big leap, he barrels through the multiple floors between him and his target. He makes it to the top and sees Shinichi standing on the rooftop, without Migi attached to his arm, stunned that Kaneki survived and spotted him. Migi’s tendrils, however, followed him up and while Kaneki is still airborne, he’s caught in a fleshy wave of blades and noodle limbs returning to Shinichi’s arm, although his Kakuja armour prevents them from doing any real damage. As Kaneki lands, the two stare each other down, but both hear something just out of shot. Hands start popping up and grabbing the edge of the rooftop, as various Ghouls and Parasytes start to enter the frame after hearing the two fight, with some leaping from great heights to reach the rooftop or even just bursting in through the entryway.

Shinichi: Oh great, just what I needed.

Migi: Shinichi. Try and use them to your advantage. Something to distract him could prove useful.

Shinichi is initially confused where he was going with that plan but trusts that Migi knows what he’s doing.

Shinichi: Alright, got it.

Two centipede shaped Kagune emerge from Kaneki’s back and barrel through a hoard of ravenous Ghouls and Parasytes, which Migi blocks by forming two human sized blades to deflect them. Kaneki tries swiping at Shinichi from a distance with them, but he darts in between Kaneki’s attacks and even using the monsters on the battlefield as “human” shields to avoid getting struck. Kaneki can hear the Ghouls and Parasytes behind him drawing out their Kagunes and tendrils to attack him and has his remaining Kagune attack them instead. They all go down like a sack of potatoes, their blood and even a few organs painting the floors. Shinichi uses this distraction to his advantage and makes a beeline for Kaneki. Kaneki notices this and just as Shinichi swipes down with an inhumanly large set of claws, they’re met with resistance in the form of a Kokaku Kagune. A long spiral like Kagune stands in between him and Kaneki and both Shinichi and Migi can tell that no amount of their own force was getting through that thing, so they back off to try and think of something else. Kaneki doesn’t give them the time to do that however, as he changes one of his other Kagune to mimic an Ukaku, and begins firing rapid projectiles at the duo. Shinichi kneels on the floor as Migi turns into an enormous shield to deflect the rapid fire shots, as both try to think up a plan.

Shinichi: We’re never gonna get through him at this rate. He’s too mu-

Shinichi doesn’t even get to finish that sentence before feeling something even heavier attack the shield. That “something heavier” eventually pierces the shield and reveals itself to be Kaneki’s Rinkaku Kagune, now ending with blades sharp enough to rend Shinichi like jelly if he got struck. Shinichi reacts with shock to this but Migi stays calm.

Migi: I have a plan. It’s risky but it’s our only choice at this stage.

Kaneki directs his Rinkaku Kagune at more of the monsters trying to gang up on him- even grabbing their rendered flesh with his Kagune and shoveling it right into his mouth while this all happens, while continuing to fire Ukaku shots at Shinichi. Migi exits his shield form and morphs onto a series of tendrils to deflect each Ukaku shot at blinding speeds. Kaneki sees this and keeps firing more and more shots that Migi continues to deflect, until one stray hit catches Shinichi’s side and even draws blood, causing him to recoil and grab his wounded side in pain. Kaneki stops firing for a moment to taunt his opponent.

Kaneki: You thought you could just keep defending forever? Heh... you lowly Ghouls disgu-

Shinichi, turned away from Kaneki while he gloats, turns back around to reveal his right hand taking the form of a gattling gun.

Kaneki: Wait, what the he-

Shinichi begins firing before he could even finish, forcing Kaneki to dig his Kokaku Kagune into the ground and block the shots. He notices that it wasn’t bullets being fired at him, but his own Kagune shots. Migi wasn’t deflecting his attacks, he had been collecting them. Despite the Kokaku’s immense defense, it begins to slowly but noticeably chip and crack from the continual fire. Some shots get deflected off of the Kagune and fire straight into the other Ghouls and Parasytes and killing them in the process. Kaneki stops playing defensive and sends his Rinkaku Kagune around the shots to strike Shinichi. Migi is forced to stop firing and blocks the attack, giving Kaneki the opportunity to rush in with his Bikaku Kagune, which he uses like that of a tail to strike Shinichi while Migi is distracted, and land several clean punches to the defenseless teenager. Migi eventually retracts as Kaneki goes in for one more punch, which Shinichi catches with his right hand. Kaneki’s follow-up punch gets grabbed by Shinichi’s other hand, as the two enter another power struggle. Kaneki starts to overwhelm Shinichi in this struggle and pushes him back as the Kakuja starts to form over his arms to give him more strength. Shinichi doesn’t back down, however, as Migi turns Shinichi’s right hand into a massive arm- almost meat like in appearance, that gives Shinichi enough to keep Kaneki from overpowering that side. Kaneki looks to his right in surprise at Shinichi’s power boost, which Shinichi uses to his advantage by letting go of Kaneki’s right hand and closing in on his inside with a clean hook to Kaneki’s face. Unfortunately, Kaneki barely even flinches from this punch and just grins as Shinichi’s face drops. Kaneki delivers one swift kick to Shinichi’s gut and he goes flying, barrelimg through several Ghouls and Parasytes and crashing into the railings with enough force to dent it. Shinichi coughs up a bit of blood and stares panicked at the approaching one-eyed Ghoul. Kaneki fires off his Rinkaku once more, which Migi goes to deflect.

Shinichi: Migi! Wait!

Migi lets himself get hit by the Rinkaku, which severs half of his body but that’s what Migi was going for. The half that was split off began rotating in mid-air and like the shrapnel in a grenade, fragments of him shot off in every direction. Kaneki deflected the one coming for him, but the rest embed themselves inside the bodies of various Ghouls and Parasytes. They all start to violently twitch and scream in agony, as Kaneki looks around dumbfounded at what’s going on. The Parasytes’ heads start to turn into tendrils and attack Kaneki, which he deflects most of but a few stray blades manage to get past his attacks and pierce where his Kakuja didn’t protect him. The Ghouls, unable to control their own bodies thanks to Migi, approach Kaneki against their will and begin to bite into his Kakuja and eat away at it. Shinichi just watches as he slowly and painfully gets up as Kaneki gets devoured alive, but Kaneki doesn’t let the situation stay like this forever.


Blood shoots out from the Ghouls on top of him, as his Kagune shreds through them like paper and then go straight through the Parasytes behind him. Migi escapes their bodies all at once and regroups with Shinichi, as Kaneki’s Kakuja is severely damaged and he is dripping from every part of his body with blood and even the odd secretion from his Kagune. Shinichi runs head-first at him to finish him off, but as he leaps in to deliver the killing blow, Migi realises that they fell right into Kaneki’s trap. Instead of turning into the blades Shinichi wanted, he created a shield just beneath Shinichi’s feet, as Kagune completely separated from Kaneki’s body sprout from the ground like seeds. He does block it but the force of the attack sends Shinichi flying, letting Kaneki send the Kagune still attached to his back after him. The end of the Kagune morphs into a hand that grabs Shinichi by the ankle and before Shinichi even has time to think, he’s swung right across the rooftop and slammed straight into the wall of the entryway to the rooftop with enough force to leave a sizeable crack on the concrete. Shinichi writhes with pain as more blood escapes his mouth, and his slow attempt at counterattacking is cut short by Kaneki’s Kagune pinning his right hand to the wall.

Shinichi: You damn Parasyte! I have people I need to protect, and I’m not letting a freak like y-

Kaneki punches Shinichi right in the jaw mid-sentence. His expression turns cold as he stares a now frightened Shinichi dead in the eyes.

Kaneki: You think you can protect your friends? Don’t make me laugh. “Friends” like yours deserve better than a weakling as their guardian. You have no right to claim to protect them.

Kaneki unzips his mask to go in for a bite, as Shinichi just stands there waiting for it to be over. Suddenly, a stray Ghoul leaps up from behind Kaneki to eat him instead, which Kaneki slices clean in two. To his shock, a fragment of Migi was still inside him, which leaps out and jumps into his mouth. Distracted by this, Kaneki’s grip on Shinichi’s arm loosens, letting the rest of Migi’s body detach from Shinichi and force its way into Kaneki’s mouth and down his oesophagus- nearly dislocating Kaneki’s jaw in the process. Kaneki starts screaming in pain, as he feels his control over his own body begin to be taken away from him. His own Kagune slowly starts pointing towards himself, before continually striking Kaneki without his input.

Kaneki: STOP!!! I’M GONNA DIE!!!!!

















The Kagune does enough damage to Kaneki’s body that from the inside out, Migi is able to burst right through Kaneki’s stomach like a Facehugger.

Migi: Shinichi! Now!

Migi reattaches to Shinichi’s arm, while still keeping the other end of his body inside Kaneki’s so Shinichi can grip his insides. Shinichi starts running towards the other end of the rooftop, with Kaneki being pulled by his insides. Shinichi keeps running with Kaneki in front of him like a human shield, with several Ghouls and Parasytes that happened to be in the way getting caught and being pushed to the other end as well, before Shinichi revs back his hand and without missing a beat, flings all of them off the rooftop like an Olympic level discus player. As he and the other monsters plummet to the ground beneath- his intestines unravelling from the wound Migi inflicted upon him like a ball of wool and blood oozing out like a red fountain- Kaneki began pondering everything that lead up to this moment.

Kaneki: So... this is it, huh? This is how my story ends. Unfulfilled... like a book who’s finale could never see the light of day.

Kaneki and the other monsters Shinichi flung off the roof crash landed inside a building- ironically his original workplace Anteiku- and Shinichi capitalises on this by sending Migi off to a nearby water tank that happened to be just above where he was standing and grabbing it by one of the legs holding it up. With one yank, he broke the leg off and the tank began to collapse and tumble straight for Anteiku. It lands dead on and obliterates what was left of the building underneath its enormous weight. Watching this, Shinichi falls on his backside from exhaustion and takes a heavy sigh of relief.

Shinichi: Whoooo... thank god that’s over.

Migi doesn’t rest as easily though. He continues to eye Anteiku’s ruins, feeling something is amiss. The screen goes black, showing the dark insides of Anteiku’s wreckage, as various biting and chewing sounds can be heard. The few bits of light hitting the floor reveal blood shooting out from the shadows, as the eating sounds grow more and more intense and gluttonous. Bizarre whispers can even be heard throughout this process.

???: 895... 888... 881... 874

As it turns out, Kaneki survived this incident and was devouring not just the bodies of the Ghouls and Parasytes that fell with him, but all of the reserved meats hidden away in Anteiku from the public.

Kaneki: 287... 280... 273... 266... 259...

Shinichi: What’s up Migi?

Migi: I don’t like the feel of this.

Sure enough, Migi’s instincts were right. The ground begins to quake as Shinichi gets back up and realises the fight isn’t over. The quaking grows more and more violent, until eventually, an enormous and horrific mass of morbid bloody flesh bursts out from Anteiku and floods the streets of Japan- trampling buildings like they were made of cardboard and in the distance, its presence earns it the distant screams of the public echoing throughout the city. Shinichi can only watch in stunned silence as the Dragon comes out to play. Kagune golems begin to leak out the sides of its shell and not only run rampant beneath, but a couple land on the rooftops and gives Shinichi new targets to deal with.

Shinichi: Oh great, just what I needed. HYYYYYYAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!

Shinichi swings his arm and Migi turns into a bladed whip to slash the golems but no matter how fast Migi slashed or how hard Shinichi swung, he wasn’t doing visible damage to his target. As the golems attacked, Shinichi stepped back but soon realised he was surrounded. He ducked under Migi, now turned into a shield, as the golems gang up on him and slam down on the shield.

Migi: Shinichi.

Shinichi: Yeah?!

Migi: Hold tight.

The golems keep pounding on the shield, but suddenly stop when they hear a cracking sound. Before they can notice what’s happening, the ground beneath them breaks and they fall to the lower floors. From the hole Kaneki left in the floor to reach the duo earlier, Shinichi jumps out, now stared down by one of the many eyes dotting the Dragon’s body. Shinichi rushes for it, to Migi’s chagrin.

Migi: Shinichi, wait!

As soon as Shinichi goes to attack the enormous centipede head on, he gets struck faster than he can react by one of its enormous tentacles, which strikes with enough force to send him flying into a nearby clocktower. When the dust settles from the collision, Shinichi is revealed to be pinned to the top of the tower, with several pieces of rebar impaling him in multiple areas- his legs, his back, his stomach, even his left hand. Migi attempts to remove the rebar hurriedly while Shinichi writhes in bloodcurdling agony.

Shinichi: Shit! Shit! Shit it hurts! AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHH!!!

While Shinichi is distracted by the pain, Migi notices the Dragon fast approaching. He hurries even more with removing the rebar but eventually, the Dragon gets close enough to unleash another couple of its tentacles. Migi forms into several tendrils and attempts to deflect them. A slow-mo shot ensues, showing Migi’s tendrils attempting to parry the Dragon’s attacks... only for the Dragon’s tentacles to slice through even their steel-like blades like butter and rend right through the tendrils like they weren’t even there- reaching Shinichi and slicing him, Migi and the part of the tower they were stuck to into bloody chunks. Shinichi can only watch in horror as he’s turned to sashimi and he’s completely shredded apart, as the Dragon closes in and eats his and Migi’s bodies like a gluttonous cobra, with a few scattered organs and drops of blood missing its mouth. The screen then fades to black, the last thing being heard being the horrific roars of this tumourous monstrosity.


(*End of All (Below) - Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation*)

Announcer: K.O!!!

Boomstick: This just in! Bugs, especially centipedes... f**king suck.

Wiz: Shinichi and Migi were certainly a crafty duo that have survived insurmountable odds, but this was certainly a case where the odds were stacked a bit too far against them.

Boomstick: Though to be fair, it isn’t like they didn’t have some advantages. They were both way smarter and less prone to having their planning abilities cut short by uh... major bouts of insanity. Plus they certainly had the versatility to be an annoying opponent to deal with.

Pop-up: In base, Kaneki has shown more than his fair share of strategic and intelligent plans of attack, and he's learned to overcome his insanity problems for the most part, making this advantage rather light overall.

Wiz: In theory, at least. Unfortunately for the Parasyte duo however, these advantages weren’t nearly enough to compete with Kaneki taking every other category.

Boomstick: Experience was an easy one to give to Kaneki considering the dude has been trained by Ghouls and humans alike. Sure Migi has taught himself a lot but barely any of that was on actual combat, not helped by Kaneki battling a wider variety of enemies at that.

Wiz: And more importantly, Kaneki’s Ghoul physiology made it extremely difficult for Shinichi to even deal lasting damage to Kaneki.

Boomstick: Shinichi can tear walls down with his bare hands, but Ukaku Ghouls like Ayato have survived being smashed through several floors of a building without major injury, and those guys are frail as shit compared to Kaneki.

Wiz: His healing factor certainly helped with this. Even if Shinichi and Migi miraculously were able to deliver some kind of fatal hit, it’s extremely unlikely Kaneki wouldn’t have been able to recover from it.

Boomstick: Remember, he’s recovered from having organs gouged out and even being impaled through the head, so Shinichi’s already weaker attacks were even more hard-pressed to be fatal.

Wiz: Though it isn’t like he necessarily needed them to be. Thanks to Migi’s Parasyte physiology, he could in theory just take over Kaneki’s body and either do irreparable damage or just turn Kaneki’s own attacks against him, which given Kaneki’s constant attempts to... well, eat them, gave him an opening that wouldn’t have even relied on entering through whatever wounds they inflicted.

Boomstick: That’s the theory, now here’s the execution.

Wiz: In terms of speed, Ghouls and Parasytes have displayed bullet dodging speeds. However, the difference is that the Parasyte that achieved said speeds was too fast for Shinichi to handle, while Kaneki has had no trouble against speeds like that, giving him the speed advantage and a major hurdle to cross to get Migi inside of him.

Pop-up: Scaling Shinichi fully to Gotou in the first place is rather iffy given Shinichi nearly died to Gotou and only won through introducing a poison into his system. That and in their first fight, Gotou was too fast for even a post-Migi fusion Shinichi to track and Gotou is clearly far above Shinichi in raw power.

Boomstick: Hehe. Well besides that, Kaneki’s Kagune also gave him more than enough versatility to make approaching him a risky gambit, and he had plenty of range and defenses to make getting Migi close enough to take him over extremely difficult. And against the Dragon... yeah there was no working around that.

Wiz: Not only have Parasytes never displayed the ability to take over such a large and complicated lifeform, but the Dragon could send enormous earthquakes across all of Tokyo and destroy entire city blocks just by moving around.

Boomstick: Yeah... Shinichi wasn’t beating that thing.

Pop-up: While Kaneki being able to access the Dragon via conventional means is somewhat in question, his Kakuja Wings were able to create a shockwave that destroyed the Dragon's own tentacles, something that are noted to be as strong as steel. Even being generous and scaling Shinichi to Gotou tanking a grenade launcher blast, Kaneki outside of the Dragon is still around 500x stronger than Shinichi.

Wiz: In short, while Shinichi may have had some nifty tricks up his sleeve, Kaneki’s incredible defense, arsenal, speed and experience were more than enough to take this blood soaked bout.

Boomstick: Shinichi’s odds were Migir at best and he got Tokyowned.

Wiz: The winner is Ken Kaneki.

Additional Notes[]

The connection between Shinichi Izumi and Ken Kaneki are that they were both ordinary and socially awkward teenagers who grew up with only a single friend in their life (Satomi and Hideyoshi respectively), until one faithful encounter that would lead to a permanent transformation into their series' titular monster (Migi taking over and replacing Shinichi's right hand and Rize nearly killing Kaneki and having her kidney transplanted into his and altering his body). Both are seen in a very different light by others of said monsters' species due to an oddity in their make-up (Shinichi for his right hand being a Parasyte as opposed to his head and Kaneki having only one red eye), and a traumatic encounter would also lead to a permanent change in their appearance and personality that pushed them closer to their monstrous side than their human side (Shinichi being stabbed through the heart by a Parasyte taking over his mother's body and fusing further with Migi in order to survive and Kaneki being tortured by Yamori and later eating him). They would both still fight for their humanity, as well as loved ones and would have their eyes opened to what the supposed monsters of their series are truly like through the efforts of one of said monsters that wants to study the human race more and live among them (Ryoko and Yoshimura repectively), both of whom were also responsible for creating one of the most dangerous beings in their worlds. Both them and the monsters both face also try to blend in with human society and keep their monstrous side from ever being seen by those closest to them, and the monsters they fight also consume human flesh and are known to slaughter their own kind to compete for their nourishment. Both Shinichi and Kaneki also specialise primarily in tendril like appendages for combat that can also take on multiple different states and forms. Also the deaths of their mothers play a major role in their development throughout their respective stories.