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~ Sheldon's catchphrase

Sheldon Cooper is one of the main protagonist of the TV show The Big Bang Theory. He is the famed Physicist from Pasadena.

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Sheldon had a fond interest of science from a young age, with some examples including trying to create a sonic-death ray (which didn't really work for it's intended purpose).

Death battle Info

  • Age:40
  • Aliases: Sheldor the conqueror, the retractor, Dr Sheldon Cooper, Shell-bot, Moonpie, Shelly Cooper, Sheldon Lee Cooper, Dr Cooper
  • Occupation: Cal-tech physicist

Abilities and weapons:

  • Paintball gun
  • Virtual presence device
  • Paintball armor
  • Super speed
  • M.O.N.T.E
  • Fencing
  • Time machine
  • Klingon Bat'leth


  • Has an IQ of around 187
  • Was able to run from Pasadena to the grand canyon and back in roughly 21 seconds
  • Was able to yell WHEATON so loudly that it was heard in space
  • Can Duplicate when eats enough thai food