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The assistants of pure evil who desire nothing more then their fair share of power and will do everything they can to gain it. Even murder.


Boomstick: You know, I love a badass woman. But these two are way too crazy for me, cause they work for even crazier nut jobs!

Wiz: Now I've heard everything.

Boomstick: Shego, the evil sidekick to Dr. Drekken.

Wiz: And Cinder Fall, the right hand man to Salem and enemy to Team RWBY.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and he's Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win a DEATH BATTLE!




Wiz: Alongside her four brothers, Shego was part of a team called Team Go, which--

Boomstick: Oh god, not Teen Titans Go! That show sucks!

Wiz: Not Teen Titans Go, this was Team Go, a group of superheroes formed in Go City. No joke. This is canon.

Boomstick: I can see why she left.

Wiz: Actually, she left because Shego began to enjoy hurting people for fun and considered her brothers annoying.

Boomstick: After getting an arrest warrant in eleven countries, Shego found herself in the lair of Dr. Drekken, arch-enemy of Kim Possible.

Wiz: Under Drekken's employeement, Shego became a destructive opponent for Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable.

Boomstick: Plus Shego's got some awesome superpowers she got from a comet from space. Yeah. That's how she got her powers.

Wiz: You've been impressed by less.

Boomstick: When?!

Wiz: Shazam's origin, Spider-Man's origin, All Might's origin, shall I go on?

Boomstick: Screw you.

Wiz: After that moment, Shego gained incredible powers such as:

  • Energy absorption,
  • And energy projection,
  • And a superhuman physic.

Just one small energy projection is equal to that of an RPG.

Boomstick: Role playing games?

Wiz: Uh... No. Rocket propelled grenades!! Boomstick, you should know that!

Boomstick: Sorry, just had a few too many beers.

Wiz:...Okay, if we look at power alone, she can destroy an entire building. But she has more brains than brawn. Shego is cunning, dangerous and an expert marksman.

Boomstick: Plus, she's got a jetpack to fly with.

Wiz: Yes, I thought that would be obvious enough. Shego's suit also has built-in skates and also possesses a flying saucer, a rocket-powered jet board and her own jet.

Boomstick: She even has a crystal ball that can create a GIANT FORCE FIELD AROUND HER ENEMIES LIKE A GIANT NET!!

Wiz: Shego even his enough strength on her own ranked to be able to destroy entire city blocks with a single punch! With her speed alone, she has nearly defeated Kim Possible on her own.


"So the Drama" Kim and Shego full Restaurant fight.


Boomstick: Plus, she's a pretty good fighter. Like you said Wiz, she almost beat Kim Possible!

Wiz: Well, almost.

Boomstick: She's conquered the entire planet in an alternate timeline, defeated a giant wrestler, can throw people around with little to no trouble and can hold an ALIGATOR'S MOUTH OPEN WITH HER BARE HANDS.

Wiz: In all retropect, Shego may be one of the most deadliest villians in the world of Kim Possible.


Cinder Fall


Wiz: In the world of Remnant, the near impossible is considered possible.

Boomstick: Well no shit, Wiz. There's an evil demon lady called Salem on the loose and as far as WE KNOW, THERE IS NO WAY TO BEAT HER!!

Wiz: But all of the heinous things done in this world are not all by Salem. Some of those evil tasks go to her assistant: Cinder Fall.

Boomstick: Cinder's kind of a bitch, even compared to Salem.

Wiz: Yes, that may be true. As far as her past, we do not know anything other than she had become affiliated with Salem. But afterwards, she became obsessed with not only power, but pleasing Salem.

Boomstick: Wait, you mean she's--

Wiz: Not that kind of pleasing. Anyway, Cinder was given the task of taking the power of the Fall Maiden.

Boomstick: Sounds like a stripper.

Wiz: No, no. The Fall Maiden is one of four women with the power of different elements via magic. For example--

Boomstick: I thought they didn't have magic.

Rwby vale arena cinder fall sprite by nightmarezenuki-d6vwnm5

Venom Gia, the Spider

Wiz: Well, this is independent of dust, aura or a semblance. So as far as the different powers, they're distrubted like this:

  • The Fall Maiden uses pyrokenisis,
  • TheSummer Maiden... we don't know what her powers are yet.
  • The Winter Maiden can control ice,
  • And the Spring Maiden can control the weather. And water.

Boomstick: I swear that's the plot of Avatar.

Wiz: No. Anyway, through some how, Cinder turned her left arm into that of a Grimm arm. But this type of arm is able to stretch and when she grabbed the Spring Maiden, Cinder absorbed her life force and her powers.

Boomstick: That's not creepy at all.

Wiz: Well, it is, considering the fact that this arm can regenerate if cut off. Other powers she has include:

  • Elemental manipulation: Due to her abilities as the Spring Maiden, she can manipulate fire without the use of Dust.
  • Flight,
  • Magical abilities
  • and can create some constructs, such as giant spears and swords.

On top of that, Cinder has a few weapons:

  • Glass dust, which enables her to create weapons out of thin air.
  • and Bows and Arrows, which can disassemble and reassemble in less than a second. The arrow that hit Pyrrha Nikko's heel did this and still was moving AT THE EXACT SAME SPEED.

Boomstick: Speaking of Pyrrha, Cinder's number one feat was killing her. Her other feats include:

  • Killing the previous Fall Maiden,
  • With half her Spring Maiden power, she fought Glynda Goodwitch-- wait, wait.

Wiz: What?

Boomstick: Glynda Goodwitch? The bubble lady from Wizard of Oz?

Wiz: No, this is a different Glynda Goodwitch. This one isn't as friendly.

Boomstick: Oh.


RWBY Cinder becomes a Fall Maiden.

Wiz: She's infiltrated Beacon's Communication Tower by herself,

  • Survived Ruby's silver eyes attack.
  • Held her own against Raven, the Spring Maiden,
  • And killed Ozpin, Vernal and Pyrrah Nikkos.

But on top of that, she doesn't use much strategy and is very hot headed. With only one eye, she lack depth perception and with her Maiden abilities, her speed and durability are about the same before she had the Maiden powers.

Boomstick: But don't underestimate her. If you're on her hit list, don't bother running. You're already dead.


(Dr. Drakken and Shego pilot their all terrain jet into a secret super-villian base under the Atlantic Ocean. Parking the jet, Shego and Drakken exit only to see hundreds of villains around them, going into different areas. One group of villains go into a giant board room, others go into one room that draws Shego's attention.)

Shego: Hey, Drakken what's that room?

Drakken: Looks like a fight club for something.

Shego: Well, why don't I go kill some people while you and the other villians come up with some new schemes or whatever you guys do...


(Shego walks into the room that draws her attention and finds a place called the "Henchmen's Death Battle: Slaughter your opponents FOR FUN!!!" which was a large room filled with seats and other henchmen fighting and one of them, a woman in her 20's was standing in a very large wrestling ring in a black dress and a long black glove over one of her arms and an eyepatch. An announcer climbs into the ring.)

DBX Announcer: Ladies and gentle-freaks! Give it up for our undefeated champion, Cinder Fall! And here is her next opponent, from Harley Quinn's crew, King SHAAAAAAAAAAAARK!!

(The crowd boos while Shego steals someone's popcorn. King Shark is slaughtered by Cinder Fall, near instantly.)

Shego: Looks like fun. I should try this out.

(Shego goes into the ring. Grabbing the DBX announcer by his shirt and goes to bash his head in, but stops and tells him.)

Shego: I'm up next. Got it?

DBX Announcer: S-s-sure!!! N-next up (Ahem!) Next up is the deadly and beautiful--

Shego: Ahem...

DBX: Oh, right, the brilliantly sexual and diobolical assistant of Dr. Drakken, SHEGO!!

(Shego walks up to Shego and faces Cinder Fall. Cinder looks up to Salem, who mouths the words: Do not fail me again.)

DBX Announcer (Jumping out of the ring):


(Shego throws a punch at Cinder that lands and Cinder pulls Shego to the ground and about to blast Shego's head off with fire. Shego punches Cinder in the leg and backhands her out of the ring. Cinder stands straight up and charges at Shego. Reacting with incredible speed, Shego punches Cinder, blood pouring down her face. Cinder makes a sword and goes for a cut across Shego's stomach. Cinder misses and then Shego kicks her in the face and throws her out of the ring.)

Shego: What's the matter? Tired of getting your ass kicked?

Cinder: I could ask you the same thing.

Shego: You got your ass handed to you by a little kid. Well, that and your eye.

(Shego gets angry and tackles Shego out of the ring. Just to hurt her some more, Cinder picks up Shego and throws her into a section of stadium seats.)

Cinder: Sit down and shut. Up.

(Filled with anger, Shego get out and charges Cinder. Cinder makes a bow and arrows, firing one at Shego, which she destroys, firing another one at Shego, which Shego destroys again. Cinder fires 10 more arrows, one of which hits Shego in the abdomen. Shego falls down, pulls the arrow out, lights the arrow with her green fire and throws the arrow back at Cinder. She chuckles as the arrow comes close to Cinder, then the arrow reconstructs itself so that the arrow was pointed at Shego, she quickly places the arrow in the bow and shoots Shego with a giant explosion. Cinder turns around but hears Shego jump behind her.)

Shego: RRaaahh!!

(Cinder dodges and kicks her in the stomach. Shego swings her fist and burns Cinder's choulder. Cinder falls over and Shego breaks Cinder's human arm.)

Cinder: AARRGGHH!!!!!

(Shego is about to burn Cinder's head and then she uses her Grimm arm and bitch slaps Shego off of her. Shego uses the crystal ball on Cinder only for her to throw the net back on Shego. Cinder takes avantage of Shego's distraction and grabs her face with her Grimm hand. Shego begins to fade out and eventually turned to ash. Cinder walks up to Salem and bows to her.)

Cinder: Have I served you well Mistress Salem?

Salem: Cinder Fall, you had a good fight. Perhaps I can use your talents further on our mission.

(Cinder looks up and smiles.)

Cinder: Yes, Salem.



If Cinder Fall Wins

Wiz: Well, that was brutal.

Boomstick: No shit.

Wiz: Where as Shego has a large amount of weapons, Cinder has more powers and greater feats. Shego has some good weapons and good feats, rivaling that of Kim Possible, but no one as powerful as Shego could ever take down Cinder with all the powers and feats she had.


Wiz: Cinder nearly outclassed Shego in every category, proving herself as one of the most dangerous villains in the RWBY Universe.

Boomstick: Looks like Shego-ing about six feet under for now.

Wiz: The winner is Cinder Fall.