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Season 1
Season Episode 4
Air date April 30th, 2024
Written by DimeUhDozen
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Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned. Nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned.
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In the fourth episode of DimeUhDozen's Death Battle series, the heralds of heat clash in a battle that's sure to send the town ablaze. The super-villainess Shego from Kim Possible takes on the Princess of the Fire Nation, Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


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Electronica in the Velvet Room
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Duchess: Heat is quite the versatile power to wield. It has positive applications, of course. It warms up our world, provides protection from the cold. But more often than not for the people who wield it, some women just want to watch the world burn.

Antoinette: Like arch-rival to Kim Possible, Shego.


Duchess: And the ruthless Princess of the Fire Nation, Azula.


Antoinette: This is Madame Duchess, and I am Antoinette, her all-knowing virtual assistant.

Duchess: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Shego is So The Drama in DEATH BATTLE![]

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Theme of Nova
by Hideyuki Fukasawa
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Duchess: Meet Team Go. Go City's premiere crime-fighting team. Consisting of a family of superheroes, Hego, Mego, and the twins both known as Wego, they work hard to save their city from peril using their various powers and fighting skill. What a... bunch of losers. If my city was protected by Team Go-to-the-polls, I'd just surrender to whatever beautiful, gorgeous, and fashionable villain that just so happened to be in the area. No one in particular. But they might be blonde. And cute. And the host of a bloody internet spor-...

Antoinette: YOU'RE-...

(She immediately covers up her creator's mouth in front of the audience before she can say any more, much to her chagrin. Duchess looks just about ready to slap her, but Antoinette just gestures her eyes to the audience in a panic and shakes her head feverishly. Getting her signal, Duchess's eyes dilate in embarrassment and she sheepishly nods as Antoinette side-steps out of the way and releases her lips.)

Antoinette: ...CERTAINLY not alone for thinking that. But you may be noticing a certain emptiness when you look at the team altogether. It's almost like there's something missing. Something that was once there. Well, you'd be correct in suspecting that, because there is currently an empty slot on the team that previously belonged to their sister. A powerful and destructive force of nature that turned to the dark side, persuaded only by her self-serving interests and the need to get what rightfully belonged to her. That sister's name... was Shego.

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  • Shego:
    • Age: 28
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Occupation: Mercenary
    • Likes: Theft, evil, Drakken (to a degree)
    • Dislikes: Yapping, cloning, mind-control chips

Duchess: Things just got a little more interesting. Straying away from the heroic ideals of those goody-goodies, Shego entered work as a villainous mercenary, becoming well-versed in the art of stealth and theft. Her former crime-stopping skills were put to good use as she developed a fine mix of martial arts and her superhuman powers. This made her the most dangerous woman on the planet to the point where she was wanted in a whopping eleven countries.

Antoinette: All things considered, Shego was doing pretty well for herself, until she met an eccentric evil scientist by the name of Dr. Drakken. Taking a job for him because of the good pay, she became his accomplice and partner in his various evil schemes, although it was rather clear who was the more competent of the two. Sort of reminds me of someone, ma'am.

Duchess: Penny and Inspector Gadget? I agree.

Antoinette: N-No, ma'am. I meant...

(She gestures to herself and holograms pop up around her in the form of arrows. Duchess squints for a few moments.)

Duchess: GIR and Zim...

(Exasperated, the holograms deflate like balloons and Antoinette flops over with her arms limp at her sides.)

Antoinette: Yeah, okay, let's go with that, ma'am...

Duchess: Things looked up for the duo until they crossed paths with Kim Possible. A teenage hero who claims to be able to do anything. Which just sounds a little bit -- disingenuous and egotistical...? I mean, obviously, she can't do anything. She thinks she's all that, but in reality, she's-...

Antoinette: Ma'am. Focus.

Duchess: Right, right.

Antoinette: During their attempt to make a plan with a nano-explosive that just so happened to find itself on Kim, they would find themselves foiled, beginning a series of encounters with the heroine that would span... approximately four seasons and a movie. Two movies, if you want to be technical. Though despite their repeated defeats, there have been occasions where Shego actually has gotten the upper hand on Kim, and she required an external factor in order to beat her. Heck, there've even been times when Shego put up more of a fight against someone Kim struggled with!


  • Repeatedly able to match, and sometimes even beat Kim Possible.
  • Stated by Dr. Drakken to be smarter than Kim Possible.
  • She gave Junior Junior a crash course on martial arts and stealth.
  • She has accurate aim, not even needing to look to fire accurately.
  • In an alternate timeline, thanks to her own time-traveling meddling, she successfully took over the entire world.

Duchess: To put into perspective how skilled Shego is, Kim is able to repeatedly match martial artists like Monkey Fist, who completely mastered the Tai Shing Pek Kwar art. She herself has honed and practices Mantis Style, and is stated to know sixteen different styles of Kung Fu in total. She's even gone up against the Bebe Robots, who are perfect killing machines with the ability to analyze information in seconds and any chance of threats. And Shego has fought Kim more times than any of them. Even when she was empowered by an even stronger Battle Suit, she was still putting up a fight!

Antoinette: She is also a master of stealth, being able to frequently sneak into facilities and is commented by Dr. Drakken to be even quieter than a ninja.

Duchess: She's also managed to beat Kim in that department too, detecting her, even when she's capable of something as bullshit as this.

Antoinette: She's even managed to succeed where Drakken never could. Using time travel, she found a way to separate Kim Possible and Ron as a team. The resulting change to the timeline allowed Shego the perfect opportunity to single-handedly conquer the entire world. All world governments, military, everything, absolutely subjugated and enslaved under her rule.

Duchess: That's... surprisingly frightening. For many reasons.

Antoinette: And she has the power to back it up as well. Shego is a master acrobat, allowing her to be extremely agile and mobile to the point where she's nigh impossible to keep track of. She possesses a jetpack, which allows her to make quick getaways. And at times, Drakken will supply with her explosives which are powerful enough to be a deadly threat to Kim.

Duchess: That's not even taking into account her powers.Energy Projection:

Duchess: Shego can emit powerful energy with her hands that is extremely similar to fire. carrying much of the same properties, including vaporizing things with heat and killing plant-life. This energy continuously appears to come from inside her and appears on her hands without an issue. She can use it to fire projectiles of various sizes, augment her physical strikes like boxing gloves, and with the help of Wade, it has even shown the potential to disrupt electronic signals like an EMP and operate as a magnet. Figuring out how hot it actually is can be tricky, but the most comparable heat form in real life is green fire, which is comparable to blue or orange flames. She can release these rapid fire, and you're about to see just how fast they are. ANTOINETTE!

Antoinette: Yes... ma'am. I'm already running the calculations. Scaling again to Kim Possible, she was fast enough to be able to deflect a laser which was later shown to be able to travel to the moon in seconds. That's 0.4965 c. A little below the speed of light. Not only that, but Shego was able to tank the laser in question, which was capable of blowing up Drakken's entire lair! The blast's total power equated to 1.364 kilotons, and she got up like it was nothing with only a bruise!

Duchess: As stated before, Shego was also able to fight Kim in her Battle Suit and though she was sent flying by some of it's strongest attacks, she remained able to match it in strength for quite a while, almost overpowering it at times. Even when she was knocked into a tower by it and was electrocuted by high voltage, she was still able to remain conscious. whilst Kim in her base was ultimately inferior and was knocked out by an attack from it for almost a full minute. Slightly downscaling from this, we can roughly estimate that Shego is at least three times as strong as Kim at her peak.

Antoinette: This would put her somewhere around 4.092 kilotons. Exceedingly impressive for a helping hand, don't you think?

Duchess: Well, I suppose so... Ah! Going back to Team Go, she once even came into possession of a staff that allowed her to harness all of her siblings' powers at once, including Hego's super-strength, which should amp her powers significantly!

Antoinette: She would also possess Mego's ability to shrink and grow into the size of a giant as well as Wego's ability to clone themselves. To say that she's versatile like this is an understatement. In the end, it just goes to show you to never underestimate your partners. Riiiight, ma'am?

Duchess: Yeees.....?

(Clip from Job Unfair)

Shego: Today's forecast? 100% chance of pain!

(SFX: Gates Closing)

DEATH BATTLE Should Have Feared Azula More[]

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Zuko's Scar and Aftermath
by Jeremy Zuckerman
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Duchess: Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire-... Look, you already know the story at this point, so let's get into the nitty gritty details. The Fire Nation is an empire with a history stained with bloodshed. When Fire Lord Sozin started the Hundred Year War, he started with the genocide of the Air Nomads with the intention of killing the next incarnation of the Avatar, a reincarnated individual with the power to control all four elements. Though Avatar Aang survived, he disappeared for over a hundred years, allowing the Fire Nation to complete their power-hungry campaign. After Sozin's death, many would continue his reign of terror and warped ideals of power including Fire Lord Azulon, Fire Lord Ozai, and a princess named after his first successor. One of the most fiercest weapons in the Fire Nation's arsenal with nothing but hatred and contempt in her heart. Princess Azula.

Antoinette: That was surprisingly eloquent, ma'am. I give it a 10/10.

Duchess: Ah.. thank you, Antoinette.

  • Azula:
    • Age: 14
    • Height: 5'0"
    • Occupation: Princess of the Fire Nation
    • Likes: Power
    • Dislikes: Weakness, vulnerability

Antoinette: Princess Azula was the very definition of a spoiled brat and was born with all of the riches of royal life and then some. She was also the preferred child of her father, Ozai, who began to educate her in the duties of running an empire, practically already seeing her as an heiress over his son Zuko. Though she wasn't completely deprived of the life of a growing child, as she grew close in friendship to two other girls her age, Mai and Ty Lee. Azula had it all... except of course, the love of her mother, Ursa.

Duchess: Azula felt her mother loved Zuko more than her, which caused her to develop a resentment towards him. Becoming more and more like the monster her father was, she developed manipulative tendencies, always aiming to get ahead of her peers, and using them as pawns in her game, creating ideals in her mind that the keys to success were fear, control, and power. Only then could she escape the feelings inside her that were slowly tearing the young girl apart. She perfected herself and her Firebending for this reason.

Antoinette: After Ozai requested that he be made Fire Lord instead of his brother Iroh, Azula overheard the news that her grandfather, the then Firelord Azulon, ordered Ozai to murder Zuko, which she told him to his face. But Ursa overheard and concocted a plan to save her son's life. She gave Ozai a poison that would kill Azulon in his sleep, and Ozai agreed, though banishing her in the process. Azula and Zuko lost a mother and a grandfather that night, but Ozai gained the throne.

Duchess: Her contempt towards her brother reached its peak as she witnessed his ultimate failure to Ozai, resulting in an Agni Kai, a tradition of the Fire Nation consisting of a one-on-one duel for the honor of the combatants involved. Azula watched with glee as her father emerged as Zuko's opponent and promptly burned his face, leaving a humiliating scar, and banishing him from the palace until he regained his honor. However, this did not guarantee her ascension to the throne, challenging Azula to become as strong as she could, as perfect as she could be, and to demolish all those in her path. And when she was sent to capture Iroh and Zuko... she was more than ready.

Antoinette: Sorry for that, folks. We decided to leave the comedy out of this one to let the seriousness of the subject matter play itself out. History's messy, don'tcha know?

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by Jeremy Zuckerman
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  • Firebending:
    • Standard Firebending strikes
    • Blue Fire
    • Lightning Generation
    • Fire Breath
    • Fire Shields
    • Fire Jets
    • Smokescreens

Duchess: Let's go into exactly how perfect Azula made herself. Not surprisingly, she was a Firebending prodigy, and mastered all fourteen styles of Firebending at an extremely early age. The way bending works is a lot like Hadokens in Street Fighter or Kamehamehas in Dragon Ball! Well, maybe that's a bit of an oversimplification. Bending relies on your chi, your body's energy. When manipulated, it can go out into the environment around you and influence the elements. While most benders extend their power to the elements around them, Firebenders like Azula can generate fire at will.

Antoinette: Azula's fire in particular is extremely powerful as it is blue.

Duchess: Dabadeedabadai...

Antoinette: Blue fire is actually extremely hot in real life as it can reach from 2,552 to 2,912 degrees in Fahrenheit. Much higher than the average flame.

Duchess: Azula is also able to generate lightning. You might be asking how this is possible if the princess can only generate fire. Well, it certainly isn't easy. Someone like Azula with a one-track mind, always concentrated on her goals, is able to harness this by keeping complete control over her emotions. By taking apart the energies of the yin and yang, and then making them whole again, she is able to generate lightning.

Antoinette: Azula can manifest these in the shape of orb-like projectiles, omnidirectional bolts, and can redirect these as she pleases.

Duchess: She can also use fire in other applications, such as using them like jets to propel her into and across the air, generating fire from her own mouth, and constructing shields made out of fire to fend off enemy attacks. She can also generate smokescreens, which she can use to escape situations under everyone's noses.

Antoinette: Even without her bending, she's still noteworthy in hand-to-hand combat. For one, she's quite the acrobat and has managed to outfight accomplished martial artists like Suki.

Duchess: But perhaps the deadliest weapon in her arsenal is her power over fear. After forming a team with her old friends Mai and Ty Lee to capture Zuko, Iroh, and the Avatar in one fell swoop, she snuck into the Earth Kingdom under the guise of Kyoshi Warriors and plotted a takeover with a minister. During her attempt, she managed to sway the secret police, the Dai Lee to her own side out of their fear of the Fire Nation and her.

Antoinette: However, her fear over people is not absolute. When faced with the choice between Zuko's love and Azula's fear, Mai betrayed her with Ty Lee following suit. Thinking that fear was the only superior way, Azula had managed to close herself off from any meaningful connections, inadvertently making her even lonelier than before. As the day approached when Sozin's Comet would once again empower all Firebenders, those feelings would once again begin to get to Azula. That wanting for affection, for her mother's love, is began to break her.

Duchess: This in turn affected her last battle with her brother Zuko during the day of the comet. Her loneliness drove her to insanity and her movements and tactics reflected that. In the end, Azula was defeated, left alone, crying like a madwoman for a life robbed from her. While she intended to rule with fear, it was fear that ultimately defeated her in the end. No friends, and no family. (Sniffle... sniffle...)

Antoinette: Are you alright, ma'am?


Antoinette: Eh?

Duchess: You've always been there for me, ever since I built you! I could never do all of these annoying calculations without you! You're keeping this show together after I bought it at a Rooster Teeth yard sale! I shouldn't take you for graaanteeed, waaaahhhhh!

Antoinette: M-Ma'am, I appreciate it, but we're... we're still rolling.

Duchess: O-Oh. A-Ahem. Yes. Can you do the calcs, Antoinette?

Antoinette: Of course, ma'am. As previously established, Azula can generate lightning, and she can keep up with characters like Katara, who can dodge said lightning. This should make her easily Mach 1330.40. In terms of power, she should also be comparable to Aang, who made a giant mushroom cloud with his bending. This would mean she should scale to 6.34 kilotons of TNT. There! Easy! ...Ma'am?

(Duchess is sobbing whilst clinging onto Antoinette's legs, although she phases right through.)


Antoinette: Um. Well... I dunno! Anyways, with a massive amount of power, mastermind-like tactics, and a plethora of fire at her disposal, Azula is one... crazy bitch!

(Clip from The Crossroads of Destiny)

Long Feng: You've beaten me at my own game.

Azula: Don't flatter yourself. You were never even a player.

(SFX: Gates Closing)


Missness: All possibilities have been accounted for, and I'm about to make a lot of money...



We enter in a vast temple. It looks to have been abandoned for quite a while, yet it still stands tall despite that. Its towering gold is the one remnant of beauty in this landscape of overgrown plants and nature. Its hallways are winding and damp, filled with broken traps with ropes and rats. As its contents stray further from the sun's light, the shadows consume it. Eventually, pitch black darkness is all that awaits the camera. For a moment. Fwoosh. A green light illuminates the area and reveals the pale face of Shego, who is traversing this wasted space. Her presence breaks the resting silence and the darkened light. She angles the burning energy on her hand around the hallways, trying to look for the "prize" she's been tasked with finding.

Shego: Ugh. Yeah, great idea... Trust Monkey Fist to use another stupid artifact to gain power from some stupid imaginary Monkey Dimension. Uh huh. Great plan, Dr. D.

The henchwoman mutters to herself in annoyance, waving around her hands before inadvertently firing a blast towards a hole in the wall. It makes a perfect vaporized hole in the middle that leads to temple illuminated by candles. A small "oh" escapes her breath before shrugging, assuming she's managed to find the treasure through sheer luck alone, though a confident smirk pierces her cranky expression for just a moment, proud with herself. She manages to crawl through the hole, finding a ray of light shining down upon a stone pedestal, directly upon the thing that laid upon it. A golden treasure box. Shego quirks a brow. Definitely the kind of weird artifact that grants "unlimited power" or whatever. Her damp boots collide against the watery ground and she climbs her way up to the pedestal. Slowly reaching for it, her finger brushes against one of the three gems inside -- and they all glow in color. The villainess's eyes dilate as she hears a slow mystical hum, accelerating in loudness and intensity.

Shego: Oh, that's not good...

A flashbang of light erupts from the music box and Shego ducks down, shielding her eyes. When it seems like the brightness has faded and she can no longer hear the noise, she looks up to find the music box still there -- but another presence in her sights. On the stone pathway at the other side of the pedestal, a girl stands silently within the emptiness of the temple. She stares on in not quite disbelief or surprise, but interest. It feels like an out-of-body experience. But just to make sure, she raises her hand and clenches her fist. She can feel herself. The fire inside her burns bright. But suddenly...


Azula snaps her head to her backside as she sees Shego reaching again for the music box and managing to let it clink off of the stone edge, trying to get in and get out without a hitch. But unfortunately for her, it would not be so easy. Her eyes stare her down, like a guard that's caught a thief in the act. The princess's glare is piercing and she immediately demands respect and answers for whatever is happening here. She's stealing? From who? From her? Unacceptable.

Azula: Who are you!? Where am I!? And what is that!? Speak now unless you want to get burned to a crisp and be fed to whatever carnivorous thing I can find nearby.

Shego immediately props up her hands defensively.

Shego: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay! Time out, princess! I'm just here to complete a little grocery list for the guy who pays me. That's all! I'll just be taking this thing, and I'll be out of your hair! Okay? Okay.

She goes to scoop up the music box again but is immediately halted by a stray shot of blue fire that whizzes right past her cheek and fizzles against her hair -- fizzling IT in the process. This immediately gets her peeved and she clasps it with a growl.

Shego: Okay, WATCH the hair, lady!

But Azula just smirks, her suspicion growing. Slowly, she makes her approach, still hanging onto her sense of regality that she might yet regain depending on what exactly this place was and what exactly this woman was protecting. Placing her hands on her hips, her unbearably smile just grows wider. Smugger. She begins to read, and she begins to learn.

Azula: You seem awfully keen on protecting that. Must be some kind of... source of power. Am I wrong?

Shego: How should I know!? The doc asks me to steal random garbage for him every day to make the world's biggest... bean burrito or whatever!

Azula does a faux pout as she leans in, tilting her head slowly as she steps ever closer to the henchwoman.

Azula: He sounds incompetent. Tell me, who do you think this would fair better use in the hands of? Some bumbling "doctor", or a bred conquerer?

Most of the weirdos Shego had met in the past had boasted similar claims, though it sounded much more menacing from the princess. Perhaps it was because she actually had the strength and the skill to back it up. Suddenly, the severity of the situation began to hit her and she tugged the music box quickly into her pocket, brows furrowing as she kept eye contact with this... devil woman.

Shego: I'll take my chances.

But Azula's eyes stared back, fire imbued inside of them. They could read her like a book. An unnatural feeling like her soul was being searched was inflicted upon Shego. Who was this creepy girl...?

Azula: Will you? By the sound of it, you've been stuck with him for quite a while. I bet he doesn't even appreciate you; doesn't realize your full potential. You were obviously made for more. How about this? You can offer unlimited power to an idiot, or you could give that to me, and become my general. Now, I'm only going to make this offer once, because I really don't think you're going to like my second deal.

The tension was so thick that one could cut it with a knife. Shego just huffed and considered her options, perhaps even tempted by the offer for a moment. But she had ambitions of her own too. They weren't big ones. But in a world ruled by her, she'd imagine her actions would be very restricted. Honestly, she couldn't blame her. She'd do just the same. Tossing aside her satchel to the other side of the room, she freed her hands such that they could both erupt into heated green energy, both at her sides. With determination, she stood to oppose the remnant of the old Fire Nation.

Shego: Yeah? Well, how about this? I take NO DEAL.

Azula flinched for a second, and her eye twitched. Tranquil fury felt like it was about to break loose and become something much larger. But she took a breath, and assessed her situation. For a moment, looking at Shego, she could see that she really wasn't wrong in her assessment that she was worthy of becoming her general. Obviously, she seemed like a fellow Fire Bender. A gifted one with the power to spring forth green flame. But she rejected her, turned her down. For that, she must die. You can't trust pawns with a mind of their own.

Azula: You'll sorely regret that.

She spread her legs apart, getting into a proper stance while angling her arms forwards, fingers bent and curled. There was a hint of madness behind her smile, but most prominently, a look of sadism. Azula was going to enjoy every last minute of extinguishing her flame forever, and with this new world of opportunities, she could start a new empire from the ground up. The world will be hers, starting with this unfortunate bystander. For no one rejects the Fire Lord Azula.



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G ~ Blast ver.~ (Fallen Colony)
by Go Shiina
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Shego immediately opens fire, swinging her fists in precise, yet raging movements. Blasts of heated energy swing towards Azula to which the princess masterfully counters with her own, incorporating martial arts into her style as a high kick accompanies a series of blue flames. Spinning momentarily before pressing her leg against the ground and blocking the last burst of green and extending her arm forth. Once the barrage is finished, Azula reels her arm backwards and creates a spinning wheel of flame, sending it flying towards Shego at rapid speeds. However, Shego catches on and begins to acrobatically move out of the way, using the temple's rubble to her advantage. She flips onto one piece of rock, using it as a platform before Azula's fire blasts it to bits. But by the time she has, she is already clinging onto the temple walls and jumping off onto a ledge. All the while, continuously firing green blasts from her arms rapid-fire. Azula leaps out of the way but finds that she must keep up the pace to match Shego's speed. Or at least make more precise movements. However, this is beginning to become a problem. She blocks her incoming strikes with a fire shield, which quickly begins to dissolve as well. Time to change tactics.

Azula: How long do you plan on running away?

Immediately pointing her finger in the air, she slides it down to create a massive wall of blue flame. Shego's eyes dilate and she hops out of the way of the incoming attack, leaping onto another ledge as easily as a frog on a lily-pad. Though she quickly spies Azula creating a ball of blue fire aimed not at her but at the other stone ledges in the area, crumbling them to fragmented pieces. She's figured out her game. She's intentionally luring her out by starving her of places to jump.

Shego: Gimme a minute.

Shego leaps now into the shadows, in the darkened corner of the temple. Azula merely smirks and shakes her head, thinking her a coward. Within seconds, she presses two of her fingers together and fires a massive blast of blue fire into the temples, only to find that Shego can be nowhere that her flames have illuminated. She squints and remains on edge. That is until she feels a burning sensation scorch across her backside, causing her to groan out in pain. Stumbling forwards, though immediately ready to counter. At close quarters, she turns around only to find Shego aggressively gaining an edge, her arms are completely coated in that impressive "green fire" she possesses. Though Azula is given no chance to breathe. Shego moves her arms like slicing blades, each buzz of her energy nearly grazing the princess with every strike. Azula grows desperate to weave out of the way whilst using her fingertips to fire on Shego -- but the mercenary is just too quick.

Azula: Is this your idea of combat? Don't make me laugh.

Azula tries pulling a fast one by attempting to block Shego's next strike at the mid-section of her arm, however Shego catches her and strikes her clean in the stomach, sending her flying back due to the sheer power of her energy blast, released in a powerful burst that ends her in the corner of the room, directly into a stone pillar. The rage builds in Azula but she twitches and keeps her composure. The green menace gives a serious, angry look as she holds her hands open to charge a large orb of energy. But Azula thrashes her arms at her sides and creates a massive gust of blue fire instead. The two projectiles clash, and although Azula's is clearly larger, Shego's pierces through, making a large window in her attack. Quick enough for her to speed through and close the distance once more.

Shego: Sorry, lady, but lightning doesn't strike twice!

Azula: Lightning...?! I'll show you lightning!

Immediately prompted to bring out her ace in the hole, Azula twists her leg across the ground as multiple blue sparks erupt around her, crackling with energy that could have only come from the weather previously, and concentrates her movements, flowing in ways like water but with the violence of an untamed beast, guiding the lightning directly towards Shego. But much to her surprise, the villainess merely slides underneath the oncoming bolt, seen in slow-motion, and we can only see Azula's exasperated eyes as Shego's slide transforms into a kick flip, which successfully collides with Azula's chin.

Azula: NGH-... You're just an amateur!

Shego: Oh my god, do you EVER shut UP!?

This little vermin has gotten away with disrespecting her for the last time. Once Shego goes in for another swipe, she sidesteps out of the way, appearing to be hovering on nothing, only for Dr. Drakken's finest to realizing the burning jets at her hands, allowing herself to propel herself away at high speeds and slide around like a trained figure skater. Shego swerves her body around and dodges a plethora of blue flames, but then one tunneling, tornado-like continuous blast from a rather unhinged-looking Azula manages to hit her clean, slamming her against the wall and causing her to groan on impact. Azula doesn't waste her chance and propels herself further using her jets, but Shego has a weapon up her sleeve as well. She presses a button against her belt and emerges out of her spot with a jetpack, boosting herself into the air just in time for Azula to nearly slam herself into the wall, unprepared for such an outcome. Her eyes get all the more desperate. What sort of Firebender was she!? No matter, she wildly boosts herself up into the air -- only for Shego to swiftly shut her down by slamming her leg onto the princess's head, forcefully sending her down faster than a meteor and creating a massive crater in the ground.





I really do love you...

I do...

Please... stop this...

Azula: You never cared about me... Haven't we been through this enough times...? I'm just a monster. That's what you've always thought. But...

Azula jerks upwards, almost like a puppet on a string, but there's a wild and crazed smile on her face as she remembers her every failure, the disgraceful defeat at the Last Agni Kai. The way she has completely isolated herself from anyone worth a damn. But she doesn't care. Because even now, she still remains powerful! Looking up at this pitiful Firebender with a look of pure rage, pure contempt, and pure madness, she seeks to strike her down with everything she has.



Weirded out by this enough, Shego decides to fling projectile after projectile at the previously fallen princess only for her to make insane acrobatic movements, generating huge blast of fire after the next, spinning around in circles on her fire jets until massive trails of fire are left in her wake. Shego finds herself almost overwhelmed with the amount of fire being thrown at her, finding the size of the blasts harder and harder to dodge. The walls of fire come crashing down upon her. Slices and whips made of pure heat. Though Shego's are smaller, this does not make them any less potent. With all her strength, she makes rapid martial arts maneuvers herself, slashing across the air and the fire in order to try and deconstruct them just enough to leave a slot where she could leave unscathed. They kept coming -- but Shego was faster...

She remembers everything that weighed her down... In a way, she could sort of relate to whatever insane conversation the girl was having with herself. She really was a monster, there was no way around that. It was in her nature, her blood. Even if her family was destined to be heroes, she couldn't deny who she was. She's seen what another life with her evil turned around would look like. It was nice, she would admit. But Azula was right. Monsters have to always play the part of monsters. So why not play the parts together? Shego pressed her hands together as the last fiery attack engulfed the room, and she fired a single precise shot through the emerging flame while the rest of it send her burned and crashing backwards onto her rear. But unfortunately for Shego, she was unable to even calculate the possibility that she might survive in her warped and twisted state. Laughing manically before the green flame shot her square in the stomach. Her eyes rolled back and she fell back onto her rear as well. Once the smoke cleared from the combined slash, both women started to exhaustedly get back onto their feet. Panting, drenched in sweat.

Azula: I've grown rather tired of this...

Shego: Yeah... same here, sister. I gotta jet... Here's a parting gift.

Reaching for her satchel where the music box was kept, Shego nonchalantly tossed something else that laid inside, a timed explosive. The thing managed to land at Azula's feet, but she merely gave a slasher's grin and illuminated fire at the center of her palm to promptly destroy it.

Azula: What is this? Some kind of to-

She instinctively fired a blast at it -- and the thing promptly blew up in her face. The blast trauma was enough to launch her even further backwards, heavily injured with blood pouring down her head. Her entire body seemed worse for wear the moment the explosion engulfed her body. Yet still, she found the strength to open her mouth she weakly aimed one last shot at the flying Shego through her very breath. Aiming precisely at her jetpack with a grin, although Shego thought something like that might happen. Swerving around and firing two blasts. One to intercept her blue flame, and another to burn her face all the more, melting it, leaving it disfigured and charred. Azula let out an ear-piercing scream as the life was swiftly ended. Seeing just a glimpse of her mother welcoming her to rest before letting her flame be extinguished for good. Shego let out a relieved sigh as she flew up into the air, hearing Dr. Drakken yell into her comm as usual.


Shego: Just uh... Had to take a detour. Don't worry about it.

Maybe he was a massive incompetent pain in the neck. But she'd take him over some crazed egomaniac any day.



Duchess: Oh my word... Can you say goodness gracious, big balls of fire...!?

  • Azula:
    • =Equally Skilled
    • =Could withstand each other's heat
    • +Slightly more powerful
    • +Greater variety of firebending and range
    • -Emotionally unstable, weakening her bending
    • -Far less fast
    • -Could be potentially put to sleep
  • Shego:
    • =Equally Skilled
    • =Could withstand each other's heat
    • -Slightly weaker
    • -Less versatile methods of energy blasts
    • +Could take advantage of Azula's insanity
    • +Far quicker
    • +Could put Azula to sleep with a touch

Antoinette: While Azula seemed like the more skilled combatant on the surface because of her complexity, Shego is surprisingly just as skilled as she is. While definitely less creative in her tactics, she has faced off against Kim Possible, who mastered 14 styles of martial arts in the same, if not shorter timeframe, than Azula.

Duchess: And while Azula may be a master tactician and aspired to rule a country, taking over the Earth Kingdom impressively, Shego has done the same on a planetary scale by herself.

Antoinette: Running the calculations, Azula was approximately 1.57191314399 times stronger than Shego was, but for one, that isn't a very large gap in strength, and two, Shego has faced off against opponents like Warmonga before, who are stronger than she is, and have managed in strength regardless. Even if we gave Azula Sozin's Comet, we would have to give Shego the staff that gave her all of her family's Go Team Glow powers as well, which wouldn't make much of a difference and only lean the odds even MORE towards Shego's favor. But perhaps the most prominent factor was her speed. While Azula scaled to the speed of lightning, Shego has the potential to casually dodge attacks that can reach the moon in seconds, making it incredibly hard for Azula to keep up with her.

Duchess: This is also taking into account that after the Last Agni Kai, Azula's mental state has deteriorated significantly, and she's not as emotionally balanced as she once was. As stated before, with just a touch, if Shego managed to get close, she could put Azula to sleep with just a touch and it wouldn't even be that hard. Shego had an answer for nearly everything Azula could throw at her, but that didn't mean Azula wasn't an overwhelming opponent with her massive fire blasts and applications.

Antoinette: Indeed. Azula may have been more ruthless and higher in spectacle, but in the end, she still remains as lonely as ever. ...Ma'am? You know you can't touch me, right?

(Pan down to see Duchess clinging onto Antoinette's intangible legs again)

Duchess: I know, I was just caught up in the moment...

Antoinette: (sigh) I appreciate you too, ma'am.

Duchess: The winner is Shego.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 3.12.23 PM

Next Time[]

Antoinette: Next time on Death Battle...

(We fade in on a series of old car crashes from a projector in black and white. The crashes progress through the ages, becoming greater and more explosive in the process. Color fades in from the black and white and images of a flaming head flicker in-between. Then the sound of a wheezing laugh rising and rising in volume as the flaming head grows closer and closer... then an evil smile accompanied by a twirling mustache overlaps onto it.)

???: Shut up and BLEED!




  • This is DimeUhDozen’s fourth Death Battle episode.
  • Originally was planned to be Dr. Drakken vs. Dr. Doofenshmirtz but was reserved for a later date.
  • Both characters are villainesses who generate heated energy to use as projectiles. They are also initially introduced as henchwomen to the main threat (Drakken/Ozai) with ambitions to surpass and overtake them. Both also come from cartoons that premiered in the 2000s.
  • Though another track is used for the main battle, a possible custom made track, "AGNI-GO", would have featured a mix of techno/breakcore and traditional music like the kind found in Avatar. Leitmotifs from "Agni Kai" and "Call Me, Beep Me" would have been featured.
  • The malfunctioning music box artifact that Shego finds and inadvertently summons Azula with is a reference to Amphibia.
  • This is the second time Shego started beef with a fourteen-year old girl.