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For the Shokan!
~ Sheeva

Sheeva is a character in the video game series, Mortal Kombat. She's a member of the Shokan species, a former servant of the emperor, Shao Kahn, and possible lover to Goro.

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A former Shokan bodyguard once blood-bound to Sindel, Sheeva has since then served as Sindel's most loyal servant, fighting on her behalf. But upon hearing Sindel's death and resurrection as a revenant, Sheeva has since then became a warlord, taking the title Queen of the Shokan. When Kitana approached her and promised her equal rule and land, alongside Baraka, Sheeva agrees to fight with Kitana for her promise of an equal Outworld. In spite of it, Sheeva's loyalty to Sindel can override her loyalty to Kitana, as she defeated her in a battle to prevent her from disrupting the ritual Shang Tsung had initiated with Fujin to restore Sindel. In MK11 Aftermath, Tsung recruits her into protecting a coffin containing Sindel, on the promise that the latter will live again on her own free will, driving Sheeva into beating down anyone who interferes with the process, such as Baraka, Erron Black, Jade, and Kotal Kahn. She later discovers Sindel's treachery when the latter frees Shao Kahn, and is later killed, which Sindel uses to gain Shokan support by lying that Kitana killed Sheeva.

Death Battle Info[]

  • Super-strength, capable of tearing off a person's limbs or skin.
  • Can leap through the air and stomp enemies.
  • Often grabs enemies with her lower arms and pummels them with her other set.
  • Pyrokinetic ability even greater than Goro's.