Attention all hands. This is your captain speaking. We're getting more reports of this half shark, half octopus creature that's terrorizing the coast, but please don't panic. There is a way we can stop this thing. Virgin sacrifices. Yes, the Mexican Fish and Game Commission assures me the only way to appease this beast is to offer it a beautiful virgin, preferably 18 to 25 years old. I repeat - sharktopus wants our virgins.
~ Captain Jack, from Sharktopus

Sharktopus is a reoccurring monster from the ScyFy channel's original movies.

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Sharktopus is a hybrid animal created when the U.S. Navy commissioned a scientist named Nathan Sands and his Blue Water group to genetically engineer a super-weapon. But during a demonstration off the coast of Santa Monica involving drug traffickers being eaten, the device that Sands used to control Sharktopus malfunctioned and the creature escapes the control of its creator while going on a rampage in Puerto Vallarta. Despite being killed, taking Sands with it, Sharktopus survived through various means and fights other monsters while sating its lust for human flesh.

Death Battle Info

Being a cross between a shark and an octopus, Sharktopus posseses many of its parents' traits that include the shark's jaws and speed and the octopus's tentacles and intelligence. Furthermore, Sharktopus can also move on land freely and reproduce asexually through an eggsac or from a severed tentacle.


  • Has its own following on the internet
  • Has fought the Whalewolf and Pteracuda
    • Is able to toss both around
  • Can catch up with boats
  • Tore into a coffin


  • Can be effected by voodoo.
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