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A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

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Shadow the Hedgehog vs Ryūko Matoi is an episode of SoMaShadow's Death Battles. It features the return of Shadow the Hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, and Ryūko Matoi from the anime/manga series, Kill la Kill.

Shadow vs Ryūko Matoi
Shadow vs Ryuko Matoi
Season Off-Season
Season Episode 2
Air date TDB
Written by SoMaShadow
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Sonic the Hedgehog vs Kill la Kill! As the hybrid lifeforms of an alien race, they were created for the sole purpose of destruction and domination, but they chose to fight back. Leaving their pasts behind them, they forge their own path towards a brighter future, but which redeemed weapon will prove to be the true Ultimate Lifeform?


Wiz: The role of a parent is to nurture their child into maturity, watching them grow and experience life in their own way, passing on everything they know to the next generation with unconditional love and care.

Boomstick: But take it from me, some parents can really suck. They could be strict and overprotective, or they could be a genocidal alien monster hell-bent on conquering the world using their kid to do it. Or they could run out on you and join the army, never looking back... Bastard.

Wiz: But when said child rebels, choosing to protect life on Earth, it truly makes you awestruck. Like Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform.

Boomstick: And Ryūko Matoi, the Human-Life Fiber Hybrid. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: 50 years ago, the brilliant Doctor Gerald Robotnik was in a bind. As the head scientist of Project Shadow, operating from the orbital station coined the Space Colony ARK, he’d do anything to save his precious granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, from her fatal Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This ambitious operation to create “The Ultimate Lifeform” promised a benefit to all of humanity. But as it would turn out, it caused nothing but misery and disaster.

Boomstick: Gerald tried and tried, yet he couldn’t find a way to cure his sickly granddaughter. In a move of pure desperation, he made a deal with Black Doom, the leader of a hive-mind alien race known as the Black Arms. The ominously named alien would hand over his DNA to complete the experiment, and in return requested the seven legendary Chaos Emeralds at a later date. With the puzzle pieces all put together, Shadow the Hedgehog was finally born.

Wiz: Growing up on the ARK, he and Maria shared an incredibly close bond, and though it seemed her disease wouldn’t be cured, the future looked bright. That is until Gerald’s illegal collaboration with Black Doom was exposed. The Guardian Units of Nations, or G.U.N., quickly put an end to the project. They stormed the research facility, apprehended who they could, and in her rush to get Shadow into an escape pod, Maria was gunned down by an agent. As he watched his best friend perish before his very eyes, Shadow was instructed one last time by her to better the world.

Boomstick: Unfortunately, shortly before being executed for his crimes, Gerald had brainwashed Shadow to believe that Maria’s last wish was for him to seek revenge against the humans of Earth. And after being freed by Doctor Eggman in the modern-day, the hedgehog took on a burning hatred for humanity and a desire to see it destroyed to uphold the final wish of his only friend. Damn it, Wiz, why’s it gotta be so sad?

Popup: Part of Shadow’s creation involved imbuing him with the Chaos Force, a mystical source of energy that Shadow can tap into to manipulate the laws of reality. While most others have to use a Chaos Emerald as a conduit, Shadow has a direct link, and can use the power of Chaos naturally.

Wiz: While working for Eggman, Shadow would encounter the blue blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog, and while they would be at odds for a majority of the time, they grew respect for one another in their constant clashes. And Shadow was more than capable of keeping up with him. For frame of reference, Sonic moves at lightspeed casually and can boost himself up to nine times faster, so Shadow keeping pace with him is extremely impressive.

Boomstick: And he’s also got his Air Shoes, which aren’t just some super sweet kicks, they’re a surprisingly versatile armament in combat. The air shoes have multiple points of propulsion, allowing Shadow to hover in mid-air at will. Shadow can even increase the jet fire to a dangerous degree, complimenting his kicks in combat. Plus, he’s extremely skilled with multiple types of weaponry like swords and guns.

Wiz: Though he does not always carry it, if Shadow wishes to use firearms, his go-to option is the Shadow Rifle. Capable of taking out enemies in a single shot, it’s the most powerful gun in his arsenal, though it has limited ammunition of twenty rounds. He also has access to his motorcycle, the Dark Rider, which is armed with two machine guns that hold limited ammunition, and Shadow can boost its speed with Boost Dash. Additionally, Shadow has the Gravity Band, which grants him total control over gravity for himself and others. It can also slow down time, and is powered by a black hole, because why not?

Boomstick: Shadow also has your standard Spin Attack, Spin Dash, Homing Attack, the works, but he’s also capable of performing moves like the Shadow Boost, Black Tornado, Light Speed Dash, and Light Speed Attack, and if he’s got the Flame Ring on, he can utilize the blazing Fire Somersault. Plus, he can even teleport without the need of a Chaos Emerald. And speaking of, it’s high time we talked about his most badass abilities.

Popup: As the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow is immune to disease and sickness, and is even able to breathe in space. Shadow also possesses resistance to mind control, and a faster regenerative ability than most others, being capable of surviving a fall from orbit; though it’s not an ability very useful to him in battle, as it mostly functions better over time.

Wiz: Chaos Control. Shadow’s signature technique which allows him to warp space and time to his liking. Allowing for instantaneous teleportation over varying distances, teleportation of objects, and with enough energy, one can even cross into alternate dimensions, seal opponents in other dimensions, or practically alter reality itself. But Chaos Control also toys with time, allowing users to slow it down, or stop it completely, and it even bypasses the resistances of those who can resist the effects of time manipulation, as shown with Metal Overlord. Additionally, two users of Chaos Control can use its awesome power to time travel. A truly fascinating ability.

Boomstick: But that’s not all Chaos energy can do! Shadow can send out spears of energy for his aptly named Chaos Spear, or he can upgrade it with the Chaos Lance. He can use it to turn invisible, send out deadly bursts of energy, heal himself, enhance his physicality, boost his power, expel darkness and possession, hell, it can even send people to alternate dimensions with the Chaos Rift! And then there’s his most devastating move, the Chaos Blast. A large shockwave of negative Chaos energy expelled from Shadow’s body, it lays waste to any in his path.

Wiz: However, for everything Shadow has available to him, he constantly limits himself with his Inhibitor Rings, but he can remove those whenever he pleases, allowing for a deeper connection to the Chaos Force, and the more energy he can draw from. Though it is worth noting that it seems to wear him out faster than usual, so Shadow only chooses to remove them in a pinch.

Boomstick: Shadow’s also got his Hero and Dark Shadow forms which allow for greater control over Chaos Control and Chaos Blast, respectively. And that brings us to the one you’ve all been waiting for; Super Shadow. With the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds, Shadow’s speed and power skyrocket, even becoming invincible! Plus, he gets fully healed and returned to peak physical condition regardless of his health before the transformation. His Chaos Spear also gets upgraded into the Chaos Arrow or the Spear of Light, and though the transformation does run on a time limit, he can always get more rings to extend it.

Popup: In combat, Shadow has shown himself to be a genius. Though already possessing a keen intellect, Shadow is incredibly pragmatic in battle and has years of experience dealing with world-ending threats, such as the Finalhazard, Devil Doom, Metal Sonic, and Solaris.

Wiz: In his Super Shadow form, he’s more than capable of matching Sonic, who flew from Earth to the nebula known as the Nonaggression Zone in seconds, a feat which would require speeds over 800 million times faster than light. And Super forms have consistently defeated foes like Eggman and his Final Egg Blaster, which could destroy solar systems in an instant, or the Sun God, Solaris, which could destroy entire universes, yet the hedgehogs have come out on top time and time again.

Boomstick: Even in his base form, Shadow wields more power than a Chaos Emerald, and those babies have been able to shatter planets! He’s unfazed by bullets, has survived a fall from orbit, tanked a blast from an antimatter cannon to the face, and when you regularly fight people who can destroy solar systems, you’d better be able to take as much as you give. But speaking of giving, Shadow ultimately had his plan to avenge Maria set in motion, with Gerald’s Eclipse Cannon ready to fire upon Earth, like it had the moon. Oh yeah, Eggman blew up the moon. How do you like that Obama?

Wiz: But the words of a certain Amy Rose reminded him of Maria, and his memories were finally unlocked, Shadow remembering her final words to him. For Shadow to forgive the people of Earth, give them a second chance, save them. And immediately, he set out to stop his machinations, putting an end to the Eclipse Cannon’s plan to fire, and the failed attempt to create the ultimate lifeform, the guardian of Space Colony ARK, the Biolizard. Ultimately, it too was stopped, but it attached itself to the outside of the ARK, putting it on a crash course with the planet.

Boomstick: Shadow wasn’t having any of that though. He and Sonic resolved themselves to fight for the sake of the world, and putting his past behind him, Shadow reached his Super form, fighting to save the people of Earth he had once foolishly endangered. And despite taking down the Biolizard, the ARK was still going to crash into the planet, ending countless lives, and so Shadow did the only thing he could. He sacrificed everything to ensure the world’s safety by using Chaos Control to warp the ARK back into orbit. And thus Shadow fell to Earth, his courageous act of heroism presumably being his last.

Popup: After the events of Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow would come to work for the Guardian Unit of Nations, or G.U.N., alongside Rouge and Omega in Team Dark. Letting go of his past anger towards them, Shadow took the position to help save the world in any way he could, often dealing with issues before Sonic even hears of them.

Wiz: Though he survived, Shadow was left with amnesia, and sought out to find out his past all over again with his new friends and teammates, Rouge and Omega, with who he’d form an everlasting bond of trust and friendship. Also becoming friends with Sonic, despite his brash nature. Yet fate still had plans in store for Shadow in the form of Black Doom, his biological father, hell-bent on world domination. But no matter what Black Doom did, he couldn’t sway Shadow to the side of evil, and with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Shadow put an end to Black Doom, overcoming his Devil Doom transformation, his armada of Black Arms, and the Black Comet, which would’ve taken over the world.

Boomstick: But despite Shadow’s great achievements, he does have some key weaknesses as well. He’s been manipulated by foes in the past, and his memory is a bit of a sore spot. Plus, while his Inhibitor Rings grant great power when removed, they drain his energy more quickly than usual. And since life really can’t seem to give the poor guy a break, he also had to deal with the manipulative god, Mephiles, who made Shadow’s life a living hell.

Wiz: Showing Shadow that all of his efforts to uphold Maria’s wish would be for naught, as the humans he fought and died so valiantly to protect would just betray him later, even using his best friends to do it, Shadow still denied the path of evil. Vowing to stay true to Maria’s wish until the end, Shadow fights not for himself, but for his friends, the people of Earth, and the final wish of his late friend.

Boomstick: Despite a tragic past, Shadow has put it all behind him, and he alone will determine his own destiny. So you bet your ass that he won’t back down when humanity needs their saviour, because Shadow is sworn to protect the planet that his friends, allies, and dearest friend all treasure until his final breath.

Shadow: I'm Shadow the Hedgehog, and I made a promise that I intend to keep! With the power of these Emeralds, Black Doom and his army are finished! This is WHO I AM!


Boomstick: Long ago, a scientist known as Ragyō Kiryūin decided to be quite possibly the worst mother ever, and use her own newborn children as experiments by fusing them with alien lifeforms known as Life Fibers, parasitic lifeforms which gain sustenance by covering other beings and subsequently evolving them. Sounds like a sweet deal at first, but putting sentient alien clothing on your body should definitely raise some red flags.

Wiz: Her firstborn daughter was deemed a failure, but was kept nonetheless. When testing them on her second daughter, the child had seemingly died and was thrown out like trash. However, unbeknownst to her, this girl had survived and was taken away in secret by her now ex-husband, who changed his face and identity to protect and prepare his daughter to defeat her. This girl was Ryūko Matoi.

Boomstick: While Ryūko’s father did love her, his need to focus on ways to stop Ragyō meant he had little time for her, sending her to a boarding school with little guidance. Having faced constant bullying throughout her school days, Ryūko became a delinquent with an attitude and edge, constantly getting into fights and growing tougher to the point of even joining her own gang.

Wiz: Eventually, Ryūko received a letter from her father to come home, where she found him near-death, impaled on a giant scissor blade, and a glimpse of his killer with the other half of the scissors in hand. With no clues of the murderer other than this weapon and the death of her father fuelling an intense hatred and desire for revenge, she set out on a quest leading her to Honnōji Academy. There, she met the leader of Honnōji Academy, the cold and tyrannical Satsuki Kiryūin, who offered the secrets of her father’s death.

Popup: Though both her sister and her mother are able to emit a glow of light from their presence, Ryūko does not share this trait. It is unclear if it is a hereditary ability or one that can be learned, but regardless, Ryūko is not capable of doing so.

Boomstick: But then she got her ass kicked by some kid in a sparkly boxing outfit called a Goku Uniform, which is made with 30% Life Fibers, and so she went back to her dad’s old house, where she promptly fell through the floor into a basement. You can imagine it wasn’t exactly her best day. But then she accidentally woke up a sentient sailor uniform who forced himself onto Ryūko’s body. Not knowing his past, or even his own name, Ryūko named him Senketsu, meaning fresh blood, since he drank her blood to give himself power. Vampire clothing, I’ve gotta say, that’s a new one.

Wiz: Created by her father from a combination of Ryūko’s DNA and Life Fibers, Senketsu is a Kamui; a piece of clothing made entirely of Life Fibers that can enhance those who wear them. Because of his unique creation, Senketsu is a sentient being who can communicate with Ryūko, to formulate plans or simply argue that she’s starting to put on weight, along with being more in sync with her than other Goku Uniforms or Kamuis. While this doesn’t mean that others cannot use Senketsu should he allow them, they won’t be quite as powerful or synchronized as Ryūko. And should someone other than Ryūko try to wear it against his will, he can stiffen up to prevent them from moving altogether

Boomstick: With her new friend, Ryūko decided she would fight to defeat Satsuki, end her tyranny, and take revenge against the one who killed her dad. All with her bread and butter weapon, her Scissor Blade sword. Originally created by Isshin Matoi, this blade is made from hardened Life Fibers, meaning it can cut through nearly any material, including other Life Fibers. It can also change in size and shape, shrinking to that of a normal pair of scissors for portability, or extending so large that it dwarfs even the massive Honnōji Academy in size. Plus, it even has a Decapitation Mode that increases the length of both the handle and the blade two-fold, most notably used in her Sen-I-Sosh-Itsu; Ryūko’s finishing move where she slices an opponent’s garments into scrap and absorbs the Life Fibers from them to increase her strength.

Wiz: When Senketsu is fed a steady supply of Ryūko’s blood, he can transform into a powerful armor that enhances her speed, strength, and defence. The armour’s composition of Life Fibers makes it deceptively durable, and can absorb the Life Fibers of any defeated wearers of Goku Uniforms to enhance Senketsu’s own power. It also allows her to access more of Senketsu’s capabilities through his natural ability to shapeshift, from using a jet thruster in the back for increased speed and venting excess heat, grappling hooks formed from the threads of Senketsu and his teeth, and recreating more of Senketsu’s cloth for throwing out scraps of hardened fabric or simply creating a mass large enough to trap and cover an opponent. And using this ability to shapeshift, Senketsu can adapt to a variety of situations and transform into alternate forms.

Popup: When faced with Nonon Jakuzure’s sonic attacks, Ryūko learned how to harmonize with the outside world’s noise, essentially turning herself into a tuning fork with Senketsu: Mubyoshi. With this connection established, Ryūko can project a counterattack noise blast by redirecting opposing energy back at the target. If Ryūko can adapt to perform similar feats against different types of energy is questionable at best, but it would fall under the realm of speculation, rather than abilities she can actually do as shown in the series.

Boomstick: Created in Ryūko’s battle with Ira Gamagoori, her Senketsu: Senjin form covers Ryūko entirely in blades for offensive purposes, allowing her to surprise any unfortunate enemies who have her in their grip and shred through any defensive options. The blades covering her body can also constantly move in a motion similar to a chainsaw, to act as a constantly active offense to anyone up close. And created in Ryūko’s battle with Nonon Jakuzure, Senketsu: Shippu turns Ryūko’s skirt into a pair of jet engines and Senketsu’s eyes into wings for flight. This greatly boosts Ryūko’s mobility, allowing her to close in for faster attacks and enough power to redirect missiles with her bare hands. Plus, she can even combine these together to form Senketsu: Senjin Shippu, turning her into a flying buzzsaw of destruction.

Wiz: Taking it one step at a time, Ryūko would spend the next few weeks defeating every school club that challenged her, unknowingly getting more Life Fibers in the process and growing a friendship with her sprightly buddy, Mako, and Senketsu himself. But while Ryūko was busy butting heads with Satsuki’s elite quartet of high schoolers, a mysterious woman named Nui claimed to be responsible for the murder of Ryūko's father, and she had the other Scissor Blade to prove it. Ryūko was overcome with so much blind fury that Senketsu began feeding on exorbitant amounts of her blood, reshaping Ryūko into a monstrous new Berserk form. In this state, Ryūko loses almost all sense of reason, merely thrashing around and destroying all who approach her with reckless abandon, however, Ryūko was calmed down by Mako and Satsuki and has vowed to never let herself lose control like that again.

Boomstick: With a new purpose in mind, Ryūko set out to take down Nui. However, not only was she not expecting for Satsuki to betray her mother in one of the most badass double-crossing scenes of all time, but also for Ragyō to betray Satsuki in kind, and reveal the truth about her past. That Ryūko is not only Satsuki’s little sister, but that she isn’t even fully human. This realization crushed Ryūko mentally, so much so that she was brainwashed onto Ragyō's side for a while and separated from Senketsu. Her hatred of who she was led her to blame humanity itself, only to again be rescued by her friends, and ripping off the Kamui Junketsu, which had been stitched onto her body! If that isn’t hardcore, I don’t know what is.

Wiz: And due to Ryūko’s unique nature as a fusion of Life Fibers and human DNA, she is capable of surviving wounds that an ordinary fighter would surely die from and can stitch herself back together. This has even allowed Ryūko to survive wounds like having her heart ripped out of her chest, losing gallons of blood from removing Junketsu, or being cut almost completely in half by Ragyō, kept alive due to a single thread connecting Ryūko’s upper and lower halves. Ragyō herself, who has regeneration comparable to Ryūko’s, could survive decapitation and reattach her head for a similar reason. However, the regeneration can be negated by cutting the Life Fibers at the point of injury from both sides or burning the Fibers completely.

Popup: Life Fibers have a specific point of vulnerability known as the Banshi, or Nexus Thread. This is what keeps a Kamui or Goku Uniform in action, and if it is severed, or otherwise damaged, the entire outfit will come apart. This is exemplified most by Nui Harime when she destroyed the Banshi Thread in Uzu Sanageyama’s Blade Regalia Mk. II, destroying the entire uniform in an instant.

Boomstick: Plus, Ryūko could go toe-to-toe with Nui Harime, who claimed she could sink the S.S. Naked Sun, and she definitely had the power to back up her claims. Doing this at all is impressive since the S.S. Naked Sun was able to pierce the Primordial Life Fiber without a scratch, and the Primordial Life Fiber can survive the explosion of small planets, to which it would have to have a durability of at least 982 Teratons of TNT. Enough to destroy an entire continent! Hell, even without Senketsu, using only air pressure, she was able to cut through a skyscraper from hundreds of meters away with her Scissor Blade.

Wiz: However, Ryūko isn’t solely focused on strength, though she is powerful. She’s equally as fast, being capable of performing incredible feats of speed, such as when she went up against Omiko Hakodate, and sliced over 200 tennis balls, five times for each ball, in less than a second. To accomplish such a feat, Ryūko would have to be moving at speeds of around Mach 8,937, or 1% the speed of light. And even after removing Junketsu, Ryūko was capable of blitzing Nui, who’s more than comparable in terms of speed. Additionally, Ryūko reclaimed Nui’s Scissor Blade, allowing her to dual-wield both blades, and reforming the Rending Scissors as her father intended.

Boomstick: Now more determined than ever to set things right, Ryūko only had one goal in mind: stop Ragyō Kiryūin from taking over the world. With everyone on earth on her side, Ryūko was able to do just that, even taking on a new form called Senketsu: Kisaragi. Ryūko’s ultimate form, gained by absorbing the Life Fibers of everyone in her vicinity. In this form, Ryūko’s power, speed, durability, and regenerative capabilities are greatly enhanced, and her reactive power level becomes more potent, allowing her to evolve to greater peaks in power to match Ragyō’s capabilities. She gets a goddamn golden super form, what are the odds!

Wiz: However, Kisaragi required the Life Fibers of everyone in Honnōji Academy, including Junketsu and the Goku Uniforms, so it’s not normally accessible to her in a regular battle. But the power she acquires from this form is exceptional, being able to bust a hole through Ragyō’s Life Fiber Cocoon over Japan. Taking into account the length of Japan’s main region, Honshu, the size of the hole, and the 12 seconds it took her to accomplish the feat, Ryūko’s strength in her Kisaragi form should come out to around 31 Exatons of TNT. With that much power, Ryūko would be able to destroy an entire moon, though do keep in mind that the form isn’t part of her standard repertoire. And after taking down Ragyō, Ryūko would have perished in the fall to earth would it not have been for Senketsu sacrificing his life to save hers, going out in a literal blaze of glory.

Popup: In the video game, Kill la Kill: IF, Ryūko is once more able to access her Kisaragi form and is able to perform feats of much greater strength, however, these events are non-canon and occur in an alternate reality created by Junketsu. Thus, they aren’t applicable to the original anime and corresponding manga and are omitted.

Boomstick: But even still that doesn’t make her any less impressive! She’s slugged it out with the most impressive names in her world, like Satsuki, Nui, and Ragyō, overcoming all of them eventually with hard work and determination, and is great and improvisational battle strategies. And even without Senketsu, she should be plenty tough. Her sister was able to survive a 1.09 Gigaton Explosion in the Honnōji Dome while just in her underwear, and she doesn’t even have Ryūko’s great healing abilities! Healing that let her survive having her heart ripped out of her chest, and then Ryūko just pulled it right back in like a badass.

Wiz: But despite all of her accomplishments, Ryūko’s also has her fair share of weaknesses. Senketsu is powered by Ryūko feeding him her blood, and even with her regeneration, using Senketsu still has a time limit. Additionally, Ryūko also has a tendency to rush headfirst into danger, which results in her sometimes falling victim to traps and unavoidable damage, and while Senketsu can offer her guidance, the final play is ultimately her decision. Coupled with her overconfidence, Ryūko has a handful of losses on her record that could’ve been easily avoided. And while Ryūko can’t be killed by normal means, Senketsu can be removed by force, which would leave her with much fewer options, and she’d be naked, which is pretty embarrassing.

Boomstick: With the world saved from hostile alien clothing, Ryūko went on to live a pretty normal life surrounded by her new friends, and growing a closer relationship with her sister. Her days as a badass scissor woman were over, but never forgotten.

Wiz: No matter what obstacles are placed in front of her, she always rises to the challenge, growing ever stronger. With her friends and family always by her side, only few can match the power of the ultimate Human-Life Fiber hybrid that is Ryūko Matoi.

Ryūko: Blow it out your ass, bitch! It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than you to stop me!


Shadow Ryuko Set

Honnōji Academy

Gentle sunshine greeted the residents of Honnō City as the great yellow star in the sky began its ascent above the horizon, heralding in the break of a new day. And with a new day came new opportunities, new chances, and new experiences. For many residents of the city, every day proved to hold something new in-store, and though none could quite say they knew what the day’s events would bring, many were hopeful and cheery, brightening up the lives of those around them with positivity.

Though not all were like this, of course. The inhabitants of this land lived in a perpetual caste system, where the strong moved up, and the weak moped at the bottom. For those with the grit and determination to pull themselves up from the bootstraps of such a society, their efforts were borne out of their achievements in Honnōji Academy, less of a school than the epitome of a dictatorship, all helmed by one person in complete control.

In this school, the word of Satsuki Kiryūin was law. However, this school had created many noteworthy individuals. Great men are born from hard times, as it is said, and strife had led to the prospering of many. Those worthy of being at the top earned their position through hard work, and it was appropriately rewarded. However, the outward appearance this school fostered was all but an elaborate ploy to create the best students possible; the ones who could stand their ground and fight for their beliefs.

Case in point with the school rebel. A bit cocky, but still caring, and with a lot to prove. They had arrived at the prestigious academy with clear goals in mind, and nothing was going to deter them from their mission. Gathering friends and allies on the way, there was not a single person who did not know their name. Sporting black hair with an eye-catching red streak through the front and wearing a peculiar sailor uniform with stark white boots. A black skirt connected by two straps to a dark top with rolled-up long sleeves, a crimson ribbon and glove, and a set of eyes, though only one was visible.

Yes, eyes. For this was no ordinary sailor uniform – it was a living, breathing organism. Kamui Senketsu was its name, and the wearer was none other than Ryūko Matoi. A student of Honnōji Academy, Ryūko was far from the average troublemaker, but right now she had more pressing concerns than causing a ruckus – that part of her life was mostly over with anyway. No, today Ryūko had to deal with something much more irritating than anything the school had to offer – strict curriculum be damned.

As a school, Honnōji Academy was far from a typical one design-wise. Circular in design, the classrooms curved as two buildings to the sides of a large tower. However, the school was so large that there was a massive empty field inside of the circle. Easily able to be mistaken for a stadium or a coliseum, it hardly gave off the impression of a field, but that’s what it was. However, the imposing tower in the middle of the buildings was currently what held the most important people in all of Honnō City, those who Satsuki Kiryūin could trust.

As such, her loyal Elite Four, her butler, and even Ryūko Matoi herself were gathered together, awaiting the instructions of the Kiryūin heiress. They didn’t have to wait long for the woman in question to arrive, though what they saw damn near frightened them. Satsuki was worried. Through every trial and tribulation she had endured, Satsuki never portrayed even a hint of weakness or worry, yet something had clearly shaken her. Quickened heel clicks betrayed her, and Matoi was understandably concerned for her sister.

As the Student Council President, Satsuki always upheld confidence and conviction, and to see this shattered must mean that something deadly serious had come to her attention. And sure enough, Satsuki explained the situation. Within research of the Life Fibers, her research team had stumbled across something most peculiar. A mystical, green gem. It glowed with sparkling energy and held power unlike anything they had seen before. Almost limitless in nature. It was called a Chaos Emerald.

Knowing that an artifact of such potential would be an invaluable asset to her cause, she decided that it would be best kept under their control, only known by her close circle. However, she was not the only one seeking control over the Emerald. The Guardian Unit of Nations had somehow found out, and they ended up discovering more than she thought. G.U.N. now knew about Life Fibers and Kamuis, and with their history of preventing world-ending threats, they couldn’t let the heiress to a global monopoly have such a dangerous weapon, much less two. It would only be a matter of time before action would be taken, and Satsuki had to prepare.

Honnō City, the next day

The steady rumble of a motorcycle cut through the heavy silence that blanketed Honnō City. The low grumble of the machine was not an anomaly amongst the citizens, as many had vehicles like it, or had seen them before, yet not a single soul could be seen. The usually bustling city was dead silent, almost like a ghost town, though the vehicle’s rider knew that people did indeed live here. At least, they did when the mission briefing took place. Something must have happened in the time following his deployment, something G.U.N was not privy to.

In truth, it made the mission easier to undertake. Fewer people nearby, fewer potential civilians in harm’s way. It was a small blessing, but one nonetheless. Pressing onward, the rider sped through the empty town as he pondered why these people had gone missing. Perhaps an evacuation? It was unlikely that their mission had been found out, but if it had, then it certainly held deeper complications than they wished. A mole deep in G.U.N. was a possibility, although unlikely, and it was entirely possible that there had been a disaster warning. Another reason could be that Kiryūin had been expecting them, and tried to ensure the safety of her citizens. Not that he knew enough about her to guess her movements, but he had hoped that something along those lines had occurred.

The rider sped up, feeling the wind blow through their fur, which was entirely black apart from the tuft of white hair on their chest, and the red accents on his quills; all of which pointed upward at the ends. Wearing white gloves with white shoes that featured red outlines along the bottom, the rider’s wrists and ankles all featured a golden ring. Wide red eyes scanned the area as the motorcycle’s owner kept driving onward, accelerating the Dark Rider. There was no mistaking the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog.

Coming to the start of a steep incline, Shadow brought his bike to a halt, resting a foot on the ground as he looked up upon Honnōji Academy from a distance, a brilliant light shone down upon the rest of the city. They were ready and waiting for him, Shadow could tell. Kicking up the Dark Rider’s kickstand, Shadow continued on foot, it would be faster anyway. Or perhaps skates was more accurate? Either way, it would make for a quicker arrival.

The mission was simple. G.U.N. had located one of the Chaos Emeralds and knew that it would be far safer in their, or Shadow’s hands. Though the daughter of REVOCS CEO, Ragyō Kiryūin, Satsuki would undoubtedly be an adversary they could not take lightly. Though they were confident in Shadow to overcome anything they could throw at them, caution was still of utmost importance.

After all, they had a Kamui. Something entirely new to G.U.N., the Life Fibers were capable of enhancing clothing and granting supernatural powers. Though normal humans could only withstand clothes with a 30% weave of Life Fibers, a Kamui was made entirely of Life Fibers and held incredible power. Along with the Chaos Emerald they held in their possession, it would be necessary to control Satsuki’s reach as much as possible. The heiress of a clothing company should not hold as much influence as she does, and more power in the hands of a potential tyrant was not what the world needed. Not now, not ever. Shadow had dealt with far too many for his liking, and he had stopped them all before. He would stop them again.

Shadow’s objectives were simple. Reclaim the Chaos Emerald, capture or destroy the Kamui, and act as the vanguard of G.U.N.’s forces, should they be required. Though he wanted to put a stop to any fighting before it could happen, should conflict break out, he would have the full support of G.U.N.’s military. Not that it was supposed to be a stealth mission, but a contained one at least. Get the emerald, get the Kamui, get out. Though Shadow had a sinking feeling about this one, and his instincts were usually spot-on, so it wasn’t the best of omens going forth.

Still, there was nothing left to do but keep moving on and upwards. Quite literally, in fact, as he neared the top of the hill, approaching the main gates of Honnōji Academy itself. Sticking close to the outside of the walls, Shadow’s vision of the actual school was obscured, but he could tell that the colossal walls that guarded the facility eventually came to an end. He’d just have to get up there. Luckily for him, it was just as easy said as it was done, and Shadow closed his eyes for an instant, disappearing from his previous location.

A gloved hand grasping into the top of the wall, Shadow had teleported himself successfully just below the top of the wall. Enough for him to grab onto the top, but not enough for him to be noticed. Perfect. Raising himself slightly so that he could just make out the enormous sporting ground below the walls, it was lined row by row with students in uniforms. Though they seemed militaristic in nature, they were the simple school uniforms provided by Honnōji Academy for its students.

A booming voice rang out from the tower in the centre of the school, commanding authority and respect, it was clear that it could be none other than Satsuki Kiryūin. For a mere 18-year-old girl to hold so much esteem, fear, and admiration in the eyes of her student body was nothing short of impressive. Though she wasn’t the target, and could be avoided. Thankfully Shadow was skilled enough in reconnaissance and infiltration to navigate and locate almost anything, so scouring the academy would be a breeze. Especially with his connection to the Chaos Force, he would be able to sense the Emeralds, which would hasten up the process.

Still, it was clear that Satsuki was preparing for a war, which meant she knew they were coming. It was just a matter of what she had in store. Regardless, he needed to inform the Commander of this development, and he’d only be able to do that in a safe location. Teleporting down from his position on the wall, Shadow skated along the outer rim of the wall, eventually making his way directly behind Honnōji Academy’s main building, the only thing separating him from it was the stone wall between them. Plenty of cover.

Gently tapping the communicator on his wrist, Shadow spoke into the small device. “Commander, Agent Shadow reporting in.” Another voice coming from the device, the G.U.N. Commander received Shadow’s call. “Loud and clear, Agent Shadow. Have you encountered any problems?” a small buzz indicating the end of his transmission. “Not clear,” Shadow responded. “It appears that Kiryūin’s forces were expecting us, though they aren’t yet aware of my arrival. With any luck, I should be able to retrieve the Kamui, Chaos Emerald in hand.”

“Understood. That’s good news. Do you believe we will need to engage Kiryūin?” the G.U.N. Commander asked, pacing back and forth within the confines of the command room in G.U.N. HQ, not that Shadow could see. “Not yet. We don’t want this to turn into a full-on raid if it can be avoided. I should be able to infiltrate Honnōji and make it out within ten minutes. If I don’t correspond by then, something will have gone wrong, and it may be necessary.”

“I see. Good luck and Godspeed, Shadow. We’ll remain on standby, ready to assist.” The Commander responded. “Understood. Initiating the mission now.” Shadow affirmed, cutting the communications line and disappearing in a flash of light.

The sound of his shoes skating along the floor of Honnōji Academy filled Shadow’s ears as he made a sharp turn, navigating the halls of the prestigious school. Somewhere deep within the labyrinth of corridors that made up the interior of the main building lay the Chaos Emerald he sought after. Shadow could sense himself gradually getting closer as he made his way through the structure, descending flights of stairs and traversing through the foreign learning institute.

With the majority of Kiryūin’s forces localised outside, it made infiltration a breeze. Shadow had yet to encounter any other residents of the city, which was both relieving, and unnerving. Normally he’d have faced resistance by now, so either Kiryūin was confident enough that she’d have had enough time to prepare before he came, or that she already had defences set up in the emerald’s location. The first option was vastly preferable, though with his luck, chances were that it wouldn’t turn out like that.

And oh how right he was. Descending past yet another stairwell, Shadow fell into a dimly lit hallway. At the end stood a sturdy, metal door from which Shadow could sense emanating Chaos energy. The emerald was here. Quickly making his way to the hallway’s end, Shadow inspected the door in front of him. A large, green button off to the left of the door, it was likely the open button, and with no other discernible way to lift the door other than blowing it open, that was the path forward.

Pressing his gloved fingers down on the button, the metal door began to rise, slowly filtering light into the dark room. The jade glow of the Chaos Emerald softly filled the room from the pedestal it was placed on, illuminating the area of its containment. Shadow had found the Chaos Emerald with surprising ease. It didn’t help to quell the unease within him, but he supposed that one objective already completed was pretty good, so far at least. Now all that’s left was the Kamui.

Reaching out to grasp the Emerald, Shadow could feel the potent Chaos energy flowing through it, and into him, filling him with power. Grasping the gem, Shadow turned backwards, ready to leave when a figure stood in the doorway. Initially covered in shadows, the light eventually cleared and Shadow could see the person clearly. A teenage girl with a dark sailor uniform. Top and bottom connected by straps, a set of eyes, with one cut out, and a blood-red glove. That was the very same description of the Kamui he was looking for, and the girl in front of him just so happened to be wearing it.

Had Shadow been a human, he’d imagine they’d have looked alike, though it was a strange coincidence nonetheless. Regardless, he still had a job to do – no time for pondering. “Oi! What the hell are you doing?” Ryūko angrily shouted, stepping closer to Shadow. Satsuki had told her to protect that emerald by any means, and she goes on break for five minutes, and it all goes to shit. Just her luck. Everyone else was outside preparing for an invasion while she kept guard, keeping the most dangerous item in their possession protected by the one with the most dangerous weapon they had available. Herself.

“I’m reclaiming this Chaos Emerald so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. I’ve seen what those with great influence and power have done with objects of untold potential before – it never ends well.” Shadow replied, calm and collected in his response. There was no need to rile up the girl if he could avoid conflict altogether. “With Kiryūin’s reach and influence, there’s no telling what REVOCS may be able to accomplish. And with their monopoly on the clothing industry, it’s a recipe for disaster. I’m here to ensure that nothing comes to pass.” Shadow stated to the girl.

“But that’s not all I’m here for. I need that Kamui.” Shadow continued, reinforcing his position to the girl. “It holds untapped potential, and it needs to be kept safe. In the hands of REVOCS, it could spell disaster, and who knows what could happen if they get their hands on a Chaos Emerald alongside it.” His reasoning stated, Shadow awaited the girl’s response, holding out hope for her to be reasonable, though he knew the chances were slim.

Unexpectedly, Ryūko burst into a fit of laughter. Clutching at her sides, she began to wheeze for air, finding the entire situation far too funny than it reasonably should be. Snapping back to the reality of the situation, albeit with a few giggles here and there, Ryūko looked over Shadow, the three-foot-tall hedgehog holding an unchanging, serious expression on his face. “Oh, this is a riot! Either I’m going insane, or there’s actually a three-foot-tall, talking rat trying to lecture me about safety!” Ryūko once again descended into a fit of giggling laughter as Shadow remained deadly serious.

Understandably miffed at being called a rat, Shadow retorted. “I’m not a rat, I’m a hedgehog. Shadow the Hedgehog.” Correcting Ryūko, though it all but fell on deaf ears. “And this is no laughing matter. G.U.N. requires that Kamui, and I need to retrieve it.” He again tried to reason with Ryūko. No dice. “And I need that Emerald back, capiche? You’ve got what I want, and I’ve got what you want, but we each can’t leave without both.” Ryūko shot back, defiance clear in her voice.

“You understand the situation, but not the severity. If you do not hand over the Kamui now, I will be required to use force.” Shadow responded, not making a threat, simply stating the truth. G.U.N. needed the Kamui in safe hands, and Kiryūin could not be trusted. “Oh yeah, tough guy? Just try and take it!” Ryūko contested cockily, holding out two fingers and bringing them back towards herself, a non-verbal challenge issued to the hedgehog.

“Hold on Ryūko! We don’t know what he’s capable of yet. If anyone is confident enough to send a single hedgehog in to retrieve such a powerful item, and myself to boot, then we can’t take them lightly. Be careful.” Senketsu warned, the sailor suit’s singular eye looking up at Ryūko. He knew she could handle herself, but that didn’t mean she should be careless around an unknown enemy. “Don’t worry, we can handle this. Stick by me, Senketsu.” Ryūko affirmed, her conviction unshakeable.

‘Who is she talking to?’ Shadow thought to himself, unable to hear Senketsu’s voice. ‘She doesn’t look to have a communicator of any kind, though maybe that glove serves as one? Better to play it safe and see what happens.’ Pondering on the possibilities that could stem from this, Shadow was just as intrigued with the girl as she was with him, even if she didn’t voice it. A talking hedgehog certainly was a new development in Satsuki’s plans, though it didn’t alter her course. She was to protect the Chaos Emerald and Senketsu from falling into the wrong hands.

Facing each other in the small room, there would be little space for an all-out fight, should it come to that. “I cannot convince you to give the Kamui up without a fight?“ Shadow asked, attempting to reason with Ryūko one last time. “Sorry pal, but no can do. Nothing’s gonna separate Senketsu and me.” She said, denying his last chance to avoid an altercation. A fight was inevitable now, and they both knew it. Sighing disappointedly, Shadow closed his eyes and clicked his fingers, subtly focusing on the Chaos energy deep within him. The light snap complete, both fighters found themselves in a completely different area than before.

Teleporting them both out from deep with Honnōji Academy, Shadow had brought them out to the circular field in front of the main school building. Curiously enough, all previous students were completely gone without a trace, leaving the field empty and perfect for battle. Ryūko had fought in this area more than enough times to have familiarised herself with it, but she knew that Satsuki was preparing her forces in this area. What had happened to them? Was she alright?

Equally as pressing, Ryūko was absolutely dumbstruck with what had happened. One second, they were underneath the school building, and the next, they were in the field! Did that hedgehog teleport them here or something?! Did hedgehogs know how to teleport?! These thoughts wracked her mind, struggling to come to any other conclusion that made even some logical sense. Though a teleporting hedgehog defied normal logic! What the hell was this?! What was he…?

The sound of heavy gunshots ripped both of them from their reprieve. Glancing back down to Honnō City, Shadow and Ryūko saw what had happened in their absence. G.U.N.’s raid of Honnōji was in full swing. Helicopters flew through the air, their propellors continually thumping as the battle raged on and artillery fired – loud enough for it to be heard at the top of Honnōji. This, to put it simply, was bad; very bad. Touching the communicator on his wrist, Shadow opened the line with the G.U.N. Commander again.

“Commander! What’s going on? It hasn’t been ten minutes yet, why has the raid begun?!” Shadow questioned urgently, not expecting combat of any kind to have taken place so soon. “Kiryūin found us out, Shadow.” the commanding voice spoke through the line. “We were prepping our forces and she initiated the conflict, we’ve only just been managing to hold them off. Whatever ace up their sleeve they have, it’s bound to be dangerous.” He informed Shadow, concern evident in his voice as he relayed the events to his top agent. “Have you managed to retrieve the Chaos Emerald and the Kamui?” He asked, hoping for some good news to have come from the disastrous events that plagued his forces.

“We’ve got the Emerald, sir, but the Kamui will take a bit longer. I was intercepted by a girl who’s wearing it. She seems to call it ‘Senketsu’, and won’t give it up.” Shadow informed the commander. “Then let’s wrap this up quickly. You’re authorised to use any means necessary to retrieve it. Don’t let us down, Shadow, you know what you have to do.” The commander concluded, confident in his agent’s skills. Closing the line, the communicator on Shadow’s wrist buzzed. Their conversation being completely unheard by Matoi as she was involved in her own discussion.

“Senketsu, it’s a warzone down there! I can see their forces, they’ve got enough soldiers to compete with Satsuki’s, but that hedgehog… He’s gotta be their trump card, doesn’t he?” Ryūko said, voicing her concerns to the sentient Kamui. “I can feel your blood boiling Ryūko. It worries me as well, though we can’t afford to lose control.” Senketsu’s level-headedness keeping Ryūko in check. “This is certainly one hell of a day, isn’t it, Senketsu? But no matter who stands in our way, we’ll show them not to mess with our home, won’t we?” Communing with her partner, Ryūko reached into a small pocket on her outfit, retrieving a small, red scissor.

“This is a battle we can’t afford to lose, Ryūko! I trust you, and we won’t be beaten by anyone. None can break our bond!” Senketsu affirmed, his trust in his partner unshakeable. Grasping the small crimson scissor, Ryūko enlarged her blade to its regular size, spinning the weapon for flare and entering a combat stance. “Let’s show ‘em hell, partner!”

Both Shadow and Ryūko turning to look at each other, the wind howling around the two fighters, circling through the massive battlefield of a school. They knew that they were opposing forces, and quite possibly the strongest unit each side had to offer. And here they were, about to fight someone they had just met. Someone who looked like they’d suffered through difficult struggles much like their own. Someone important to whomever they were fighting... And yet someone who had to be dealt with as the primary source of their frustration.

Equipping a pistol into his right hand, Shadow grit his teeth and clenched his left fist. If only things hadn’t come to this… “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.” Sorry for everything that had happened, and for everything he had to do, but there was no way out of it now. “Well, there’s something expected from the both of us. Might as well get started.” Ryūko responded. Raising her Scissor Blade to eye level and pointing it at the opposing hedgehog. They both had people who cared about them, people they had to get back to, people they couldn’t let down. It was more than just a fight for their opposing sides in a battle, it was a fight for survival, and both were determined to live.



If Shadow wins
If Ryūko Matoi wins