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A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

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Mewtwo VS Shadow
Season 6, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date June 19th, 2016
Written by Fedora Lord Para 348
Directed by Anonymous
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Shadow vs Mewtwo is a What-if? episode of Death Battle.


Sonic The Hedgehog Vs Pokemon. Which Evil-Scientist created Powerful Animals will stay Alive?


Wiz: There has been quite few characters, that have been born by evil scientists, but these two, are popular as popularity gets.

Boomstick: Like Shadow! the ultimate lifeform.

Wiz: And Mewtwo! the Genetic Pokémon.

Boomstick: He's Wiz, and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armours, and skills, to find out who would win, a Death Battle.


Wiz: The Ultimate life form , Shadow the hedgehog.

Boomstick: A powerhouse.

Wiz: He has a variety of moves such as Chaos Blast.

Boomstick: Which could destroy almost anything or anyone!

Wiz: He also has Chaos Control which has 2 different effects. It can stop time or it could use teleportation.

Boomstick: He has another blast move called Chaos Spear. Stupidest name ever.

Wiz: It shoots a blast of energy the size of an overgrown spear. Chaos Lance is a stronger version of Chaos Spear.

Boomstick: Shadow has a lot of speed though. And he has anger.

Wiz: His anger just gets him stronger and stronger. He also underestimates his opponents which gives him a disadvantage. He also wears two Inhibitor Rings. If he wears them off, his attacks become a lot more powerful but he quickly gets tired.

Boomstick: He also has lots of chaos moves such as Chaos Eagle or Chaos Boost.

Wiz: But his main power is the chaos emeralds. If you have all 7 than you turn to yourself in another form. Super form.

Boomstick: Super Shadow can fly and has more energy. He can teleport farther places and is a million times faster.

Wiz: But his Super Form has a limit. It can end anywhere anytime. Lets go to Mewtwo.


Wiz: Mewtwo is an Artificial Pokemon. It was created by a scientist after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments. Mewtwo can only think about defeating it's foes.

Boomstick: How stupid! it doesn't care what will happen if it dies.

Wiz: Mewtwo has the ability Pressure. Pressure adds one additional PP and enables Mewtwo to hit a Dark type foe.

Boomstick: Disable can disable a recent move used by a foe for four turns. Confusion is a stupid move that becomes cool after the foe is confused.

Wiz: Mewtwo's Swift can even hit an evasive foe.

Boomstick: After Mewtwo uses Safeguard, Mewtwo can't get confused and becomes immune to sleep for 5 turns.

Wiz: Psych Up copies the foe's any stat changes. Power Swap copies the foe's Attack changes and Guard Swap copies Defense.

Boomstick: Psych Up is better because it copies any changes and saves one turn.

Wiz: After using Future Sight, Mewtwo attacks the foe with a heavy powerful attack after 2 turns.

Boomstick: Barrier and Amnesia raises defense sharply. Anyone hitting Mewtwo will end up in hospital.

Wiz: Your're wrong, hitting a defensive foe doesn't give you recoil damage. Mewtwo's Me First can hit the foe with the same move the foe uses.

Boomstick: Miracle Eye hits an evasive foe and dark type foe. Dark type is no challenge to Mewtwo.

Wiz: Psystrike is a 100 powered Powerful move and Mewtwo's Signature move. Aura Sphere is a 80 powered Fighting type move. Psycho Cut is 70 powered. Recover recovers HP by half.

Boomstick: Mewtwo can Mega evolve into Mega Mewtwo X or Y. Mega evolutions makes Pokemon stronger.

Wiz: X has the ability Steadfast which raises speed when flinches. Y has Insomnia which prevents Mewtwo from sleep. Alright the combatants are set lets end this battle once and for all.

Boomstick: So its time for a DEATH BATLEEEEEEEE!


It was a sunny day in the Green Hill zone.

Shadow: If only things were a little more exciting here. Boring!

He hears a grunt behind him.

Mewtwo: Your wish came true!

Shadow: You're no challenge. Just an overgrown feline.

Mewtwo: Well you're an overgrown rat!


Shadow hits Mewtwo with a Chaos Spear. Mewtwo got hit and Shadow started to run fast around Mewtwo.

Mewtwo: Such stupid things doesn't matter to me.

Mewtwo used Swift which hit Shadow.

Shadow: You're better than I thought! Now what will you do?

Shadow runs fast and fired chaos spears. Mewtwo used Miracle eye and hits Shadow with an Aura Sphere. Shadow gets near Mewtwo and punched it hard, sending him in the air. Shadow jumps up and punches Mewtwo down. Shadow slowed down time by Chaos Control. Mewtwo tries to hit Shadow with a Psycho Cut but Shadow dodged it. The time turns normal. Shadow fires Chaos Spear and Mewtwo used Disable.

Shadow: Why can't I fire Chaos Spears!

Mewtwo: You can't do anything! Now see this!

Mewtwo used confusion and Shadow gets confused. Mewtwo used Psycho Cut. Shadow snapped out of confusion and teleported into a dark forest. Because of Miracle Eye, Mewtwo can see in the dark. Mewtwo cut all the trees using Psycho Cut and cut almost all the trees. Shadow appears.

Shadow: Very Well! you've done this being a psychic. Now see this.

Shadow gets surrounded by seven Chaos Emeralds and transformed into Super Shadow.

Mewtwo: Alright!

Mewtwo takes its Mega Stone X and transformed into Mega Mewtwo X. Mewtwo uses Aura Sphere and it hit Shadow hardly because of STAB.

Shadow : Chaos Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!

Shadow's Chaos blast causes the forest burn. Shadow flies and Mewtwo jumps on a HUGE tree that Mewtwo didn't cut. Shadow then punched Mewtwo.

Mewtwo: What the heck is this? Its so painful.

Mewtwo then used Barrier and Amnesia. Shadow punched Mewtwo again but it had a little affect. Shadow teleports behind Mewtwo and Kicked it hard. Shadow slowed down time and fired Chaos Spear. Shadow flew up high. Coming back hitting Mewtwo with a Chaos Lance.

Mewtwo: How did this rat fired Chaos Spear again?

Shadow: You don't know even my moves.

Mewtwo used Future Sight.

Shadow: What happened?

Mewtwo: You will see soon.

Shadow punches Mewtwo and sent falling down in the fire. Mewtwo used Aura Sphere on Shadow. 00.01 seconds before Mewtwo fell in fire, Shadow took Future Sight attack. Mewtwo fell in the fire. Shadow turned into Normal and he also fell in fire.


A fused skeleton of Mewtwo and Shadow appears. With body and hand of Shadow and head and feet of Mewtwo.


Boomstick: The fusion was COOL!

Wiz: Mewtwo and Shadow was very similar. Shadow's Chaos Force attacks was more like dark types to Mewtwo but that type was a normal challenge for It because its Mega Evolution X was Fighting type, Mewtwo had the ability Pressure and it can use Miracle Eye.

Boomstick: I thought if you paint Sonic in black. Shadow will be created. Now I see something new called Mewdow!

Wiz: The battle is a draw!


  • This is the first completed 'Pokemon Vs Sonic' What-If Death Battle where a Sonic The Hedgehog Character didn't beat a Pokemon Character. The previous Pokemon Vs Sonic battles were Espio vs Greninja and Sonic vs Charizard and the Sonic Character won in those two battles.


Pokemon VS Sonic! In a duel between life forms created to be the most powerful, whose existence is superior? Can Mewtwo defeat the Ultimate Life Form?


Wiz: It is fact that no human being can ever be perfect. We all have our flaws, our shortcomings.

Boomstick: But what if a being... didn't? And was created to be stronger, smarter, and simply better than us weak humans?

Wiz: Mewtwo, the Genetic Pokemon, and clone of Mew.

Boomstick: And Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form.

Wiz: As these two characters have gone through several different media and canons, only the video game and anime continuities of both will be counted.

Boomstick: Considering that Archie Shadow scales to Archie Sanic, who ran around the multiverse twice in one day and destroyed a universe with a single punch... probably a good idea. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: It's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle!


(Cue Route 1 - Pokemon Red and Blue OST)

Wiz: Take a stroll around the Kanto region, and you'll likely come across common Pokemon, such as Caterpie or Pidgey.

Boomstick: And hey, maybe a Pikachu if you're lucky!

Wiz: But one Pokemon you're almost guaranteed not to find is an anomaly known as Mew - a Legendary Pokemon only few have sighted, and that no one has yet taken a picture of.

Boomstick: Determined to find this incredibly rare Pokemon, scientists from an organization known as Team Rocket set out to find it. Huh, weird they're called Team Rocket. They don't really use a lot of rockets, do they?

(Cue Rocket Hideout - Pokemon Red and Blue OST)

Wiz: Years passed, and Team Rocket's search turned up fruitless. Until they discovered the shed eyebrow of the rare Mew.

Boomstick: Being the villainous Team Rocket, what did they decide to? The logical thing, and use the eyebrow as nothing but evidence for the Pokemon's existence? ...Hell no! Instead, they did what any human being would do, and create a clone of the New Species Pokemon! Except make it stronger!

Wiz: Doing their experiments and DNA splicing at the remote area known as Cinnabar Island, Team Rocket scientists worked for years in their attempt to create the world's most powerful Pokemon yet, this project was known only as... Mewtwo.

Boomstick: But they couldn't just stop at making him stronger than all Pokemon! No, they also had to make him smarter than any human! And this... backfired tremendously.

Scientist: We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokemon... and we succeeded.

(Laboratory explodes)

Wiz: Confounded by his own existence, Mewtwo sought revenge upon the very scientists who created him as he killed them all in an explosion. A true testament to the power which they wanted him to have.

Boomstick: Taking refuge in a remote island, Mewtwo wished to eliminate all humans, and hell even Pokemon, from the Earth as he challenged trainers everywhere to fight him in a Pokemon Battle - which would be hopeless in any case.

Wiz: With the world's greatest trainers trapped in a building with a Pokemon they couldn't hope to defeat or capture, and everyone else out in a massive storm which could wipe out all life, Mewtwo's vision was nearly complete. Until he learned the greatest lesson any Pokemon had ever learned.

Mewtwo: I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.

(Cue Battle with Mewtwo - Pokken Tournament OST)

Wiz: In battle, Mewtwo is an incredible force, with psychic energy powerful enough to hurl heavy Pokemon like Nidoking and Arcanine around like ragdolls, rip apart large buildings, and even move storm clouds from all corners of the Earth.

Boomstick: But what else can he do? He can distort an opponent's mind with Confusion, shut down the functions of an opponent with Disable, predict attacks with Future Sight, and even cut through things using his mind! Psycho Cut, what even are you?

Wiz: Being a Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo's stats are... absurd. With high Speed and Attack, and incredibly high Special Attack, Mewtwo is an offensive powerhouse. However, his defenses aren't at all terrible, making him quite the damage sponge as well. And when you factor in the ability Pressure, which makes opponents' attacks use up two PP instead of one, it can be a daunting task to take down this Pokemon.

Boomstick: But that's in case any attacks even hit him! With his psychic force fields, Mewtwo can block almost any attack that comes his way! If he finds himself outclassed in stats for some reason, he can switch around his offenses and defenses with those of the opponent!

Wiz: However, if Mewtwo is to be hit with an attack, he can always boost his defenses with Barrier and Amnesia. And if facing off with a Dark-type or Steel-type Pokemon which resists his Psychic-type attacks, the move Aura Sphere is just the right move for the job.

Boomstick: If he takes too much damage? Recover is the way to go! This move can restore 50% of his health, at any time! Yeah, he's a hard to kill fucker.

Wiz: Of course, Mewtwo's preferred method of attack is just to fire bursts of psychic energy in the form of spheres. These bursts are powerful enough to rip through solid constructs, one-shot powerful Pokemon, and in the case where a target survives, it has a small chance of lowering their defenses, meaning that surviving another one is almost completely out of the question.

Boomstick: You want to take it out the slow way, by lowering his stats or giving him a status effect? Not gonna happen, when moves like Mist and Safeguard are available to him!

Wiz: And if someone is to move before he is, he can predict an opponent's move and use it first, using the move Me First. He can also look into the future, predict attacks from the opponent, and forsee future attacks he will land and strike in the future using Future Sight.

Boomstick: But Mewtwo's most powerful attack is a move known as Psystrike, a psychic attack so powerful it targets the foe's physical defense rather than its Special Defense! And it brings a whole bunch of his psychic blasts together in a single strike, and paired with his telekinesis, this is a deadly attack! It's what happens when you create a Pokemon so powerful.

Wiz: However, Mewtwo's psychic powers are useful for more than just outright offense. In addition to the various bolts of psychic energy, Mewtwo can also manipulate the weather, teleport, erase memories, petrify living objects, fly at massively hypersonic speeds, and even create... gigantic spoons to use as weapons...

Boomstick: Well, it definitely paid off when that ice cream Pokemon was created.

Wiz: And if you thought Mewtwo could not get more powerful, you would be dead wrong. Using the Mewtwonite Y, Mewtwo could Mega-Evolve into incredibly powerful Mega Mewtwo Y, which gave it an inredible increase in its Special Attack and Speed.

Boomstick: Mega Mewtwo Y gains the ability Isomnia, meaning that he probably stays up all night animating a web show that no one except for nerds who have nothing better to do than argue over who would win in a what-if battle scenario would watch... oh wait...

Wiz: Jokes aside, Mega Mewtwo Y is so powerful, its base stat total is above that of even Arceus. And in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, it along with Rayquaza and Deoxys pushed back a wave of dark matter powerful enough to stop the Earth's movement entirely and even pull it toward the sun. To hold back such a force would require 0.938 tenatons split between the three of them.

Boomstick: Goddamn.

Wiz: Mega Mewtwo Y is sure powerful, but one day Mewtwo saved a girl named Anne from the influence of a Shadow Synergy Stone. Anne was rescued unscathed, but Mewtwo fell victim to the Shadow Synergy Stone's influence as he was transformed into the malicious Shadow Mewtwo.

(Cue Dark Colosseum - Pokken Tournament OST)

Boomstick: You sure it's not Dank Mewtwo? Anyway, Dank Mewtwo here traveled all around the Ferrum region, draining Gaia Power from the normal Synergy Stones and increasing his power even more! He got so powerful that he could fly to space in seconds and destroy a huge portion of the earth with a single blast!

Wiz: However, Shadow Mewtwo sacrificed two things - one, his defenses, and two, his morality. And as powerful as Shadow Mewtwo was, he was eventually defeated by the likes of several regular Pokemon, and Anne who came back with a Synergy Stone to separate it from the Shadow Synergy Stone.

Boomstick: Speaking of which, as powerful as Mewtwo is, he is not perfect. Strange, that's kinda how he was created!

Wiz: Being a Psychic-type, Mewtwo possesses weaknesses to Dark-type, Steel-type, and Bug-type attacks. And his Psychic attacks can be completely nullified by anything with a Dark type to it. And the second Mewtwo mega-evolves, it cannot revert to its base form and turn into Shadow Mewtwo.

Boomstick: But hey, when you're the most powerful Pokemon... who cares? Oh yeah, and most infamously, Mewtwo kinda lost that "strongest Pokemon" title when Arceus came around. Sorry Mewtwo, but not even you can compete with the creator of the universe.

Wiz: But he's considered to be one of the most powerful for a reason - and when you're in your own game's Uber tier for each generation consistently, you know you're a force to be reckoned with.

Cue Mewtwo's Finisher from Pokken Tournament.

Shadow the Hedgehog

(Cue I Am All Of Me - Shadow the Hedgehog OST)

Wiz: We all know Dr. Eggman as the incredibly talented and definitely insane genius that he is, but before Robotnik there was his grandfather - Doctor Gerald Robotnik.

Boomstick: See, Gerald had a few screws loose, but he was overall not a bad guy. During his research, he created a space colony the size of the moon! He decided to call it, the Space Colony ARK!

Wiz: "Project Shadow", an experiment to create a being capable of healing the terminally ill, was what Gerald devoted all his research to after his daughter Maria was diagnosed with the fictional disease Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome - which would soon kill her.

Boomstick: Taking no risks and throwing all caution to the wind, Gerald Robotnik decided to experiment with alien technology in hopes of creating a being capable of healing his daughter. After the failure of a prototype that was known as the Biolizard, Gerald was finally successful with his creation - Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform!

Wiz: Despite the sheer power Shadow possessed due to being imbued with the Chaos force, he was a rather benevolent being upon creation, making good friends with Maria. To the point where the two were basically inseparable.

Boomstick: Oh, cruel fate. By sheer coincidence, the research going toward "Project Shadow" was leaked to G.U.N., a military organization. And because everyone back on Earth feared aliens because, well, everyone's scared of aliens these days, G.U.N. raided the ARK, going after Shadow and Gerald! Maria, not wanting to see Shadow die, pushed him into an escape pod as she took a bullet right in front of Shadow's eyes - which forever changed his life, his personality, and his taste in music.

(Cue Throw It All Away - Sonic Adventure 2 OST)

Wiz: The trauma of the event left Shadow with amnesia, leading him to forget just what happened upon the ARK, and his intended purpose. All he could remember was Maria, and that she was gone. Swearing revenge upon humanity, Shadow decided it was time to put his incredible power to use.

Boomstick: Despite Shadow being over 30 years older than Sonic, he's just as fast as the blue hedgehog, being able to keep up with Sonic in many footraces! He can even run so fast that he creates a black tornado which tosses all it sucks up into the air!

Wiz: Considering that Sonic has moved at speeds ranging anywhere between hypersonic to even outspeeding light itself, Shadow is also capable of faster-than-light travel and movement.

Boomstick: Goddamn. The only problem with running faster than light, is you live in a world of darkness. Fitting for someone like Shadow.

Wiz: Shadow is effectively immortal, being able to breathe underwater and even in space. Physically, he's strong enough to destroy giant robots simply by rushing into them and even toss giant trucks into the air using only a single arm.

Boomstick: But by far Shadow's most potent attacks come from his connection to the Chaos Force, a pool of this weird energy which basically is the middle finger to all laws of this universe.

Wiz: Shadow can use the Chaos Force in a variety of different ways, such as in energy projectiles such as the Chaos Spear and Chaos Lance, which can destroy solid structures but also paralyze foes in their tracks. He can even manifest Chaos energy into a void, or a formation devoid of any sort of matter or even space whatsoever. While it takes a lot of his power and is incredibly difficult to use, it can kill opponents in a single hit.

Boomstick: The Chaos Force can even increase Shadow's stats with Chaos Boost, making him even stronger, even more durable, and even faster! Roaming Chaos can create a black hole beneath Shadow, trapping opponents in place!

Wiz: Well, a true black hole absorbs all matter around it before shrinking down and expelling matter from within, so this is simply nothing more than a gravity well. Also if it were a black hole, Shadow couldn't possibly get away as he would be well past the event horizon.

Boomstick: Science-y stuff aside, Shadow can also teleport in the middle of his attacks, follow a trail of rings at the speed of light, and even manipulate space itself for an attack that's like... I don't even know what it is!

Wiz: This triple-question-mark attack briefly creates three clones of Shadow, bursting with Chaos Energy which damages those who do so much as get near him. This invokes a technique known as Chaos Control, a reality-distorting technique which manipulates time and space itself. Shadow can use Chaos Control to slow down time, speed up time, teleport between dimensions or even all around the world. Oh, and because he was created to heal, Shadow can also heal himself of wounds he may receive over the course of battle..

Boomstick: But if Shadow is feeling brutal enough, he'll tap into an incredibly powerful technique known as... Chaos Blast, an incredibly powerful burst of energy which obliterates all which it comes into contact with!

Wiz: However, the Chaos Force isn't all Shadow uses in battle. He also has access to Sonic's signature Spin Dash and Homing Attack, and has basic knowledge in hand-to-hand combat.

Boomstick: But my favorite thing Shadow has? Guns. Lots and lots of guns. Shadow can use any type of gun, with the skill of an expert! But by far Shadow's best gun is the Shadow Rifle, an incredibly powerful rifle capable of killing just about anything it hits in a single shot!

Wiz: Because of Shadow's immense power, he must keep himself under control using two rings he wears on his wrists. In a pinch, Shadow can remove these rings to increase his power to incredible levels, but with a deadly cost - it wears out his power and renders him a sitting duck after use.

Boomstick: Or a sitting hedgehog...

Wiz: But to further increase Shadow's connection to the Chaos Force, there are seven gems known as the Chaos Emeralds, each of which possesses a massive amount of energy. The Chaos Emeralds amplify the powers of Chaos Control, giving Shadow an incredible control over time and space.

Boomstick: But with all seven Chaos Emeralds, Shadow turns into the mighty Super Shadow, an immensely powerful being with stats much higher than base Shadow's! Super Shadow can fly, damage incredibly powerful beings such as the Finalhazard and Solaris, and can fire out Chaos Spears at once! Oh, and he's completely invincible!

Wiz: Super Shadow's power is insane, but sadly is on a time limit depending on how many rings he has collected. Thankfully though, Super Shadow heals the hedgehog back to full health.

Boomstick: Over the years, Shadow has achieved some pretty crazy feats! He's tough enough to survive a fall from space, he's helped Sonic defeat Eggman many times, and he's tangled with Sonic so many times that you'd think they're the same person! Except Shadow's blacker, edgier, and probably listens to Linkin Park.

Wiz: However, Shadow is not at all perfect despite that being the point of his creation. He often rushes into battle without much of a thought, but at the same time underestimates opponents who aren't quite on the level of world destruction. Even Sonic the Hedgehog, who has stalemated Shadow many times before, isn't an opponent Shadow has ever gone all-out against.

Boomstick: That, and Shadow's pretty sensitive about Maria. His mind is a pretty weak place. And while the Chaos Force is powerful, it eventually runs out.

Wiz: But there's a reason they call him the Ultimate Life Form.

Cue Shadow racing Sonic in Sonic Adventure 2.


Fedora Lord Para 348

Some ruined city

(Cue Flame Core Volcano - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) OST)

It was a tragic and despair-filled day in the ruined city. The entire city was in shambles - buildings had collapsed if they had not been reduced to nothing but bits of concrete and glass dust, streets were cracked and seeping what appeared to be magma. Police sirens blared in the distance as civilians scattered to escape the destruction. A rain of ash and sparks sprinkled down over the city.


A black sphere no larger than a beach ball zipped through the air, crashing into the face of a charred skyscraper. Upon impact, the skyscraper instantly crumbled to the ground. Opposite the wrecked building, a bright purple light flashed as the figure of, supposedly, an anthropomorphic cat burst from a pile of concrete bits and glass shards, scattering them in every which direction.

"You should have never let it escalate to this level," a baritone voice stated, seeming to come from the cat-like figure. This figure revealed itself to be a mostly purple-gray figure with a tall, lean torso, with small horn-like protrusions on its head and a curved tube-like appendage from the back of its head to between its shoulders. It raised a lanky, almost skeletal arm with a cat-like hand attached to three rounded fingers to the air as a dark purple (almost black) sphere suddenly materialized in front of its fingertips, with bolts of purple electricity flowing through them. This anomaly of a figure was Mewtwo, the Genetic Pokemon, number 150. Had a reputation for being one of the strongest Pokemon there was.

With a single swipe of his arm, Mewtwo flung the purple orb in the direction that the black sphere had launched, toward the destroyed building. The ball of psychic energy zoomed through the air, but before it could hit the ground, that same black sphere jumped from the rubble of the building it had crashed into and landed on the ground, this time in the form of a black, anthropomorphic hedgehog. This hedgehog had a very large head in comparison to its body, which was rather scrawny and short. It had six spines protruding from its head, each of which with a single red stripe down the back of his head. A patch of white fur grew on his chest, and he wore white gloves on his hands with large golden bracelets upon his wrists (which also had red stripes leading toward from the elbows). There was a look of ferocity, of anguish, of absolute contempt in his eyes as he glared down at Mewtwo right ahead. This figure was known only as Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form.

"Sorry, Mewtwo," replied Shadow, glaring at and marching toward his opponent. Not breaking eye contact with Mewtwo, Shadow removed one of the golden wrist cuffs with a "click!", and then repeated on his other hand. "But that's not an option for me anymore."

With a similar glare to that of his opponent's, Mewtwo raised his hand again as he materialized another sphere of deep purple psychic energy. Almost immediately after creating the sphere, he launched it at Shadow at an incredible speed. Before the sphere could even touch Shadow, the hedgehog held out his own hand, which began to materialize a mass of bright red energy emanating from his palm, like a tiny star.

"Chaos Spear!" called Shadow, who then flung the mass of chaos energy toward Mewtwo, the energy cluster now taking the shape of a spear-like energy beam. The two blasts of powerful energy collided with each other in the midst of the hot, ash-filled air as they both suddenly expanded upon impact - and then exploded upon impact.


The black sphere and red Chaos Spear dispersed into the air as bright purple-and-red lights flashed from the site of the explosion. Dust, smoke, and ash filled the area as more screaming citizens evacuated the site.

Suddenly, Shadow burst through a cloud of dust and ash, his fur now being lit up in a red glow as he glared in Mewtwo's direction. From the opposite side, Mewtwo similarly burst through the cloud, his amethyst eyes now glowing a bright cyan color as bolts of what appeared to be a blue electrical energy surged through Mewtwo's body. Both genetic experiments glared at each other as they each pulled back a fist, each surging with psychic and chaos power respectively. Then, they both delivered a punch simultaneously, their fists colliding perfectly.


From the collision of Mewtwo's and Shadow's fists was another surge of psychic and chaos power, the sheer energy of the attacks exploding upon impact. As the dust, ash, smoke, and raining cinders dispersed, Mewtwo and Shadow were still standing in a large crater which had been created through the sheer force of the blow.

Of course, today had not started in the hysterical dystopia in which these two had been fighting. It all started one day, where things seemed to be perfectly normal. It would have never escalated to this level had things not simply gone the way they did. The day someone made a huge mistake that they would regret for the rest of their life, should it even continue past this day.

The same city, before the fight

(Cue Route 1 - Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow OST)

It was daytime in the big city. Civilians everywhere were walking and talking, some on their phones, others talking in a group, and others driving on perfectly paved roads in their cars. It was a picture-perfect moment; a picturesque day. Nothing could ruin this perfect day...

(Cue E.G.G.M.A.N. - Sonic Adventure 2 OST)

"Attention citizens of North City!" shouted the voice of an older man, over the ear-piercing echo of a megaphone. Citizens everywhere turned their heads in shock and disbelief as they each turned their heads toward the center of the town, as the entire city began to tremble beneath their feet - and to their horror, they all witnessed a gigantic silver drill - it had to have been the size of a two-story building - dig up through the ground, creating tremors with its digging. After the drill had fully excavated itself onto the ground, it suddenly unfolded itself into a shiny, red-painted robotic, humanoid mech, at least the size of a five-story building. Shiny red plating covered its broad chest and shoulders, with red plating taking the form of gauntlets around its wrists and ankles. At the head was a clear glass dome, hollowed in the middle as a familiar face sat in a black leather chair, at a control panel with lots of brightly-colored levers and switches.

This man was rather tall and very round in stature, and sported a shiny bald head with an excessively long brown mustache. Atop his long pink nose sat a pair of round blue eyeglasses, and he wore a red suit rather similar to that of... a marching band uniform?

All jokes about his goofy appearance aside, this man was all that his theme song implied him to be - Doctor Eggman, the signature villain to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Citizens ran around in utter panic, defenseless as the Eggman mech stampeded through North City, creating massive tremors with its footsteps (which would also make large craters upon impact) alone.

"Now, my newest plan to send my robot army through the streets of North City is almost complete!" shouted Eggman, grinning like the absolute madman he was as the shockwaves of his mech's movement was beginning to crumble the concrete pillars of an overhanging bridge. Citizens quickly exited their vehicles as many ran far away from Dr. Eggman. "There is absolutely nothing that can ruin this plan! Not even Sonic the Hedgehog!"

(Cue I Am All Of Me - Shadow the Hedgehog OST)

Across the other side of the city, an indistinguishable feature - a black blur - sped from seemingly nowhere as it suddenly collided with Eggman's mech, making a "CLANG!" sound upon impact.

"What is happening?!" Eggman shouted out in disbelief as his giant mech stumbled backward. Regaining the mech's footing, Eggman looked down to see below him one of the fighters described earlier - Shadow the Hedgehog. "I was expecting Sonic... but I suppose Shadow will have to do as well." Eggman sighed. "Very well. Do your worst, Shadow the Hedgehog!" Eggman challenged, his absolutely maniacal face wearing a wide, toothy grin.

Shadow arched his eyes at Eggman, and scowled as if angry - but then his furious scowl quickly turned into a grin of his own. "Eggman... I should have figured you'd turn up here, in North City. Since Sonic's out of commission, I might as well take you on myself."

Eggman gave a haughty and maniacal laugh - when suddenly Shadow dashed toward his mech and leaped upward, front-flipping his body in a spherical motion as an orange-red aura surrounded his body. Before Eggman's mech could react, Shadow hit the mech in its chest with a powerful Homing Attack.

"Gah!" Eggman yelped, his mech stumbling backward and tipping over. One would be able to see a large dent in the chest area from where Shadow hit him. Unable to regain the robot's footing, Eggman and his mech began to tip over onto the ground. "Curse that hedgehog... both of those hedgehogs..." Eggman muttered beneath his breath as his robot fell over...

...And was about to land on some poor fool who had been unlucky enough to be underneath him!

A man whose features were indistinct seemed to be typing a long message on a smartphone of sorts. "I'll... talk... to... you... later-" the man's thinking out loud was cut short as he turned his head toward the falling mech - within the next second he would be crushed underneath its sheer weight and reduced to nothing but ludicrous gibs and bloody chunks of skin and bone matter. He gasped and shielded his eyes as he prepared for the worst to come...

(Cue Mewtwo Battle Theme - Pokemon Origins OST)

...When suddenly the mech stopped in its tracks, just moments before it would have crushed the man beneath it. After a few seconds of essentially being paralyzed in fear and disbelief, the man quickly dashed away, as far away from this fight scene as possible.

"...Wh-what?" Eggman raised an eyebrow as suddenly his mech then fell to the ground, like it was supposed to before. Out the corner of his eye he saw a floating purple figure - the other fighter from earlier, Mewtwo.

Cease your mindless destruction. Eggman heard in his head. The voice was that of a deep baritone, and somehow he could see that the voice came from Mewtwo.

"Why would I do something like that?!" Eggman angrily replied, his mech quickly jumping back onto its feat. "Now get out of the way before I plow you two over!"

Shadow and Mewtwo exchanged glances, then they both nodded as they faced Eggman's mech.

(Cue Theme of Eggman - Sonic Adventure OST)

"Get a load of this!" Eggman shouted as suddenly six cannons opened up from the chest of his mech. Instantly a barrage of rockets fired out in unpredictable directions, but each of them generally aiming toward Mewtwo and Shadow.

"You take care of the missiles," Shadow told to Mewtwo, who turned his head toward the hedgehog. "I'll go for Eggman."

Mewtwo nodded in response. Understood. The Genetic Pokemon raised both of its lanky arms to the air as his eyes glowed with a bright cyan, and suddenly each of the missiles stopped dead in their tracks in midair. Eggman's eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Great, not another one... I don't even know what animal this one is..." Eggman muttered to himself as the missiles didn't even touch Mewtwo. In the middle of his distraction, suddenly a loud CLANG! could be heard from the chest area again. Eggman's mech stumbled backward once more. This time, the dent in the mech's chest had grown significantly, and the red paint was beginning to peel off. "...What?!"

Shadow grinned as he landed back down on the ground, his fist on the concrete as he knelt down, his back toward Eggman and its mech as he landed behind it. "Hmph. You really are all talk. Just like you always were."

Before Eggman could come up with a clever remark, the missiles which he had fired at Mewtwo all zeroed in on him, each of which firing at him at an alarming rate which he could not react to.


"No! This cannot be!" Eggman shouted as the smoke from the missiles clouded his vision. He could no longer see Mewtwo nor Shadow, and moreover his mech was losing his footing again. "Gah, next time I'll use a flying machine..."

Before Eggman could continue this thought, Mewtwo and Shadow both rushed toward Eggman, pulling back their fists as they dashed toward the evil doctor. Mewtwo's fist lit up with a blue glow while Shadow's ignited with an orange-red. As if perfectly scripted and rehearsed, Mewtwo and Shadow delivered simultaneous punches into the midsection of Eggman's mech.


The entire mech was reduced to nothing but scrap metal as Eggman went flying from the explosion, soaring through the air and flailing about.

"Looks like Doctor Eggman is blasting off agaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!" Eggman screamed, his voice getting progressively less audible the farther he went. After a few brief seconds, nothing but a star in the distance could be seen as a "ting!" sound rang out for effect.

(End music)

Shadow and Mewtwo glanced at each other once more, then looked over the horizon. The sunset was coming on. Even though Eggman's attack had only lasted a few minutes, North City was in shambles. It would take weeks, or even months to repair the damages.

"Well," Shadow began. "It appears you're more powerful than you look." he remarked, looking away from Mewtwo.

You make a powerful fighter yourself, Mewtwo stated to the hedgehog. The Pokemon raised a hand up, pointing it toward Shadow's head.

"Huh?" Shadow turned toward Mewtwo, raising an eyebrow as if to imply he was completely unimpressed.

Too powerful.

Before Shadow could respond, his eyes widened as Mewtwo's hand glowed with a violet aura. Shadow screamed out in pain as suddenly he felt the sharpest and most excrutiating headache he had ever felt. It was as if ten million sniper rounds had gone through his head at once - and he could feel it all. When it all ended, Shadow slumped onto the ground and closed his eyes.

Suddenly, he could remember nothing.

Nothing, except what had happened upon the ARK.


Shadow muttered to himself the name of one of his closest friends. He got those same traumatic flashbacks as always - Maria sprinting toward him in panic, jumping aboard an escape pod, watching her being mowed down by G.U.N. soldiers. It was traumatic then, it was traumatic now.


Shadow pushed against the ground, pulling himself back onto his feet. "Maria... G.U.N...." He looked around the ruins of North City. For some reason, this place reminded him of the destroyed ARK. Yet he could not remember anything else. His head hurt like hell for reasons he could not explain, and somehow he was in front of a very odd-looking life form in the midst of what could pass for a post-apocalyptic city.

"What... have you done?!" yelled Shadow, glaring at Mewtwo and breathing heavily. Despite the fact that he could not remember anything except for Maria up to this point, his powers were still just as volatile as ever. "You..."

Leave, if you would like to emerge unscathed-

Before Mewtwo could finish his thought, Shadow delivered a hefty punch to the Genetic Pokemon's face - however, a psychic field caught Shadow's fist before it could connect with Mewtwo.

...You are a fool.

Wearing that same perpetual frown without changing his facial expression, Mewtwo flung Shadow into the air. Moments later, Shadow landed back down on his feet, almost completely unharmed.

"...And you are dead."

Shadow wanted nothing more than Mewtwo's dead body, as mangled and bloodied as possible. As dead as dead could be.

For all the suffering Mewtwo subjected him too, he would pay!

Mewtwo and Shadow dashed at each other, both filled to the brim with their psychic and Chaos energies. Neither would cease until the other was beyond dead.


Shadow vs Mewtwo

(Cue Battle! Mewtwo - Pokemon X & Y OST)

Shadow made the first strike, pulling back his arm and sending a punch toward Mewtwo's face. Moments before Shadow's fist could even connect, Shadow instantly stopped in his tracks as he found himself levitating above ground.

Did you really think that would work?

Mewtwo then slammed his arm downward, which forcefully dropped Shadow down onto the ground in unison with Mewtwo's arm movement. The impact shattered the asphalt street beneath them, sending chunks of gravel and dust into the air.

Before Mewtwo could make another move, Shadow jumped up from the hole in the ground, front-flipping in the air covered in that orange-red aura once more, performing his signature Homing Attack.

Did you not learn from the first time? asked Mewtwo, who materialized a dark violet, almost black, sphere of psychic energy from his left hand as he did before. With a single horizontal swing of his arm, Mewtwo flung the ball of psychic energy at the hedgehog. Just as the psychic sphere was about to connect, Shadow suddenly vanished before Mewtwo's eyes. As a result, the psychic ball went flying into the air, past the clouds and never to be seen again. Where did that hedgehog go-?

Suddenly, Shadow unleashed a quick Homing Attack into Mewtwo's back, the force of the blow knocking Mewtwo forward as it caught him off-guard. The cyan glow in his eyes dimmed and flickered a bit. "Weren't expecting that, were you?" asked Shadow, standing behind Mewtwo. Before Mewtwo could catch his footing, Shadow jumped upward and delivered a sideways axle kick into the back of Mewtwo's head. Mewtwo grunted in agony as he turned back around to face Shadow, narrowly ducking underneath another oncoming kick.

You are weak.

Shadow growled in frustration as he dashed toward Mewtwo once more, doing a quick somersault in his offensive. He began to turn faster and faster until his body glowed with that same orange-red aura, rolling upon the ground in an incredibly quick motion. This was known as his other signature move, the Spin Dash.

Right as Shadow could dash toward Mewtwo, he felt his body come to a screeching halt as he appeared to reach a barrier he could not possibly break through. "What is... this barrier?" Shadow muttered to himself before being hoisted into the air once more, at the hands of Mewtwo's telekinesis.

Suddenly a bolt of hot pink energy flashed upon Shadow's head as a he could hear an ear-piercing ringing sound. He clenched his eyes shut as he felt his head vibrate from the shockwaves of the attack. Shadow opened his eyes to see nothing but a massive blur - he could not make out one object among the rest.

"What... is happening...?"

Shadow swayed back and forth, almost drunkenly as he struggled to keep his footing. This was rather... confusing. Of course, that was because this had been the result of Mewtwo's Confusion attack.

In the midst of Shadow's vulnerability, Mewtwo levitated Shadow into the air again using telekinesis. Shadow flailed around in an attempt to see through the blur, but suddenly found himself being launched at an indeterminate speed.


"...Ow..." Shadow opened his eyes to see things coming back into focus, but that ear-piercing ring was still echoing through his head. He could faintly see stars spinning around his head as he struggled to stand back up - and his large head and spindly legs certainly weren't helping matters.

You're just as meek as I thought. Mewtwo then turned around to see a large white bus behind him, with the words "North City Transit" painted on the side. With a heave of his psychic power, Mewtwo hoisted the huge bus into the air and launched it at the hedgehog - in the vulnerable state he was in now, there was no way he would be able to defend against this attack, right?

"What... did he do...?" Shadow asked himself, coughing in the midst of his sentence. Suddenly, everything came right back into focus - and to Shadow's surprise, a gigantic bus was about to fall right on top of him. "Hmph." Shadow scoffed as he arched his eyes toward the bus - and right as the huge vehicle fell on top of him, Shadow raised his arms to catch it on its windshield. He struggled for a few seconds as his lanky arms trembled beneath the weight of the bus, but after a few seconds he tossed the bus back up into the air as he began to materialize the same red energy mass from before in his hand, which he threw up into the air as it took the form of a spear-like blast of energy. "Chaos Spear!"

The Chaos Spear flew up into the air as it disintegrated the bus into ashes and dust, leaving almost no trace of the vehicle.

(Cue Radical Highway - Sonic Adventure 2 OST)

Shadow zipped toward Mewtwo in a mad dash, a red-orange mach cone forming around him as he seemed to almost ignite the concrete ground beneath him in a blazing trail. Sparks flew up from the ground as he became nothing but a red-and-black blur to the untrained human eye.


Mewtwo slammed his large tail onto the ground, raising three large chunks of concrete from the ground, levitating in midair through Mewtwo's telekinesis. Thrusting his right arm forward, Mewtwo flung all three of the rugged concrete pieces at Shadow, each one homing in on him.

"It's useless." Shadow muttered as he jumped up and delivered a quick Homing Attack toward the first concrete chunk, reducing it to nothing but grains of concrete sand. He repeated this twice in the blink of an eye, getting closer to Mewtwo as a result.

So you won't go down without a fight, I see.

Mewtwo raised his right arm skyward, and after a few seconds as well as a metallic screech, he levitated a rusted metallic bar at least three times Mewtwo's own length, with a sharpened end facing Shadow. As he thrust his arm forward again, the bar went flying toward the hedgehog at an incredible speed. As if he had seen the attack coming a mile away, Shadow jumped up and landed feet-first on the metallic bar - and suddenly his shoes began to grind on the rail as if he were skating without a skateboard, sparks scattering in every which direction.


Right as Shadow neared the end of the rail, he jumped off as he pulled back a fist, ready to deliver a solid punch. Before Shadow could make his strike, Mewtwo raised his arm upward, at about a 65-degree angle as five yellow star-shaped bolts of energy fired from his hand. Shadow easily swerved to the right, avoiding each star with no damage taken. "Hmph. You need to try harder than that."

However, as the stars flew behind Shadow, they quickly made a u-turn as they changed their course entirely, homing right back in on Shadow. Moments before Shadow could land another hit on Mewtwo, the Swift attack rebounded as all five stars collided with Shadow's back, knocking him face-first onto the ground.

Mewtwo pointed his hand down at the grounded Shadow, and proceeded to lift him into the air via telekinesis once more. This time, Shadow, in mid-air, looked Mewtwo right in the eye and grinned.

What do you find so amusing?

Shadow didn't even bother answering Mewtwo's question when in the blink of an eye, Shadow had completely vanished from sight! The cyan glow in Mewtwo's eyes dimmed once more.

Where did he go...

Just as Mewtwo was finishing his thought, Shadow reappeared on the rooftop of a high skyscraper - or, at least, the highest point of a now-destroyed skyscraper. In his hand was a silver pistol, aimed directly at the Genetic Pokemon. "Let's make this quick."


Shadow pulled the trigger of the shiny gun four times, with four black lead bullets firing toward Mewtwo. Mewtwo suddenly looked behind him to see the bullets approaching, but caught each one of them with his telekinesis.

It's futile.

With a hand wave, Mewtwo launched each of the bullets back at Shadow. Without skipping a beat, Shadow rolled over to the side, avoiding each bullet with ease. Mid-turn, Shadow dropped his pistol and instead picked up a long black rifle, which he aimed down at Mewtwo's head.

"Hmph. Now you'll be out of my sight." Shadow whispered to himself right as he pulled the trigger of the mighty Shadow Rifle.


The large sniper round zoomed through the air, taking aim toward the Genetic Pokemon's head. Unfazed, Mewtwo turned around to catch the sniper round with telekinesis as he crushed it into ash and dust with the force of his psychic power.

You fool. Mewtwo glared at Shadow and then vanished from sight. Shadow dropped the Shadow Rifle from his hands as he looked down at the ground, now seeing that Mewtwo was gone.


(Cue Hoenn Victory Road Remix)

Mewtwo reappeared behind Shadow, and in the blink of an eye and the wave of a hand he fired three smaller spheres of dark psychic energy. Shadow quickly turned toward Mewtwo as he weaved to the side to avoid two of them, but the third one hit him square in the face, knocking him onto the ground.

Shadow grunted as he pulled him back up onto his feet, then began to charge two star-shaped masses of red Chaos Energy in his hands. "Chaos Lance!" shouted Shadow as he fired out an elongated version of the Chaos Spear at Mewtwo. The Chaos Lance.

Before the Chaos Lance could connect, a blue-cyan bubble-like barrier materialized around Mewtwo. Upon contact, the Chaos Lance dissipated immediately.

Fool. Know my power.

Mewtwo raised both of his hands to the air as suddenly, black storm clouds filled the once blue sky. Rain instantly poured down over the battlefield, washing away much of the wreckage which had piled up around North City.

Suddenly, a bright yellow bolt of lightning struck down from above, crashing down toward Shadow's location.



With not a moment to lose, Shadow narrowly jumped upward and rolled to the side, outmaneuvering the lightning bolt. However, the bolt cracked open the rooftop (or whatever it was now), and set the entire building aflame with a bright orange inferno.

Mewtwo's eyes glowed a brighter cyan-blue as his body began to surge with more powerful psychic energy - the very ground began to tremble beneath his power as the blazing building began to crumble as well.

tremble tremble


Shadow suddenly dropped face-first, catching himself with one hand before he could fall down.

Is this the true power of the Ultimate Life Form? asked Mewtwo, who slowly approached Shadow while looming over him. Shadow looked up to see Pokemon #150 looking down right at him, as he pulled himself back up onto his feet.

Shadow then looked up at Mewtwo while wearing an irritated scowl - which quickly turned into a grin.

"Not quite." Shadow responded, vanishing once more.

Mewtwo turned his head behind himself, anticipating Shadow's next move. As Mewtwo turned away, Shadow reappeared right where he was before, out of Mewtwo's line of sight. Shadow then reached behind his back to hold in his right hand a coveted object which would serve as one of the strongest vessels to the Chaos Force there was.

A green diamond-like gem; more specifically, a Chaos Emerald.

With his left hand, Shadow snapped his fingers as the green Chaos Emerald began to glow with a jade light emanating from the core. Mewtwo then turned his head to face Shadow-


"Chaos Magic!" called Shadow.

As Mewtwo interjected, a spherical mass of purple, white, and black light materialized at Mewtwo's feet. Before Mewtwo could even react, the Chaos Magic attack burst beneath him as he skyrocketed into the air, his psychic barrier protecting him throught he worst of it.

However, beneath Shadow's feet the burning building was beginning to crumble even more.


Shadow simply jumped up into the air, catching up to the ascending Mewtwo. Seeming to store the Chaos Emerald in some sort of pocket dimension as it disappeared from view, both of Shadow's hands began to alight with that purple-white-black light which he had used for his Chaos Magic attack.

"Chaos Nightmare!" Shadow called out, thrusting both of his fists toward Mewtwo as the two suddenly began to descend. Mewtwo's eyes began to glow with that bright cyan once more, then thrust both his hands forward as they also started to glow with that same color.

No. Me first.

Mewtwo interrupted Shadow's attack using the move Me First, as he punched Shadow with both of his glowing fists. The impact of the hit launched Shadow backward and then upward toward the black storm clouds, turning him into nothing but a black blur invisible to the untrained human eye.

Shadow ascended higher and higher toward the storm clouds, reaching a point so high that he could no longer be seen from the ground.

Hmph. Just as I imagined.

Suddenly, Mewtwo closed his eyes. In his mind he could see the faint figure of Shadow the Hedgehog, this time cloaked in an oddly-colored red, almost ruby. But he could only see the discolored Shadow for the shortest second as a gigantic red explosion flared throughout North City.

"Chaos Control!"

Mewtwo heard in his mind. As Shadow was still in the air, Mewtwo suddenly materialized a cerulean sphere of energy in his hand. Not a psychic energy like before, but an energy of his fighting spirit; his willpower. An attack that would never miss, not even once.

Aura Sphere.

With a swing of his right hand, Mewtwo flung the Aura Sphere skyward, piercing the storm clouds and parting them with a large circle in the middle.

Up in the air still, far above North City, Shadow looked downward to see the wrecked city as well as the Aura Sphere coming up to hit him.



Damn that Pokemon...

Shadow slowly shut his eyes as he began to quickly descend back down toward the city. As the vengeful and destructive thoughts filled his mind, he huffed and scowled and his fur cloaked itself in the same ruby aura which Mewtwo predicted, as Shadow quickly descended toward Mewtwo, delivering a hard punch to the back of the Genetic Pokemon's head.

Mewtwo's eyes flickered again, turning back toward Shadow.

Just as I predicted.

Mewtwo's eyes glowed back to that sapphire shade as he caught the glowing red Shadow with telekinesis. But before Mewtwo could do anything for too long, Shadow suddenly vanished from sight once more.

Staying afloat right above ground, Mewtwo looked around for the hedgehog. Where could he be?

Of course, Mewtwo's question would be answered as soon as he looked up to the air to see Shadow seeming to be levitating overhead, filled to the brim with his Chaos Energy. "It's over." Shadow stated to himself and Mewtwo, glowing with an intense ruby as the power from the Chaos Force seeped from him.

Mewtwo shut his eyes and crossed his arms in preparation for whatever Shadow was going to do next.


A gigantic burst of red flashed all across North City. The explosion encompassed everything - buildings, cars, the streets, and Mewtwo who was only a few feet below Shadow. The absolute destruction of everything around was massive; any civilian caught in the Chaos Blast would have been incinerated into nothing but molecular bits of ash and dust.

Rubble and cinders fell from the sky as nothing but the overpowering red light could even be seen - it was as if the depths of hell had risen from the ground to envelop all of North City.

Mewtwo raised his arms upward, his entire body shaking around with the trembling ground. A dark blue, bubble-shaped barrier covered his body, but was beginning to flicker and fade underneath the force of the Chaos Blast.


The force of the blast hurdled Mewtwo into the ground as a skyscraper next to him toppled over and landed on top of the downed Mewtwo.

After the Chaos Blast attack had finished, North City looked different.

A lot different.

(Cue Flame Core Volcano - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) OST)

The entire city was in shambles - buildings had collapsed if they had not been reduced to nothing but bits of concrete and glass dust, streets were cracked and seeping what appeared to be magma. Police sirens blared in the distance as civilians scattered to escape the destruction. A rain of ash and sparks sprinkled down over the city.


The Aura Sphere finally hit Shadow, the sheer force crashing him into the face of a charred skyscraper. Upon impact, the skyscraper instantly crumbled to the ground. Opposite the wrecked building, a bright purple light flashed as the figure of, supposedly, an anthropomorphic cat burst from a pile of concrete bits and glass shards, scattering them in every which direction.

"You should have never let it escalate to this level," stated Mewtwo. With a single swipe of his arm, Mewtwo flung the purple orb in the direction that the black sphere had launched, toward the destroyed building. The ball of psychic energy zoomed through the air, but before it could hit the ground, Shadow jumped above the psychic ball and landed on his feet.

"Sorry, Mewtwo," replied Shadow, glaring at and marching toward his opponent. Not breaking eye contact with Mewtwo, Shadow removed one of the golden wrist cuffs with a "click!", and then repeated on his other hand. "But that's not an option for me anymore."

With a similar glare to that of his opponent's, Mewtwo raised his hand again as he materialized another sphere of deep purple psychic energy. Almost immediately after creating the sphere, he launched it at Shadow at an incredible speed. Before the sphere could even touch Shadow, the hedgehog held out his own hand, which began to materialize a mass of bright red energy emanating from his palm, like a tiny star.

"Chaos Spear!" called Shadow, who then flung the mass of chaos energy toward Mewtwo, the energy cluster now taking the shape of a spear-like energy beam. The two blasts of powerful energy collided with each other in the midst of the hot, ash-filled air as they both suddenly expanded upon impact - and then exploded upon impact.


The black sphere and red Chaos Spear dispersed into the air as bright purple-and-red lights flashed from the site of the explosion. Dust, smoke, and ash filled the area as more screaming citizens evacuated the site.

Suddenly, Shadow burst through a cloud of dust and ash, his fur now being lit up in a red glow as he glared in Mewtwo's direction. From the opposite side, Mewtwo similarly burst through the cloud, his amethyst eyes now glowing a bright cyan color as bolts of what appeared to be a blue electrical energy surged through Mewtwo's body. Both genetic experiments glared at each other as they each pulled back a fist, each surging with psychic and chaos power respectively. Then, they both delivered a punch simultaneously, their fists colliding perfectly.


From the collision of Mewtwo's and Shadow's fists was another surge of psychic and chaos power, the sheer energy of the attacks exploding upon impact. As the dust, ash, smoke, and raining cinders dispersed, Mewtwo and Shadow were still standing in a large crater which had been created through the sheer force of the blow.

"Chaos Spear!"

Shadow jumped backward, firing another Chaos Spear at Mewtwo. Mewtwo quickly weaved to the side, anticipating the move before it could hit.

Too predictable.

Mewtwo suddenly materialized a gigantic spoon, of all things from thin air as he gripped it between his two hands.

Shadow and Mewtwo dashed at each other, full-speed.


Before Shadow could finish his sentence, Mewtwo lifted Shadow into the air via his telekinesis once more, then gravitated the the back end of the giant spoon toward Shadow, to reveal the pointed end of the spoon.

It is finished.

With a quick hand-wave, the gigantic spoon dashed toward Shadow at an alarming rate - and Shadow could not possibly avoid an attack like this.

Shadow wriggled around as he attempted to break free from Mewtwo's grasp - but suddenly, he felt his body beginning to diminish in power. "Come on, Chaos Force..." Shadow muttered to himself. "...Why is my power draining so quickly...?" Shadow could not even react as suddenly the giant spoon impaled him through the chest. Shadow let out an agonized "HURK!" as he spit up some blood.

You are weak. Your goals are unrealistic. Your power is diminished. You are as good as dead. Mewtwo boasted to Shadow as the hedgehog writhed in pain. It felt just as it sounded - a gigantic metal bar through the chest is not fun.

"M-Maria..." Shadow whispered, as he closed his eyes.


Mewtwo's eyes stopped glowing for a split second.


Shadow's flashback

(Cue Event - Sadness - Sonic Adventure OST)

It all came back to him. Shadow opened his eyes as he saw himself back aboard the ARK, as he looked out the window of the massive space colony. He could see hundreds - no - thousands of stars and planets out there. The whole scene had a serenity to it which Shadow had never felt before - and likely would never feel again.

He just... felt so calm. As if he had nothing to worry about in this world. The evils of this world known to mankind, the atrocities which humans would commit. It all just seemed like it could never be there.

This view of outer space was something Shadow wished could last forever as he watched outside. He knew in his heart that this was not a feeling that would last forever, or anywhere close. But he just wished he could forget about everything he knew up to this point. Everything about G.U.N., everything about Gerald Robotnik, everything about Maria.

It was the fault of those humans. Their feeble minds could never comprehend the idea of something so powerful. And whatever humans didn't like... they would destroy.

To Shadow, only one being was worthy of his friendship - Maria Robotnik. The girl who had been friends with him since the beginning. The two had spent all of their adventures together; they were inseparable. All Shadow wanted was for the two to simply not be separated from each other, ever...

...Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

"Shadow!" screamed a young blonde girl dressed in a royal blue top with puffy sleeves and a tall collar, with a pale blue - almost white - surgical vest underneath, going down to her knees to resemble a long dress. There was a look of absolute terror in her eyes as she dashed into the room. Shadow quickly turned his head toward the girl, taking his focus off of the view of space.

"Maria!" screamed Shadow as she pushed him backward. Shadow stumbled downward as he tripped and fell into a lower portion of the ground below him, and into a tight escape pod. Before he fell in, all he could see and hear was a stampede of G.U.N. soldiers bursting into the room, each of them firing their guns at once. The haunting sound of the RATATATATATATATATAT! was something that Shadow would never forget.


(Cue Flame Core Volcano - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) OST)

Back in North City

Shadow opened his eyes again, as he glared at Mewtwo and scowled. Not feeling any pain anymore, Shadow yanked the spoon from his chest.

Maria, huh? asked Mewtwo, whom had just watched Shadow's memory in full. She must have been rather important to you...

"This isn't about me anymore," Shadow began, tossing the large spoon behind him. "It's about her."

You fool.

Before Mewtwo could do anything else, Shadow's body suddenly cloaked itself in a glowing blue aura, almost sapphire. His good intentions, just motives, and will to do something actually... good consumed him as he erupted with heroic Chaos energy.


Mewtwo nodded as he materialized another sphere of psychic energy and hurled it at Shadow. This time, the orb simply dissipated upon contact, not even scratching Shadow's skin at all.


Much like the Chaos Blast before, suddenly the entire area completely lit up with that sapphire blue color. Except this time, nothing was destroyed or incinerated.

This time, everything stopped. Time and space had stood still for Shadow, who was now free to do whatever he felt like during this time.

"Chaos Spear!" shouted Shadow, firing out five different Chaos Spears at once. Each of them surrounded Mewtwo, ready to blow up upon impact. "Chaos Lance!" Three Chaos Lances burst from his hands, each of them also surrounding Mewtwo. "Your time is up."

Suddenly the blueness disappeared as time flowed freely once more. Mewtwo's eyes glowed once more, but then faded once he saw the bolts of Chaos energy surrounding him.


Right as each of the Chaos Spears and Lances were about to hit Mewtwo, a blue bubble-like shield went up once more as each one bounced right off, rippling the shield but not damaging it. Shadow's eyes widened as his attack had failed to accomplish anything too much, then slumped over onto the ground.

His Chaos Force reserves were running dangerously low.

It's about time I finished you off.

Mewtwo swung his hand around, materializing a pink crescent-shape of psychic energy. The Psycho Cut attack dashed toward the downed Shadow, knocking him over as he rolled onto his side from the impact. Once again, Mewtwo levitated toward Shadow with his eyes glowing a blindingly bright cyan, surging with Psychic energy.

It was never about me either, Mewtwo continued Shadow's sentence.

"...I can't... not here...." Shadow muttered out some other words which were too quiet to hear as he spit up blood onto the ground. Was this really how it was all going to end?

Mewtwo raised his arm up to the sky as a 3D pentagon - called a "decahedron" for those of you who don't know - with gray, coarse edges and bright orange and translucent pentagons between those edges gravitated from the air toward Mewtwo.

The lives of the innocent, which you have endangered. Mewtwo began as his body began to drastically change shape. His gray-lavender palette turned to a dark gray and black, as the cyan glow in his eyes turned to a deep amethyst. The tip of his tail turned a glowing orange, being a yellow - almost white - at the very tip. But most interestingly enough, a glowing orange-yellow crystalline stone seemed to be emerging from his shoulder.

Shadow Mewtwo had entered the battlefield.

(Cue Dark Colosseum - Pokken Tournament OST)

With a flick of his wrist, Shadow Mewtwo hurled Shadow all the way across the city - it required almost none of his actual power.

"I need... to fight back!" Shadow muttered to himself as he teleported away before he could hit the ground again. Shadow Mewtwo turned around to see Shadow approaching from behind at full-speed, mid-punch.


Shadow Mewtwo raised his hand upward, levitating Shadow into the air. In a flash, Mewtwo reappeared behind Shadow and delivered a backhand to his back - though a strange yellow-orange beam of light appeared from his hand, almost like a sword.

"Gah!" Shadow grunted in agony as he fell downward to the ground, but before landing he teleported away once more and this time overhead Mewtwo atop a piece of a burning building which was falling to the ground. "Chaos Spear!" shouted Shadow, using the last bits of his energy to fire off another Chaos Spear at Shadow Mewtwo. Sparing no time, Shadow Mewtwo quickly teleported behind Shadow as he appeared to deliver a forward slashing motion behind him, with a blue light emanating from his palm like another sword. Shadow fell off of the burning chunk of the building as he was about to fall right back down onto the pavement. "Not again..."

You're worthless and weak. Leave my sight. Shadow Mewtwo then raised a hand to the sky, materializing a large purple orb the size at least ten times that of a beach ball with a bright blue-and-orange center. Shadow pushed himself back up onto his feet - to see that same Shadow Ball rushing toward him at speeds he could not react to.

Not now.

Not when his Chaos Force reserves were near zero...

"Maria... no..."


A large portion of North City had been entirely destroyed. Nothing remained except for a crater in the ground, which Shadow lay right in the middle of. His body was singed and burned, and he could hardly move his limbs.

Shadow was on the verge of death.

"Damn you... Mewtwo..." Shadow muttered to himself as he faintly opened up his eyes. Mewtwo had vanished from sight. "No... where is he?"

Far above North City, even above the clouds, Shadow Mewtwo ascended toward the heavens at an alarming rate. If he kept this up, he would be in outer space in no time at all. In the blink of an eye, Mewtwo was in space, staring down the Earth itself.

With not a single thought, Mewtwo raised his arm upward, another gigantic orb of pure psychic energy forming above his hand. Wisps of deep purple psychic energy whirlwinded around the orb as it steadily increased its size and power.

A blast like this certainly would leave absolutely nothing in its wake.

That hedgehog... will finally be dead. Mewtwo thought to himself as his body began to grow taller, his shoulder blades grew much larger and coarser as they spiked upward, his arms and legs grew beefier, his horns extended to a point where they resembled antennae, and the crystal on his shoulder grew even larger.

He looked down at the Earth below. It was such an amazing planet, really. It was the only planet in the known solar system capable of sustaining life the way it did. And Mewtwo and Shadow both shared that planet.

In fact, they had a lot of things in common.

The same Earth, the same sky, the same air, maybe if they started looking at what's the same, instead of always looking at what's different, well... who knows?

To destroy an entire planet, just to end the life of one... was it really worth it?

Mewtwo's flashback

(Cue Pokemon Tears After the Cloudy Weather - Pokemon Anime OST)

The battlefield of New Island had been completely wrecked by the fighting of the Pokemon and their clones. Two Charizard wrestled each other in the air. Two Sandslash scratched and slashed at each other. Two Gyarados butted heads and bit each other. Many other Pokemon were at war with each other; quite pointlessly as well.

Mewtwo himself had been fighting with his original - the New Species Pokemon, Mew. Mew had a basic design - it essentially looked like a pink cat with no other real designs on it, except for very long feet and tiny hands. Its face was a face of cuteness and innocence; its blue eyes signaled that it could never harm anyone...

...And yet Mewtwo wanted nothing more than to fight this Pokemon.


Mew weaved around a dark purple ball of psychic energy that Mewtwo had fired out, then fired a pink ball of psychic energy at Mewtwo. The blue bubble-like barrier around Mewtwo blocked the psychic sphere that Mew had sent out, and then the two faced each other from exact opposites of the room.

"Stop fighting!" screamed a voice from the corner of the stadium. A black-haired 10-year-old boy rushed out toward Mewtwo, wearing a red baseball cap with a white front portion. He wore a short-sleeved denim jacket and long jeans, and green fingerless gloves upon his hands.

The boy, Ash Ketchum, sprinted toward Mewtwo and delivered a punch to the Pokemon. Being a regular human, this punch did nothing to Mewtwo physically, and Ash was knocked back from the rebound. Then, a psychic blast from Mew behind him, and Mewtwo in front of him, sandwiched Ash as a dispersion of smoke and psychic energy filled the room.

After all the smoke cleared, Ash was face-down, on the ground. Except his enter body had turned gray; petrified.

"Pika?" the boy's Pikachu cried. The Pikachu was beginning to well with tears after seeing his trainer completely petrified. "Pika!"

All the Pokemon in the room also began to tear up, and cry. Everyone around - they all ceased their fighting as they mourned the downed Ash Ketchum-

(Cue Dark Colosseum - Pokken Tournament OST)

Mewtwo sighed as his memory was cut abruptly, when suddenly, the orange-yellow crystal upon his shoulder began to glow with an intensity which would blind a human being. Shadow Mewtwo's eyes began to glow as a not only powerful, but outright evil, energy filled him to his heart, his soul.

Shadow Mewtwo had been consumed by pure shadow energy.

With not a single thought about humanity left in his brain, Mewtwo brought his hand down as he fired the gargantuan ball of psychic energy down upon Earth, and the unfortunate souls who happened to live down there.

The psychic sphere then grew to the size of Earth - and within moments, it would consume the planet entirely.

Arceus help them.

Back on Earth

"Damn..." Shadow whispered to himself as he pushed himself back up onto his feet, trembling as he struggled to recover his power. "I wasn't... strong enough..."

He looked up to the sky to see that the Earth was being cast over by a large shadow - one which seemed to block out the sun entirely. As Shadow focused on the oncoming sphere of psychic energy heading straight for Earth, his eyes widened as he could only watch.

No... Not now...

Shadow reached around behind his back and set down onto the ground six different Chaos Emeralds - the green, red, blue, purple, yellow, and cyan. He was only missing the white one.

Where... is that seventh Chaos Emerald...?

Out the corner of his eye, Shadow saw a glimmer in the distance. Underneath a pile of wreckage from where he and Mewtwo had fought gainst Doctor Eggman, the white Chaos Emerald sparkled.

Then, it hit him.

Shadow could suddenly remember everything. Every single event which Mewtwo had wiped out, it was all starting to come back. He could remember teaming up with Mewtwo to take down Doctor Eggman, and now he could remember that Mewtwo was the one who wiped out his memories.

"That bastard... he wiped my memories... he feared my power... well now I can give him something to really fear!"

Each of the Chaos Emeralds began to alight, glowing with their respective colors as they all levitated upward, forming a ring as they circled around Shadow. Shadow sparkled with a golden color as his black fur all turned golden, and a gold aura emanated from his body.

It was time for Super Shadow to enter the battlefield.

(Cue All Hail Shadow - Shadow the Hedgehog OST)

Super Shadow skyrocketed toward the heavens, at a speed not yet seen at any point in this battle. Each of the storm clouds completely dispersed as he pierced the skyline, and the imposing ball of psychic energy that Shadow Mewtwo had created was approaching.

"Chaos Spear!" Shadow shouted out as countless Chaos Spears burst from his hands, each of which dispersing and flying toward the planet-sized orb of dark psychic energy. The Chaos Spears punctured through the sphere, creating ripples all around it until the sphere burst completely, enveloping Shadow in a burst of dark purple and blue.


The explosion would have destroyed all of Earth entirely... had Shadow not stopped it before it could enter the Earth's atmosphere. Super Shadow was largely unfazed, having not in flinched in the face of Shadow Mewtwo's attack.

Hmph. That should take care of him. Shadow Mewtwo thought to himself, until Super Shadow burst through the clouds of his psychic attack with no visible scratches. This ought to be interesting...

Super Shadow and Shadow Mewtwo dashed at each other full-speed, the two of them bursting with Chaos and psychic energy, respectively. Mewtwo slashed with both of his hands, his right hand wielding an orange sword-like object and his left holding a blue one. However, both of them shattered upon impact with Super Shadow.


"That's not all." Shadow boasted. "I'm full of surprises."

Super Shadow seemed to vanish from sight - until Shadow Mewtwo felt himself take a huge punch to the stomach, one that not even he could see coming.

Mewtwo grunted in agony as he turned around - and still saw nothing. Then, another huge punch hit him, this time in the back.

What... is this power...?! Shadow Mewtwo asked himself, feeling his power beginning to diminish. Shaking his head and simply brushing this off, Shadow Mewtwo hurled another ball of pure psychic energy at Super Shadow - who proceeded to fly around the attack with ease. No...

Shadow then dashed toward Mewtwo, his golden aura flaring up as Chaos Energy dispersed through the heavens. "You'll pay for what you've done... Mewtwo..." Super Shadow punched Shadow Mewtwo square in the stomach, and a radiant burst of golden Chaos Energy flashed all around as Mewtwo plummeted down toward Earth like a large purple comet.

What was I ever fighting for...? Mewtwo asked himself as he closed his eyes, his bodily transformation returning to the original shape of his own self, though still in Shadow form. Was it ever right... to try to destroy the Earth... just to defeat one...?

Mewtwo's flashback

(Cue Pokemon Tears After the Cloudy Weather - Pokemon Anime OST)

The Pokemon tears began to sparkle like diamonds underneath light. The glimmering tears then, as if some sort of miracle, levitated upward and illuminated the battlefield underneath. The Pokemon tears then miraculously hovered toward Ash as suddenly, the petrification around the young trainer seemed to disappear!

Within seconds, Ash Ketchum was back to normal again.

Mewtwo looked down over this event, completely starstruck and lost for words. This was an event like no other. Original and clone alike, coming together to mourn over the loss of one.

Perhaps it wasn't right to treat clones any differently from natural-born beings. And if that was the case, Mewtwo's life didn't have any less worth than that of Mew's, nor more worth than that of a cloned Vulpix.

The human sacrificed himself, to save the Pokemon... Mewtwo thought aloud. I pitted them against each other, but not until they set aside their differences did I see the true power they all shared deep inside...

To Mewtwo's side, Mew nodded.

I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life... that determines who you are.


Earth's Atmosphere

(Cue Mewtwo's Theme - Pokken Tournament OST)

Mewtwo opened his eyes as he re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, now reverted back to his base form after ridding the shadow energy from his body.

I was wrong to attempt to destroy Earth, to attempt to defeat just one, Mewtwo said to himself as he gravitated a white catseye marble with a purple swirl in the middle toward himself. A white flash of light burst from Mewtwo's position as suddenly, his appearance changed dramatically.

Mewtwo's body was now significantly smaller and thinner, but his head had grown significantly. The tail that had been where a tail normally goes was now on the back of his head, and there was a curved purple arch connecting his two horns together. his arms and legs were now smaller and thinner, but now had purple nubs for fingers and toes.

His silly appearance aside, this was Mega Mewtwo Y. And it was very powerful.

Shadow vs Mewtwo 2

Mega Mewtwo Y rose up past the skyline and back into space, where he met up with Super Shadow once more.

It is time for our final duel. Mega Mewtwo Y challenged Super Shadow. Super Shadow nodded as the two of them dashed at each other, both seeping with their respective energies.

"Chaos Spear!" shouted Shadow, firing out numerous Chaos Spears at once, in all sorts of directions as they all zeroed in on Mega Mewtwo Y.

Mega Mewtwo Y countered appropriately, firing out dozens of psychic spheres at Shadow. Each of the spheres surrounded Shadow in directions all around. This was Mewtwo's Psystrike.


Each of the Chaos Spears and psychic spheres collided with each other at once, exploding upon impact. Through the smoke and lights, Shadow burst through and dashed toward Mewtwo - who had set up yet another psychic barrier.

You cannot... break through... Mega Mewtwo Y muttered to himself, his own psychic barrier beginning to bend beneath Super Shadow's immense power. Just as Mewtwo felt that Shadow would break through the barrier, Super Shadow disappeared from Mewtwo's sight.

Mega Mewtwo Y then closed his eyes, and suddenly caught a Shadow coming up from behind him. Right as predicted, Mega Mewtwo Y turned around to see Shadow coming up behind him. Super Shadow dashed right into Mega Mewtwo Y - who blocked his offensive with another psychic barrier.

"Hmph. You might actually be a fair fight..." Shadow muttered to himself as he backed away, still glowing with a golden aura. A tint of red glowed with the golden aura as Shadow then fired a ring of Chaos Spears at Mewtwo.

Mega Mewtwo Y flew around the attack, but one Chaos Spear hit Mewtwo's shield straight-on - and suddenly, his barrier burst.

"It's over, Mewtwo," Super Shadow stated, grinning.

It's not over until it is over. Mewtwo also stated. His body began to glow with a bright pink as each of his wounds he had acquired over the fight suddenly healed themselves - he was not going down without a fight.

Now this was the final showdown.

(Cue Live and Learn - Sonic Adventure 2 OST)

Mewtwo and Shadow clashed at each other once more, seeping with their respective energies. The two both pulled back their arms, and at once their fists collided. The collision created a shockwave felt all around the planet, but neither Mega Mewtwo Y nor Super Shadow flinched.

With a mighty swing of his hand, Mega Mewtwo Y grabbed hold of Super Shadow via telekinesis and instantly sent him flying behind him - toward the moon. Right before Super Shadow could hit the moon, however, he stopped dead in his tracks - then seemingly disappeared as he flew in circles around Mewtwo.

"Can't track me down, can you?" asked Shadow, circling the slower Mewtwo.

I must... concentrate...

In the midst of Mewtwo's focus, a mass of Chaos Spears all fired at Mewtwo from all around. Mega Mewtwo Y's eyes began to glow with a bright cyan once more as he caught each of the Chaos Spears with telekinesis, then launched them all back in a circular formation. However, Super Shadow flew underneath the ring of circles as he rose back up and delivered a fast punch toward Mewtwo - who began to hold him back using telekinesis.

"It's over!" Shadow shouted out, his golden aura radiating like the brightest star. Mewtwo grunted as he struggled to hold Shadow back, as Shadow was beginning to near Mewtwo and almost break through his telekinetic barrier.

He's become... much more powerful... Mewtwo thought about just how much more powerful Shadow could have possibly gotten. What sort of boost would it take for Shadow to rise in power by so much? How could he have been someone who struggled to lift a bus, but now be someone who could burst through a planet-sized all of energy with no trouble?

For something like this, Mewtwo would have to psych himself up. Using the move Psych Up, no less.

I predict, Mewtwo began. This battle will end. Now.

Mewtwo and Shadow dashed at each other once more, with Mewtwo radiating a blue-purple energy which would similarly blind any unfortunate onlooker. Mewtwo swung his arm downward, catching Shadow with his telekinesis and slamming him downward, toward the Earth.

"I will not go down so easily!" Shadow protested, attempting to fly upward. Super Shadow remained in position, not falling toward the Earth due to telekinesis, but likewise not breaking through Mewtwo's barriers with such ease. "Hold on to What-If?, Shadow. Hold on to What-If!" Shadow struggled to stay afloat, still glowing intensely with golden Chaos energy.

Live and learn!

Mewtwo dashed toward Shadow, and began to plummet downward toward the Earth, dragging Shadow down with him.

Hanging on the edge of tomorrow!

"No!" Shadow shouted out, trying to break free of Mewtwo's grasp. However, Mewtwo's telekinesis was too powerful.

Live and learn!

Mewtwo and Shadow re-entered the Earth's atmosphere. The clouds below would immediately disintegrate upon contact with the falling Mewtwo and Shadow as they both began to catch fire.

From the works of yesterday!

"Chaos Spear!" Shadow fired out more Chaos Spears at Mewtwo, flying backward as much as he could as the two descended toward the thermosphere.

Live and learn!

Mewtwo weaved around each of the Chaos Spears, not breaking his connection with Shadow by even a bit. One Chaos Spear, however, hit Metwo straight in the foot. Mewtwo's eyes flickered for a second as Shadow seemed to be free for a split second-

If you beg or if you borrow!

"I'm ending this!" In a flash, Super Shadow rushed toward Mewtwo, gripping onto Mega Mewtwo Y's neck as his body was exploding with Chaos energy.

Live and learn!

Mewtwo felt his body being overtaken by the Chaos Force - his power diminishing, his psychic abilities failing.


With a flash of his eyes, Mewtwo spread his arms and pushed Super Shadow away. Super Shadow found himself trapped in Mega Mewtwo Y's grasp once more as the two descended, the two almost at ground level again.

You may never, find your waaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!

Mewtwo gave one nod as he looked to the ground, then to Super Shadow. With one flick of Mega Mewtwo Y's wrist, Super Shadow suddenly felt his body begin to dim out. The golden aura that once surrounded him was fading.


Live and learn!

Suddenly, Shadow reverted back to his base form as he closed his eyes, as Mewtwo and Shadow neared the ground. Shadow looked up at his feet to see that his shoes were beginning to turn to a stone-like substance.

"Maria..." Shadow muttered as he felt the stone crawling up his legs.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah....

"Goodbye... Maria... I'm sorry." Shadow whispered as he closed his eyes, his body turning to gray stone. Only moments before Mewtwo was about to hit the ground, the Genetic Pokemon slammed the petrified body of Shadow the Hedgehog onto the ground.


In the center of the North City crater which had been there before was... another crater. Mewtwo stood tall, looking at the horizon. The storm clouds were gone. The cinders and ash were gone. The city was still in shambles, but they would rebuild.

Thank you, Shadow the Hedgehog. Mewtwo stated, looking into the crater which he had created. Inside was nothing more than a pile of dust, made from the same petrified material that had consumed Shadow. All seven Chaos Emeralds fell from the sky as well, each of them landing in a ring around the fallen hedgehog. And I'm sorry.



(Wiz and Boomstick sit there in silence for a few seconds)

Boomstick: Goddamn, that was awesome!

Wiz: Blow for blow, shot for shot, Mewtwo and Shadow were incredibly similar in more ways than just one. Shadow has an immense advantage in speed, but Mewtwo's advantage lies in his sheer power and destructive capability.

Boomstick: Scaling to Sonic, Shadow can destroy a city with his power. Mewtwo, on the other hand, can move around cumulonimbus and nimbus clouds, placing his power more at island-level! And yeah Shadow's faster, but Mewtwo's telekinesis and precognition makes it hard to beat him with speed alone.

Wiz: With Mewtwo's clear-cut edge in power in their base forms, things got a bit tricky when their super forms came into play. Obviously Mewtwo would be the first to transform, as he is the more pragmatic and likely to unleash his full power. Shadow, while cocky, only likes to cut loose against apocalyptic threats.

'Boomstick: Yeah, apocalyptic threats like Shadow Mewtwo! While Super Shadow could take on Shadow Mewtwo thanks to the latter's lowered durability, that all changes as Mega Mewtwo Y, as not even Shadow can stand up to the force necessary to move the planet into the sun!

Wiz: Shadow may have resistance to mind hax and mind attacks, but that's different from a full-on immunity. Combined with Mewtwo's other techniques, such as Disable, Confusion, Swift, Aura Sphere, weather manipulation, and ability to turn objects to stone, Shadow's almost purely offensive techniques were at a disadvantage.

Boomstick: You know, we could go so in-depth with how this fight went, but if you'd like more explanation, click here! Anyway, it looks like Shadow got his ass psy-kicked!

Wiz: The winner is Mewtwo.