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Grounder: Sometimes I wish Dr. Robotnik hadn't made us so persistent.
Scratch: He made me persistent; he made you too dumb to quit.
Grounder: Was that an insult?!

~ From The Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad

Scratch and Grounder are characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog media franchise. They are Dr. Robotnik's idiotic minions. They made a cameo appearance in the nineteenth episode of Death Battle, Eggman VS Wily.

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Battle Record[]

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  • Losses: 2
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Scratch and Grounder are two robots created by Doctor Eggman as generals of the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad. Despite their incompetence, they served as heavy threats and underestimated menaces to Sonic and Tails. They have also been known to have served Mammoth Mogul as well as having been guards in Breezie's casino.

Death Battle Info[]

Background (Scratch)[]

  • Name: Scratch, Cluck
  • Species: Robotic Chicken
  • Partner in Crime: Grounder

Skills, Abilities and Weaponry (Scratch)[]

  • Telescopic neck; can extend and retract
  • Pecking
  • His hands can turn into scissors
  • Drawstring
    • Can be shaped to various shapes
  • Handheld Laser Pistol
  • Sleeping Gas

Background (Grounder)[]

  • Name: Grounder
  • Species: Robot
  • Partner in Crime: Scratch

Skills, Abilities and Weaponry (Grounder)[]

  • Cooking skills
  • Drill arms
    • Can be replaced with hands, ropes, parachutes, gas guns, laser pistols, rocket engines, helicopter blades and boxing gloves 
    • Can also be used as a phone
  • Robo-call Phone
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Toon speed and strength
  • Ninjutsu

Genius Chip[]

  • A chip linked to a switch on Grounder's head
  • When activated, turns Grounder into a supergenius

Stupid Chip[]

  • A chip that makes its victims dumber than Grounder when used


  • Despite their incomptence, have succesfully defeated and captured Sonic and/or Tails many times before.
  • Far smarter than they look
  • Survive tons of beatings and physical abuse on a daily basis
  • Have been destroyed time and time again, only to come back every time
  • Lasted seventeen seconds again a bloodlusted, full-power Sonic
  • Succesfully protected and guarded Breezie's casino without too much trouble
  • Succesfully knocked out and captured the Freedom Fighters and trapped them in a virtual world (even though they soon escaped)
  • Worked for Mammoth Mogul
  • Great teamwork


  • Pretty dumb, clumbsy and incompetent.
    • Scratch's average IQ is apparently 40 whilst Grounder's is 25
    • Extremely accident prone.
    • Frequently argue with each other
  • Can be blown up pretty easily
  • Little to no actual combat abilities
  • Can get intoxicated; SOMEHOW [1]
    • Smokers (smoking isn't cool) [2]