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Madoka Magica vs. Fate. The timeless ideas of a hero are upheld by these two blue-colored swords-women.


Wiz: To fight against the forces of evil and chaos requires a steely determination, a mastery of the sword...

Boomstick: And some magical powers. Having those certainly doesn't hurt.

Wiz: Sayaka Miki, the greenhorn magical girl.

Boomstick: And Artoria Pendragon, the Saber-Class king. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Sayaka Miki[]

Wiz: The lives of Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki where fairly normal, which is to say completely normal.

Boomstick: Normal and ordinary. But it wouldn't be for long, at least not for one of them. Turns out, magical girls existed, and what do Japanese girls want to be more than anything?

Wiz: Well, my experience tells me its often pop idols, but this time around, it's definitely magical girls.

Boomstick: It's fairly simple to become one. All you have to do is keep an eye out for a strange, white cat-like creature.

Wiz: This is Kyubey, a member of a race whose goal it is to prevent the universe from dying of heat-death, a plan that involves the recruiting of new Magical Girls. Which is why he approached Sayaka and Madoka; because one of them had the potential to give off a massive amount of emotional energy.

Boomstick: Spoiler alert, it wasn't Sayaka, but she soon became a magical girl herself in due time.

  • Background
    • Age: 14
    • Height: 5'3
    • Magical Girl recruited by Kyubey
    • Best friend of Madoka Magica
    • Wished to restore her love interest's arm
    • Law of Cycles assistant

Wiz: Here's how it works, in exchange for someone becoming a Magical Girl, a surprisingly dangerous occupation, they will be granted one wish.

Boomstick: If I had the chance to make wish, I'd wish for a beer bottle that never runs out. That way, if I ever run out of beer, I can just drink from that one until I brought some more.

Wiz: Sayaka's wish was a bit more selfless, or so it would seem.

Boomstick: The boy she had a crush on ended up getting a debilitating injury and it was her hope that healing him would win his heart.

Wiz: Don't know how she expected that plan to work if he didn't know it was her in the first place, but the wish was made. And Sayaka was henceforth a magical girl.

Boomstick: May have turned out to be a thankless existence in the end, but at least Sayaka got herself some neat abilities.

  • Powers
    • Sword summoning
    • Superhuman strength
    • Superhuman speed
    • Regeneration
    • Pain inhibition
    • Magic
    • Summoning Oktavia von Seckendorff
      • Summoned through water
      • Pocket reality control

Wiz: Like most other magical girls, Sayaka possesses superhuman speed and strength, and an immunity to a large number of effects, like soul manipulation, mind manipulation and curses.

Boomstick: This is all because when someone becomes a magical girl, their soul is taken from their body and placed inside of a Soul Gem.

Wiz: This is also how they're able to induce their pain inhabitations, letting them fight on in spite of any wounds they end up with.

Boomstick: And if Sayaka does end up with any nasty scrapes, she can patch herself up in no time thanks to her accelerated healing.

Wiz: As a matter of fact, whilst all Magical Girls possess a degree of regeneration, Sayaka's is much faster than most others, because her wish was used to heal someone. So it thus reflects back on her ability set.

Boomstick: Her wounds heal so fast, not even experienced magical girls are able to keep up with this process. Even tearing out her heart won't stop her from getting back up to cut you up. Oh, she can do that by the way, thanks to the dozens of swords she can summon out of nowhere.

Wiz: With no need to hold on to any one, Sayaka can hurl them like boomerangs or even light one on fire like her mentor Kyoko can in a technique known as Scorpion Spear for additional damage.

Boomstick: It's the same technique Kyoko used to battle against Sayaka's witch form. Oh, by the way, magical girls become witches when they get too emotionally damaged.

Wiz: Happened to poor Sayaka when her feelings for her crush weren't returned, and she transformed into Oktavia von Seckendorff, the mermaid witch of heartbreak, and it took Kyoko ending her own life to end Sayaka's.

Boomstick: Don't be too bad though, because Sayaka ended up getting resurrected to be part of the Law of Cycles. And it now lets her summon Oktavia von Suckerdurf to fight alongside her, so long as there's water in the vacinity.

Wiz: Like any witch, Oktavia has control over a pocket reality which essentially serves as her nest, where she can deploy familiars and construct labyrinths to ensare foes. She can steal the souls of others and for offensive attacks, sends out spinning wheel projectiles and even train tracks.

Popup: Despite having Ultimate Madoka's memories and powers in the Law of Cycles, she did not demonstrate anything near her capabilities and was not a crystallized magical girl herself. Thus, it is unlikely that she can actually manifest said memories as power, as explained in Wraith Arc.

Boomstick: Fighting a witch is pretty much being on mushrooms all of the time. But Sayaka got pretty good at it.

  • Feats
    • Tagged Homura Akemi before she could use her time stop
    • Instantly regenerated an arm against an energy beam
    • Oktavia required Kyoko sacrificing her life to best
    • Collapsed H.N. Elly's Labyrinth
    • Defeated H.N. Elly, Elsa Maria, Homura Akemi

Wiz: The first witch that Sayaka slew was H.N. Elly, whose labyrinth is 664 meters wide.

Boomstick: Sayaka's attack ended up collapsing this entire labyrinth, and that would have taken 6 kilotons to pull off.

Wiz: The next notable witch killed by Sayaka was Elsa Maria, who bombarded her with numerous attacks that left wounds that healed pretty much the instant they were dealt.

Boomstick: And continuing the trend of noticeable victories, Sayaka was able to react and move so fast she could prevent Homura from activating her time stop in, well, time.

Wiz: And Homura is fast enough to use a ribbon to catch a bullet at Mach 619 (A Sore Loser). That's over twice as fast as a conventional lightning bolt.

Boomstick: So Sayaka's fast and hard to kill.

Wiz: Well, nearly. As the rule of healing factors goes, you kind of need something to heal from, and like all magical girls she has a key weakness in the form of her soul gem. Break that, and she dies instantly.

Boomstick: A single shot from Mami's musket is capable of breaking one, so she needs to be careful.

Wiz: But Sayaka is a magical girl no matter what anyone says, and have more than proved that fact.

Artoria Pendragon[]

Wiz: Out of all of the classes it is possible for Servants to take on during a Holy Grail War, none is more notable than the Saber Class.

Boomstick: It's a real jack-of-all-stats kind of deal, and in order to qualify for it, a hero must be pretty good with a sword.

Wiz: And there is hardly a sword wielder more legendary than a certain King of Britain.

Boomstick: And yes, we do mean king, instead of queen. Because in the world of Fate, it's not Arthur Pendragon.

Wiz: It's Artoria Pendragon.

Boomstick: Because anime.

  • Background
    • Age: 25
    • Height: 5'1
    • The King of Knights
    • Servant of Shirou Emiya, Rin Tokisaki, Kiritsugu Emiya
    • Other Qualified Classes: Archer, Lancer, Rider, Berserker
    • Mistaken for Joan van Arc by the fandom and Caster

Wiz: Indeed. I find it kind of odd that several other servants are accordingly genderbent, like Francis Drake and Leonardo da Vinci. Still, Artoria went down in history as King Arthur, and was thus treated as a man during her rule.

Boomstick: They really committed to the part as well. She even had to get married to the Lady Gwynevere.

Wiz: Unfortunately, this would indirectly lead to the collapse of Britain, primarily though the knight Lancelot's affair with the fair lady and Artoria's own homunculus clone Mordred, who was also a girl instead of a boy, to turn on her, resulting in her death. But her love for her country led Artoria to make a deal with the very world itself.

Boomstick: To become a Heroic Spirit to participate in the Holy Grail Wars for the chance to use the Holy Grail herself to undo the fate of her kingdom.

Wiz: This deal meant that Artoria wasn't a normal Servant. You see, Servants summoned for the Wars are in fact copies of the original, created based on the legends and powers that they possessed in life. But due to Artoria's deal with the World, the version of her that is summoned is actually her.

Boomstick: This means that she can't take on a spirit form like most other Servants can, but that's okay, because she's still among the high tier of any servant that can be summoned.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Superhuman attributes
    • Magic resistance
    • Riding
    • Charisma
    • Instinct
    • Mana Burst
    • Blessing of the Lady of the Lake

Wiz: Common to all servants are the benefits of superhuman speed, strength and durability.

Boomstick: Saber has all these and more thanks to her class and personal skills. She has an innate resistance to very high level magic and can ride just about any vehicle or mount.

Wiz: Thanks to Charisma, she has the leadership capabilities to led an entire nation, grown from her legend as King of Britain. But in combat, her two greatest skills are Instinct and Mana Burst.

Boomstick: Instinct is the ability to inherently feel the most favorable course of action to take during a fight and Artoria's is so developed it's basically like precognition.

Wiz: Basically a kingly spider-sense. And with Mana Burst, Artoria can make use of mana, the magical energy that fuels Heroric Spirits to propel herself forwards and empower her attacks. Finally, there's the Blessing of the Lady of the Lake, which allows Artoria to walk across water like it was a solid surface.

Boomstick: A perfect way of getting into unique dueling settings. I mean, how many times have you seen people fighting by standing on the surface of lake or something.

Wiz: And in accordance, Artoria has the perfect weapon. The legendary sword Excalibur.

Popup: Excalibur is not the sword pulled from the stone; that sword was Caliburn, which was replaced by Excalibur when it was broken.

Boomstick: Not that you could tell half the time, because it's often hidden behind a series of supernatural winds.

  • Noble Phantasm
    • Invisible Air
      • Hides Excalibur's shape
      • Strike Air
    • Excalibur
      • Full power restricted by oaths
      • Unleashes a destructive wave of energy
      • Fast activation speed
    • Avalon
      • Scabbard that heals wounds

Wiz: This is Invisible Air. By using it to keep the shape of Excalibur a secret, it lets Artoria keep her opponents on her toes, as they rarely want to engage against a weapon whose shape can take them by surprise.

Boomstick: That's what she said! Invisible Air can also be used somewhat as an offensive means, attacking with a burst of wind called Strike Air. But I think we all know that's small potatoes in regards to the power of Excalibur.

Wiz: Upon removing Invisible Air and feeding her power directly into her legendary sword, Artoria can unleash a devastating beam attack.

Boomstick: As befitting an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm.

Wiz: It is important to note that it's not the entire beam that's destructive, only the very of it, only that's not much of an issue when it can still expand wide enough to completely blow away a massive monster in a single go.

Boomstick: Although it's restricted by several oaths, Artoria can still leak out a little. And by a little, I mean a hell of a lot!

Wiz: And for a special sword goes a special scabbard. Avalon is a Divine Construct that can heal any wounds short of a destroyed brain. But it's real power is to somehow place a person partly within the realm of the fairies, whilst keeping them in the real world, rendering them invulnerable to inferferance up to the sixth dimension.

Boomstick: None of that makes sense, but I get a headache thinking about it so let's move on to just what makes Artoria an impressive Servant.

  • Feats
    • Deflected strikes from Heracles
    • Kept pace with the Fifth War's Lancer
    • Destroyed Caster's Abomination
    • Destroyed the Holy Grail
    • Defeated Iskandar, Lancelot, Medusa

Wiz: With her mastery over swordsmanship and powerful Noble Phantasm, Artoria is often a must-have Servant for any war. She's kept pace with Cu Chulainn of the Lancer class, which are generally considered the most agile and quick-footed of the classes.

Boomstick: To give you an idea of that level of speed, there's this cyborg priest or whatever called Hansa, who sliced rubble to pieces of thoroughly, they became clouds of dust.

Wiz: In order to do this, Hansa would of have to be moving at Mach 959 (ShadowWhoWalks). Since Servants are often regarded as some of the strongest beings in the world of Fate, it stands to reason Artoria can reach speeds even greater than that. And this is far from Artoria's only notable scaling. Even when summoned by a mage without a lot of mana to spare, she was still able to employ her own strength and techniques to deflect strikes from Berserker Heracles, who is said to be capable of splitting a mountain in half in a single strike.

Boomstick: A copy of her old sword, Caliburn, was able to remove a whole lot of his extra lives in a single go when she helped swing it, and Excalibur is way more intense than that. And the spear wielded by her distant descendant which parted a whole load of clouds in a single second.

Wiz: Artoria is a powerful Servant alright but far from perfect. She only has no much mana that she can use, but more sginifantly is her massive guilt over failing to save her kingdom.

Boomstick: But Britain's still here.

Wiz: Not her Britain. Also, in spite of her Instinct's insane capabilities, it can be countered with unexpected interferance.

Boomstick: But here's some advice to any mage out there; if you want to stand a good chance of winning, or simply ending, the Holy Grail, then you can bet your command seals that Artoria Pendragon is one heck of a good choice.


Wiz: Alright the combatants are set and we've run the data through all possibilities.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

The Battle[]

Setting: Night time over a stone path surrounded by trees

Artoria walked down the stone pathway, cloaked in her poncho, only coming to a stop when she saw Sayaka standing in front of the steps she was heading for.

Artoria: I need to pass through here. Please, allow me passage.

Sayaka: Sorry, but this is my territory to guard, and I'm not to keen on sharing.

Artoria: Then you have wrought this on yourself; prepare.

Artoria tossed away her poncho and 'drew' out Invisible Air, holding it ready before her. Sayaka held out her hand and a cutlass phased out of the ground so that she could grab the hilt and ready the weapon before her.


The swordswomen charged towards each other and swung out their blades, producing a shower of sparks that temporally knocked the two of them off balance. But they regained their footing in the very same instance, following up their initial clash with a dozen more strikes, which at first started out slow and widely arcing, but quickly devolved into slashes too fast for the eye to see, covering the air around them in sparks. Artoria suddenly ducked beneath one of Sayaka's swipes before slashing upwards, the magical girl jumping back to avoid the attack. Upon landing, Sayaka was beset by Artoria jumping up into the air slightly to bring Invisible Air down at her. The magical girl brought her sword's length over her head to block the downwards attack, Artoria using the block to propel herself over Sayaka and land behind her, the magical girl turning around just in time to block Artoria's next attack, which she performed as she spun back around. Sayaka counter-attacked with a kick into Artoria's armored side. Artoria winced as the kick made contact, skidding backwards then dodging her head to the side to avoid the stab Sayaka came at her with, before quickly slashing Invisible Air upwards to knock away the blade into the air. She twisted her wrist around and slashed it at Sayaka, who dodged backwards with a somersault. But Artoria wasn't letting up and she used a Mana Burst to propel herself forwards at Sayaka as soon as she had come to a stop. Artoria slashed downwards and Sayaka ended up with a cut down her chest. She leaned back against the blow and cried out, but nevertheless the wound closed up in less than a second, catching Artoria by surprise and letting Sayaka cut her across the shoulder with an upwards strike.

The two opponents sized each other again, with Artoria's wound closing up. They prepared themselves before darting back towards the other again, engaging in another series of faster-than-sight slashes, zooming across the area as they did. Sparks flew from their sword clashes, decorating the area in each of them, until Artoria and Sayaka ended up back in the middle of the stone pathway, both their swords raised above their heads. In one moment, they brought them down, grinding their respective weapons against each other. They struggled to overpower the other for the briefest of moments until Artoria suddenly turned Invisible Air that so that the edge was against that of Sayaka's sword; a single flick outwards and the cutlass was sliced in half. Sayaka's eyes widened in panic before Artoria slashed her down the chest.

Or so she can thought, because when she next looked up, Artoria saw that Sayaka had summoned another cutlass, using the flat of it to block Artoria's slash. Artoria grimaced as she realized this before jumping back to avoid the attack Sayaka dealt with a third summoned sword from her other hand. Sayaka readied herself with her dual weapons before charging back towards Artoria, slashing out both her swords in a reverse X-arc. Artoria instinctively jumped up into the air to avoid the attack, slashing downwards when she came back down to earth. Sayaka blocked the attack with one sword before stabbing upwards with the other, Artoria spinning herself through the air to avoid it, landing on her feet afterwards. Sayaka came at her again, swinging out her cutlasses with a great amount of energy, but each time Artoria cleanly dodged them. The Heroic Spirit then suddenly struck out with Invisible Air, shattering Sayaka's cutlasses one after another. Sayaka grunted in surprise before ducking beneath Artoria's next attack. Spinning around, she pulled two new cutlasses from the ground to swing them at Artoria, though they shattered when Artoria blocked them both. Over the course of the next melee, Artoria shattered each sword that Sayaka pulled out with every swing. Sayaka glared and stabbed out with a sword, which Artoria blocked with the flat of her blade before moving her head to avoid the slash that Sayaka performed with her second sword. But to her confusion, Sayaka in fact let go of the sword and it curved back around to stab into Artoria's unprotected back. Artoria cried out in pain before Sayaka took advantage of her predicament to summon a second sword and begin slashing away at her repeatedly, cutting her across her armor and face. The Servant cried out as the barrage of slashes eventually knocked her backwards. She rolled across the ground, ending up on her back and looking up to see Sayaka bearing down at her with two swords. She stabbed them downwards, and Artoria used a Mana Burst to push herself to the side whilst still on her back. She rolled back onto her feet after doing so, calmly facing Sayaka down whilst her injuries healed.

Artoria: Impressive. But I am done holding back.

She raised her sword and with one Mana Burst later, she was standing behind Sayaka. The magical girl turned around in shock before her waist suddenly split in half. Her eyes widened in shock and she gritted her teeth in concentration as her two halves knitted back together. However, she was quickly beset by Artoria with a series of slashes that cut her apart in several different places. Although Sayaka healed from all of this, she was nevertheless unable to effectively counter until Artoria had cut her apart several times. A giant puddle of blood was now on the ground around the magical girl, with her stumbling back in exhaustion. She glared at Artoria, before holding her cutlass out to the side. Fire erupted across the blade as part of her Scorpion Spear variation.

Sayaka: Here, try this!

She charged towards Artoria with the flaming sword and the Servant was ready to meet her.

Artoria: Strike Air!

With the empowered winds, Artoria met Sayaka's burning swing, the two clash of the elemental forces sending out waves of fire that not only blew the two swordswomen back but also burned through the trunks of the surrounding trees. They started to topple over, forcing Sayaka and Artoria to skip back to avoid getting crushed. As the flames spread, the two took off through the trees that weren't yet ablaze. Eventually, they left the trees, ending up over a vast shimmering lake. There, with Artoria's ability to walk on water and Sayaka's speed, they dueled across the surface of the lake, throwing up sparks and miniature waves as they went. This melee was capped off by three significantly powerful strikes from the both of them that clashed together. The third clash was won out in a way by Artoria, as she stuck Sayaka's sword hard enough to send the magical girl skidding across the water's surface to end up back on the shore of the lake.

Artoria: Do you have any other tricks you wish to attempt?

Sayaka: Just one.

She held up her sword which had drops of water down the edge. She swiped her sword upwards, sending the droplets into the air; they all formed together and from them emerged Oktavia. Artoria tensed up as the Witch swipe out with its sword and spinning wheels were fired out of nowhere straight towards the Servant. Artoria swung out Invisible Air to deflect the projectiles, even slicing through one that came at her head on, though this proved a moot point as Sayaka darted back across the lake's surface and struck Artoria in her armored chest, sending her flying into the air. With more wheels being fired at her, Artoria concentrated on them even as she was suspended in the air, quickly deflecting them with swipes but this was when Oktavia summoned lengths of train tracks to wrap around the Servant's lower half and sword-bearing arm, holding her in the air. Artoria cried out in pain at the metal constriction around her just as Sayaka touched down on the entangling beam in front of her, her sword raised high for a strike. Acting quickly, Artoria tossed Invisible Air from her trapped hand to her free one, enabling her to block the attack.

Sayaka: Nice move, but it's not going to save you!

From their blade lock, Artoria saw Oktavia raise its own massive cutlass in the air before stabbing it downwards; Sayaka leapt back as the downwards attack appeared to directly strike Artoria, smashing her through the train tracks and down to the bottom of the river. Sayaka landed on Oktavia's head, looking down with a frown and observing for any sign that her opponent may pull out of the situation.

She found this sign when a burst of light suddenly erupted up from beneath Oktavia's cutlass, shattering it to pieces and repelling the witch backwards. Sayaka yelled out in surprise as she struggled to keep her footing, and looked down to see Artoria jump out of the temporary funnel left in the water, landing back on the river's surface as soon as it had reformed. She glared up at Sayaka with a piercing gaze and raised Invisible Air above her in both hands. Then the airs dispelled, revealing the full glowing sword of Excalibur.


She quickly focused herself and yelled out, commanding Oktavia forwards, with her leaping forwards, two cutlasses at the ready, barreling towards Artoria.

Artoria: Ex-CALIBUR!

Artoria slashed downwards, unleashing the full power of Excalibur that shot straight towards Sayaka. The magical girl was engulfed by the blast, but continued to press forwards, the injuries burned into her healing quickly as she prepared to strike Artoria with her blades.

But unfortunately, her Soul Gem's durability was another matter and it shattered when she was inches from hitting Artoria. The light in her eyes instantly died out and her body was vaporized, followed by the inactive Oktavia getting reduced to dust as well. Artoria cancelled out the attack, flicking Excalibur out as a close-out to the duel.

Artoria: Truly, you were quite the impressive adversary.



Boomstick: Hey, maybe Sayaka will get to come back for a Sixth Holy Grail War. Maybe for the Avenger Class, they're all about bad things happening to them.

Wiz: Sayaka's effectiveness as a Magical Girl cannot be understated, but sadly, neither can the prowess that Artoria had as a Saber-Class Servant.

Boomstick: Sayaka's only training was from another Magical Girl who was similarly taught, so her education in witch-slaying was pretty second-hand.

Wiz: Meanwhile, Artoria had experience in leading an entire nation and in fighting several battles up to a much older age that Sayaka. More importantly, Artoria was far stronger than Sayaka. Her own strength alone is enough to parry the mountain-breaking strikes of Heracles but far more significantly is the power behind Excalibur. It is more powerful than the spear Rhongomyniad, as it is a A+ compared to the A++ Excalibur.

Boomstick: That's one extra plus right there, and Rhongo-minion can part clouds with energy worth 1.1 gigatons of TNT.

Popup: There are arguments that Sayaka can reach city-level attacks, though the argument comes from the claim a Witch created a city-sized nest, with the actual size of it never being showed to be at the scale of a full city.

Wiz: And she'd have plenty of time to use it as well. Not only does Excalibur have the quirk of being one of the quickest activated Noble Phantasms, but Artoria is already 64% faster than her, giving her the time she needed to use her trump card.

Boomstick: And we know that brings us to Sayaka's trump card; her Witch form.

Wiz: As it turns out, Oktavia wouldn't have guaranteed Sayaka the win, for a number of reasons.

Boomstick: Witches' familiars can drain the souls of others but Servants from the Nasuverse are immune to the effects of soul manipulation.

Popup: Technically, Servant's souls are protected by their minds and bodies, though the mind's immunity is only to a certain extent. Still, it would likely keep Artoria safe from Oktavia's familiars long enough to deal a fatal blow.

Wiz: The capabilities of Avalon, which can block magic up to the sixth-dimension, would render any of the curses Oktavia struck Artoria with useless, and there's even the potency of Artoria's magic resistance.

Boomstick: And perhaps most significantly, Witches still maintain a physical present and are thus susceptible to your run of the mill damages. Hell, Homura spent one timeline killing Oktavia with a simple pipe-bomb. Excalibur would be just what Artoria needed to end this battle.

Wiz: Sayaka could put up a splendid fight but Artoria had the means to counter her Witchly power, overwhelm any of her feats of strengths and dodge her attacks long enough for the opportunity to deal the decisive blow.

Boomstick: For the record, that was one Phantasmic throwdown.

Wiz: The winner is Artoria Pendragon.

Next Time[]

They embody deep secrets

And always head to protect them

Pyramid Head vs. The Keeper


  • The connection between Sayaka and Artoria is that they are both sword-wielding anime girls who wear blue armors who wish to uphold the classic ideas of a chivalrous hero. Both have also transformed into dark alternate forms, made deals with others for the sake of obtaining wishes and have enhanced healing abilities; Sayaka due to the nature of her wish and Artoria due to her scabbard.
  • This battle would have been in 2D
  • The original music for this battle would have been called 'Noble Hopes', referring to Artoria's Noble Phantasms and how hope is the opposite emotion of Despair that causes magical girls like Sayaka to become Witches