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It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these kids like you... SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL.
~ Sans's famous quote.

Sans is a character from the indie video role-playing game, Undertale. He previously appeared in the 69th episode of One Minute Melee where he fought against Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. He previously in the 89th episode of DBX where he fought against Ness from Earthbound

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Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 15
  • Losses: 33
  • Draws: 2

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With Papyrus


Death Battle Info


  • Name: Sans.
  • Age: Unknown, likely older than Papyrus.
  • Occupation: sentry/comedian.
  • Lazy to a fault.
  • Cares a lot for his brother, Papyrus.
  • Experienced, unregistered prankster.
  • Left-handed.
  • Themes/associated tracks:

Powers and Abilities

Soul Manipulation

  • Is able to manipulate souls. The soul manipulation he has (same one as Papyrus) can shift the opponent's SOUL to Blue, allowing Sans to move the victim's SOUL (and also their physical body), usually flinging them around, or changing the gravity so that they're forced to the wall rather than to the ground. Attacks using this method bypass normal durability, as they target the SOUL itself. A drawback of using this ability a bit too much is that it tires him further. With it, he can do this.
  • His attacks target the SOUL directly. However, because SOULs are the culmination of one's being, he damages foes even on the physical level, not just the spiritual.
  • Since he is a monster, Sans' body is mostly made of magic that is attuned to his own soul


  • Meta-awareness on multiple levels; knowingly twisted game mechanics and educated regarding the "timeline anomaly" (the player).


  • Telekinetically-manipulated bones. Can be used both offensively and defensively.
  • Can also create blue bones which can be bigger and faster than normal bones, but can be avoided if you stay still as they pass.


  • Drops all invincibility frames to zero. (Would only work within the constraints of a turn-based RPG battle, though it could possibly work against an ability similar to invincibility frames such as Reliant Invulnerability which is basically invincibility frames translated out of gameplay)
  • Ignores conventional durability.
  • "Poisons" the opponent's soul with KR (KARMA).
  • Getting hit by any attack for even one frame will not only inflict the one damage but also increase KARMA by some amount (depending on the attack)
  • Whenever KARMA is above zero, it will eventually drain back down to zero in increments of one, with each drain decreasing the player's HP by one.
  • Getting hit by multiple attacks in a row will cause increases in KARMA to stack up. KARMA cannot exceed 40 and also cannot cause the player's HP to fall below one. The more KARMA damage is built up, the faster it will drain itself and the player's HP with it.
  • Items that increase INV, the Torn Notebook, and Cloudy Glasses, will grant small fractions of INV during the Sans battle, with both items together increasing INV from zero to one-third (allowing the player to obtain a single frame of INV every three frames, such that Sans's attacks can hit 'only' up to 23 times per second instead of 30). Uniquely, they will also reduce the rate at which KARMA drains.
  • This ability was able to give a fully-genocidal Frisk immense trouble in battle.
  • Despite common belief, it DOES NOT drain an enemy's HP based on how many sins they've committed or by how many people they've killed.

Gaster Blaster

  • Floating beam-shooting skulls that can be summoned in different sizes and mass quantities.

Spatial Manipulation

Time Stop

  • Possesses a small amount of DETERMINATION, allowing him slight control over the timeline, like Flowey
    • The only thing he can use this for is to stop time
  • Cannot attack during stopped time, but can set up attacks
  • There is no explicitly stated limit to this ability in regards to duration, but there likely is one
  • Can bring others into stopped time with him
  • Does not have the ability to resist others' time stopping abilities, unlike characters such as Jotaro Kujo


  • Sans can teleport himself and others to different areas instantly
    • Possibly related to stopping time; he may just stop time and walk to his desired location

Game-Changing Jump-cut

  • Throws player off guard in mid-attack
  • Switches between his attacks randomly
  • Likely due to his time stop

4th Wall of Hell

  • His bones root into the menu, forcing the player to make quick decisions
  • Works only in an RPG battle with menus

Pre-Special Attack (Sans Dance)

  • Large path of bones.
  • Rapid jump-cuts.
  • Ring of Gaster Blasters (about 200 total)
  • Slamming of SOUL against a wall (only able to reduce Chara's HP to 1, however).

Sparing Sans

  • If Frisk/Chara (who at that point in the Genocide Route, can exterminate huge groups of monsters, and had defeated Undyne the Undying) spares him in the fight, he fools the player with an undodgeable attack shown as a cage of bones that deals a massive amount of damage (in-game, it will always kill the player).
  • "get dunked on"
  • Once again, this is an ability that would only work this way in an RPG.

Special Attack

  • Sans does absolutely nothing.
  • Locks the opponent in place so neither of them is able to do anything. He was prepared to use this to pressure the player into quitting and going another route.
  • Teleports Frisk/Chara to the center if they draw too close to the "FIGHT" button with the flash of his eye.
  • Only able to enforce it while awake.
  • However, he can dodge if you attack him while he is sleeping (should be noted that Possessed Frisk attacked him while he was talking after he dodged).
  • This attack would most likely entirely not work outside of the constraints of a turn-based RPG battle, which Death Battles have never been officially set in. However, Sans' ability to teleport Frisk/Chara back to a specific point with the flash of his eye isn't as illegitimate for a normal fight.


  • Always strikes first on a Genocide Run, even when Chara knows exactly what's going to happen.
  • Uncannily good at making observational inferences, the prime example being able to correctly guess the number of times he's killed Chara on a Genocide Run just by reading their expression.
  • Capable of space manipulation to some extent, transporting himself and other objects/people in-and-out of battle.
  • Defeated Flowey, numerous times (Flowey stated that he caused him more than his fair share of resets), so Sans should be able to have at least some experience fighting soulless beings.
  • One of the few Undertale characters aware of the "SAVE" function, though he can't use it himself.
  • Possesses meta-knowledge of Undertale's turn-based mechanics.
  • Similar to Undertale's other endgame bosses, he is capable of utilizing extremely difficult-to-evade bullet hell.
  • Capable of sensing Chara/Frisk's murderous intent on a Genocide Run, recognizing them as inhuman.
  • He, alongside Undyne the Undying, is one of the two genuine threats to Chara, with in-game narration implying their dread of him.
  • Can play incidental music for failures on his trombone, which annoys Papyrus
  • Even Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't want to anger Sans [1]


  • Although he is the weakest character in the game, he is still able to defeat Frisk/Chara and Flowey over time with his attacks
  • Implied to have killed Frisk/Chara at least 11 times. [2]


  • Can dodge attacks from Frisk/Chara and presumably Flowey


  • Can withstand the heat of Hotland, which is hot enough to evaporate a styrofoam cup
  • Can survive getting electrified by Flowey
  • Despite only having 1 DF, he survived long enough to talk and even walk after getting hit for 99999 damage. [3]


  • Has only 1 HP and 1 DF, making him the frailest character in Undertale. He suffered at least 99999 damage during his defeat against Chara and most likely can't tank any other kind of attack.
  • Can't be bothered to fight, due to understanding the power of the SAVE file, and the futility of trying. That changes only when you methodically murder EVERY MONSTER YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Not even the death of his brother can get him to muster more than a few contemptuous words. However, when he IS serious (fought Chara since he knew what would happen if he didn't stop them), he's more than a force to be reckoned with.
  • Despite being one of the strongest monsters in the underground, he suffers from realistic fatigue and shows signs of tiring out in the later stretches of his boss fight.
  • A slight tendency to overestimate his prowess, letting his guard down to mock Chara, immediately resulting in a fatal blow.
  • Puzzle Trap: Junior Jumble (though thinks crossword would've been a better idea)

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  • Sans and Papyrus as characters were based on Steak and Mr. Heavens from the webcomic Helvetica. Their names were inspired by the title character, Helvetica.
  • His text is in the Comic Sans MS font.