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Samus Aran vs. Nova Terra is a What-If? episode of Death Battle featuring Samus Aran from Metroid & Nova Terra from StarCraft.

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Samus Aran vs Nova Terra
Season 1
Season Episode 6
Air date TBD
Written by Officernanam
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Two deadly assassins strike from the shadows to see the other to eternal darkness. But which one will live to see another sunrise?


Wiz: Modern media depicts assassins to be quick, cunning, skilled, and deadly. But these two take it to the next level.

Boomstick: Yeah! With all the crazy equipment and feats they have, no one is lasting long against these two with a target on their back.

Wiz: Samus Aran. The superhuman space bounty hunter from Metroid

Boomstick: And Nova Terra, The Dominion’s Super Psionic Ghost from Starcraft.

Wiz: Both combatants are walking arsenals, with the physical and mental capacities of one-man-armies.

Boomstick: You do know that they’re women, right? And boy do they look exceedingly fine!

Wiz: Yes I’m aware. Do you know what a figure of speech is?

Boomstick: Nope! He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick!

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win a Death Battle

Samus Aran[]

Wiz: Life was peaceful on the planet K-2L, a mining planet home to the rare mineral Afloraltite.

Boomstick: Until a bunch of pirates led by the infamous dragon Ridley attacked, slaughtering everyone in sight, leaving very few survivors like the true dragon terrorist he is. Jeez and people think he’s brutal in Smash. They have nooo idea.

Wiz: This caused the neighboring planet of Zebes, inhabited by a race of bird people called The Chozo to respond, searching for survivors.

Boomstick: Among the ruins, they found a young girl and our first combatant: Samus Aran.

Wiz: The Chozo brought Samus back to Zebes, where they fused her DNA with theirs and trained her to become a warrior.

Boomstick: This is also when Samus got her most iconic piece of equipment: Her Power Suit.

Wiz: The Power Suit is actually the most basic version of her various suits, only offering increased defense and use of her arm cannon, though she can upgrade it. Some of the other suits Samus has had access to are: Varia Suit, Gravity Suit, Fusion Suit, Omega Suit, The Phazon Suit, and finally, the Metroid Suit.

Boomstick: Each of these suits give Samus attributes such as insane defense, great weapons, and more! And this is on top of her insane speed and superhuman strength! And her insane speed is only amplified with her Shinespark ability, which has her dash forward at supersonic speeds, obliterating anything in her path!

Wiz: The suit comes with various visors to assist Samus on her missions, which allows her to detect sound waves, heat signatures, see through solid walls, and detect weak points with the echo, thermal, x-ray, and scan visors respectively.

Boomstick: Yeah, no one is escaping her with all that.

Wiz: With her power suit, Samus can climb and stick to magnetized surfaces using The Spider Magnet

Boomstick: And if climbing everywhere to help get the perfect vantage point on her opponent wasn’t mobile enough, she can turn into the famous morph ball, which not only allows her to move around in small spaces, but gives her a bevy of attack options as well!

Wiz: Samus gains access to various bombs when in the Morph Ball. The Morph ball bomb is an explosive that also helps with her mobility by propelling her in the air. The Cross Bomb explodes vertically and horizontally, and-

Boomstick: And the Power Bomb has the potential to destroy entire planets! Not to mention that while in the morph ball, Samus gains access to The Screw Attack, a rising electric attack that also renders her invulnerable to damage for a short amount of time due to a forcefield.

Wiz: Right, one last thing about the power suit. It also helps mitigate one of her weaknesses she inherited because of her Chozo DNA, she doesn’t exactly do well in the cold and will die if she spends too long in freezing temperatures.

Boomstick: Pfft, who cares! With all the weapons she has at her disposal, the cold is the last thing I would be concerned about. I mean, just look at all of this!

Wiz: From her arm cannon, she can fire charged beams for long range attacks, which can be upgraded to the Wide Beam, further increasing its area of coverage. The Diffusion Beam launches a projectile that explodes on impact, the wave beam can pass through walls, and the plasma beam is an armor piercing plasma beam that can even damage robotics.

Boomstick: But my favorite of the beam has to be The Grapple Beam. Samus can literally ragdoll her opponent with it should she desire. And it functions like a grappling hook!

Wiz: Samus also has access to a variety of missiles, whether that be normal missiles, or Super Missiles, which is a stronger variant to her regular missile. The ice missile freezes enemies in place and the storm missile fires a volley of homing missiles at a target.

Boomstick: While all this is formidable enough, Samus can also tap into Aeion Energy to turn invisible and slow down time! She used all this to eliminate any threat to the galaxy, and finally get that sweet, sweet revenge against that darned Ridley!

Wiz: Samus has defeated other threats many times such as Kraid, Mother Brain, a dark version of herself in Dark Samus, E.M.M.I, and the X parasite.

Boomstick: This is important because The X parasite at one point infected her, but she was given an antidote using the DNA of the now extinct Metroid, rendering her immune to the disease. Boom Title Drop!

Wiz: And after 30 years, this DNA finally surfaced. Until now, it has lain dormant within Samus until on the planet ZDR, the formidable Raven Beak overpowered Samus, nearly killing her in an attempt to get the Metroid DNA for himself to revive the species.

Boomstick: But then the Metroid DNA kicked in and Samus gained her most powerful suit and some pretty terrifying abilities.

Wiz: The Metroid Suit allows Samus to drain the energy out of anything she touches, using that energy to power herself up, an ability she would use to defeat Raven Beak.

Boomstick: Until he was infected and mutated by the X parasite, but that’s where The Hyper Beam comes in. Samus blasted Raven Beak into oblivion, and then did the same to the X parasite!

Wiz: With her suits, weapons, and unique genetics, Samus would protect the galaxy from any threats that would arise, becoming a beacon of-

Boomstick: Wait a second Wiz, aren’t you forgetting something?

Wiz: No, I think that was everything. What could I possibly be-

Boomstick: The Zero Suit!

Wiz: Oh, I’m sure you’ve been waiting to talk about that this entire time, haven’t you Boomstick. While in the Zero Suit, Samus has access to a paralyzer pistol, which paralyzes opponents by overloading them with electricity. She also can use it as a plasma whip, allowing for some close quarters combat on top of her impressive martial arts. Was there anything else I forgot?

Boomstick: Nope, I think that’s everything!

Samus: “You’re mine.”

Nova Terra[]

Wiz: The planet of Tarsonis in the Terran Confederacy (later renamed The Terran Dominion) was inhabited by some of the wealthiest families in the Confederacy, and one such family was the Terra family.

Boomstick: Being one of the “Old Families” i.e one of the first families to command a ship into space, the Terra’s were considered celebrities, and almost considered royalty.

Wiz: And it is in this family we meet our second combatant: November Annabella Terra-

Boomstick: Or Nova Terra for short. She kinda hates her full name.

Wiz: From a young age, Nova exhibited high levels of psionic powers, being classified on the same level of psionic ability as Kerrigan: PS10. Her abilities allowed her to read minds and feel the emotions of others, among other things we’ll cover later. This made her a prime target for The Dominion’s Ghost Program.

Boomstick: BUT her family wanted to keep that all a secret, and were somewhat successful, until Nova turned 15.

Wiz: As Nova was about to board a ship offworld, she felt a myriad of disturbances coming from her home. Racing back to see what was happening, she learned that her entire family had been killed by rebels who wanted the Old Families to be killed.

Boomstick: At this point, Nova lost it. She unleashed a psionic blast that killed the rebels, some bystanders, and destroyed a massive chunk of the skyscraper that was her home.

Wiz: After some time living in The Gutter, Nova enrolled in The Ghost Program after hearing about their memory wipe program, and underwent training as a Ghost.

Boomstick: Though she struggled at first due to a myriad of factors, she would eventually excel in The Ghost Program, becoming one of the deadliest assassins in the Starcraft Universe. So much so, that her name became legend among the enemies of the Dominion.

Wiz: Nova’s arsenal and abilities more than earn her that respect. She’s a formidable foe just from her mental abilities alone. She can read minds and emotions of people miles away, and can pinpoint that person’s general location. She can do the same with animals, and can even bypass anti-telepathy equipment. After she was exposed to Terrazine, she could even pinpoint the exact location of stealthy units.

Boomstick: Nova also has telekinesis, which she has used to lift massive objects, fire her weapons, stop bullets in the chamber, cause herself to levitate, and SO much more!

Wiz: Nova also can control the minds of her opponents with her dominate ability

Boomstick: But her most deadly psionic ability is her Psionic Attack, which can kill an opponent from a distance with a single thought by causing extreme hemorrhaging in the brain. That combined with her mind blast to cause a massive burst of psionic energy to destroy anything in its path makes her a deadly adversary. Jeez, no wonder she’s a legend amongst her enemies!

Wiz: Though she has that insane ability, she rarely uses it, preferring instead to finish the job with her trusty C-20A Rifle.

Boomstick: This beauty of a rifle can be customized into an assault rifle for close quarters combat, or if you attach a scope and tripod to it, it becomes an insane sniper rifle! Man, where can I get me one of those!

Wiz: While in sniper mode, the C-20A can fire psi-charged and anti-armor shells, which Nova has used to disable an entire Protoss Mothership in a single shot.

Boomstick: Not only that, but it can call down freakin’ nukes!

Wiz: The rifle also has a built in grenade launcher, which Nova uses to launch EMP, Flash, Hellfire, Irradiate, Lockdown, and Sticky Grenades.

Boomstick: And should the enemy somehow make it past her gun and mind powers, or she needs to get up close and personal, Nova has The Monomolecular Blade, a weapon akin to Protoss Energy Swords. This blade is crazy. It ignores enemy armor and shields.

Wiz: Nova also comes into battle with the standard Ghost Tactical Stealth Suit, which allows her to survive in almost any kind of condition, even the cold vacuum of space.

Boomstick: This suit also provides Chemical, Biotic, and Nuclear protection by rendering those elements inert. The wearer can even adjust the temperature of the suit to make even heat detection difficult.

Wiz: This suit also comes with a personal cloaking device, rendering the wearer invisible to the naked eye. This is further augmented by coolant devices within the suit, which render the user invisible to thermal scans.

Boomstick: The suit also is reactive to the user's psionic powers, adapting to them to give the user increased speed, strength, and endurance.

Wiz: And if that wasn’t enough, all Ghosts come with special visors which are constantly scanning the surrounding area, providing the ghost critical information at regular intervals.

Boomstick: These bad babies also come with infrared scanning, which allows the ghost to see through walls, a zoom function, and automatically calculates atmospheric pressure and wind shear, allowing the ghost to adjust their aim accordingly.

Wiz: With her equipment, psionic abilities, and unyielding spirit, Nova became a legend throughout the Dominion, being feared by all who would stand against her.

Nova: “I’m a professional. The best of the best.”


Wiz: Alright the combatants are set and we’ve run the data through all possibilities

Boomstick: It’s time for a Death Battle!


Music: The Prophecy (Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty)


Nova’s visor receives report after report, almost to the point of becoming too much to keep track of, even for her. Colonies all across The Dominion have been struggling against the Zerg Swarm. New evolutions of Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Ultralisks have put the Dominion on their back foot.

“Abathur must be having a field day right now. We have to find some way to adapt.” Nova mutters to herself.

As her sights fall on a distant line of Zerg advancing on her position, she receives an urgent message from Admiral Horner:

“Nova, do you copy?”

“Admiral Horner? This is a surprise. What’s going on?” Nova responds.

“Reports have been flooding in from all over the Koprulu Sector. Char, Brontes, and Dylar IV have all been destroyed. The planets are gone.” Horner informs her.

“Wait, they’re just gone? All three of them? I know a portion of the Dominion personnel had been evacuated after being overwhelmed by The Swarm, but I didn’t expect them to be straight up destroyed.” Nova responds in shock.

“Yes. Some Viking pilots have reported a lone ship headed towards Tyrador IX and engaged, but we have lost contact. I have dispatched a portion of my fleet to Tyrador IX to ascertain the situation and assist in the evacuation, but I have a feeling our mystery pilot is going to land and attempt the same stunt. I want you to get to Tyrador IX as soon as you can and deal with our mystery assailant as soon as possible. If possible, I would like them alive for questioning, but if not, then kill them.” Admiral Horner says.

“You can count on me Admiral Horner. Though who is going to oversee Korhal in my absence?” Nova asks.

“You don’t have to worry Nova. Mira is on her way with supplies and reinforcements. She should be able to hold the line for a while. What’s most important is we prevent any other planets from being obliterated.” Horner responds.

“Got it. Best of luck to you Admiral.” Nova responds.

“You as well Nova.” Horner says as he ends the communication.

Nova briefs her troops on the changing situation, and then gets in her ship, heading to Tyrador IX.

Music: Artaria II (Metroid Dread)

Tyrador IX

Samus lands on Tyrador IX, or KNG-32 as The Galactic Federation had denoted it. Samus had been called to this sector after video footage had identified an X parasite in the wild. Worse, it had made contact with the local aggressive alien creatures and had begun to spread, mutating them into hideous monsters. Samus had never seen anything like them, and it was tough to fight off so many at once. As she disembarks, she sees an X parasite fuse with a hydralisk and it begins to mutate, growing larger, adding additional spines, arms, claws, and teeth. Samus watches as it begins to foam in the mouth and then turns on her, launching waves of spines as it attacks. Samus aims her Arm Cannon and begins to fight with the hydralisk, launching pulse shot after pulse shot at it as she maneuvers around the creature, jumping up and launching a missile at the creature’s face, killing it. The X emerges from the now dead body and begins to move towards more of the Zerg. Samus switches over to the Wave Beam, and pelts the parasite over and over again, eventually destroying the parasite. As Samus breathes a quick sigh of relief, she sees more Zerg approach her position. Looking up, she sees buildings lifting off, and Medivacs landing and leaving, as the evacuation process continues.

Sighing as she looks at the evacuating citizens, she laments the possibility that some have already been infected. If she couldn’t stop the X, the sector could have an entire epidemic on their hands. As she prepares to enter the morph ball, she hears a massive blast coming from The Zerg forces in front of her. As she feels a pulse through her suit, she sees black blood spurt everywhere, some even landing on her visor. Wiping it off, she sees the Zerg forces stopped dead in their tracks, struggling to move. Upon seeing this, Samus enters her morph ball and places several cross bombs around the Zerg, incinerating more of the monsters. As she rolls back and begins to train her arm cannon on more of the Zerg, she feels an unknown force try to pry at her mind. After a short back and forth, she is able to resist the prying. Shaking her head, Samus opens up her comms with Adam to report back.

“Lady. This planet has been infected by the X as well. My sensors indicate that many of these creatures that seem to be called Zerg have already been infected. It would be wise to-” Adam says before getting cut off by a different voice.

“Identify yourself, terrorist or I will shoot!” Samus hears a woman's voice come through her comms.

“What, how do you get into-” Samus begins to ask.

“Quiet! You have no bargaining power here. I, Nova of the Dominion Ghost Corps. have been ordered to take you in for questioning about the destruction of 3 planets during evacuation. Deactivate your weapons and come with me, or I will kill you.” Nova responds.

“Dominion Ghost Corps. I’ve never heard of them.” Samus thinks to herself.

“Nova, you have no idea what’s happening. Even now, there is a parasite that has infected this region, it’s possible that-.” Samus begins to respond.

“Now is not the time for your speech, terrorist. You will have all the time in the world to elaborate aboard The Hyperion. Now, you will come with me if you know what’s good for you.” Nova interrupts.

“You are a fool Nova.” Samus says, and she begins to run to her ship.