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Sailor Moon vs Reimu Hakurei
Season 4, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date November 23rd, 2015
Written by Ahomeschoolingroudon
Directed by Ahomeschoolingroudon
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Sailor Moon vs Reimu Hakurei is a What-If? Episode of DEATH BATTLE! Featuring Sailor Moon from her eponymous series against Reimu Hakurei from Touhou Project


Sailor Moon vs Touhou Project! It's a battle of Magical Girls, without the need of PMMM. Which overpowered heroine will win in a spectacle of a fight?


Wiz: In fiction, magic is one of the most common abilities known in fiction as a whole. Used by dozens of characters, whether they originated from the east, or the west.

Boomstick: And today we'll be looking at the Magical Girl type of magician, all of them from the east. And in the most destructive cat-fight you've ever seen in your life. Sailor Moon, the spirit incarnate of a goddess, and the member of the Sailor Scouts, or Sailor Senshi, or Sailor Soldiers, or-you know what whatever the hell their magical aggregation is called

Wiz: Err, o-kay. And Reimu Hakurei, the Hakurei Shrine Maiden and the sole guardian of Gensokyo. For this fight in particular we'll be examining all info possible on both of these characters, which includes the likes of the Non-Canon information distributed throughout their series.

Boomstick: Indeed! So that means Reimu will be able to get her hands on her PC-98 abilities and feats, which is able to give her a boost! And as you'd imagine with that, spell card rule is a no go.

Wiz: And along with this, in order to keep the odds fair Moon'll also gain Non-Canon info from the anime along with her normal abilities, and as such Sailor Cosmos will be granted to Sailor Moon. With this the battle will prove to be quite the fight, and will make this a duel of their fullest potential strengths against one another. Even if PC-98 is a little, bizarre at times. Scratch that, most of the time

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. 

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle!

Sailor Moon[]

Wiz: In the east, there’s many, many different magical girls throughout-

Boomstick: Umm, Wiz? Didn’t we just cover this in the Interlude?

Wiz: Well, I su-

Boomstick: That was a rhetorical question, we did duh. But yeah, there’s quite a few magical girls out there, and one that help propel this into the mainstream was none other than the, um, “Soldier of Love and Justice” Sailor Moon. This is gonna be long..

Wiz: But before she became the Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit, she was an innocent 14 year old civilian by the name of Usagi Tsukino. Born on June 30th and aged 14, she was, well, to be blunt immature, clumsy, not the greatest when it came to grades, and quite the crybaby.

Boomstick: That is until a black guardian cat from the planet Mau named Luna ended up stepping in, and just straight up told Usagi that she was an incarnate of the Goddess Sailor Moon herself, and because of this Luna was able to awaken the form of Usagi that would change her forever, the form of Sailor Moon.

Wiz: Being the first Sailor Senshi that Luna had awakened, and the second in general-

Boomstick: Wait, hold up a moment, aren’t they called Sailor Scouts?

Wiz: Well, yes and no. In the DiC Entertainment’s English dubs of Sailor Moon they were called Sailor Scouts to reference the scouts of the US Army, but they’re in general referred to Sailor Senshi, or just Senshi.

Boomstick: ..How about Sailor Scooters?

Wiz: Wait, Sailor Scooters? How does that even-okay you know what scratch that, not even I can understand everything at this rate.

Boomstick: Well too bad get the Boomstick Redneck English Dictionary, where everything but ex-wife is listed. Oh how shameless self promoting tends to be in your favor most of the time

Wiz: Wait, wait, are you legit being serious? Why would anybody even buy the dictionary in the first plac-

Boomstick: Quiet Wiz, no one asked you to speak. Anyway, being one of the oldest Sailor Senshi there is, you’d vision her to be the most talented of the bunch, and have the capacity to destroy all of the antagonists in their path-PFFFT HAHAHAHA! I couldn’t even hold that one in that time!

Wiz: Yeah, needless to say she wasn’t exactly the best Sailor Senshi, like, at all once she started. In fact she’d tend to be extremely reluctant and unwilling to fight the forces of evil, causing her to flee from enemies and often requiring her to get rescued by other Sailor Senshis or by Tuxedo Mask, or just bail from the fight entirely.

Boomstick: Well isn’t she quite the bitch, don’t you think?

Wiz: Well like we’ve stated, it was back when she first started. Afterwards she managed to become a rather confident, mature and capable combatant among the Sailor Senshi, and more than capable of holding her own in a brawl.

Boomstick: But even as the most famous Sailor Senshi, she wouldn’t get anywhere without quite a few attacks at her disposal. Starting off with her first one used, the Moon Frisbee, which literally has her tiara removed before using it like a frisbee, even somewhat like a boomerang, before throwing it at the target. And once it strikes, it turns the opponent straight to dust

Wiz: But she doesn’t even need to use range, as she can use the Sailor Moon Kick to use a kick attack that injures foes, but without a variety of close range capabilities, she has the Moon Twilight Flash, where Sailor Moon uses the red gem on her tiara to reflect moonlight at her foes.

Boomstick: And remember how we said that Sailor Moon was a major crybaby? Well guess what, she can literally use her crying as a fucking attack! As once she started crying, the odango covers would amplify their wailing until the sound of her sobbing her eyes out would cause physical pain, using the technique Supersonic Waves, I am not kidding here.

Wiz: Sailor Moon can also use the Moon Healing Escalation to heal the people around her, even able to heal the entire city of Tokyo after attacks from-

Boomstick: Godzilla I assume?

Wiz:, it was used after the repeated attacks from the Dark Kingdom

Boomstick: Aww, damn it.

Wiz: And she has the Moon Princess Halation, which creates a pink halo of light with the Cutie Moon Rod, which causes foes to get vaporized due to them, which was how Koan was destroyed. But even that doesn’t compare to Sailor Moon’s strongest attack, Moon Spiral Heart Attack, which uses the Heart Moon Rod to get struck with, giant hearts. And it can even vaporize the foe

Boomstick: But naturally, this didn’t remain Sailor Moon’s strongest attack for very long, once she gained a new form with the usage of the Holy Grail, allowing her to become Super Sailor Moon.

Wiz: As Super Sailor Moon her hair grows longer and her skirt turns white with yellow-and-blue-

Boomstick: Yeah, about her skirt, I bet that’s the reason her Sailor Moon Kick is as effective as it is. Because her skirt is so damn revealing, she’ll accidentally expose herself right in front of her foes! Though on the other hand, that would be one way to go out-

Wiz: Boomstick! She’s 14 to 16 years of age!

Boomstick: I don’t give a shit. But yeah, now with the Spiral Heart Rod, Super Sailor Moon is more powerful than her original form, and even has two new attacks, though her other few attacks require help. These two include the Moon Gorgeous Meditation, an electricity based attack. And an improved version of the Moon Spiral Heart Attack, the Rainbow Moon Heart Ache. Where the attack seems almost exactly the same, just with greater strength, hence it being an upgrade.

Wiz: But even when the powers of Super Sailor Moon just are not enough to cut it, Sailor Moon does have an additional transformation which is even more improved than the last, Eternal Sailor Moon. This is Sailor Moon’s strongest transformation canonically, and she wields the Eternal Tiare, and gains new attacks like the previous Super Sailor Moon

Boomstick: Which includes the Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, I swear I am not making up these attack names. But, she does use rainbow-like beams of energy which will either damage the foe, or heal the foe. More impressively she also has the Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss, which converged light upon the opponent with the Sailor Moon crystals scattered across the galaxy

Wiz: And Eternal Sailor Moon’s last but more powerful attack, Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power, which calls upon the Sailor Crystals pinpointed in the Galaxy Cauldron to help empower her for one insanely destructive light-based attack.

Boomstick: Okay good, now we’re done with Sailor Moon’s forms and weird as fuck attack names-

Wiz: Actually no, we’ve still got one more on our belts

Boomstick: What!? We just fucking completed all of them, I’m looking at the notes right here!

Wiz: As we’ve stated we’re including the likes of Non-Canon info in this fight, so because of this Sailor Moon has been granted the insanely powerful but anime exclusive form, along with Sailor Moon’s true form, Sailor Cosmos. And she also grants herself with Chibi Chibi, but that’s beside the point

Boomstick: ..oh fine, Sailor Cosmos also has her own set of attacks, which unlike the rest she doesn’t even need to call out the phrases in order to use it. Also, her cape would seem to match Magneto’s if it weren’t for the color. But for abilities, Sailor Cosmos has the Moon Tiara Action, a more powerful spin on the Moon Frisbee, Moon Tiara Stardust where she rains dust down with her tiara, Sailor Body At-AHAHA!

Wiz: It’s not like-ugh, the Sailor Body Attack is where Sailor Cosmos runs up to a foe, crossing her arms, before leaping on the target and striking them with her elbows. And lastly, she uses herself along with Chibi Chibo to pull off the Double Sailor Moon Attack, and the most devastating attack in Sailor Moon, the Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss. In which Sailor Cosmos would attach the Holy Moon Chalice to the Eternal Taire, and it fires cataclysmic golden beams of light at the targets

Boomstick: Hugh, finally, it’s over now-

Wiz: Nope, still got a few things

Boomstick: Oh are you serious!?

Wiz: Yes, yes I am, but besides that Sailor Moon also has a Disguise Pen, which while she tends not to use it as often as one would imagine, she can still use it to shapeshift into whatever she wants at that moment, she can even use this as just her civilian Usagi form than as a Sailor Senshi

Boomstick: Either way, being able to shapeshift into whatever she wants allows her to shapeshift as my ex-wife, causing two of them, and I’d rather not get into that mess

Wiz: But none of this even compares to Sailor Moon’s greatest ability of all, which isn’t offensive, nor defensive, it’s-

Boomstick: Short skirts.

Wiz: That’s not what I had in mind! I’m talking about the hax infested ability of Sailor Moon’s called Lambda Power, obviously. And with this basically being the power of rebirth, it grants Sailor Moon the ability to like, never die, whether her body, mind, soul or hell even her very abstract concept herself gets destroyed, she fights on to fight another day.

Boomstick: But the reason this doesn’t work for offensive or defensive, is because it works for offensive and defensive! As with this Sailor Moon has just about every power there is, putting even omnikinesis users to shame. In addition, she’s able to control the power of any Sailor Senshi, manipulate space-time at her fingertips, defeated Chaos, and manipulate abstract concepts itself, let alone reality warping prowess.

Wiz: This may only be reserved for the likes of Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Cosmos, but once summoned it proves to be a very rocky journey. And even without it, she’s still very skilled. She has defeated Sailor Galaxia herself with the help from additional Sailor Senshi, along with erasing her from existence, flew to the center of a galaxy within seconds, and shrunk an omnipresent force to very small sizes. Otherwise described as “infinitesimally small” sizes to be precise

Boomstick: Jesus christ..

Wiz: But needless to say, being a 14 to 16 year old girl still grants you with flaws, as while it’s not as often she can still be a crybaby, and tends to get used to fighting as a group with the Sailor Senshi, plus she still has the mind of a 16-year old. Hell, Sailor Moon even lost to Sailor Galaxia

Boomstick: But Sailor Moon just got right back and eradicated the threat of Sailor Galaxia, the type of strategy she’d use all the time as a Sailor Senshi, but it just goes to show that strategy isn’t always required if you have the strength to carry you all the way through. 

Sailor Moon: We have lots of ups and downs, pleasures and pains, but that’s life and we learn to accept the bad with the good. Without the bad times, we wouldn’t appreciate the good times. Life is precious and I cherish it, every single moment!

Reimu Hakurei[]

Wiz: Remember when we covered Remilia Scarlet in the battle of female vampires forever ago? Well let’s just say that we didn’t cover the stronger side of Touhou, like, at all back then.

Boomstick: You want evidence to support this? Well here’s our evidence right here, the shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei. But like others she didn’t start out that way, she was..uh

Wiz: Actually, there really isn’t a official full fledged backstory that has been confirmed for Reimu, but on that note it has been shown her parents had disappeared on her even though they haven’t been officially declared dead or alive in the series. And that’s, basically it. Mainly because of dialogue that displayed it

Boomstick: But what we do know is that she eventually took up her occupation as the latest of the long list of Hakurei Shrine Maidens, though, considering the shrine has her last name on it, should be obvious.

Wiz: But she isn’t just the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, she’s also what’s described as the, not even kidding here, “Incident Solver” of the Land of Fantasy named Gensokyo, basically the equivalent of feudal Japan.

Boomstick: That’s cute. Meanwhile as a horribly named “Incident Solver” she needs to fight supernatural beings such as demons, vampires, ghosts, onis, and many, many others. On a day to day basis no less, reminds me of Guts.

Wiz: Well, problem with that is Guts and Reimu they fight almost completely differently from each other, having been mentored by the boundary manipulating youkai who sleeps through practically everything, Yukari Yakumo, Reimu’s gained a mass array of abilities.

Boomstick: Though, really to be honest the whole Spell Card Rule makes it so Gensokyo, really isn’t any danger most of the time at all, good thing we won’t be including it otherwise it’d be extremely lame.

Wiz: That is true, but with that aside Reimu still has plenty of abilities to back this up, such as one of her most commonly used attributes, floating. Or flying depending on who you ask, it allows Reimu to soar through the skies. But she ended up adding her own unique twist to this, being able to literally float out of reality itself. Which she can use to avoid attacks or teleport short distances

Boomstick: It’s also been stated that Reimu can manipulate the aura of natural spirits within living beings, but while this was stated in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil there hasn’t been any other evidence to support this, mainly not getting shown the ability. But even without that, Reimu still has the, really fucking powerful Yin-Yang Orbs!

Wiz: These Yin-Yang Orbs are highly used for youkai extermination, and is Reimu’s prime weapon due to how useful it is. Even more impressively Reimu is able to invoke Gensokyo’s native gods into her body, able to gain more abilities that way, although Reimu hasn’t gotten enough training to use this reliably.

Boomstick: But what reliably works is Reimu’s barrier techniques, which is presumably used to maintain the work put into the Great Hakurei Barrier placed between Gensokyo and the Human World. But this also works for combat, being able to make barriers that explode, push enemies towards herself or vise versa, and use them as portals for her other attacks. Even Marisa Kirisame admits this is like a cheat technique. And Reimu also has extremely unnatural luck to boot, the kind of luck which if I had I would be spared from being here

Wiz: Ugh. Oh, and she can also turn into a cat, but, there’s really no point to this. But for close quarters combat, Reimu wields the Purification Rod, a Gohei empowered by Shinmyoumaru Sukuna’s Miracle Mallet. Otherwise known as Oonusa, the Purification Rod has much greater strength than normal rods, can move on it’s own, and is even able to rip foes clean in half.

Boomstick: Heh, rods. But where Reimu truly shines is her skills and spell cards, which we’ll start off with the former. Strap yourselves in ladies and gentlemen, this is gonna be a mouthful.

Wiz: Starting off with Reimu’s, “shots” as they are referred to.

Boomstick: That’s not even trying to hide the innuendo.

Wiz: These, okay screw it I’m just gonna call them bullets, but they come in various types such as the Hakurei Amulets, Homing Amulets, Persuasion Needles, Youkai Buster and another named Extermination. Hell, she can use her Hakurei Amulets to use the Spread Amulet, which is a heavy barrage of them.

Boomstick: And Reimu can also use her raw strength for attacks, such as the Ascension Kick, which is a somersault kick attack. And alternatively the Sliding Ascension Kick, which is exactly what you think it is.

Wiz: On top of this, Reimu can use her border manipulation to pull off attacks. Such as the Cautionary Border, which blocks enemy projectiles. Dimensional Rift instantly teleports Reimu to the target, before foot diving the foe, someone’s gotten training from Doctor Doom it seems.

Boomstick: On that note, Reimu also has the Demon Sealing Dimensional Rift, where she teleports like the previous Dimensional Rift, before firing rapid needles in an arc formation. 

Wiz: And one of the more useful skills, the Instant Dimensional Rift. Which creates a body double that helps Reimu herself evade attacks, and if the body double is struck, the foe gets completely ambushed by Hakurei Amulets

Boomstick: And there’s the Permanent Border, where Reimu places a border at her feet, which renders enemies defenseless when they step on it. But Reimu can’t create more than one of these, and if she tries the previous border will dissipate.

Wiz: And lastly, the Binding Border, which can restrict the foe from moving up, down, left or right. It works rather efficiently against mobile targets, but if Reimu tries any other attacks the border will dissipate.

Boomstick: Christ, that was a mouthful of techniques.

Wiz: Yet, we aren’t even halfway done yet, as we still have to go through the Spell Cards.

Boomstick: Oh you son of a bitch-

Wiz: Starting off with Fantasy Seal, it’s one of the most useful out of all of Reimu’s fantasy attacks. It attacks the foe with a large spread of homing shots, which Marisa stated can obliterate any youkai by force in a single shot.

Boomstick: The Evil-Sealing Circle is where Reimu creates a border from her core, which begins to strangle the foe to death, although it doesn’t last long and you need to use it in close range.

Wiz: The Omnidirectional Demon Binding Circle is another example of a close-ranged move, which Reimu centers an expansive barrier around herself which removes the target’s free will to even move, and able to bind oni.

Boomstick: The Fantasy Orb fires homing spirit orbs at the target, and there’s easily enough to hit a moving foe. The Yin-Yang Sanctifier Orb is another Yin-Yang orb, but this one being made out of immense energy, and extremely useful for a direct strike.

Wiz: The Hakurei Special Large Amulet is a special type of Hakurei Amulet, which is more powerful, but it is still generally weak in terms of spell cards despite the charge time being short. And in case the Ascension Kick and the Sliding Ascension Kick don’t do the physical strength justice, Reimu has the Sky Conquering Wind God Kick, which is a long line of repeated Ascension Kicks, which Reimu can set up rather quickly.

Boomstick: And, jesus christ how many fucking spell cards does Reimu have?

Wiz: A lot. Like, way too many.

Boomstick: Well this is gonna be Terraria Guy all over again in that case, but, the Orbs of Light, Cast into Shade is where Reimu fires Yin-Yang orbs that, bounce off the ground and follow the most bizarre path I’ve ever seen from a projectile. 

Wiz: The Hakurei Illusion which, isn’t as much of an illusion as it is a complete ambush of projectiles. Starting off with a ring of grey cards that expand before-

Boomstick: Heh, expand.

Wiz: ..before homing in on the foe. After that a spread shot of three streams of-

Boomstick: Okay Wiz, seriously, you must be doing this on purpose. There is no way an attack like this can’t be accidentally described this way.

Wiz: I’m not even kidding here, this is the actual description for the spell card. But it fires  a single barrage of red cards and three barrages of dot bullets, afterwards two rings of dot bullets, each going in the opposite direction, and lastly several rings of red cards. With this attack, it allows for Reimu to pull off quite the ambush.

Boomstick: Okay good, better description than the Chatzy infused one like last time. Moving on, she also has the Armored Yin-Yang Orb, which is exactly what you’d expect it to be. And there’s also the Duplex Barrier, a mysterious spell-card which reportedly manages to turn space inside out. And the related Duplex Danmaku Barrier, which is the same thing except on a larger scale, and stronger than the previous Duplex Barrier.

Wiz: And then there’s To Think There Was a Shrine Maiden in That Gap! which-

Boomstick: Uh, is that literally the name of the Spell Card? This doesn’t make any sort of sense, then again what does when we’re covering Touhou.

Wiz: But yeah, Reimu ends up summoning a spread of lasers around the target, before they annihilate the foe with 17 shots, before Reimu makes one last direct strike.

Boomstick: Hugh, finally that’s over with, like I said that was Terraria Guy all over again.

Wiz: Well, we aren’t done yet, as we’ve got one more notable Spell Card to mention for Reimu, and her most useful out of all of them

Boomstick: God dammit! Wait, notable? You mean there’s fucking more of them!?

Wiz: Yes, there’s a lot more than the ones we just mentioned, but besides this, Reimu’s most useful Spell Card out of all of them is Fantasy Nature, and the related spell card along with it, Fantasy Heaven. With Fantasy Nature, she floats from absolutely everything in reality, and it renders her completely intangible while it’s active.

Boomstick: This reminds be a bit of Fist of the North Star, I wonder why.

Wiz: This move was so overpowered that it was considered too powerful to even be a Spell Card in the first place, until Marisa ended up giving it a name and a time limit. So that way it wasn’t so Reimu could beat youkai, it was so youkai could stand a chance of beating Reimu.

Boomstick: But because this is a duel without the Spell Card Rule, we’re throwing that in the fireplace. Which means without the spell card rule this move’s time is practically unlimited. And as for Fantasy Heaven, seven Yin-Yang orbs appear around Reimu, and each one is lit up each time the foe is hit. And once all are lit up, the largest and most destructive attack Reimu is capable of is let loose.

Wiz: Both of these attacks are Reimu’s best abilities, and they prove to be a complete monster on the battlefield. But as for Reimu herself, she’s no slouch in the heat of combat, and is one of the most skilled we’ve seen yet. She’s destroyed a part of the Earth, maintained the summoning of the Sumiyoshi Gods for 12 days straight, and has fought the likes of Yukari Yakumo, Utsuho Reiujii, Flandre Scarlet, and many others.

Boomstick: And she’s even fought and resisted attacks from none other than Shinki, the creator of the Makai. Which while it being stated the Makai being infinite is most likely hyperbole, it’s around universal or higher in terms of scale.

Wiz: And on top of this, she’s fought Yumemi, who uses Photon based attacks. And has been able to keep up with Aya Shameimaru, the fastest in Gensokyo.

Boomstick: But even the mightiest of foes have there faults, and Reimu is sadly no different. As we’ve stated, summoning the gods of Gensokyo usually isn’t something Reimu is best at, and she has a severe lack of training. Also, she is rather stubborn and lazy.

Wiz: Well, not always. If Gensokyo is in legitimate danger, she sets her stubborn and lazy demeanor aside, in order to combat whatever happens to be disrupting the town. Hell, a human turned youkai tried this and Reimu ended up breaking his skull into pieces! Killing him in the process

Boomstick: Damn! And I thought Touhou was just a peaceful verse all about drinking and a long list of girls, two of my favorite things.

Wiz: Yes, but considering that Reimu has the weight of Gensokyo and all of it’s inhabitants on her shoulder, she’ll do what’s best.

Reimu Hakurei: Eh, whatever. If I use this Yin-Yang orb well enough, it'll all work out, right?


Hakurei Shrine

Day-Time, close to noon


As usual the Hakurei Shrine was just about completely isolated, but even with this the sun was shining brightly downwards up in the skies, yet the rays weren’t so hot that it would cause the temperature to be humid, or give everybody radiation poisoning. However as you would expect, the Hakurei Shrine was currently being heavily looked after by the Shrine Maiden, and also the Incident Solver in Gensokyo, Reimu Hakurei.

At that moment Reimu was not expecting any visitors to appear at the Hakurei Shrine, especially because she was not having any plans for anybody to visit either. Reimu yawned, as she had not gotten much sleep in what seemed like forever, before taking a seat at the bottom of the stairs, as she ended up getting out a bottle of wine, as at that point she would kill for a bottle of alcohol.

But as Reimu was about to take a sip of the bottle of alcohol, she found herself surrounded by a large cloud of mist, Reimu raised her eyebrow at the cloud of mist, as she never had seen this sort of thing, or so she thought. Without warning the cloud of mist moved away from Reimu, and began to form to the other side of the stairs revealing the cloud of mist to actually be the Oni which Aya referred to as the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, Suika Ibuki.

“I want sake too you know~!” Suika exclaimed, as she took a bottle of water away from Reimu, before taking out a gourd, which Suika refers to as the Ibuki Gourd, Suika then got out a sake bug to turn the water into sake. Reimu turned to Suika in confusion, asking “What brings you here exactly?”

“Because I need a drinking buddy! An oni gets bored without a partner to drink with!” Suika happily responded, as she began to sing a song loudly while she was drinking, but Reimu shrugged in response to this. “I have got nothing better to do, I guess. Yawn..” Reimu lazily agreed, before laying on her back against the stairs to the Hakurei Shrine, and starting to drink like crazy.

At that point Reimu did not pay hardly any attention to the Hakurei Shrine, as both her and Suika just focused themselves on nothing but drinking wine in Reimu’s case, and sake in Suika’s case. This would seem as if this was gonna be nothing more than a day of peacefully drinking until their view on reality itself became completely distorted.

But it would prove that this would not be the case at all..

Somewhere in Gensokyo

Many different youkai wandered throughout Gensokyo without a care in the world, but in the meantime they were with a visitor unknown to even the youkai inhabiting the Land of Fantasy, one that nobody there even knew to begin with. The 14 year old schoolgirl with not exactly the best grades, Usagi Tsukino.

Usagi was curious about the Land of Fantasy element of Gensokyo, and as such she ended up exploring the feudal japan like region to see what was out there, but not too far into her journey she was stopped in her tracks by a girl with short black hair and three red metallic like wings on the right side of her back, and three blue arrow shaped tails on the left, her name being Nue Houjuu.

W-what is that thing!?“ Usagi thought to herself, as she began backing away, which Nue turned towards her and grinned. Nue ended up taking out her trident, as the snake on Nue’s right arm turned towards Usagi, “You human has forgotten the fear of night!” Nue hissed, as she began sprinting towards Usagi while pointing her trident towards her, Usagi shrieked in response to this before frantically getting out the Crystal Star.

“Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!” Usagi exclaimed, before held up the Crystal Star as the lid opened, which revealed the Silver Crystal before Usagi waved the palm of her hand in front of it, making it discharge pink light. Usagi held the brooch above her head while suspending it between her hands, until she moved her hands down to her torso, Nue raised her eyebrow completely confused, as Usagi spun around several times, until  the tiara, odango covers, and her earrings manifested, Usagi then took a pose as she was now the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon.


"Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice in a Sailor Suit! Sailor Moon has arrived! In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!" Sailor Moon exclaimed, before dashing towards Nue quickly, as she was now more than capable of fighting back. “Sailor Moon Kick!” Sailor Moon called out, before kicking Nue directly in the gut, causing Nue to get launched from her standing position and against one of the trees in Gensokyo, which caused many of the youkai present in that area to begin fleeing.

Even the stronger out of all of the youkais wanted to take on this strange girl’s power, they feared the worst, and that she would annihilate them. One of which would turn out to be a girl who had been unconscious through a large majority of these instances, she was a girl with long blonde hair, purple eyes, and wearing a deep purple dress. This girl was none other than Reimu’s very mentor, and master of boundaries, Yukari Yakumo.

“This girl is much more powerful than most of us would realize, looks like we will need a little assistance from the Incident Solver, should be a normal routine” Yukari thought out loud, before opening up a large gap and entering it, as it took her to Yukari’s next destination.

Hakurei Shrine

The gap that was taking Yukari to the Hakurei Shrine opened, and she stepped out, only to see what she thought was a baffling sight due to the situation at hand, Reimu had been practically entirely wasted from drinking as excessively as she was. “Reimu! There’s no time for this!” Yukari snapped, as she began to shake Reimu.

“W-what's wrong today? You're not your usual self.” Suika questioned to Yukari, as she wanted to stay with her drinking buddy, even if she barely had the liver at that point to withstand more drinking. “A takeover, that’s what. And if the ‘Incident Solver’ doesn’t solve this quick enough, it will be a successful takeover on their end” Yukari replied, as she continued shaking Reimu.

“Leave it be Yukari, maybe you can stop sleeping for the entirety of your life and take this guy out for a change, yawn..” Reimu murmured in her sleep, before Yukari gained a scowl on her face. “Wake up already!” Yukari stormed, as she was about to wake up Reimu by force, but luckily for both Yukari and Reimu, that wasn’t necessary.


Another one of Gensokyo’s residents ended up getting slammed head first into the trees, the person was the Karakase Obake type of the Tsukumogami species, name being Kogasa Tatara, whose sole purpose was to surprise people, surely enough Reimu was surprised by the sheer destruction and what effects this could cause on Gensokyo, before turning to the person who launched Kogasa against the tree in the first place, Sailor Moon.


Reimu did not hesitate more than a second before leaping forward, and gently falling to the ground just a few meters away from Sailor Moon, and by that point she had more than sobered up. “I don’t know you, whoever you are, but if you are gonna cause this kind of destruction here, I’ll make you look more like small fry because of it.” Reimu boasted, as she got out the ofuda.

“The name’s Reimu Hakurei, and with thousands of lives on the line I’m making sure this incident is more than just solved!” Reimu yelled, while Sailor Moon took a fighting stance after hearing Reimu’s battle cry, as she got ready to let out her own. “And I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice. In the name of the moon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil... and that means you!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, before kicking off the fight.

This was gonna be the ultimate fight out of all of them, one that no human, youkai, shrine maiden, senshi, or even the native gods of Gensokyo would ever forget. And now there was just one thing left to do..



Reimu really did not want to have part of her Hakurei Shrine to get struck while the two fought, so because of this Reimu switched her bullet type to the Homing Amulet, Reimu then took a leap back before firing a barrage of amulets towards Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon gained a grin on her face, taunting Reimu seeing as how useless the attack was, before bending her back over out of the way.

Sailor Moon then slowly but surely approaching towards Reimu, keeping her fierce demeanor in check, before trying to make her strike at Reimu. But while Usagi remained distracted, the amulets fired earlier showed their homing side, as they automatically managed to track down her location, and ended up ambushing Sailor Moon with Homing Amulets. Sailor Moon grunted in pain due to the rapid strikes of the Homing Amulets, as she slid backwards on the ground causing dust from the soil to appear beneath her.

Reimu took a breath before firing more Homing Amulets all over the place, but at that point Sailor Moon decided to throw her frightened act in the fireplace and do her best to defend against the Homing Amulets. Reimu was stunned to see that the Homing Amulets were being blocked by Sailor Moon’s bare hands, but snapped out of it, she did have a job to do after all.

After Sailor Moon miraculously managed to block the Homing Amulets, she began to sprint towards Reimu before leaping up into the air just above her. Sailor Moon then began to use the same move she used on the chimera Nue Houjuu back when Sailor Moon first transformed in Gensokyo, “Sailor Moon Kick!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, before swinging her feet towards Reimu’s face.

Reimu in response leaped up, and rotated herself 360 degrees around a horizontal axis performing a somersault before also swinging her legs at Sailor Moon, pulling off the Ascension Kick. Sailor Moon attempted to combat the Ascension Kick by putting more pressure on her Sailor Moon Kick, but up to no avail as both of their attacks had counter acted each other.

Both Sailor Moon and Reimu gently fell down to the ground, both of them keeping their balance before turning back towards each other. “I-is she actually able to withstand most of my techniques..?” Reimu mumbled to herself, slightly sweating as she did. Sailor Moon didn’t know what Reimu was saying but assumed it was something related to her, and took charge ticked off. “You are dusted buster!” Sailor Moon yelled, as she removed her tiara from her forehead with a flash of light, staring menacingly at Reimu in the process.

Sailor Moon’s tiara had become the equivalent of a frisbee disc, but this one being capable of doing actual damage than what you’d expect of the standard frisbee disc. “Moon Frisbee!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, before tossing her tiara at Reimu. “Eeeh!?” Reimu squeaked, as she quickly began throwing amulets before creating a long lasting blue colored barrier right in front of her, the Cautionary Border.

Sailor Moon’s tiara made contact with the Cautionary Border, but while Sailor Moon was expecting her tiara to turn the Cautionary Border into a pile of dust, but what ended up catching Sailor Moon completely off guard was the tiara practically bouncing back off of the Cautionary Border, and the tiara began soaring towards her at fast speeds due to getting reflected off of the barrier.

Sailor Moon began to completely freak out, as she tried to move out of the way of her own tiara getting launched at her, she managed to avoid getting disintegrated to a pile of ashes by the tiara, before the tiara stopped in it’s tracks and Sailor Moon attached it back on her forehead. Sailor Moon took a breath, as her heart stopped pounding like crazy, and her erratic shaking stopped. But Sailor Moon turned down to her fingers, and she saw that her tiara ended up grazing the top of her fingers..

..and her fingernails had been ripped, completely ruined by her own tiara. Sailor Moon’s eyes began to tear up in response to this, before she began wailing her eyes out excruciatingly loudly, which Reimu didn’t think too much of the loudness at first and was just annoyed by the fact that she was crying in the first place. “Take it easy already!” Reimu scolded, trying to shut Sailor Moon up.

But that didn’t do anything at all to stop Sailor Moon from crying as loud as she was, which even Suika ended up stumbling away from just so she didn’t have that blaring in her ears, as she wanted a peaceful drinking environment. “This is gonna be a long day..“ Reimu thought to herself about Sailor Moon’s crying, before trying to see if she could get her out of Gensokyo in the first place, Reimu grabbed Sailor Moon by the collar before trying to take flight.

But as she tried Sailor Moon’s odango covers ended up amplifying Sailor Moon’s crying, taking it up from just a standard annoyance to a seriously and insanely painful sound for Reimu’s ears to take, Reimu ended up covering her ears in self defense before making a run for it away from Sailor Moon, who stopped crying after a few seconds and regained her composure, now with her broken fingernails being the last thing on her mind. It looked as if Sailor Moon was now really going serious this time


Reimu stopped covering her eyes at that point as she realized that her foe had stopped crying, and was now being serious by the looks of things, Reimu just stood there thinking, what was up with her? But Reimu didn’t have time to ponder about her bizarre combatant, as she switched her shot type from the Homing Amulets to the Persuasion Needles. Reimu then began to fire a barrage of needles at Sailor Moon once equipping the Persuasion Needles.

Sailor Moon leapt out of the needles trajectory before pulling out a pink rod with three gold stars, a red jewel at the bottom and gold wings, topped of with a red sphere inside what seemed to be a crescent moon at the very top. All with a crown sitting at the summit of it, this was none other than the Cutie Moon Rod. 

Sailor Moon waved the Cutie Moon Rod around in front of her, which confused Reimu even more than she already was when the fight was beginning. “What is this girl up to now..“ Reimu thought to herself, as she tried to fire more Persuasion Needles at Sailor Moon, but before she could even try to, a large swarm of pink light filled Reimu’s sight, causing her to stop trying to fire Persuasion Needles and shield her eyes with her arms.

Sailor Moon charged up all of the pink light that was in the surroundings with her Cutie Moon Rod, before pointing it directly at Reimu, with Sailor Moon’s face showing a look of determination in her eyes. “Moon Princess Halation!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, before firing a large ray of the previously shown pink light at Reimu, this time with the pink light actually being lethal.

Reimu didn’t have any time to move out of the way, or set up a barrier to block or reflect the pink light that was traveling at fast speeds towards her, so she ended up doing the only thing she could do in that situation, she ended up floating herself right out of reality, avoiding the attack. But once she returned back into reality, she really would have wished that she used the barriers instead..


The pink light created from the Moon Princess Halation ended up making contact with what was right behind Reimu, the Hakurei Shrine. The Hakurei Shrine ended up being completely unable to withstand the pink light of the Cutie Moon Rod and the Moon Princess Halation technique, and the Hakurei Shrine was found to be completely vaporized. Reimu came back from reality and once she saw the disintegrated Hakurei Shrine, her face immediately turned to an angry glare at Sailor Moon.

Just like that Reimu had turned from a calm yet determined combatant to a complete rage induced madman, who wanted to take revenge on Sailor Moon for destroying the Hakurei Shrine, even if Reimu did hold some responsibilities too on that front.

Before Sailor Moon could even attempt to try and use the Moon Healing Escalation technique to repair the damage done to the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu disappeared with a flash of pink and blue light, which Sailor Moon shielded her eyes from for a second before noticing that Reimu wasn’t where she was standing. “H-hey, where did you go!? Show yourself already!” Sailor Moon shouted, as she tensed up by the look Reimu had before she vanished without a trace.

Reimu appeared above Sailor Moon shortly, but luckily for Reimu her opponent was not paying attention to what had just happened. In response to this, Reimu ended up falling down towards Sailor Moon before using both her legs to kick her straight in the face, pulling off the Dimensional Rift and making Doctor Doom proud if her were to see this.

Sailor Moon stumbled backwards as she tried to regain herself, while Moon began dashing towards her at quick speeds, and Sailor Moon ended up proving to be too slow as Reimu switched her shots from the Persuasion Needles to the Youkai Buster, and fired a rapid amount of pink glowing amulets at Sailor Moon, causing her to get launched away from the Hakurei Shrine and somewhere else in Gensokyo.

Youkai Mountain


Sailor Moon couldn’t find herself to recover soon enough, and found herself getting closer and closer to the peak of the Youkai Mountain right below her, and she began flailing her arms and legs about, but it wasn’t like that did anything.


Sailor Moon found her face planted in the dense rocks of the Youkai Mountain, as she tried to pull herself back to her feet, and quickly due to Reimu close on her tail. Reimu used her barriers to pull her towards the Youkai Mountain, and she dropped down to the base of the mountain. 

Reimu soared back up into the skies after lightly dropping on the base of the Youkai Mountain, before searching for where Sailor Moon went. Reimu ended up noticing a small crater in the ground, and took a sigh of relief on that front, “Good thing it did not take long for me to find her“ Reimu thought, as she soared down to the crater to investigate, and ended up finding that Sailor Moon wasn’t in the crater she had formed, which confused Reimu, before she heard footsteps behind her. Reimu turned around and was about to fire the Youkai Buster amulets, but she saw that.. was actually her best friend and witch partner, Marisa Kirisame. “B-be careful Reimu, don’t shoot! It’s me!” Marisa called out, which surprised Reimu and caused her to take a step back.


“M-marisa?? What are you doing here, it’s not safe!” Reimu insisted, as she tried to warn Marisa of the foe she was fighting, Sailor Moon. “Aww, just trying to help out with your new journey as always is all♪!“ Marisa replied, as if she was completely unaware of the situation Reimu was going through, which slightly ticked off Reimu, but because she was her best friend she refused to lash out at Marisa.

“Look, basically I ended up getting myself in a fight with a girl with yellow hair and a um, less than suitable in length skirt. She’s possessing a threat to Gensokyo’s safety and well being” Reimu stated, as she tried to convince Marisa. “I bet my Master Spark would do the trick against her♪” Marisa replied, still completely ignorant of the actually serious situation. Reimu groaned silently, but decided to try and reason with Marisa.

“Just try to look out for her, last I saw her she crash landed on this very mountain, and be very careful if you do see her, so just call out.” Reimu instructed, as she also began searching throughout the summit of the Youkai Mountain, which Marisa nodded before silently stepping away suspiciously. Marisa then reached in her pockets and pulled out what looked to be a pen shining in a mass of pink light, Marisa ended up waving the shining pen in the air, as a long and thick band of stars rushed around her, and Marisa began morphing into a different form.

She ended up morphing into, none other than Sailor Moon herself, whose hair was ruffling in the breeze. Sailor Moon had successfully managed to fool Reimu with her Disguise Pen, and used this opportunity to catch her off guard.

( again)

Sailor Moon silently adjusted her tiara to turn directly towards Reimu, while she was seeking out for Sailor Moon while expecting Marisa to do the same, you could tell she was tense at that point, and even slightly shaking. Sailor Moon began to reflect the moonlight around her from the gem on the front of her tiara.

“Moon Twilight Flash!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, which made Reimu spring up in response before slowly turning around to see that Sailor Moon was right there, a face of not only the look of shock appeared in Reimu, but along with it the look of apprehension. Reimu had little time to even float out of reality this time around as the reflected moonlight came at her excessively quickly, and found herself struck by the ambush of moonlight.

“A-aah!” Reimu cried out, as she was launched off of the summit of the Youkai Mountain, and began tumbling down the mountain as she tried to regain her balance and stop falling, as she was literally going the mountain equivalent of downhill. Reimu fell all the way down the mountain before finally getting back to her feet, only to see that Sailor Moon was lightly sliding down the mountain after her.

Reimu quickly had to stop her in her tracks, so she leapt back and once Sailor Moon made it to the base of the mountain, she found herself surrounded by two blue glowing fields, which were more like borders. However Sailor Moon tried to combat these two glowing borders, but she found herself, completely unable to move forward or backward, or jump.

Reimu leapt back behind Sailor Moon as she remained trapped in between the two borders, before sliding down on the ground and kicking Sailor Moon directly in the shin with the Sliding Ascension Kick. The borders dissipated due to Reimu following it up with another attack and Sailor Moon began to stumble backwards, before Reimu teleported up above her with a flash of light, as her hair ruffled in the wind.

Reimu then fired the pink glowing amulets of the Youkai Buster shots, which knocked Sailor Moon off of the ground and caused her to fall face first to the ground, Reimu then began to fly up into the air above Sailor Moon, as she began to get back to her feet. “Why don’t we take this up to the skies.” Reimu insisted, as she began floating upwards,  Sailor Moon ended up obliging as she didn’t want any further destruction in what seemed like a peaceful part of Gensokyo, and began flying up after Reimu while a pink light trail formed underneath her.

Earth’s atmosphere


Sailor Moon continued chasing after Reimu, but once she got close enough to make a strike, a flash of pink and light appeared in front of Sailor Moon like earlier, and she tried to brave her eyes through it but she had no choice other than to cover them up. Reimu then appeared behind her, and fired a barrage of needles in a wide open arc, pulling off the Demon Sealing Dimensional Rift technique.

Sailor Moon this time however managed to avoid it, by swinging herself out of Reimu’s crosshairs, causing the needles to just harmlessly fly past her. “In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!” Sailor Moon roared, as she kicked Reimu back a few meters distant, as Reimu clutched her stomach before soaring up higher in the skies, “This girl is even stronger than I thought physically, think I’ll have to start using some of those Spell Cards soon“ Reimu thought to herself, as she began firing more rapid amounts of pink glowing amulets at Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon in response to this pulled back out her Cutie Moon Rod, as both her and the rod ended up getting engulfed in pink light as before, before she charged it all back up. “Moon Princess Halation!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, before firing the mass of pink light at the Youkai Buster shots which were traveling towards her quickly, the pink light ended up causing the amulets to get disintegrated once making contact.

Reimu’s look just like that turned to a look of distress, as sweat began to drop from her forehead, Sailor Moon turned back towards her before taking flight at her, and once again making an attempt to kick her, but again she floated herself back out of reality to evade the incoming attack. “Why can’t you just stay in one place at one time already!?” Sailor Moon asked, as she began to run out of patience.

Reimu reappeared just seconds after Sailor Moon lost her temper over her abilities, but once she appeared Sailor Moon ended up biting her lip, hoping that Reimu didn’t hear what she said. Thankfully for Usagi, Reimu didn’t hear a word she said once she floated out of reality, but that still meant that Reimu would continue to attack without any breaks. Sailor Moon sighed in relief, before she revealed herself to wield another rod, as she set the Cutie Moon rod aside.

This one had a crown at the very top of the rod, a solid shade of pink at the handle and with a yellow blunt end, this was none other than the gift from Neo-Queen Serenity named the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. 


This would prove to just be another confusing moment for Reimu to endure, as Sailor Moon began to spin around at a increasingly rapid rate, before stopping from out of the blue and heaved the Spiral Heart Moon Rod above her. “Moon Spiral Heart Attack!” Sailor Moon shouted, as energy released from the Spiral Heart Moon Rod in the form of pink hearts.

What is with this girl..“ Reimu thought to herself, as the pink hearts ended up forming into one gigantic pink heart before it was sent flying towards Reimu, and she was so confused that she didn’t even think about evading the attack, and she found herself smashed directly against the large pink hearts, but while Daimons that Sailor Moon had faced in the past would call out ‘Lovely!’ Reimu just shrieked in agony, before getting launched downwards.


“You can’t beat the concept known as love, you know!“ Sailor Moon cheered, as she thought she had won at long last. But after a few seconds of falling, Reimu regained herself by keeping herself suspended in the air, before flying upwards to where Sailor Moon was currently.

“Hmph, so it’s gonna take more than that to defeat somebody like you, huh?” Sailor Moon asked, trying to put on her best tough girl act, even though deep down inside she was petrified of Reimu’s sheer durability that kept her at it this long, but Sailor Moon knew what she had to do now.

Sailor Moon held out what seemed to be a drinking cup, but this one had two wings attached just under the lid, had a crown at the very top, and was almost completely covered in gold. This was none other than the Holy Grail, as Sailor Moon opened the lid, and she began to drink out of the Holy Grail, as wings comparable to an angel appeared on her back, before they disappeared in a burst of feathers. Sailor Moon was now ready for a new version of the fight to unfold

“Crisis, Make Up!” Sailor Moon exclaimed

Reimu had noticed that Sailor Moon’s almost entire design had pretty much completely changed in a fraction of a second, along with her hair having grown longer, and her dress had gotten an extension the equivalent to that of a curtain, and her skirt got a new look with it turning white with yellow and blue stripes. Reimu didn’t know much about this simple costume change, but what she didn’t know was..

..Super Sailor Moon had joined the clash.

“In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!” Super Sailor Moon exclaimed, letting out her battle cry as she began flying immensely quickly towards Reimu, before making a kick towards Reimu’s gut. Reimu got struck directly by the kick, and she clearly felt how much stronger Sailor Moon had gotten ever since that transformation, Reimu ended up getting launched across the skies as if she was a shooting star before regaining herself mid-flight. “Yep, it’s about time I started using this Spell Cards“ Reimu thought to herself, as she was about to use one of them, choosing the one she decided was best suited for this situation

“Hakurei Special Large Amulet”

A larger version of Hakurei Amulets formed right in front of Reimu, before firing them at Sailor Moon directly. “What in the-!?” Sailor Moon screamed, before she got struck by the large Hakurei Amulets. Sailor Moon ended up rocketing away from Reimu due to this, as Reimu took chase with the help of her borders, which dragged her towards Sailor Moon blazing through the atmosphere.

Sailor Moon turned towards her before managing to stop herself, as Reimu managed to catch up with her, and tossed the barrier she was traveling with right towards her. And without warning the barrier ended up exploding directly in Sailor Moon’s face, causing her to bounce back a bit, and start coughing once the smoke from the small explosion rolled in.

Sailor Moon swiped the smoke out of her eyes, as she decided to pull out the Spiral Heart Moon Rod for a second helping. Sailor Moon began to spin rapidly again, before stopping and holding up the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. Reimu tried to get up to her to stop the attack as she recalled the Moon Spiral Heart Attack, but she just was not fast enough.

“Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, which confused Reimu, this wasn’t the Moon Spiral Heart Attack, was it? A gigantic amount of pink energy hearts swooped in like before, but these ones were larger than the ones in the Moon Spiral Heart Attack, but like the Moon Spiral Heart Attack all of the pink energy hearts formed into a extremely massive pink energy heart, this one even being larger than the first. The massive pink energy heart was then launched towards Reimu, who quickly corrected her mistakes from last time and set up a massive barrier around herself.

The massive pink energy heart made contact with the barrier, and unexpectedly it was doing quite a bit of damage to it once it made impact, and out of nowhere the energy heart and the barrier both exploded, causing Reimu to shriek and find herself completely vulnerable to Sailor Moon, who took advantage of this and flew up towards Reimu.

“Left yourself open.” Sailor Moon scolded, before swinging her leg towards Reimu. But something bizarre to Sailor Moon ended up happening, Reimu ended up dissipating into not even a pile of ashes but just straight up nothingness, but she found herself surrounded by Hakurei Amulets. “Wha-!?” Sailor Moon shrieked, before she was pelted by all of the Hakurei Amulets surrounding her.

It turned out that the Reimu that was struck by the kick was no more than a body double, created by the Instant Dimensional Rift so the actual Reimu could evade the attack. The actual Reimu ended up flying overhead of Sailor Moon, “Tell that to yourself.” Reimu sarcastically replied, before she summoned what seemed to be a spinning Yin-Yang symbol, only that it was glowing blue.

This was none other than the Yin-Yang Orb, one of Reimu’s most useful attributes.

Reimu fired the Yin-Yang Orb right towards Sailor Moon, it was as if it was gonna make a perfect hit..

..until Sailor Moon managed to launch herself out of the way, which left Reimu flabbergasted. How is Sailor Moon even able to avoid the Yin-Yang Orbs? But during Reimu’s pondering over this, she quickly widened her eyes to what the Yin-Yang Orb was dropping towards, the Youkai Mountain. “Oh crap..“ Reimu thought to herself, as she began sweating again.

View of the Youkai Mountain

The Yin-Yang orb descended down towards the Youkai Mountains extremely quickly, to the point where nobody would be able to stop the orb by that point. The Yin-Yang orb just continued to descend faster and faster until..

BOOM!! The Youkai Mountain found itself struck by the Yin-Yang orb, and without warning the entire mountain was engulfed in a large explosion, which not only caused the entire mountain to crumble and just turn into nothing but a large pile of rubble, but the Wind God’s Lake on the summit of the mountain was launched downward

It ended up creating a chain reaction, which caused the surroundings of the recently destroyed Youkai Mountain to get flooded, along with the Moriya Shrine getting destroyed, and the residents Sanae Kochiya, Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya to get critically injured.

Earth’s atmosphere

Reimu’s eyes widened at this sight, she was furious, she was saddened, and she felt personally responsible for the destruction of the Youkai Mountain, and the Moriya Shrine. But of course, she also still wanted to blame Sailor Moon for that, as she was the one who avoided the Yin-Yang orb and caused it to collide with the Youkai Mountain, but she still got the sickening feeling in her stomach that she fired the Yin-Yang orb in that direction to begin with.

Reimu sighed, before beginning to fly directly towards Sailor Moon, who was currently focused on the severely wounded Sanae, Kanako and Suwako, Sailor Moon held up her moon stick as a trail of glitter and mist moved in a circular motion around her, as she tried to heal the three wounded innocence, exclaiming “Moon Heali-!” 


Sailor Moon found herself interrupted by a right hook directly to the jaw from Reimu, which caused Sailor Moon to move away from Reimu slightly, only for Reimu to follow back up with another physical attack, this time being, a little different.

“Sky Conquering Wind God Kick“

Reimu managed to flip 360 degrees horizontally in mid-air, before kicking Sailor Moon straight in the face, just like the Ascension Kick. Only difference this time is that she pulled it off again, and again, and again, and she continued doing so, until she effectively launched Sailor Moon upwards, causing a shockwave in the air to form, indicating that she was launched so fast it broke the sound barrier.

Outer Space

It did not take long for Sailor Moon to get launched directly out of Earth, and into the void of space itself. Reimu took chase, as she hit escape velocity and zoomed out of Earth and directly towards Sailor Moon


Reimu ended up ramming directly against Sailor Moon once making contact, and causing Sailor Moon to get launched against Sailor Moon’s very namesake, Earth’s natural satellite the Moon. Sailor Moon impacted the Moon back first, causing the Moon to lightly shake, which disturbed those in the Lunar Capital. Reimu then began to float above the Moon

Another yin-yang symbol projectile appeared beside Reimu, as it continued glowing blue, before she fired it directly towards both Sailor Moon and the Moon itself. Sailor Moon entered a panic state, and rocketed herself out of the Yin-Yang orb’s trajectory, but the Moon itself wasn’t so lucky..


Reimu didn’t show the Moon, neither the Lunar Capital any mercy whatsoever due to her raging state, as the Moon was completely obliterated by the Yin-Yang orb, after all it was capable of destroying half the Earth, which Reimu had done before. But with that aside, Sailor Moon clearly began to shake, as she made her best efforts to zoom away from Reimu.

"There's no way you're getting away from me!! I'll chase you all the way to hell!!" Reimu snapped, as she also zoomed chasing Sailor Moon, both of them ended up going so fast that they looked as if they were light traveling through space. Reimu without warning created a spread of Hakurei Amulets all around Sailor Moon, before they were launched directly at her, causing Sailor Moon to flail her arms around panicking.

Miraculously, Sailor Moon managed to block all of the Hakurei Amulets due to her arms flailing about. Sailor Moon then sighed in relief, before pulling out another rod with this one being made of glass, with a crown at the tip, and with a handle almost like that of a sword. This was what is known as the Kaleidomoon Scope, as she pointed it towards Reimu, before charging up another attack.

“Moon Gorgeous Meditation!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, before firing what resembled to be pieces of shattered glass, but was actually a blast of energy which seemed to be like that. Reimu however once again disappeared in a flash of pink and blue light, before reappearing directly behind Sailor Moon. But instead of kicking her, or firing a wide arc of needles, she pulled out what seemed to be a stick.

In some ways, it was just that. It was a wooden wand, with a zig-zag shide paper attached at the tip, which adorned the wand. However for Reimu, this was none other than the Purification Rod, one of the weapons that was enhanced or so called “corrupted” by Rinnosuke’s Miracle Mallet. 

Sailor Moon turned behind her, only to see Reimu swinging the Purification Rod directly at her, which caused her to panic once again and she tried to bolt it out of the way, but she ended up getting her right shoulder grazed by the Purification Rod, ripping a long wound right into it. “GAAH!” Sailor Moon yelled out of agony, as she clutched her right shoulder, and she ended up letting go of the Kaleidomoon Scope.

The Purification Rod ended up displaying it’s supernatural abilities, as it moved on it’s own towards the Kaleidomoon Scope, before swinging itself downwards, cleaving it clean in half. Sailor Moon looked distressed at this sight, before turning back to Reimu. “You are not getting away!” Reimu exclaimed, before launching herself towards Sailor Moon at blindingly fast speeds as the Purification Rod launched back towards her like a boomerang, but Sailor Moon decided to think smart, knowing that not even Super Sailor Moon was gonna be enough. Sailor Moon ended up pulling out what looked to be another rod, this time being the Holy Moon Cálice, this one having a glowing sphere with wings at the tip this time.

A sparkle of light began to flow all around Sailor Moon, as she began to transform into what seemed to be her most powerful form yet, as she ended up striking a pose before going into that very transformation.

“Moon Eternal, Make Up!” Sailor Moon exclaimed


A flurry of feathers soared throughout space, and in an instant Sailor Moon struck her final pose, this time her hair had grown even longer than before, and she sprouted angelic wings from her back. Her skirt was now layered and multi-colored, and she had received ribbon extensions to her dress.

Eternal Sailor Moon had joined the clash.

Reimu did not know what to think about the new form, but the thought of it being stronger than the Super Sailor Moon form irked Reimu’s stomach, so she decided it would just be best to try and unleash the big guns right off the bat, so she ended up getting ready to use her third spell card.

“Fantasy Orb”

Reimu ended up having glowing spirit orbs levitate above her for a moment, before launching them right towards Sailor Moon. “In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!” Eternal Sailor Moon cried out again, before rocketing herself out of the way of a majority of the Fantasy Orbs.

But the last one fired managed to catch up to Sailor Moon, as there were so many fired it was capable of hitting plenty of moving targets, and Sailor Moon found herself directly struck by the last spirit orb Reimu launched with the Spell Card, but what Reimu wasn’t expecting is what happened afterwards. 

Sailor Moon straight up swept the Fantasy Orb away from her, causing it to break apart from it’s orb form and just into a barrage of spirit energy traveling through space. Reimu’s eyes widened at the very sight of this, as more sweat began to drop from her head, trying to back away from what was clearly an even stronger form of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon then began to use her wings to propel herself rapidly towards Reimu, which ended up catching Reimu off guard and resulting in Sailor Moon being able to make a direct hit, by straight up ramming into her


Reimu was sent flying by this attack, getting launched even further away from the Solar System than they were already getting in the first place, but Reimu figured to herself to just stay close to home, but not so close that it could be at risk. So Reimu began soaring through space towards Sailor Moon, before kicking her back towards the Solar System, more specifically the planet Mercury.

Sailor Moon managed to get herself back up to shape before making direct impact with Mercury, as Sailor Moon remained relieved due to this until she noticed that Reimu was flying towards her extremely quickly, so Sailor Moon ended up causing yet another rod to appear with a flash of pink light.

The distinct features of this one were it’s red and white shadings all around the rod, but like the others it resembled a crown at the very top and at the top of the crown was a red gem, this was none other than the Eternal Tiare Sailor Moon was wielding.

Multiple streams of rainbow colored light appeared from the red crystal at the top of the Eternal Tiare, which the rod began to rapidly spin on it’s own before getting guided above Sailor Moon’s head, with feathers flying across her. Sailor Moon clenched the Eternal Tiare. “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, as she twirled around holding the Eternal Tiare, before she held up the Eternal Tiare at the ‘Kiss!’ part of Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss and in addition multiple waves of pink colored light were launched towards Reimu.

Reimu had to retaliate to this one, and this time instead of using a barrage of attacks, she decided it would just be best to use one gigantic and powerful Spell Card this time around, one that she thought would be the most useful in this situation.

“Yin-Yang Sanctifier Orb”

A Yin-Yang orb appeared beside Reimu, but this one was extremely unique among most of the Yin-Yang orbs Reimu uses, as it was gigantic in size and was made out of a massive quantity of spiritual energy which made it up. And Reimu ended up launching the gigantic Yin-Yang orb directly at Sailor Moon, but like before Sailor Moon careened herself out of it’s route, and what was in the route wasn’t exactly what Reimu had in mind, the Sun.

View of the Sun

The gigantic Yin-Yang orb began it’s travel towards the sun, at an increasingly faster rate as it went. It ended up getting closer and closer to the sun, as a halo of flames formed around the Yin-Yang orb as it continued forwards, until it ended up making it’s way inside the sun.

At first the sun managed to withstand the Yin-Yang Sanctifier Orb, as it just harmlessly fell straight inside without a major disruption. But what ended up causing the sun to begin going overdrive was the aftereffects that the Yin-Yang Sanctifier Orb began to bring out a few seconds after falling inside..


The aftereffects of the Yin-Yang Sanctifier Orb caused the entirety of the sun to explode, all in just a single attack. “Hopefully this will be enough to end this catastrophe..“ Reimu thought to herself, before she quickly floated out of reality to avoid the supernova that began to engulf her surroundings.

Outer Space

Reimu ended up staying out of reality for a good 10 minutes or so, before she figured that Sailor Moon had to have been atomized by the explosion by that point, and she reappeared back in reality, as she took a look at her surroundings.

Both Mercury and Venus were nothing but a cloud of smoke by that point, and Sailor Moon was nowhere in Reimu’s line of sight, Reimu let out a sigh of relief in response to this, as she could finally have a moment of peace after this haunting encounter. Until a sickening thought came up, “What are the residents of Gensokyo gonna think!?“ Reimu pondered upon this for a while..

..until the most dreaded sight that Reimu could ever see at that moment appeared in her eyes, once she turned to her left she saw that Sailor Moon was not only alive, but was holding up the Eternal Taire for yet another attack, “Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, before she used the Sailor Moon crystals across the galaxy to converge light at Reimu.

Reimu’s face was not only a look of dreadfulness, but also a look of inadequacy, to the point where she was thinking that perhaps there just wasn’t anything she could do. That there wasn’t anything to do, against the impending doom of Sailor Moon’s capabilities. But despite this, Reimu shrugged this off and scolded her brain for thinking this, and she  rocketed herself towards Sailor Moon, as if this was her last stand. Reimu ended up repeatedly swinging the Purification Rod at Sailor Moon, attempting to slice her right open with it, but aside from just grazing very small parts of her chest, it did not prove to be working very well.

Reimu tried to fire away at Sailor Moon by using the Youkai Buster shots like before, but the difference was that Sailor Moon was no youkai by any means, but that was not important as she ended up deflecting the Youkai Buster shots, with nothing but the swipes of her hands. “I will give you this one chance to give up, because you know I won’t!” Sailor Moon insisted, as she tried to reason with the still somewhat enraged Reimu.

“I cannot, because my first priority is exterminating you!” Reimu remarked, as she began floating up above Sailor Moon, before she began to use not only a Spell Card, but one of the most devastating Spell Cards in her arsenal of said techniques.

“Fantasy Seal”

Large bullets of light were summoned by Reimu, as they surrounded herself before she fired them towards Sailor Moon at a blindingly fast rate, shining crystals of multiple colors named the Sailor Crystals appeared out from the birthplace of all the stars and living beings in the very galaxy they were in, the Galaxy Cauldron. “Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, as she fired a large ambush of energy in all directions, both attacks collided, and it ended up taking an unexpected turn.

The Milky Way Galaxy itself found itself to get stuck in a chain reaction, causing it to get almost entirely distorted, as Reimu once again began to panic with sweat dropping down her face as if it were to be a waterfall. Reimu ended up floating out of reality to escape the galaxy distortion in a desperate attempt.

Outskirts of Reality


Reimu floated out back into reality, but only a in a short amount of distance, as she cautiously looked around in the surroundings. She took a sigh of relief when she noticed that Earth was unharmed by the absolute distortion of the galaxy distortion, but even then she was still concerned at the fact of how close Earth was to getting distorted, and the Inner and Outer Planets getting completely obliterated.

Reimu still decided to take solace in the fact that Sailor Moon had been forcefully sealed away, and just laid down in exhaustion. “Yawn, I think I should get a good drink in before taking a rest after all of that..” Reimu thought out loud, as she took out a bottle of wine, trying to take a moment to relax. But as she began to look in her surroundings, she saw white light blazing through the distorted galaxy towards her, Reimu bit her lip and accidentally shattered the wine bottle due to her tensing up, as the alcoholic drink stained her clothing.

It was exactly what Reimu was dreading in her mind this entire time, it was Sailor Moon. But this time her hair had grown even longer than what Reimu’d think be humanly possible, and her hair had turned a white color, and she had a white cap that was around the same length as her hair. The new Sailor Moon ended up appearing in front of Reimu as sweat dropped rapidly, as white cosmo flowers somehow formed around this new Sailor Moon.

“W-whatever, you are still gonna find yourself exterminated..!” Reimu exclaimed, as she clearly tried her hardest to hide the fearfulness she had in her gut, but the second awakened Sailor Senshi held no fear, as she actually gained a smile on her face. “Pardon me, but you can just call me Sailor Cosmos from now on.” Sailor Moon, or shall I say, Sailor Cosmos stated, as the Light of Hope began to shine throughout the now blank battlefield, and what seemed to be a smaller version of Sailor Cosmos named Chibi Chibi appeared beside the actual Sailor Cosmos.

“W-whatever, I won’t lose, let’s go!” Reimu shouted, instigating the legendary clash among the universe as we know it.


Reimu knew that just flailing herself around, flailing her Purification Rod around, using some techniques out of the blue, or just randomly using Spell Cards would not do a single thing to combat this new threat, she had to do something Reimu had never tried before, this wasn’t just a usage of a Spell Card. This was a full on assault of rapid Spell Cards,

“To Think There’d Be A Shrine Maiden In That Gap!”

Reimu flew away quickly from Sailor Cosmos, as a large line of lasers appeared all around her, surrounding her with a large quantity of laser blasts, and causing Sailor Cosmos to get struck a total of seventeen times, before Reimu soared back towards her from behind, and made a last strike with the Purification Rod.

Sailor Cosmos ended up flying back a few meters distant, but aside from that no notable damage was received from the ‘To Think There’d Be A Shrine Maiden In That Gap’ Spell Card, as Sailor Cosmos turned towards Reimu, as if she was not even trying. Sailor Cosmos removed her tiara after this, before tossing it towards Reimu as it glowed in a mass of pink light.

Sailor Cosmos didn’t even need to call out the attack names this time around in order to use them, this attack being the Moon Tiara Action. Reimu flinched in response to this attack, and didn’t want to know how powerful Sailor Cosmos had gotten in her state, and zoomed out of the way. Reimu quickly made a zoom towards Sailor Cosmos, as she figured she was wide open currently, as she recovered her tiara like a boomerang.

But Sailor Cosmos just casually flew herself out of Reimu’s arms reach even with the Purification Rod in hand, preventing a physical attack to get pulled off. So instead Reimu decided to go with her more suitable long ranged capabilities.

“Hakurei Illusion”

Reimu ended up surrounding herself with a large halo of grey card projectiles, before she spread them apart slowly and fired them towards Sailor Cosmos, which got struck by them directly, yet all she did was just brush off her dress. Reimu gritted her teeth, as she fired a halo of red cards and three barrages of dot bullets. Yet once again when they impacted Sailor Cosmos, little damage had been endured.

Reimu was used to having good luck most of the time, but here it was a sign that it took a turn for the extremely unlucky, before firing two barrages of dot bullets directed in opposite directions of each other, Sailor Cosmos however once again took it as if it were to be no big deal.

In order for Reimu to try and combat Sailor Cosmos’ insanely tough durability, she topped it all off with several halos of red cards that circled around herself, before getting launched all at once towards Sailor Cosmos, as Reimu prayed deep within her that this attack would be the one that would work this time. But sadly, it was just not meant to be, as Sailor Cosmos once again managed to take every, single, red card thrown at her.

“Wha-what’s going on here!? Are you real!?” Reimu cried out, as she was clearly losing it over Sailor Cosmos, as Sailor Cosmos slowly began to approach Reimu, before she crossed her arms and leapt above Reimu. She ended up descending downwards, and her elbows smashed directly against Reimu, causing her to kneel down. Both Sailor Cosmos and Chibi Chibi wound up one kick each, before pulling off a deadly combination of the Sailor Body Attack, and the Double Sailor Moon Kick.

Reimu was sent flying backwards due to the barrage of attacks at her, before trying to stop herself with her barriers, Sailor Cosmos then began to adjust her tiara, before it began to rain stardust down towards Reimu, as she began using the Moon Tiara Stardust attack. Reimu managed to avoid all of the stardust raining directly towards her, all by just a few centimeters, as she flew right up to Sailor Cosmos.

“Omnidirectional Demon Binding Circle”

An expansive barrier surrounded both Reimu and Sailor Cosmos alike, but while Reimu remained completely unaffected by the barrier’s affects due to being the summoner, it took a different toll on Sailor Cosmos. She could not move at all, and she felt as if she had been forcefully restrained by the barrier.

Sailor Cosmos remained defenseless, as Reimu flung herself upwards towards Sailor Cosmos, before getting above her. Reimu then pulled back out what was none other than the Purification Rod, before she swung it downwards, and it made direct contact with the forehead of Sailor Cosmos, and it proved to be a devastating attack Reimu ended up making.



Sailor Cosmos’ blood began to spill all over the Outskirts of Reality, as the future of Sailor Moon who escaped to the present had been ripped right in half by the Purification Rod. Reimu looked at the mess she had created, but continued to glare at it, she did not want any more surprises after that.

But what awaited Reimu was her greatest feeling of dread she could have ever felt, as the two split halves of Sailor Cosmos slowly began to float towards each other, before they sealed themselves back into place. All thanks to Sailor Cosmos’ newest and most useful ability just about anyone could ever ask for, Lambda Power.

Reimu was now just completely full of denial in her heart, there was no way that what she had witnessed was what her eyes actually picked up on, this could not be real, could it? Sadly for Reimu, it was more real than what she had hoped for, as Sailor Cosmos pulled out the very last and most useful rod out of all of them, the Moon Power Tiare. Then an item appeared which resembled the Holy Moon Cálice, before she attached that to the lower end of the rod, Sailor Cosmos held it by her left hand as it extended twice it’s length.

Sailor Cosmos swung the long Moon Power Taire around, before she took a hold of it with both hands and held the Tiare above her head, as the Tiare began to shine in a bright shade of golden light. And without warning, in all directions the golden light bursted around, covering a large radius of the battlefield.

Reimu didn’t know what to do, she was scrambling her thoughts around to try and find a way to counteract this new and extremely devastating move, and then, a thought hit Reimu. A thought that Reimu scolded herself for not thinking of sooner, it was to use the ability that was her only shot of combating the Lambda Power. And just as the golden light began to careen towards her..


“Fantasy Nature”

Reimu began to float away from everything and anything in reality, but she still remained there, completely intangible. The mass of golden light tried to strike her, but it just ended up passing straight through her. Reimu took a sigh of relief, as she knew that this was gonna be the best way to combat things from now on.

Reimu began firing spirals after spirals of red cards at Sailor Cosmos, who was intrigued by Reimu’s new ability, but also pondered about how to get rid of it. She didn’t even pay attention to the red cards that were heading directly towards her, but considering that they just did not harm her, there was not much point to acknowledge them anyway.

Sailor Cosmos then began to utilize her Lambda Power to begin affecting the reality all around Reimu, not thinking of what the Fantasy Nature was doing in the first place, floating away from all forms of reality ever known to exist. As she began to warp the reality surrounding Reimu, she ended up coming to that realization, that she was not affected by reality warping either.

In response to this Sailor Cosmos ended up taking control over none other than space-time itself, as she began manipulating it around Reimu as well. But even then it proved to be useless against the Fantasy Nature, as it just continued to pass through, what was Sailor Cosmos supposed to do?

“Yes, finally, I can now exterminate you!“ Reimu exclaimed, as she continued firing a complete flood of red cards that forced Sailor Cosmos to begin swiping them away from her, as she tried to find a way to disrupt this reality ignoring tyrant of a Spell Card, hell it might as well just been too powerful for a Spell Card.

As Reimu continued to fire more and more red cards at Sailor Cosmos, the more Reimu’s foe continued to search for answers. And then, she thought of something, before she took rapid flight towards Reimu, who didn’t think much of it as she continued spamming red cards all around.

But just then, Reimu felt a disturbance in the Fantasy Nature, as if Sailor Cosmos was trying to erase the very abstract of the Fantasy Nature Spell Card, and sure enough that turned out to exactly pinpoint her plans. Reimu felt increasingly weaker, as she felt the Fantasy Nature slipping directly from her grasp.

Reimu’s eyes were not capable of handling such a sight to see, as the Fantasy Nature began dissipating faster and faster, until the Fantasy Nature’s very conceptual existence was completely erased.


W-well that was, b-bad timing..“ Reimu thought to herself, as her mind turned to nothing but thoughts of inadequacy compared to Sailor Moon, more specifically, Sailor Cosmos. Reimu realized that she had not only put her’s, but also thousands of people’s lives on the line, and it would prove to be Reimu’s last stand.


Reimu began noticeably shuddering, as she continued to think about all about the words she had come up in her head, as she found herself struck in the face by Sailor Cosmos’ elbows. “I-I don’t understand, how does she manage to do these things!? How does this complete stranger manage to pull this off!?“ Reimu thought, as she continued getting struck over and over.

I get all of this power, and manage to fend off all sorts of evil beings, only for it to just betray me like this!?“ Reimu continued thinking, as she was getting pummeled again, and again, and again by Sailor Cosmos. But Reimu refused to pay any attention to this, all she payed attention to was her thoughts, and thoughts alone.

The only thing that I did, the only mistake I made, was just going at this in the first place, and putting all of those lives at risk..“ Reimu continued thinking, as her eyes began to tear up, and her tears would get launched throughout the galaxy they were in, as Sailor Cosmos continued to do nothing but pour additional salt in the wound for Reimu, and the others.

There just wasn’t anything I could do, to prevent this catastrophe from happening.” Reimu thought, as the last tear shed rolled down Reimu’s face, before she closed her eyes and slowly began ascending from her thoughts of inadequacy, to her thoughts of acceptance, and coping with what she had done.

But at least I made my mark, and I ended up getting snuffed out, as a hero, a guardian who just slipped up. It’s the best, I could do.“ Reimu accepted in her thoughts, as she got struck with the final elbow strike from Sailor Cosmos. Causing Reimu to rub her badly bruised face due to this, and she saw that both Sailor Cosmos and Chibi Chibi were winding up an individual kick from both of them directly at her.

No more delaying the inevitable, it is time for me to take my responsibilities..“ Reimu thought, as both Sailor Cosmos and Chibi Chibi made direct hits with their kicks, causing Reimu to fall backwards and cough up blood, as she began shaking from the pain with a small blood stream rolling down her lower lip, and slowly began to open her eyes, to Sailor Cosmos suspended above her.

“Well, Reimu Hakurei, hopefully you will find peace, it was the only way it could end.” Sailor Cosmos stated, as she began to advance from the concept of Fantasy Nature, to the concept of Reimu herself. “I-indeed..” Reimu obliged, this time with a faint smile on her face.

She noticed Sailor Cosmos’ qualities, which were the invincibility greater than that of a 1,300 year old immortal, raw strength greater than that of a drunken yet jolly Oni, the speed greater than that of a wind manipulating tengu, and with an overall skill set that managed to exceed her very own, which managed to lighten up the mood for Reimu just a tad.

And this would be the most helpful thing that Reimu could ask for at that point now, as her very abstract concept began to fade away, as she tumbled down to her knees. And Sailor Cosmos shielded herself from a flash of red light that emerged from where Reimu was laying down on her knees, and just like that, Reimu Hakurei had been no more, with her abstract concept now gone, but at least it went out a hero, not just any hero, a magical girl heroine.


Normally this would be where Sailor Cosmos would go like ‘I have punished you!’ But instead, Sailor Cosmos walked up to where Reimu was laying on her knees, before bowing down at the sight for a few moments, vowing her respect to the now deceased Shrine Maiden, Reimu Hakurei.

Sailor Cosmos then began to make her way out of the Outskirts of Reality, and back towards the Milky Way Galaxy, and back to Solar System to get to the Earth. Needless to say, Sailor Cosmos, Sailor Moon, hell any form of Sailor Moon could be used at that point, due to the destruction that occurred, in the galactic battle of magical girls.


Boomstick: That, might have just been the greatest cat fight we’ve seen on this series so far. And probably the most feels flooded too

Wiz: This was without question the closest match we’ve ever done on this series so far, and it most likely will stay that way. Both Sailor Moon and Reimu were two of the most powerful combatants we’ve ever used, and if anything this battle was very close to a stalemate

Boomstick: Looking at each of them individually, Reimu Hakurei due to winning against and defending against Shinki, who created the universe sized Makai granted her the both offense and defense advantage, and on top of this Reimu was more capable of going into close quarters combat.

Wiz: And even if Reimu didn’t have the durability advantage, she has barriers that also help her out when it comes to both offense and defense. And even if the barriers don’t work, floating out of reality makes up for that as well.

Boomstick: But aside from that they both have very comparable abilities and advantages, which are capable of perfectly countering each other. But ultimately what this match really came down to, was the hax of both of these characters. Specifically, Lambda Power against Fantasy Nature.

Wiz: Both of these abilities are two of the most ultimate defensive and offensive abilities in fiction, and when they’re unrestricted both Sailor Moon and Reimu can do insane achievements with them.

Boomstick: And with the Spell Card Rule getting removed it enabled the Fantasy Nature to last entirely, all this came down to was the minor details that you’d expect to just look past, and with that the decision was made.

Wiz: Reimu may be a very skilled, serious and insanely powerful foe, but she hasn’t been trained. Which while it may not be as important as the main point, it’s still something to take into consideration.

Boomstick: But the main point is, while Reimu’s Fantasy Nature can defend against a majority of Lambda, whether it’s Space-time manipulation or reality manipulation, there’s one thing that there hasn’t been any confirmation of, the removal of it’s very conception.

Wiz: When using the Lambda Power, Sailor Moon is perfectly capable of removing the abstract concept of practically anything, which means that Sailor Moon can pretty much use this on both Fantasy Nature, and Reimu herself.

Boomstick: And due to Sailor Moon’s ability to survive the destruction of her physical body, her mind, her very soul, and hell even her abstract concept and regenerate from it. There just wasn’t any way to put her down for the count.

Wiz: While arguably Reimu would win against Sailor Moon when the Lambda Power isn’t active, but when it is there just wasn’t any way for Reimu to take home the win. Whether it’s the Canon Reimu, or the PC-98 Reimu we are talking here, it just doesn’t make a difference.

Boomstick: We have thought about this outcome many, many times, and really both of these characters are ultimate powerhouses. But at the same time, they’re both rather lazy and very irresponsible, turned very dependable heroines that know full well what they’re capable of. But ultimately there was just one thing that mattered. Short skirts.

Wiz: Wait, what?

Boomstick: Oh come on Wiz, SOMEBODY had to make that joke. And I’m just the best candidate for the job

Wiz: Ugh, but yes. While they are both insanely powerful, and are fully capable of being the main heroines of their respective series, there was just only one of the two magical girl heroines that was best suited for the job, and just had the greater hax in general, which was the main factor of the battle even if it was by the smallest margin imaginable

Boomstick: So at the end of the day, Reimu may have been fighting all sorts of supernatural beings all her life, all of that hard work she had been doing throughout that time ended up just going up in smokou.

Wiz: The winner is, Sailor Moon. 

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A battle of the gods of their universes, with each of them being based off of hinduism religion. But in the battle of creators, who will be destroyed?