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Sailor Moon VS Saint Seiya!

Two young, powerful team leaders that transform in order to stamp out evil go head to head! Which legendary reincarnation of a mythical hero will take the victory?!


Cues: Invader (Theme of DEATH BATTLE!)

Boomstick: Man, the old days of anime and manga fuckin’ ruled! A time where classic shows and manga like Dragon Ball, Fist of the North Star and Akira ruled the screens and pages!

Wiz: And these two transforming heroes are some of the most legendary. Destroying evil is their job, and they’ve fought against the likes of dark, godly beings that threatened to destroy all life. But through it all, these reincarnations have persevered!

Boomstick: Sailor Moon, the Living Embodiment of the Cosmos!

Sailor Moon Intro (Sharaku)

Wiz: And Pegasus Seiya, the God-Slaying Saint of Athena!

Pegasus Seiya Intro (Sharaku)

Please note the following:

Due to large changes thanks to filler in the anime of both these series, we will be sticking with the original material and timelines of both characters (i. e. the manga for both), meaning things like Saint Seiya Omega and the Live-Action Sailor Moon series are excluded. However, canon sequels like Episode G and direct adaptations with little changes like Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie are fair game.

Boomstick: He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick!

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win… a DEATH BATTLE!

MoonSeiya WAS (Sharaku)

Sailor Moon brings Serenity to DEATH BATTLE![]

Sailor Moon Preview (Sharaku)

Pegasus Seiya activates a Miracle into DEATH BATTLE![]

Pegasus Seiya Preview (Sharaku)

Wiz: Whenever there lies evil in the world, a group of super-powered heroes rise up to stop it.

Boomstick: Oh, I know this one! The Avengers!

Wiz: Well, uh, kind of…? I guess it’s like if the Avengers were run by a goddess and everyone was a teenager and wore suits of armor based on the constellations. These are Athena’s legendary Saints. Powerful warriors who fought using their fists to fight.

Boomstick: Their punches would split the earth, and their kicks would rend the sky. Standard 1980s shonen stuff, really. These Saints wore Cloths, which are pretty much incredibly powerful suits of armor formed after the Big Bang did its whole “universe making” thing. And for whatever reason, they’re based on the constellations!

Wiz: That’s right, Boomstick. Cloths are all based around the constellations or general elements from Greek mythology. Of course, there’s Scales and Surplices, but we’ll get into those later. Bottom line is, there are three types of Cloths. Bronze Cloths, Silver Cloths, and Gold Cloths, each getting progressively stronger.

Boomstick: Yeah, let’s see how long that rule lasts. Shonen manga never stuck to those kinds of rules. Anyways, the Saints are led by Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. She gets reincarnated roughly every 250 years, because every 250 years, there’s usually a massive Holy War with the forces of Hades.

Wiz: In the 20th century, Athena was reborn in Sanctuary, a place in Athens, Greece, where Saints trained. A wealthy traveler named Mitsumasa Kido, owner of the Graude Foundation, stumbled across Sanctuary. There, fate would run its course.

Boomstick: The old guy met a dying Saint, Aiolos, who turned out to be the Sagittarius Gold Saint. Turns out, the Pope who ran Sanctuary was an asshole, and tried to kill baby Athena in her sleep. Killing a child in their sleep? Now, that’s… actually a bit close to home… huh.

Wiz: So inspired by this story, Mitsumasa Kido took it upon himself to create the next generation of Saints. Taking the young baby, now known as Saori Kido, along with the mysterious golden box Aiolos was carrying, Kido adopted a bunch of orphans and shipped them out to various places across the world. These children would become the modern Saints of Athena. And one of these young boys is the one we will look at today. The one and only-

Boomstick: Pegasus Seiya! One of the classic Shonen Jump icons of the 1980s!

Pegasus Seiya Section 1 (Sharaku)

Wiz: Seiya, as he was known, was shipped out to Sanctuary. However, he was separated from his older sister, Seika. The young boy made a pact with Mitsumasa Kido, saying that if he brought back the Pegasus Cloth, he’d be able to see his sister again.

Boomstick: (Sniff) Those kinds of stories always make me tear up. Anyways, Seiya trained in Sanctuary for years, where he trained under the tutelage of Aguila Marin, a kickass teacher.

Wiz: Seiya trained hard, and eventually, after years of hard work, won the Pegasus Bronze Cloth in a tournament. Now, he was officially a Saint of Athena, destined to protect the goddess from harm with his life.

Boomstick: Upon making it back to Japan, it turns out Mitsumasa Kido died, leaving Saori Kido in charge of the Graude Foundation. Seiya’s sister disappeared for some reason during the years Seiya was away. Saori then made a promise to Seiya, that she would help find Seika, as long as Seiya participated in the Galaxian Wars tournament between Saints. Hey, what’s a little bribery between friends? Ain’t that right, Wiz?

Wiz: What are you on about?

Boomstick: Ahem, the several war crimes in-

Wiz: Okay, okay! That’s enough! I don’t need you spouting off what I do for research. That’s private stuff!

Boomstick: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Pegasus Seiya Section 2 (Sharaku)

Wiz: Anyways… Seiya’s gone on numerous dangerous adventures with his fellow four Bronze Saint friends, as well as Athena. Together, they’ve overcome the odds and even taken on Gods.

Boomstick: All thanks to his handy-dandy Pegasus Bronze Cloth! This mystical armor, as said previously, was created from the Big Bang itself! The Cloth enhances Seiya’s natural abilities. It’s strong, highly durable, and can even sprout wings to allow Seiya to fly. Hey, just like the real Pegasus! And, after being bathed in Athena’s divine ichor, it allows Seiya to resist being erased from existence. Oh, and he can summon it to him. Now that’s what I call armor!

Wiz: Seiya’s power comes from his Cosmo. When humans were first formed out of the stardust that made up planets, each one had a piece of the Big Bang itself lying inside of them. That piece of the Big Bang is one’s own life force, or their Cosmo. And Saints are trained to be able to burn their Cosmo to the maximum in order to unleash their true power.

Boomstick: Seiya’s own Cosmo is super-charged! With it, Seiya can perform incredibly powerful special moves. Say it with me now, “Pegasus Ryu-Sei Ken!!”

Wiz: The Pegasus Ryu-Sei Ken, or Pegasus Meteor Fist, is Seiya’s signature move. Seiya releases a massive amount of Cosmo-powered punches at his opponent. Originally, he could only fire off 65 punches per second, but he quickly remedied this. By the end of the series, the number of punches he can fire off per second is likely in the millions, probably billions. And, as an added bonus, it can nullify attacks.

Boomstick: You think that’s nuts? Just wait until later. Anyways, the Pegasus Rolling Crush is my personal favorite move of his. He grabs his opponent from behind, jumps up really fuckin’ high, and pile drives ‘em straight into the ground, making every wrestling fan in a 100 mile radius cheer.

Wiz: Seiya’s strongest physical move is the Pegasus Sui-Sei Ken, or Pegasus Comet Fist. Instead of firing off a bunch of punches, Seiya focuses them all into one big attack, reportedly 100 times stronger than any of his normal punches.

Boomstick: Not only that, but all these all carry a powerful secret. See, Saints are trained to minimize collateral damage. Otherwise, the entire planet would blow up any time a Saint threw a punch. So Saints focus all of their energy into single points. With this, they can directly target an opponent’s atoms to break them apart, effectively ignoring durability.

Wiz: When Saints move at faster-than-light speeds, they can even atomize photons in light. Hell, they can even directly attack souls.

Boomstick: “But wait!” you might be saying. “Saints hit each other all the time during their fights and they don’t get atomized! This is inconsistent!” Well, uh, turns out that it isn’t. Pretty much every source of Saint Seiya under the sun and moon have said the same things. The stuff’s pretty legitimate.

Wiz: And as for why Saints don’t explode into nothingness any time they get hit, there’s an explanation. When Saints are hit with an attack that atomizes them, they quickly regenerate the atoms that have been destroyed, and restructure and reattach the ones that were misplaced.

Boomstick: Think that’s crazy? You guys haven’t seen anything yet!

Pegasus Seiya Section 3 (Sharaku)

Wiz: Seiya can call upon the power of a Miracle, which are temporary stat boosts that are said to be able to surpass the Gods themselves, the impossible, well, possible. These Miracles have allowed Seiya to defy fate itself, as he is one of the heroes chosen by fate and time, destined to succeed. Yes, really.

Boomstick: That went from 0 to 100 real quick.

Wiz: That’s pretty much the entire series at this point. Anyways, next up is the different senses. Unlike normal humans, Seiya and his friends have managed to awaken states of being beyond any ordinary Saint.

Boomstick: The first one is the Seventh Sense. This one’s your standard anime power boost. Back in the Sanctuary arc, it allowed Seiya to go toe to toe with a bunch of Gold Saints. Plus, the Seventh Sense allows Seiya to sense the Cosmo of those around him.

Wiz: The Eighth Sense is a bit more complex. It effectively allows one to freely travel to the Underworld while remaining alive. That isn’t all, however. The Eighth Sense allows one to regenerate from death, even if their own soul is destroyed. This was exhibited with Virgo Shaka, who had his soul destroyed and later returned to fight against Hades. Seeing as Seiya unlocked the Eighth Sense when he traveled to the Underworld, plus the fact that he later surpassed Virgo Shaka, he should be able to do this same thing.

Boomstick: And the last one is the legendary Ninth Sense, which Seiya unlocked during his fight with Zeus in Episode G Assassin. This state of being is usually only accessible by the Gods, but Seiya pretty much told the rules to fuck off. Now he has access to the godly power. You’ve come a long way, buddy.

Wiz: The Ninth Sense grants one immense strength, far more powerful than the Seventh Sense. With it, Seiya gains access to a wide array of new abilities. He can deflect immensely powerful attacks coming at him with ease, resist the laws of causality itself, have a heightened reactive evolution, and perhaps most notably, and importantly, regenerate from one’s own concept.

Boomstick: Excuse me, what?!

Wiz: It’s true. Gods in the Saint Seiya multiverse are each tied to their own concept. Unless said concept is destroyed, said God or Goddess will return. This is what happened with Hades, as he was utterly destroyed by Athena back in the Hades Chapter, but returned later to help push back Zeus. To show you more about the Ninth Sense, take a look at these examples.


"You may have destroyed me... But, for as long as conflicts exist... Without a shadow of a doubt... The battlefields, the smell of blood... Will allow me to return once more."

Wiz: So Eris, the Goddess of discordance, after her defeat, directly says that she cannot be killed as long as there is conflict remaining in the universe. In essence, the gods of Saint Seiya are basically manifestations of the concept/thing they rule over, and cannot die for as long as that remains. This is all due to the Ninth Sense.


"The lament of my heart transformed itself into strength and all my feelings were placed in the arrow. Without any doubt, I was capable of piercing the Great God Zeus. Not just his body, but also his soul, were destroyed. Although it is impossible to kill a God, Zeus shall fall into deep sleep. The war has reached its end."

Boomstick: Buuuuut, as you can imagine, that isn’t exactly what happens.


"You have been born solely for the advent of the Great God Zeus to Earth. You are the host of a God. The only one that stands here is I, Zeus. Your little brother has disappeared forever."

Boomstick: Zeus, despite having his soul and body destroyed, was able to return almost immediately on his own and possess Leo Aiolia, the Leo Gold Saint.

Wiz: Since Seiya has the Ninth Sense, he should have access to this immensely powerful form of regeneration. With the Ninth Sense, Seiya is tied to a concept, and whatever that concept may be, Seiya will not fully go away until that concept fades from existence forever. However, do note that the Ninth Sense can only be activated when Seiya is at the absolute peak of his power, which can take an incredibly grueling battle to draw out, and isn’t exactly easy to trigger. So in essence, unless Seiya is pushed to his absolute limits, he will not be able to activate the full power of the Ninth Sense, which includes said ability.

Boomstick: Wiz, I may as well add that to the list of most bonkers things we’ve ever seen on this show.

Pegasus Seiya Section 4 (Sharaku)

Wiz: Seiya has acquired two important transformations in his career as a Saint. The first one is the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, transforming him into Sagittarius Seiya.

Boomstick: Remember that golden box that Aiolos had at the start? Yep, that’s the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. Turns out, Seiya’s destiny is to be the next Sagittarius Saint in the future. This immensely powerful Cloth grants Seiya wings and a sweet bow and arrow. Whenever Seiya’s in trouble, you can bet that this Cloth will fly to his aid.

Wiz: With the Sagittarius Cloth, Seiya gains new abilities. Atomic Thunderbolt allows Seiya to fire massive bursts of energy wrapped in lightning. It’s kind of like the elemental version of the Pegasus Ryu-Sei Ken.

Boomstick: Yeah, it’s kind of a common theme with this Cloth. Almost all of its new special moves are electricity based. Lightning Bolt, Lightning Plasma, the famous Photon Burst, the works!

Wiz: But his most powerful move in the Sagittarius Cloth is the Cosmic Star Arrow. Using the Titan-killing Arrow of Sagittarius, Seiya channels all of his Cosmo into the point of the arrow. Once he releases it, it moves at faster-than-light speeds and strikes its opponent, causing massive damage in a huge explosion of light.

Boomstick: But by far, Seiya’s most powerful transformation is the Pegasus God Cloth. Bet you’ll never guess what this one allows him to do.

Wiz: True to its name, the Pegasus God Cloth boosts Seiya’s stats massively, allowing him to fight against the likes of the Gods of Olympus themselves. He’s fought deities like Thanatos and Hypnos, Gram Sigurd, and even the Gods Hades and Zeus themselves.

Boomstick: Seiya’s power becomes infinitely stronger than it was before while in this state, and he gains a new Divine Cosmo. At the absolute height of Seiya’s power while in the God Cloth, it turns a golden color. Here’s a Boomstick Pro Tip. Easy way to check if something’s special or powerful? If it can turn golden, it’s probably blessed by the gods or something.

Wiz: Seiya was able to achieve this Cloth by having his original Pegasus Cloth reborn in the divine ichor of Athena herself, becoming the final Pegasus Cloth. But when he fought against the Gods of Death and Sleep, Thanatos and Hypnos, Seiya raised his Cosmo infinitely higher than before and activated his true, full power, God Cloth.

Boomstick: Ha! I called it!

Wiz: This Cloth has even allowed Seiya to fight against high tier gods like Hades and even Zeus at the height of his power. Speaking of which, it’s no secret that with Seiya’s massive amount of special abilities and techniques, he’s performed incredible feats no mere mortal would be capable of.

Seiya Section 5 (Sharaku)

Boomstick: Even in the first arc, Seiya was already busting massive holes in the ground. In the first chapter, he atomically annihilated the ground into a massive crater, which gets to around island level.

Wiz: This isn’t even scratching the surface of what Seiya can do. During the Sanctuary Arc, Seiya fought against several Gold Saints who had already mastered the Seventh Sense. One in particular, Aries Mu, during Episode G, destroyed a universe and created his own, all in a single move. Since Seiya fought against the strongest of the Gold Saints, Gemini Saga, he reasonably should upscale from Mu.

Boomstick: Speaking of which, Seiya was also able to overpower Gemini Saga’s trademark Galaxian Explosion, which, true enough, multiple guides have stated that it can bust galaxies! Hell, Saga straight up did it once! And, with the Sagittarius Cloth, Seiya should scale to Virgo Shaka, who’s clash with Virgo Shijima destroyed an innumerable number of universes. Shaka also escaped from a BFR attempt from Saga.

Wiz: This is just the start of it. Seiya becomes far stronger at later points. During the Hades Arc, Seiya was able to go to and from the Underworld, which is a place that is beyond and outside space-time. And later on, Seiya and his friends had to cross the Hyperdimension, or Super Dimensional Space, a universe-sized realm. Already, that would be incredibly fast, but here’s where it gets even more insane. Inside the Super Dimensional Space, time and space were fluctuating constantly, and were non-linear. Time being distorted is a consistency in the translations, too. Meaning, that Seiya and his friends crossing through it in minutes is a speed feat that can’t even be measured due to how fast it is. In essence, immeasurable speeds.

Boomstick: Hell, this ain’t even the only instance of speeds that fast. Seiya should scale to Athena reasonably easily, as she’s even with Hades and Zeus (that’ll be important later), who Seiya both directly fought against. During the events of Episode G Assassin, the second canonical sequel to the original Saint Seiya series, Athena traversed timelines with her speed alone, all to answer the call of Capricorn Shura.

Wiz: Seiya directly fought against Hades, and greatly damaged him during their fight thanks to the God Cloth. He even resisted the curse of Hades’s stupidly powerful Sword. That sword can seal off one’s own soul and power, but Seiya was able to bounce back from it. Hades, as stated earlier, is even with Athena, and Zeus himself. Zeus during the era of creation, fought and defeated Cronus. And Cronus… did this in Episode G.


"I have just destroyed the Adamas Psammos which was inside the Labyrinth of Cronus. My hourglass which controls time, without it... The passing of the hours loses all control. The past and future, both here and on Earth, are twisted... And all fall into the most terrible chaos."


"The flames of my arms are an indicator: With each flame that is extinguished, a further shift in time occurs. If you do not destroy me before they are all gone... Then everything both here and on Earth will collapse and end in ruin. And that not even Zeus will be able to avoid.”


"What happened? Get up already. Or are you going to let the flames of time be extinguished? When this flame fades, this earth will disappear. Oh, look... One's already gone."

Credit to Matthew Schroeder for the translation work

Boomstick: If that ain’t a mindfuck, I dunno what is. So what’s basically happening is this: Cronus, that guy in the black, while fighting a younger Leo Aiolia was going to completely erase every timeline across all time. This would have taken Cronus only moments to do.

Wiz: The Saint Seiya world is confirmed to have a multiverse on multiple occasions. One that is infinite in size. Seiya would ultimately scale to this through fighting against Hades, and eventually during the events of Episode G Assassin, the Great God Zeus himself. So in that regard, the whole thing about Seiya’s God Cloth raising his power infinitely higher isn’t an exaggeration at all.

Boomstick: Yeah, Seiya just straight up fights Zeus himself in the final act of Episode G Assassin. While he doesn’t actually kill Zeus, he legitimately stalemates him, which means he should still scale.

Wiz: Seiya isn’t invincible, however. The guy tends to rush into things headfirst, and usually lets his emotions take control, usually disregarding his own safety. Also, he used to be kind of an ass, but he’s gotten much better over the years.

Boomstick: That’s the cool thing about Seiya. No matter what kind of crazy shit you throw at the guy, whether they be the strongest people on Earth or the Gods themselves, Pegasus Seiya will always find a way to power through.

“Are the Gods truly such grandiose beings? Before the Gods, are humans truly insignificant beings? But we mortals are always giving our best to live our lives the fullest. You think you deserve being a God? When instead of protecting us you laugh at those who fight to survive? To bring forgiveness... And to care for humanity... Is this not the purpose of the Gods? Saori is always willing to share her life with us... She believes in us! ... HOW CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF A GOD IF YOU HAVE NO LOVE FOR HUMANITY? IF THIS IS WHAT GODS TRULY ARE, THEN I DON'T NEED ANY OF YOU!”


Moon VS Seiya CAS



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Seiya vs Usagi (Remastered)

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