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SCP-096 (1)

SCP-096 is a tall, skinny, humanoid SCP from the SCP Foundation.

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With the SCPs[]

Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 1

Possible Opponents[]

Personal Info[]

Power & Feats[]

  • Can rip through steel using only its bare hands
  • Strong enough to rip limbs clean off
  • Can run from 35 km/h to [REDACTED]km/h
  • Can jump high enough to reach a flying plane
  • Can defeat anything that looks at its face, with the exception of SCP-682 and SCP-173
  • Battled SCP-682 to a standstill
  • Survived having his neck repeatedly snapped by SCP-173 for 5 hours straight
  • Has survived being shot with an anti-tank gun
  • Was able to dive down and withstand the intense pressure of the ocean depths at more than 9000 meters below sea level and rip open a bathysphere to reach its target
  • Flesh vulnerable to damage, but its skeletal structure is indestructible
  • Can regenerate broken bones, massive damage to flesh, and other types of trauma
  • Was resurrected by the Hanged King which in turn made him more powerful
  • Moved the Sun close to the Earth itself.
  • In the file of SCP-4121, SCP-096 of this universe gains a body that defies (possibly reversed) the causality between it and any damages that the Foundation inflicted upon it, causing it to become impossible for the Foundation to destroy, though, at the same time, it was rendered incapable of causing an XK-Class Scenario.
    • Should be noted that 096 within the universe of 4121 is capable of causing even a world ending scenario. If it weren't for the effects of SCP-4121, SCP-096 could've ended the entire world.
  • Easily resisted time-stopping grenades


  • Doesn’t become triggered when someone looks at an artistic expression of it’s face
  • Can be calmed down by putting a bag over its head
  • Only rips people apart and possibly cannibalizes them, and it shows no signs of strategy in combat
  • Has below average intelligence
  • Is mostly depressed and angered