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Ryu VS Jago is a What-If? episode of Death Battle. It features the return of Ryu from the Street Fighter series and Jago from the Killer Instinct series.


Street Fighter VS Killer Instinct! It's a battle of the warriors as the Street Fighter poster boy takes on the warrior monk of Tibet! Who will have the better fighting ability to survive?


Wiz: These two are proud warriors, willing to fight for the benefit of the world, but also to test their abilities. Today these two take each other on in a battle of fighting game warriors.

Boomstick: Ryu, the wandering World Warrior!

Wiz: And Jago, the warrior monk of Tibet.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: Abandoned at a young age, Ryu was taken in by the mysterious martial arts teacher Gouken, whom of which would give him a place in the dojo to be trained in the ways of martial arts alongside his best friend and friendly rival, Ken Masters.

Boomstick: The art of the Ansatsuken - or Assassin's Fist - fighting style, to be precise!

Wiz: ...Which is a bit misleading - the Assassin's Fist fighting style was based on brutally murdering your opponents. However, Gouken's teaching of it is based on not killing them, instead teaching a non-lethal variant. Unlike his violent brother, Akuma, which eventually led to...

Gouken's body is shown.

Boomstick: Ah yes, he's the finger-painting sadist-killing guy...

Wiz: At age 23, Ryu left the dojo, and began his neverending quest to wander the world in search of opponents to meet and fight in a bid to improve himself and test his abilities and limits.

Boomstick: Probably to say "Screw you, I'm actually worth something" to the douchebag parents who abandoned him! Anyway, he sure has a lot of fighting moves for when he's in the ring. The Shoryuken is a powerful uppercut that can launch the victim into the air, and the Hadouken is a power energy blast - not a fire blast - that is capable of penetrating evil entities... so apparently WATERFALLS are evil!

Wiz: And... physics as well, I suppose.

Boomstick: He also uses the Tatsu... fuck-whatever-that-name-is helicopter kick attack, helpful for flying around and passing over projectiles.

Wiz: And finally, he has a powerful step kick capable of hitting with enough force to bounce opponents off walls. This is what Ryu calls the Joudan Sokutogeri.

Boomstick: ...*snrk*.

Wiz: What?

Boomstick: Heh heh heh... "And diarrhoea joke foot"... ah, the memories...

Wiz: *Sigh*... In his time in the Street Fighter tournament, he took on many powerful foes, eventually going the distance to reaching the then champion, Sagat. And things didn't exactly go well for our favourite martial artist of mystery, as Sagat was effortlessly trouncing him.

Boomstick: But then Sagat made the mistake of being a good sport. Sagat offered to give Ryu a hand back up onto his feet. Ryu's response? A punch SO powerful, it cut him open and nearly killed him! What a dick!

Wiz: This was a taste of the dark energy within Ryu... the Satsui no Hadou. Literally the Surge of Murderous Intent. Akuma was constantly driving Ryu to give in to the Dark Hadou's addictive quality and murderous power. However, over time Ryu began to shun this dark energy, attempting to limit its use, and eventually drive this murderous energy out of him.

Boomstick: So that whole Evil Ryu business won't show up today! But over time, Gouken instilled a strong belief in the world warrior and giving him an even stronger transformation. If he can shun the dark energy and detach himself from all emotion, he enters an altered of consciousness, boosting his speed, power and abilities to ridiculous levels!

Wiz: This is known as the Power of Nothingness.

Boomstick: Still won't be a good a name as the Diarrhoea Joke Foot.

Wiz: The Power of Nothingness allows Ryu complete control over his mind and body, and is so focused of a form that it is capable of withstanding the Raging Demon. You know, the soul-killing attack that anything sinful can't really survive.

Boomstick: Yep. Sadie knows that well, now.

Wiz: But the last part of Ryu's move set comes from his Super Arts - enhanced versions of his ordinary attacks. The Shinku and Denjin Hadouken are both powered-up versions of the Hadouken, The Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku is a powered-up version of... you guessed it, the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku--

Boomstick: Ohhh, so THAT'S how you say it...

Wiz: --And the Shin Shoryuken is a powered-up Shoryuken that, even if blocked, becomes a multi-hitting Shoryuken attack. It was this exact attack that Ryu used to scar and nearly kill Sagat.

Boomstick: That's gotta hurt!

Wiz: Ryu is skilled enough to take on numerous thugs at once, and has defeated a large variety of opponents, such as M. Bison, Dudley, Hugo, and even the genetically created super warrior Seth. He is also strong enough to lift a boulder with Oro's weight on top of that, fast enough to be able to dodge gunfire and durable enough to survive getting impaled on Akuma's fist.

Boomstick: Surprised he didn't lose his lunch right there! Anyway, he's not exactly invincible despite being the poster boy for Street Fighter! He's lost a number of matches fair and square to the likes of M. Bison, Oro and even Ken. And he's also constantly in stalemates with Akuma, whom he doesn't seem to have beaten in canon. Not yet, at least...

Wiz: And despite having a wide variety of skills, he actually have a fairly simplistic fighting style. But even still, it's no doubt that Ryu is a legendary warrior.

Ryu: The answer lies in the heart of battle.


Wiz: Abandoned at a young age, Jago was taken in by the Himalayan monastery in Tibet, whom of which would give him a place in the mysterious Monks of the Tiger, taught in the ways of martial arts by the legendary Abbot.

Boomstick: Now why does this sound familiar?

Wiz: Jago showed promise from the start, and swiftly became one of the Order's star pupils. And Jago would soon discover he'd be more than human, in more ways than one.

Boomstick: In his time of meditation, he is visited by the Tiger Spirit his Order serves and, because it believed he was the chosen one to battle the evils of UltraTech, he inherited the Tiger Spirit's power, gaining a whole lot of powers in the process! Lucky bastard, I want me a Tiger Spirit to give me super-cool stuff...

Wiz: However, this inheritance didn't come without problems. At first, the Tiger Spirit's power was so great, it threatened to consume Jago's sanity. However, he quickly mastered its control and, in turn, became one of the greatest warriors the Order had fathered.

Boomstick: Consuming sanity isn't a good thing, because in order to defeat UltraTech, you'd have to be part of the Killer Instinct tournaments, and you need a LOT of sanity to get through that! Luckily for Jago, he has a good weapon to defend himself with! His Kora Sword!

Wiz: Of Tibetan origin, Jago's Kora Sword is actually inverted from traditional Kora Swords, and is designed more as a slashing weapon than a stabbing weapon, and can be infused with spiritual energy from the Tiger Spirit.

Boomstick: Kind of like how the White Tigerzord's Tiger Sword lights on fire. Probably by sparking a spirit-fart of some sort.

Wiz: Ugh... Even without the influence of the Tiger Spirit, he still has plenty of moves that he can use while in combat.

Boomstick: The Wind Kick is where Jago attempts to unleash his inner Chuck Norris by roundhouse kicking his opponents! Then there's the Tiger Fury, where Jago performs a suspicious looking uppercut! And then there's that CHEAP-ASS slide kick! OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Wiz: His other moves come from his connection to the Tiger Spirit, which includes moves such as the Endokuken--

Boomstick: They're not even trying to hide it at this point!

Wiz: --His Laser Blade is where he utilises infusing his Kora Sword with spiritual energy, with the most common attack being an upward slash. And then there's Jago's Instinct Mode, Tiger's Fury, where Jago can regain health with attacks or advancements, though it only lasts for a few seconds at a time.

Boomstick: Because punching your foes will heal your wounds! I like that kind of power!

Wiz: But when his foes' time grows short, he can utilise several finishers known as No Mercies. He can slash the opponent before stabbing them with Sword Stab, fire a blast of concentrated spiritual energy from his gauntlet--

Boomstick: Or he can meditate... and CAUSE A FUCKING CAR TO FALL ON HIS OPPONENT! What kind of sorcery is that!?

Wiz: Well, you never know with meditation. Overall, Jago is a powerful warrior, beating the monster Gargos and surviving three matches against the metal behemoth Fulgore.

Boomstick: He also reunited with his boobs-of-death sister Black Orchid and even won the third Killer Instinct tournament! Now that's the sign of a true champ!

Wiz: However, Jago has a problem that constantly plagues him. He has to constantly keep himself in check so as to not give in to violent and murderous tendencies. He also is troubled by his uncertain past, and thus spends a lot of time in combat trying to uncover it.

Boomstick: Amnesia. How fucking original!

Wiz: But those who wish to perform UltraTech's evil best beware of the warrior monk of Tibet.

Jago performs a 40-hit combo on Riptor.




Tibetan temple

Within the midst of a temple in the Himalayan Mountains, a man was meditating. Clad in blue, this meant that this was the vessel of the Tiger Spirit, Jago. As UltraTech had been defeated for the time being, Jago didn't have much activity in the ways of combat to perform, so he spent his time meditating, channelling the Tiger Spirit within him. And he would have continued, had he not heard footsteps heading his way. He opened his eyes and got to his feet as the source of the footsteps approached.

He was clad in a white martial arts uniform, with a red headband around his head in contrast to Jago's blue, and had red fingerless gloves. This was the legendary Street Fighter and world warrior, Ryu. He continued to walk up to Jago, before stopping, leaving a considerable distance between the two. Jago addressed him with intrigue.

"This is sacred ground, friend." Jago told Ryu. "If you wish for something, make it swift, and then make haste. I wish for no trouble." Ryu put his fists up in response.

"I wish to fight you. I have heard about you taking down this "UltraTech", as well as a cyborg and a demonic creature. I want to experience fighting you first-hand. To see what you are like in combat." Ryu replied, getting into a fighting stance. Jago observed him. Why did this man want to fight him?

"So it is a fight you want..." Jago uttered, before walking up and getting into a fighting stance himself.

"Then prepare yourself, warrior." Jago declared.

"I am already prepared." Ryu responded.


Jago attacked first, delivering a punch that Ryu blocks. Ryu returns a punch of his own which Jago ducks under, before punching and kicking Ryu eight times, hitting Ryu with a Tiger Fury and knocking him into the air before finishing with a Wind Kick, knocking Ryu back several feet.

Brutal Combo! (10 hits)

"Not bad..." Ryu mused as he raced back to Jago, hitting him with the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku before delivering two swift punches to Jago's stomach, ending the combo with a Shoryuken.

"Shoryuken!" Ryu called out as he performed the attack, leaving Jago to fall to the ground.

Hyper-! (6 hits)

Jago got back to his feet and drew his Kora sword, holding it in both hands. Ryu stepped back, confused.

"Why would you rely on a weapon in a fight?" Ryu asked him. Jago was prepared with the answer.

"Where I fight, there isn't any rule saying I can't." Jago answered, before running up to Ryu and slashing him across the chest twice, drawing blood from the world warrior before raising the sword above his read, ready to bifurcate Ryu down the middle. However, Ryu stops him with a punch...

C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!

...and punching him thrice, the last one launching Jago back by a fair distance.

"I must admit, you're very skilled." Ryu praised.

"As are you." Jago returned, before launching an Endokuken fireball at Ryu. Ryu responded the only way he knew how.

"Hadouken!" he called out, launching a Hadouken at the fireball. The two projectiles collided, exploding and kicking up a column of smoke. Ryu hesitates, waiting for Jago to emerge from the smoke. He suddenly is tripped as he is caught by a sudden Ninja Slide from Jago. He prepares to impale Ryu with the Kora Sword, but Ryu rolls out of the way, kicking Jago away.

"Hadouken!" Ryu blasted another Hadouken at Jago, but this time he performed a Shadow Wind Kick, passing straight through the energy blast and catching Ryu off guard, hitting him three times and punching, kicking and slashing him a further 10 times before knocking him into the air with his Tiger Fury. He jumped up and smashed Ryu into the ground with a solid punch to the chest.

Killer Combo! (15 hits)

Ryu unsteadily got to his feet... and was met by getting impaled straight through the chest by Jago's Kora Sword. Ryu yelled out in pain as his blood began to spill to the floor... but even still, he wasn't ready to give up, as Ryu punched Jago away, before slowly pulling the Kora Sword out of him and throwing it back at his opponent, who effortlessly catches the blade.

"Are you hurt?" Jago asked.

"I've been through worse..." Ryu responded. And without warning, he suddenly charged at Jago, unleashing a Shoryuken on him before using the Joudan Sokutogeri on him, kicking Jago straight through a wall and onto the snowy mountain outside. Ryu jumped out after him, ready to meet him with a flying punch, but Jago rolls out of the way, leaving Ryu to slam his fist into the snow. He looks around, seeing Jago on top of a snowy hill nearby.

"You seem to have expected a lot in your time." Jago mysteriously spoke as he meditated. "But will you expect this...?" Ryu stared at him, unsure of what this was supposed to mean, before realising there was a large shadow beneath him. He looked up and his eyes widened as he saw the shape of what appeared to be a car falling towards him. He jumped out of the way as the car slammed into the snow, before Ryu kicked it off the mountain. Jago jumped off of the hill and blasted his Laser Beam at Ryu, who passed over the obstacle with the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku and hitting him thrice, before grabbing Jago and throwing him over his shoulder. By now, Jago had had enough.

"Concentrate, Jago..." he told himself. "I must not succumb to these dark and evil acts... just quickly defeat him and make this all end..." before he unleashed his Instinct Mode, Tiger's Fury. He ran up to Ryu and sliced him twice with his Kora Sword, before he punches Ryu twice and uses a Shadow Laser Blade. He then leaps back and blasts Ryu with a Shadow Endokuken, which hit him three times and exploded. This allowed for Jago to refresh a lot more of his health.

Killer Combo! (13 hits)

However, a bright light emerged from the smoke cloud, which caused Jago to stare into the cloud as Ryu stepped out. His eyes were now white, almost empty-looking. Ryu had activated the Power of Nothingness. Ryu and Jago stared each other down.

"Is this your full power?" Jago asked.

"It might just be." Ryu responded.

The two leapt at each other, parrying each other's attacks blow for blow, with neither taking the edge. Jago tried to stab Ryu again, but Ryu stopped the sword with both hands. Jago suddenly felt weaker as the Tiger's Fury ended. He knew he was in trouble now. Ryu ripped the sword from Jago's hands and threw it off the mountain, before kneeing Jago in the stomach and beginning a ruthless combo of punches and kicks that seemed to keep going and going. He then unleashed one of his Super Arts for the finisher.

"Shor... yu... KEN!" Ryu shouted as he unleashed his Shinku Shoryuken on Jago, launching him into the air. He watched Jago's trajectory before unleashing a finisher.

"Shinku... HADOUKEN!" He called out as he blasted Jago with a Shinku Hadouken. The screen began to go white as everything came to an end.


Ryu was still stood, and the Power of Nothingness dissipated. Sure enough, a few seconds later, Ryu fell to his knees, gasping for breath as he felt himself for his wounds. He then noticed the burned body of Jago nearby, slowly getting to his feet and walking over to him, picking Jago up and walking over to a nearby shrine. Placing Jago at the foot of it, Ryu knelt as he addressed his fallen opponent.

"That was... a good fight." Ryu told him. "I'll see you on the other side." And with that, the battered Ryu stood up and began to walk away. Before he was about to descend the mountain, he took one last look at the shrine. Perhaps this Jago person... perhaps they could have been allies in another life. Or perhaps even friends.

And perhaps the people of this temple would understand.


Ryu begins to leave the mountain-based temple. Meanwhile, up on a nearby ledge, a young but pretty rough-looking angel boy watched the Street Fighter leave, having witnessed the fight from a distance.

"So this is what the legendary World Warrior is like...?" he mused to himself.


Boomstick: Some fight that was!

Wiz: Indeed. Jago is a clever and versatile combatant, and his smarts did get the jump on Ryu quite a few times. However, Ryu's strength, durability and combat experience ultimately shone through.

Boomstick: A lot of attacks that Jago had, Ryu had but basically better in every way! Plus, while his Kora Sword may be considered a leg up to Ryu's fisticuffs, it didn't really help that much anyway since it's not that much different to what Ryu faces on a daily basis! Even if he got impaled by the sword, Ryu would still survive - he managed to survive getting a hole blown into his chest by Akuma's fist, after all!

Wiz: Exactly. With the Satsui no Hadou sealed off from Ryu forever, Ryu was easily the more focused combatant, as Jago had to constantly keep himself in check in order to not give in to his violent tendencies. It also didn't help that Jago's Instinct Mode was insignificant compared to the Power of Nothingness, which ultimately sealed Jago's fate.

Boomstick: Ryu sure had the eye of the tiger!

Wiz: The winner is Ryu.

Ryu vs Jago
Ryu vs Jago Salty
Season 0
Season Episode 7
Air date 7/31/22
Written by Salty Gibus
Episode guide
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[Yamcha vs Luigi]

Within everyone, there is a host of darkness and a bearer of hope. This Death Battle features Ryu from Street Fighter and Jago from Killer Instinct, pulling primarily from their canon games. Crossovers will not be included unless they are explicitly canon.


Street Fighter vs Killer Instinct! These two warriors know the pain of loss and betrayal, harboring a dark power that threatens to overwhelm them if they falter for even a second. Will Ryu fall to the power of the Tiger Spirit, or will Jago be ripped apart by the Satsui No Hado?


[(Now Playing: Wiz and Boomstick - Death Battle)]

Boomstick: Everyone loves themself a hero with a dark side, but it takes a lotta mental energy to keep it from wrecking your life up.

Wiz: Thankfully, these two warriors have what it takes to tame the beast inside. Like Ryu, the wandering warrior.

Boomstick: And Jago, the monk with a killer instinct. He's Wiz and i'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And we're here to analyze their weapons, armors, and skills to find out who would win...a Death Battle.

Ryu walks the path of DEATH BATTLE![]

Ryu Death Battle Info

[(Now Playing: Ryu's Meditation - Street Fighter 2: The Movie)]

Wiz: Becoming the best fighter in all of the world. That was the goal of a simple man named Ryu, a warrior with seemingly no other cause.

Boomstick: But there's more to this karate hobo than meets the eye. Er...kinda? Nah, he's exactly what his appearance would tell ya: A no-nonsense fighter who specializes the the art of kicking peoples' ass.



  • Name: Ryu
  • Height: 175 cm / 5'9"
  • Weight: 85 kg / 187 lbs
  • Age: 34
  • Likes: Martial Arts, Training, Japanese Sweet Bean Jelly
  • Dislikes: Spiders, Akuma, Materialism
  • Can sleep just about anywhere.

Wiz: Orphaned at a young age, young Ryu was thankfully saved from a life of property by a martial arts master by the name of Gouken. Training under him along with fellow martial artist Ken, life seemed to be going well. That is, until Gouken's brother and rival Akuma came to fight him.

Boomstick: Killing his ol' brother Gouken, he showed off the most deadly move that their martial arts had to offer: Finger Painting...

Wiz: This was the Raging Demon, a deadly technique that stems from a dark force known as the Satsui No Hado. Wanting to avenge his master, Ryu would soon begin to train harder than he ever had. And in doing so, he put a lot of Gouken's techniques and teachings to use.


  • Hadoken
    • Shakunetsu Hadoken
  • Shoruken
    • Metsu Shoruken
  • Tatsumaki
  • Joudan Sokutogeri
  • Thrust Strike
  • Focus Attack

Boomstick: Like the Hadoken, a move where Ryu fires a fireball of whatever-the-hell-it-is!

Wiz: Actually, Hadokens are not fireballs as their form may imply, but instead concentrated energy. They're actually no hotter than the average human body.

Boomstick: Well good thing he DOES have a literal fireball in the Shakunestu Hadoken! This baby's stronger, but doesn't last that long and can even take a bit to start up.

Wiz: There's also his Shoruken, a spinning uppercut that sends people flying. He even has a variant known as the Metsu Shoruken, where he preforms an elbow strike before unleashing the move itself. He also has the Tatsumaki, aka the Hurricane Kick, where he spins as he rushes to deliver a roundhouse attack.

Boomstick: Then we got that ol' reliable, signature attack of his: The Diarrheia Joke Foot! Heh, never gets old.

Wiz: Ugh...Ryu also has a swift Thrust Strike attack, along with the Focus Attack. The latter's impressive, for it can actually tank attacks before then releasing a strong strike in return.

Boomstick: But like any good anime fighter, he's got ways of beefing up his power.


  • Dejin Renki
  • Kakko Fubatsu
  • Fumikomi Jodan Kagizuki

Wiz: He has the Dejin Renki, which electrifies his Hadokens and allows him to charge up their power, whilst the Kakko Fubatsu is a Trigger that empowers his parries with enough force to knock people away from him.

Boomstick: He's even got the...uh...okay, not gonna say all that, but basically his last V-Trigger is just a super-powered counter attack. But even with all these cool (and pretty hilarious) attacks, he still wasn't able to beat the current strongest man in the world, Sagat.

Wiz: That's not entirely true. See, Sagat actually thought the fight was over near the end, but as he went to help Ryu up...a dark force overtook him. His desire to win morphed into something far worse.

Boomstick: So he punched Sagat with so much fucking power it cut his chest like it was nothing! He didn't even have a blade or anything, that was just how much he wanted to win.

Wiz: This...was the Satsui No Hado, the power Akuma killed Gouken with. As it turned out, Ryu held this power as well.

Boomstick: Wait a sec Wiz. So Ryu's an orphan, a homeless guy who just wants to fight strong people, had an old master in the woods who acted like a parent, has a power that was the cause of his master/father's death...oh my god.

Wiz: What?

Boomstick: Ryu's just a human Goku!

Wiz:, no he isn't. First of all, Ryu eats a normal amount of food. He also doesn't have a tail.

Boomstick: Goku doesn't have a tail anymore either!

Wiz: Ugh...anyways, Ryu would soon try to learn how to control this raging power, facing down strong foes as he did so. This eventually lead him to M.Bison, who wanted to use the former's power to take over the world.

Boomstick: And weirdly enough, it almost worked. Heck, there's even a bad ending where Bison actually fires the energy he got from Ryu at the earth!

Wiz: Judging by how far the space station was from the Earth, along with how long it took for it to hit it, that means that the beam must have been moving at roughly 2,734,547 miles per hour, or Mach 5634.

Boomstick: Shit, that's fast. And Ryu's energy attacks must be moving about that speed, given how this is all JUST the energy a beaten-up Ryu gave after his fight with the leader of Shadaloo.

Wiz: Thankfully, crisis was averted as he was saved by his allies--and Sagat, although it instilled an even greater desire to grow stronger than before. Both so he may never be put in a situation like that ever again, and to face against his master's killer the next time they crossed paths.

Boomstick: Speakin' of which, he actually got that chance not long after! They fought on an island, Akuma explained the Satsui No Hado in better detail, and then, like the utter badass he is, punched it so hard that it shattered!

Wiz: Measuring the size of the island, along with the assumption it is all circular, Akuma would have needed to deliver about 145 Megatons of TNT to pull this feat off.

Boomstick: And sure, Ryu ain't exactly punching with that force, but the guy tanked being at center mass of the punch no sweat. 'sides, he's got ways of matching up to ol' uncle island smasher here.

Evil Ryu Intro
Street Fighter - Evil Ryu

Evil Ryu[]

  • Satsui No Hado fully manifested
  • More brutal and unforgiving than normal Ryu
  • In-tune with the killing intent

Wiz: Enter Evil Ryu, Ryu's murderous alter-ego. This form of his increases seemingly all of his stats, including his strength, speed, and durability.

Boomstick: But this thing ain't just some super form, cause it's got it's own mind. And unlike karate hobo here, this Evil Ryu's a straight up murder hobo that loves the fight, and'll kill anyone that even tries getting in his way.

Wiz: Besides the personality change, however, Evil Ryu even has his own techniques, which he uses to deadly effect in combat.

Evil Ryu Techniques[]

  • Rakuyo Hadoken
  • Ryusokyaku
  • Ashura Senku
  • Messatsu Goshoryu
  • Raging Demon

Boomstick: He'll say "Fuck you!" to just about anyone, including the laws of gravity with the Rakuyo Hadoken! This form of energy fireball goes straight up before changing it's mind and darting diagonally before him.

Wiz: He also has the Ryusokyaku, an axe kick that can break through guards, and the Ashura Senku, a technique that turns the user intangible as they hover forwards.

Boomstick: But then there's his big guns, the Messatsu Goshoryu which is just a stronger Shoruken, and the best freaking super move in fighting game history, the Raging, freaking, Demon. Getting hit by it ain't just gonna start the coolest cutscene of all time, but it's also got some special property that uses a victim's sins to literally kill their soul! No wonder they use Heaven for that symbol, cause that's the closest anyone facing this is gonna get to it.

Wiz: But despite this awesome power, Ryu did not wish to harness it as a way to get stronger. After all, that exact move was the reason Gouken had died.

Boomstick: Or HAD it...?

Wiz: Ah, right, my mistake. See, as it turns out, there was a way to survive the move. One that Gouken himself had used: The Power of Nothingness. After reuniting with Ryu, Gouken would impart teachings of it to him that would help his student unlock his own form, along with the ability to temporarily lock away the Satsui No Hado itself.

Boomstick: Which is total BS, i'd totally keep that form. Just imagine it...Evil Boomstick.

Wiz: Once again, your naming skill is impeccable, Boomstick.

Boomstick: Aw, thanks!

Wiz: Tch...well, as it turned out, Ryu not only held the ability to harness the Murderous Intent, but also the Nothingness that Gouken was speaking of.

Power of Nothingness

Power of Nothingness[]

  • When one lets go of their earthly ambitions
  • Equal footing as the Satsui No Hado
  • No sanity loss

Boomstick: Oh c'mon, they're not even trying to hide it! I mean, this is basically Ultra Instinct on a budget.

Wiz:, not at all. Dragon Ball Super came out long after this was created. And unlike UI, it's not instantaneous dodging. Instead, it's just another boost in power.

Boomstick: But the white aura! C'mon, it's even got that whole 'super focus' thing going on!

Wiz: Those are flimsy connections at best, Boomstick. Anyways, the Power of Nothingness is a strange state of being as is, as it is the culmination of the rejection of materialism.

Boomstick: And that is...?

Wiz: Basically, Ryu has forgone all earthly attachments, and is in a state much similar to the Buddhist state of enlightenment. Except for fighting, instead of spiritual awakening. In this form, he has power rivaling Akuma's use of the Satsui No Hado, and all without the drawbacks of the Evil Ryu state.

Boomstick: He's even got some pretty flashy moves for a guy that's rejecting material stuff.

Super Arts[]

  • Shinku Hadoken
  • Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
  • Shin Shoruken

Wiz: There are three Super Arts that Ryu has access to, ones that utilize the Power of Nothingness to it's fullest extent. There's the Shinku Hadoken, a the ultimate form of the Hadoken that can also manifest as a beam attack.

Boomstick: Just like the Kamehameha! But he's also got the Shin Shoruken, which is a super, SUPER powerful version of the Shoruken.

Wiz: Again, Ryu is nothing like Goku! Ugh...anyways, he also has the Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, which is a stationary Tatsumaki that draws in nearby foes.

Boomstick: But to really take down the most badass man in fighting game history, he'd have to do something COMPLETELY original and never before heard of...

Wiz: Boomstick I can feel the sarcasm you're giving off, what're you talking about--

Boomstick: And COMBINE THEM! Hmm...sorta reminds me of a furry man-monkey form from a certain anime, or a certain long-winded form from ANOTHER certain anime...

Wiz: I get it, you're talking about Super Saiyan 4 and Super Saiyan Blue--

Boomstick: I wasn't naming names, Wiz. But now that you mention it...

Wiz: Oh my god.

Shin Ryu

Shin Ryu[]

  • Both previous forms combined
  • Seemingly lacks drawbacks of either form
  • Requires balanced use of both energies to maintain

Boomstick: Nah, i'm just messing with ya bud. Anyways, as Shin Ryu, he's the strongest he can be, using both the murder hobo energy and the not-UI energy to beat up anyone in his way.

Wiz: A gross oversimplification, but Boomstick is right. This form is Ryu at his strongest, lacking the drawbacks of the former forms. However, it also requires Ryu to balance both the states that make it up, something that would be difficult in the middle of a fight.

Boomstick: 'Course, even like this, Ryu ain't without his faults.


  • Almost always resists the Satsui No Hado when it flares up
  • Power of Nothingness requires total concentration
  • Shin Ryu must be perfectly balanced to maintain

Wiz: Even after everything, he still has problems with the Dark Hado, and he'll usually leave himself open, or risk transforming into Evil Ryu.

Boomstick: That Power of Nothingness, and Shin Ryu for that matter, also doesn't come cheap. This guy has to constantly stay focused on 'em, unless he wants them to fade out at a bad time.

Wiz: But despite these weaknesses, Ryu was eventually able to overcome his master's supposed killer, and prove himself as the strongest man in the world. In his quest for vengeance, redemption, and balance between two opposing forces, he has proved himself to be the greatest Street Fighter known to man.

Ryu Analysis End


Jago purges the evil within in DEATH BATTLE![]

Jago Death Battle Info

[(Now Playing: The Tiger Warrior - Killer Instinct)]

Wiz: Deep within the mountains of the Himalayas lies a temple, filled with a clan of monks known as the Monks of the Tiger. People who trained to be spiritually pure in any way they can.

Boomstick: And for some reason, some deadbeat parent thought it was a GREAT idea to leave a baby at their door like it was surprise adoption day.

Wiz: This baby would be named Jago, and the monks would raise him as one of their own. Instilling in him a sense of justice, and a desire to become pure the only way he knew how: Combat.

Jago CharBio


  • Name: Jago
  • Height: 185 cm / 6'1"
  • Weight: 92 kg / 205 lbs
  • Age: 30
  • Likes: Spiritual Purity, Combat, Dancing
  • Dislikes: UltraTech, Impurity, Gargos
  • Terrible at figuring things out on his own.

Boomstick: Wait, this monk fights? Ain't they supposed to be pacifists, not passing fists?

Wiz: You would think so. But despite their most popular appearances, there are actually some clans of monks who fight to cleanse their soul. Growing up within the monastery, young Jago was taught the importance of having a pure soul, along with learning how to fight for the express purpose of purging evil.

Boomstick: Until one day, a freaking spiritual tiger showed up while he was meditating! That'd be the Tiger Spirit, that godly tiger that the monks there all worshipped. Honestly, you could pick worse gods than a badass tiger warrior.

Wiz: Being chosen to bear part of it's power, Jago was at first barely able to properly control it, nearly giving in to an insatiable urge to kill that didn't seem to be his own. But after training and more mental refinement, he managed to control that power, shaping it into the energy he uses for most of his attacks.


  • Endokuken
    • Yellow Endokuken
    • Fire Endokuken
    • Fake Endokuken
    • Super
  • Laser Sword
  • Wind Kick
  • Ninja Slide
  • Tiger Fury
  • Shadow Meter

Boomstick: He's got the 'totally not a rip-off' Endokuken, which he can charge up to deal more damage and get even bigger. There's also the Yellow, Super, and Fire versions, which deal more damage, and he can even fight dirty by faking a fireball.

Wiz: And unlike the Hadoken, this IS real fire.

Boomstick: He's also got a kick-ass Laser Sword, a 'totally not Tatsumaki' with the Wind Kick, and even a....Ninja Slide? Wiz, you didn't tell me he's a monk AND a ninja!

Wiz: That's because he isn't. I have no idea why they called it that. Though speaking of it and the Wind Kick, both abilities actually allow him to phase through projectiles from the waist up.

Boomstick: Don't forget one more move that can do just that: The Tiger's Fury. No folks, this ain't some cool slash attack, but instead an uppercut that totally isn't the Shoruken.

Wiz: He can also enhance each of these moves with a negative energy known as Shadow Energy, although he only has a limited amount at a time. Why a monk would choose to power themself up with negative energy rather than positive, or even neutral energy, I will never know.

Boomstick: But if you think that's all that Jago's got to offer, then you'd be dead wrong. Literally, cause the rest of this guy's arsenal is straight-up deadly.


  • Tiger's Focus
    • Golden Endokuken
  • Combo Breaker
  • ULTRA Combo
  • Sword Stab
  • Falling Car
  • Dragon Endokuken
  • Tiger Spirit Bomb

Wiz: Tapping into his Instinct, Jago can temporarily heal himself by closing the distance between himself and his foe, or by constantly striking them with attacks.

Boomstick: Now that's a power i'd love to have. So long pesky scrapes, POW!

Wiz: He can also channel this into his Endokuken, transforming it into a golden variant that is split into two separate projectiles.

Boomstick: To get himself outta a sticky situation, all he has to do is activate the Combo Breaker, an uppercut that somehow breaks any combo he's in. But why would he have to do that? Well, it's cause everyone in the world of KI's got a special technique, the quickest way to get high damage: THE ULTRA COMBOOOOOOOO!

Wiz: Specifically, it's a combo technique where Jago goes full speed in a combo, unleashing every move he has to take down his opponent. Apparently, it's also fatal, judging by some story endings.

Boomstick: But don't think that the Ultra Combo's the only fatal move he's got in his moveset. He's also got the Sword Stab, where he stabs you with his sword. No shit there, Sherlock. But he's also got a WAY better finisher where he sits down, just sorta meditating after the match...AND THEN DROPS A FREAKING CAR ON YOU WITH HIS MIND! That don't look like no car accident.

Wiz: He also has the Dragon Endokuken and his Ultimate, the Tiger Spirit Bomb. Both have the same premise, just with different ways of going about them: Firing his hottest, strongest Endokuken to completely burn his foe down to bones.

Boomstick: How hot, you ask? Well judgin' by how fast they were burnt up, and the fact they're literally bone, i'd say that he's outputting about 1400-1600 degrees Fahrenheit. And that's just the low-ball on that heat.

Wiz: He would need all the power he could get as well, since he would soon have to participate in the Killer Instinct Tournament, all in a bid from the Tiger Spirit to get rid of UltraTech.

Boomstick: Also known as Evil Walmart.

Wiz: Everyone within this tournament should be roughly comparable to eachother, which should include the fighter known as Tusk, who can summon meteors to rain down on his opponents. Judging by the size of the meteor compared to the two fighters along with how fast it was going, the amount of force it should have exerted on impact should be 16,442 Tons of TNT.

Boomstick: Talk about rocking their world. But that's not all, since apparently Jago can also face off against Glacius. Yeah, that ice guy? Apparently he can move faster than a living super computer can react.

Wiz: That same computer, ARIA, once managed to process millions of possible outcomes in a single nanosecond. Using the sheer lowball of a single million, that means that ARIA can react to something at, the very least, 0.001 nanoseconds. That's faster than the speed of light.

Boomstick: Holy hell! Well that tracks at least, given just how fast some of these guys get when they're really trying.

Wiz: With this competition, it's amazing that Jago was the one to come out on top. But he indeed was, and with it took down UltraTech, including their killing machine Fulgore. However, not all was right within him. During this tournament, the Tiger Spirit seemed to grow more and more bloodthirsty, assertive. Seeking answers, he would return to the temple he called his home and meditated on the issue.

Boomstick: But whoops, turns out the Tiger Spirit was actually some space-dark god called Gargos, and he just gave it enough power to take him over.

Wiz: This was the birth of a new warrior, a warped reflection of the once noble Jago. Shadow Jago was unleashed onto the world.

SJ Intro
Shadow Jago

Shadow Jago[]

  • Gargos manifested within Jago
  • New Weapon
  • Lacks words for...just about everything

Boomstick: This form's a beast at combat, stronger than Jago himself in just about every category. It even comes with a fancy new sword, though honestly it's more of a huge spiked slab of metal than anything. Hey Wiz, think he and Guts might be sword-buddies?

Wiz: Not really. Besides a much more violent and bloodthirsty demeanor, Shadow Jago also inexplicably lacks the ability to talk, despite both parts that make him up being capable of speech.

Boomstick: But who cares about talking when you're out for blood? And luckily for dark and feral here, he's got a few new tools to make that way easier for himself.

Shadow Techniques[]

  • Teleportation
  • Surge
  • Shendokuken
    • Shadow Shendokuken
  • Dark Drift
    • Shadow Dark Drift
  • Dark Demise
    • Shadow Dark Demise
  • Dark Fury

Wiz: Shadow Jago can teleport through bursts of dark energy, and with his new Surge technique, he can amplify moves more efficiently than with raw Shadow Energy alone.

Boomstick: He's got the dark Shendokuken, which is like a regular Endokuken except he can toss an arced shot above himself after. Filling that with Shadow Energy makes him rapid-fire the move, making up to 5 separate balls of fire.

Wiz: He also has a modified Ninja Slide with the Dark Drift, sliding past foes' feet. With the Shadow version, it can hit up to five times in a flurry attack.

Boomstick: He's also putting that teleportation into use with Dark Demise, a teleporting dive-kick. And for those who enjoy brutal scenes, he can amp up this move to deliver a bunch of grounded kicks to really kick 'em while they're down.

Wiz: Shadow Jago also can use his modified blade in a Dark Fury, where he spins it above himself as he uppercuts. Actually, he can teleport into this move and even aim it more horizontally, along with getting multiple strikes in with the Shadow version.

Boomstick: But of course, you're not a Killer Instinct character if you don't have that instinct.

Shadow Instinct[]

  • Demonic Intent
  • Dark Gift
  • Annihilation

Wiz: With Dark Gift, Shadow Jago can grant both himself and his foe with a bar of Shadow Energy.

Boomstick: Well that's awfully nice of him! But like any good gift, it comes at a price. With Demonic Intent, not only does this anti-monk hit faster than he was before, but if he dashes through a foe, he can create a chain of some sorta energy that yoinks part of their meter to halve the cost of his own Shadow moves. Man, I didn't know he was a loan shark as well, this guy's the complete package.

Wiz: Not only that, but Shadow Jago also has his own finishing technique. Annihilation, where he blitzes the target with his full speed before slicing them into the air, and finally coming down with a chop that supposedly destroys their head.

Boomstick: Kinda like a low-budget, non-soul-destroying Raging Demon.

Wiz: Yet even with Gargos' supposedly complete control over Jago, he still managed to break loose of his hold and erase Shadow Jago. Now fighting against the forces of his once-spiritual mentor along with UltraTech, he seeks a way to truly rid himself of the corruptive nature of the god.

Boomstick: But even with these trials, the guy ain't all strengths.


  • Instinct and Shadow Energy are limited
  • Must focus on not being taken by Gargos' influences at all times

Wiz: Whilst the Instinct and Shadow abilities are incredibly valuable, they're on a limited resource. Shadow Jago's Dark Gift and Demonic Intent can reduce that problem for Shadow Energy, but only at the cost of Instinct.

Boomstick: He's also really messed up from that whole Shadow Jago experience, and is constantly fighting internally to keep it from taking him over again.

Wiz: But even with this path laid barren, Jago will constantly fight for what is right. Maybe someday, he will finally purge himself of his master's betrayal once and for all.

Jago Car Drop

"*The noises one would attribute to a car being dropped on a human-sized war machine.*"

Pre-Death Battle/Poll[]

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set! We've run the data through all possibilities.


  • Poll Results
    • Ryu: 83%
    • Jago: 17%

Death Battle[]

Location: World Tournament Fighting Ring[]

Ryu vs Jago Premire

We open onto a large jumbotron blaring to life and revealing the latest matchup in a seemingly long-running tournament--the final matchup, in fact! A man wearing a karate gi and with a focused demeanor, and a man half-cloaked in shadow, a ninja-like attire worn along with a strange hair-do. The Wandering Warrior vs The Tiger Warrior. As the jumbotron shifts images, the view of a boxing ring is shown, those two figures standing on opposite ends of the ring. Once the camera fades into the actual arena this fight is taking place in, a distinctly memorable voice can be heard commentating.

"Welcome back folks to the KILLER INSTINCT Tournament! I'm your host Ringmaster, and we're here live at the final round of the finals!" A boisterous and very much showman-y voice blared out, the crowd around the ring buzzing in excitement. "Just a reminder, the winner of this tournament gets a chance to face of against the new mighty warrior sponsored and created by UltraTech, Fulgore 3.0.!" Ringmaster continued hamming it up, before the cameras around the arena focused on both fighters in question.

"In the red corner! Weighing in at around 205 pounds and hailing from the Himalayas like some sorta hermit, we don't even know if he was allowed to TAKE that sword into the ring, it's the Tiger Warrior: JAGO!" As the announcing entertainer finished, said warrior monk would finally stand up from his previously cross-legged position, glaring fearlessly at his opposing opponent. "The Tiger Spirit shall guide me to my destiny." was all he would claim. As he said that, his opponent merely gave a humorless scoff, pulling into a fighting stance with a serious expression. "Talk is cheap. The answer lies in the heart of battle."

"And in the white corner! Weighing in at 187 pound and hailing from literally anywhere that has even the slightest bit of ground, he's got the most quotable moves out there, it's the Wandering Warrior: RYU!" would then introduce Jago's opponent, with both martial artists paying the announcer, nor the crowd any mind. Both were here for their own purposes, and they weren't about to let the other get in the way of that. However...both had to admit, even as the crowd roared. Their latest challenger proved promising.


Both fighters didn't dare to keep their gaze off eachother.


Their poses tightened ever so minutely, ready to move the second the fight started.


A battle between man and tiger. I wonder who will come out on top...


Ryu vs Jago Fight Start

[(Now Playing: Satsui No Instinct - Death Battle Fanon Track)]

And they were off! Ryu and Jago both approached the other, cautious in their steps. Though it wouldn't be long until they met in the middle, only taking moments to properly size up their foe before clashing in strikes. Despite the weapon on his back, Jago preferred his fists for this bout, striking at each blow Ryu attempted to hit him with with twice the speed! A chop met a cross-block, a straight punch was caught by an elbow, and a high-foot strike was ducked under before it could even reach the other's head.

Finally, Jago won the initial trade, grabbing the hilt of his blade as the only warning he had before unleashing an uppercut! Energy followed through the attack, leaving a dangerous arc that Ryu only narrowly dodged with a backwards dash. His gi wasn't so lucky, a long upwards gash torn through it. The white-wearing man patted his chest, feeling no wound...good. If he had just been a second slower, then he no doubt would have had to worry about bleeding out from that Laser Sword. "You fight with the intent to kill." he would note.


Ryu's eyes widened as a ball of green fire came flying at him, forcing his step to the side as it flew past him. A sizzle made it clear that attack had landed somewhere else, something he couldn't focus on right now. Although, the way it was thrown... "And you clearly know of Gouken's teachings..." he would mutter to himself, quickly shaking away his worry at the moment and instead looking back towards his opponent. Jago was holding his blade out once more, clearly intending on his current method of attack.

Taking it as a challenge, the student of Gouken would run up towards the sword-fighting ninja before directing a high-kick towards his blade. This kick was just narrowly avoided, although the green-clad monk had nary a chance to counter as Ryu swiftly turned the momentum from his kick into an elbow strike. Pushed back by the force of the attack, he was forced to tank another few strikes. "Ooh, and looks like Ryu's put the ol' reversal on Jago there! How's he gonna get himself outta this jam?" Ringmaster questioned rhetorically, although the aforementioned warrior had just the answer.

Suddenly pulling his free arm down, Ryu was able to get a few punches in before Jago unleashed a strong uppercut to his jaw! It would launch the gi-wearing man back, as the ninja-like one managed to get himself re-situated mid-air! Tucking back in his sword, he would pool in a green-energy around his hands, shaping it into a ball of raw flame before flinging it down towards the ground. "Endokuken!" he would cry, alerting Ryu of the attack heading his way. Swiftly turning to land on his feet, the warrior would pull in his own hands before then thrusting them out much like Jago, only punctuating his with a "Hadoken!" as the seeming only difference.

A blue aura suddenly shot from Ryu's hands, a visage as if the man's hands were leaving his body briefly showing before it then transformed into a blue ball of spiritual energy. The green fireball was blasted apart by this attack, leaving Jago to gasp in surprise before being struck by the attack. "Oh, and there goes Ryu's signature Hadoken! Looks like not even fire can stop this attack when it gets going!" was cracked out by Ringmaster, as the warrior monk was sent hurtling towards the edge of the ring.

Managing to get into a backwards somersault at the last second, he just narrowly managed to avoid this fate. However, Ryu was hot on his tail, running towards his foe with the intent to finish things. Swinging around, the warrior would reach his foot out, seemingly becoming a hurricane of power as he briefly defied gravity! "Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!" he cried, ready to finish things.

Jago, however, wasn't done yet.

Ryu v Jago Scene 1

Deftly ducking, and then transitioning into a shockingly fast Ninja Slide, Jago was now on the other side of Ryu, grabbing the warrior by his leg! "What's this? Jago's managed to actually dodge the Hurricane Kick!? I'd say that i'm just pulling your leg, but looks like he's got it covered." Ringmaster joked, as Ryu, much to his surprise, was actually tossed back towards the middle of the ring. With his foe no longer in his hands, the Tiger Warrior once more charged up an Endokuken, this time holding down the force instead of immediately throwing it out.

Ryu would stand back up soon after, wiping off his cheek off with the back of his hand before looking back at Jago. It seemed as if he was charging up his attack, the fire between his hands growing larger. Luckily for Ryu, he could do that too. Stretching his arms out, the sound of something within him unlocking would be heard as electricity broke out from his center. Travelling up his arms, the aura of the Dejin Reki would become more apparent, even as the lonesome warrior switched to his ever-familiar firing stance.

"Ha..." he would start, as the electricity condensed around his fists. "Do..." energy rippled across his body, swirling into a ball, containing most of the electricity. "KEN!" with that, he would fire the Dejin Hadoken, electricity arcing behind the ball of energy as it flew towards the ninja-like monk! Jago would fire his Endokuken at the same time, the flames now burning a bright yellow as the larger fireball struck the wave of energy heading towards him. Continuing his advance, the latter of the two would fire more Endokukens into his initial fireball; green, red, even a charged up green one joined their siblings in the assault against the Dejin Hadoken.

Finally, as the last Endokuken smashed into the Hadoken, they seemed to win out. The electrified Hadoken broke apart, shocking Ryu from that fact before he was struck by each and every one. The winner of the projectile battle would then rush towards Ryu, drawing his sword as he tried to slash across the Street Fighter once again. However, as he neared to strike... POW! Ryu suddenly shot an elbow out from the smokescreen that the attack created, catching the fast warrior off-guard with that chest strike.

Twisting his smokey silhouette as Jago staggered momentarily back, Ryu would then smash his fist into the monk's chin with an audible crack. "SHIN-!" he cried, leaning in closer, revealing his slightly burnt face out of the smoke. "SHOR-!" he continued, before finally leaping high into the air, spinning around and making his final strike look like a lightning bolt! "UKEN!" was finished, allowing Ryu to land on the ground before his opponent. Then reeling his leg back, a white aura seemed to build up around the Wandering Warrior before he finally unleashed it in a kick that seemed to truly act like a hurricane!

"Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!"

Jago fell into the vacuum-like attack, being battered around by the literal hurricane kick before being thrown once more towards the edge! "Woah-ho, and Ryu's just linked two of his signature moves together! Looks like he's getting the better hits in here, folks!" Ringmaster helpfully explained, even as Jago managed to pick himself back up. He was limping somewhat, taking haggard breaths as he watched his opponent. He couldn't give up here, not when this fight was starting to get more interesting!

Closing his eyes, the bodysuit-wearing man would take a sharp breath as he focused. Suddenly, what appeared to be a tiger's face seemed to glow upon his torso, over the clothes he wore. Snapping his eyes open, they seemed to be dilated as Tiger's Focus activated. "Let's see you handle Instinct." Jago claimed, before running right back in! Already, his wounds seemed to be patching themselves up, shocking Ryu for a second before he regained his bearings. "So you've stopped holding back.." he would claim, before then pulling into a Hadoken charging stance. "Then I will do the same! Hadoken!"

Firing the ball of energy, Ryu would watch as the two forces closed in...only, Jago suddenly swept into a roundhouse kick that seemed to boost his speed, the Hadoken phasing through his upper body as he flew forwards! Green afterimages flashed behind him, signifying the use of Shadow Energy as the sword-wielding warrior flashed towards the Street Fighter. Connecting his foot into the fighter's chin with the enhanced Wind Kick, Jago would then seem to be filled with even more energy, a tiger's roar blazing through the arena as he stood in a steady stance for a mere second.

As that second passed, he would then completely blitz his foe, unleashing a figurative hurricane of attacks! Punches melded into slashes, kicks flipped into slides that returned to their original position, and fireballs launched point-blank, all too fast for a normal person to properly process. "Looks like Jago's just flipped this whole thing around with a well-timed Wind Kick, 'cause he's delivering an ULTRA COMBOOOOOOO!" Ringmaster claimed, pumping a fist into the air for emphasis as the green-clad man rapidly struck Ryu's form.

Within the combo, Ryu's rage began to brew, grunts forced to come out the warrior as he was blitzed in raw speed. Managing to get himself together, he would crouch low, taking an attack meant for his pelvis to the chest. Huffing out a growl, he would close his eyes, muttering "Focus, Ryu..." to himself. As the flurry of attacks hit him, the warrior would concentrate even harder, a black aura beginning to appear around him as the blows began to be blocked by a held up arm. Sucking in a deep breath, the warrior's eyes then snapped open, the black aura winding around into his wound-back fist.

As Jago went in for an attack against Ryu's arm once more, a fist suddenly shot out from his peripherals! Too fast for the monk to react, the gi-clad man had thrusted a fist firmly in the former's gut! Almost immediately, the sword-user would begin to crumple, the pain and power from that attack much too much to initially bear.


Why thank you, Ringmaster. As Jago started to fall, Ryu would began to unleash his own attack, spinning around to deliver a heel-strike that smashed into the ninja-like monk's cheek. This forced him to spin in the air as he landed on his back, allowing Ryu a chance to check the arm he blocked with. What he saw wasn't pretty, bruises and laser-scars racing up and down it. Wincing from the sight of it, the hardened warrior would turn his attention back towards Jago, whom was already standing back up. His tiger tatoo was flickering, faltering under the raw damage that Focus Attack and kick both dealt.

And yet, he still stood.

Standing tall, yet taking haggard breaths, the Tiger Warrior would speak once more. "Your's unmatched." he would claim, before his willpower surged through him! As the tiger head on his body glowered even brighter, Jago would crouch down. "But I know neither of us have shown our full strength!" he would reveal, before then leaping upwards with all of his might! Levitating with the power of telekinesis, he would bring both hands into the air, forming an Endokuken that began to grow, larger and larger as he charged it up! "Uh, okay, that one actually kinda looks dangerous. Wait, is he gonna THROW that thing!?" Ringmaster worriedly mentioned, before then realizing he should probably get out of dodge. So he hid under the commentator's booth.

"Let us finish this, Ryu! ENDOKUKEN!" Jago would finally cry, before throwing the gigantic green fireball towards the martial arts master!

The air around it was already fizzling with energy, the heat of the fireball enough to get anyone in the audience sweltering. However, Ryu stood firm against it, his confidence in himself not fading. "Likewise..." he would claim, before then shifting into his Hadoken charging stance. Cupping both hands together, he would begin to charge...yet this time, something was different. The aura he held felt more...calm, yet with power unmatched. White waves began racing around his form, seemingly unfelt as Ryu focused purely on the fireball before him.

"Shin..." he started, powering up the ball of energy in his hands as far as it could go. Truly getting into the fight, the warrior's eyes began to glow a harsh white, obscuring his actual pupils and irises as he pushed out all he could. There was nothing clouding his mind, nothing to hold him back.

He was filled with Nothing.

Ryu v Jago Scene 2

So he was filled with everything.

Suddenly thrusting his fists out with a mighty "HADOKEEENNNNNN!", he would launch his ultimate Hadoken, the Shin Hadoken, straight at the fireball. Taking the form of a giant ball of spiritual energy, both blasts rippled upon contact before finally exploding in a massive shower of energy! Green flames and white-blue energy scattered about, attacking each other even whilst separated before there was nothing left but a thick smoke. The audience roared in amazement at the spectacle of the technique.

Peeking back up from his booth, Ringmaster would ask "I-is it over...?" before remembering he was on live. Swiftly standing back up, the man would hurriedly claim "I mean--WHAT A SPECTACLE! Just goes to show that UltraTech gets the best of the best for these kinds of things!", gesturing back to the ring in question. Amazingly not ripped apart by the clash, the smoke would clear slightly to reveal Ryu still standing. He was taking deep breaths, tapped out of the Power of Nothingness and sporting fresh burns, but he was still standing.

Going to stand back up to his full height, he would take one more breath before glaring at where Jago once stood, expecting the fight to have been over. "I walk the path of a true warr-ACK!"

Ryu v Jago Scene 3

Before he could even finish, a sword suddenly darted out of the smog, distorting it before finding itself buried deep in Ryu's chest! Its superheated blade cut through his flesh like butter, only stopping when there was just a little bit of it left. not soaked in the warrior's blood. A shocked gasp escaped most of the crowd, before the smoke cleared to reveal Jago, still standing in the spot he was once floating over. His own damage from the attack seemed to be fixed by the power of his Instinct. "Your path ends here." he remarked coldly, even as his arms' burns were rewinding themselves.

Hunching over, Ryu couldn't help but tremble, coughing out some blood. Dang could he have not seen that coming!? Shaking in pain, his eyes would widen as he felt a familiar force tear through his heart. Unable to halt it in the state he was in, the warrior known as Ryu had no choice but to die...and in his stead, the Satsui No Hado took hold, tearing across his body. Unleashing a scream that was warped by rage and agony, a raw and red aura engulfed him, burning at his very soul as it took ahold!

Left shocked by his foe's harrowing transformation, Jago would be left stuck to the spot as the man once called Ryu then grabbed the blade in his chest by the metal still outside of his body. Pulling it out, he left behind the wound, a dangerously glowing yellow filling it as he lifted the blade before him. His eyes suddenly exploded into a feral, glowing red, a single twitch of the man's fist completely shattering the sword as he finally awoke!

Evil Ryu had just been unleashed.

"Wo-ho-ho! Looks like Ryu's getting his own Killer Instinct! Hah, get it? No one? Fine..." Ringmaster attempted to joke around, although he too was getting a little nervous from what was going on in the ring. Speaking of which, Jago had no idea what to say, too stunned by his opponent's new form to think of anything besides a quiet, horrified "No...". Suddenly, the corrupted fighter dashed towards the Tiger Warrior, giving him no time to breathe as the former threw out a powerful punch to the face!

Jago's Tiger Focus finally came to an end, and at the completely wrong time. He would attempt to strike the pure evil manifested, yet each attack seemed to deal no damage, only leaving him open to a wild barrage of bloodthirsty strikes! A downwards swing that most definitely broke the tiger warrior's collar, a Hadoken that actually seemed to change it's upwards arc mid-attack, an axe kick that most definitely broke his ribs, and a Shoruken that threatened to completely liquidfy his jaw, each of these strikes were being comboed into eachother before the brutal warrior finished with an elbow that knocked the wind out of Jago.

Luckily, this attack also knocked him back, getting him away from the vicious soul. Not that the beating he received wasn't already harrowing, the green-clad man wavering as he tried to stay standing. Evil Ryu, with a few swift attacks, had managed to completely turn this around! Though Jago wasn't about to go down easy, gritting his teeth as he screwed his eyes shut. "Tiger Spirit...please! I need more of your power, your path...c-cannot be halted here..." he would plead, hoping that his tribe's god, the one that gave him his power, would answer the call.

Unfortunately for him, it did.

The Tiger Warrior suddenly felt a stabbing within his soul, freezing up as a cold crept up within him. Evil Ryu, who had been stalking towards his prey, would stop upon noticing something...not of this world, begin to occur. Jago began to shake, the trembling quickly turning violent as spurts of dark energy began warping into view around him. "No! NO! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" he would desperately scream, but it was too late. The Tiger Spirit had shed its disguise, Gargos now taking over the formerly sword-wielding fighter's body.

His skin grew a sickly blue, Jago's clothes following a similar transformation. The darkness would increase, warping into an aura that only served to highlight how dead the fire-bending warrior seemed to be, even as he grew limper. Then, his eyes faded into an eerie white, a sign all needed to know that of now, Jago was dead. Shadow Jago had just been born. Lifting a hand into the air, he would grasp seemingly nothing at first, although out of a dark mist, a giant, cleaver-like sword with a serrated edge made itself whole within his grasp.

Ryu v Jago Scene 4

"Looks like things are taking a Sith-y turn, cause we're getting a good look at these two's ugly sides!" Ringmaster declared, already swinging back into full force in an attempt to quell the now nervous crowd. Uncaring for them, however, Shadow Jago merely lowered his blade, turning to look towards the now black-gi-clad form of Ryu before sheathing his blade. Seems like he was ready to fight once more. The tainted soul would look momentarily puzzled, before giving a savage grin.

Finally, a worthy opponent. This battle would be legendary.

Both black and blue fighters suddenly rushed eachother, with Evil Ryu delivering a series of strikes that were only barely weaved out of the way by Shadow Jago. A sharp punch crashed against one malicious nose, while a high knee dug into another's gut. A long-winded sword slice attempted to cut through the form of Evil Ryu, only for the alter-ego to catch it in a hand and deliver a punch that sent the lighter of the two dark forms stumbling back. Before he could strike him, however, a series of shadowy Endokukens would rain against him, burning his already blackened skin and forcing him to give some distance.

Shadow Jago immediately ran to close that distance, swinging his sword in a wide arc against his opponent's chest. Digging into flesh, it would tear a long slice through Evil Ryu's torso that crossed through his stab wound that would similarly start leaking out raw power. This earned exclamations of surprise and shock from the crowd, wth Ringmaster chuckling to himself awkwardly at the scene. "Ooh, that one's gonna hurt in the morning. Makes for a cool battle scar, though!" he would once more try to please the crowd.

A roar of pain rang through the building as Evil Ryu reacted to the attack, swiftly delivering a diagonal rising kick to knock Shadow Jago back. Deciding that it wanted his blood now, the murderous intent of the Dark Hado would rise within the evil martial artist, wreathing him in a deadly aura that exuded raw bloodlust. Ringmaster, apparently, already knew what this one was gonna be. "Look out folks, cause it seems like Ryu's aboutta go for the Raging Demon! A friend of mine told me about this once, it's said that whatever's hit by this flashy finisher'll have it's very soul destroyed!" the announcer would claim, which seemed to intrigue the crowd somewhat. I mean, what kind of attack does that?

As promised, Evil Ryu would then float off the ground, before menacingly hovering towards Shadow Jago. At the last second though, the Shadow would disappear in a burst of black, leaving the killer fighter to only grasp air. "Ooh, seems like we ain't seeing it today though! What's Jago got planned this time?" Ringmaster excitedly asked. The answer would once more be unwittingly given, as the omen of a warrior would reappear above the bearer of the Satsui No Hado, striking him from above with a dive kick! Repeatedly stomping on him once he landed, that final stomp seemed to be all the set-up he needed.

Suddenly, the violent version of Ryu would be struck by a multitude of blows, each one too fast and dangerous to be avoided, linking into the next blow. Each punch, kick, slash, and even swipe from the dark fighter took it's toll on Evil Ryu, all until he was then caught by an upwards slash, now tearing a vertical line of pain through the man's chest as he was sent flying into the air. Not stopping for a second, Shadow Jago would then leap into the air, letting out a roar as he swung his blade down, extending the scar downwards as he spiked his target.

Now finally, the possessed Tiger Warrior would flip into a somersault as he fell, aiming to cleave Ryu's head in twain! As the dark force of Gargos closed in, however, it seemed like Ryu was finally starting to regain himself, his red eyes flickering into normal blacks. "N-no...I will not..." he began, gritting his teeth as he struggled. "I will not--let...the Dark Hado...." he continued, the sword being swung down in an attempt to cut him off. Yet, it was to late, the man's eyes shooting into white lights of purity.


Suddenly rolling out of the way at the last second, Shadow Jago's sword smashed into the ground, creating a violent tremor in the stage that even broke into the crowd, splitting apart the floor all the way towards the building wall from the sheer force of the missed strike. "WOAH--hey, you're gonna have to pay for that!" Ringmaster complained, having nearly fallen into the hole formed by the blade's shockwave. He scooched his set a few inches away from the hole, as Ryu was reborn. A warrior pure of heart, who knew what he must do.

"I'm sorry..." Ryu claimed, the Power of Nothingness surging through him. "But I must not allow you to threaten this world any longer." he would finish, getting into a fighting pose once more. Shadow Jago merely grunted as he heaved his blade back up, sheathing it as his newest challenge presented itself. Both warriors, on polarizing sides of the scale, would begin to circle eachother. Light and dark, each would size the other up before then rushing in. No respect was held by the other, both fighters giving it their all to take the other down for good.

A vicious chop was blocked by an emotionless parry, whilst a righteous elbow was dodged with a frustrated growl, the followed-up strike being effortlessly spaced out. An upwards elbow was blocked, both fighters continuing exchanges where neither seemed to gain the upper-hand. Finally, Shadow Jago faked the fighter out by faking an Endokuken, mere shadow energy warping out of his hands, which Ryu was quick to try and counter with a very much real Hadoken. However, it never hit it's target, as the dark fighter had warped into an uppercut with his sword, spinning the saw-like weapon around with a Dark Fury!

Teleporting behind Ryu, he then fakes out a jab once more, teleporting around the countering elbow strike to deliver a solid shove to the noble warrior's front, beginning to abuse this technique as he faded in and out of range! However, Ryu seemed to be getting an understanding of the dark force's unintended pattern, suddenly pulling his arms up to block a punch from yet another warping attack. Filling his forearms with energy, he would then jerk them away, creating a shockwave that knocked the Shadow off guard! Swiftly, he transitioned this to a powerful kick to the chest, launching Shadow Jago back.

"Your tricks can not fool me..." the mightier warrior proclaimed, stepping forwards in an attempt to finish the job. However, it seemed as if the shadow of Jago was not yet done, as it suddenly stood back up in a flash! Releasing more power, he would give into his Instinct before running towards the holder of Nothingness. Faster than Ryu could react, he would duck into some darker version of the Ninja Slide, filled with Shadow Energy as he rapidly juggled the student of Gouken. As he dashed back to his spot, a white chain would form between the two, seemingly to the shadow's delight.

"Well that's one Dark Drift if i've seen one, folks. But is it enough to really take down Ryu?" Ringmaster questioned, to which the crowd began to cheer out in Ryu's favor. Seems like they've found the face for this fight. Not like it mattered to the two in the ring, as Shadow Jago began to focus on some energy. Suddenly, the Power of Nothingness would flicker as the warrior of hope stopped himself, letting out a gasp of shock. "No...! It's back...already?" Ryu questioned, feeling the Satsui No Hado start to well up within him.

Gritting his teeth, Ryu tried to push it down before Shadow Jago repeated his motion, forcing another spike of energy to force Ryu to gasp, nearly losing his grip on the state. "Th-that's empowering the Dark Hado!" Ryu would soon realize, forcing down a grunt as the Dark Gift was once more granted onto both fighters. Trembling, the wielder of both evil and goodness desperately raced through his thoughts, trying to find a way to stop it. But that's when he realized, his eyes widening once more.

"I can't..." he began, his hands clenching into fists. "If I...c-cannot rid myself of the Satsui No Hado..." he would continue, his teeth grinding from the overpowering feeling of both forces. But this actually gave him a much better idea, one that might be just crazy enough to work. "Then I must...FIND BALANCE!" he would roar, suddenly overtaken by both the calm waves of the Power of Nothingness, and the raging spikes of the Satsui No Hado. Both sides warped around Ryu, seemingly engulfing him completely before the pillar washed away into a brand new sight.

Ryu v Jago Scene 5

Ryu now stood tall, both auras raging around him, and yet neither overtaking the other. White waves rolled off his right as red spikes shot off his left, his eyes glowing white, yet with strikingly red irises. Already in a fighting pose, he was ready to end things with BOTH sides of his power. He no longer was just simply Ryu, but instead Shin Ryu. "What's this? It looks like Ryu's gotten another form up his sleeve!" Ringmaster declared, before in a quieter tone, muttering "Kinda reminds you of another karate hobo with a beam attack..." to himself.

"This power is not used for conquest...nor is it used for bloodshed, not even for personal gain." Shin Ryu began, twisting his stance once more into his signature Hadoken position. "It is battle incarnate!" he would then declare, already charging up the energy around him into a ball of energy. Shadow Jago sensed the battle's true conclusion, and would go on to charge up their own power, forming an Endokuken once more. This one, while massive, wasn't going to be used as a simple ball attack, however. Absorbing it into his hand, he prepared to fire it at the charging balance between forces.

"The thrill of the fight, the purity of martial arts. These are the definitions of the fighter's soul! If you hear me, Jago...THEN LET THIS FIGHT END! RID YOURSELF OF THE FORCE CONTROLLING YOU, AND ALLOW YOUR SOUL ONE MORE CHANCE AT PEACE!" Shin Ryu bellowed out, the energy in his hands reaching a crescendo of reds, whites, and blues. Finally, he would thrust his fists forwards, projecting them out as a wave of sheer, brutal energy. "SHINKU, HADOKEEEEEEEENNNNN!" was cried out, one final war cry for this battle to conclude.

Shadow Jago had no heart-felt speech, although inside, a voice deep-down would begin to rise, louder and louder than before. As for now though, Shadow Jago was in charge, and all he would reply to it with was one final roar of defiance. Throwing both hands fowards, a giant dragon made out of fire would be shot out with deceptively fast speed, clashing with the Shinku Hadoken in the middle! The ground would shake, both from the excitement of the crowd and the force of the clashing beams before them. The ground even cracked all around the building, threatening it's collapse.

Both Shadow Jago and Shin Ryu put their all into the attacks, seemingly locked in their battle. Slowly, the Shin Hadoken would crawl closer, starting to beat out the Dragon Endokuken...but at the last second, the shade would lift a hand, a dark force pooling into it before they unleashed Dark Gift once more! Not expecting the extra bit of darkness, Shin Ryu's form would falter...and that was all that the emissary of Gargos needed. Thrusting the rest of their power into the weakened attack, the mighty dragon would break through the Hadoken, engulfing Ryu within itself with a gigantic roar of flames!

A scream and roar both broke out of the ring, the world fading to white for everyone within the building.

Once the world came back into view, the entire stage was wrecked. It had collapsed, the rubble revealing only two figures within the rubble. Ringmaster had gotten back up after falling back from the force of the clash before, his hair frazzled from the lingering energy in the air. Managing to snag his mic off his booth, the announcer would shakely claim "N-now THAT was a showstopper, folks! Now it's gotta be over!" he would claim, as the cameras that still worked zeroed in on the figure standing in the remains of the ring...well, figures. Both combatants seemed to be standing, even despite everything.

As the smoke from the collapse vanished however, it wouldn't be like how one would expect. One of the figures was a depowered Jago, who weakly breathed after the exertion on his body. The other? Ryu...or to be more precise, Ryu's skeleton. Moments after it was revealed, the bones would collapse, leaving a merely charred skeleton pile and a haggard warrior remaining. "And the winner is JAGOOOOOO!" Ringmaster would blare out, to the shock to the audience members that were still conscious after the fight. He then promptly fainted, the exhilaration of the match finally taking it's toll.

Jago, meanwhile, would look upon the bones of his enemy, regret clear in his eyes. Walking towards them, he would get on a knee, a deep regret washing over him as he looked upon the remains of Ryu. "...i'm sorry, Ryu." he would shockingly apologize, a soft tone in his voice. "But...thank you. Your words managed to save my soul when even I thought I was lost." the monk continued, before then noticing something. His headband, it was still somehow on the skull, even if majorly burnt and partially ripped. After a moment's hesitation, the Tiger Warrior would take it, going to wrap it around his head.

"If this is the way that the Tiger Spirit wishes to express itself, to kill a noble warrior such as you...then I reject it. So long as I still live, it will never harm another soul again." he would promise, though to himself or the departed warrior, it was not clear. Standing back up, Jago would cough up some blood before starting to walk off. He needed to get that checked out.


  • Ending Screen A: Ryu's spirit wanders an old and beaten path, stopping before his master Gouken's home.
  • Ending Screen B: Jago meditates within his clan's monastery, freshly wrapped bandages covering him along with Ryu's headband. Suddenly, as a shadowy apparition of himself appeared, his eyes would flash green before a spiritual car would fall on top of it.


Boomstick: Oof, that's one sunburn that Ryu ain't walking off anytime soon.

Wiz: This was a close battle, all things considered. Both fighters certainly held their own advantages, and if the circumstances were even slightly different, then i'm sure that Ryu might have won more often than not.

Boomstick: Yeah, he definitely had enough power on his side to take down Jago in one serious attack, 'speccially when you look at Akuma and his whole island smasher punch. That's about 145 Megatons of TNT, or about 145,000,000 tons, WAY more than the 16,442 ton feat that Tusk pulled off.

Wiz: However, hitting him was a whole other story. Remember how Glacius was able to move faster than ARIA could react? He was able to move faster than 0.01 nanoseconds, or about 10 picoseconds. There was no way any of Ryu's Mach 5634 attacks could connect, given that it would equate to about 75959.64 picoseconds. That's about a x7595.96 picosecond difference in speed, which is amazingly huge given how fast picoseconds go by. It's a fraction of a fraction of a second, meaning that Jago should reasonably be capable of landing more blows than Ryu can react to. Especially once he gets into Shadow Jago mode, with the fact he can teleport and all that.

Boomstick: But what's the point if he doesn't have the power to back it up? Ryu's been through some seriously rough shit, death by a thousand paper cuts ain't gonna cut it for him.

Wiz: Well thankfully for Jago, he had an out for that issue: His fire. Ryu's never had to actually face anyone with real fire before, with Ken's being a mere variant of the Hadoken, while the fire-user Dhalsim only uses an ilusion of fire, not the real thing. And with how hot it could get, he could get in that one strike he needs to take him down. Especially since he seems to focus it into his blade through his Laser Blade technique, as his blade actually glows when using it, and we have no other frame of reference on what other form of energy he might be using during the move.

Boomstick: That's not to say that Ryu was completely shit outta luck though. He's definitely the better trained of the two, even if he didn't live with his masters as long as Jago did. And he's certainly got a few armoring attacks that could catch Jago off-guard and get in that killing blow.

Wiz: However, the Focus Attack only works against a single strike, and Jago's style of overwhelming his foe with fast blows would overwhelm the attack's inherent armor. Along with that, Ryu's fighting style in his base form is inherently made in a way that it's not all that lethal, meaning that he would have to focus more considerably on actually landing that killing blow--something that would be hard to do, given the Satsui No Hado's influence always in the back of his mind.

Boomstick: But he still had those two other forms, not-UI and Shin Ryu. How was he gonna lose with them on?

Wiz: Simple. Shadow Jago's Dark Gift is actually the ki, imbalancing both forms with the dark influence that it gives. And Shadow Energy seems to act much like the Dark Hado, given that most Shadow variants of attacks involve them being more brutal than usual, much like how people under the influence of the Murderous Intent are. Ryu was never going to go down easily, but Jago's speed, firepower, and lethal weaponry gave him the edge he needed to take the win more often than not.

Boomstick: Looks like Jago was just too hot too handle.

Wiz: The winner is Jago.

Jago Win
  • Jago (Winner)
    • + Faster
    • + More Lethal Techniques
    • + Dark Gift can force Ryu out of Power of Nothingness and Shin Ryu
    • = About same intellect
    • = Outright skill is about even
    • = Most moves are in the other's arsenal
    • - Weaker
    • - Less Durable
  • Ryu (Loser)
    • + Stronger
    • + More Durable
    • + Can potentially one-shot
    • = About same intellect
    • = Outright skill is about even
    • = Most moves are in the other's arsenal
    • - Slower
    • - No explicit fire resistance
    • - Stronger forms are countered by Dark Gift
    • - Less lethal style
    • - Inexperience fighting outright sword-users

Next Time[]

Two fighters, ones who always stayed in others' shadows. A man with long black hair and an orange gi, a shorter, yet stout man with a curvy mustache and a green cap. Both have done all they could, all to get the recognition they deserve, yet never have they gotten a single ounce of it from their peers.

The unluckiest of the unluckiest, the underdog's underdog, eternal second bananas.

Will they finally get an honest, no-help required win?

"In your dreams!"

SEASON FINALE: Yamcha vs Luigi


  • The connection between these combatants is that they both are fighting game protagonists who are honor-bound. Along with that, both of them hold an evil power that they have to fight to control that was originally unseen, yet they both end up falling to it. As an odd connection, both of their superpowered evil sides have also become playable characters in their own right, with their own movesets and super moves.
  • The name of the battle soundtrack would be 'Satsui No Instinct', which is a combination of the force that Ryu can tap into (Satsui No Hado), and the name of Jago's home series (Killer Instinct). Together, it translates to 'The Murderous Instinct', which sum up Evil Ryu and Shadow Jago perfectly. The cover art would be a dragon-styled Endokuken consuming a Hadoken, with the latter transforming into a ball made of shadow energy and wisping off energy like users of the Satsui No Hado.
  • The battle would be sprite animated, with a 3D background.