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Rocky Balboa
Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.
~ Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa is the main protagonist of the movie series, Rocky.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents[]


A up-and-coming boxer from Philadelphia, Rocky Balboa is amongst the greatest pugilists of boxing history. Known straightly for his near-superhuman defense with his face and heavy-hitting boxing style, Rocky has cemented a legacy based on struggle, resilience and dedication; rendering him one of the greatest of all time.

In the first Rocky flim, Rocky struggles to make a living by undertaking low-reward bouts and strongarming for loan sharks. He argues with his mentor Mickey Goldmill, (who has lost faith in him because Rocky does not realize his potential as a fighter) and starts dating pet shop clerk Adrian Pennino. Knowing the dangers that chasing women would result in the loss of focus, Mickey warns Rocky not to get too close to Adrian. However, things change for the better for him when he is challenged by champion Apollo Creed, who wants to fight an unknown pugilist to give said fighter a chance for the title. To prepare, Rocky reconciles with Mickey, who trains him to the limit and beyond it. Given motivation from Adrian to become self-confident and support from her brother, Paulie, Rocky takes on Apollo Creed in 15-match bout. Although he has withstood Apollo's out-boxer skill, to the latter's surprise, he nonetheless loses to Creed via split decision. Uncaring of the result, Adrian consummates his love for Rocky, proud of him for acheiving his goal of going the distance with Creed.

In Rocky II, Creed suffers from bad press for failing to beat Rocky efficiently and challenges him to a rematch, but Rocky refuses and retires from boxing, taking surgery for retinal detachment. Unfortunately, despite living the good life as Adrian advised him too, being married to her and all, Rocky suffers from financial troubles due to having no white-collar skills beyond the 8th grade: he struggles to find a well-paid job, he is fired from the commercial studio, turned down for office work, and laid off from the Shamrock meat packing facility. Creed initiates a smear campaign against Rocky to goad him into accepting his rematch and publicly insults him, forcing him to accept the rematch. However, it gets worse for Rocky: Adrian refuses to support him because she's pregnant with his child, leaving Rocky unable to focus on his training, but Adrian recovers after giving birth to their son, Rocky Jr, and provides Rocky support, giving him more motivation than ever to train harder. On their bout in Thanksgiving, Rocky and Creed battle once again in another 15-round bout, ending with both fighters knocked down. Suprisingly, Rocky stands up triumphant due to his determination, becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

In Rocky III, Rocky basks in his fame as a Heavyweight Champion, defending his title ten times, and even fighting against professional wrestler Thunderlips. All went well for him until a rapidly improving contender James "Clubber" Lang, began heckling and harassing Rocky for winning over lesser fighters so easily, aggressively challenging him for his title. At first, Rocky was hesitant, but he accepts furiously when Lang makes a sexual suggestion towards Adrian. He conversed with Mickey, who revealed that the title defenses were set ups; Mickey had handpicked the fighters so that Rocky would not endure the very beating he had from Creed, and warned Rocky that Lang is going to be a dangerous threat than he'd ever realized. As they are about to prepare for their bout, Lang starts harassing Rocky again, causing a pre-bout brawl that ends with Lang shoving Mickey off, causing the latter to suffer a heart attack. Rocky wants to drop out to tend to Mickey, but the latter refuses to go unless Rocky wins over Lang. Things began to go downward for Rocky as he was later defeated by Lang. Despondent on his loss, he visits Mickey in his last moments. Mickey mistakes Rocky's loss as a win and dies afterward. Rocky eventually mourns for Mickey as his gym is closed, but is approached by Creed, who offers to train him in Mickey's stead. He confides in Adrian that he's become afraid when he makes no progress in Apollo's gym, but the former inspires him to cope with Mickey's death. Confident in himself and his loved ones, Rocky improves to become a better fighter than ever, combining his heavy-hitting style with Creed's speed, progressively growing in skill. In the next bout with Lang, Rocky dominates the first round, while Lang takes the second round (in actuality, Rocky intentionally took Lang's blows to let him grow overconfident). In the third round, Rocky tanks Lang's strongest blows without difficulty, agitating the latter, and causing him to make mistakes, wearing Lang down effectively which Rocky capitalizes to knock out Lang, regaining the championship.

In Rocky IV, when Creed challenges Soviet boxer champion Ivan Drago to a exhibition match, Rocky reluctantly accepts helping Creed. After their heated press conference, Rocky speaks with Creed about his decision to fight Drago. Although worried if Creed is really fighting Drago or himself, Rocky assures Creed that he has his support. In the match, while it seemed Creed is faring well against Drago... the Russian proved to be more than he can chew, beating Creed so badly. Rocky attempts to call off the match, but Creed refuses to stop, fighting to the last until he is beaten to death by Drago. Feeling guilty for Creed's death, Rocky himself attempts to challenge Drago. Due to their press conference and threats of violence, along with Adrian's dispproval, Rocky resolves to train with Paulie and Duke Evers, Apollo's trainer. Duke confides in Rocky that he had lost a part of himself when Creed died, and assures his confidence in Rocky that he'll make out alive in what seems to be an impossible feat for most people to do. For this, Rocky trains intensively under heavy conditions in snow which grows more confidence when Adrian shows up, giving Rocky more reason to push beyond his limitations in the unforgiving Russian winter. In his bout with Drago, the latter wins so easily, but in the second round, Rocky cuts Drago by the eye and beats him hard, prompting Duke to remind Rocky that Drago is a man. The bout turns into a blow for blow match until the 15th round, where Rocky gains the upper hand and defeats Drago, earning respect from the Russian audience. He gives them a heartfelt speech afterwards.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Name: Robert "Rocky" Balboa
  • Alias: The Italian Stallion, Rockhead, Rock
  • Birth Date: July 6, 1945
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Born the only child of a Roman Catholic Italian-American family
  • Widower (his wife Adrian died of ovarian cancer)
  • Retired, now a restauranteur
  • Based on Rocky Marciano
  • Fight record:
    • 80 fights
    • 57 wins (51 KOs)
    • 23 loses
    • 1 draw

Fighting Style[]

  • Specializes in the South Paw Stance
  • Can switch right out of the South Paw Stance
  • Mastered Mickey's 2-punch uppercut combo
  • The stance makes it easily to take advantage of inexperienced boxers
  • Mostly trained by Mickey Goldmill
    • Also trained by Apollo Creed and Tony "Duke" Evers
  • Used to beat his meat as part of his training, but now he is more civilized
    • Unsurprisingly, he can go back into beating meat as part of his exercise
  • Always gives it his all when he trains
    • Starts his training by drinking cupfuls of raw eggs
  • Never broke his nose before fighting Apollo


  • Can outrun cars
  • Ran throughout Philadelphia until he reached it's City Hall
  • Tanked Ivan Drago's punches, which were stated to have a striking power of 1800 pounds per square inch
    • Because his actor is an actual Kyokushin karate black belt, Rocky's actor went into intensive care for 3 days.
  • Has enough stamina to punch 7 times per second for nearly a minute straight
  • Lasted 15 rounds with Apollo Creed
  • Can climb up mountains without any equipment
  • Survived training in the intense snow of the Urals.
  • Can still do workouts in spite of being past his prime (Rocky Balboa)
  • Defeated Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago and Tommy Gunn
  • Put up a fight against Hulk "Thunderlips" Hogan and Mason "The Line" Dixon
  • Somehow became a member of G.I. Joe
  • Mentored and trained Adonis Creed, the son of the late Apollo Creed


  • Low intelligence
    • He's a grade school dropout with barely any literate skills.
  • Can get cocky or careless
  • Rarely blocks punches
  • Can get tired after fighting too much, and will need some water to get energized
    • This works when the fight is in a boxing match, but if it's not then it's possible to tire him
  • Overall a mortal man with limits
  • Suffered from various symptoms at certain points during his life;
    • Losing sight in one of his eyes after his first fight with Apollo Creed
    • Suffered from Cavum septum pellucidum sometime after his fight with Ivan Drago
    • Developed non-Hodgekins Lymphoma at Creed
  • Don't get us started on Rocky V