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Robotboy vs My Life as a Teenage Robot! Which one of these non Megaman super fighting robots will take it in a no holds bar fight. This is Gogeta46power's 6th battle in his season 1.


Gogeta: Excited for it or fear it, the robotic age is upon us. And when those mechanical menaces come, we should get some badass robots to protect us!

Robotboy: Like Robotboy, the son of Pofessor Moshimo

Begin RB

Jenny: And me, Jenny Wakeman, the daughter of Nora Wakeman!

Begin Jenny

Gogeta: I'm Gogeta and it is all our jobs to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win in a Death Battle!


Gogeta: Professor Moshimo was your average cartoon scientist, he spent his time messing around with his inventions and such. His first of which was his first attempt to create a robot, that robot being...Protoboy.

Robotboy: Protoboy bad robot.

Gogeta: Yes he was Ro' while powerful protoboy simply was too unhinged to keep stable, until his soon to be rival Dr. Kamikaze literally stole the brownish robot to deal with his nefarious purposes...too bad his experiments made Protoboy even more of a cunt that he already was...dumbass.

Robotboy: But then Professor made Robotboy.

Gogeta: Yes yes I was getting to that. After Protoboy was disconnected for what should have been eternity, Moshimo went back to the drawing board, creating a machine in his own words "Surpassed all expectations"

Tommy: Ro' I told you not to go out without my permission.

Robotboy: Robotboy is sorry.

Gogeta: Speak of the devil, this square headed kid right here, Tommy was entrusted by Moshimo to take care of this machine, this machine being the robot that will surpass all. He was... Robotboy. Okay, this robot has the power to take over the world, why THE HELL would you have a goddamn 10 year old look after him.

Tommy: Hey! I'm not that bad at it.

Gogeta: Not that bad at it? You literally lose track of Robotboy every 5 minutes, thank goodness Dr. Kamikaze is kind of an idiot.

Robotboy: Robotboy super hero.

Gogeta: That you are, there IS a reason why Dr. Kamikaze wants Robotboy as a minion because Robotboy himself is hella strong. Easily being able to break concrete and metal doors right down.

Tommy: That's not all Ro' can do at all! With his feet he can use rocket boosters to fly around at blitzing speeds and even super charge his feet to deal some nice fiery damage to them.

Gogeta: He can even seem to stop mid flight to use this fire, that's neat. Other than the he can shoot his arm out for a nice and classic rocket punch, always a classic.

Robotboy: Robotboy has laser fingers. Can bring down satellites from space.

Gogeta: Heck, this little machine even has a nifty freeze gun that can freeze humans solid instantly.

Tommy: Ro' even has some nifty flashlights in his eyes to see in the dark. Which is kind of redundant seeing as though he can see in Infrared vision, but it's still cool.

Gogeta: He doesn't use it much but he can make his hands into jackhammers, shaking the ground enough to make people in the nearby vicinity evacuate.

Robotboy: Robotboy, has super breath. Can blow tornados away along blowing missiles and changing their trajectory.

Gogeta: he's a does he have a way to breathe. I mean he doesn't have simulated organs, he's full of wires and stuff, and not only that, how does blowing on a missile literally change its set path? All of these answers and more WILL NOT have an answer behind them.

Tommy: a good question, like how his burps are flammable. Like he can burp and then..light it on fire.




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