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Robin vs. Delsin Rowe
Backgrounder (569)
Season 6, Episode 4
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Air date February 8th, 2016
Written by ParaGoomba348
Directed by Anonymous
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Robin vs. Delsin Rowe is a What-If? Episode of Death Battle, pitting Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening against Delsin Rowe from InFamous: Second Son.


Fire Emblem VS InFamous! In an elemental duel between magic and technology, who is ultimately superior?


Wiz: Elements - they are this world's natural building blocks, distinguishing natural materials from each other. And when utilized in combat, they can be powerful in the right hands.

Boomstick: Magic, science. Two different ways to use such elements. Representing magic, Robin, the tactician of the Shepherds-

Wiz: Representing science, Delsin Rowe, the delinquent Conduit of Seattle.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: It's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: In a time of great despair and cataclysm, the world could only turn to two heroes in its time of need - Chrom and his best friend, Robin.

Boomstick: Robin and Chrom encountered the sorcerer Validar - and without giving too much away, Robin and Chrom handed his ass to him! On a silver platter!

Wiz: Recognizing Robin's power from the very beginning, the spirit of the Fell Dragon Grima appeared on the scene not long after. He entered the mind of Robin, possessing him and removing Robin's will, and even killed Chrom as Robin's memories were completely wiped.

Boomstick: Grima then followed Lucina and her ragtag bunch of misfits to the past, then attempted to overwrite Robin's memories with his own. Buuuuuut you see, Robin's heart wasn't quite strong enough for that... and, well, he got amnesia.

Wiz: By the results of a time-travel paradox, Robin awoke in a field, with complete amnesia - yet, for some reason, he still knew how to talk, eat, walk, fight, basic things - to see Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick attempting to awake him.

Boomstick: Not sure how he came to this conclusion, but Robin decided to go along with Chrom's team, the Shepherds. And within minutes, Robin was the team's tactician!

Wiz: Leading the Shepherds alongside Chrom, Robin became an invaluable member of the team as they began a long campaign through the land of Ylisse, protecting it from the Plegians. Along the way, they met many a friend and foe alike in their quest to stop Grima once and for all.

Boomstick: Apart from being a tactician, Robin usually goes into battle equipped with several magical tomes! Ah, the only reading that's acceptable to me, when you can LIGHT YOUR ENEMIES ON FIRE!

Wiz: Thunder shoots a small ball of electricity at opponents, and is a weak attack but can be used many times. Robin can also use more powerful versions of the magical technique, with Elthunder, Arcthunder, and the incredibly powerful thunderbolt attack, Thoron.

Boomstick: Sound familiar?

Wiz: However, the stronger his Thunder tomes get, the less accurate the attacks are, and the less uses he can get out of a tome.

Boomstick: Now would be a good time to mention that he can also use Arcfire, which summons a blazing wall of magical fire, and Elwind, which summons a few blades of wind! Heh, not your ordinary NorCal breeze, is it?

Wiz: These magical spells can be called upon at either close or long-rage, making them versatile tools in any situation. In addition, they can also hit airborne opponents, Elwind in particular doing more damage against those lofted in the sky.

Boomstick: But in case Robin wants to take someone out the old-fashioned way, he carries around a generic bronze sword. Not quite the most interesting or unique of weapons, but hey, I have nothing against slashing my enemies apart with a sword. And neither does Robin!

Wiz: However, the Bronze Sword is hardly Robin's only close-range weapon. When he really wants to bring the heat, Robin equips the Levin Sword, a magical sword with the properties of lightning to it. In battle, Robin can charge this sword with lightning magic to deal incredibly powerful physical attacks, or even strike from a distance by summoning lightning bolts from it.

Boomstick: Damn... and I thought Pikachu was electrifying...

Wiz: In addition, while this technique is generally not available to tacticians, Robin also seems to be able to use a Nosferatu tome. While it is a difficult attack to land, it allows Robin to drain the life force of his enemies and add it to his own, draining life points even faster if he is to strike from behind.

Boomstick: That's one way to grab a girl's booty! Drain her life force while you're at it! Oh yeah, Robin also has some neat skills at his disposal. Veteran increases experience gained after teaming up, Solidarity boosts his allies' chances of landing and evading Critical Hits, Ignis raises an offensive stat by lowering the one he's not using, and Rally Spectrum raises all seven stats of his allies!

Wiz: Buuuuut if you couldn't tell, only Ignis is actually helpful to Robin in one-on-one fights. But what makes Robin truly powerful are his godlike stats - with almost perfect stats all around, and fantastic stat growth, Robin is a powerhouse, especially when upgraded to the Grandmaster class, which also increases his tactical abilities.

Boomstick: Oh yeah, speaking of that, Robin's basically one of the best tacticians around - see, he plans out everything in advance. He can plan his own moves several movements ahead, as well as the moves of his allies, and of his enemies! He's got a lot to focus on at once, and he does it really, really well. Even Batman would be impressed!

Wiz: Because of Robin's incredible potential, he was deemed worthy at birth to be a vessel for Grima. He's also led the Shepherds to victory on many accounts, planned the rescue of Emmeryn, broke through Validar's control and killed him, and he's had training from Lon'qu and Frederick, two of the most skilled members of the Shepherds.

Boomstick: That's cute. What about the time he straight-up defeated Grima, who was basically himself? T-time paradoxes. Don't question it. But anyway, here's Grima, a dragon capable of wiping out all of Ylisse with its fire breath, and here's Robin. Robin not only tanked all of his hits, but also defeated Grima in the end! Yeah, he had help, but he did it!

Wiz: However, that leads to perhaps Robin's biggest downfall. See, Robin's used to fighting alongside an army, and very rarely fights alone. That, and he's basically rendered a sitting duck if he uses up his tomes and weapons.

Boomstick: But hey, that's assuming you live long enough against him to stall him out!

Robin: Time to tip the scales!

Delsin Rowe[]

Wiz: The Akomish were an ancient tribe of Native Americans, most of whom were killed off during the English colonization of the United States. Generations passed, and very few pure Akomish were remaining to this day.

Boomstick: One such member, named Delsin Rowe, seemed to be a normal young adult. But when you're a member of a dying race, what are you gonna do with your life?

Wiz: Oh, not much. Mostly just go around and spit in the face of authority while vandalizing public property with spray-paint.

Boomstick: Yeah, that's it. Anyway, Delsin's brother, Reggie, was completely embarrassed of his juvenile brother because of his reputation for being a delinquent who was actually really good at graffiti.

Wiz: But... here's some family drama for you. Reggie, being a police officer, constantly needed to arrest Delsin over and over again. And yet, after being released, Delsin would just go back to what he was doing, even though he knew he'd keep getting arrested.

Boomstick: One day, while Reggie was arresting ol' Delsin like always, the two brothers witnessed a truck with three other Conduits in it. Wonder why I said "other"? Well... we're getting to that.

Wiz: Two of the conduits got away, but one of them, Hank Daughtry, was trapped in rubble. Delsin decided to do a good deed and attempt to help the guy, and accidentally absorbed his Conduit powers of Smoke.

Boomstick: After some brutal interrogation that would make Guantanamo Bay look like a playground, Delsin confessed to being a Conduit himself, and then was knocked out cold. When he awoke, he found his entire tribe about to be killed off - oh yeah, the game goes there, too. Not afraid to tackle genocide.

Wiz: Taking up Cole MacGrath as an idol, Delsin Rowe began his journey to save his tribe as well as Seattle.

Boomstick: Being a Conduit, Delsin Rowe has superhuman strength, speed, and durability. This is helpful for when he's doing parkour, which he can do twice the speed of Cole! Oh, and he can regenerate from minor wounds.

Wiz: That doesn't even scratch the surface. Delsin can also absorb the powers of other Conduits, as well as their memories, strangely enough. Armed with the powers of Smoke, Neon, Video, and Concrete, Delsin can use these powers in a wide variety of ways, and his body even turns into the element which he's using.

Boomstick: But, he can only use one at a time, and in order to switch between elements, he needs to drain power from other sources. Which is nice when there's a car or neon sign around, but bad when there's not.

Wiz: Using the fire-like element of Smoke, Delsin can turn into a cloud of, well, smoke. He can also boost himself into the air using the fumes of cars, float through the air by exuding smoke jets, and even fire out bullets, bombs, and rockets of smoke which can even leave his opponents gasping for air. Oh, and he can punch the ground and send foes flying by channeling Smoke through it.

Boomstick: With Neon, the light-gas element, Delsin can turn into a beam of light, float with Neon Thrusters, and fire out laser beams of neon from his hands. He can even suspend enemies in midair to locate weak points, and even has a limited degree of time-slowing! Oh, and he can punch the ground and send foes flying by channeling Neon through it.

Wiz: With Video, which works remarkably similar to what the movie Pixels ripped everything it did off of, Delsin can create blades of digital pixels, turn invisible, fly with digital pixel wings, summon digital angels to his side, and even fire out blasts of pixels for projectile attacks. Oh, and... yeah, the punching-the-ground thing.

Boomstick: Finally, Concrete, the man-made earth element. With this, Delsin can increase his strength and durability, fire sharp projectiles of concrete, turn into a large boulder, hover for basically forever, and launch himself into the air at high speeds! ...Oh, and uh... you get the point. Ground-punching.

Wiz: However, this isn't at all the extent of Delsin's powers. If Delsin is to be forced into close-range, he can take a fight using CQC with his chain. But he can also infuse the powers of Smoke and Neon into it, turning it into a flaming chain which can burn and melt through his opponents, or he essentially turn it into a lightsaber.

Boomstick: Oh yeah, he also has his cell phone, which gives him a digital map of Seattle whenever he wants, and... spray paint. Which, uh... well, if you spray it in someone's eyes, it's gonna hurt!

Wiz: Wet spray paint is highly flammable, and has been known to burn off the skin of reckless people who got fire too close to spray paint. In conjunction with Smoke, it could possibly be weaponized into an attack which the foe might not see coming.

Boomstick: But screw spray paint! His Karma Bombs are where it's at!

Wiz: When Delsin's Karma is full, he can unleash three incredibly powerful attacks depending on the element in use. Orbital Drop is a huge explosion of Smoke which is enough to destroy an entire D.U.P. base, Radiant Sweep suspends enemies in midair then barrages them with laser beams, and Hellfire Swarm rains down Digital Angels.

Boomstick: But just in case, Delsin is also a master of stealth, and damn, he makes a good graffiti artist!

Wiz: Speaking of which, Delsin Rowe has evaded and outmaneuvered the malicious D.U.P. Organization, who regularly fight and capture Conduits. He was also tricky enough to graffiti their base completely undetected. He's also taken down the Akuran gang with help from fellow Conduit Abigail Walker, defeated many different Conduits himself, and I exaggerate nothing when I say that he ran up the Space Needle using nothing but his parkour skills. No anti-gravity maneuvers, no crazy powers... just his own basic abilities.

Boomstick: That's cute. How about the time he sunk a man-made island using Hellfire Swarm?!

Wiz: However, Delsin's power is not absolute. He still lacks a true defensive ability, relying on his baseline durability and regeneration for a line of defense. He also only gets to use his strongest elemental attacks three times before being forced to replenish power, which also isn't always a given. And thanks to his attitude as a delinquent, he gets rather cocky.

Boomstick: But hey, eventually Delsin did become that hero Seattle needed. Aw, happy ending.

Delsin: All men must choose between two paths. Good is the path of honor, heroism, and nobility.



Robin Delsin SET

Seattle, 10 minutes to dusk

Nightfall was approaching the big city of Seattle. The horizon was painted an orange-red as the sun was rapidly disappearing from view, and the tall skyscrapers were casting a gray shadow across the city. The neon lights all across town were beginning to light up cyan and hot pink, displaying signs of restaurants and clubs which were open during the night hours.

Fuming cars could be seen parked in different areas across the city. In front of restaurants and clubs, gathered around near bars, and some of them just parked on various sidewalks. The satellites and digital devices were a given, as were the various spots of concrete.

It was practically a playground for any Conduit.

Somewhere on the freeway of the city was a large billboard advertising the video game Fire Emblem: Fates, with a picture of the male Avatar from Fire Emblem: Awakening on the side. Some of the American fans had been criticizing the Westernized version of the game for removing the girl-petting feature and toning down the bust sizes of the various females, but... could you blame them? Americans get triggered easily.

Standing on the edge of this billboard was a young man in a denim jacket with various buttons and spikes on it. He also wore a red beanie atop his head and had shaggy brown hair underneath, plus the generic "Face of a Thug". In his right hand was a can of spray paint. This man, Delsin Rowe, was known for being the hero of Seattle.

But hey, not every hero is a moral compass, right?

Delsin smirked as he held up the can of spray paint to the advertisement. "This'll teach you to remove the Waifu Simulator part of your game..." He chuckled, spray-painting a white mustache on the Avatar's face.

"Hmm... not quite risque enough..." Delsin muttered to himself, wearing a devious grin on his face as he scratched his chin. "I know." Delsin shook up his spray paint can for a few seconds, then painted a circular object, then a straight line pointing toward the Avatar's head. He painted three more of these, then stood back with a smile on his face as he admired what he'd painted.

Three white dicks pointing at the Avatar's face.

Delsin's grin began to widen as his lip curled in an attempt to hold back laughter. After a few seconds, he found himself lying down in front of the sign, holding his gut as he laughed. "Ha! There's dicks in his face!" He laughed some more, almost on the verge of tears from laughing so hard.

Suddenly, he saw a flash of bright light coming from behind him - it was a police truck's headlights.

Delsin sighed as he turned his head toward the truck, and then saw his brother emerge from the driver's side of the vehicle.

"Delsin!" shouted Reggie Rowe from the ground. Delsin exhaled with frustration as he jumped down from the billboard, then rolled into his fall in order to absorb the shock as he stood up to face his brother.

"Alright, Reggie, what is it?" Delsin asked with a smile on his face, trying to hold back laughter (but not doing a very good job of it).

Reggie sighed as he huffed in frustration. "Delsin, you become the hero of Seattle, and then I find you vandalizing a billboard?! This is how you're going to soak in your heroic reputation? By going back to the way you were?!" Reggie scolded his brother, pulling a pair of handcuffs from his pocket.

Delsin grinned again, still failing at holding back his laughter. "N-no- that's n-not what I was doing at all-" Delsin sputtered, every word or so preceding a short burst of laughter. "I-it's art."

Reggie squinted at Delsin, then looked up at the billboard and gave an even more frustrated sigh. "You drew dicks on there? Of all things?"

Delsin then burst into a roaring, hysterical laughter as he had to hold his gut. "C-come on! Isn't it hilarious! I mean, that guy's got dicks pointing at his face!"

Reggie groaned as he walked behind Delsin to put the handcuffs on him, when suddenly a booming sound and a flash of yellow light was seen.

"Delsin! You stay here! I'm going to go check this out for myself." Reggie instructed his brother.

Delsin chuckled again. "Look, if that's anything dangerous, which of us do you think is more fit to handle it? You, the uptight cop with no cool powers, or me, the hero of Seattle?"

With a sigh, Reggie huffed at the ground. Then he looked back up at Delsin. "Yeah, the hero of Seattle who draws dicks by kid-friendly characters in public."

"Come on! The game's rated "T"! How kid-friendly could it be?"

After this squabbling went on, the two of them saw a young man who appeared to be Delsin's age, with messy white hair and a purple wizard jacket. In his right hand was a zigzag-shaped golden sword, and in his left was a brown hardcover book which looked like it came right out of an old-time library. This was the tactician of the Shepherds, Robin. And he'd come straight out of a portal of some sort.

"May I ask what conflict is going on here?" Robin asked, looking up at the billboard while tilting his head in confusion.

Delsin and Reggie looked at the man for a few seconds, then Delsin approached him with an intrigued look on his face. "Hey, nice costume," Delsin complimented Robin while wearing a grin on his face. "I haven't seen a lot of cosplayers around here. Is there a con going on?"

Robin tilted his head and raised an eyebrow at Delsin. "Cosplayer? Con? Whatever could you mean?"

Delsin stepped back a little, nodding in impression. "Huh. You're pretty well in-character too." He then stepped out to reach for Robin's sword. "Mind if I touch this-"

Robin reflexively stepped back, pointing the Levin sword at Delsin as a short bolt of electricity fired out at the juvenile Conduit. Delsin was temporarily stunned as his shaggy hair puffed up in the back.

"Delsin! You know what to do!" Reggie instructed his brother as he went back into his truck and drove off. Delsin's intrigued face turned into a glare as he squinted at Robin, looking him right in the eyes.

"So, you're not only a cosplayer, but you're looking to start trouble too, huh?" Delsin asked, rolling up his sleeves.

Robin stepped back as well, holding his book open. "I know not what a 'cosplayer' is, but if I am forced to fight you, then I will not back down!"

Delsin chuckled again. "Well, looks like you're in for your unlucky day."


Robin and Delsin quickly ran toward each other headfirst, but in unison both of them jumped backward before they could get too close. Delsin's right arm lit up with a fiery red-orange color as three small blasts of Smoke fired out from his hands at Robin. The tactician quickly extended his left arm and hand, holding an open tome.

"Arcfire!" shouted Robin, with a bright red fireball the size of his head forming in his right hand. He jumped back and threw the fireball just moments after Delsin finished his attack. The Arcfire fireball and the Smoke blasts collided in midair, resulting in a burst of red-and-yellow flame from the center. Smoke filled up the area, obscuring Robin's field of vision as everything became shrouded in the smoke. Robin covered his mouth and closed his eyes as he coughed, but after only a second the smoke dissipated.

And Delsin was nowhere to be seen.

Robin slowly walked toward where Delsin was before disappearing, but suddenly he felt a sudden heat wave come over him. His whole body flared up with an intense heat as his whole body began to sweat profusely, which was made even worse by his heavy clothing.

Then, orange wisps of smoke began to circulate into a human-shaped figure behind Robin as Delsin Rowe's body reformed behind Robin. Before Robin could react, Delsin materialized a cluster of smoking ash in his hand, then tossed it at the ground at Robin's feet. Robin pivoted in a 180, but before he could do anything the cluster of ash exploded in a small burst of smoke.

Robin was caught off-balance as he stumbled to the street, vision obscured by more smoke. In a flash, Robin pushed himself back onto his feet as the smoke cleared - only Delsin, once again, had disappeared from sight.

"Where did he go this time?" asked Robin, still fanning away smoke from his face to get it out of his eyes. Suddenly, Robin's eyes widened as he stumbled forward, barely catching his balance as he felt a hard, metallic force whack! him on the back, like a whip... a metallic whip. Fortunately, his heavy wizard jacket shielded him from taking too much damage, but it left a lingering, burning stinging pain across his back.

Robin turned to face Delsin again, whose eyes were glowing a bright red and emitting smoke from them as he grinned at Robin.

"You've made a big mistake, attacking me," Delsin boasted. By the sleight-of-hand, Robin pulled the zigzag-shaped Levin Sword from his pocket, then pointed the tip at Delsin, taking an offensive stance.

"It appears we were fated to battle," Robin replied, wielding the Levin Sword upward in a defensive position as Delsin swung his chain again, which was lighting up with red smoke. Robin parried Delsin's chain-swing with a metallic clang! as sparks scattered from the impact of the two weapons. Delsin stumbled back ever so slightly as his chain whipped backward, and then he swung it horizontally at Robin as the chain began to light up with red Smoke energy once more. As if right on cue, Robin slashed the Levin Sword across at the chain, the sword lighting up with an electrifying neon yellow. The two close-range weapons collided in the center, making another metallic clang! as sparks flew out once more.

But unbeknownst to Delsin, a yellow current of electrical energy began to follow the path of the chain, and within seconds flowed to Delsin's body. The delinquent's eyes widened as a surge of electricity flowed through his bloodstream, making the conduit feel numb all over. He slowly began to slump over to the ground as it felt like his whole nervous system was giving out... but of course, it quickly ended as Delsin jolted back up on his feet, breaking loose of the numbness.

"You were saying?" Delsin asked, cracking his shoulders as he stretched his arms upward into the air.

In response, Robin quickly jumped backward, this time holding a different tome in his left hand. This one was the same brown color, except it had golden edges and a symbol of a golden lightning bolt on the cover. "Thunder!" shouted Robin, throwing a spherical ball of electrical energy from his right hand at Delsin.

"Whoa!" Delsin's eyes bulged as he stepped backward and to the side, just narrowly avoiding the Thunder attack. Right as the ball of Thunder passed by him, Delsin extended his right arm toward Robin as a ball of Smoke formed in his hands, then he fired it from his hand like a small rocket being fired from a rocket launcher. Once again, Robin had little time to react as the Smoke rocket collided into his stomach, resulting in a burst of Smoke and fire.


The explosion wasn't that big, but the force was enough to send Robin flying into the the city. Delsin ran after him as Robin's body launched toward the wall of a tall, old-looking apartment complex with the words "Delsin was here" graffiti'd over it in white spray-paint. With an audible and painful-sounding thud!, Robin crashed the back of his head into the wall of the apartment complex. For a split second, everything went black as Robin could swear he saw stars.

Sadly for Robin, he had little time to recover as Delsin quickly approached, dashing toward the tactician with his eyes fuming from the Smoke. Everything seemed to slow down as Robin pulled himself back up onto his feet... only to be met with a perfectly-timed Smoke-infused uppercut to the jaw from Delsin, making a pop! sound as a short burst of Smoke erupted from beneath Robin's chin.

"Gah!" Robin let out an agonized grunt as the uppercut flung him skyward. After a few seconds, Robin reached his highest point - slightly above the roof of the apartment complex which he had been knocked against - and then landed face-down on the flat concrete roof of the apartment. Robin groaned in pain as he pushed himself back onto his feet, then watched as wisps of orange Smoke emerged from the air vent on the top, then rematerialized into Delsin Rowe, still grinning at Robin.

Delsin made a mad dash toward Robin as his body began to light up with red Smoke again, to which Robin held aloft another Thunder tome. "Elthunder!" shouted Robin, jumping back and throwing a larger sphere of yellow electrical energy at the delinquent Conduit. With a movement quick and smooth, Delsin continued his running pace as he ducked downward and extended his leg, performing a perfect slide directly underneath the Elthunder bolt.

Robin's eyes widened, amazed that Delsin could dodge the attack with such swiftness. Before Robin could do anything else, Delsin tossed a cluster of Smoke down at Robin's feet. Robin's feet twitched in a reflexive motion as he attempted to move back, but suddenly the Smoke bomb exploded, shrouding the area in a cloud of yellow-white smoke.

Except, it wasn't ordinary smoke. It was a foul, odorous smoke which smelled something like rotten eggs. On fire. Robin coughed and gagged as he attempted to cover his mouth and nostrils, but he had already inhaled the fumes. His eyes began to redden, swell, and moisturize from the gas as he felt his body becoming too weak to move, forcing him to kneel down. His throat swelled up as he he found himself unable to swallow, or even breathe. His face began to turn red, and then purple as his vision started to obscure through the sulfuric gas.

Then, right as Robin felt as if he was on the verge of blacking out, Delsin rushed toward him and delivered a hard punch into the ground. The shock from Delsin's Ground Pound attack launched Robin off of the roof of the apartment building, which sent Robin plummeting to the ground. Robin then landed face-first into the street, breaking the concrete below him and kicking up black dust. With a cough, the tactician spit out clumps of dirt and black concrete as he pushed himself back up onto his feet - and of course, saw Delsin standing right in front of him again.

"Heh," Delsin gave a short laugh as he slowly walked toward Robin. "Look, I'm doing you a favor. I'm like Moses, with smoke... Smoses. Have you had enough yet?"

Robin spit out some more black concrete onto the ground, then equipped himself with another tome in hand. "Hardly!" Robin replied with a proud defensive gesture, equipping himself with the Levin Sword in his right hand and an Arcthunder tome in his left. "Let us continue battle!"

Delsin smirked as he rushed toward Robin, then fired off a huge blast of Smoke at the magic swordsman. This time, however, Robin hopped to the side as he dodged the Smoke blast, which instead hit a car in the distance, immediately setting it ablaze. "Huh?" Delsin's eyes widened as he noticed that his opponent this time dodged the attack. Dammit, this guy's gonna be a lot tougher than I thought...

Right as Delsin finished that thought, Robin jumped back as he pointed the open tome at Delsin. "Arcthunder!" cried Robin, a laser beam-like bolt of lightning firing from the tome at the Conduit. This time, Delsin couldn't react in time as the beam struck him right in the stomach. Delsin's eyes bulged as he let out an agonized "Hurk!". The spot where Robin's Arcthunder attack had landed was now smoking as a horrible burning smell wafted from Delsin's shirt. The Conduit held his lightning wound as he struggled to get up, but an intense burning, stinging sensation could be felt where he had taken that attack.

"I have all my moves planned out three steps in advance." Robin boasted, closing the Arcthunder tome. "You were unpredictable to me at first, but now I've gotten used to your patterns."

Delsin gave a short laugh as he shook his head at the ground, then pulled himself back onto his feet. "You know what?" Delsin asked, gripping onto his chain as it lit up with more red Smoke. "I'm getting tired of this." Right as he finished that sentence, he lashed at Robin with his chain, to which Robin responded by slashing at a perpendicular angle with the Levin Sword, charging it with electrical energy. However, right before the electricity could flow through Delsin's body again, the Conduit quickly dropped the chain, and dematerialized his body into orange Smoke once more. Robin jumped back too, but the Smoke phased right through Robin's body and grabbed hold of the chain from behind before it even hit the ground. Then, Delsin held up the chain to Robin's neck, pulling at it from behind as he pushed Robin into it with his left foot.

Robin's eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets as his face grew a dark purple again, his lungs swelling with blood and saliva as he wheezed, trying to get a gulp of air. He could feel the chain crushing his windpipe, pressing against his spine as Delsin pushed Robin into the chain with his foot. Robin gagged and sputtered as he struggled against Delsin and the chain, but it simply wasn't enough.

Delsin grinned as his arms began to light up with red Smoke, and his eyes started to fume with a gray smoke. He prepared to channel a hefty amount of Smoke through the chain, burning through Robin's neck and getting him to back down... but Delsin's grin faded as he wore an expression of sheer horror.

Instead of massive amount of Smoke he had expected, tiny sparks flew out instead.

Out of energy. Find a power source!

He had run out of Smoke.

In his horror, Delsin loosened his grip on the chain, giving Robin exactly the opening he needed to escape. Robin ducked underneath the chain, then pushed Delsin back as he turned to face the Conduit.

"...Shit." Delsin muttered under his breath. A sweat drop ran down the side of his face as he turned away from Robin and began to sprint at full speed. With haste, Robin quickly took after the Conduit, extending his left arm with the tome in hand.

"Arcfire!" shouted Robin, throwing another large fireball at Delsin. With not a moment to spare, Delsin jumped over the fireball as a wall of flame erupted from beneath him, just missing him as he landed on the ground right in front of it. Delsin then picked up the pace as he sprung over a van in front of him, parked in the parking lot of a familiar place.

It was a short, but long building with a neon sign which read, Keilani and Kai Bubble Tea. Delsin breathed a sigh of relief as he raised his arms up to the air, with pink-purple wisps of Neon energy flowing into his body. When Robin finally caught up, Delsin turned around to face the magic swordsman, the delinquent Conduit's eyes lighting up with a neon glow to them.

"Thunder!" shouted Robin, firing a small sphere of electrical energy out at Delsin. With a quick sidestepping movement, Delsin evaded the Thunder attack, then extended his arm at Robin as pink Neon energy circulated around his arm.

Jumping back a little, Delsin fired out a stream-like laser of pink light from his right hand at Robin. In the blink of an eye or faster, Robin twitched to jump to the side - but he wasn't fast enough, as the beam of pink neon light hit him square in the chest anyway. Robin reflexively gripped his chest as he felt a mild stinging sensation there.

Why wasn't I swift enough to dodge that attack? Robin asked himself in his head, before seeing Delsin's hand glowing with a neon pink once more. Before Delsin could fire out his attack again, Robin stepped to the side in unison with Delsin's hand movement. This turned out to be a perfectly-timed move, as right then Delsin fired out another beam of neon light which missed Robin by just a hair.

Right as Delsin fired out the beam of light, he quickly dashed off, turning away from Robin and heading for an empty D.U.P. truck which had been there behind him the whole time. Delsin took this time to lean against the wall of the truck and catch his breath as waited for Robin to approach from behind.

"Do not hide from me!" Robin called out, making haste toward Delsin as he chased after him, turning around the corner of the D.U.P. truck-

-And was met with a blast of Neon to his upper midsection, where suddenly everything felt slower to Robin. Even though he should have been knocked onto his back from the hit, he felt as if he was being suspended into the air, and that he could not perceive time at the same speed anymore.

Delsin observed the slowed Robin's falling movement, attempting to scope out any weak points. Damn, doesn't look like he has any real weak points... though, I should probably aim for those books and that sword. I bet he's not so strong without those.

Time reverted to normal as Robin fell down onto his back, still clutching onto his tome and the Levin Sword. Wisps of pink Neon circulated around Delsin's arms as his eyes started glowing a bright neon pink. With a jolt, Delsin jumped into the air, but remained hovering by exuding Neon jets from his hands and feet.

"Good news. I think this is gonna be over soon." boasted Delsin, hovering over Robin as his body began to glow brighter and brighter.

In one fluid motion, Robin pushed against the concrete and lifted himself back up, now wielding a different tome with green edges on it as he pointed it skyward at Delsin. "Elwind!" shouted Robin, jumping backward from his position as three green crescent-shaped blades of wind materialized in Delsin's airborne position, slicing at his skin and sending him to the ground. Delsin landed on his back with a thud!, but hardly seemed to react as Neon wisps formed around his wounds, healing his body of all wounds.

"Gonna take a lot more than some blades of wind to take me down," Delsin bragged, grinning as he jumped back onto his feet. "Let's get serious."

Delsin rushed at Robin headfirst, but instead of attacking head-on he jumped to his left side, running across the wall of the D.U.P. truck. Right as he passed above Robin, Delsin pulled out his chain once more, lighting it up with pink Neon. Strangely enough, as it was charged with the Neon energy, the chain completely straightened out, acting like a sword as Delsin swung it overhead Robin.

Wasting no time, Robin quickly held aloft the Levin Sword to react to Delsin's chain-swing, then swung the sword downward to push Delsin off of him and back onto the ground. With catlike dexterity, Delsin landed perfectly on his feet unfazed. With haste, Delsin ran toward Robin and pulled back his arm as if to go for a punch, to which Robin reacted by raising his Elwind tome...

...But Robin gasped as right before Delsin was within striking range, he seemed to completely disappear. Then-


A burst of pink Neon exploded at Robin's feet. The tactician of the Shepherds was flung into the air as a result, yet he still comfortably gripped the tome and the Levin Sword. Robin fell right back down, but before he could hit the ground Delsin fired a blast of Neon at Robin, launching him into the D.U.P. truck with a loud thud!. The truck slid across the ground and the wall dented from Robin's hit, yet the tactician curiously bore no visible wounds.

Despite the fact that Robin should have realistically been exhausted or incapacitated, he quickly pulled himself back onto his feet as if nothing had happened, then glared at Delsin as he pointed the Levin Sword at the delinquent, the sword lighting up with yellow electrical energy again. But this time, a bolt of yellow lightning fired from the blade.

Delsin's eyes widened in surprise as he attempted to jump back from the attack, but ended up taking a lightning bolt to the arm as it instantly targeted his chain. He squirmed and writhed as he felt as if his whole body had been hijacked, like a stinging - no, burning numbness as his body lost any voluntary movement.

Dammit... this can't be happening... Delsin sputtered and gagged, involuntarily salivating and twitching madly as his body succumbed to the electricity.

In Delsin's moment of immobility, Robin dashed behind him, holding out a new tome. This one had purple corners and edges, and for some reason just had an eerie vibe about it. Right as Robin turned behind Delsin, he opened the book and muttered out a hellish and terrifying cry.

"Nosferatu!" shouted Robin, slowly raising his right hand into the air. Delsin could only watch in horror as a black, smokey tendril began to spiral around him, with wisps of Neon beginning to exit his body. The neon glow from Delsin's eyes died out as his complexion grew pale and sickly. Delsin gasped and wheezed for air as he felt as if his life force itself was being drained from his body. After a few seconds, the Nosferatu tendril disappeared as Delsin fell onto his knees, seeming to lack any energy in his body.

"...G-goddammit..." Delsin sputtered, struggling to get himself back up. He attempted to channel more Neon through his body, but then-

Out of energy. Find a power source!

"...Well fuck me." Delsin cursed under his breath as pink sparks of Neon emitted from his palms. He closed his eyes as he carefully considered his next move. What else could he do against Robin? It seemed he had Delsin on the ropes. Then, he looked down at the ground, and grinned. "Oh. Well, shit. How did I never think of that?" Delsin's defeated face suddenly turned into one of confidence as he placed both his hands upon the concrete ground. Within seconds, gray-tan wisps of Concrete began to flow through Delsin's body, the Conduit's skin being nourished and tan again as Concrete dust exuded from his eyes.

In a flash, Delsin pivoted toward Robin and delivered a Concrete-powered left hook into his gut. Robin's eyes bulged as he felt the full force of Delsin's punch - it was like a bullet train crashing into his stomach. "G-gah!" Robin grunted as Delsin pulled back his right arm and gave him a jab as Concrete imbued in his fist. Robin sent down toward the ground, then pushed against the ground with both his palms - then rough stones of Concrete appeared in Delsin's right hand as he hurled each of them at Robin's head, each one crumbling to dust upon impact. A large bruise was left on Robin's head as he groaned in pain.

"I'm told that hurts," Delsin boasted, wearing that same smug grin on his face. Robin quickly got himself back up onto the ground as he held aloft another Thunder tome - though for some reason, this one was covered in a shiny, golden, metallic casing which could blind a person who looked at it.

Channeling more Concrete through his arms, Delsin materialized two large disks of Concrete into his hands and threw them both at Robin like Frisbees, both of them gaining velocity as they neared the tactician. Almost instantaneously, Delsin threw two more of them in succession. However, Robin didn't even move as he extended his arm. The tome in his hand began to glow with an electrifying, florescent yellow.

"Thoron!" shouted Robin as he fired a beam of electrical magic from his palm. The beam instantly shattered the Concrete disks into dust and shards, breaking through them like thin glass. Delsin's eyes bulged from their sockets as the Thoron attack hit him beneath the rib cage, launching him backward and in through the walls of a traffic gate, kicking up concrete dust everywhere as he landed face-first onto the hood of a camouflage-colored truck.

"What the-?!" Delsin heard from inside the car. He didn't have much time to make out the person in the truck, but for a split second he thought he could see a military helmet and a red military-style jacket.

However, Delsin had little time to react as he watched Robin approach him at an incredible running pace from behind. Delsin quickly rolled and slid off of the hood of the truck, then dashed toward Robin as his body was encased in orange-gray Concrete wisps. But instead of charging right into Robin, Delsin instead sidestepped as he approached, then pulled back both arms and shoved Robin to the ground. Right when Robin landed, Delsin stomped on Robin's head as a burst of Concrete erupted beneath Delsin's foot, cracking the street as Robin's head sunk deeper into the ground.

Robin agonizingly pushed himself back up and shook his head around, ridding the dust particles from his hair as he turned back to face Delsin. "Elwind!" Robin shouted out, casting a ball of bladed wind to spawn from Delsin's position as he propelled himself in midair using his Concrete Thrusters. Again, Delsin was knocked down to the ground by the Elwind attack as he lost his balance. Thankfully, it seemed that his body was relatively unscathed from the blow.

Delsin quickly jumped back up onto his feet and dusted off his jacket, then grinned at Robin. "Y'know, with Concrete I become almost invincible."

Robin tilted his head at the Conduit and stepped back a little, wearing a face slightly of intrigue, slightly of curiosity, but mostly of doubt. "And just what are you proposing with that claim?"

Delsin gave a haughty chuckle as gray-orange wisps of Concrete began to circulate through his right arm. "Nothing," He replied, punching the ground as sharp rocks of Concrete launched at Robin, who crumbled each of the rocks before they hit him with slashes from the Levin Sword just in time. "Just that I'm gonna kick your ass." Delsin boasted, rushing toward Robin with his Boulder Dash technique again.

This time, however, Robin stepped back as he rotated his body around, narrowly dodging the oncoming shove from the Conduit. With his Arcfire tome in hand, Robin extended his left arm at Delsin as another fireball materialized above the tome. "Arcfire!" Robin called out, summoning forth an orange fireball at Delsin, who had just now realized that he failed to hit Robin.

"Shit!" Delsin shouted out, suddenly feeling his clothing beginning to burn as his skin started to bubble from the incineration. His entire vision went orange and smokey as the crackling and sizzling sound of Robin's Arcfire rang through his ears. "Shit... this really isn't good..." Delsin attempted to circulate more Concrete through his arms, but-

Out of energy. Find a power source!

Could his luck be any worse?

"Delsin!" shouted out a random civilian. This man seemed to be in his mid-forties, dressed up in a white button-up shirt with slacks, with a receding hairline and circular bifocals. "Holy shit, what happened?"

Delsin smiled as the unknown man seemed to come to his rescue, even though he basically felt himself being cremated alive.

Hey, being a hero must feel spectacular.

Suddenly, a familiar tune played from the man's pocket as his phone began to ring.

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down! the phone sang. Delsin grinned as he suddenly felt as if he was no longer on fire.

No. Delsin felt pumped.

"Sir, I apologize in advance for what I'm about to do." Delsin told the man with a grin as pixillated wisps of blue Video were sucked from the man's phone all the way into Delsin's hands. His eyes and arms glowed with digital blue glow as pixels were faintly visible in Delsin's eyes.

The fire around Delsin conveniently dissipated as blue wisps of Video circulated around Delsin's body, healing him of all the wounds that Robin had inflicted on him until then.

"Guess what, cosplayer?" Delsin asked, a broadsword of pixillated Video appearing in Delsin's right hand.

Robin equipped himself with the Levin Sword and pointed it at Delsin. "What? That it is time for this duel to end?"

Delsin gave a toothy grin as his eyes glowed even brighter. "You bet your ass it's time."

Robin and Delsin rushed toward each other, slashing their swords diagonally as the two of them collided at a perpendicular angle. Surprisingly, no sound was made as the blades clashed. The two exchanged slashes at each other again, the two locking their blades as they struggled against each other. Robin's Levin Sword started to glow with an electric yellow again, and Delsin's Video broadsword was glowing a luminescent blue as the two lit up in the night sky. After a few seconds of blade lock-


Robin's jaw dropped in horror as his worst fear was realized.

The Levin Sword broke in two beneath the pressure of Delsin's Video sword, and the overuse of its Lightning magic.

"No... this is certainly not an optimal position..."

Delsin grinned again as he slashed Robin downward across the chest, ripping through his wizard jacket and undershirt. Blood dripped out from his body as it stained his clothing a brown-red, with the smell of iron wafting throughout. "Let's do this." Delsin boasted.

Jumping backward, Delsin reformed his broadsword into a huge Video sniper rifle, taking aim at Robin as he fired a continuous blast of Video at the tactician. Robin narrowly sidestepped, weaved, and ducked around each of the blasts as pixels of Video hit the ground, kicking up concrete and pieces of the street everywhere.

"Arcthunder!" shouted Robin, leaning back to avoid a Video Torrent and firing a thunderbolt from his hand. Delsin quickly rematerialized the sniper rifle in his hands to take the form of large angel wings behind his back as he jumped up into the air, taking flight a few feet above Robin.

"Ya can't get me up here, cosplayer!" taunted Delsin, his eyes glowing with a surging blue glow.

"Elwind!" Robin shouted out, curiously switching tomes at the drop of a hat. A mass of bladed wind appeared at Delsin's position again, but before it could visibly strike, Delsin seemed to disappear. "Wh-what?!"


Robin turned behind him to see three figures of armored white knights, each of which with white swords and digital blue Video angel wings. They had left a small crater in the street behind him as they each rushed toward the tactician in unison.

"Arcfire!" called Robin, throwing a fireball at the one in the middle. A vertical wall of flame erupted from that Digital Angel's position, instantly dissolving it into wisps of blue Video. The other two, caught within its striking radius, dissipated as well.

Taking advantage of Robin's turn, Delsin appeared behind him, but now at around a meter away. Three swords of Video appeared behind him, each of them parallel to the ground as they all faced Robin.

"Huh?" Robin turned around, but before he could react all the Video swords rushed at him in one fluid motion. Making haste, Robin pulled out a backup sword - a regular bronze sword - from his pocket as he slashed each of the Video swords into wisps of Video.

Delsin sighed as the attack failed. "I'll have you know, cosplayer," Delsin began, now becoming frustrated. "This battle has gone on far too long." The Conduit stated, spinning his chain around like a propeller. "I'd like to see you handle this."

Robin tilted his head in confusion, but before he could ask what was going on, two large circles with compass-like designs in the center formed around Delsin's hands as his eyes glowed with an intense blue Video energy. "Karma Bomb time. Hellfire Swarm, as I call it."

Suddenly, countless Digital Angels like the ones Delsin had used just moments before began to rain down from the sky. One dove headfirst into the ground toward Robin, moments before he could react. A crater was formed in the ground as it exploded in a burst of Video, sending Robin flying into the air as another Digital Angel crashed itself into Robin's midsection, which hurtled him down into the ground again. However, Robin was unfazed as he pulled himself right back up - and watched as a swarm of Digital Angels rained right down toward him.

"Time to tip the scales!" shouted Robin. One Digital Angel flew down toward Robin as he gripped the edge of his Arcfire tome. "Arcfire!" shouted Robin, jumping back as he threw a fireball at the Digital Angel. The Digital Angel exploded into wisps of Video, but it was certainly not the last one. Another approached him from the side, to which Robin pulled the Elwind tome. "Elwind!" A mass of wind blades appeared where the Digital Angel flew toward him and was dissipated into wisps of blue Video.

Another Digital Angel approached Robin from behind. Robin quickly rotated his body and delivered a downward, crushing slash with his bronze sword into the Digital Angel, again reducing it to nothing but pixels. Other Digital Angels rained down around the surrounding area, crashing into various buildings and making more craters in the street. One of them crashed into the building adjacent to Robin, sending bricks and dust and Video everywhere as Robin continued fighting off the Digital Angels.

"Are you serious?!" Delsin shouted out, a vein appearing in his forehead as his frustration grew. "That's it. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself!" Delsin gripped onto his chain (which had been nicked significantly over the course of the battle) and dashed toward Robin, whose back was turned to Delsin while fighting off Digital Angels. "Hey cosplayer!" shouted Delsin, swinging his chain at Robin again-

-Who quickly pulled out another Levin Sword as Delsin's eyes widened, and in one fluid motion sliced through the chain, cleaving it in two.

"...Fucking shit." Delsin muttered, his eyes and mouth reading only an expression of fear.

"Nosferatu!" shouted Robin, holding his Nosferatu tome as he summoned forth another black-purple tendril. Delsin was once again sent to his knees as he felt his life force being drained once more - but to his horror, he could see the Video reserves he had being sucked into Robin's body as well. After a few seconds, he could only blankly look Robin in the eyes as he saw them glow with an electrifying blue.

Delsin gulped as he prepared himself for the worst, finding himself completely immobilized.

Robin quickly switched out his Nosferatu tome for a Thoron tome, pointing it at Delsin as it started glowing with a florescent yellow, and his eyes glowing with the blue of Video.

"Thoron!" shouted Robin, firing out a laser of yellow lightning energy from his hand, except this time a blue Video aura surrounded it. Delsin could not protect himself as the laser beam pierced through his chest and stomach, then sent him flying against the wall of a nearby apartment complex with a loud thud!. Robin's eyes stopped glowing as he closed his book, then ran off after Delsin.

When Robin arrived, he was met with a sight which he was both horrified and relieved to see.

Delsin's body, hunched against the wall with a massive hole in the torso, smoking and radiating with a light Video aura and bleeding onto the ground. His eyes were completely devoid of any life as his mouth dripped blood.

Robin stopped himself before he could say anything, and simply walked off. After all, what else could he do?

After a few seconds, a tall, middle-aged blonde woman ran out to see Delsin hunched against the wall on the verge of death. "Oh my god! Delsin Rowe?! What happened?!"

Delsin slowly turned his head toward the woman and gave a short smile. "Hey, at least I'm not gonna die with a poster of dicks on my face." He sputtered out before his eyes went blank and he bled out over the house. The woman screamed as she went back inside, ready to call someone about this.

Didn't look like he'd ever recover, though.



Boomstick: And there you have it folks! The answer to this rivalry has been settled! Magic beats science and Nintendo beats Sony!

Wiz: Delsin is an incredibly tricky opponent for any normal human to defeat. At first, he started out with a notable head start, knowing the environment better than Robin while being an expert at parkour, and even having various sources for Smoke, Neon, Video, and Concrete all around him at a moments' notice. So at first, it really seems like Delsin takes it.

Boomstick: And combined with Delsin's generally superior athletic ability, things didn't look so good for Robin at first. However, things aren't quite that simple.

Wiz: Delsin may be sly and tricky, but Robin is a tactician of which the likes Delsin could never hope to compare to. While Delsin only ever really needs to plan out his own moves, Robin plans out his own moves as well, but also plans out the moves of an entire army as well as an enemy team's. He basically orchestrates a fight all on his own, and can plan moves out several turns in advance. So the more Robin got to know his opponent, the less Delsin would actually land hits on him.

Boomstick: It also doesn't help that each of Delsin's powers function almost pretty much the same way, with a boosting move, a dash move, a weak projectile, a strong projectile, and a few other moves here and there. Something which would be easy for Robin to get around.

Wiz: And while Robin's tomes and Levin Sword can only be used a limited amount of times, Delsin has the same issue - only worse. See, he can only use his strongest attacks a total of three times before having to recharge. Compare this to Robin's Thoron, which has twenty-five uses. And that's not even counting his other tomes and weapons he carries on hand.

Boomstick: While Delsin would have had a better chance if he could just take out Robin quickly, just remember that Robin survived the fire breath of Grima, a dragon whose very breath could wipe out continents. Which is just a little more than anything Delsin can put out, including his trump card, the Karma Bombs. Which top at sinking islands.

Wiz: And that's assuming he can even hit Robin. Robin is capable of dodging lightning, which moves about 340 meters per second. Of course, it can be argued that lightning in the Fire Emblem universe behaves differently from regular lightning, but it's still quite impressive and makes it difficult for him to even be hit.

Boomstick: Oh, but Boomstick, Delsin has light speed attacks with Neon! That may be true, but keep in mind that it's coming from the trigger of Delsin moving his hand, which does not move at light speed. So just as long as Robin can react to that using his excellent tactical abilities, he's fine. Oh, and if it comes down to a battle between a sword and a chain... come on. The sword's gonna win every time. Especially a lightning sword.

Wiz: In the end, Robin's superior tactical ability, durability and speed, and the fact that he can simply get more usage out of his weaponry won him this battle.

Boomstick: Hole-ly crap, Delsin!

Wiz: The winner is Robin.



  • +Far superior tactical mind
  • +Levin Sword and Bronze Sword > Delsin's chain
  • +Faster
  • +More durable
  • +Gets more uses out of his tomes and swords than Delsin does out of his powers
  • -At a disadvantage at first thanks to Delsin's knowledge of the environment and parkour
  • -Can only use his weapons a limited amount of times

Delsin Rowe[]

  • +Knew his environment better
  • +More agile and athletic
  • +Lightspeed attacks with Neon
  • -Much less of a tactician
  • -Slower and less durable
  • -Can only use his powers for a limited amount before needing to recharge
  • -Doesn't get as much usage out of his powers as Robin does out of his weapons and tomes