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Robin VS Corrin
Robin VS Corrin Ultimate
Season 3
Overall Episode 33
Season Episode 7
Air date November 10th, 2018
Written by Shadow7615
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Awakening VS Fates! These two have been at the fingertips of the player since their inception, but when both are with only their essentials that define them, how will these two compare?

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs. Corrin (Fire Emblem) is the 33rd episode of DEATH BATTLE! by Shadow7615, featuring Robin and Corrin from the Fire Emblem series in a battle between customizable avatar protagonists.


Boomstick: You know my favourite thing about video games, Wiz? The ability to put ME in the game!

Wiz: The avatar has acted as a vessel for the very player themselves to act within the medium and interact with characters and have an overall more immersive experience, and today we have two notable avatars.

Boomstick: Robin, the Tactician Magician of the Shepherds.

Wiz: And Corrin, the Noble of Two Kingdoms, now since both combatants use entirely player determined arsenals, abilities and even skills, in this scenario, they will use what they are most comfortable taking into a fight.

Boomstick: Considering even the little numbers can be determined by the player, we will do our best to treat these guys are purest to themselves as we can, now that we've gotten that out of the way... He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win… a Death Battle.


Wiz: Ylisse and Plegia were neighbouring countries, and both praised different divine beings, Ylisse believing in the Divine Dragon Naga, and Plegia’s religious sect believing and longing for the resurrection of the Fell Dragon, Grima.

Boomstick: And because their Dragons were enemies in their past, this made Ylisse and Plegia sworn enemies, and for a good 15 years, the two countries were at war with one another, even getting to the point where normal people were asked to fight.

Wiz: Although Ylisse would recede and focus its efforts on trying to recover from the war, the conflict lingered on, Ylisse implemented a private militia force to work on their behalf, known as the Shepherds.

Boomstick: But the Shepherds were lead by Chrom, who uses the best approach I can think of, fight first and answer questions later, but it wasn’t a particularly good idea, and Chrom couldn’t always do it this way.

Wiz: Eventually luck would shine on the Shepherds as a young man with amnesia should happen to cross paths with them, and this man was Robin.

Boomstick: Robin, despite having amnesia quickly enlisted in the Shepherds, and over the case of a few battles, become the Shepherd’s tactician, and it would seem that Robin was a lucky catch because Robin soon started acting in Chrom’s campaign against Plegia to end the war.

Wiz: Robin is gifted in the ways of war tactics, and possesses a keen, astute mind. Allowing him to observe a battlefield, and develop a strategy that can result in a victory for the Shepherds, even in scenarios where it is a small handful of people, Robin is able to conjure up a crafty tactic.

Boomstick: Robin is also pretty good at improvisation, even in his tactics, which has come to help the Shepherds on multiple occasions, even though they won’t be able to help him today, Robin can still call upon his secret weapon… or rather, weapons.

Wiz: Despite Robin being gifted for war tactics, Robin is actually a skilled combatant in his own right, and carries a varied arsenal of weapons, all of which Robin can utilize to the fullest, as a Tactician, Robin carries Swords and Tomes, which are essentially magic spellbooks.

Boomstick: Robin usually carries a Bronze Sword, while it’s not powerful, it has a guarantee it will last Robin long enough in battles, but Robin’s prized blade is the Levin Sword, a really odd-looking blade that doesn’t require standard swordsmanship.

Wiz: Think of the Levin Sword more like a magic Sword, the idea being that Robin can use his Magic to make the Sword’s power greater and land stronger blows, making it Robin’s most potent weapon, but Robin isn’t solely carrying swords into battle.

Boomstick: Robin also carries those magic spell books mentioned before, they all offer Robin a different tool to use in battle, first up is his Thunder tome, while it might be a standard thunderbolt, Robin is able to charge up his Thunder tome, and access each of the known versions of Thunder.

Wiz: Having a greater proficiency for tomes, Robin is able to conduct enough thunder into his tome to use any of its stages of power, first is the standard Thunder, then it progresses into Elthunder, it can further progress to become Arcthunder, and all full-power it becomes Thoron, which is capable of launching lightning at its intended target.

Boomstick: But Robin isn’t just throwing around lightning bolts, Robin is also carrying Wind and Fire magic too! With Elwind, Robin is able to launch strikes of Wind at his foes, but he isn’t blowing his opponents around, think of them more like a projectile of Wind energy.

Wiz: Elwind is also effective against Flying opponents, giving Robin another option in battle, Robin also uses Arcfire.

Boomstick: You’ll never guess what it does, ya give up? It’s Fire Magic.

Wiz: Robin is also able to use Nosferatu, dark magic that allows Robin to recover health equal to half the damage inflicted, functioning as his primary means of healing within his arsenal.

Boomstick: Usually you have to be a Dark Mage or a Sorcerer to access Dark Magic, but Robin went and did so anyway, and can you guess how?

Wiz: After two years, the neighbouring continent of Valm declared its intent to invade Ylisse, seeking allies, Ylisse turned to Plegia of all people, and it just so happened that Plegia crowned a new king, Validar.

Boomstick: But you see… Validar is made from the stuff of nightmares and didn’t leave it in the dark for too long, and guess what? Robin is this guy’s son.

Wiz: By all accounts, that means that Robin is the heir to the Plegian throne, but despite being able to succeed his father, Robin stayed with Ylisse and continued to plot the Conquest of Valm, in which he would go on to demonstrate some fantastic displays of his strategic mind.

Boomstick: Robin, as the Shepherd’s tactician was able to end a 15-year war, playing a major role in the final defeat of the Mad King Gangrel, when Valm decided to invade by sea, Robin improvised an idea to combat the Valm navy, which couldn’t have been done better. He just straight up used one Ylisse boat, set it on fire and crashed that sucker right into enemy territory.

Wiz: With his war tactic mind, he was able to develop methods and a strategy that would allow the Shepherds to almost singlehandedly march on the Valmese throne and put an end to the Conqueror himself, Walhart.

Boomstick: What’s Walmart want to do with this? But it's thanks to Robin that Ylisse was defended from a second major threat, even if they did get some assistance from Plegia. Because everyone knows at this point that Plegia had something behind their back.

Wiz: After the Ylissean conquest of Valm, Plegia decides they wanna give Ylisse the final piece to this shield thingy, but it was just a trick and Robin realized he could be manipulated by Validar and was manipulated like that into killing his allies.

Boomstick: But Robin was smart, and because he was shown these events in his mind, he was able to develop a countermeasure that would allow him to spare his allies, good thinking there Robin.

Wiz: While able to prevent his allies deaths, he could not prevent the resurrection of the Fell Dragon, Grima, whom Robin was born to become its very vessel, and Robin even met his future self fully committed and possessed by the wicked Dragon’s power.

Boomstick: A bit messed up by seeing what his future-self becomes, Robin lead the Shepherds again to finally take down Grima once and all, which would, of course, mean he is taking himself out, but I don’t know how time travel works.

Wiz: Despite knowing his future self would bring ruination to many people, Robin still made the choice to fight against and put an end to Grima’s only known human vessel, but killing his future self would mean that he too would likely perish, or Chrom with his Dragon-slaying weapons could incapacitate Grima for a millennium.

Boomstick: Faced with a tough damn choice, the final battle against Grima ultimately ends with a hard-earned victory for the Shepherds, although Grima was stopped, it did not make Robin feel any less guilty for knowing what his future self would’ve done if he did not act.

Wiz: But with Robin ultimately surviving the final battle against Grima, he was able to break free of his worries and become the true Robin, the sharp and strategic-minded war tactician of Ylissean fame, and many historians, poets, and bards did their best to recount Robin’s legendary deeds, ultimately ushering in Robin as a legendary hero.

Robin: Thank you for this opportunity. The better tactician won.


Wiz: Thousands of years ago, before humans became the dominant species, the First Dragons ruled, and weighed war on each other, vying for control of the world, although their conflict would reduce their numbers, one of these dragons recruited humanity to fight alongside him.

Boomstick: Believing humans to be suitable, some of the remaining dragons imbued humans with their blood, granting them incredible powers. But the Dragons began to degenerate, and eventually, they all died down and only the humans remained.

Wiz: The humans that survived carry the blood of these Dragons became ruler of humanity, and after thousands of years, they would eventually become known as the neighbouring kingdoms of Hoshido and Nohr.

Boomstick: But no one can have peace without conflict, and King Garon decided he would like to partake in some war preparations by murdering his neighbouring ruler Sumeragi and kidnapped his third child, and this child was Corrin.

Wiz: Corrin spent his childhood and adolescence locked inside the Northern Fortress, and was even cursed to forget that his father was murdered by the ruthless Nohrian King. Corrin spent many years being trained as a soldier in case he proved useful to the Nohrian King’s War.

Boomstick: But while Corrin didn’t get to outlive his old man to win his freedom, he eventually got his chance to fight in the war, but on his first outing, he was betrayed by his ally, thrown to his death, managed to survive, but then got knocked out.

Wiz: Miraculously, his abductors were from his homeland, Hoshido, and Corrin was soon reunited with his family he was born into, and was reunited with his mother, Mikoto, the Queen of Hoshido.

Boomstick: But as lovely as family reunions are, they don’t last, and for Corrin, this came in the form of some douche-bag showing up and murdering lots of innocent people, and Mikoto decides to let herself take the blow instead, making Corrin an orphan.

Wiz Understandably enraged, Corrin lost his control and awakened his Draconic powers, transforming himself into a Dragon, but this power could not be controlled, potentially driving him to become insane.

Boomstick: But this chick came along and gave Corrin a shiny rock that promised to help Corrin control his incredible powers, which Corrin would work to improve on, and boy does the results speak for themselves!

Wiz: Corrin’s Dragonstone allows him to harness his Dragon powers whenever he wills himself to transform, and he would spend his entire campaign working to improve his control and usage of it, which he actually succeeded in.

Boomstick: He can transform his arms into sharp lances, known as his iconic Dragon Fang, he can also create a mouth from his arms and fire a watery projectile that seems to inflict paralysis on opponents it makes contact with.

Wiz: He can also sprout wings on his back and launch himself into the air, he also possesses control over Water with his Dragon powers as well, being able to unleash it on specific attacks, and seemingly doesn’t require any water beforehand.

Boomstick: Although Dragon Corrin is really cool, he still had to face his problems, and when he least expected it, both his adoptive family and his birth family were both pleading for his help, given an almost impossible choice, Corrin was left with three options.

Wiz: Stay with your reunited birth family, return to the family that raised you since childhood, or refuse to betray either side, and Corrin decided he would stand alone, refusing to fight against Hoshido or Nohr.

Boomstick: Ultimately going rogue, Corrin knew his only path to success was to try and unite the two kingdoms to prevent an all-out war. But to do this, he needed the right tools for the job.

Wiz: Corrin is the chosen wielder of the legendary blade known as the Yato, a sword created by one of the First Dragons, with it, Corrin is considered by many individuals to be the one who will bring about peace, and throughout his journey, Corrin would come to unlock the hidden power of his weapon.

Boomstick: While the Yato might start off as just a golden sword, by the time this bad boy gets to its final form, it becomes a goddamn flaming chainsaw!

Wiz: Well not literally, but Corrin’s Omega Yato is the most powerful form his Yato can ever take, as it combines the unification of strength given to him by the wielders of the 4 other weapons created by the same First Dragon all those years ago.

Boomstick: With his Omega Yato, it increases his Strength, Speed, Defenses, and Resistance to magical attacks, covering most of the important areas, so it gets a pass in my book.

Wiz: With his Yato, Corrin became determined to reunite Nohr and Hoshido as one unified force to combat an even greater threat, the hidden kingdom of Valla, and it’s malevolent ruler, Anankos.

Boomstick: Knowing Anankos was too powerful for Corrin to take on alone, Corrin pleaded left and right to his Hoshidan family, and his Nohrian adoptive siblings, and eventually, his plan actually worked!

Wiz: Having successfully united Hoshido and Nohr into working with each other, Corrin became the leader of this legion of powerful fighters, and although he had help along the way, Corrin is not without some impressive feats.

Boomstick: Corrin is one brave son of a bitch, he has led his forces against dozens and even legions of enemies, even when his forces were no more than 4 people, he led his 4-man army against a Hoshidan Fortress, and they actually won.

Wiz: Corrin has also defeated numerous Faceless, Stoneborn, even the Vallite forces serving Anakos, who are usually invisible, but Corrin was able to use his First Dragon bloodline to combat all of them.

Boomstick: But Corrin is by no means a flawless being. Being a user of Swords and Dragonstones, his weapons are less effective against Lances, as well as throwing weapons, like a shuriken, or a Dagger.

Wiz: And being a descendant of the First Dragons, Corrin shares a direct weakness to weapons that are specifically forged to slay Dragons, additionally, the Yato is not an invincible weapon, and has been broken by fiercely powerful foes.

Boomstick: And ultimately Corrin and his allies would confront Anankos once and for all, defeating both his weakened state, as well as his full-power! But even Corrin wasn’t expecting to learn that he was actually Anankos’s flesh and blood!

Wiz: Despite learning of his heritage, Corrin’s forces were able to slay the Silent Dragon once and for all, and Corrin would ultimately succeed his father as the King of Valla, promising to be a kind and just king.

Boomstick: Maybe I should go and find out who my Dad is and see if he was the King of someplace, then I can have Boomstick Land finally become reality!

Wiz: Doubt it, but it should go without saying that Corrin is a brave being at heart, and will never back down from a fight, no matter the odds or circumstances.

Corrin: I think it went well!


(Cue Id ~ Beginnings - Fire Emblem: Awakening)

The Halidom of Ylisse is blessed with great beauty, and no matter the weather, it always invoked a feeling of safety and protection to its people, the capital, Yllistol is home to the residence of the Ylissean Royal Family, the days of war and violence had passed, and the ruler of Ylisse had been passed down from the former Exalt to the Exalt's younger sibling, it was a time of radiant peace and prosperity for the world.

Inside the comfortable home that is the Yllistol Castle, sat the new ruler of the Halidom, Chrom, who had only recently begun to realize the weight of his position, instead of sitting on a throne in the fashion of a ruler, Chrom was more familiar with standing tall and leading his people toward a positive future, fit for all people to live.

Moments pass, the Ylissean Tactician, and Chrom's best friend, Robin, had entered the room, "Ah, Robin, glad you have arrived, I'm told you have been looking into some activity, and have discovered something?" Chrom welcomed his old friend with open arms, but ever ready to receive the information. "Chrom, I've been investigating the Outrealm Gate, and it seems we're having an unusual phenomenon" Robin cautiously spoke.

"Anything we should worry about?" Chrom asked. Robin pondered for a minute, and finally hatched an idea "It might sound a bit troublesome since you recently became the Exalt, but would you accompany me to the Outrealm Gate to inspect the activity? It might be more effective if we were to investigate the Gate while having you nearby, since it could be the easiest way to keep enemies or Yllise away, and allies welcomed easier." Robin waited to see what Chrom had to say.

"Well, the sooner we can make allies and prevent enemies from attacking Ylisse, the better, let's prepare ourselves for a trip, Robin." Chrom quickly went back to a throne and picked up the Pedestal of Flames, an item of importance on this mission, with the Falchion already on his person, Chrom was well-equipped.

Moments later, another woman had entered the room, and she appeared to be carrying a small infant in her arms, wrapped in white cloth to keep the young child warm "Chrom!" the woman spurred, Chrom and Robin turned to the left, to see the spouse of the Exalt had approached them, Chrom had forgotten that he still had a daughter to raise in this world, and another child on the way. "Chrom, are you departing again?" she asked.

Chrom forgot that he had parental commitments in addition to his position, Chrom softly approached his wife and child, and gently held his infant daughter in his hands, "Lucina... I'm sorry that times like this are when I must disappear for a while, but I love you, and I will return home." Chrom gently kissed his daughter on her forehead whilst the young girl rested, Chrom also kissed his wife, "Don't worry, I promise" Chrom reassured his wife of his intentions.

Chrom and Robin then departed from Ylisstol Castle, and begun heading South-South West, to the lowest point of Ylissean borders, where the Outrealm Gate was located, along the way, the two travellers took a boat to reach the island where their destination resides, they slept that night whilst travelling.

The next day, Chrom and Robin had arrived on the southern island, and the two continued to trek until they had approached the Outrealm Gate, it had strong blue energy and glowed with a hue of that same colour. "So Robin, what was the unusual activity about, I suppose we haven't seen any Risen, is it not acting as it should, or is every last Risen finally vanquished?" Robin slowly approached the Outrealm Gate and inspected it, seeing if he could notice any smaller details that would suggest an event or action transpiring at this location.

Robin gently waved his hand over the structure of the Gate, feeling for anything that might have been changed, but it did not feel any different, "I'm not sure what to say Chrom, it just feels, empty, as though there's nothing here anymore" Robin's uncertainty echoed it's way to Chrom. "No more Risen? If that's the case, perhaps we ought to breathe easy knowing a major issue for Ylisse has a whole has been reduced to nothing."

Robin continued to think about the nature of this outcome, but from nowhere, the Outrealm Gate begun to spark and crackle with strikes of thunder emerging from within the Blue haze of the Gate, "Chrom, get back!" Robin quickly acted and used his own magic to counteract the violent torrents of energy from the Gate, "Robin! Robin!!" Chrom rushed forward in order to aid his friend, but a strike of energy hit the ground where Chrom was about to walk into, halting immediately, Chrom placed his grip on the Falchion and readied himself, but Robin fought against the energies, but the power began to intensify, and Robin suddenly vanished!

Robin's entire line of sight was surrounded by blue, all around him was blue, and he could only see the light energy travelling forward and meeting at a distant point to where Robin stood currently, Robin turned around to see where he entered from, but the path behind him was the same blue energies, he could not see any entrance point.

With little to no choice, Robin moved forward, getting closer and closer to the white light gathering at the presumed end of the path he could travel, as he walked onward, he somewhat begun to make out some kind of rough image, it looked safe, and Robin decided it was a for the best if he made his way there, and figure out this situation, as he got closer and closer, the image of what he saw became clearer and clearer, before finally, the view began to look perfectly normal and unfazed.

(Cue Far Dawn - Fire Emblem: Fates)

Robin stepped onto solid ground and felt the slight rumble of the rocks as his two feet stepped onto the ground and finally out of the Outrealm Gate, Robin turned back around but noticed that the gate was not acting irregularly as to when he was first approaching the gate, except this time, the gate glowed with a white light instead of the blue that he had encountered in Ylisse, Robin checked his person, seeing if his items and inventory were still with him, only a second or two later, Robin was relieved as he still had everything he had chosen to bring with him.

Robin turned back to face the new location he had arrived at, and it was quite peaceful and without any sign of warfare or destruction, he took a stroll and decided to go and inspect his surroundings, which were quite pristine and unaffected, they appeared perfectly natural in every way.

Robin strolled some more until Robin saw an individual, and the distant individual appeared to notice him too, the two soon approached each other, "You, please—tell me where I am!" Robin exclaimed in sudden worry, the individual asked: "You're in the plains of the Kingdom known as Hoshido, who are you?" he replied.

"Huh? Who am I? Um...that's a good question. Wish I knew." Robin seemed to be unable to recall his name, perhaps the trip through the Outrealm Gate affected his memory, "Oh, wait. I've got it. My name's Robin." Robin finally recalled. "I'm a bit out of it. Ugh. This isn't the first time I've stumbled into something in a daze." Robin got his composure together to speak to this new individual, "Believe it or not. I'm considered a pretty good tactician. Hey, now tell me—who are you?"

"Oh, my name is Corrin, I'm an ally to Hoshido, so you have no need to worry." Corrin diligently replied. Robin nodded, "Corrin? Well, I'll make sure to remember that. Thanks for picking me off the ground here. I really appreciate it."

Corrin observed Robin's clothing "I can't say I recognize your clothing or any of the symbols decorating it, might I ask where you are from?" Corrin asked. "Of course, I am from Ylisse, a kingdom of which I serve as tactician for the King" Robin responded.

"You are? Well, it's good to know you aren't helpless or unable to fend for yourself, it would have been troubling to see you be hurt in a place you've never been to before." Corrin shared. Robin looked around him and noticed that aside from a few plains of grass and a branching river of water

"Robin, you said you're a tactician, yes?" Corrin asked with curiosity. "Yes, I am indeed a Tactician" Robin replied. "If you're up for it, I'd like to meet you on the battlefield. One of us is the better strategist. Have time to find out which it is?" Corrin presented as an offer.

Robin pondered for a short while, considering his options, but then turned his attention back to Corrin, "Don't worry, I accept your challenge" Robin agreed to the terms, the two individuals decided to choose the Plains of Hoshido as their battleground, neutral, with barely any obstruction and a suitable environment for a battle of tactics and skill, the two fighters took their position, a few paces from each other as the two prepared for a...


(Cue Alight (Storm) - Fire Emblem: Fates)

The two fighters remain standing, as they both pulled out a weapon, Robin reached and pulled out a Bronze Sword, as Corrin withdrew his Omega Yato, the two took notice of their respective weapon choices, and the battle began with Robin making the first move, Robin went for a swing and landed a strike on Corrin, the dragon prince quickly did a back-step and then performing a somersault and landed a hit with his Omega Yato on Robin, briefly grazing his torso, Corrin then quickly swung his blade once again hitting Robin on the chest.

Both fighters quickly inspected themselves and both were just now learning of the other's swordsmanship, quickly and without time to spare Robin and Corrin once again swung their blades at each other, this time the two blades clashed against each other, both of them held their grip firmly, feeling the slight slip on rare occasion, Corrin with a bit of elbow grease broke the clash and swung his Omega Yato upward, shaking Robin off-balance, but the tactician held his blade firmly, Corrin went for a leaping slash for his blade.

A bolt of thunder struck Corrin's chest, and he suddenly recoiled his agile approach and stepped back for a moment, brushing his attire, "Oh, you're able to command magic?" Corrin asked, noticing Robin holding a yellow-covered book with a lightning bolt mark embroidered on the front, "Correct, but I don't use magic over the sword, or vice versa" Robin replied, Robin now held the Thunder tome opened, about midway through, as the page that was opened appeared to have an equal number of pages on both sides.

Robin held the tome slightly forward from his side and surging energy seemed to form around the tome, Robin then outstretched his right arm, which was now free as the Bronze Sword now rested on Robin's belt, "Thunder!" Robin launched a small jolt of thunder magic directly towards Corrin, seeing the attack coming his way, Corrin held and swung his Omega Yato in a vertical descending cut, breaking up the thunder magic and rendering it harmless. Corrin looked toward Robin and noticed that Corrin had once again picked up his Bronze Sword.

Robin quickly made a run-up to Corrin and performing an attack, landing one strike with his Sword, he then managed to successfully land a second swing on Corrin, sending him back a short distance, but before Corrin could get too far back, Corrin used a different tome and used it's magic to launch Corrin a short distance, Corrin brushed off some dust on his clothes and noticed that there were some burn marks on his cloak, he quickly figured out Corrin had managed to sneak in Fire magic.

Corrin didn't let it phase him, and he simply spun into his usual fighting pose and resumed the fight, Corrin performed a leap and this time was planning for Robin to launch a thunder, and Robin did just as Corrin had expected, Robin had launched another strike of Thunder toward the airborne Corrin. Anticipating the attack, Corrin used his Omega Yato to block the bolt, and quickly morphed his left arm into a mouth and quickly begun charging water, Robin saw the energies charging up, so he quickly sidestepped away from Corrin's intended place he would land and quickly charged his Thunder.

Corrin launched his water projectile Dragon Fang Shot as Robin countered by launching another Thunder from his tome, the two projectiles collide, and eventually, both dissipate due to a stalemate, Robin observes the two projectiles and notices that Corrin appeared to launch something akin to water magic, only he did not do so with a tome, so perhaps it must be something he can do naturally, assessing the situation briefly, Robin soon returned his attention to the battle at hand.

Corrin stretched his left arm outward and begun charging his water projectile from the mouth morphed from his arm, Robin looking very surprised but ready, charged his Thunder tome to progress it beyond the standard level, as the two charged, both of the energies surrounding them begun to become more vibrant and conducted itself faster, creating a build-up of energy, the two launched their balls of energy toward each other "Hyah!" "Arcthunder!" the two combatants fired their projectiles, almost simultaneously, but Corrin's Dragon Fang Shot made it out first and started to push back Arcthunder.

Seeing that his projectile would not likely hold, Robin made a brief dash to the side, as the Dragon Fang shot proved to be stronger than Arcthunder, assessing the situation, Robin gathered that Corrin must be some kind of empowered individual, as Corrin transformed his very limb into a gaping mouth for a projectile to be fired from, and Corrin was just now retracting his limb back to its original form.

(Cue Id ~ Hope - Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Corrin once again equipped his Omega Yato and dashed straight toward Robin, the tactician's mind was flooded by thoughts of ideas and tactics on how to approach this new situation, Corrin has approached several times already, and he has usually favoured an aerobatic approach to swordsmanship, but this couldn't be the sole tactic to a fight, Robin reached and grabbed hold of his Bronze Sword, anticipating Corrin wouldn't try to perform another aerobatic leaping sword swing, and as he had concluded, Corrin didn't jump to commence his attack, instead, Corrin simply swung his Yato horizontally toward Robin, having readied himself for a different approach to his foe's attack, Robin clashed blades with Corrin once again, the two look far more determined with themselves as well as the fight.

Corrin noticed that for a sword of a simple design, it was certainly holding up and lasting it a lot longer than he was expecting, but knowing his Omega Yato was the stronger and superior weapon, Corrin stretched out his right arm, morphing it in Dragon Fang, Corrin quickly jumped into the air and landed back on the ground, feeling his toes meet the tiny blades of grass that glided across his skin.

Corrin held his arm as his head briefly morphed into his draconic form as well, "I make my own fate!" Corrin uttered within his draconic voice filtering through, Corrin thrust his Dragon Fang at Robin, hitting him on the shoulder, Corrin then quickly performed a swing of his Yato, also hitting Robin, knocking the tactician off-balance, Corrin without a moment's hesitation then quickly morphed his arm into a mouth and charged up a quick shot of his Water projectile, and launched it directly at Robin, the projectile found it's marked, striking Robin's chest and sending him off his feet and hitting against the ground. Seeing the attack was successful, Corrin quickly assumed all of the limbs back to their regular forms.

Robin slowly pulled himself up, scratching the back of his head and realizing just how powerful that strike us, he noticed his clothes had some damage on them, and even saw a cleanly pierced pair of holes through his robe, Robin quickly retrieved his dropped weapons and stood back on his two feet.

Robin closed his eyes and begun to think, he had just now seen Corrin transform pieces of himself into what he could only assume was some kind of Manakete, a dragon who used a Dragonstone to freely control their ability to shift between human and dragon, but he had never quite seen something like this, whatever Corrin was, he was certainly not fully human, Robin opened his eyes, and decided that it was the best time to use more of his tomes, as the battle was now becoming more serious, and powers were being displayed from both sides.

Corrin patiently waited, as he wanted his opponent to resume combat when he was ready, Robin reached into his cloak and retrieved a new tome, one that he had not used before, and he opened the book using only his one hand, Robin then quickly launched a green slash of energy directly toward Corrin, seeing the incoming attack, Corrin swiftly evaded but felt a gust of wind past by him, but the breeze quieted as the projectile continued and eventually dissipated back into the air.

Robin was holding his Elwind tome, one of his many tomes, Robin once again gripped the Bronze Sword, and Robin made a dash toward Corrin, the draconic prince swung his Yato toward the approaching tactician, but as is magic, Robin suddenly took off into the air! Corrin had to look upward to see Robin, who was not only above him but was raining down projectiles on him "Elwind!" Robin turned his usual method of firing horizontally at foes on its side and instead decided to fire at Corrin from above, using his arms to block the projectiles, Corrin felt a surge of wind building up and was budging him back ever so slowly, but Corrin quickly leapt to the side, doing a grounded somersault to get his back into composure.

Robin looked down toward his opponent, Corrin uses his left hand then closed the Elwind tome, and slowly descended to the ground as though he was sustaining levitation, touching down the ground, Robin's hood had put itself back on his head in the midst of the attack, Robin pulled back on his hood, revealing his face once again, Corrin briefly stretched his arms, to keep his muscles working fine.

Having successfully managed to use his tomes effectively, Robin kept his Elwind tome in his cloak, and kept it within hand's reach just in case it was needed it, Corrin quickly leaned back, clenching his fists as he did so, on his command, Corrin sprouted wings from his back, launching himself into the air, Robin quickly devised a tactic, he reached for his Elwind tome and used it to bring himself into the air, the two fighters traded sword swings at each other midair, but Robin quickly unleashed another wave of Elwind from his tome, striking the winged Corrin, and pushing him downward, as the wind caused Corrin's wings to lose its stability with the air currents.

Corrin landed on the ground, his wings retracing back and morphing into his body, it had begun to look like Robin was becoming a more varied and challenging opponent than he had anticipated, Corrin set his Omega Yato to his side and reached and pulled out his Dragonstone, Robin's eyes immediately caught the glimmering shine of the stone, and Corrin held it with two hands, Corrin's body suddenly begun morphing, slightly growing larger. Corrin suddenly stretched his arms out as they began to morph as well, all of his limbs shook violently and soon Corrin was enveloped in a glowing white light.

(Cue New Power - Fire Emblem: Fates)

Although the light was very quick to dim itself, Corrin now stood on all fours as a Dragon, Robin watched in surprise as his opponent had now fully transformed into and became a Dragon. He had only ever seen Manaketes on the rare occasion, but now was not a time to stop and think, this was a time to act swiftly and decisively, Corrin reached into his cloak and pulled out his Thunder tome once again, Robin charged his tome to unleash a strong bolt of energy, but Dragon Corrin quickly charged water from its mouth, Dragon Corrin quickly planted its feet into the ground.

"Out of the way!" Corrin shouted, he launched a whirlpool from his mouth and fired it directly toward Robin, unable to evade the torrent of water, Robin was trapped and was spun round and round within the whirlpool's currents, as the whirlpool travelled in the air, Robin was unable to counter, due to the sheer velocity of how rapidly the whirlpool had sent him.

Being sent into the air, Robin's items were starting to fall out of his cloak and out of reach, Robin appeared to lost hold of his Thunder tome, but thankfully he was able to reach and grab hold of his Elwind tome, and opened it, allowing him to quickly manipulate the wind around him to keep himself levitated in the air, Dragon Corrin gazed upward to see that Robin was still standing even after taking such a powerful strike from his dragon powers.

Corrin, while not able to fly like a dragon, was still capable of fighting, and Dragon Corrin charged in the direction where Robin was, wanting to keep up the pressure on his opponent, Corrin unleashed another water attack toward the idle standing Robin, however, a sudden lightning bolt beamed itself and struck Dragon Corrin directly, the water attack wasn't able to follow through, and he was unable to launch it skyward, Robin had launched a fully charged attack from his Thunder tome, the lightning-fast Thoron.

Dragon Corrin winced a little in pain, but he was not down for the count just yet, Dragon Corrin rushed in the direction of Corrin, waiting to see what Robin would counter-attack with, Robin attacked with a series of strikes from his Thunder tome, Corrin evaded and dodged these as best he could, he jumped over a couple, Robin then noticed that his tome was running low on uses, and he was about to throw it aside, but Dragon Corrin quickly used its superior stature to overwhelm Robin and knock him down onto the ground, Dragon Corrin loomed over, and gazed upon Robin, the tactician shifted his eyes to his left and right, the Dragon had him unable to roll aside to escape.

Dragon Corrin reared and stood on it's two back legs, preparing another water projectile from its mouth, as it charged the water it returned its all-fours, but Dragon Corrin suddenly stumbled and begun to lose its footing, it looked and saw a sword stabbed into its body, it was Robin's Bronze Sword, and it was thrust in considerably, continuing to react to the pain, Dragon Corrin slowly stepped back and away from Robin, who finally climbed back to his feet and reached and pulled out his Bronze Sword.

Dragon Corrin felt the additional pain of the sword being pulled from his body, and he decided he could not maintain his form with this wound, Dragon Corrin began to shift and morph once again, it returned to more normal size and all of the limbs and joints returned to that of a human, Corrin had returned, but his left torso and shoulder had a bloodied wound, Robin decided that there was no longer time for him to use his Bronze Sword, seeing as the blade was now carrying Corrin's draconic blood, Robin tossed the weapon aside, he then opened his cloak one last time and reached in and pulled out a Sword.

This was a sword with an irregular blade, it was bent and looked like a metal thunder belt fitted in the shape of a sword's blade, Robin had retrieved his Levin Sword. Corrin, while injured, was still prepared to do battle again, he held his Omega Yato and assumed his preferred stance, Robin and Corrin locked eyes with each other as the two both charged at each other, Levin Sword and Omega Yato clashed, the two blades sometimes crackling with energies.

Corrin nimbly swung his Yato and managed to land a strike against Robin's chest, cutting through his cloak and piercing his body, he had drawn blood as well, both swordsman now sustaining injuries, both continued to attack each other with their blades, quickly evolving the battle into a fierce battle of swordplay and finesse, while the two swords were certainly not conventional, the battle saw them clashing and striking many times consecutively, Robin evaded a strike from Corrin, stepping back, Robin raised the Levin Sword in the air with one hand.

Suddenly thunder magic ignited from the sword and struck Corrin once again, he lost his guard, dropping to one knee, Robin quickly bolted as fast as his legs could carry him to get over to Corrin, Corrin saw his opponent approaching and transformed his left arm into a mouth, which fired water once again, but Robin managed to dodge the strike.

Corrin began to feel dark energy on his body, it was pulling on his remaining strength and made him feel slightly weaker, Robin was holding a tome with a dark purple branding spread across the front and back of the tome, a spiral flame of dark magic circled itself around Corrin, this was the work of Nosferatu.

After a few seconds of being under Nosferatu's grasp, Corrin could still feel the strength in his grasp, but he was showing that exhaustion was finally taking its hold over him, but he would not give up, the prince climbed back to his feet, gripping the Yato with both of his hands, hoping his legendary blade could hold his weight as he found the strength to stand once again.

He turned around to see Robin standing there, waiting for him. Corrin smiled, feeling proud that his opponent was as respectful as he was powerful, the two combatants looked at each other, both of them raising their swords, Levin and Omega, ready for yet another clash of blades.

Corrin dashed first, coming to Robin with a vertical overhead swing, Robin braced for impact and held his Levin Sword horizontally, and without a thought or doubt crossing his mind, Levin and Omega clashed again, but neither of the swordsmen would refuse to surrender, Robin could feel an increasing pressure coming from Corrin's Yato, he could feel his strength was becoming overwhelmed too, but Robin still had enough.

Corrin kept his grip and kept applying the pressure, Robin tensed his arms and pushed back against Corrin's pressure, with one effective shove he forced Corrin away, and he finally had room, without waiting for another moment, he shut his eyes tight and ran directly toward Corrin, holding his blade forward, but tucked to his side, he could not watch what he was about to do...

(Cue Premonition - Fire Emblem: Fates)

Corrin screamed.. and the sound of metal banged against the ground... Robin had not yet opened his eyes, but he did not need to, he already knew what had happened, "You were right Robin, you are a skilled strategist, and you certainly showed me a thing or two..."

Opening his eyes, he quickly let go of his sword and instead grabbed hold of Corrin, and gently set the prince on the ground, laying flat, he could see the Levin Sword stabbed through his chest, he turned to Robin and looked at him "I'm sure your Kingdom is well-protected thanks to someone like you, I'm sure if you had been in my kingdom, you would have been a remarkable... ally."

Robin looked at his bloodied friend, but could not bring himself to remove his sword from Corrin's chest, he tried, but his instincts prevented his body for carrying out the notion. Corrin saw what Robin was trying to do, and used all of his remaining strength to grab the handle of the Levin Sword, his hand shook with a looseness, but he nonetheless held on as tight as he could, finally, Corrin was able to move the blade, and slowly he began to pull it from his chest, Robin shut his eyes in shock as he couldn't bear to watch, but when he had opened them again, Corrin held his friend's sword to him "Here, don't forget your sword, Tactician."

Robin accepted his Levin Sword once again, seeing Corrin's stained blood, Corrin smiled knowing he had returned the sword to its proper owner, he then gazed toward the sky, thinking of his mother, Mikoto, and wondered what the afterlife would be, now that he was finally approaching that humble reality.

Corrin closed his eyes as his head rested to his right, Robin went silent... and he could not do anything, instead, he stood there, silent and paid his respects to the fallen prince, and sworn friend, whom he would always remember


While Robin mourned his fallen friend, a black-haired man appeared from the Dragon Gate, he saw the two individuals in the distance and rushed over to see if he could help them, but he arrived only to see a saddened Robin kneeling in front of Corrin's body, the man talked with him, and Robin soon stood up, he picked up his dropped tomes and swords, putting them away in his cloak.

Robin looked upon Corrin one last time, he decided to put Corrin's body in a more respectful position, sitting his arms to his side and resting the Omega Yato on the rock beside him, Robin and the man then departed through the gate, hoping to return to the world from whence they came.


(Cue Conquest - Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Boomstick: Awwww… now I don't know if I can make Boomstick Land…

Wiz: While Robin and Corrin are both seasoned and are able to command their forces against any threat, a 1-on-1 encounter like a Death Battle is a completely different type of battle, and both were certainly able to hold their own.

Boomstick: Corrin held the strength advantage, his ability to shift his own limbs into his Dragon Form shows Corrin is able to handle shifting between Human and Dragon without any trouble, and when he fully turned into a Dragon, he had considerable bulk on his side.

Wiz: But turning into a dragon and fighting foes is not something Corrin sustains for long periods of time, and Corrin eventually turns back into a human, but all of this was information he provided to Robin during the heat of battle, and with his ingenuity and improvisation, Robin was able to come up with a strategy.

Boomstick: He figured if he could not defeat Corrin with strength, then his best solution would be to use his superior ranged attacks and hurt Corrin with magic, something that Corrin is not great at withstanding on his own.

Wiz: Every Fire Emblem character has specific statistics, with certain values, and percentage rates that increase the likelihood of a stat's chance of becoming stronger, and when comparing Robin and Corrin, while Corrin holds a greater amount, Robin's Magic gives him a decisive edge, as Corrin's resistance to magic damage is his weakest link.

Boomstick: And if you're still not sure, Robin's got the experience to back him up. He ended a 15-year war thanks to his application and participation during the war, and when Valm decided to invade, Robin's tactics prevented a single ship from reaching the shore, and Robin turned the invasion around with his tactics, resulting in Valm's surrender.

Wiz: Corrin is still a strategist in his own right, but he has not demonstrated the same level of application as Robin, Corrin has also battled in only one major conflict, while Robin has battled in more, and was the tactical force that won all of them.

Boomstick: Corrin isn't a weak fighter, he's a Dragon after all, but sheer strength alone is not enough to defeat Robin, and Robin was able to stay in the fight long enough to find an advantage and use that to win this battle, looks like Robin drag-owned Corrin.

Wiz: The winner is Robin!


  • This fight was announced on June 25th, 2015, which is the same day as Fire Emblem: Fates first being released in Japan, the default name for the Avatar in the Japanese version is Kamui.