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Rico Rodriguez
Don't fuck with a scorpion unless you're prepared to get stung!
~ Rico Rodriguez

Rico Rodriguez is the main character from the video game series, Just Cause.

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  • Full Name: Rico Rodriguez
  • Aliases: Scorpio, Dictator Removal Specialist, Aquila, Da Vinci of Violence
  • Age: 50 years
  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Mentor: Thomas Sheldon
  • Father: Miguel Rodriguez
  • Birthday: January 25, 1968
  • Birth Place: Mexico
  • Grew Up in Medici
  • Former Agency Operative and Race Car Driver
  • Army of Chaos Founding Leader
  • An Excellent Hacker, Stuntman, Marksman, Pilot, and Driver
  • Likes Causing Chaos... a Lot
  • Hates Ninjas
  • Probably Delivered from Birth by Michael Bay


  • AR Lens

- Provides H.U.D.

- Can Analyse Vehicles, Weapons, and Infrastructures

  • Grappler

- Grapple/Magnetic Harpoon, can be Used as a Whip to Send Back Grenades

- Onboard Computer

[Has G.P.S. and can Connect to Computers]

- Retractors

[Length Effect (Pulse, Deactivate, Snap), Minimum Length (Long, Short), Power Yank (None, Soft, Extreme), Retract Speed (Slow, Medium, Fast)]

- Airlifters

[Gas (Helium, Hydrogen), Armor (Fragile, Invulnerable to Enemies, Invulnerable to Rico, Indestructible), Locomotion (Float, Guided, Follow), Peak Altitude (5 m, 10 m, 15 m, Infinite), Peak Effect (Hover, Pop)]

- Boosters

[Burnout Effect (Deactivate, Overclock), Directional (Lateral + Up, Horizontal, No Limits), Burnout Time (2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec), Acceleration (Slow, Medium, Fast), Orientation (No Mods, Away from Rico's Sights, Away from other End)]

  • Parachute

- Reusable and Retractable

  • Bavarium Wingsuit

- Bavarium-Powered Rocket Boosters [Can also Boost and Take Off from Underwater]

- Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun

- Homing Missiles

  • HV01 Hoverboard

- Can Travel on Electro-Mag Cables [Causes Short Circuits to Electircal Systems]

- Hovers Above Any Surface Including Water

- Can Drag Rico Out From Underwater

  • Holdt R4 Pitbull
  • U-55S Pozhar
  • U-24Z Zabijak
  • CC10 Shotgun
  • PBX Auto-Slug 4
  • Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug
  • CS Wraith 225R
  • SMG-2
  • Bavarium Splitter
  • Defender Machine Gun
  • SW9 Assault Rifle
  • Niagara 9mm Bullpup
  • AT7 RPG
  • AT3-X RPG
  • M488
  • PGL-6 Grenade Launcher
  • PBX Mine Launcher 2A7
  • LRD-3 Sniper Rifle
  • PBX Super-Sniper 4
  • Yellowstone Auto Sniper
  • Stormalong EM Zero
  • Demon Crossbow
  • PWC V4.2 Wind Gun
  • RG-PBA 9 Railgun
  • DA 9.3 Lightning Gun
  • eDEN Spark
  • Cow Gun...?
  • Tendrilizer...?


  • Liberated 7 Countries

- Includes San Esperito, Panau, Medici, and Solis

  • Single-Handedly Defeated Entire Armies

- Captured Many Settlements, Bases, Facilities, Factories, and Fortresses

- Assaulted the eDEN Airship and Stingray Area

- Stopped Demon Infestation Across Solis

- Destroyed a Fleet of 7 Agency Submarines

  • Dodged Gunfire and Missiles
  • Survived Artillery Fire, Point-Blank Explosions, Terminal Velocity Falls, and Lightning Strikes
  • Outpaced Ninjas, Black Hand Ghosts, and Agency Operatives

- Ninjas can Teleport via Smoke Bombs, can Dodge Rico's Grappler

- Black Hand Ghosts are Very Fast and Agile and can Turn Invisible via Optical Camouflage

- Some Agents have Similar Grapplers as Rico's

  • Won Numerous Solino Underground Challenges
  • Ride on Cars, Missiles, and Jets like Skateboards without Slipping Off
  • Hacked 4 Nuclear Missiles
  • Lead Several Rebel Groups to Victory
  • Pulled Nuclear Missile's Flight Fin and Steered the Missile Off-Course
  • Spotted a Satellite in Orbit from Sea Level
  • Survived Literally Head-On Collision with the Illapa Core
  • Survived Being Blown Away by a Blizzard
  • Flew Around and then Down into a Tornado while Dodging Debris
  • Landed Terminal Velocity Falls without Any Injuries
  • Survived Being Thrown Around by a Tornado
  • Survived Close Proximity to M488 Explosion
  • Tethers can Turn Ginormous Stone Rings in Isla De Los Annilos
  • Grappler can Tag Grappling Agents and even Speeding Jets
  • Out-Sped and Escaped Massive Explosions with Grappler and Wingsuit without Rocket Booster
  • Defeated Mendoza, Zhang Sun, Mirkov, Washio, Baby Panay, Di Ravello, Eden, Gabriela, Espinosa, Huchasunqu, and Agent Miller

- Baby Panay Survived a Point-Blank Grenade Powerful Enough to Collapse a Japanese-Style Rooftop

- Di Ravello Survived a Helicopter Crash

- Agent Miller had Optical Camouflage and a Similar Grappler as Rico's


  • A Bit Cocky and Reckless
  • Views Plans as "Lists of Things that Go Wrong"
  • Prefers Loud and Direct Approaches