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Red Skull VS Black Mask
Season 6, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 26th June 2016
Written by Big The Cat 10
Directed by Big The Cat 10
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Red Skull vs Black Mask is a What if? episode of death battle created by Nightwing169 but has been adopted by Bigthecat10. It features Red Skull from Marvel Comics and Black Mask from DC comics.


Marvel vs DC! Which Cunning smart gun-wielding crime leader with a colored Skull face will win?!


Wiz: Batman and Captain America have many foes that are pains in their side but these two gunslinging crime bosses are significantly annoying

Boomstick: And these two have major Plastic Surgery issues with their Colored Skull face Red Skull the Nazi Nemesis to Cap

Wiz: And Black Mask The Disfigured Crime Boss of Gotham City

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle

Red Skull[]

Wiz: Born in the 1920's Johann Schmidt had a rough life his mother died in childbirth and his father an Alcoholic tried to drown his son but the doctor prevented him from being killed his father then committed suicide

Boomstick: Dang that's just sad! The doctor then took Johann to an orphanage where Johann. Became very isolated and his hatred grew

Wiz: He became quite poor and was forced to take on a variety of jobs at a young age to survive as a teenager he was employed by a Jewish Shopowner and feel in love with his daughter Esther

Boomstick: Esther treated Johann nicely and the two began to develop feelings for each other but love soon turned to Lust and when she rejected him Johann killed Esther What a way to repay her kindness!

Wiz: Eventually the Nazi party gained power and Johann came to somehow greatly respect The Nazi leader Hitler and when they met in a hotel Hitler saw a lot of potential and hate in the boy's eyes while Johann saw Hitler as his master Hitler took the boy on training him to be a Nazi Johann became...

Boomstick: Darth Vader!!!

Wiz: 'Facepalms' Really

Boomstick: Yeah Johann was trained by the Nazi's to be an assassin and enforcer but Hitler eventually trained Johann personally making him his top Enforcer and making him answerable to no one accept the Fuhrer himself Hitler fave Johann his Mask donning the name Red Skull

Wiz: Red Skull went around ensuring Hitler's plans and fought in WWII and was sent to fight America where he clashed with Super Soldier Captain America several times

Boomstick: He also created the organization Hydra along with his College Baron von Strucker which infuriated several governments around the world

Wiz: Eventually The Nazi's were Beaten back and Cap tracked the Skull to Berlin where the two fought in Hitler's bunker an explosion went off that knocked out Skull but he was kept alive by a gas

Boomstick: He was revived by Communists in the 1950s and stayed undercover for many decades fighting Cap several times however the gas wore off and he grew to an old age he injected Cap with a serum that made him old and the two fought Cap winning and Skull dying

Wiz: However the Red Skull was revived in a clone body but was killed by the Winter Soldier and was transferred into a Robot where he watched over his daughter Sin

Boomstick: However the robot was destroyed However Red Skull's mind was preserved into a clone of Captain America but was destroyed as well

Wiz: His brain stuck in another Clone Red Skull continues to pose a threat to Captain America and the Marvel Universe and he is easily the deadliest there is

Boomstick: He's a master of physical combat and hand to hand fighting able to keep up Captain America and surpass him even with his mastery of all Fighting styles

Wiz: He also is in peak human physical condition in his normal body despite being past his prime the gas keeps his strength and speed levels the same as they were at the time of WWII he can keep up with Cap in terms of physical terms

Boomstick: But he's a cunning strategist with over 75 years of experience from Wars and the Manipulation of Hydra to take control of Shield he also retains the brutal fighting tactics of the Nazis

Wiz: Red Skull also is armed with pistols and shotguns of which he is a superb shot with able to nearly always hit his targets he carries Multiple pistols just in case he needs to take on Multiple opponents

Boomstick: He also can use machine guns to great effect to mow down dozens of troops in battle but when on a mission he carries his Tommy gun to rapidly shoot at foes and destroy them

Wiz: He also carries knives in case he loses his guns and is a master of fencing in case he needs to defeat an opponent using Sword Play but he keeps these Knives hidden within his suit

Boomstick: He also carries his deadly dust of death a deadly toxin released from his gloves that causes the victims to face to turn red and shrivel up into a Red Skull appearance causing them to suffocate and die Joker's been taking lessons!

Wiz: His Red Skull was originally a mask given to him by Hitler to terrorize foes it offered him protection from gunfire and knives but during an accident with his dust of death skulls own face turned a Red Colour so he got rid of the mask

Boomstick: Skull also carries the Cosmic Cube a mysterious cube that has the power to warp reality and trap others inside of itself Skull can feel its Power into pistols and rocket launchers

Wiz: He can then fire Disenagration beams of blue energy that can easily end opponents and cause explosions upon impact Red Skull also has clones in case his body is destroyed during a battle

Boomstick: He has used several bodies of himself and robots to live on when his original body has died his brain has been transferred into another body in order for him to survive but he often needs help for his brain to get inside the new body unless it gets inside of a clone body out of pure circumstance

Wiz: His notable body is when he had his brain transferred into a Captain America clone body and used the Dust of Death to make the head look like himself this body offers him increased speed and strength

Boomstick: He can run up to 30 miles per hour lift nearly 1 tonne has increased stamina and healing and is more durable than the average human

Wiz: Although this body offers him more protection it can still be destroyed and leave Red Skull helpless until his brain can be transferred into another body

Boomstick: But Red Skull is no pushover he's matched and even surpassed Captain America in Combat held his own against Iron Man and defeated Many Soldiers on his own and successfully taken control of Shield using Hydra

Wiz: However due to being a Nazi means not many Villains want to work with him and despite his skill he just a regular human and can only take so much abuse if his brain is transferred to a clone body He can die and even his clone bodies can be destroyed quite easily his tactics and fighting styles are also quite old and out of date

Boomstick: But with his fighting skill and marksmanship The Red Skull is one deadly Nazi and the Original Marvekpl Villain for a reason

Red Skull: The idea of Captain America is important to the people not to me

Black Mask[]

Wiz: Roman Siones was born to a pair of industrialists who often rejected their son for managing their wealth and expanding it Roman was angry at this

Boomstick: Left on the doorstep of the Wayne family to play with Young boy Bruce Roman became frustrated at his parents as he grew older vowing revenge against them in a mysterious fire he killed his parents

Wiz: Taking over their company the Young Roman used up most of his parent's money on making cosmetic products particularly masks which he grew fascinated with Eventually when the products harmed customers he was sued and his company bought by Bruce Wayne

Boomstick: Inraged Roman dug up his father's grave and carved out a black mask out of it to represent his hatred and led a Criminal gang to kill Wanye Employees

Wiz: However this led to a fight with Batman a fire then broke out which sealed Roman's mask to his face becoming Black Mask and expanding his group of criminals

Boomstick: Well his Mask obsession stuck with him didn't it!

Wiz: 'Sighs' Come on...Anyways Black Mask eventually took over Gotham's Criminal underworld and gained a lot of money from robbing and stealing from the cities inhabitants his wealth surpassing even the Penguin

Boomstick: However his efforts were increasingly undermined by Batman and Catwoman which infuriated Roman and led him to lose his grip on the city he then dedicated his life to capturing their loved ones to teach them a lesson

Wiz: Over the years he tortured and killed Batman's and Catwoman's friends and relatives this caused him to be at the point of Catwoman's anger being knocked out of a building on one occasion

Boomstick: Though he survived he was being undermined by Red Hood who was dismantling his Criminal empire they eventually fought and Black Mask killed him but this was a decoy Black Mask was then killed by Catwoman

Wiz: Black Mask was a deadly Criminal mastermind and is one of Batman's deadliest villains

Boomstick: He's a master of physical combat though not on the level of Batman he's been able to contend with him in physical regard along with being able to match His allies such as Nightwing and Catwoman

Wiz: He's a cunning strategist and has taken over the entire Criminal Underworld with his tactics outsmarting the likes of Penguin Bane and Killer Croc in order to do so he also goads others when they have him in a corner tempting them to kill him and this has worked numerous times but backfired on him resulting in his downfall

Boomstick: He also is in peak human condition and has considerable strength and durability to keep up with his enemies and surpass them he has a considerable amount of weaponry

Wiz: He carries guns preferably pistols which he uses to great effect as a marksman in defeating his enemies he uses a single pistol at most times but he is more than comfortable in using two he also uses shotguns and machine guns

Boomstick: But he also uses knives to stab and torture his foes he is also capable of using maces and kitchen equipment against his foes but usually prefers to keep his opponents alive to torture them

Wiz: Yeah Black Mask is a master torturer he uses knives of different lengths to stab and torture others and knows exactly where to stab others to cause the most pain he also uses drills and hammers and get the information out of others

Boomstick: He also can strap and tighten the bonds on his devices to torture his enemies and end them but has been resisted before

Wiz: He also can throw black masks which are toxic and can damage and kill opponents but even beyond the grave Roman still wasn't done yet he came back during the Blackest Night event as a Black Lantern

Boomstick: Woah now that's badass This form has many abilities

Wiz: With the power of a Black Lantern Ring Mask can regenerate from wounds much faster can create black constructs and objects though he needs the hearts of others to create very effective constructs he has his Construct Pistols and torture chamber though has the mind of a zombie

Boomstick: Black Mask has matched Batman Nightwing fought Catwoman to a standstill twice tortured and nearly killed the Fourth Robin Stephanie Brown survived falling Out of an apartment killed a decoy of Red Hood and throw a desk several feet

Wiz: But he often underestimates his opponents he was overpowered by Stephanie Brown as he let his guard down and overpowered him his goading Doesn't always work on those who kill daily he also is quite an easy foe to take down due to mainly leaving the job of fighting to his thugs

Boomstick: But with his Cunning mind and marksmanship Black Mask is one of Batman's deadliest foes

Black Mask: My lawyer will have me out on bail before the sun's up. And you know what I'm going to do when I get out? I'm gonna dedicate every waking minute to tracking you down and taking you out!

Pre-Death Battle[]

Wiz: All right the combatants are set to let's end this debate once and for all

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle


In a Hydra base that had recently been taken over Black Mask was rummaging through some boxes trying to see what money and goods he could find he pulls out some guns and tosses them to his men

Suddenly gunshots are heard in the distance a henchman comes running towards him

Black Mask: What is it!

Henchman: He's here boss he's right outside the compound

Black Mask: You guys leave with the cash I'll take out Red Skull

Henchman: Yes Sir

All the henchman leave and Red Skull enters the room with a pistol Black Mask walks towards Red Skull

Red Skull: You are ze Black Mask am Ze Red Skull You were caught stealing my artifacts Black Mask

Black Mask: Well I think I am going to be keeping them

Red Skull: Yar you will try to but your resistance will be futile against me

Both get into fighting positions


Red Skull fires at Black Mask rapidly with his pistol Mask dodges and pulls out his pistol and fires Skull easily sidesteps the shot and shoots again Mask ducks behind a crate at fires two shots Skull Is injured by the bullet damaging his coat but takes the opportunity to shoot Mask a bullet hitting Mask in the side

Mask groans and fires again but knock the crate towards Skull to distract him Mask then shoots Red Skull who counters by blocking the bullet with a knife and shooting at Mask the two rapidly shoot at each with their pistols

Mask is temporarily overwhelmed by the barrage of bullets from Skull's pistol Skull pulls out another pistol and runs towards Mask uppercutting him then kneeing him in the gut Mask then kicks Skull in the leg but Red Skull smacks Mask with the hilt of his pistol and knocks him back into a stack of crates

Red Skull: Ha pathetic Scum you will face my power!

Black Mask: Oh I don't think so

Suddenly Black Mask jumps out with a machine gun in each hand firing rapidly Skull is hit in the arm and pulls out two pistols the two fire barrages of bullets at each other the bullets hitting each other but Skull is overwhelmed and flips out of the way Black Mask throws a grenade at Skull which sends him flying

Red Skull pulls out his pistol and shoots at Mask hitting his shoulder Red Skull hits the ground and grabs his Tommy gun they both fire at each other again Mask firing a rapid amount of bullets and ducking behind a crate Red Skull attacking with his Tommy gun bullets flying towards Black Mask's direction

Red Skull: Yar You can never hope to defeat me!

Black Mask: Have some bullets punk!

The bullets fly towards each other Mask shooting wildly at Skull who in return moves his gun to the side while firing hitting Black Mask Red Skull then walks towards Mask who is forced to drop the guns in pain pulling a pistol

Red Skull fires at Mask who responds shooting at him with his pistol but Red Skull dodges and shoots at Mask Mask then leaps out Red Skull knocking a pile of crates towards him Red Skull shoots the crates but the weapon is knocked out of his hand Black Mask punches him with his hand while trying to shoot him with the other

Black Mask smacks Skull with his pistol and shoots him in the arm but Red Skull headbutts Mask and kicks him knocking the pistol out his hand the two exchange blows Mask knees Skull but Skull elbows Mask in the face and throw him to the wall

Black Mask: Not bad tough guy but time to die!

Red Skull: Nine I think it is your turn your cowardly tactics prove your weakness

Black Mask: Cowardly take this!

Black Mask pulls out a knife and so does Skull they both slash at each other Mask is slashed but slashes Skull's leg and the two try to stab each other and enter a fist lock Red Skull stabs Mask in between the ribs blood pouring out But Skull grabs a drill nearby and Rams it into Skull's side

Both reel back from the Attack and Mask lunges for Skull's throat trying to strangle knocking Skull back but Mask is overwhelmed Mask then throws a toxic mask at Skull which burns through his coat Mask then kicks Skull and stabs him

Mask throws several grenades at Skull some hit him and damage him but Skull kicks one back towards mask that hits him square in the chest Mask falls back injured coughing up blood and blood leaking from his chest

Black Mask: Urgh I'm not finished yet

Red Skull: Yarr you are!

Red Skull pulls out his pistol Black Mask tries to shoot Skull but the Nazi flips round and the incoming bullets and shoots a single bullet at Mask the bullet rocketing towards his chest and flying through it Mask gasps in shock and falls to the ground

Black Mask: Urgh no!

Red Skull: Ha Pathetic!

Suddenly a black ring flies towards Mask's hand Skull tries to shoot it but the ting attaches itself to Mask's hand Mask's appearance becomes Zombie-like as his wounds heal he then creates two pistols with his ring and aims them at Skull

Skull looks on in shock and fires with his pistol Mask creates a shield and blocks the bullets but sends a Knife construct flying towards Skull who dodges firing at Mask the bullets simply dealing damage and being regenerated Mask shoots several bullets at Skull which cause him to retreat

Skull shoots again but is hit by a construct knife then Mask steps towards him and fires several bullets several shards of Lantern Constructs fly towards Skull's face obliterating his mask Skull's brain flies out and lands in a Captain America Body Skull's body falls to the ground

Black Mask: Grr You could never beat me!

Suddenly the Clones eyes open and activate the dust of death the head bulges to red skull shape and Skull grabs his pistol Laughing at Mask who growls The two fire bullets at each other but Red Skull is hit then shoots Mask hitting his gun and jamming it

Red Skull: Pathetic!

Mask lunges at Skull throwing construct knives but Skull smashes them with his fists and punches Mask they hit each other and are knocked back Skull pulls out the Cosmic Cube

He grabs a rocket launcher firming a blue laser blast that hits Mask destroying his left arm Mask yells shooting Bullets but Skull shoots his hand with the ring destroying it with a blast Skull then releases the Dust of Death turning Mask's face red and causing him to suffocate

Red Skull: Adolfestein Scum!

Mask: Graahh no!

Red Skull fires a blast that hits Mask in the chest and Head obliterating his head killing him Mask falls dead

Red Skull: You were pathetic!

Skull walks away to reclaim the base



Boomstick: That was extreme !

Wiz: This battle was very close especially with their other forms but Red Skull takes the win for a matter of reasons the battle would start as a brief pistol fight with them trying to snipe and injure each other

Boomstick: But Red Skull would prove superior when it came to using a pistol and is far greater marksman than Black Mask who is skilled but misses his targets more than Skull does Skull has carried out assassinations and stealth missions and is much better with his gun

Wiz: Black Mask would then rely on his Machine guns and shotguns to try and desperately overwhelm Skull who would be able to cope with this thanks to his marksman skills he's quick enough to snipe targets in the raging battlefields of WWII so he can hit Mask in the middle of combat

Boomstick: Skull's Tommy gun would allow him to match Mask's desperate machine gun fire and overwhelm him Mask has been forced to rely on his machine guns when in a frantic situation which has led to him being easily prone to hits something that Skull would take advantage of with his Strategic mind

Wiz: When it came to physical combat and knife Attacks Red Skull simply outclasses Mask Red Skull fights and matches Captain America most of the time while Mask tends to rely on his thugs to take out opponents for him he also relies on torture more often than he does for Physical Combat which led him to be overwhelmed

Boomstick: But Wiz Skull has matched Batman in combat along with Catwoman Red Hood and Nightwing he should have owned Skull

Wiz: Well the only reason he was able to match Batman was that Batman was tired out from fighting criminals for days on end and in almost all of his fights he has been overwhelmed he was even overpowered by Stephanie Brown who was weak from being tortured and yet still owned Mask

Boomstick: Skull's 75 years of experience allowed him to defeat Mask and though he was killed by Mask's Black Lantern Form he was able to return in the clone body

Wiz: Mask's form was strong but lacked the intelligence of his regular form and his Ring was weak due to needing the Hearts of others to power up Skull's clone body makes him stronger and far more intelligent than Mask which allowed him to counter his regeneration with the Cosmic Cubes powerful blasts and Dust of Death

Boomstick: Yeah Mask may have his toxic masks that are similar to the Dust of Death but they pale in comparison to it Mask even in his Zombie form wouldn't be able to recover from the Dust plus Mask has nothing to counter the Cosmic Cube

Wiz: Yeah this thing can easily warp reality and its power is capable of easily killing Skull let alone Mask plus Skull can easily fuel the power of the Cube into his rocket launchers which were able to undermine the regeneration of Mask and finish him off with the Dust

Boomstick: Black Mask just couldn't get the fact that Johann beats him through his thick Red Skull!

Wiz: The Winner is The Red Skull.

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