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The line in the sand between man and beast gets very blurry during war. You don't get to hold your moral ground when 'thou shalt not kill' is no longer an option. That doesn't make me uncomfortable. Never has.
~ Thunderbolt Ross

Red Hulk is an anti-hero from Marvel Comics.

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Lieutenant General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross is a high ranking officer of the United States Army. Ross was put in charge of the military project to produce super-soldiers, using a research group as a front, but it falls apart with the creation of the Hulk which the general pursued with a growing obsession. This obsession led to Ross committing dishonorable acts as a member of the military before he exposed himself to a combination of Gamma radiation and cosmic rays to fight his quarry as an equal.

Death Battle info[]


  • Real name: Thaddeus E. Ross
  • Height: 6'1" (as General Ross); 7'0"-10'0" (as Red Hulk)
  • Weight: 245 lbs (111 kg) (as Ross); 1200 lbs-2000 lbs (as Red Hulk)
  • Occupation: Army General

While similar to Hulk, possessing many of the impressive superhuman attributes Hulk possesses, Red Hulk has unique traits that set him apart: Two being that he retained his sense of self and able to absorb various types of energies like gamma waves. Red Hulk can also increase his body temperature when in a bad mood, producing a heat hot enough to turn desert sand to glass once a high enough level of rage. But it can be a weakness as his power lacks a cooling mechanism to deal with excess heat.

Having been trained by the military, Red Hulk is quite a formidable tactician in his own right. He also possesses a wide arsenal of heavy weapons which include a hand-held minigun, a Gatling gun, missile launchers, a rapid-fire gamma cannon, and Gamma grenades.



  • Will overheat as his rage and power increases. If intense enough; Red Hulk could knock himself out with his radioactive heat.
  • His radiation powers cannot contain this energy; meaning Red Hulk can exhaust his energy if he cannot maintain or grow his rage.
  • Characters who can absorb radiation energy are at an advantage against Red Hulk.
  • Shares most of the same weaknesses Hulk has.
  • Unable to absorb Negative Zone energy without suffering a burning pain that drains him.