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I Lived, Hero
Season 0, Episode 22
Vital statistics
Air date September 18, 2020
Written by Cropfist
Directed by Cropfist
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The former sidekicks are back from the dead, back for revenge and deadlier than ever before. Who will be sent back to the grave?


(cue theme)

The career of a superhero sidekick is anything but safe, and it's only thanks to the comic business that many are revived to restore the status quo.

But when these lackeys came back from death, things were anything but the same for them or their heroes. James Buchanan Barnes, the Winter Soldier and formerly Captain America's sidekick Bucky.

And Jason Peter Todd, the Red Hood and formerly Batman's sidekick Robin.

He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armors and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Red Hood

Gotham City, New Jersey is one of the most dangerous cities in America. With all the insane and superpowered villains running around, it's worse than Detroit on steroids.

Choosing to be the city's heroic beacon of justice, the Dark Knight has his work cut out for him in his crusade against crime. So even a gritty figure such as him would need help. The logical solution is to adopt Dick Grayson, a 12-year-old orphaned acrobat who witnessed his parents' deaths, as a sidekick to help with the dangerous vigilante life.

Hey, having a billionaire as an adoptive dad is worth it! I'd have taken that over my dad any day.

Eventually, Batman realized this was all too dangerous for a kid, so he let Dick go, and he eventually went on his own superhero campaign.

But he still needed a sidekick, so he chucked that lesson out the window and did basically the same thing when he adopted Jason Peter Todd.

Jason, too, was a kid on his own who had no choice but to survive off of crime, such as theft. Until one day, when Batman caught him trying to steal a tire from the Batmobile.

Goddamn, that's some bravery there! I sure as hell wouldn't dare to try jacking THE BATMAN'S ride!

Instead of giving him the usual for criminals, Bruce decided to help young Jason by putting him in a reform school...which turned out to be corrupt, so then he adopted him instead. And after six months of training, Jason took up the mantle of the second Robin.

However, the new Robin proved more unruly than his predecessor, being prone to anger, recklessness, excessive brutality and defying orders, to the point where he had to be suspended from hero duty. Also for that, the powers that be, a.k.a the readers' votes, decided that he must die.

During his break, he found out his mother was alive and tracked her down alone. This turned out to be a trap orchestrated by the Joker, who bashed Robin with a crowbar before leaving him in a warehouse to be finished off with a time bomb. By the time Batman arrived, it was too late to save him.

Todd's death would haunt Batman as one of his greatest failures and one of the Joker's most heinous acts. But unknown to him at first, the powers that be changed their mind and undid one of the few deaths in the comic industry that was considered irreversible. Through whatever random-ass cosmic event, Jason returned from the grave almost 20 years later...or, in comic book time, a few months after his demise

Though he was weakened, he received help from a good samaritan: Talia al Ghul.

Who, if you don't know, is the daughter of international terrorist and assassin leader Ra's al Ghul, who has access to a magic pool that can heal anyone from death. After a dip in the Lazarus Pit, Jason was fully restored not only in body, but in mind too. And the first thing on his mind was vengeance.

Abandoning his former mentor's code to never take a life, Jason returned to Gotham on his own lethal vigilante venture to paint to town red with criminal blood, befitting for his new alias which spelt bad news for both Batman and Joker: the Red Hood.

With his training under Batman, Nightwing, Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva and himself, Red Hood has all the natural tools to be a human killing machine. On top of being at peak human physical condition, he's talented in multiple martial arts, like karate, Krav Maga, Aikido, Capoeira, Taekwondo, kick-boxing and more! He's so good at it, he can fight even with amnesia via his muscle memory, and communicate with others mid-fight through combat body language! Or fight while blind! This is compounded with his suit, armored, hosting a cloaking device, and protected by a body taser beneath his titular red hood helmet with night vision, a radio transceiver, underwater breathing mechanisms, and the ability to self-destruct!

Jason is sharpened in mind as well; despite his mentality, he's displayed resistance to mind control, illusions, and mind-warping bioweapons, in addition to being an adept acrobat, detective, analyst, spy, and marksman.

That last one most importantly, because he translated throwing batarangs into not just throwing knives, but shooting guns. Most commonly his dual Jericho 941 pistols, modded with laser sights and armor-piercing ammunition. Otherwise, he's carrying any manner of machine guns, shotguns, rifles, rocket launchers or grappling guns, accessible to him courtesy of those assassin connections.

Furthermore, he has daggers, katanas, shurikens, bolas, crowbars, grenades, flashbangs, smoke bombs, wrist lasers, and electric gliding wings. If that's not enough, he has a superpower too.

Take that, Bats!

Due to his training with the All-Caste monks, Jason can summon the All-Blades, a pair of mystical copper swords. These swords are connected to his soul, can be summoned at will, and are strong enough to clash with the sword of Hephaestus, which is able to cut Kryptonian-level foes. Supposedly, they can only harm magical beings of true evil.

So like Samurai Jack's blade?

I guess. Though the swords have been shown cutting through robots and aliens, which makes that statement's applicability questionable.

Red Hood is strong enough to hold a collapsing house roof by himself, punch through the hull of a submarine, kick an airplane door off its hinges, get smashed through a brick wall, withstand an almost point-blank shot from a rocket launcher, only get annoyed from being torched with a flamethrower while naked, dodge gunfire, and even punch immortals so hard they lose their powers! Immortality included! He has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with, and even trounce, the best of DC's street tiers, including Batman, Deathstroke, Cassandra Cain and Lady Shiva.

However, though his training has helped him greatly in managing his rage, he's still...a fairly angry person, which occasionally blinds him and leaves him vulnerable in battle. To be fair, I probably wouldn't be all there myself if I was tortured to death by the Joker.

He's still human, needing to eat, breathe, etcetera like everyone else to survive, and the All-Blades will de-materialize if he gets too injured. Not that they're truly indestructible, either. But if you're up to no good, beware of the Red Hood...because unlike Batman, he's itching to fire a bullet with your name on it.

Red Hood: You can't stop crime. That's what you never understood. I'm controlling it. You wanna rule them by fear, but what do you do with the ones who aren't afraid? I'm doing what you won't, I'm taking them out.

Batman: Tell me what happened to you. Let me help.

Red Hood: It's too late. You had your chance. And I'm just getting started.

Winter Soldier

In 1925 Shelbyville, Indiana, James Buchanan Barnes was born to George and Winnifred Barnes.

You can forget about them, because this being a comic book origin, they didn't last long; James was an orphan by the time he was 10, which would also be during the Great Depression, and with his sister away in boarding school, he was left in the custody of Fort Lehigh. Which he didn't mind, being a military brat, though also a literal brat who was constantly getting into fights and sneaking prohibited stuff around the camp.

But this didn't mean he lacked discipline, he was instructed on the military style, with training from both his military and later the Special Air Service overseas in England.

As if American men need to go back to the red coats...

Well don't worry about that, because when he returned to base, he met Steve Rogers, who was secretly the most American hero of all: Captain America.

Yeah, "secretly", until he just waltzed in on Steve changing into uniform. Great job at protecting your identity!

This was a dream come true for James, who would join the captain as his costumed accomplice Bucky. Together, they went on missions to battle all sorts of Axis supervillains, despite Barnes being barely 16 years old, which was meant to both counter the Hitler Youth and invigorate American youngsters in the war effort.

"Hey, kids! Do you want to get sent thousands of miles from home to get painfully shot at or blown up or imprisoned in a POW camp and possibly never see your family again?"

Eventually, Captain America had succeeded in both the comic and real world in leading the American spirit to victory-

Take that, Garth Ennis!

But as the war was coming to an were the reasons for CA's comic to continue. So on one final mission, Cap and Bucky battled Baron Zemo over an Allied drone plane rigged to explode. Which it did, knocking Rogers into the freezing waters of the English Channel and seemingly taking Barnes' life.

They would go on to be posthumously remembered and honored as heroes of the war. But as it turned out, neither of them were actually dead.

While Steve was suspended in ice and thawed out decades later to join the Avengers, Bucky was secretly discovered in the waters by a Soviet submarine. Having lost his memories, and his left arm, in the explosion, the Russians brainwashed him, trained him, gave him a cybernetic replacement arm-

See Battlefield V, that's how you do bionics! AFTER the war!

-and Bucky was reborn as the U.S.S.R's deadly super-assassin: the Winter Soldier.

Over the next decades, the Winter Soldier would be sent on missions across the globe to carry out covert assassinations of prominent western scientists and military figures the Soviet Union wanted to disappear; whenever not out on an operation, he would be placed in cryostasis to slow his aging down.

However, years of indoctrination eventually took its toll, and he began to suffer from mental breakdowns and instability until the Soviet Union's collapse, at which point he became the personal agent of general Aleksander Lukin in the modern era. While on an assignment to retrieve a cosmic cube, James finally reunited with Captain America, who recognized his identity with some help from shield. Battling his former sidekick, Steve used the cube to restore Bucky's memories. Repentant over what he had been turned into, James dedicated himself to good once again, reclaiming his assassin codename and resurrection to fight villainy in his own way.

Thanks to his extensive training, and a bit of Infinity Formula, the Winter Soldier is above peak human physical condition, with enhanced healing, dexterity, stamina, decreased aging, and most notably that bionic left arm he's rocking. It's even more superhumanly strong than he is, which gives him a leg- er, arm up when using martial arts like Defendu and Appelgate-Fairbarn style.

It's good for more than just punching as well. It comes with a taser, a flamethrower, a retractable blade, an EMP, holographic disguise, sensors, remote operation to be controlled from a distance if separated from him-

Yeaugh! Freaky!

-and extra ammo to reload his various weapons with.

Like his Colt 1911A1 and M4A1, SIG-Sauer P220ST and P226R, Glock 19, M249 SAW Paratrooper, grenade launchers, et cetera.

He also has firearms for dealing with people way above his weight class, like pistols that can down a frost giant, a P08 Luger that can hurt Ares, a rocket launcher that can take a Crimson Dynamo armor out, and guns passed down from Nick Fury which are able to destroy entire planets and damage Thor, Hulk, Iron Man-

Holy shit! I though he was a street leveler! How much for those guns?

His guns are locked behind a palm print scanner, so if anyone else tries to use them, they go kaboom.

Aw man...

Conversely, I should have no issue adding all those arm features to my mechanical limb later.

Yeah right, you couldn't figure out how to put a beer dispenser in your arm.

That was your idea, and it didn't work because you kept filling it with- look anyway, he additionally carries combat knives, explosive grenades, gas grenades, grappling hooks, anti-laser wall crawling equipment, and even a teleportation device.

All-in-all, James is a highly competent in marksmanship, acrobatics, stealth, spying, assassination, tactics, and multilingualism. He can punch out robots bigger than himself, withstand hits from multi-tonners, take a blast from a grenade launcher, survive getting shot by a Kree laser, or react to fire from guns, rocket launcher and Hawkeye's arrows. His track record includes victories against Black Widow, Crossbones, Wolverine, and William Burnside, who is stronger than Captain America. With all this, he was good enough at his redemption to succeed the mantle of Captain America from Steve for a period of time!

However, he still has a bit of lingering mental trauma from his killer days that he should probably talk to a therapist about, and his bionic arm can supposedly be disabled by an electromagnetic pulse. Which is odd since it can emit that with no problems.

But don't cause chaos in America while this soldier's around, or he'll deliver justice on a plate colder than any winter.

Rocket: How much for the gun?

Bucky: Not for sale.

Rocket: Okay, how much for the arm?

[Bucky blankly looks down at Rocket, before quickly running back into battle without a response]


Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all.

It's time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle

Inside of a dimly lit warehouse, a criminal wakes up to find himself tied to a chair. In front of him, he sees a man in a black combat suit and vest, with a metallic left arm marked with a red star, and a black mask on a face topped by a head of medium-long brown hair, holding a rifle. The Winter Soldier speaks to the man in Russian and demands to know the elements of whatever villainy he was involved in. Before he can respond, he is suddenly shot in the forehead.

Bucky turns around right away, gun aimed, to see the shooter a few meters behind him: a man wearing a brown jacket over a dark gray body armor, with the symbol of a red bat on the chest, tight dark gray pants, and most notably a red helmet on his head. With his dual pistols already drawn, Red Hood speaks.

"Guy was a crook. And it looks like you are too."


The two resurrected sidekicks-turned-antiheroes immediately traded gunfire; after a few seconds of evading each other's bullets, Red Hood takes cover behind a metal table while Winter Soldier ducks behind a metal desk. From under the desk, Bucky pulls out a smoke grenade and tosses it over to Jason's location, where it unleashes a thick smoke screen. Using it as cover, Bucky stealthily moves in on Jason's position, but thanks to Red Hood's helmet features, he is able to see and breathe through the smoke, allowing him to leap over the table and approach Winter Soldier stealthily. As they both come near each other, Jason detects Bucky first, throwing a bolas at his legs, which makes him trip and drop his rifle. Red Hood shoots at him directly, only for it to be blocked by the metal arm.

While blocking, James pulls out a knife with his right arm, cutting the bolas and taking a jab at Jason. In rapid movement, Jason holsters his guns so he can grab Barnes' arm and twist it, making him drop the knife. Bucky responds by kicking Todd's leg, causing him to kneel before quickly recovering with an upward kick; Bucky grabs his kicking leg and flips him over, but he lands on his feet. Red Hood throws a roundhouse kick at his head, but Winter Soldier ducks under it before throwing a metal punch into Jason's stomach. Red Hood winces and grunts before launching his own punch; this is countered, which leads to an evenly matched hand-to-hand tussle that ends when Bucky's mecha arm overpowers, grabbing Jason's neck. But the grab is stopped by the Red Hood suit's taser, which shocks and stuns him enough for Jason to quickly sweep his legs. When Buchanan quickly throws himself to stand back up, he sees that RH has disappeared. He takes a grenade launcher out as he searches, before promptly detecting Todd on an elevated metal railing behind him. He is holding a rocket launcher.


Red fires the rocket and Winter fires a grenade to counter. The explosives collide, resulting in a big explosion that sends the soldier flying through the warehouse's wall, onto the street outside. As he is about to get up, he is almost hit by machine gun fire from RH, who wasn't hiding this time, but soaring on an electric glider. WS pulled out a sniper rifle, and attempted to shoot him down, but his acrobatics made it difficult to draw a bead on him. Thus, he activates the EMP in his arm, disabling the glider and causing Hood to crash to the ground.

Winter Hood

Jason recovers, and the former assassin shoots at him, but the vigilante sidesteps forward to narrowly dodge it, with the dodge appearing to play out in slow motion. The next shot snipes Todd through the side of his torso. Red Hood briefly grunts in pain, and throws several shurikens, piercing the sniper rifle in every place needed to jam it. This forces Bucky to switch to a handgun, which he fires several shots at the Hood with, but Red pulls out a katana and deflects all of them while running toward his foe. Upon reaching, Todd slices the pistol in half, then tries to slice Barnes in half too, but he grabs the blade in his left hand, crushing it to pieces. Another exchange of punches ends with Hood attempting to use wrist lasers, but Winter disabling it with a stealth device, then WS knocking RH back. At this point, Jason reveals his strongest weapon.

He focuses for a moment before two golden swords reify in his hands. The godly All-Blades.

"Good thing that wasn't my only blade."

This invites James to reveal his own strongest weapon: a large gun, powerful enough to end an entire planet.

The gun charges an energy blast in its barrel. Jason stays in front of motionless, anticipating its blast. It fires. Red Hod reacts, blocking the energy with the blades, before deflecting it completely. This redirects it to the moon, which is engulfed in an explosion upon impact.

This leaves WS open for RH to rush him and slice his bionic arm off, immediately followed by stabbing Bucky through the stomach with both blades. Bucky yells in pain, as he begins bleeding from his torso. Red Hood comments on what that red liquid means...

"It's over."

Bucky coughs up blood...and replies.


With his remaining, organic hand, he pulls out a grenade.

"For you."

Winter Soldier jabs the explosive into the side of Red Hood's head, detonating with enough force to blast both of them away from each other. Jason is stunned, but Bucky recovers faster, and controls the severed arm to act remotely.

The arm grabs onto Jason's head from behind and Bucky draws his enhanced Luger, shooting Todd in the legs, almost destroying them completely and leaving him on his knees. His pained scream is exacerbated by the arm activating an electric discharge, shocking his whole body before piercing through his forehead and helmet with its blade. The arm rejoins Winter Soldier's body, while the All Blades vanish.

Yet, Red Hood is somehow still alive, on his hands and knees with severe injury. Then the eye sockets of his damaged helmet glow yellow. Recognizing what is about to happen, Bucky dashes away.

"No, no, shi-"

The broken helmet self-destructs from malfunction, bloodily obliterating Jason Todd's whole upper body.



Another death in the family.

This was closer than it seemed, which was already pretty close. Jason's training/fighting with Batman, who knows 127 martial arts, and Lady Shiva, who is possibly the greatest martial artist in DC's Earth, would make him a match for his opponent in hand-to-hand.

However, Bucky compares to Captain America, who knows every martial art known to humanity, and has plenty of showings against Marvel's best fighters too. Bucky also the upper hand in experience, holding decades of combat action over Jason both in universe and publication chronology.

Even in just physical strength, Bucky is on par with superhumans above Jason's tier, like Deadpool and U.S Agent, who have survived building-busting explosions. And that's in general, not particularly including his even stronger cyber-arm. The physical advantage extends to speed as well, scaling from Cap who once threw his shield faster than an intercontinental ballistic missile, which moves at mach 20.

Their weaponry was mostly evenly matched, but Winter Soldier had a few clear counters against Red Hood's more exotic tech, like with his EMPs and anti-laser gear.

While Jason's All Blades could easily kill Bucky, Barnes' planetary herald level guns could do the same to him; it was just a matter of who struck first. And we all know how it goes when you bring a gun to a sword fight.

Looks like these shocking results blew Red Hood's mind.

The winner is the Winter Soldier.


Winter Soldier VS Red Hood
Winter Soldier VS Red Hood (AgentRedhead)
Season 1
Season Episode 10
Air date September 22nd, 2020
Written by AgentRedhead
Episode guide
Zuko VS Shoto Todoroki

Winter Soldier VS Red Hood is the Season 1 Finale and a What-If? episode of Death Battle by AgentRedhead, featuring Winter Soldier from Marvel Comics and Red Hood from DC Comics in a battle between resurrected comic book sidekicks.


They're back from the dead and ready for one last shot at glory!


(*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

Boomstick: Nine times out of ten, when you're stuck as the sidekick to some famous superhero, you tend to get overshadowed.

Wiz: But every so often, the sidekick can outshine the hero, having enough popularity to even come back from the dead. Like the Winter Soldier, the Russian assassin turned anti-hero for The Avengers.

Boomstick: And Red Hood, the former Robin turned anti-hero for The Justice League. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Winter Soldier

(*Cues: Patriot*)

Wiz: When you think of American superheroes, who usually comes to mind? Some would say iconic superheroes, like Superman or Captain Marvel.

Boomstick: But when you think of true, patriotic, American heroes, none stick out like a red, white, and blue thumb quite like good ol’ Captain America.

Wiz: But just like any other superhero, he needed a sidekick. Somebody that he could trust to uphold the true value of the American Way. Someone who would become just as heroic as him.

Boomstick: Enter James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes. His backstory has the perfect blend of ingredients for being a superhero, let alone a sidekick!

Wiz: Growing up in the 1930’s, Bucky’s life was... not the best, to say the least. Orphaned by the age of ten, he was often seen getting into fights, causing quite a bit of trouble for those around him.

Boomstick: Yeah, growing up without a good influence in your life will do that to you. No parents? No siblings? No rules? Then let your fists do the talking!

Wiz: They did more than just talk, they helped him fight for his country! Having a natural talent for brawling, Bucky illegally joined the US Army at the age of fifteen, enlisting in World War II.

Boomstick: Naturally, having a kid with no discipline join the military would probably toughen him up, and sure enough, it did. Though, he still got into trouble now and again, sneaking stuff into his stationed camp.

Wiz: But it was these sneaky shenanigans that would lead him into discovering the most important secret of his life. While stationed at Camp Lehigh-

Boomstick: Which sounds like a camp that French people go to get their drug fix.

Wiz: Bucky would happen upon Steve Rogers, changing into the Army’s mascot, known as Captain America. Thankfully, rather than being angry that his secret was discovered so easily, Cap had seen the potential in Bucky, and hired him as his sidekick. The two got along great together, quickly becoming friends, and fighting alongside each other in the second World War.

Boomstick: Huh. Guess sometimes, good things do come out of war.

Wiz: Eventually, the two of them were tasked with tracking down the villain Baron Zemo. Things were going great, until Zemo got the upper hand. Long story short, the plane that the Nazi scientist was on was about to explode. While Rogers was able to escape, Bucky wasn’t quite as lucky.

Boomstick: Guess the swimming merit badge was super important to Captain Boy Scout, even more so than the kid who thought he was his personal hero. So much for being the poster boy of the US Army!

Wiz: Thankfully, the exploding plane didn’t kill him. Instead, he was submerged in ice, seemingly lost for good in the English Channel, until a Russian scientist found and rescued him. And rather than, say, try to wake him up, they experimented on him. After all, a random, unconscious body, found submerged in ice, missing an arm? It sounds like it came right out of a murder mystery book!

Boomstick: Yeah, okay, nerd. Anyways, though the experiments didn’t wake him, they did begin the process of turning Bucky from a superhero sidekick to a Russian assassin, complete with a new codename: The Winter Soldier.

(*Cues: Deadly Dawn*)

Wiz: As the Winter Soldier, Bucky has newfound superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. He is a master of several martial arts, including boxing, karate, and Muay Thai, and in addition, has a plethora of new abilities.

Boomstick: Taking a cue from the same guys who gave Wolverine the ol’ chrome dip, Bucky’s now got a nice healing factor. Though not nearly as on par as Wolvie’s, it’s good enough to at least help him heal minor wounds. Also, he’s pretty well equipped for whatever situation he runs into, considering he now has all the weapons he could ever want! A grappling gun, grenades, knives, handguns, a sniper rifle, and even a mask that lets him see all his surroundings in 3D! Not gonna lie… I’m a little bit jealous.

Wiz: However, arguably the most important upgrade given to Bucky was his new Bionic Arm. Usually composed of some type of metal, this new prosthetic limb helped to transform Bucky from a regular amputee soldier into a highly capable super soldier and assassin. In addition to making him look more badass, the arm can discharge a powerful EMP that shuts down electronics, gives Bucky enhanced reaction time, sense camouflaged opponents, and can even move all on its own.

Boomstick: He’s got more in common with the Captain than you’d think! Cap got his because he volunteered for it, while Bucky got his because he lost an arm after an explosion. Makes that puny robot arm of yours look wimpy by comparison, Wiz. *Sighs* What I wouldn’t give to have an arm that could move all on its own. Just thinking about all the things that it could do for me puts a smile on my face...

Wiz: I suppose, but you’d have to lose a regular arm in exchange for a robot one, you know. Isn’t that how you got a shotgun for a leg?

Boomstick: I don’t know, is that how you got your robot arm?

Wiz: That’s classified.

Boomstick: Classified? I just wanna know what happened to your arm-

Wiz: It's classified!

A moment of silence briefly occurs, before Wiz clears his throat.

Wiz: Ahem, anyways... With the help of these enhancements, Winter Soldier was more than capable of becoming his own hero. Unfortunately, the Soviets also supplied Bucky with one more thing: A healthy dose of brainwashing.

Boomstick: There it is. Couldn’t forget that secret ingredient, after all! We've now got the perfect recipe for a Marvel anti-hero!

Wiz: Tricked into now hating America, The Winter Soldier became Soviet Russia’s greatest tool, pulling off insane assassinations. However, his greatest challenge would come not with finding a target, but rather, with taking him out. Soon enough, Bucky would be reunited with Captain America, only this time, as enemies.

Boomstick: Do you think “Self-Defense” is a merit badge? If so, I’ve more than got that covered! Though I guess Bucky qualifies too, considering he's just as strong, if not stronger than Steve here.

Wiz: After being rescued and freed from his brainwashing, the Winter Soldier now fights on the American side, hoping to make up for his past misdeeds. Thankfully, he wouldn’t be able to do this without some impressive feats.

Boomstick: He’s tanked and dodged sniper rifle fire, can fight evenly with Daredevil, and keep up with guys like Hawkeye and Wolverine, at the same time! He’s even able to out-muscle Captain America, and he’s hella strong!

Wiz: Captain America was once able to both block and toss a helicopter with nothing but his shield. Taking the average weight of a helicopter into consideration, this would require around six tons of force.

Boomstick: But unfortunately, no matter how badass you are, you’ve still gotta have your weaknesses. Especially for some chump named "Bucky". And I thought my name was a hillbilly name.

Wiz: Right, despite all the amazing feats he’s pulled off, Bucky is still just a regular human. While his healing factor has helped him with repairing wounds, it’s slow acting, and has its own limits. His arm is also weak to EMP waves, which makes EMP’s equal to his arm extremely dangerous. If he loses that arm, he’s as good as any military soldier. Not weak, just not as his best, either.

Boomstick: But with how much ass he’s kicked over the years, it takes a lot more than just a regular bullet to stop The Winter Soldier.

Bucky: While you took a long nap, the world moved on. And I moved with it.

Red Hood

(*Cues: Urban Pursuit*)

Wiz: Of all the superhero sidekicks in the DC Universe, none have made themselves quite as well-known as Robin, the sidekick to the Caped Crusader. However, there have been many incarnations of the boy wonder over the years.

Boomstick: Yeah, just like the bird he’s named after, there’s been plenty of Robins flying around the neighborhood.

Wiz: You may know the first of these sidekicks, Dick Grayson. However, after he and Batman had their... falling out, Bruce needed a new partner. One that he could count on to not only match Dick Grayson, but also succeed him. Surprisingly, his solution wouldn’t be too terribly hard to find, though that’s probably because he found him first.

Boomstick: Jason Todd was, big surprise, an orphan, growing up on the streets of Gotham City. Naturally, being a bit of a punk means he got into all kinds of trouble, but instead of doing regular stuff like graffitiing the walls, or TP-ing his neighbor's house, he tried stealing the tires off the Batmobile! Brave move, kid.

Wiz: Understandably, Bruce wasn't too keen on somebody trying to sabotage the Batmobile. But instead of pressing charges against him, Bruce saw his potential, and ended up taking him in.

Boomstick: Yeah, see, the old Robin had decided it was time to leave the Bat-Nest, so to speak, which left Bats here in need of a new sidekick. A rough, twelve-year-old delinquent fresh off the streets is perfect for the job, right?

Wiz: Unfortunately, that's not what the fans thought. Despite Batman's beliefs and Jason's somewhat reliable skillset, DC sent out a poll to readers, asking them whether Jason Todd should live... or die.

Boomstick: What were the results of the poll? Well...

Joker: Let's try and clear this up, okay Pumpkin? What hurts more... A?

Joker slams a crowbar into Jason.

Joker: ...or B?

Joker slams the crowbar into Jason again.

Boomstick: Yeah, he got a better meaning of what it means to be "dropping bars." Oh, and then the warehouse that they were in exploded! Just in case you weren't convinced that Jason was gonna be dead.

Wiz: However, just because he had been killed didn't mean he was gone for good. After a trip to the Lazarus Pit, Jason was alive once again. With a new vengeance, he took up a new name, inspired by the very criminal that had killed him. He was... The Red Hood.

(*Cues: All On Me*)

Boomstick: And it's pretty fitting that he got his name from a criminal, because when he came back, he wasn't quite as civil or humane as his letdown of a mentor.

Wiz; After Jason came back, something had changed. Once he was dipped in the Lazarus Pit, he was stronger, faster, and even more violent. Unfortunately, that violence, along with his even worse temper, would prove to be one of Batman's most threatening challenges.

Boomstick: Wait, Batman? But I thought that fuckin' creepy clown was the one who killed him! Why would Jason have it out for him instead?

Wiz: Well, that's just the problem. In Jason's eyes, or I guess, through the eyes of his mask, Batman was seen as a failure. He wasn't able to take the Joker down for good, and as a result, Jason had lost his life. When Batman wasn't willing to cross that line, the Red Hood was.

Boomstick: He went a little further than just crossing that line, though. If he could, he'd have a whole goddamn parade over it! He'll do whatever it takes to get the job done, and he's got the tools to do it.

Wiz: Despite now hating Batman and being one of his enemies, it seems he hasn't let go of the training that he gave him. Red Hood has exceptional skill in hand to hand combat, but has also gotten some additional training from the League of Assassins and All-Caste.

Boomstick: But he doesn't kick ass with just his hands. He's got tons of different, deadly weapons that Batman wouldn't ever use.

Wiz: He has a taser, mounted wrist blades, knives, grappling hooks, bolas, swords, grenades, and even handguns.

Boomstick: Now that's an arsenal maybe even Batty would be proud of! Why settle for gimmicky Batarangs when you can just shoot your enemies?

Wiz: Well, because it went against Batman's more pacifistic nature. But despite their conflicting views, he couldn't exactly argue with how Jason got things done. Besides, it's not all just violence with him. His helmet is just as much a weapon as it is his namesake. In addition to being bulletproof, it also houses a breathalyzer, night vision, a radio, can scan his surroundings for any sneakier opponents, and can even explode.

Boomstick: Eat your heart out, Solid Snake!

Wiz: But he doesn't need all of those gadgets in order to make himself a threat. His close quarters combat skills have proven useful enough to equal both Batman and Deathstroke on several occasions. He's strong enough to punch through a submarine wall, fast enough to avoid bullet fire, and tough enough to survive the grip of Supergirl, though he did require Venom to do so.

Boomstick: Wait, Venom? What's he doing here? I thought he was playing buds with Spider-Man or something.

Wiz: No, not that Venom. The other Venom, the one that Bane uses to go from buff guy to guy who lifts security vans.

Boomstick: Oh, that one! Yeah, when he injects himself with that Venom juice, it's essentially a steroid, temporarily giving him a boost in strength and stamina, though also boosting his brain into Hulk mode.

Wiz: And sadly, that isn't his only weakness. While his anger and lashing out can definitely get the job done, it also makes him easier to trick, given that he's thinking of nothing but crushing his enemies. But thankfully, he's chosen to start over, now fighting for the side of good. It seems that he's finally been given a second chance.

Boomstick: And hey, he even finally got his revenge against the Joker, for blowing him up all those years ago! Guess it just shows to go how far Red Hood's willing to go, and how long he's willing to hold a grudge.

Wiz: Exactly. Because when you piss off the Red Hood, you better believe his enemies will see be seeing more than just red.

Red Hood: But guys like us? The life we lead? We're never truly alone. Every day is a fresh horror. Every memory a nightmare. Even when it is just the two of us... there's a pasty-faced clown sitting in the corner of the room, just laughing. At us.

Death Battle

An abandoned alleyway is seen, positioned between two large buildings. The lights are on, but very dim, barely lighting up the road. Inside the alley, a masked man can be seen leaning up against a brick wall. It's the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes. Alerted that there may have been some threats in the area, he's seen waiting for any kind of a threat. Down the road, another figure, Red Hood, can be seen heading down the road. He looks around for a moment, only to spot the masked man, loitering inside the alleyway.

Red Hood: Hey, buddy. Hope you're not waiting to get in the bar, Happy Hour closed a while ago.

Looking over at the stranger, Winter Soldier immediately recognizes him. Though his real name is unknown to Bucky, the Winter Soldier immediately considers him a threat, the one that others have warned him about.

Winter Soldier: Nah, it's cool. I was just waiting for somebody.

The Winter Soldier begins to reach for his pistol. Once Jason notices, he begins to reach for one of his own.

(*Cues: The Stains of Time (Instrumental) - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance*)

Red Hood: Oh yeah? Funny, I was looking for someone. But I think I just found him.


Red Hood launches the first attack, firing shots over at Bucky. The Winter Soldier is able to duck under them both as the Red Hood continues shooting, while also firing shots of his own. Thinking on the spot, Jason flips over a manhole cover and uses it to deflect those shots, intriguing, if not angering Bucky.

Winter Soldier: A shield, huh? Clever. Guess you know what you're dealing with.

Red Hood tosses the manhole cover at Bucky, before pulling out a sword and charging forward. Having seen this, Winter Soldier pulls out his own sword and deflects the incoming bullets, before beginning to parry each attack Red Hood attempts to land on him with his sword. Their clash leads them back into the alleyway, both of them struggling to earn power, until Jason lands a kick on Bucky's midsection, sending him through the doorway and into the closed off bar.

Bucky lands underneath of a broken window, having only been broken when he landed into it. Jason walks over, pulling out a gun and aiming it at Bucky.

Red Hood: Too bad I couldn't say the same about you.

Seeing that he's about to be finished off, Bucky extends his arm and turns it into a flamethrower. Turning it on, he gives the former Robin a bad burn on the legs, allowing him time to run as Red Hood yells in pain.

While still wincing in pain, Jason grabs a grenade and almost rips the pin off, sending it in Bucky's direction. the Man on the Wall, hearing the grenade land, dodges out of the way at the last second as it explodes, diving underneath a table, while Jason is heard looking around the bar for Bucky.

Red Hood: Secret weapons? Damn, guess you know who you're dealing with, too.

From inside the Red Hood, Jason can see the entire 3D structure of the empty, deserted bar. He begins to scan the area, looking around for his masked mercenary menace. When he finally reaches the table that Bucky was hiding under, he's not there.

Red Hood: Huh...?

Red Hood looks under the table, only to find the grenade that Bucky left for him in exchange for the one that was thrown at him earlier, exploding and sending him crashing through several tables, sending him into another one.

Red Hood: Agh!

Slowly standing up from the wrecked furniture, he looks around again, soon spotting the Winter Soldier.

Red Hood: Cheap trick, pal!

Winter Soldier stares down the Red Hood, wiping the blood coming out of his nose.

Winter Soldier: It's not a trick. It's strategy.

Bucky then pulls out another handgun and begins to fire at Red Hood, who rolls out of the way of those shots, soon somersaulting into Bucky and then beginning to trade punches and kicks with the Russian assassin. The two engage in close quarters combat for a while, until Bucky once again gets the upper hand, soon landing a critical hit on Jason's chest and sending him backward into a wall.

As Bucky charges forward, ready to end the fight, Jason grabs his arm, gripping it tightly, and surprising him.

Winter Soldier: Wh-What?!

A closer view of Jason's right arm reveals that the Venom serum has been injected into it, buffing up his strength. From inside the mask, Jason smiles.

(*Cues: The Only Thing I Know For Real - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance*)

Red Hood: You don't need strategy when you're already better.

Winter Soldier's attempts to break free are fruitless as the Red Hood deals a devastating headbutt, sending Bucky backward. After that, Bucky receives blow after blow, with Jason seemingly on the verge of victory. Jason raises his fist, ready to end the life of the Avenger.

Winter Soldier: But I AM better.

Before Red Hood can finish the job, Winter Soldier grabs a shrapnel of broken glass from the window, stabbing the Red Hood through one of the exposed eyeholes. Jason screams and staggers back in pain, blood now seeping down the hood and onto the floor.

Red Hood: You goddamn bastard! I'll kill you!!

As he lunches forward, ready to punch the Winter Soldier in the face, Bucky's prosthetic limb sends out an EMP, destroying Jason's helmet.

Red Hood: Wh-What? No way!

As Jason staggers back from having his helmet fried, he makes one last effort to kill Winter Soldier by throwing it as an explosive. In response, Bucky catches the hood and threw it off to the side. As Jason looks to the side of him, Bucky grabs his head and slams it into a wall before pulling out a gun, shooting both of his feet, then his legs, rendering him unable to escape.

Winter Soldier: So long, Red Hood.

The Winter Soldier then begins to leave, slipping on his mask as the helmet of the Red Hood explodes, destroying the bar, and Jason with it. Bucky takes one last moment to look at the destroyed, now burning building, before walking off.



(*Cues: Credits Theme - Captain America: The Winter Soldier*)

Boomstick: *Singing into a microphone while Wiz covers his ears* He’s back, back, back with the dead tonight!

Wiz: This was certainly a very tricky match to lock down. Both combatants had their own advantages, and counter measured for moves that their opponent could do, but at the end of the day, Bucky just had more to work with in comparison.

Boomstick: Yeah, Red Hood had much better stealth and skill, and matched Bucky in training, but he was blown out of the water when it came to experience and physical abilities. Sure, Jason snuck away from Supergirl and can camouflage with some of his gear, but Winter Soldier’s domino mask can map out areas, see through walls and spot invisible enemies, rendering Jason’s camouflage tech useless and his stealth less effective.

Wiz: Red Hood’s training under Batman was superb, but his training was not as good as Dick Grayson’s was, and for a lot of his life, he was either dead or inactive from battle, whereas Winter Soldier had training from Captain America, fought in World War II, and completed countless assassinations across the decades while under mind control. Jason’s bouts with martial artists like Cassandra Cain, Lady Shiva and Ra's al Ghul showcase his superior martial arts abilities and in a purely hand-to-hand fight, he wouldn’t be in a bad spot. But Winter Soldier’s fights with Daredevil and Hawkeye prove that he’s no slouch in the skill department, either.

Boomstick: So it’s safe to say that Bucky’s experience outweighed that of Jason’s, but he didn’t have the edge in skill. Bucky has been able to nail Daredevils’ billy clubs despite being thrown at him mid-air, and Jason has been able to shoot Orphan’s sword right down the middle of it, causing it to break and explode, knocking Orphan back. So when it comes to marksmanship, they’re both pretty much dead even.

Wiz: It’s also worth noting that Bucky is much more well put together mentally than Jason is. If he can get inside of Jason’s head, then it’s going to be much more mentally crippling for Jason than it would be if the same happened to Bucky. And while Red Hood does have access to his All Blades, they do not work on non-magical creatures, or those who are not truly evil. Since Winter Soldier fits into neither of those two categories, and frequently acts as a hero, the blades should have no effect on him, essentially making them a non-factor in this fight.

Boomstick: Both Red Hood and Winter Soldier frequently dodge bullets, but Bucky has been able to dodge an attack from a Kree Accuser when Captain America wasn’t able to, and Steve can dodge lightning from Electro! Quite a bit faster than Jason speedblitzing a group of metahumans or keeping up with characters equal to Katana, who can deflect bullets at speeds of over Mach 114.

Wiz: But the final nail in Jason’s coffin was a battle of arsenal and power. His pistols are stated to be some of the strongest handguns made by man, can pierce through the skin of King Shark, whose skin has been proven to be bulletproof, and even pierce Deathstroke's armor, which stood up to a helicopter crashing on top of him. Some of his bullets have been able to hurt Supergirl, but it’s likely that they were made of Kryptonite, and with Kryptonite, it’s a case of “good against Kryptonians, only okay against everything else”, so they wouldn’t have much sway on the battle.

Boomstick: As for Bucky, he has guns which can harm frost giants, who fight with Asgardian Gods, has rocket launchers, sniper rifles, handguns, but best of all, that sweet, sweet Luger. This baby was able to stagger Ares, the God of War himself, hard enough to send him flying with three shots, can damage members of the Wrecking Crew, and even caused Red Hulk pain by shooting him in the eye. So basically, if they both shot each other with their strongest guns, Bucky’s bullets would break Jason’s into pieces.

Wiz: And though Winter Soldier has an edge in arsenal, his strength was greater than Red Hood’s was as well. Jason has held the roof of a collapsing building, punched through the hull of a submarine while underwater, where pressure is intensified, and he should scale to Deathstroke, who has taken attacks that level entire towns. He’s broken off the neck and arm of a large Talon, and these guys can pummel Batman and no-sell hits from Black Canary.

Boomstick: But Bucky can do all of that, and more, like when he took a repulsor blast from Iron Man, who can generate explosions of up to 20 kilotons. And on his own, he easily rips apart metal and knives shatter upon contact with his metal arm, while Jason’s helmet has been cracked by your everyday, regular knife. Bucky takes the lead for strength and durability here, too.

Wiz: Since both combatants use conventional weaponry like knives and firearms, they should be around the same level. But Bucky’s metal arm is just far too strong for Jason to handle. It’s been disabled by EMP’s before, but gets back to action soon after, and nothing in Red Hood’s arsenal could really put it out of commission permanently.

Boomstick: Jason has broken out of Supergirl’s grip before, but they weren’t actually fighting, and he took her by surprise, so her guard was down. He wouldn’t be able to do such a thing if they were fighting for real. And though he has the Venom drug, it doesn’t give enough of a boost to even the gap, and it lowers his mental capabilities, where Jason can’t afford to lose an edge in.

Wiz: Both fighters were incredibly impressive, and definitely worthy of living up to the titles they bear, but Bucky just had Jason outclassed in most areas, or nearly had him matched in places he fell behind.

Boomstick: Bucky just took his shot, and sent Jason Todd back to the grave for a permanent winter’s nap, making him the true luger of this fight.

Wiz: The winner is the Winter Soldier.

Next Season on DEATH BATTLE!

(*Cues: Rise of the Phoenix*)

Zuko VS Todoroki Next Time
Zuko VS Shoto Todoroki


The sidekicks are back from the dead and are ready to fight each other to the death!


(*Cues: Wiz and Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

Wiz: Antiheroes. A line between the path of heroes and villains.

Boomstick: And these two are the most badass ones to walk on that line.

Wiz: Like Red Hood, the Outlaw of Gotham City.


Boomstick: And the Winter Soldier, the Man On The Wall. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.


Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Red Hood Fights For Justice in Death Battle!


(*Cues: Gotham City Nights - Batman TAS*)

Wiz: Gotham City, the most crime-ridden city in the world!

Boomstick: There was once a time criminals were able to do anything at Gotham. Cops wouldn't even dare cross them. That was before...the goddamn Batman!

Wiz: Because of the Dark Knight, crime went down on lot in Gotham. Many of the criminals were caught and put on the prison.

Boomstick: Even though Bats alone was enough to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, he still needed a sidekick. And what better sidekick is there than a kid who doesn't have any parents.

Wiz: You mean an orphan.

Boomstick: Same thing, Wiz. Bats finally found a sidekick and he was an orphan named Dick Grayson who came to be known as Robin. It became even harder for criminals to commit crime. Later, Dick left his post as Batman's sidekick and switched from Robin to Nightwing. Poor Batman, he was alone all over again.

(*Cues: Batman Arkham Knight - Remembering Jason Todd*)

Wiz: But eventually, someone else appeared to take the mantle of Robin. It was another kid named Jason Todd. Jason was the son of criminals, Willis Todd and Shelia Haywood. Later, his father married Catherine Todd who was a drug addict and died of an overdose. As for Willis, he was killed by Harvey Twoface. Jason was then left all alone.


Boomstick: One night, the caped crusader caught Jason trying to steal the tires of the Batmobile. Wow, even a tire of the Batmobile is worth a fortune. Lucky for Todd, Batman took pity on him as he reminded him of Dick. He then took him in, trained him and hence, Jason became the second Robin.

Wiz: Jason was anything, unlike Dick. He would sometimes disobey Batman and do whatever he wanted even if he didn't have Batman's consent for it.

Boomstick: Jason also used to be a smoker. This kid was totally out of control.

Wiz: His actions forced Batman to dismiss him once.

Boomstick: Nevertheless, Jason was going good. Until...the Joker killed him with a crowbar in a warehouse, savagely might I add.

Wiz: The warehouse then exploded, resulting in Jason's death.

Boomstick: Once again, loneliness had snatched away Batman's sidekick and patched itself with him. He went from the Dark Knight to a broken angel.

(*Cues: Batman: Under the Red Hood - 0:36*)

Wiz: But Jason's story didn't end there as years later, he was resurrected in the Lazarus pit. After learning that Batman didn't avenge him by killing the Joker, he vowed to kill the Joker himself and eradicate all the criminals of Gotham once and for all.

Boomstick: By killing them! So he trained and made himself far better and deadlier than he previously was. Also, he wasn't Robin anymore. He fashioned himself a new name, Red Hood. Fun fact about Red Hood: He was ranked 23rd in the list of "Top 50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics" in 2013. Let's see what he can do.

Wiz: Jason doesn't have any inhuman or superhuman abilities but he definitely is at the peak of the human level.


Boomstick: So I'm guessing that peak human level means the highest level of a human?

Wiz: Sort of. He is a master in using any types of weapons, martial arts, marksmanship, escaping, and acrobatics. He's also an expert in intimidation, stealth, tactical analysis, hacking and can run at hypersonic speeds. Plus, he also has a genius-level intellect.

Boomstick: Speaking about intellect, he can resist mind-control, illusions and others. And he was able to hack into Lexcorp in under 5 minutes. Did he view their browser history after doing that?

(*Cues: Batman Begins Theme Song - 0:15*)

Wiz: He was trained by Batman and Ra's Al Ghul. His fighting skills include karate, Krav Maga, Aikido, Capoeira, Taekwondo, kickboxing, and more.

Boomstick: He can tolerate a huge amount of pain as he was perfectly fine after getting the crap beaten out of Batman and also getting pushed through several layers of walls.

Wiz: He can fight diseases with his muscle memory, communicate with body language, and even fight blind.

Boomstick: He held the roof of a broken building and took down an entire team of SWATs that too being naked. Hilarious!

Wiz: He broke out of Supergirl's grip twice which implies a lot about his strength. Talk about speed, he was able to outrun a man who was driving in a vehicle. He was also able to dodge bullets fired from 30 different places while fighting a gang.

Boomstick: Still not impressed, he even took down the gang he was fighting while dodging bullets. If you still aren't impressed, then you're the biggest hater of Red Hood in the entire world.

Wiz: He survived a fall which according to Supergirl, shouldn't have been able to survive.

Boomstick: He has a lot of toys in his arsenal like dual handguns that can pierce bulletproof armors and a tank, shurikens, explosives, sword, tasers, various types of grenades, grapnel gun, bolas which is his and Catwoman's version of the Batarang, combat knives, explosives and his iconic helmet.


Wiz: His helmet is immune to knives and gunfire. It has a built-in radio transmitter and receiver, night vision lenses, and a breathalyzer as well.

Boomstick: Um, Wiz, what's a "breathe extinguisher?"

Wiz: A breathalyzer is a device for estimating BAC which stands for Blood Alcohol Content.

Boomstick: Oh, yeah. I forgot that Jason was a smoker.

Wiz: His armor is also bulletproof and has a taser built inside of it. It can also self-destruct and has Japanese-Military-Graded blades.

Boomstick: Since when did you become an expert in Military Weapons?

Wiz: It also has Electric Gliding Wings that allow him to fly and wrist-mounted lasers.

(*Cues: Batman: Arkham Knight - Red Hood vs Black Mask Theme - 0:19*)

Boomstick: He has a lot of tremendous and remarkable feats. He defeated Batman, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Selina Kyle, Ra's Al Ghul and even Slade Wilson. In fact, his kick made Slade fly. He was able to hold his own against Oliver Queen in a sword fight. He even flipped Bane. And that's why he's respected by the League of Assassins.


Wiz: He also killed the Joker of an Alternate Universe, immobilized the Teen Titans, punched through the hull of a military submarine, fought off Joker's toxin through sheer force of will, survived the explosion of a bazooka, stalemated with Ravager and as well as broke the neck and arm of a Talon.

Boomstuck: What about his flaws? Even with all those feats, pretty sure he isn't flawless.

Wiz: Despite being resistant to mind control, he is still prone to rage and extremely overconfident and arrogant. Most importantly, he's still a mortal which leaves him vulnerable to high-level attacks.

Boomstick: That's pretty lame for a guy like him. But if you are a criminal in Gotham City and see this guy coming after ya, prepare to die.

"Say Goodnight, Sleazeball."

Winter Soldier assassinates in Death Battle!


(*Cues: Captain America: The First Avenger Theme*)

Wiz: World War 2. The second time all the existing countries of the world collided with each other.

Boomstick: In the real world, nothing special happened in it. But in the world of comics, Captain America along with his not so famous sidekick of that time, James Buchanan Barnes, commonly known as Bucky.

Wiz: Bucky's mother died during his birth and even though he didn't have any daddy issues with his dad unlike me...

Boomstick does an anime-type cry.

Wiz: Uh, Boomstick.. Are you okay?

Boomstick: Of course, I am! Maybe I should stop talking about my dad.

Wiz: Yeah, you should. Should I...?

Boomstick: No, I got this! So as I was saying, his dad died in the Army. Barnes was also separated from his sister. Even with all that pain and loss, Barnes was still able to join the Army at the age of 15.


Wiz: He was sent to London where he received combat training from the British Officials. After returning to the US, he met Steve Rogers who was already Captain America. His identity was a secret at that time. Bucky discovered it in a while and promised him to keep it a secret and he did keep it a secret.

Boomstick: Steve and Bucky fought together in WW2. Wherever they went, they looked out for each other. Now that sounds gay.

Wiz: In 1945, during the end of the war, Bucky and Steve were in London again where they were tracking down Baron Zemo. They tried to capture him but were rendered unconscious by Zemo's robot and strapped to a plane.

(*Cues: Divided We Fall- Captain America: Civil War*)

Boomstick: They managed to jump off the plane and tried to stop it before it went out of reach with a motorcycle. Buck managed to catch and leap on the plane but Steve couldn't which is why he told him to let go of the plane in case it was booby-trapped.

Wiz: Bucky couldn't get off the plane cause his uniform got stuck on it and sadly, the plane exploded and Cap lost the only Buck he ever had. After this, Steve went into suspended animation.

Boomstick:: Bucky's body was never found which made everyone believe that he was dead and obliterated in the explosion. But Bucky was alive. He managed to get off the plane before it exploded but he didn't escape completely unscratched. The explosion had mutilated his left arm.

(*Cues: Winter Soldier Suite (Winter Soldier Reveal)*)

Wiz: And then, he fell into the icy waters. After the war ended, a Russian submarine went into the icy waters in hope of finding Steve Rogers but instead, they discovered his thought to be dead and forgotten sidekick. They took him and examined him to see if he had any traces of the Super-Soldier Serum and later froze him. In 1954, he was revived from cryostasis and outfitted with a Bionic Arm. Bucky didn't have any memory of his past but he still had considerable physical skills.

Boomstick: They programmed him to hate the West, messed with his mind, made him the perfect assassin and gave him the best and most badass name any assassin could get: The Winter Soldier!

Wiz: The Soviet Union used him to conduct a lot of assassinations.

Boomstick: Okay, enough about his background and history. Let's talk about his powers and abilities. To start it off, he is at the peak human level of strength, speed, durability, stamina, agility, has enhanced reflexes, endurance and also a regenerative healing factor but it's not like Wolverine's or Deadpool's.


(*Cues: Deadpool Theme*)

Deadpool: Did somebody say Deadpool?

Wiz:(Angrily) What are you doing here?

Deadpool: I heard that you are the Winter Soldier and will fight Red Hood, Wiz. That's why I came here running from the west like a hedgehog!

Wiz: Me? It's not me. Just because I have a metal arm, doesn't mean I am the Winter Soldier!

Boomstick: Yeah!

Deadpool: That's disappointing. But who cares? Besides I got a party to attend at Pony Island so I'm gonna go there. But I'll be back! Mark my words. Here goes DP!

Boomstick: Thank god that bastard is gone!

Deadpool: Language, Beerus!

Boomstick: Oh, you son of a-

Wiz: (Ahem) So as Boomstick was saying, his healing factor is different but it is still very useful as it helps him in healing broken bones, knife wounds, bullet shots and more!

(*Cues: Winter Soldier Suite (Multiple Winter Soldiers - 4:00)*)

Boomstick: He's a master in kung fu, marksmanship, acrobatics, spying and assassination. He also has that metal arm which can break metal, act on its own, has sensors that can detect camouflage and stuff, block metal detectors, can be disguised holographically and gives him super strength.


Wiz: It also emits Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). Besides that, he also has a grappling gun, numerous grenades, combat knives, handguns, a sniper rifle and his Domino Mask which enables him to see everything in 3D and spot invisible enemies. It is similar to Daredevil's echolocation.

Boomstick: Does that mean Daredevil is a dolphin?

Wiz: He was trained by the Soviet Union and also trained various Soviet Agents like Black Widow. His durability allows him to withstood electrocution and far more fatal attacks. He also has his Kazurr Sniper Rifle that can snipe from a moon away!

Boomstick: He also has devices that can manipulate technology, explosives, fire, etc.

Wiz: Stalemated with the Punisher and ran faster than a car. He also reacted faster than a sniper shot.


Boomstick: He also beat the crap out of Crossbones, defeated Captain America and fought Daredevil, Wolverine and Hawkeye simultaneously, survived falling from a plane like it was nothing and his greatest feat was fighting superhuman beings in an arena without having any sleep or food and even with his bionic arm depowered for 2 months! That's insane!

Wiz: But there is one problem even the Soviets couldn't get rid of. His human factor. And he also doesn't have any actual power which is why he's vulnerable to opponents who are stronger and has actual power.

Boomstick: His bionic arm can be disabled by EMP. How ironic.

Wiz: Even with those weaknesses, the Winter Soldier is a fearsome opponent for those who face him.

Boomstick: If you become his target, then its "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru" for you!

Wiz: Nani?

Boomstick: That's what I'm talking about!

Wiz and Boomstick hi-fives.

"While you took a long nap, the world moved on. And I moved with it."

Pre-Death Battle

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: Its time for a Death Battle!


Death Battle

(*Cues: The Winter Soldier Theme - 0:10*)

It is a very dark night. The moon is nowhere to be seen in the sky as it is covered by clouds. Not only there are clouds in the sky, but there are also bats flying in it. Inside an abandoned warehouse in an abandoned area, The Winter Soldier along with a few other agents of the Soviet Union are clearing the bodies of the people they just assassinated and murdered.

They move all the bodies inside a truck. Just before they manage to get in the truck, they all get shot in the head by someone unknown. Everyone except the Winter Soldier. He hides behind the other side of the truck to avoid getting shot by the shooter. The person who shot the agents emerge from the darkness and jumps and lands above the truck.

The person is wearing a red mask, a jacket over an armor with two handguns in his head. It is Red Hood. He is searching for the Winter Soldier. He lands on the ground, on the other side of the truck, and sees no one is over there. The Winter Soldier comes from behind and points a gun at his head.

Red Hood raises his hands up and immediately turns back and throws Winter Soldier's gun away before he can shoot him with it. He then points his handguns at the Winter Soldier who kicks them away. They look at each other, menacingly. Red Hood suddenly remembers something after seeing him.

"Hey, I know you. You're the Winter Soldier. And you're wanted. So you're going down." Red Hood stopped speaking. The Winter Soldier stood silent. He didn't say a word nor moved. Red Hood takes a fighting stance. The Winter Soldier does the same.


(*Cues: Red Hood Story Pack Trailer (Batman: Arkham Knight) - 0:55*)


Red Hood clenches his fists and punches the Winter Soldier in the face. The Winter Soldier punched back Red Hood twice in a moment with his right arm. This made Red Hood step back to the truck. The Winter Soldier charges and tries to punch Red Hood again, this time with his bionic arm but Red Hood dodges and rolls over to the side right it on time and Winter Soldier's bionic arm goes through the truck.

Red Hood sees Winter Soldier trying to take his bionic arm out off the truck and uses this as an opportunity to take a jab at his face. He then kicks Winter Soldier in his legs which makes him fall on his knees. Red Hood jumps in front of Winter Soldier and tries to stomp him in his head but Winter Soldier stops his leg with his other arm.

He throws Red Hood away and manages to take his bionic arm out of the truck. Winter Soldier sees Red Hood coming at him to deliver another kick.

He immediately ducks underneath Red Hood's kick. Red Hood attempts to kick him again but fails again as Winter Soldier holds his leg and twists it. Red Hood flips and the Winter Soldier lets go his arm to avoid falling on the ground. Red Hood twists and mends his leg. He tries to sweep Winter Soldier's leg but Winter Soldier jumps above and avoids his sweep.

Red Hood gets up and reaches Winter Soldier who headbutts him in the chest. The Winter Soldier punches Red Hood in his stomach several times with his bionic arm. He then punches him in his mask with his other arm. Winter Soldier kicks Red Hood and knocks him on the ground.

(*Cues: Batman: Arkham Knight (Unreleased Music) - Arkham Knight (Last Stand)*)

Red Hood uses a smoke grenade and disappears. The Winter Soldier then uses his mask to see everything in 3D. He looks at the darker areas to find Red Hood and sees Red Hood hiding in the darkness. He immediately takes out a machine gun and tries to shoot Red Hood but Red Hood evades it and hides behind a pillar.

Winter Soldier shoots through the pillar but every single bullet hits Red Hood's bulletproof mask and armor. Winter Soldier runs out of ammo and takes cover to reload his gun. Red Hood sees his handguns lying in front of him a few meters away. He instantly runs and rolls over there before the Winter Soldier gets a chance to shoot him and claims his handguns.

Red Hood fires at the light which destroys it and the entire warehouse becomes dark. But Winter Soldier is seeing everything in 3D with the help of his mask which is why it isn't a problem for him. He then takes out a grenade and throws it behind the box where Red Hood is hiding.

Right before the grenade explodes, Red Hood uses his grapnel gun and swings away somewhere else. The Winter Soldier spots him doing that and quickly runs over there and sees Red Hood pointing his guns. Red Hood shoots and his bullets hit Winter Soldier's bionic arm and deflect to his machine gun.

(*Cues: Batman (Ben Affleck) Theme - 0:23*)

Winter Soldier's machine gun gets wrecked and broken. So he pulls out 2 pistols. Meanwhile, Red Hood reloads his handguns. Both of them come out of their hiding place and shoots at each other with their guns deflecting each one of their bullets. In slow motion, at Winter Soldier's side comes Red Hood's last bullet, and on Red Hood's side comes Winter Soldier's last bullet. The bullets hit each other again like the previous ones and bounce off on opposite sides.

Their guns have been emptied. Red Hood points his laser mounted at his wrist at Winter Soldier who uses his bionic arm to protect himself. After seeing that his laser doesn't work, Red Hood pulls out and throws his bolas at Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier holds the bolas by his bionic arm and crushes it.

Red Hood takes out a shrapnel grenade and throws it at Winter Soldier. Right after firing the grenade, he fires a shuriken at the grenade which makes it explode. The explosion blows the Winter Soldier away. Winter Soldier's leg bleeds because a piece of Shrapnel went inside of it. He takes of the shrapnel and his leg heals instantaneously. He struggles to get up but he manages to get up and a stun grenade falls in front of him and stuns him.

Red Hood propels himself to Winter Soldier using his zip-kick and kicks him. He then sweeps his leg and tackles him down to the ground. Winter Soldier is still stunned and tries to recover. Red Hood uses this opportunity to tases him with a taser in the face. Winter Soldier's bionic arm acts on its own and knocks Red Hood away with a punch.

(*Cues: Captain America The Winter Soldier OST 13 The Causeway 1 - 1:27*)

They both erect. Winter Soldier clenches his fist and tries to punch Red Hood but he halts it and hits Winter Soldier using his knee and spin-kicks him which hammers him down to the ground but he gets back up directly and takes out a knife and flips it. Red Hood also pulls out a knife.

Winter Soldier attempts to stab Red Hood with the knife but Red Hood avoids it by moving to the other side. He tries to stab Winter Soldier but he evades it as well. Red Hood lifts his knife up and quickly tries to stab Winter Soldier in the head but he promptly ducks under the attack and manages to pierce a bit of Red Hood's leg.

Red Hood grunts and recoils from the attack and sees Winter Soldier charging at him and kicks him before he gets the chance to stab him. By the time Winter Soldier restores his momentum, Red Hood stabs him in his hand. Winter Soldier groans. And in less than a few moments, he manages to regenerate his wound.

Red Hood makes an attempt to prick the Winter Soldier in the chest but Winter Soldier narrowly eludes it by taking a step back. Red Hood continues to try to assault the Winter Soldier with his knife. Winter Soldier tries the same. Red Hood manages to kick and sends Winter Soldier's knife flying away.

Red Hood uses Winter Soldier's disadvantage of being unarmed to stab him but he holds the knife with his bionic arm and smashes it. Red Hood pins Winter Soldier to the ground by jumping on him and punches him again and again. Winter Soldier holds Red Hood's neck using his bionic arm and headbutts him and shoves him to the other side.

Winter Soldier gets up and stands. So does Red Hood. Winter Soldier and Red Hood charge at each other. Red Hood delivers the first blow by punching the Winter Soldier's mask and breaking it. He repeatedly jabs Winter Soldier, not giving him the time to react. Winter Soldier finally gets his momentum back and moves Red Hood's next punch away.

Winter Soldier jumps and kicks with both of his legs at Red Hood's chest, knocking him down to a few boxes. He then takes out a grenade and throws it at the place where Red Hood is lying. Right before the grenade explodes, Red Hood uses a smoke grenade and disappears

Winter Soldier takes out his sniper and searches for Red Hood. He hides in a corner and searches for Red Hood. He aims to use the scope. He is unaware that Red Hood is standing above, on the truck. He pulls out a handgun and Winter Soldier hears the sound of it with the help of his heightened senses and bypasses the bullet.

He manages to dodge the bullet but unfortunately for him, the bullet hit and wrecked his sniper. He throws it away. Red Hood now stalks the Winter Soldier with his guns. Red Hood goes to the place where Winter Soldier hid. There he sees Winter Soldier's wrecked Sniper. It explodes, sending him flying away.

A smoke grenade falls in front of him and the place is clouded by smoke. Red Hood flips and gets back up and takes out a sword. Winter Soldier comes out of the smoke with two knives in his hand and the smoke disappears. Red Hood tries to behead him but he ducks underneath swiftly and tries to attack him with his knives.

But Red Hood blocks the incoming attack with his sword. They meet in a sword-knife clash. Winter Soldier opens his mouth and starts speaking. "After I am done with you, you'll be as good as dead." Said Winter Solider. "Been there, done that. But have you?" Replied Red Hood.

"Yes!" Said Winter Soldier fiercely as he moved from the way and stabbed Red Hood in his stomach with one his knives. Red Hood let out a grunt. He lights up with rage and uses his armor blades to get rid of Winter Soldier's knives. He takes out a few shurikens and fires them directly towards Winter Soldier's eyes.

Winter Soldier ducks down, dodging the shurikens and rolls towards Red Hood. Right when he gets up, Red Hood punches him in the face with all his strength, hammering him to the ground. He drops two grenades beside Winter Soldier and glides away with his electric gliding wings.

(*Cues: Captain America: Civil War | Captain America vs Iron Man theme - 4:40*)

Winter Soldier immediately takes out his Grappling Gun and swings away but not before being affected by the explosion of the grenades. He falls on the ground. Red Hood lands with the sword in his hand and lifts it up and stabs Winter Soldier in his body. Red Hood takes a deep breath and starts walking away.

Suddenly, a gun comes in front of Red Hood from behind. The gun explodes and sends him flying behind, and his neck is held by the Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier continuously punches Red Hood in the mask with his bionic arm. After a few punches, his mask breaks and Winter Soldier sees his real face.

Red Hood gets rid of the remaining part of his mask away from his face. Jason realizes he is about to die and activates self-destruction of his suit. "You're coming with me!" Red Hood's suit self-destructs and creates an explosion that puts the warehouse on fire. Winter Soldier has been weakened a lot by the explosion.

His entire body bleeding. But it all heals, very slowly this time. After a while, he stands up in his feet and sees Red Hood desperately trying to get up. Winter Soldier holds his collar and looks at Jason's bloody face. Blood falling from his nose and mouth.

", hell!" Muttered Jason. "You first!" Winter Soldier raises Jason up and using his bionic arm, punches through his heart.


He drops Jason's lifeless body on the ground. He sees Jason's heart in his hand. He crushes it and clears the blood in his hand. He then looks at Jason's body. "I hope you remember my face on hell!" Winter Soldier drops a grenade beside Red Hood. He walks away as the explosion of the grenade wipes out Jason's body completely behind him.


(*Cues: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) | Main theme*)

Boomstick: Only one word. Badass!

Wiz: To explain things more clearly, we've created 6 different sections. This includes strength, speed, stamina, durability, arsenal, skills and overall. Let's begin!


Wiz: Both Bucky and Jason had immense strength. Jason flipped Bane who weighs around 250-300 pounds. He also flipped Suzie Sue, who weighs around 600 pounds. This puts Jason on peak human level.

Boomstick: But Bucky is comparable to Captain America and his bionic arm grants him additional strength which is superhuman strength.

Wiz: Jason made Deathstroke fly with a single kick. He also held the roof of a broken building. but as Boomstick said before, Bucky is comparable to Captain America who lifted a tree and also an electric pole. As lame as it may seem, they still weigh more than Slade Wilson. So, this puts both Bucky at Class 5 which means he can lift up to 5000 kg. Over 8x stronger and heavier than Suzie Sue.

Boomstick: So this round goes to Winter Soldier.


Wiz: In terms of speed, Bucky reacted faster than a sniper shot and also sniped 12 different targets in quick succession without being noticed by anyone. He's also comparable to Black Panther who dodged a glider thrown by the Hulk in a microsecond! So theoretically, Bucky is the same speed as Black Panther who is capable of moving at 2075000 m/s which is precisely Mach 6050.

Boomstick: Red Hood isn't less either! He dodged bullets fired from 30 different places while kicking the ass of a gang! But that still doesn't keep him on par with Winter Soldier.

Wiz: In total, Bucky is over 55x faster than Jason. Bucky also shot down 3 different arrows launched in mid-air by Hawkeye.

Boomstick: Speaking of Hawkeye, didn't Jason hit Green Arrow even before he could react? You know, the same Green Arrow who dodged beams of light. That's faster than Black Panther, right?

Wiz: It certainly is. But Winter Soldier is also comparable to Spider-Man who also dodged beams of lights.

Boomstick: So since both of them are comparable to opponents who dodged attacks coming at the speed of light, shouldn't they both be the same in speed?

Wiz: That actually makes sense! Well done, Boomstick!

Boomstick: Thanks, Wiz! So this round is a tie.


Wiz: Jason's stamina level is peak human.

Boomstick: But Winter Soldier fought against superpowered beings in an arena for two months while his bionic arm was depowered and he had very little sleep and barely ate any food.

Wiz: That's leagues better than Jason. This puts Bucky at superhuman.

Boomstick: I guess that's pretty much all of stamina. I told you it would be over quickly, Wiz. You owe me 45 bucks for that!

Wiz: Boomstick!

Boomstick: Alright, the winner is Bucky. Happy now?


Wiz: Unlike Jason's, Bucky's mask and armor aren't bulletproof. Jason's helmet is incredibly durable. So is his armor. Both of those are capable of withstanding gunfire and explosions. But they aren't exactly a match for special types of metals.

Boomstick: And Bucky had the perfect answer for that. His bionic arm. It's absolutely a special type of metal. Cause it can break ordinary metal.

Wiz: We'll talk more about their arsenal later. Jason is durable enough to survive an underwater explosion and being hit by a bazooka.

Boomstick: But even before becoming the Winter Soldier, Bucky survived his left arm getting destroyed and being frozen.

Wiz: He also survived a blast of a Kree Weapon and falling from a plane into several trees like it was nothing. He also endured a beating from Doctor Doom who can harm Captain America and Wolverine.

Boomstick: Yeah, that's way better than a bazooka and an underwater explosion.


Wiz: In their arsenal, both Bucky and Jason had a lot of weapons. Bucky's arsenal consisted of guns, grenades, combat knives, his domino mask, armor and bionic arm.

Boomstick: Even though Jason didn't have a bionic arm, his mask and armor were bulletproof unlike Bucky's. And it's not like you can just throw your bionic arm at your opponent which is why it was kinda useless in long combat situations.

Wiz: Bucky had devices that could manipulate technology and others but Red Hood himself can manipulate devices like hacking into them. But these things weren't much important in this fight as they didn't have any special piece of techs like the Iron Man suit or anything else that is similar to it. You could say that his bionic arm was a piece of tech but it wasn't hackable.

Boomstick: Okay, enough about hacks. In terms of armor and helmet, Red Hood>Winter Soldier. Grenades? Red Hood=Winter Soldier. Explosives? Red Hood=Winter Soldier. Sharp weapons? Red Hood>Winter Soldier. Cause swords>knives. Guns? Red Hood=Winter Soldier. There! 85 bucks for Red Hood.


Wiz: This is the most difficult round. Jason received training from Batman and Ra's Al Ghul and Bucky received training from Captain America, British Officials and the Soviet Union.

Boomstick: Hell, Bucky even trained Soviet Agents like Black Widow. But let's be honest. Neither Cap nor British guys nor the Soviet Union know 127 moves of martial arts. This makes Jason a few steps ahead of Bucky.

Wiz: But Bucky was able to fight Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Wolverine at once. As much as fights Jason fought, he never fought three highly skilled and durable people simultaneously.

Boomstick: Wolvie himself confirmed that Bucky is one of the few people in the world that can kill him. But hey, Jason defeated beings like Deathstroke, Catwoman, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson and even Batman.

Wiz: Yes, but not all at once.

Boomstick: So... Is it a tie?

Wiz: Given Jason's history of training which is better than Bucky's, it's safe to say that he can also fight three highly skilled men at once.

Boomstick: Red Hood did defeat a group of Untitleds and SWAT. Does that count?

Wiz: Not really because none of them weren't as skilled as Wolverine or Hawkeye or Daredevil. But still, Jason has this round in the bag.


Boomstick: So overall, Jason has 2 points and Bucky has 3 points. So the Winter Soldier wins.

Wiz: We're not done yet, Boomstick: We still have a few rounds that are worth mentioning. They are intelligence and experience.

Boomsyick: Alright. So both of them are smart. But who's smarter?

Wiz: As Robin, Jason received an excellent education from Batman which includes Science, Mathematics, Forensic Medicine, Geography, History, and Leadership. As Red Hood, he has proven to be a highly efficient criminal strategist and organizer.

Boomstick: In other words, he has the mind of a criminal, an expert criminal if you will. But what about Bucky?

Wiz: Bucky, as a kid, did not receive any education. But after becoming the Winter Soldier, he became very smart. His intelligence is above the average level. But he doesn't have any good feats regarding intelligence. So this round goes to Jason.

Boomstick: As for experience, we don't even need to debate it. Bucky fought in WW2 and as the Winter Soldier, he fought for almost 70 years. Jason's experience isn't even half of that. So the final scores are 4-3.

Wiz: Jason was vigorous. But Bucky was the deadlier anti-hero, the superior soldier, and the better opponent.

Boomstick: I guess 1 buck was all it needed to finish off the Arkham Knight.

Wiz: The winner is the Winter Soldier.

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