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Rayman vs Mario is a What-If Death Battle by ACG.


Rayman vs Super Mario! The 2 best platformers of the Nintendo Wii U are ready to do battle! Rayman is furious that a certain friend of Mario's killed Globox, but mistakes Mario as the killer! Which jumper will squash the other!?!


Wiz: Last time, on Death Battle....

Yoshi mega kicks Globox, and bits go everywhere. He flies back down to the island.

Boomstick: Yeah, there goes another sidekick.

Wiz: But now, the heroes will battle.

Boomstick: Rayman, the Limbless Wonder.

Wiz: And Mario, the Italian Legend.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skill to see who would win a Death Battle.....


Wiz: Rayman, the Limbless Wonder, and hero of dreams.


Rayman, Hero of Dreams


Wiz: He was created with out them.

Boomstick: Don't you mean born?

Wiz: No, Rayman is one of the Ray-People, and adopted. He was CREATED by the Nymphs.

Boomstick: Like Jesus?

Wiz: You could say that. Anyhow, Rayman set off a journey to save his world from Mr. Dark, and succeded! However, his adventures are far from over.

Boomstick: Rayman has gone through many advetures, and is a brave, teenaged hero.

Wiz: Actually he's 146 years old.

Boomstick: WHAT!?!?!

Wiz: I know, it %#$@&) up, Boomstick.

Boomstick: Anyhow, let's move on to the dude's abilties.

Wiz: Rayman is an olympic athlete, being incredibly fast, can do backflips with ease, and is one of the strongest characters in his universe.

Boomstick: He PUNCHED a flying veichle that was on full speed and was pedaling extremely fast all the way through a galaxy.

Wiz: And the reason we said that about Globox so littlely is because we aren't sure he can actually do that, but we have seen and played Rayman doing this feat.

Boomstick: And if Globox did do it, that doesn't mean he would win anyway.

Wiz: Any how, back to more of his abilities. Rayman, as he has no limbs, can launch his fists and feet extremely far, and it packs a punch.

Boomstick: He can charge this to make it much more powerful.

Wiz: Rayman can throw green energy spheres, which can also charged.

Boomstick: Rayman can fly by spinning his hair extremely fast. Though he has to stop before going again.

Wiz: Kind of like Tails. Also like Tails, Rayman can use diferent power ups.

Boomstick: The Vortex lets him shrink enemies, and the Heavy Metal Fist speaks for itself. Awesome.

Wiz: The Lockjaw can trap enemies and electrocute them. This is one of his strongest power ups.

Boomstick: The Shock Rocket is a hand guided rocket fist that can be launched at high speeds. Oh, yeah. I want one!

Wiz: The Throttle Copter lets him fly higher and almost infinitely.

Boomstick: And something stange about the Limbless Wonder's hands is....they have minds of their own.

Wiz: Yes, Rayman's hands can go as far as they please, and that makes them much more useful.

Boomstick: Unfortanetly this only seems to work when Rayman is asleep or unconcious. Or he gave out after having to much beer. I remember when I got stuck in that frid-

Wiz: Rayman has other power ups as well, like the Plunger Gun.

Boomstick: Weirdest. Weapon. Ever.

Wiz: Though he has to reload often, Rayman can fire fast and they are pretty powerful plumbers. He beat a whole army of insane rabbits with it.

Boomstick: Power Spheres give him extended health, allowing him to take more and more hits.

Wiz: The Golden Fist is one of the strongest, and he can kill normal enemies with one hit.

Boomstick: Another version of the Vortex lets him fire Mini Tornadoes. Must make whoever gets caught throw up.

Wiz: Rayman is a grand jumper, but can he stand up to Mario's skills?

Rayman: I'll save your daddy(Globox), but first I gotta find Ly!


Wiz: Mario is the red hatted defender of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario SSB4 Alt


Boomstick: He is one of the Star Children, along with his bro, Weegie, his fart cousin, Wario, his sweetheart Peach, his monkey buddy, DK, the fruit muncher, Yoshi and his greatest rival, Bowser, giving him great speed and strength.

Wiz: Mario became a plumber, but doesn't really seem to do his job that much.

Boomstick: Personally, he was better at his old job. Being the leader of the Wrecking Crew.

Wiz: Mario can break bricks and steel bricks with ease, and can jump extremely high.

Boomstick: To increase his jumping ability, Mario can use the Goomba Shoe or Bunny Ears.

Wiz: The Bunny Ears also give him extreme speed and seems to find hard carrots easily. He uses these as projectiles.

Boomstick: Mario's greatest strength feat is either kicking a gigantic castle or throwing the collosal turtle Bowser.

Wiz: Now, lets move on to his power ups. First, the Super Mushroom. Also known as the Mega Mushroom.

Boomstick: Mario becomes Plumber Godzilla, and wrecks everything in his path, but it doesn't last forever.

Wiz: The Fire Flower gives Mario pyrokenisis. And for some reason gives him a white attire.

Boomstick: It's Polar opposite, the Ice Flower, gives him ica-kenisis. And a blue attire.

Wiz: Ica-Kenisis is not a real thing, Boomstick.

Boomstick: By using the Tanooki Suit,  Mario gains racoon ears and a tail, allowing him to fly, tail spin, and become statue. Why? Nobody KNOWS. Again.

Wiz: The Metal Cap gives him a coat of the mineral, becoming nearly indestructible, and gives him increased strength.

Boomstick: And one of the most confusing abilities, the Vanish Cap. So, he's invisible, but he can also walk through anything? What?

Wiz: The Super Star gives him invincibility and increased speed, along with power. This is Star Mario.

Boomstick: It also gives him greater acrobatic skills, but doesn't last to long.

Wiz: Mario's strongest power up is, or should I say "are", the Seven Star Spirits.

Boomstick: Just imagine Super Sonic but as Mario. I shall call him Super Mario.

Wiz: I like the name Ultra Mario. Or even Shine Mario.

Boomstick: Super.

Wiz: Ultra.

Boomstick: SUPER!


After 10 minutes of this....

Wiz: Alright, alright, how about Spirit Mario?

Boomstick: Sounds good.

Wiz: And finally is, well not really a power up, the F.L.U.D.D! Or the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device.

Boomstick: The Flash Licker what now?

Wiz: Nothing, Boomstick.

Boomstick: Even without power ups, he is pretty awesome.

Wiz: He can go very fast and destroy almost anything with the blue koopa shell, but it becomes red when he goes inside.

Boomstick: Mario can fire cannonballs using some kinda cannon helmet.

Wiz: Lets not forget Mario's hammer.

Boomstick: How does he carry that thing? It's huge!

Wiz: Mario certainly is Nintendo's greatest creation.

Mario: I'ma gonna win!


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: Its time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!!

Rayman is flying around the Mushroom Kingdom, looking for a red capped person. He looked down to the land. A RED HAT! He dived down fast, and jumped on top of a green dinosaur. The red capped person was knocked off his pet and landed with a thump.

Rayman had knocked the killer of his friend unconcious. However, he thought the REAL killer of his friend was the man with the red hat. He turned around and glared, as the man got up, he picked up his hat and put it back on.

Mario saw his best friend knocked out and the leg and armless man who did it. Mario glared heavily and pulled out the F.L.U.D.D. He charged it up and got in a fighting stance. His platforming rival did the same and readied his fist.

Mushroom Kingdom

Mario pulled out his hammer, and started whacking Rayman, who dodged easily, then kicked Mario in the face hard. Mario grunted, then used Firebrand to burn Rayman a bit. The limbless wonder jumped back and started firing at Mario with his Plunger Gun.

Mario started dodging, but one plunger got stuck on him. Mario tried to pull it off, but was punched back, then shot in his area. Mario started falling whenever he got up, not being able to see anything. Rayman smirked and dashed at Mario.

Rayman started comboing Mario before finishing him with an energy sphere. Mario got free of the plungers and started shooting water at Rayman with the F.L.U.U.D. It was going right into Rayman's mouth, and he was being filled with water. Rayman pushed the water back and spit all the water out.

Mario realised his plan didn't work, so he jumped in the air and ground pounded Rayman, who kicked Mario off and did the same. Mario and Rayman collided fists, then feet. They were pretty equal. They both jumped back, and Rayman prepared some energy spheres, while Mario got the Fire Flower.

The ranged attacks were colliding, but Mario got an idea. He charged up a giant fireball, while Rayman did the same thing but with an energy sphere. They fired, and the attacks were trying to push back the other. Mario and Rayman ran at their balls of energy and punched them.

Their fists were now super charged, and they punched each other in the face. Mario and Rayman were sent flying back into Warp Pipes. Mario's form wore off, but he switched to another power up. He was now Ice Mario. Mario started throwing ice balls extremely fast.

Rayman screamed in surprise and started dodging. Rayman then got the Lockjaw, and started sending electric bolts at Mario. The attacks collided again, but all the bolts were being frozen. Mario jumped in the air extremely high, then landed down on Rayman.

Mario started freezing Rayman's body, and once the chest and guts part wa frozen, he jumped off and walked away. Rayman started struggling, then eventually fainted from the cold. His hands floated over to Mario and started punching him.

Mario tried to punch the fists, but they were to quick. One then grabbed onto Mario's face, while the other wedgied Mario. The plumber screamed, and then lost his ice form. Then he switched to the Vanish Cap. The hands went through the clear Mario.

The hands saw Rayman wake up, the ice having melted, and flew back to their host. Rayman jumped up and looked around. Where was he? Rayman was then punched and kicked, but Rayman managed to block the next attack. He realised Mario was invisible.

Rayman had an idea. He got out the Plunger Gun and started firing around him. A couple landed on Mario, and the Vanish Cap wore off. Mario gulped, and was then shot by the Plunger Gun. Mario pulled all the plungers off, and started blocking the others with his hammer.

Rayman ran out of ammo, and was hit by Mario's hammer, which he threw. Mario jumped near Rayman, picked up his hammer, and whacked Rayman into a hill. Rayman jumped out and started flying. He started firing spheres from above, which Mario tried to block.

However, that was a horrible idea. Mario's hammer was destroyed. Mario shrugged, and pulled out another. He started dodging instead, and threw his hammer at Rayman, knocking him down. Rayman did a dive kick, then fired another energy sphere.

Mario jumped back and pulled out the Metal Cap. Rayman got out the Heavy Metal Fist. Mario ran and tried to punch Rayman. Rayman fired his own fist, and the 2 punches collided. However, Rayman was the one with the horrible idea this time.

The metal coating on Rayman's fist shattered, and Rayman's bones in his fist were in LOTS of pain. Rayman screamed out in pain, then was punched back by another fist. Rayman rubbed his head after being knocked into a ? Block, and slumped down.

Rayman's face got red, being furious, and got out the Shock Rocket. He started punching Mario repeadely, and then, lucky Rayman, Mario's Metal Cap wore off. Mario was knocked down, but was still getting hit. Mario got out the Tanooki Leaf, and became a Statue.

Rayman tapped his foot in annoyance, then Mario got into his Tanooki form. He did a Tail Whip, blocking the fist, and flew at Rayman with great speed. He uppercutted Rayman, then dropkicked him down. Mario did a couple of Tail Whips, then punched him hard.

Rayman used the Vortex to try to shrink Mario, but it only made him weaker. Mario did some more Tail Whips, but Rayman managed to get rid of the Tanooki Suit with another hit from the Vortex. Mario did some punches on Rayman, but was shrunk down to Mini Mario by the Vortex.

Rayman smirked, and cracked his fists. He started firing fists at Mario, who dodged quickly. Mario then got an idea. First, he used the Super Mushroom, then he used the Mega Mushroom. He was now Mega Mario. Mario smirked down at Rayman, and copied him. Rayman gulped.

Mario started punching and stomping at Rayman, who dodged as fast as he could, then rolled behind Mario. Mario looked around for Rayman, who used started charging the Vortex. Mario then turned around to Rayman with a giant tornado on his fist. Mario screamed, and ran away.

Rayman fired the tornado, and Mario started throwing bricks and other things at it. Eventually it caught Mario, and just in time, he shrank back to normal. Mario started spinning around and around, until he puked up some meatballs. Mario then fell down from immeasurable heights, and landed.

A loud thud was heard, and Rayman ran at Mario. He aimed his Plunger Gun at the seemingly knocked out Mario, who, using a technique from the Mario RPG series, dodged the attack. Mario was dizzy and sick, but managed to land a hit on Rayman with his hammer.

Rayman was hit in the head with Mario's hammer, then sent into a Warp Pipe by another blow. Mario was now glowing like a rainbow. He started beating Rayman extremely fast, then tossed him in the air. Rayman screamed, and Mario punched him extremely hard by jumping in the air very high.

Rayman tried shooting Star Mario with the Plunger Gun, and- wait, it actually worked? Well, Mario couldn't see, and Rayman managed to toss him down to the ground, but it hurt him. Mario pulled the plunger off, and his Star form was now over.

Rayman landed on the ground, and was about to fire an energy sphere when- ouch!!!! Mario had sent his hammer at Rayman extremely fast and hard, and Rayman fell down, groaning in pain. Rayman tried to get up, but was too hurt. Rayman managed to lift up his hands, and began shooting Mario with the Plunger Gun.

Mario, however, pulled them off quickly, and pulled out another hammer. He tossed it at Rayman, and he groaned in pain again. Rayman started shooting at Mario, who ducked and saw something. A blue koopa shell.

Mario crawled inside, and bounced off a Warp Pipe, going extremely fast towards Rayman. The hero of dreams tried shooting, but they bounced off. Rayman tried to block it, but it was too fast. Mario was spinning all over Rayman.

Rayman screamed in pain, but he soon was knocked unconscious. Eventually, the Red Koopa Shell started cutting through Rayman's body. Blood spurt out of his body and Rayman gave off one final scream before dying. Mario jumped off and all he could see was a bloody mess with a bit of purple and orange hair.


Mario saw Yoshi had woken up, and pointed to Rayman. The green dinosaur started nibbling on Rayman's dead body, as Mario walked away and traveled back to the Mushroom Kingdom. He would just wait until Yoshi came back. At least Yoshi didn't need to be fed tonight.


Boomstick: Should we call PETA? I mean, does Rayman count as an animal?

Wiz: Mario and Rayman were pretty evenly matched, strength, speed and even durability. It all came



down to, again, experience.

Boomstick: Now think to yourself, how many Mario games have come out in the past ten years? Well, you're probably thinking around 14 or 13. Well, there's more then that. And that's more then Rayman's whole series.

Wiz: Mario is the more experienced Fighter, and he is incredibly smart in the art of battle, which allowed him to win.

Boomstick: Mario didn't have a "shred" of respect for Rayman.

Wiz: The winner is Mario, Mushroom Kingdom Defender.


Diddy Kong runs through a Mario vs Donkey Kong stage, and sees Luigi waiting for Mario to come down. Diddy Kong saw him as Mario himself, his uncle's rival. Diddy Kong ran at Luigi and screamed in his face. Luigi wiped Diddy Kong's spit off, and got in a fighting pose, pulling out his hammer. Diddy Kong got out his Peanut PopGun



  • Rayman vs Mario is ACG's 11th battle, right after Pikachu vs Pulseman and right before Zerita vs Bolt(SquirrelKid).
  • This is the 2nd most even match in ACG history, to date, which is April 5th, 2015.
  • Mario is the first combatant from a previous ACG fight to return in another.
  • Rayman has had the most brutal death in the ACG fights.
  • This is a follow up of Globox vs Rayman, and the follow up of Rayman vs Mario is Mr. Dark vs Bowser.