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Rayman vs Klonoa! Can the man with no hands be able to beat Klonoa himself?

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Air date September 26th, 2016
Written by Blippeeddeeblah
Directed by Blippeeddeeblah

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Wiz: There are many heroes.

Boomstick: And these are well, interesting.

Wiz: Rayman, The man with disembodied hands...

Boomstick: And Klonoa, Namco's new mascot that you just wanna cuddle!

Wiz: It's our job to anyalyze the weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle!!

Boomstick: YEAH!


Wiz: Rayman, the Limbless Wonder, and hero of dreams.


Wiz: He was created with out them.

Boomstick: Don't you mean born?

Wiz: No, Rayman is one of the Ray-People, and adopted. He was CREATED by the Nymphs.

Boomstick: Like Jesus?

Wiz: You could say that. Anyhow, Rayman set off a journey to save his world from Mr. Dark, and succeded! However, his adventures are far from over.

Boomstick: Rayman has gone through many advetures, and is a brave, teenaged hero.

Wiz: Actually he's 146 years old.

Boomstick: WHAT!?!?!

Wiz: I know, it %#$@&) up, Boomstick.

Boomstick: Anyhow, let's move on to the dude's abilties.

Wiz: Rayman is an olympic athlete, being incredibly fast, can do backflips with ease, and is one of the strongest characters in his universe.

Boomstick: He PUNCHED a flying veichle that was on full speed and was pedaling extremely fast all the way through a galaxy.

Wiz: And the reason we said that about Globox so littlely is because we aren't sure he can actually do that, but we have seen and played Rayman doing this feat.

Boomstick: And if Globox did do it, that doesn't mean he would win anyway.

Wiz: Any how, back to more of his abilities. Rayman, as he has no limbs, can launch his fists and feet extremely far, and it packs a punch.

Boomstick: He can charge this to make it much more powerful.

Wiz: Rayman can throw green energy spheres, which can also charged.

Boomstick: Rayman can fly by spinning his hair extremely fast. Though he has to stop before going again.

Wiz: Kind of like Tails. Also like Tails, Rayman can use diferent power ups.

Boomstick: The Vortex lets him shrink enemies, and the Heavy Metal Fist speaks for itself. Awesome.

Wiz: The Lockjaw can trap enemies and electrocute them. This is one of his strongest power ups.

Boomstick: The Shock Rocket is a hand guided rocket fist that can be launched at high speeds. Oh, yeah. I want one!

Wiz: The Throttle Copter lets him fly higher and almost infinitely.

Boomstick: And something stange about the Limbless Wonder's hands is....they have minds of their own.

Wiz: Yes, Rayman's hands can go as far as they please, and that makes them much more useful.

Boomstick: Unfortunately this only seems to work when Rayman is asleep or unconcious. Or he gave out after having to much beer. I remember when I got stuck in that frid-

Wiz: Rayman has other power ups as well, like the Plunger Gun.

Boomstick: Weirdest. Weapon. Ever.

Wiz: Though he has to reload often, Rayman can fire fast and they are pretty powerful plumbers. He beat a whole army of insane rabbits with it.

Boomstick: Power Spheres give him extended health, allowing him to take more and more hits.

Wiz: The Golden Fist is one of the strongest, and he can kill normal enemies with one hit.

Boomstick: Another version of the Vortex lets him fire Mini Tornadoes. Must make whoever gets caught throw up.

Wiz: Rayman is a grand jumper, but can he stand up to Klonoa's skills?

Rayman: I'll save your daddy(Globox), but first I gotta find Ly!


Wiz: Klonoa is a anthropomorphic cat and dream traveler.

Boomstick: Who takes down the forces of evil daily. Or, uh, nightly?

Wiz: Klonoa is great at exposing his enemies' weak spots and has long ears that let him take the battlefield to the air.

Boomstick: Really? I just thought his mom was a mouse.

Wiz: The wind Bullet is his signature attack, where he fires a beam from his ring.

Boomstick: The kid must really must be into jewelry. Either that or he's related to Bianca. If you liked then ya shoulda put a ring on it....

Wiz: This can be charged into the Double Wind Bullet, which was enough to beat an army of Night Knights.

Boomstick: Like a boss. Well, actually the boss is Nahatomb. Using the power of wind, he created an awesome energy blade.

Wiz: One of Klonoa's most powerful weapons is his Hammer, which can smash open metal and wood.

Boomstick: The Beam Gnome is an energy shield forged from the cat's Wind Ring.

Wiz: His Arm Cannon fires spike balls at enemies extremely fast.

Boomstick: His Boomerang is made of 3 metalic blades and can be used as a powerful, tricky weapon.

Wiz: His Air Board flies at high speeds and he can ram into opponents with it.

Boomstick: And flying isn't the only thing his ears are good for! Klonoa can creates hurricanes and tornadoes with them!

Wiz: Klonoa can even create Thunder Hurricanes which can shock and destroy even extremely strong enemies.

Boomstick: Klonoa isn't a swimmer like Sonic, and also is pretty naive.

Wiz: Still, by using his ring's full wind power, Klonoa is a small yet big threat.

Klonoa: Rupurudu!


In the Glade of Dreams, Rayman was, as usual, relaxing at eating berries.

Suddenly, Klonoa jumps out of a portal right on top of the Hero of Dreams. Rayman jumps up, angered and yells at Klonoa.

The cat tries apologizing, but Rayman doesn’t listen, and tries punching Klonoa. The feline dodges and pulls out his sword, saying “Fine… We’ll have it your way!”


Klonoa shouts as he swings his blade. Rayman ducks, then kicks Klonoa in the stomach. Rayman and Klonoa clashes their fists, then their feet.

The both realize they can barely move, so Rayman flies up, as does Klonoa. They begin shooting their energy projectiles, lightning blasts and energy balls.

Rayman then pulls out the Lockjaw, and fires. Klonoa catches, but is electrocuted by the chain. He pulls out his hammer and swings it at a tree, knocking it down.

Klonoa, with all his strength and increased power from his rings, flies to the tree, picks it up, and tosses it at Rayman. He tries punching through, but Rayman is knocked down, and is stuck under.

His hands, however, walk away and attack Klonoa. One covers Klonoa’s face, who begins muffling, while the other does a wedgey. Klonoa wines like a cat, then hisses. The hands back off and return to Rayman, who managed to get out of the tree with his feet.

Rayman launches his fists at Klonoa and begins comboing him. Eventually Klonoa stops it with his hammer. Klonoa then starts whacking Rayman with his hammer, who takes out the Heavy Metal Fist and counters. The two begin clashing until Rayman uppercuts Klonoa in the stomach.

Rayman then kicks and punches Klonoa, and finishes it with a headbutt. Rayman stops flying and jumps down. Klonoa gets angered and he creates Thunder Hurricane.

Rayman begins running as the lightning starts striking near him, but takes out the ultimate power up. The Golden Fist. He jumps up in hopes of punching Klonoa, who manages to dodge the first fist but is then punched in the stomach.

Klonoa meows loudly and sends a giant lightning bolt at Rayman, who screams as he is zapped to ashes. His ashes fall down, with the eyeballs floating in the air for a bit. They then fall down and Klonoa stops flying, sitting down where Rayman was at the beginning.



Boomstick: Good night to Rayman!

Wiz: While Rayman had more experienced, Klonoa had better feats.

Boomstick: And Klonoa's also MUCH faster, and more durable.

Wiz: Rayman owns many best power-ups than Klonoa, but Klonoa has great attacks however.

Boomstick: Rayman got his disembodies butt "handed" to him.

Wiz: The winner is Klonoa.

Winner Klonoa

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Fish vs Animal robot..... Battle of the weakest.....


Rayman VS Klonoa is a What-If? Death Battle collaboration between Raiando and Tonygameman. It features Rayman from the eponymous series and Klonoa who also comes from the eponymous series.

The Dream Warriors
Rayman VS Klonoa Final
Season Episode 6
Written by Raiando, Tonygameman
Episode guide
Sindel VS Medusa
The End


Ubisoft VS Bandai Namco, in this Series Finale, it's a battle between two Dream Heroes who have saved their worlds more than once, one of them may show that this is more than a Dream.


Wiz: Dreams are some of the most Wonderful things anyone can have, some Dreams have different meanings, but Dreams also bring in Amazing Heroes!

Boomstick: That's right, especially when these Heroes are capable of fighting your worst Nightmares.

Wiz: They'll fight against all the odds to save the day.

Boomstick: Such as Rayman: The Limbless Hero from Glade of Dreams.

Wiz: And Klonoa: The Dream Traveling Cabbit.

Rai: Well, it's about time we're making this matchup.

Tony: Yeah, I'm so excited for it! We'll give this exciting Finale a good ol' bang, once and for all.

Boomstick: So you two are back once more?

Rai: Well yeah, this might end up being our last collaboration.

Tony: Look, I've been so busy lately these days with my job. But I promise that this will be worth of it.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and i'm Boomstick.

Rai: He's Tony and i'm Rai.

Wiz: Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their Weapons, Armor and Skills to find out Who Will Win.

All Four: A Death Battle!

(The Doors of Death Battle slam shut and open for Rayman's Bio)

Rayman Lights Up the Fists[]

Wiz: Ever since the Beginning of Time, there were no Glade of Dreams, there was nothing but only Heart of The World, the Source of all Energy, which has created the Lums, eventually said Lums would end up creating The Bubble Dreamer that is Polokus.

Boomstick: Polokus would later create the World by dreaming, he has created the many inhabitants like the small pink Electoons, the loyal Teensies, the silly Globox, the landscape shaping Clark and the gorgeous Nymphs.

Wiz: There is also The Great Protoon, which also holds Source of all Energy while maintaining Harmony for all of it's Inhabitants, which is quite similar to Heart of The World, It's possible that The Great Protoon is an Extension of it.

Rai: Yeah, the Glade of Dreams is a perfect place, would love to be there someday.

Tony: But of course some terrible things had to happen, Polokus ended up having Nightmares and brought Jano into existence, his First Bad Dream, who just made things worse, such as creating the Darktoons and causing Chaos.

Rai: During these terrible times, the World needed a Hero, one that would fight back against these Nightmares.

Boomstick: So Polokus sends the Girls to collect some Lums in order to create The Hero, while they have lost a few on their way, they still managed to bring enough Lums.

Wiz: And with that, Betilla The Fairy used the Lums to create the Limbless Wonder that is Rayman!

Boomstick: And he just happens to be Pretty Wacky, like yeah he's pretty unique for being Limbless but what is he gonna do? Juggle himself around?

Tony: C'mon Boomstick, being Limbless is actually pretty useful and Rayman is a pretty cool individual, being friends with just about anyone he meets.

Rai: Unless you're threatening him and his friends, Rayman would be ready to wind up his Fists.

Wiz: Rayman has become friends with the Inhabitants of The Glade of Dreams, he would rescue the Electoons, Teensies, Nymphs, Princesses and would defeat the Darkness to save the World!

Tony: Rayman has proven to be Pretty skilled at Fighting, from having simple techniques like Standard Close Ranged Attacks, Ground Slam, Spin Attack to the iconic Telescopic Fist!

Rai: The Telescopic Fist allows Rayman to wind up Powerful Punches that travel at long range, no matter at what distance you're standing at, those Punches are still gonna be Dangerous.

Boomstick: After all, he can Punch some Iron Cages, Boulders and even Intangible beings, some Enemies end up being turned into a Bubble before Bursting from his Punches. You don't want to be near his Punches.

Wiz: Rayman can enhance his Telescopic Fist with the Golden Fist and Speed Fist, the first one makes him Twice as Strong as he already is, while the other one makes his Fists travel Faster and Longer. He can enhance his Durability with the likes of Big Power and Heart Items, allowing him to take more Hits from anyone.

Rai: Rayman can also gain the Blue Punch for even more Strength, which he throws a bunch of Boxing Gloves and charge it up for a Powerful Fiery Strike. It even has an Enhanced Version that is the Ultimate Flying Punch, which is like a Golden Version of it.

Wiz: Rayman's Favorite edibles are Plums and he can do just about anything ranging from Sticking them on his Enemies as well as Ride on them.

Boomstick: Of Course Rayman's Fists aren't the only things that he has, his own Body is Malleable and Flexible, he can use his Torso like a Basketball and slam them on anyone, he can Juggle around All Parts of him basically.

Wiz: All of Rayman's Parts can act on their Own, even if they are Seperated from him.

Boomstick: He can fly around with the Haircopter and he can scare away anyone unfortunate with his Grimace.

Rai: He's been gifted with Items like the Magic Seed, allowing him to make Platforms out of Plants, a Firefly that glows in the Dark and a Potion that allows him to fly for an Infinite amount of time.

Tony: With the help of Betilla, Rayman gained the abilities of hanging from Ledges. Grabbing onto Items as well as going Fast.

Boomstick: Are you serious? Did He actually need some Enhancements to walk Faster? That's just silly.

Wiz: I have to agree with Boomstick on this one.

Boomstick: Does he have any other Interesting Abilities?

Tony: Well...he can Shrink in Size to go through Narrow Spaces and Teleport away with a wave of his Hand.

Boomstick: Now that's cool.

Rai: Well good thing the next following abilities are better than that, with an Enhancement from Silver Lum, Rayman gained the Magic Fist, allowing him to charge up and shoot Energy Spheres, they can bounce off walls and Grapple on Flying Rings as well.

Wiz: There are Power-Ups he can grab from an Item Generator, as most of them are different variations of Energy Spheres, some can Freeze, Home onto Opponents, cause a Massive Firework and create Flames.

Boomstick: He can gain some Awesome Explosives from there too, like the Glue Bomb and Buzz Rocket, if you can't be rid of them in time, you're dead, funnily enough Rayman can place Fake Item Generators, shall you touch them, it will blow you up like a Looney Tunes Gift!

Tony: As if that wasn't enough he can Steal Items from you like a Boo and he can also create a Shield for some defense.

Wiz: Item Generators aren't the only way Rayman can gain Abilities, as the Laser-Washing Powders grant Rayman some Combat Fatigues.

Boomstick: He can shrink enemies and platforms with Vortex, electrify with Lockjaw, blow them up with Shock Rocket, fly an extra distance with Throttle Copter and strike ever harder with Heavy Metal Fist.

Rai: Yeah, Rayman wants to make sure those Punches strike hard.

Tony: He can use the Fire Protection if he wants to travel on Lava.

Boomstick: Which is like the most situational Combat Fatigue.

Rai: Well, each of them are situational and even that could help him when you least expect it.

Boomstick: Alright, you have a fair point.

Rai: Rayman was going to have his Fourth Big Adventure at one point, unfortunately that didn't end up happening and that was turned into something else Entirely, after all some of Concepts were so cool.

Boomstick: Absolutely, like having Rayman turning into things like a pair of Bubbles, a Caveman, a Ghost, turning Invisible, being Spiky, all those would have been cool.

Rai: And his Dark Self was the Main Villain, which would have been more Awesome than having to deal with bunch of Silly Rabbids that Love Screaming.

Wiz: When he had to go up against the Rabbids, Rayman had to be even more Prepared than before.

Rai: And he brought a Plunger Gun of all things, you expect Rayman to give those Silly Rabbids a good Beatdown with his Fists.

Boomstick: And they also like Dancing too, Which is like one of the few things they like aside from The Moon itself.

Rai: Back to Rayman, he also has a simplr Chain in which he can hurl around some Cows with it and he also has some Power-Ups that are just as unusual as the Combat Fatigues. Apparently they're based off of Music Genres.

Tony: Which makes sense, since the Rabbids love Dancing with him. not to mention, Rayman is very good at Singing too!

(Rayman is shown Singing a certain Tom Jones Song with Globox)

Rai: That was Awkward.

Boomstick: Well, at least he Sings better than Wiz.

Wiz: Please Boomstick, don't bring it up...

Boomstick: He can stomp on anything with his Gangster Outfit, Throw Bombs and Bubblegums with Punk Outfit, disguise with the Elderly Outfit to distract Rabbids with Carrots as well as create Boulders for some reason.

Rai: He can put on his Elvis Presley Outfit to plunge his Guitar on his Enemies as well as control Ice to Freeze anything.

Boomstick: You could say, it's Cool to be the King.

Tony: Nice one Boomstick, also his Funk Outfit allows him to make Clouds solid to walk on them and shoot Powerful Energy Orbs that are twice as Strong as his Regular Punches.

Boomstick: Rayman sure has a lot of Power-Ups that simply make him Stronger.

Wiz: He can also Equip himself with the Magnet item, allowing him to attract nearby Lums and The Phoenix Item, which resurrects Rayman in case of Death.

Tony: A bunch of Creatures that go by the name of Incrediballs help Rayman on his Adventure, Seekers locate nearby Items, Inhalers attract more Lums in case Magnets aren't enough and Protectors create a Barrier around Rayman shall he ever take a Damage, they all come in different appearances and he can have three Incrediballs at a time.

Rai: We can mention how Rayman has a lot of ways traveling around anywhere, he can have Bzzit that can Shoot around and Vacuum anything, Ssssam The Snake allows him travel around the Water, have multiple Vehicles, if he wants to be Extreme, Rayman can use Flying Shells, Flying Barrels and use the Funkyboard to Travel different Worlds.

Wiz: Perhaps the most important of Rayman's Equipments would be the Lums, as we have mentioned, Heart of The World is the true source of Power for all of the Universes, just about Everyone and Everything is given Life thanks to Lums.

Boomstick: It's worth mentioning that Electoons are also Powering up Rayman as well, so it's like having Multiple Batteries.

Tony: There are a total of Four Type of Lums, Yellow Lums grant more Wisdom of the World and open Uncharted Territories, Red Lums grant more Vitality for Rayman, which is something that those Robo-Pirates love having with them, Purple Lums keep the cohesion of the World, Rayman can use them to swing around and Blue Lums grant Life to Every being in the World of Rayman, they also give an additional Flight and go through Underwater.

Rai: Rayman has shown to be Extremely Powerful and has proven himself being the Hero that Glade of Dreams needs, his Punches can send Enemies flying away, he has defeated the likes of Moskito, Mr. Sax, Mr. Stone, Mr. Skops, Space Mama and Mr. Dark, who had the Great Protoon with him and his defeat caused a Mountain Sized Explosion.

Wiz: While he was on a Quest of destroying Robo Pirates, Rayman has fought against the Four Guardians that protected the Masks of Polokus, he was the only one worthy of defeating them. He fought against Clark, who Polokus created to shape the Landscape and Mountains. Not to mention he also fought against Jano, who is another manifestation of Polokus that guards Cave of Bad Dreams.

Tony: It's a pretty Terrifying Place for sure.

Boomstick: After destroying many Robo Pirates like Ninjaws and Spyglass Pirate, Rayman has defeated Razorbeard, according to the Manuals, he was destroying bunch of Planets for the Fun of it and he also destroyed Heart of the World while enslaving the Inhabitants, it's pretty crazy.

Rai: What's more crazy is that he managed to defeat a whole bunch of Hoodlums, which are lead by André, they are basically corrupt Red Lums that can take form of anything, he also fought against Master Kaag, Bégoniax, Count Razoff, Leviathan, The Horrible Machine as well as Reflux, he's from a Race of Knaarens which are considered to be Invincible and couldn't be hurt by any Norman way, unless they are next to the Light, which is how Rayman managed to defeat him.

Wiz: Even if he was enhanced by the Power of the Night God that is Leptys, he was still no match for Rayman, considering that André decided to go after Scepter of Leptys since attempting to corrupt Heart of The World didn't work.

Tony: Speaking about Heart of The World, the Rabbids have also managed to destroy it.

Boomstick: They just don't wanna leave that thing alone, good thing is Rayman still managed to go up against a whole Army of Rabbids, some of them are pretty intelligent to create Mechs that shoot Lasers like that Pink Rabbid. He sure Fought hard against Rabbids to prevent them from taking away his World.

Rai: He's also went up against many other Enemies that are twice his own Size, such as Golem, The Four Kings and their Mechanical Versions, one of the Nymphs that was corrupted like Big Mama, Grunderbite, Armored Toad, El Luchador and finally Hades' Hand.

Wiz: One of his most Impressive Feats is punching a bunch of Dark Teensies so Hard that they flew out of the Orbit, then went across a whole Galaxy and shook an Entire Constellation.

Boomstick: Good Lord! I told you those Punches are Dangerous, just a single touch from this Man can either Erase you from existence or send you flying the whole Galaxy and this is without any Power-Up Enchancements, Imagine what he would do if he had his Strenght Enchancement Items combined into one.

Tony: Not to mention, they all flew towards that Constellation in 10 Seconds. That's just Massively Faster than Light.

Rai: Something even more Impressive than this, considering that Polokus created Hundreds upon Hundreds of Universes just by Dreaming, we did mention that he is created by Lums and they were all originated from Heart of the World, with The Great Protoon being an Extension of it. Razorbeard and Rabbids are Powerful enough to destroy The Heart, Mr. Dark was able to take The Great Protoon and overpowered Betilla while the Nightmares have grown stronger, multiplied, overpowered Polokus and have taken over each of the Paintings that are considered their own Universes...And Rayman managed to defeat them all.

Wiz: In other words, Rayman basically has the Power of Multiple Universes combined.

Boomstick: He's not just Crazy Powerful, but he's also Incredibly Fast too, he's able to dodge Gunfires and Missiles with ease, dodge Lightning and Light Beams multiple times, managed to keep up with Razorbeard, who can pilot his Ship and pass through Stars in Seconds, he also has a Good Rhythm as shown in the Music Levels.

Tony: He's also very good at outmanuvering his Evil Self, Dark Rayman, who is capable of mimicking every single move that Rayman does.

Wiz: Rayman also has a Very Good Durability, aside from tanking blows from those Villains, Rayman has survived the explosion of Buccanneer, which was able to hold 45,283 prisoners and it's a pretty Large Ship, it won't be the first time as he also survived the Moody Clouds explosion, which was the size of an Island and what did Rayman do after surviving it?

Boomstick: Just have a Normal Sleep as the day goes normal. He's able to survive the explosion of the Horrible Machine and it didn't scratch Rayman at all, he's just immune to explosions, you can Squash him flat, Laser him, blow him up again, it's not gonna work, he's capable of Regenerating too and tank hits from his Friends as well, so good luck killing Rayman.

Tony: And he's also very Intelligent too, aside from being very Tactical at Fighting, being a Talented Artist, and solving Puzzles, he has the whole Wisdom of The Universe thanks to the Yellow Lums, the more he collects the more Wisdom he obtains, that's not even bringing up the Edutainment Games. Where Rayman had to solve Math Problems and Phonics while going through some Brutal Obstacles.

Boomstick: Wait, there's an Edutainment Game?

Tony: Pretty much Boomstick, like I said it has some Difficult Platforming. Rayman also has his own Stage Designing Game too, if you wanna be Creative and Crazy.

Boomstick: Sure, the last thing I would expect from Rayman is solving Math while trying to save the World.

Rai: For an Edutainment Game, it happens to contain the words Death, Fear, Killed and Blood. Which are said by the Magician.

Boomstick: WHAT!? Are you Serious!?

Rai: Yeah, it's pretty strange and possibly showed who the Magician truly was before it was revealed, also Rayman managed to collect the Magic Book that contained the Answers to Every Question in the World, which he used it to bring back the Wisdom of his World after Mr. Dark took it away.

Boomstick: I'm just Impressed! So you're telling me this Magical Limbless Man is basically one of the most intelligent Combatants we had.

Tony: If Rayman can't do it, then no one will.

Wiz: He has just about Everything you could ask for, even if destroying Heart of The World to weaken him, taking away The Great Protoon to cause chaos, removing his limbs to slow him down or even having the Franchise almost taken away by The Rabbits, he will not stop Fighting until Glade of Dream is at peace.

Rai: He's truly the Hero of Everyone's dreams.


(Rayman is shown sleeping in a hammock at the beach, giving a thumbs-up)

Rayman: No Problem.

(The Doors of Death Battle slam shut, finishing Rayman's Bio and open for Klonoa's Bio)

Klonoa Travels In[]

Wiz: For years, many have dreamed about being in a wonderful world, one wouldn't recall what they have dreamed about and wonder where they go.

Boomstick: These were the questions that were brought up by a dream hero that happens to resemble both a cat and a rabbit.

Rai: They are a Nice Cabbit that goes by the name of Klonoa! A dream warrior that has wandered around many dream worlds and he's very friendly to anyone he meets, having started his adventure from Phantomile.

Boomstick: He loves saying the word "Wahoo!" a lot. Sure that's Nice, however, it's like he says it on almost every situation. I'm sure he also likes Wahoo Fish.

Rai: Well, he does like hamburgers, and despite being a Cabbit, carrots aren't his preferred edibles.

Boomstick: Wow, that's like squirrels not preferring acorns.

Wiz: Either way, within the dream world, Klonoa enjoys every moment.

Tony: One day, Klonoa was strolling around Breezegale with a joy, and all the sudden, he witnessed a Wind Ring which crashed on the ground.

Rai: When he approached towards it, Klonoa met Huepow, a Blue Spirit that resides inside of the Wind Ring, they both quickly became Best Friends and would work together on their Journeys to Save The World.

Boomstick: Klonoa would have to go up against a bunch of Villains that love causing Nightmares in the Dream World, of course Klonoa wouldn't be able to overcome against his Enemies without the help of his Friends.

Wiz: In his Adventures, Klonoa would meet the likes of an Old Man that is Balue, the Priestess-In-Training Lolo, her companion Popka and The Boxer Kangaroo Chipple.

Tony: Klonoa also has a Grandfather that gives him Advises during his Quest, which is pretty nice.

Boomstick: I have to say Balue is my Favorite of the bunch, I feel like I would be Best Friends with him and have some Beer.

Rai: While Klonoa might be Adorable, Kind and Friendly, just make sure not to give him any Trouble, after all He's Pretty Powerful and has plenty of Abilities that can be used in Different Ways.

Tony: When it comes to Klonoa's Abilities, The Wind Ring is his Main Equipment, it is Powered by Huepow and later on Lolo, The Wind Bullet allows him to pick up Enemies and turn them into a Bubble, then toss them around or Bounce off of them to gain some Height, he can be pretty good with tossing Enemies back and forth with Extreme Platforming, aside from that, The Wind Bullet can still Inflict Damage instead of just picking up things, he can also carry around Blocks and Grapple onto Flying Spheres.

Boomstick: Most of the Enemies that he picks up make his Wind Bullet Ability pretty Versatile, there are the Regular Cute Enemies like Moos which has many Variants, He can use The Boomies to cause some Explosions and if he needs to clear something more specific like Crystal Blocks and go through Dark Areas, Klonoa can use Likuris and Flolos.

Wiz: If Klonoa needs even more Height, he can use the likes of Teton, Kiton and Jetimo to fly around, Erbils to launch himself upwards with Electricity and Grow Plants by placing the Enemies inside of a Pot.

Rai: There's plenty of Enemies that Klonoa can toss around like Glibz, Fifi, Burnie, Slazza, Zippoe, however we would be staying there Forever if we were to keep talking about them. Also if he needs to regain some of his Health, He can Collect Heart Items.

Boomstick: Klonoa can use his Large Fluffy Ears to float in the Air for a few Seconds, that's Cute, however they can also be used to smack you around too, he can literally do Push Ups, lift a Weight and bend Iron freely with those things.

Tony: You could say that, with them seeming to act as additional Hands sometimes, I mean, he did actually once train their Ear Muscles in order to help him doing that. At least until the Wind stopped.

Rai: Klonoa has even more additional Abilities for his Wind Ring, he can use the Wind Sword to slice through Enemies, Beam Gnome creates a Shield to Defend himself from any Attack as well as use it for Offense, Arm Cannons allow Klonoa to shoot Spiked Projectiles, Boomerang is also another Projectile for him as they can rotate around him too and finally he can use the Hammer to slam it against Enemies.

Boomstick: He also has a pretty cool Air Board in which he can use it Travel between Worlds in no time, it's his preferred way of Travelling aside from just Teleporting away.

Wiz: Since Klonoa can't swim in Water, he's given a Dive Suit that would allow him to travel around Water.

Rai: Unfortunately, that makes him Very Slow, It's alright Klonoa, hope they take some Training to Swim next time around.

Tony: He still has more better Abilities, since he's called Klonoa of The Wind, he's capable of Shooting out Large Tornado Attacks, Lift Enemies and send them flying to Space, he can create Multiple Tornadoes to Orbit around him and he has a much stronger Version of it called Tornado Attack EX.

Boomstick: If one Tornado Attack isn't enough, he has Double Wind Bullet Tornado, Powered by both Huepow and Lolo, he can send out an Even Larger Tornado that will make anyone that's trying to challenge him a Breeze.

Wiz: And for his Ultimate Attacks, Klonoa has Thunder Hurricane, in which he sends out Lightning Strikes while his Enemies are trapped in a Hurricane and Mega Wind Bullet sends out a large Energy Sphere that defeats anyone in an Instant.

Boomstick: If you ask how he obtained Thunder Hurricane, he was once Electrified by a Wire and then he decided that would make a Great Addition for one of his Attacks, I would have at least expected him to become Super Fast after that one.

Wiz: Klonoa has rescued many of the Phantomile Prisoners and managed to go up against the likes of Rongo Lango, Gelg Bolm, Baladium, Cursed Pamila and Seadoph, then he went up against Joka, Ghadius and Nahatomb as they all wanted to put Phantomile into Darkness, which is the Nexus Point of all Worlds of Dreams, there are Millions of Worlds and they are mostly described being Universes, with Nahatomb being close to Destroying it, that would have put an End of Multiple Universes.

Tony: Even a Weaker Version of Nahatomb was capable of destroying the Moon, which Klonoa managed to restore it back.

Boomstick: It's not only Nahatomb who's Very Powerful, King of Sorrow is The Strongest Villains Klonoa had to ever go up against, they have created a whole Parallel World, can travel to that Parallel World in Seconds and they wanted to destroy the Dream World.

Rai: Aside from that, Klonoa has went up against possessed Jillius and then fought Bagoo, who is an Ancient God of Despair that wanted to take over the Dreams and turn Everyone into a Monster, he also participated in Dream Champ Tournament where he went up against the likes of Joka, Suiryu and Guntz before taking on Garlen.

Boomstick: And he's also went up against Janga, who's possibly one of the Most Evil Character in this Series, they're Deranged, Maniacal, Manipulative, has Poisonous Claws, Killed Guntz' Father, threatened Klonoa and his Friends to the point where he was pretty close to killing all of them.

Wiz: Klonoa is Incredibly Fast, he can react to Lightning, Light Beams and we have mentioned how his Air Board allows him to travel between Worlds which would make him Massively Faster than Light.

Boomstick: After all he's managed to keep up with King of Sorrow in his Fight, so he is Super Fast without needing to travel quick. I could also mention how King of Sorrow resembles Klonoa, like they could be related in some way.

Tony: Well, that could be pretty likely, I feel that King of Sorrow was like Klonoa at some point.

Wiz: Klonoa is Very Durable, he's been Crushed, Blown up many times, Gunned and has taken Attacks from Enemies that can destroy Multiple Universes.

Rai: While Klonoa has tanked an explosion from Millions of Universes, it's from a Webcomic Story which ended up being Unfinished, while this does make him very Durable, Klonoa hasn't went up against Tenebrae Hue, who was caused that explosion, he also went up against Nightmare Klonoa in that Webcomic, however there's not much to pick from that Story aside from the Explosion, even then Klonoa is still very Powerful and Durable without it.

Tony: It's pretty unfortunate that was Unfinished, he also had an Animated Movie in plans which is also Canceled.

Wiz: Even then, Klonoa is pretty Talented and is a Prodigy, sure he's a Nice Cabbit who likes having Friends, he went on from making things like a Propeller Hat to making a whole Museum to show Artists their flaws and hopefully make them improve upon it for the better, he can be anyone's Conscience for sure.

Boomstick: That's just Crazy, he truly wants to make the Dream World a better place for Everyone.

Rai: He's pretty good at Beach Volleyball too, where competed against his Friends and Enemies, that also includes Nahatomb.

Boomstick: Alright, I was not expecting a Beach Volleyball Game from Klonoa and you're telling me this Cabbit played Volleyball against a World Destroying Nightmare, this is just Insane.

Tony: For a While, we didn't talk about his Actual Backstory and I'll tell you this, It's pretty Tragic.

Boomstick: How Tragic could it be? Especially for someone like Klonoa.

Rai: Well, I'm not sure if you're ready for this.

Tony: After he defeated Nahatomb and Rescued Lephise, Huepow has revealed his True Form and told him Everything.

Rai: Huepow told him that he needed someone to save Phantomile, in order to do so, he needed a Dream Warrior from a Different World.

Boomstick: What!? You're telling me Klonoa wasn't from Phantomile this whole time?

Wiz: Yeah, Huepow has brought Klonoa and Fabricated his whole Past, the Grandfather that gave Klonoa any Advises was likely not his Grandfather to begin with and he died to Joka.

Rai: Huepow was using Klonoa this entire time, he only wanted to restore balance to Phantomile, he did become Friends with Klonoa and joined his Quests, unfortunately he would have to leave the World.

Boomstick: So you're telling me Klonoa's Entire Past was all just a Fabrication and it was all Huepow who did it?

Tony: Once Lephise started to Sing, a Vortex appeared and took Klonoa back to his World, Huepow tried to grab upon the Wind Ring, unfortunately it was late for him, this is Klonoa's Fate, forever Travelling between Worlds and having to leave them and his Friends behind.

Boomstick: I'm Starting to feel Sad.

Tony: You too? I also feel Sad as well.

Boomstick: I wish this didn't happen to Klonoa, why would they have to do this to the Cabbit? I guess this is what King of Sorrow had to go through as well

Rai: It's fine, even if he has to Unfortunately leave the World, he has his Great Moments and he will Save The Dream World even at it's Darkest Times.

Klonoa: I May Leave this World, but We'll always be Together. I believe that if you Don't forget the Sadness of this Moment, We'll always be Together, Okay?

(The Doors of Death Battle slam shut, finishing Klonoa's Bio and open for Pre-Fight)


Wiz: Alright, The Combatants are set, we've run the Data through all possibilities.

All Four: It's Time For A Death Battle!!!

(The Doors of Death Battle slam shut and open for The Fight)

Death Battle[]

It was a Bright Morning at a Colorful Forest, The Grass was flowing, Butterflies were going past the Trees, the Flowers were Blooming and the Rainbow was Shining.

Suddenly, A Large Portal Appeared from the Sky, from there some Individuals have emerged from it and fell all the way to the Ground.

One of them happens to be a Limbless Hero with White Gloves, Yellow Shoes, Purple Hoodie with a Circular Symbol, their name is Rayman. He awakens from his Fall as he checks around the place as he's Amazed by the Environment.

Then another Individual awakened from their Fall as well, they are a Cabbit with Long Fluffy Ears, Blue Clothing with a Hat, Yellow Gloves and Red Shoes, their name is Klonoa. He was also Amazed by the Colorful Forest.

As they both Appreciated the Environment, they would witness Each Other, they wonder about meeting as they would Approach closely to the Center, The Limbless Hero greets him by waving his Hand.

Rayman: Hi there! I happen to Travel through some Portal and ended up on this Wonderful Place, who are you?

The Limbless Hero asked, The Cabbit responds him by waving his Hand as well.

Klonoa: HI! I was going on an Adventure and I've also happen to Travel through some Portal as well, I'm Klonoa.

Rayman: Nice to meet you, My Name is Rayman, I'm the Protector of The Glade of Dreams and I'm on an Adventure as well.

Klonoa was surprised about it, he met someone that has similar Ambitions as him, The Cabbit wondered about it and asked The Limblesss Wonder a Question.

Klonoa: So Wait, you are a Dream Warrior as well? That's Incredible! I'm also a Dream Warrior.

Rayman: That's so Nice! It's always Good to Meet a Fellow Dream Warrior.

Klonoa: Well Yeah, I've been trying to locate Someone that has been threatening my World.

Rayman: Something similar has happened to my World as well, do you feel like we are both called for this Situation?

Klonoa: I feel like it, We need to be Prepared for this!

Rayman: Well, would you like to put up a Fight against me in Order to Prepare?

Klonoa: Sure thing, I hope you're Ready for this!

The Limbless Wonder and The Cabbit jump backwards as they go for their Fighting Stance, Rayman does a few quick Jabs in the Air, then he Moves his Fists in a Circular Motion.

Rayman: Yeah!

Klonoa swings his Long Ears back and forth as he takes out the Wind Ring and twirls it around before grabbing it.

Klonoa: Rupurudu!

Both Dream Warriors are Ready to bring in a Powerful Match, The Screen splits in two to show both Combatants as they Smile.


The Battle begins with Rayman throwing two Left Hooks followed by a Right Hook, Klonoa blocked the Punches with his Ears as he receives an opening by Kicking him, then he forms his Ears into Fists as he Punches Rayman several times before launching him away.

Rayman stands back up as he watched Klonoa rushing towards him, he tried to attack with both of his Ears before Rayman crouched under the attack and counters it with a Sweep Kick, causing The Cabbit to fall, before he could land on the Floor, Rayman stands up and brings in Rapid Jabs followed by a Spin Attack, striking Klonoa several times before sending him crashing on a Wall.

Klonoa: Manya!

The Cabbit then watched The Limbless Hero jumping towards him as he's about to Punch him, Klonoa rolls away as Rayman Punched the Wall, he still tried to Punch Klonoa as he narrowly dodged his Attacks.

As Klonoa backflips from him, he checks above the Skies as a bunch of Red Circular Cat-like Creatures named Moos appeared from a Portal, Klonoa now has the Chance to use his Wind Bullet Abilities, The Cabbit jumps above and catches a Moo, then he tossed it at Rayman who was able to Parry it.

Klonoa kept picking up a bunch of Moos and tossed them at the Limbless Hero, with the last one has him say the Catchphrase.

Klonoa: Wahoo!

Rayman deflected the Incoming Moos with his Hands and then he uses the Telescopic Fist to Wind Up a Punch and then he send the Last Moo flying away which is accompanied by a Wind Sound, Klonoa watched it flying all the way to the Sky as he was impressed by Rayman's Strenght.

Klonoa: Wow! You're Strong!

Rayman: Alright, I hope you can keep up with this.

The Limbless Hero takes out Golden Fist, Speed Fist and Big Power to Enhance his Capabilities, Klonoa tries to use the Wind Bullet to cause some Damage on Rayman, however he Cartwheels each of his Attack in Zig Zag motion as he closes Distance on Klonoa.

He starts to quickly Box around Klonoa as goes around all over him, then Rayman sends an Uppercut to The Cabbit, sending him to the Air, Rayman jumps up and does a Devastating series of Kicks before slamming him on the Ground with both of his Fists.

Rayman stands on the Ground and then winds up his Telescopic Fist, as he sends the Powerful Punch towards Klonoa, he was able to Grab it with his Wind Ring which catches Rayman by surprise as Klonoa sends it back to Rayman, causing him to be knocked away for several Meters all the way to a Tree.

As Rayman bumps into it, A Large Plum falls from the Tree and lands on Rayman's Right Hand, then a Moo Block was teleported from a Portal as it lands Next to Klonoa.

Both Heroes lift the Plum and Moo Block respectively, Rayman throws it Upwards and punches it to the Sky, Klonoa throws the Moo Block towards Rayman, as it almost reached the Limbless Hero, suddenly a Large Flower with a Bowtie grew from the Ground and bounced the Moo Block away, Rayman predicted it as he countered it with Magic Seed.

As the Plum bounces back from a Hill, Rayman teleports himself towards Klonoa with a Wave of his Hand, he surprised The Cabbit as he goes for a series of Punches and Kicks, then he jumps above Klonoa as he throws his Torso downwards on him three times.

Then the Plum returns on Rayman's Hands as he sticks it above Klonoa, Rayman stands above him and does the Grimace, unfortunately for him, Klonoa was able to pull out his Ears from the Plum and swiped him aside, The Cabbit was able to take off the Plum from himself and shakes off the Plum Juice from his Fur.

Before Klonoa could check on his left, Rayman has send a Fully Charged Energy Sphere as he tried to blast him away, Klonoa quickly avoids it before it blasts off the Ground. Rayman was shown charging up Energy Spheres with his Magic Fist Ability.

The Limbless Hero sends out a series of Energy Spheres towards The Cabbit, he was able to walk away and take cover behind a Tree. As Klonoa was hiding, a Blue Spirit emerged out of his Wind Ring, their name is Huepow.

Huepow: Hey Klonoa, we have to change our Tactic, He's Very Strong.

Klonoa: I Agree, We must be Careful.

They both Nod as Rayman appears right next to Klonoa as He's about to Punch them, The Cabbit backflips from the Attack and sends out Wind Bullet Projectiles that slightly harm Rayman.

The Limbless Hero tries to respond Him with more Energy Spheres, Klonoa was able to dodge them, even as they Ricochet from the Walls, Klonoa jumps in between them in Slow Motion.

Klonoa: Wahoo!

The Dream Cabbit shouts as he went through the Energy Sphere and Explode on contact, Klonoa stands up and Winks at Rayman while Smiling. Rayman Cracks his Fingers as he's about to throw some more Punches, Suddenly a Green Frog-like Creature with Wings flies up to the Scene, it was Murfy.

Murfy: Hey Rayman, I've been Searching for You.

Rayman: Hi Murfy, I'm currently Busy right now.

The Limbless Hero responds to Murfy, he sends a Punch towards Klonoa, as he was able to Block it, then they both go in a Clash with their Fists and Ears respectively.

Murfy: Is there anything I can help with?

Rayman was able to Win the Clash as he knocks him away, Klonoa was able to Stand up as Huepow appears from his Wind Ring again. He checks that Different Enemies were Emerging from the Sky.

Huepow: Perhaps we can go after them.

Rayman checks that Huepow is with Klonoa, He believes that Huepow is Powering-Up Klonoa's Wind Ring.

Rayman: Alright Murfy, you go for the Blue Spirit, I'll go for the Rest.

Murfy charges towards Huepow as he was able to bump into the Blue Spirit.

Klonoa: Huepow!

Rayman had the chance to Try and Attack Klonoa, however he was able to Grab both of Rayman's Hands and detach them from him, then Rayman was Grabbed by Klonoa's Ears as he Twists, Stretches, Contorts and Juggles his whole Body around before turning him into a Spherical Shape.

Klonoa tosses him Upwards and slams him with his Ear as it goes towards Murfy who was clashing with Huepow, Rayman and Murfy would End up crashing into Each Other as they were on the Floor being Dizzy, Klonoa and Huepow unite as they approach towards them.

Just as Klonoa checks down on Rayman, suddenly two White Hands cover up Klonoa's Vision, Rayman managed to stand up and kicked him Several Times, then he obtained his Hands back. Rayman lifted Klonoa and turned his Hair into a Helicopter as he blows him away with a Wind from his Hair.

Rayman: Well Murfy, you have done well, you can go now.

Murfy: Alright, I'll meet you Later.

As Klonoa was launched away for several Miles, he stopped his Momentum by Flopping his Ears as he safely lands on the Ground, Klonoa checks around as he's on a Different Location, containing a Bunch of Item Generators, Enemies and Tornadoes.

Rayman arrives at the Scene by Flying with his Haircopter, he witnessed that Klonoa tossed a Boomie at him, Rayman was quick to crouch underneath it as goes away and Explodes on a Wall, Klonoa then grabs one of the Item Boxes as he obtains the Shield Item.

Klonoa: Wahoo!

Suddenly the Shield Item disappeared from his Hands.

Konoa: What?

The Cabbit was Confused for a Moment until he turns around as the Item Box is now at Rayman's Hands.

Rayman: These Item Generators can take Items too.

The Limbless Hero revealed him that he used the Steal Ability from the Item Box, Rayman equips the Shield on himself, Klonoa would then take out his Wind Ring and dash towards Rayman, as he approached closer, his Wind Ring turned into a Hammer, he was able to destroy that Shield in only Several Hits. Rayman backs away from the Swings and Asked him a Question.

Rayman: Did you just turn it into a Hammer?

Klonoa: That's not the only thing my Wind Ring can turn into.

The Dream Cabbit then takes out Two Arm Cannons and shoot out Spikes from it, Rayman narrowly Avoids them and sends out two Energy Spheres at him, Klonoa jumps above the Attacks and lands next to a Moo, Rayman takes one of the Item Boxes and equips with the Glue Bomb.

He sends out the Explosive towards Klonoa however he was able to Shield himself with the Moo, it started to panic around as it waves it's Arms before exploding like a Balloon, luckily they spawn back through a Portal.

Rayman jumps back and grabs two Item Boxes containing Fire and Ice Powers, as he equips with them, The Limbless Hero sends out Ice Spheres followed by Flames, Klonoa was able to Avoid most of them as his Attacks would only end up harming Antitoons, Moos, Hunters and Burnies.

Klonoa Equips with a Boomerang and sends it at Rayman, he managed to Jump over it and tried to go for a Close Combat, as he tried to Punch him, Klonoa blocks them and grabs Rayman by his Hair, then Klonoa turns him around just in time for the Boomerang to return and slice him like a Razor Blade, fortunately Rayman was durable enough to survive it.

The Limbless Hero smacked Klonoa away with his Fist as he lands next to a Likuri, The Dream Cabbit picks it up and tosses it next to a nearby Moo, causing it to turn Yellow, then he tosses it at Rayman, however he Cartwheels away from it and tosses his own Torso at Klonoa, Likuri would contact to a Moo and absorb it as it becomes Blue, before it could even return to Klonoa, Rayman Punches the Wind Ring out of his Hand and it lands behind a Red Crystal.

Klonoa: Manya!

The Dream Cabbit watched the Likuri attempting to return, it's Color didn't match with the Crystal so he smacks it towards a Tornado with his Ear. Klonoa would spend his time avoiding Rayman's Punches as the Likuri would absorb a Flying Moo and become Red, Rayman sends out the Buzz Rocket only for Klonoa to reflect it back at him, causing it to Explode on Rayman.

The Likuri would then make the Red Crystal disappear as Klonoa obtains his Wind Ring back, as he walks close to Rayman, he equips with the Wind Sword and starts Slashing him all over the place with a Devastating Combo as he finishes it with a Vertical Slash. Rayman falls on the Floor as he's sliced all over the place and he can't even stand up.

Klonoa: You're Finished. Do you have any other Words?

Rayman: I'm...not...even...done yet.

The Limbless Hero was still able to move his Hand and wave it around himself, Klonoa tried to strike him again only for him to disappear.

Klonoa: Huh, I wonder where they must have went.

The Dream Cabbit would then walk away from the Place, as he goes through a Tunnel and appears on the other side of the Forest, Klonoa witnessed what appears to be single Item Box in the Middle, Klonoa was curious and he decides to take it.

Klonoa: Well, I suppose I'll take a spare with me.

As The Cabbit grabs it, he wonders what kind of Item he would have, however Klonoa felt something wasn't right, he didn't end up having an Item, it was a Fake Item Generator.

Klonoa: Wait a Second! this is not a-

Just before he could Finish his Sentence, a Large Explosion emerged from the Box and blew Klonoa all the way in the Air.

Klonoa: Aaaahhh!

As he was being Blasted off, Klonoa turns around and checked that someone was Flying towards him, it was Rayman, he's Fully Healed up as he has both Red and Blue Lums in his Hands.

Rayman: You should have taken a Second Guess!

The Limbless Hero and brings in a series on Punches to The Dream Traveler before knocking him away. Then a bunch of Purple Lums spawn all around both of the Combatants. Rayman shoots out Energy Spheres and Swings around the Purple Lums, he then strikes Klonoa with a Punch, sending him flying Upwards.

Klonoa was able to stop his Momentum by swinging his Ears and hangs from a Purple Lum, Klonoa then checks around and witnesses a Flying Moo, he picks them up and sends them downwards at Rayman.

Klonoa: Wahoo!

The Impact causes Rayman to fall down, Klonoa would then stand on top of a Pink Cloud, suddenly a Light Beam vertical Emerges from below and it's accompanied by some Jingle, Rayman once again rises up and this time he's in Yellow and Purple Colors as he has equipped the Throttle Copter.

Rayman: You have to try a little Harder than that.

Klonoa: Alright.

The Dream Cabbit takes out a Propeller Hat and wears it, they both would then start to fly at Each Other and trade blows at a Very Fast pace, Rayman would then lose his Throttle Copter, fortunately he stands on the Pink Cloud and equips himself with another Combat Fatigue, this time he's Blue and Orange as he uses the Shock Rocket.

He launches the Rocket towards Klonoa and tries to lock on him, Klonoa would fly all over the place as he Zig Zags around the Skies, he would then fly above the Rocket, pick it up with his Wind Ring and launch it back at Rayman, however he was able to Avoid it in time before it could explode on him.

Rayman takes out another Combat Fatigue and turns Blue and Green, this time he's equipped with the Lockjaw, he sends out a Chain and latches it on Klonoa's Leg, halting him on his place, then Rayman shoots out another Chain and grabs his Upper Torso, he would then Electricify The Cabbit as he starts slamming him left and right before swinging him in a Circular Motion and launching him away.

Before Rayman could do anything, Klonoa Travels lightning Fast and impacts Rayman on his Torso, he used an Erbil to tackle at Rayman, he would continue to grab a bunch of Erbils and Zip across Rayman before finishing the Combo with a Vertical Attack.

The Dream Cabbit would create a Large Tornado from his Wind Ring, it would spiral around everything around it, Including Rayman, his Body Parts were starting to disconnect from each other slowly, but then Rayman witnessed another Combat Fatigue flying in the Wind, as only his Upper Part, Left Hand and Torso remained, Rayman barely reached towards it and grabs it, he becomes Green and Red, equipped with Vortex.

The Limbless Hero shoots out a Vortex towards Klonoa, It would spin him around while shrinking down the Tornado that he created, as Klonoa was spinning, a rather Gigantic Rayman appeared before his Vision, he was wearing Red and Blue, equipped with Heavy Metal Fist, Rayman appeared in a rather menacing way as his Telescopic Fist was approaching to Klonoa.

As his Fist collides on Klonoa, a rather slow yet devastating crunching Sound was accompanied with the Punch as the Spikes went through him, this caused an Unimaginable Pain to Klonoa, he was then Launched out of the Constellation.

Klonoa: AAAAHHHH!!!!

He was Uncontrollably spiraling around as he went past a bunch of Stars, before anything Terrible could happen to The Cabbit, an Air Board appeared in time and caught Klonoa as they Warped through some Portal.

As The Dream Cabbit awakened on his Air Board, Klonoa witnessed that he was in a Large Pink Dimensional Maze, as Klonoa surfed around, he was able to collect some Heart Items to Fully Recover from his Wounds.

As he went around, there was a Warping Sound that Echoed all over the Maze. Klonoa checked around and he couldn't locate where the Sound was coming from.

Suddenly another Individual appeared on the other side of the Maze, as the Walls have disappeared from Klonoa's Vision, it was none other than The Limbless Hero that is Rayman who is using the Funky Board.

Rayman: Hey There! Are you doing Alright?

Klonoa: Well, I'll tell you that Punch was Very Painful, It's a Miracle that I've managed to Survive it.

Rayman: My Apologies. I'm still Glad that you're doing Well.

Rayman would Approach to Klonoa and give him a Pat on his Shoulder, Klonoa checks on him as he Smiles.

Klonoa: It's Okay, I'll Forgive You. So could you tell me Where are we right now?

Rayman: Well, this is a Dimension that contains Different Points of Time.

Klonoa: Woah!

The Scene would show a whole bunch of Portals, each of them containing Multiple Versions of Rayman and Klonoa, one of them shows both Characters on their Classic Appearance, with Rayman being on Bzzit, then there's Rayman on a Flying Barrel going after Klonoa on the Air Board.

Klonoa: There's So Many of Us!

Rayman: Right, they're all on the Same Situation! We still need to be Ready for what might Approach after this Dimension.

Klonoa: So, you wanna go for it one more time?

Rayman: I'll be Ready for Anything, as long as you're Ready for it as well.

Klonoa: If anything, I'm hoping for the Best, Bring it on!

Both Rayman and Klonoa are once again on their Fighting Stance as they're Ready for one more Match. They both Clash their Punches for a Moment as they back away, Classic Rayman shows up as Bzzit shoots at Klonoa several times before Classic Rayman tossed a Plum at him, he managed to use Beam Gnome to block it.

Rayman blows a Wind with his Haircopter at Klonoa in which he managed to respond Him back with His Tornado Attack and blows away Rayman, then Classic Klonoa shows up as he tossed a Moo at The Limbless Hero, in which he was able to Punch away.

Rayman collects Yellow Lums on his way and goes for Energy Sphere Attacks while Klonoa sends out Wind Bullet Projectiles with both Clashing once again, Rayman witnessed a Floating Cage, he uses the Telescopic Fist to free some Electoons, Klonoa grabs Rayman with the Wind Bullet and tossed him at a Bubble that would Free an Imprisoned Villager from Breezegale.

Rayman still collects some Yellow Lums and tried to go for a Spin Attack, Klonoa surfs away as Volleyball Klonoa shows up right next to Rayman and smacks him with a Beach Ball, Klonoa would team up as they both smack it at Rayman simultaneously before Volleyball Klonoa finishes it with a Spike.

Then Raving Rabbids Rayman would show up using his Funk Costume, he would bring in a some Rapid Punches before sending him to the Main Rayman, then he would wrap Klonoa with a Chain and kick him back to Raving Rabbids Rayman who is now using the Gangster Outfit, he Knees Klonoa in his Torso before kicking his Upper Part.

Rayman: Try to Keep up with this!

Then the Main Rayman spins him around while Raving Rabbids Rayman uses the Punk Outfit to smack him with a Bomb, launching him away, thankfully he was saved by Manga Klonoa who grabbed him with his Ears and sent him back to his Air Board. Klonoa was then able to Grab a Boomie as he sends it at Rayman.

Then Hoodlum's Revenge Rayman shows up and uses the Fire Protection to block from the Fiery Explosion, after that Heroes Klonoa shows up and uses the Wind Sword to slash around Hoodlum's Revenge Rayman as they both go away.

Rayman and Klonoa approach close to each other as they Clash their Fists and start to Struggle while they both Spin in their Place, then Rayman creates an Energy Blast that Seperates both of them, afterwards Arena Rayman shows up as he's Equipped with Firework Ability while Rayman obtains the Homing Energy Blast.

Rayman Charges up both of his Hands and fires a Massive Shower of Energy Blasts that go after Klonoa while Arena Rayman shoots out Firework Energies, Klonoa tries to Shield himself from it and then he creates Multiple Tornadoes to deflect their Attacks. This caused the Energy Spheres to Ricochet all over the place, Rayman avoids them all as the Arena Rayman was caught by the some of the Blast and was sent away.

Rayman now charges up one more Telescopic Fist while Klonoa charges up his Wind Ring, they both approach closely once again, for a split second, Rayman Appearance briefly changes to being a Pair of Bubbles, a Ghost, a Caveman and a Boxer while Klonoa briefly changes to having a Red Shirt to a Yellow Coat. They strike at Each Other, knocking themselves out of their Board as they are very close to the End of the Portal.

Just before that Rayman was able to collect one more Lum, this would cause a Change for Rayman as he slightly glows in Gold, he would then Fly towards Klonoa. too.

Both Heroes approached to the End of the Portal and Warped to the Next Area, it was a rather Dark Castle, containing Purple Pillars, Murals of Enemies that both Rayman and Klonoa have encountered as well as a Dark Corridor leading towards a Giant Door.

Rayman: We have Finally Arrived.

Klonoa: It Is Time.

Both Heroes would then Approach at the Giant Door, it would slowly open as the scene enters into the Darkness, once Rayman and Klonoa went through it, the Lights turn on and reveal two very Tall and Dark Individuals, a rather Ominous Voice Echoed through the Halls.

???: We have been Expecting You.

Rayman: That Voice...Mr. Dark! You must have been responsible for all of this!

The Individual would show themselves to be wearing a Dark Cloak accompanied with a Hat, it is Rayman's First Nemesis, Mr. Dark.

Mr. Dark: As you can tell, I'm not Alone.

Right next to him appears to be a much Taller Individual who also wears a Dark Cloak and a Golden Mask, it is Ghadius.

Ghadius: We have been watching you, I enjoyed every moment of your Suffering, Klonoa.

Klonoa: Ghadius, You have already threatened my Home World, what more do you want?

Ghadius: The World has Rejected me.

Rayman: You just want to watch Everyone around you to have a Terrible Time.

Mr. Dark: The Light was never Good, The Darkness shall soon take over the World.

Klonoa: Tough Luck. You won't be able to able to go up against both of us.

Mr. Dark: Hahahahahahaha! I would like you to try.

Rayman: This is where it Ends for both of you!

The Limbless Hero winds up his Telescopic Fist and sends it towards the Villains, suddenly the Screen Shatters like a Mirror as it turns out both of them we're not there.

Klonoa: Huh? This must be some kind of Trick.

The Floor underneath them Shatters as well while they fall down, both were able to Fly towards another Floor as they avoid the Spikes, as Rayman and Klonoa walk for a few miles, a rather Eerie Mechanical Sound Echoed around the Place.

Klonoa: What was that?

Rayman: That Sound was Familiar.

Suddenly a Giant Golden Robot leaps towards them and shakes the Ground, It was Grolgoth and it was piloted by The Admiral Razorbeard.

Rayman: Razorbeard!? You too?

Razorbeard: Yahahahar, I missed used this for a while, I definitely didn't miss having you Rayman.

Razorbeard would then shoot three Canon Blasts at Rayman and he was able to Dodge it.

Razorbeard: I've upgraded Grolgoth to be more deadlier, now you're gonna Walk the Plank.

The Admiral shoots out Spiked Projectiles as Rayman dodges them by Rearranging his Limbs, Klonoa tried to Assist him, however a Laser Beam was shot from the Distance and almost caught Klonoa, thankfully he managed to avoid it.

As The Dream Cabbit checks around, he witnessed another Large Mech that is piloted by someone wearing a Green Uniform, it was Garlen.

Klonoa: Garlen!? Not you again!

Garlen: Klonoa, this time around I have Upgraded my Machine, you will be No Match for the Garlenator!

Then he would shoot out Missiles from his Mech, Klonoa jumps around the Missiles and grabs the Last One and tosses it back at Garlen, instead of Exploding, it Shattered like a Mirror once again, Rayman did the same to Razorbeard by sending on his Bombs at him as he would Shatter as well.

Klonoa: What is even Happening?

Rayman: This is a Nightmare, if it isn't any of them, then someone must be responsible for all of this.

The Floor Shatters again as they both fall into a Dark Void, as they both stand up into the Darkness, a Minister in a Green Outfit named Bagoo shows up, along with him was an Orange Hooded Knaaren with a Scepter on their Hand, it was Reflux.

Bagoo: Welcome to your Despair!

The Minister checks at Reflux, as he slams down the Scepter and causes a Shockwave that would knock both of the Heroes away, they both were able to survive, then Rayman witnessed a Magic Hat that was bouncing on the Floor, out of it emerged a Teensie in a Dark Clothing, it was The Magician.

The Magician: Hey Rayman! It is me, The Magician, do you recall me?

The Magician would then briefly take a form of his Classic Rayperson Appearance before shifting to his Current Teensie Appearance.

Rayman: You were Secretly working for Mr. Dark and Betrayed Everyone.

The Magician: Mr. Dark is right, The Light is not Good, Darkness brings Absolute Power!

The Limbless Hero sends out his Telescopic Fist at him, in which he vanishes away, Rayman would go after him. However, Reflux Attacks Rayman with the Sceprer, Klonoa was going up against Bagoo, Suddenly Someone then grabbed by his Shoulder, as he turns around, he witnesses a Purple Cat with Poisonous Claws, it was Janga.

Janga: Klonoa...I've been waiting for so long...I've always wanted to tear you apart into small pieces and then I will cause you Suffer.

Klonoa: Leave Me Alone!

The Cabbit would kick the Purple Cat on his Knee and knocks Bagoo with the Beam Gnome before going away.

Janga: You're such a Weakling!

He would try to Chase after Klonoa, however Rayman arrives and Punches him Extremely Hard as he's Blasted away and knocked down on the Floor.

Rayman: Don't even try going for that.

The Dream Cabbit grabbed The Magician with his Wind Ring as tossed him aside.

Rayman: Well done, we need to take on the Others.

???: Heheheheheheh!

Klonoa was Shocked for a Moment, as he turns around, he witnessed a Circular Creature with a Jester Attire.

Klonoa: Joka...

Joka: I have a little Surprise! You're gonna like it!

As he steps aside, a Small Rabbit by the name of Pink, it then pulls out a Remote.

Rayman: I don't like where this is going.

He was quick to Punch away Pink, however Pink pressed the Red Button on the Remote just in time before being Punched. Then a Large Machine shaped like a Bunny emerged from the Ground and released Thousands of Rabbids and Death Moos as they swarmed on both of the Heroes.

Their Screams were Overwhelming and dragged them across like an Ocean's Wave, Klonoa barely reaches out for his Wind Ring and unleashed the Tornado Attack EX, blowing away all of the Rabbids and Death Moos while Rayman equips with Ultimate Flying Punch as he sends out An Endless Stream of Golden Boxing Gloves at their Enemies while striking Poses at the same time.

The World around them would Shatter one more time as they spiral into an Empty Silver Dimension, as both Heroes stand up, there was a long Reflection that extended all the way to the Darkness.

From the Floor emerged what appears to be their Reflections, however, once they walked closer, they were anything but Reflections. The one next to Rayman had a similar Appearance to him, but they had Dark Shoes, Dark Blue Hoodie, Purple Hair and Yellow Sclera, it's Dark Rayman.

The one next to Klonoa had a Dark Green and White Fur, a Large Collar with no Clothing, they had a rather Sad Expression, it's The King of Sorrow.

The King: I...Am...Sorry...

He would glow in Purple, something that hasn't happened to The King of Sorrow before, he would create a Blast that knocks Klonoa on the Floor, Rayman tried to go after him, only for his Dark Counterpart to grab him in his Place.

The King teleports next to Klonoa and charges up another Blast, Rayman tosses out Energy Spheres at him, this barely inflicts any Damage on The King, however he does turn around to his Direction as Rayman Punches off his Dark Self.

Rayman uses his Telescopic Fist at The King, however he creates a Force Field and blocks it, then The King sends out White Spikes at him, Rayman Teleports away from it and reappeared next to Klonoa, he would help Klonoa to stand up. The King shoots out an Incoming Purple Projectile, they both Roll aside from it.

Klonoa: I feel like something isn't right with him, he might be Possessed.

Rayman: That's very likely.

The King shoots out a Bomb at both of them, Klonoa used his Wind Ring to catch it and send it back, The King reflects it as the Bomb becomes Fast, Rayman Kicks it back at him while he still Reflects it, Both Heroes would grab it and slam it down on The King.

As Rayman and Klonoa tried to go for an Attack, The King viciously Attacks them as he Teleports all over the Place, then he slams down Klonoa on the Floor as he's about to Finish him off.

Suddenly Rayman grabbed him from above and his Hand was glowing, this causes The King to Uncontrollably shake around as the Purple Energy was released from him and fall on the Floor. The Limbless Hero and The Dream Cabbit check on him as he was Unconscious for a Moment, then he slowly opens up his Vision.

The King: Huh? Where...Am...I?

Klonoa: King! You were Possessed for a Moment.

The King: Possessed...He was...Responsible...I was Forced into being in this Situation...Is this my Fate? Forced to be alone...Forever...

Klonoa backs away from that Statement and directly checks at Rayman.

Klonoa: Well, I wanna tell you something, Whenever I complete my Adventure...I would always End Up leaving the World and my Friends behind.

Rayman: Why?

Klonoa: I'm fated to always Travel between Worlds...

Dark Rayman would then awaken as he creates a Massive Black Hole in the Air.

Klonoa: I'm not sure If I can stay for long, I want to be your Friend, I don't wanna leave you, but then there's Fate that Forces me away from my Friends...

Rayman: Is this what you're Fated to be? Forever leaving Everyone and Everything?

Klonoa: Yes...I'm Sorry...

Rayman closes his Vision for a Moment, Klonoa would slowly by pulled towards the Black Hole, spiraling away.

Klonoa: Goodbye...

The Cabbit approached much closer to the Black Hole, just when things were about to be Over for him, A Hand reached out and Grabbed by Klonoa's Hand, he was surprised as The Limbless Hero: Rayman was able to Destroy The Black Hole just in Time.

Rayman: I will not leave you! I promise that I will Free you from your Fate!

Dark Rayman: Hahahahaha! Both of you will Die!

Rayman: C'mon Klonoa, It's time to End this!

As they were about to be Ready to go for a Final Match, All of The Villains that the Heroes fought were Teleported next to Dark Rayman, he then starts Levitating.

Dark Rayman: Darkness is Absolute Power!

Then he turns into a Dark Energy and absorbs Every Villain with himself, then it's Purple Darkness wraps around The Heroes, it has become the Abstract Concept of Evil, with Purple Waves going all over the Place.

Then it Summons a Large Black Void, covering up not only the Heroes, but the Entire World itself as the Screen completely fades to Black. We are then shown both Rayman and Klonoa being unconscious on the Floor, then Familiar Voices were calling their names.

Rayman awakens and checks that no one was around, the Voice kept calling his name, he would then respond to the Voice, he can tell It was one of his Friends.

Rayman: Globox! Is that You?

Globox: Rayman!

The Blue Frog would spawn in front of Rayman, he was very glad to meet him again.

Murfy: Rayman! It's so Dark out there, please Save us all.

More Voices were all around The Limbless Hero.

Ly The Fairy: You can do this Rayman, we believe that you can save us!

Rayman: Ly The Fairy!

Betilla: Rayman! I hope Everything is Alright!

Meanwhile Klonoa has awakened as Huepow was calling for his Name.

Huepow: Klonoa! You can do it, We have to defeat the Darkness!

Then other were also calling for his name.

Lolo: Klonoa! Don't give up on Hope!

Klonoa: Lolo!

Balue: Yeah, make Everyone proud!

Guntz: Go for it Klonoa!

Rayman and Klonoa were smiling as all of their Friends were Cheering for them, afterwards they would be ready in a Battle Stance. Rayman would be bestowed by all of the Strenght Enchancement Power-Ups with Klonoa having his Wind Ring be given more Energy with Lolo accompanying him.

Both: It's Time!

And then, A Large Hurricane would emerge out of The Darkness, striking it with Lightling simultaneously, The Darkness was feeling in Pain as both Rayman and Klonoa were Released from it's Grasp, Rayman Charges up his Left Fist as it becomes more and more Intense to the point it was causing the World to Shake around, then Klonoa was preparing for one of his Ultimate Attacks.

Klonoa: Double Wind Bullet Tornado!!!

Rayman: Yeah!!!

Both Rayman and Klonoa send out their Ultimate Attacks on The Darkness, it was struggling to hold it away with it Dark Energy, as it tried to closely bring it at Rayman and Klonoa, suddenly The King appeared and was able to hold the Attack on it's Place.

The King: This is it, Now!

Rayman Charges up his Right Hand and Klonoa Charges up one more Powerful Attack.

Klonoa: Mega Wind Bullet!!!

Rayman: Have a Good Night!!!

Both of the Heroes send out their Final Attack, they have Overwhelmed The Darkness as Light Beams Blast out from it and Unleashes an Enormous Explosion that blows up the Entire Universe, The Darkness was Defeated once and for all while Klonoa and The King as a Result would end up being Disintegrated, Rayman was very close to being Disintegrated as well, however his Vision would glow in White as he Regenerates himself, then he was Engulfed in a White Energy as Rayman yells and creates a Universe Sized Energy from his Hands.

The Screen fades in White as it shows a Bright Sky accompanied with Peaceful Sounds, it shows the Glade of Dreams with it's Bright Colorful Forest, Rayman descends from the Sky with a Bright Light above him, All of The Friends where cheering for him as Rayman triumphantly walks, waving back to Everyone.

Rayman: Thank You Everyone, If it wasn't for all of your Help, we wouldn't have defeated The Darkness!

Everyone would cheer for him once again and then Rayman witnessed that someone was Underneath the Tree, as Rayman approached closer, it is The Dream Cabbit has been Resurrected.

Both would Smile, Afterwards there's a Party, along on their way, they meet The King who is very glad to meet them, afterwards it would show Rayman and Klonoa with their Friends at the Front of the Table as they're about to have a Strawberry Cake, they both enjoy their time at the Party as the Scene goes towards a Bright Sky.

The End


Boomstick: This is Amazing!

Rai: It's truly a Grand Finale.

Wiz: Rayman and Klonoa are shown to be Very Powerful, both have went against Villains that have almost taken over the World and have shown to have a Crazy list of Abilities.

Tony: As for what are the deciding factors for the Victor, Rayman has defeated Mr. Dark who took the Great Protoon with him, Razorbeard and The Rabbids which have destroyed Heart of the World and went up against The Nightmares that overwhelmed Polokus, which would place Rayman's Strenght around Multiversal, Klonoa on the other hand defeated Nahatomb who was close to Destroying Phantomile, the Nexus Point of Dreams, The King of Sorrow who created a Parallel World and considered to be his Strongest Advesary, this would also put Klonoa around Multiversal.

Rai: When it comes to who's more Faster, both have Dodged Lightning and Light Beams, Rayman kept up with Razorbeard who can pilot a Ship that traveled between Stars in Seconds, then Rayman also punched a Teensie out of the Constellation, putting him Massively Faster than Light, with Klonoa being able to keep up with The King, who traveled to his Parallel World in Seconds, which could also put him in Massivery Faster than Light.

Boomstick: With both of them going up against the Villains who can just destroy Multiverses, Rayman and Klonoa have managed to Survive their Attacks, the only difference is that Rayman is a lot more tougher to put down, if there's one thing that he has over Klonoa is that he can Regenerate.

Wiz: Even if Klonoa does go past his Regeneration, Rayman can still Resurrect himself thanks to the Phoenix Item, which brings up the next thing, their Versatility.

Boomstick: I have to say Rayman totally takes this one too, his Crazy List of Power-Ups mean that Klonoa would have to go against a lot of things thrown against him, now that I Consider about it, If Rayman were to put all of his Strenght Items into one, he would be Ten Times Stronger than Klonoa. Even then he still has the Ability to erase anything with a Touch.

Rai: And that's not all, for their True Souce of Power, Klonoa would need to have someone like Huepow or Lolo to Power-Up his Wind Ring while Rayman is not only Powered-Up by Electoons and Lums, he's also has Heart of The World, giving him a larger Power Source.

Tony: And Finally there is the Intelligence, both Rayman and Klonoa are very clever, they're very Tactical and Strategic in Fights, while Klonoa is a Prodigy that made a Propeller Hat, came up with Thunder Hurricane after being Electrified and made a whole Museum, Rayman would be gifted with Wisdom thanks to the Lums and The Magic Book, giving him Answers to the whole Universe.

Wiz: Rayman and Klonoa are Equal in Strenght, Speed and Durability, however Rayman edges out on Everything Else.

Rai: With that being said, I'm very glad this Concluded with a Heartfelt Ending.

Tony: It's great to have Rayman and Klonoa being Best Friends, this has been a Great Finale.

Rai: Well Wiz and Boomstick, It's been an Honor working with you two, I've had Great Times in the Past, I would have to say Goodbye.

Boomstick: It's been an Honor working with you two, It was a lot of Fun.

Tony: Well, It's also a Goodbye from me, you could say this was Match was a Dream Come True.

Wiz: I hope the Best for you two, Farewell.

Rai and Tony: Farewell!

Boomstick: Well Wiz, I have one more thing to say, while Rayman had this Victory, they were the Legendary Dream Champs.

Wiz: The Winner is Rayman.


  • The connections between Rayman and Klonoa is that both are platformer heroes who got their start on PlayStation 1 in 1990's and are considered 'heroes of dreams'. Both of them are made-up creatures who fight nightmares in a fantasy-type setting, can speak in a unique fictional language and use something on their heads to slow their fall.
  • This Death Battle is done in Collaboration with Raiando and Tonygameman.
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Rayman VS Klonoa is an upcoming What-If? DEATH BATTLE! written by TheFrostKnight. It features Rayman from the titular series and Klonoa from the titular series in a battle between mysterious dream heroes.

Heroes of Dreams
Rayman VS Klonoa TheFrostKnight
Season 1
Season Episode 4
Release date ???
Written by TheFrostKnight
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Tanjiro Kamado vs. Edward Elric
It might feel as though you're dreaming when you see these two unique heroes fight, but this battle is gonna end like a nightmare for one of them!


Eraserhead: Dreams are often described to be representations of our unconscious feelings such as thoughts, emotions, desires, motivations. And because of them representing our feelings, dreams can be pleasant to experience.

Present Mic: But they can get messed up real quick! Since not all of our feelings are positive ones, our dreams can turn into visions of fear and anguish known as nightmares.

Eraserhead: However, there's no need to fear. Though what they are or where they come from may be completely unknown, one thing that we know for sure is that these two heroes will always be there to beat back the nightmares.

Present Mic: Rayman, the hand-tossing, limbless legend from the Glade of Dreams!

Rayman Intro DB TheFrostKnight

Eraserhead: Klonoa, the Dream Traveller wielding the Wind Ring.

Klonoa Intro DB TheFrostKnight

Present Mic: He's Eraserhead, and I'm Present Mic!

Eraserhead: And it's our job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skill to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Rayman is Legendary in DEATH BATTLE![]

Klonoa Travels through DEATH BATTLE![]


Rayman VS Klonoa Intermission TheFrostKnight

Eraserhead: Alright, the combatants are set, and we've calculated all possible outcomes for this match-up.

Present Mic: But before that, it's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Place your bets in this poll if you'd like to leave a prediction.

Dark gray clouds covered the Glade of Dreams below as smoke billowed throughout the air, thanks to the multitude of fires. As for the pyromaniac responsible for this, it was one of the many Nightmares invading the land. But it wasn't your typical nightmare that you would eventually wake up from. No, no, this one was all too real. And he was not the only one around. There was an entire army of them! Dragons, Psychlops, Lividstones, Toads, and a few other mysterious nightmares to boot.

And not too dissimilar to a bad dream, these monsters were terrorizing the forest and all of the Teensies and Electoons who lived there. The inhabitants were powerless as the Nightmares easily caught and imprisoned them. It seemed as though no-one in the Glade could stop their quest for domination.

Except for one.

He had yellow hair with two big strands of hair and a large nose. Sporting a purple jacket with a red hoodie, he had a mysterious 'O' in the middle of his jacket that matched the color of his white gloves. As for his footwear, his shoes were mostly yellow but had a white strap in the middle of them. But all of these details were trivial in comparison to this creature's most notable trait. He had no limbs or neck, with his hands, feet, torso, and head floating in the air.

Located at the top of a tree branch, the Glade of Dreams' hero, Rayman, witnessed all of the chaos the Nightmares was causing within the Glade, and not willing to sit back anymore, he quickly jumped into action!

Well, that's what I would say. But in actuality, Rayman was taking a nap. Just as well-known for being a hero, he had a not-so-good habit of sleeping while the world was in danger. But luckily, he wouldn't get to sleep for much longer.

Flying above him, a pirate ship was carrying a load of Electoon cages. But since the pirate was focusing on driving, he didn't notice that one cage in particular was sitting right beside the edge of the ship. One slight right turn of the ship was all it took for the cage to fall off the pirate ship. And since Rayman was still napping, he had no idea that the Electoon cage was going to land right on top of him!


The cage hit him like a truck as the branch he was sleeping on snapped, sending Rayman and the Electoons to the ground. The limbless hero quickly woke up as the cage was broken, freeing the Electoons. Initially on-guard, Rayman calmed down once he saw it was nothing more than his little buddies. Although, he was a bit suspicious when he looked at the cage and how it fell from the sky. The hero looked upwards and realized what was going on.

The ship that contained that cage was one of many as they hovered far above the land. And on the ships, Rayman could see the imprisoned creatures of the Glade. On the final pirate ship were his two best friends Globox and Ly, locked up with no means to escape. "Globox, Ly! Don't worry guys, I'm coming!" Rayman yelled out to them. Having realized the urgency of the situation, Rayman ran after the pirate ships, determined to rescue all of his captured friends.

All while this was going on, purple sparks of energy appeared beyond the clouds. The space itself began to distort as the sparks turned into a glowing, purple portal. Soon enough, two figures appeared out of the portal. One of them fell off the hoverboard he was riding and began barreling towards another direction as the other screamed his name. "Popka!" The boy still riding the hoverboard fell right into a tree branch, knocking him off the board. Luckily, the fall from the branch wasn't a big one, although he was still a bit stunned.

Roughly resembling a cat and rabbit hybrid with long ears, the child had coal-black fur with his mouth and ears being a bright white. As a contrast to his dark fur, he sported a blue outfit and hat along with yellow eyes and gloves. And in one of his hands, he held a golden ring with a bright green gemstone at the top of it. The Dream Traveler, Klonoa, finally snapped out of it.

"W-Where am I?" Klonoa pondered to himself. "I lost control on that last ride through the stream." Curious of this new dream world he was in, Klonoa looked around. But as he looked around, a wave of panic washed over his face when he realized something. "Popka! Where are you?" Klonoa asked with no response. "We must've gotten separated!" Hoping his friend was in no danger, Klonoa wasted absolutely no time running off to find Popka.

As Klonoa was running, he heard noises up ahead. It sounded like a fight was going on. Klonoa held tightly onto his Wind Ring, preparing to fight if necessary. But after a minute, the noises finally died down. The Dream Traveler reached the source of the noise, a forest clearing with a gorge up ahead. There laid multiple defeated Hunters and Lividstones. However, the most notable figure Klonoa noticed was an injured and unconscious Popka.

At the center of it all was Rayman who was walking towards Popka. Before Rayman could reach him, Klonoa jumped out of the bushes and revealed himself. "Leave my friend alone!" Klonoa yelled out before firing a Wind Bullet at the limbless wonder. "Huh?" Rayman said as he turned around before getting hit square in the nose with the blast of wind. The attack caused the limbless hero to stumble backwards.

After recovering from the hit, Rayman glared at Klonoa with a mix of annoyance and confusion. "Hey, what's the big idea?!" Rayman asked. "The big idea is you hurting Popka!" Klonoa angrily responded. Rayman had no idea who this Popka guy was, but it was safe to assume that it was this creature Rayman was going to check on.

"But I didn't!" Rayman said, attempting the defend himself. "Then explain all of these injured people here!" Klonoa quickly responded. Rayman looked around at all the nightmares he defeated, realizing this made him look highly suspicious. "Uh, I can explain?" Ray nervously replied. Without delay, the cabbit pointed his Wind Ring at his limbless enemy once more.

Seeing the serious look on Klonoa's face as well as the glowing Wind Ring made it pretty clear he wasn't interested in anything Rayman had to say. "Oh, well. Back into the fray." And so, the Guardian of the Glade got into a fighting position while spinning his fist.


The fist and air bullet made contact with each other, dispersing the wind and sending Rayman's fist back to him. Klonoa immediately fired three more bullets, two of which were dissipated by Rayman's punches. However, the third bullet managed to Rayman while his fists were still returning to him. Acting quickly, the Dream Traveler fired more bullets. But before Klonoa could get in any more hits, Rayman jumped over the bullets and tossed his fist, knocking Klonoa back. Rayman ran up to Klonoa and hit him with a 3-punch combo. The limbless hero tripped him with a sweep kick and punched him right into a horde of Moos.

Klonoa got back up hastily, inflating one of the Moos and tossing it at Rayman. The Glade's guardian was caught off-guard at the sight which caused him to get hit by the inflated nightmare. The Dream Traveler inflated most of the other creatures one-by-one and shot them at Rayman, none missing their target. The final Moo was similarly inflated, but instead of being used as a projectile, Klonoa jumped in the air and threw the Moo downwards which boosted him further into the air, allowing Klonoa to fire a Wind Bullet at Rayman.

Another bullet was shot, but the limbless hero was well-prepared for it. Just before it hit, Rayman punched the wind shot, causing it to redirect towards Klonoa. The attack hit the cabbit in the chest. Rayman's fist flew after the cabbit, grabbing him by one of his ears and bringing him back to Rayman. The fist began rotating rapidly, courtesy of Rayman, spinning Klonoa around and making him dizzy. Rayman finally let go of Klonoa, rocketing him towards the gorge ahead, but he was lucky enough to land near the cliff's edge.


Rayman Wins TheFrostKnight
Klonoa Wins TheFrostKnight

Next Time![]


  • The connections between Rayman and Klonoa are:
    • Kind-hearted and determined heroes with unknown origins who are destined to go on adventures to defend worlds created by dreams and fight against nightmares, and they have something on their head that allows them to hover in the air. And they defeat their enemies by inflating them.
  • The track's name would be Legends of the Wind. The track references Klonoa's wind theme and the title of Rayman's (as of writing this) latest mainline title, Rayman Legends and how Rayman is typically referred to as a legend.
    • The track art would be a picture of Rayman's hand holding Klonoa's Wind Ring.
    • An alternate track title would be Dreamy Heroes.
  • The fight would be animated in sprites.